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Beem: Better Than Cash Advance Positive Reviews

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Beem: Better than Cash Advance App User Positive Comments 2024

Beem: Better than Cash Advance app received 39 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about beem: better than cash advance?

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Beem: Better than Cash Advance for Positive User Reviews

Line has your back!This app has amazed me. Line has been there for me when I most needed them. They do not care about your credit and they do not care about your situation. They don't ask questions. When you say, "hey, can I get $50?" They say, "sure thing!" If you need a little bit of security in your financial life, get this app. They will be there for you when no one else will! There are times like this in everyone's life. Those unexpected expenses really pile up sometimes. Line has your back. With the protect yourself feature you can advance money when you need it, straight to your debit card. This has been super helpful in those stressful situations. They also have no late fee and not due date. Also, Line automatically takes the money back when they see funds enter your account. And what's better? The advance is available immediately after repayment. The plan better feature monitors your account for upcoming bills and lets you know if an overdraft is likely. I say get this app now and start getting rid of that stress..Version: 2.6.17

ThankfulThis app has been so helpful, when I have used it, as a single mother I feel like this app has supported me in ways and times I have truly needed the help! I have used the withdrawal feature to help pay for gas, groceries and even a couple bills. Especially during this holiday season! I love that it also watches my credit score to let me know if it’s changed any at all! This app is just a blessing!! One time I was going to buy gifts for my daughter and I was $20 dollars short, so I withdrew some money from Line and I was able to cover it and my daughter is going to love her Christmas gift I was able to get all thanks to Line!!! And there are so many other times that it has covered me in times of need! And the best part is that it’s fairly cheap pay back, so I am up to $60 and my pay back is just $62. That is the best part, because I have been with some other apps that take way more than just $2. I am so thankful for Line!!.Version: 2.6.16

The unglitching alternative to cash appBeem has been nothing short of a financial lifesaver for me. The app's budgeting tools transformed my approach to money management, turning what used to be a daunting task into an intuitive and even enjoyable experience. With real-time insights and dynamic features, Beem guided me towards budgeting mastery, helping me regain control over my finances. The true testament to Beem's exceptional service came when my pet monkey unexpectedly ran out of his specialized food blend. In a moment of panic, Beem's advanced money transfer capabilities allowed me to access funds quickly. The app facilitated a seamless transaction, ensuring that my furry friend got the nutritious sustenance he needed without delay. Beem not only saved the day but demonstrated its versatility in addressing unexpected financial needs. The ease with which it granted me the necessary funds underscored its commitment to providing swift and reliable solutions. From budgeting triumphs to unforeseen emergencies, Beem has proven itself to be more than just an app – it's a financial ally that goes above and beyond, ensuring both financial stability and peace of mind..Version: 4.0.143

YeeeayyyI've been using this app for a few months now, and I can't imagine my life without it! This app has completely revolutionized the way I organize my tasks and manage my time. The interface is sleek and intuitive, making it easy to create, prioritize, and track tasks effortlessly. One of the features I love most is the ability to set reminders and deadlines, which has helped me stay on top of my workload and never miss an important deadline again. The collaboration features are also fantastic – I can easily share tasks with colleagues and track our progress in real-time. The customization options are another standout feature for me. I can tailor to fit my workflow perfectly, whether I'm using it for work projects, personal goals, or household chores. Plus, the integration with other apps like Google Calendar and Trello makes it even more versatile. Overall, has truly transformed the way I approach productivity. I feel more organized, focused, and in control of my time than ever before. I highly recommend this app to anyone looking to boost their productivity and streamline their daily tasks.".Version: 4.0.192

I was going to get laid or fall in loveA few years ago I had a crush on a beautiful girl named Faith who lived four hours away. I barely knew her when she lived in the same city but we started texting and video chatting a year after she moved. I had heard some rumors about her so let most stupid guys I asked. She said yes I used to be a hooker. So next I asked if she was interested in me romantically or financially. Her response was it’s up to you. I said definitely romantically and I made plans to drive four hours to visit. Fast forward to us being in a motel and her being annoyed with me I stupidly told her she could borrow car if she needed a break from me. I gave her my last twenty bucks and told her to put gas. When she showed up the next morning so I could take her home the car ran out of gas a block away after dropping her car. Thankfully a nice couple pulled over and asked if I needed help. I said yes I need gas. They left n came back with ten bucks of gas. While I was waiting I started looking for apps that borrowed money to stupid nerds like me and I found one with the best name, Beem. Beem me out of here Scotty and with the twenty bucks deposited in a few minutes and five bucks from my sister I made it home with another story to tell when people ask why I don’t have kids..Version: 4.0.96

A true LIFELINE - Line helps in a pinchI’ve used cash advance apps in the past and they’re just not as user friendly as Line! Sometimes the advance amounts in those other apps are too large, the process is too difficult, you pay too much to return the advance, or the customer support is terrible! Line is just the opposite. It’s easy to cash out just enough in case of a small emergency. Sometimes I’ll find myself, gas tank on E, just a couple days away from payday. Line comes through in a pinch and helps me get through until that check clears. You can get the advance for free if you don’t mind waiting a day or two, or it’s just $4 to get it instantly. I love the convenience and flexibility of obtaining an advance! Finally, the customer support is top tier! They’re timely and professional in their responses, usually have an answer for my questions, and are very friendly. To anyone who’s had bad experiences with cash advance apps in the past, or who just needs some quick emergency cash between paychecks, I highly recommend Line!.Version: 2.6.14

Great App!Listen up, because I've got something awesome to share with you. Beem is hands down one of the best apps out there for borrowing and sending money. It's seriously top-notch!When it comes to borrowing money, Beem makes the whole process a breeze. You can apply for a loan right from your phone, and it's incredibly quick and easy. No more hassle or headaches!But wait, there's more! Sending money to your pals is a piece of cake with Beem. You don't have to deal with cash or complicated transfer apps anymore. It's like having your very own money-sending genie in your pocket!One thing that really sets Beem apart is the personalized financial advice it provides. It analyzes your spending habits and gives you smart tips on how to save more and make better financial choices. It's like having a knowledgeable buddy by your side 24/7.And let's not forget the rewards! Beem hooks you up with amazing perks like cashback on purchases and sweet discounts at popular stores. It's like getting paid just for managing your money!Overall, Beem is a game-changer. It's incredibly user-friendly, packed with useful features, and makes handling your money a breeze. Give it a try, my friend, and you'll thank me later! Trust me, you won't regret it..Version: 4.0.150

Fantastic Revamp and Impressive New Features!I recently updated the Line app (now Beem) and I must say, it is truly outstanding! The developers have done an excellent job of giving the app a fresh and modern look, making it even more user-friendly than before. The new features introduced in this update have taken the app to a whole new level. It’s like a one-stop solution for all my financial needs. The updated user interface is sleek, responsive, and visually appealing. Navigating through different sections and accessing various features is smooth and hassle-free. The app also ensures the security of my financial data, which is of utmost importance to me. Overall, this revamp and new features have exceeded my expectations. It has become an indispensable tool for managing my finances effectively. I highly recommend it to anyone seeking a comprehensive and user-friendly financial app. Kudos to the developers for creating such an outstanding app!.Version: 4.0.46

PerfectThis app is amazing. I have used this app time and time again it has never failed me. I could not imagine life without it. I discovered this app while searching the internet and was skeptical about using these types of apps. I couldn’t be happier with using Line. Whenever I am low on cash I just go inside the app, request a amount that will hold me down until payday. Also line does not have a due date. I can not stress how important that one feature is. That is the feature that separates this app from the others. Take it from me, this app is the truth and then some. The first thing Line does is analyze your bank account. You will need to log in with your banking information of course. After a thorough look thru your banking info it will give you an amount that you can withdraw anytime to cover expenses. When I tell you that this is clutch believe me I would not have taken the time out to write such a lengthy review if they were not worth it..Version: 2.6.17

Omg! I finally found the app!After extensive research and experimentation, I have successfully identified an application that is ideally suited to my unique financial circumstances. This particular app has proven to be the most effective solution for me, particularly during a period of significant financial hardship. Despite having previously explored other comparable platforms, this app has surpassed all others in terms of its functionality and overall performance. I highly recommend this application to anyone seeking financial assistance, as its instant cash feature is both user-friendly and easily accessible. Additionally, I found the tax filing process to be significantly less stressful and more streamlined than with other applications I have used in the past. While I initially believed that another app was the best option for me, I decided to broaden my horizons and explore alternative solutions. This app has since become my preferred choice, and I cannot speak highly enough of its exceptional capabilities and comprehensive support. While I could continue to extol the virtues of this app at length, I believe that it is best to conclude my recommendation here..Version: 4.0.88

Awesome app most definitely recommendedThe line app has most definitely been a God sent, it has been a helping hand for me on so many occasions I can’t even keep count, from gas to just being short on a utility bill, I know everytime I am in need I can rely on this app to get me out of a bind, and with not having a due date, they don’t charge until they know I have the ability to pay back, is really what sets them apart from the rest, because if nothing comes in nothing comes out! That means I never have to worry about no funds how am I going to pay this, it makes sure I can. The process and sign up was easy and taking out another advance is never a issue as long as I’m paying them back and the literally nothing fee a month. I use them religiously and I would recommend anyone who needs a extra helping hand to use line, because they never fail and the never disappoint! Highly highly recommended.Version: 2.6.17

Support with chat and phone serviceLine has been exceptional when it comes to customer support. I was recently a victim of identity theft my direct deposit was hacked into and I was unable to get paid to my linked account this month with direct deposit. They were very understanding and sent me a link to pay my monthly subscription which is only $1.97. Line only takes back the money you have borrowed when your account is positive and they can do so. They might take a borrowed amount out of your account fast within a three day period but you can get another line if you need it. The whole point is to get as many advances so the advance amount becomes larger over time. It’s a really cool program and if your having any trouble I recommend using their support chat to talk with an support agent or call their phone support if you feel the matter needs a personal touch. Thank you Line Financial for helping me today after being a victim of fraud..Version: 2.6.11

Great App!This app is fantastic it has a lot of incentives and some great offers. They have a lot of rewards that you can use all you have to do is link your debit card and you get instant cash back you can also utilize there credit protection, keeping an eye on your credit score and also you can refer a friend and earn, and save money, all at the same time. They will give you a chance to increase your loan amount by continuing to renew with them with a very small fee every month. I recommend them to all of my friends and family. it’s always good to earn cash. I see a lot of negative comments about this app but it’s really a good app to use. All you have to do is follow the instructions and earn money and safe at the same time. I even recommended this app to my daughter and she loves it. She just turned 18 and she enjoys something that she can earn money and at the same time be responsible for something that she thinks is big..Version: 2.6.17

Great AppI recently found myself in a minor financial bind after receiving a larger than usual electric bill. I noticed I had received an email notifying me about the new Beem app, formerly known as Line. Prior to Beem, I was in a large queue with Line, awaiting a chance to check out their cash advance features. Seeing as how my financial needs weren’t as dire where I’d need to obtain a large loan with high interest fees, I decided to try out the, “withdraw” feature on the Beem app. I quickly signed up, which I will mention, the process was pretty painless and straight forward, unlike other cash advance apps I’ve tried. I easily linked my bank account and debit card, I would like to say that the entire sign up process took maybe 5-7 minutes at most. I was immediately approved for a $20 advance, which I graciously accepted, and was delivered directly to my bank account within 48 hours! Fees are not outrageous and fair, and I was already approved for another $10 advance! Beem will definitely help out in a time of need, and I am very thankful that the app exists!.Version: 4.0.143

Nice appLine has been exceptional when it comes to customer support. I was recently a victim of identity theft my direct deposit was hacked into and I was unable to get paid to my linked account this month with direct deposit. They were very understanding and sent me a link to pay my monthly subscription which is only $1.97. Line only takes back the money you have borrowed when your account is positive and they can do so. They might take a borrowed amount out of your account fast within a three day period but you can get another line if you need it. The whole point is to get as many advances so the advance amount becomes larger over time. It's a really cool program and if your having any trouble I recommend using their support chat to talk with an support agent or call their phone support if you feel the matter needs a personal touch. Thank you Line Financial for helping me today after being a victim of fraud. Developer Response Dear user Thank vou so much for vour Oct.Version: 2.6.17

BeemAfter I signed up in February submitting all my required information and proof of income. I'm told I have to wait until my second direct deposit hits to meet the required income amount. So it hits and I'm at the required amount, then I'm told my account still needs to be reviewed. Just yesterday, after now 4 payrolls I get that I'm qualified for a whopping $40. When I try to collect it I have to add my debit card to the "primary card". I reach out to try and change the account (I have two linked) because that is the correct account and my card is linked. I knew the issue long before. I reached out all day about this and lady told me I needed to delete one of accounts to make the other one my primary. Oh but when I do that it will change my qualifications and I might need to start over. I literally took the time to do all these useless steps for them to put me back at square one, and no response from anyone since then. You guys are really useless with all the waiting around. The point is to be fast because it's money that is needed. I was told by a staff member that they are smaller company and are not funded like other apps..Version: 4.0.90

Easy to use and navigate! No hoops to jump thru!Every other week this app is my hero. Like most ppl I often struggle to pay all of my bills on time or go grocery shopping. I often find myself choosing between one or the other and sad, depressing, but I am thankful for apps like Line that are so easy to use easy to understand and then I’ll spot me money in minutes. It’s such a relief to know. I wouldn’t have to choose between groceries or gas for the car or getting to work. I’m so grateful I found this app and understand how easy it is. I think it would be useful for a lot of people especially when you just need a small amount of money to get you through eight small purchases that you didn’t have money for. Unlike most apps that say the spot, your money line is by far the easiest. There’s no frills or hoops to jump through there quick into the point letting you know your eligibility and if you are eligible, you’ll get that money in your account within, I’d say less than five minutes it’s an awesome app and I’ll continue to use it going forward..Version: 2.6.16

HelpedIt helped me in a really important emergency when I was needing the most and the most important the app function 100 % good everything works perfectly it runs fast no scams always protection available it’s define a really trusted app customer support that is in the app to provide help for customers is always there when need at the right time and with good attitude i definetly recommend this app especially if you need in case of an emergency situation or anything that needs to be taken care of it i was really needing and it helped me so much in my journey I found the app in the App Store and was recommended and then at first I thought it would not be the best app to use for my Situations but in the end it helped me so much I like because it also has other features such as credit score improve ,budget tools , and then of course lots of options for requesting money sending money for a family member or a friend that is in need is like a nice app to have in my opinion I would recommend and give five stars because it helps and is a really good app definitely in most cases it helped me in my journey always and I definetly will use for the future and continue pretty sure for the rest of my life.Version: 4.0.46

No Regrets!!!Beem is by far the best app I have came across. It handles all your money needs when you are in a small bind. The best part is there is no set due date to pay it back. Beem is set to take out of your bank account when the funds are available to pay back. So no need in worrying about trying to remember a set due date because Beem has that all under control for you. The more you pay back the more you are able to withdraw from Beem and have it place directly in your account in minutes. Beem also have it where you can receive quotes on auto insurance. If you are in search of affordable car insurance request a quote and you can receive a certain percentage off of your insurance premium. Affordable is everything!! You can also build, monitor, and manage your credit score. It’s important to know where your credit score is and what you can do to increase it. Beem has other features as well to fit your lifestyle needs such as filing taxes, earning cashbacks, and budgeting just to name a few. I’m glad I found Beem and I’m sticking with them!!.Version: 4.0.96

Easy to use/helpfulThis app is pretty amazing. Although my limit is low at the moment it still helps when in need. Sometimes it comes into place when you need it the most. It is such a relief to know that whenever I am in a bind I can quickly come to this app to help me along the way. This app is easy to use and understand. Once you set it up and get approved when you withdraw the money is in your account within minutes. This is a legit app, not like those other apps that make everything so difficult and stressful. This is a stress-free app that always comes through when you need it. I would recommend this to anyone who just needs a backup just in case finances are low or if you just need cash instantly for any reason. They really do have you covered. There is also no interest and the payback process is easy and hassle free. Unlike some other apps there’s no stressful due date that leaves you worrying how you will payback. Whenever you get the money then you pay it back, simple as that. Love, Love, Love this app and will continue to use and recommend it..Version: 2.6.17

ExceptionalMy history with using line has been nothing short of wonderful. When in a pinch, you can withdraw from your line account and even have the chance to get the funds on a gift card. How convenient is that? I have to say though. The most important thing to myself in using the app was when I needed the extra funds for my family and I. My family had been through a difficult time this last month with the recent passing of my mom. My mom was my world and often she would like to go out for breakfast to her favorite diner. I did not have the heart to tell her that I did not get paid that week and could not come to take her out. So I looked up how to borrow money when in a pinch. Line does not conduct any major credit pulls and is great for borrowing responsibly. I would not take the time to write this review because I had a real rough time sharing my personal story. But I wanted to share my journey and let you all know how line can help you enjoy themost meaningful things in life! Don’t let payday or low funds stop you! Thanks Line for lending me a hand especially when my family and I needed it the most..Version: 2.6.21

This is THE financial app you want to use!I’ve used BEEM off and on for several years. I used them back before they were called beem as a matter of fact (I think the old name was line). Anyway they only continue to get better and offer great options. I usually need financial help so that what attracted me in the first place. But even if you don’t need help (borrowing money), they offer budgeting assistance and tools, financial aid if you experience a job loss, and a wide variety of other helpful information and tools to pretty much cover something for everyone. It’s one of the only apps that allows you to potentially get certain fees waived if you should incur them. They will hear you out anyway. No other app does that as far as I know. I don’t leave many reviews but I appreciate when someone else leaves a good review (or bad) when I’m looking for whatever apps I’m looking for and I hope this helps someone else make their decision easier. Crystal.Version: 4.0.157

Love the app!Line is fantastic and definitely over does itself! It’s really convenient and easy to use and I love that it’s always there as a backup when I need a little boost. It’s even better that you don’t have a specific due date and it doesn’t come out until you have enough money to cover it again. I found it on accident but I have been using it for months and it’s great. I’ve never received any spam from it and don’t have any bugs while using the app. I think it’s cool that they also allow instant delivery so you don’t have to wait days to get your advance it’s usually in my account within 60 seconds. They also don’t send 5 million annoying spam emails to pay it back like some previous apps I’ve used and they just always send reassuring messages to not worry until there’s money back in my account and then they auto draft it back so I don’t even have to worry about remembering to pay it..Version: 2.6.17

Awesome App to DownloadLine, is a wonderful app I use when I am short on cash. I can use it for gas, groceries, or a quick bite to eat without breaking the bank. The best part is my withdrawal line is affordable to my budget. When I have to pay it back I don’t feel like I am back in debt. I try to as an emergency back up but these days bills are piling up so I sometimes have to withdraw – payback then withdraw right back to have some extra money but it’s well worth it. I’ve recently started to use the app and I love how I can unlock levels the more I keep a positive payment history with Line. If you’re looking for some extra money or something to hold you over until your next payday, I highly recommend downloading Line. The customer service reps are responsive and timely if you ever run into an issue and the app is super easy to use. I never have a delay in receiving my funds or communication to link the payment to my debit card. Truly thankful for the Line app, if you download it – you will see how useful and beneficial it truly is..Version: 2.6.18

Get the app!I was doing some online searching for legit apps that pay you money for your services or allow you to borrow money, and Beem is the app just for it. Thanks to Beem, I’ve been able to not only borrow money but also work on my spending and saving habits. Beem has helped me catch up on late bills and other emergencies that I just didn’t have the funds for. Not having the funds while being a full time college student was just too stressful which is why I’m so happy I found Beem. With Beem you are given a variety of different options and unlike most apps the subscription is optional upon registering for an account. I must admit I was very skeptical about this app at first due to the amount of times I have downloaded money apps but Beem is legit and has all the resources you may ever need . Beem is definitely an app that can be used for long term and future reference, for managing money and also your accounts..Version: 4.0.90

Financial CompanionThe Beem app has been a financial lifesaver for me during a challenging period. Navigating through a tight budget and managing expenses became remarkably easier with its intuitive interface and robust features. The app's budgeting tools allowed me to set clear spending limits for various categories, providing a visual representation of where my money was going. The real-time tracking feature ensured I stayed on top of my financial situation, offering timely insights to make informed decisions. One standout aspect is Beem's ability to sync with my accounts seamlessly, consolidating all transactions in one place. This holistic view enabled me to identify unnecessary expenditures and redirect funds to essential areas. Moreover, the app's goal-setting feature motivated me to save more effectively, fostering a sense of financial discipline. Beem's alerts and notifications also served as timely reminders, preventing oversights and late payments. In essence, Beem transformed my approach to budgeting, turning a daunting task into a manageable and even empowering experience. Its user-friendly design, coupled with powerful functionalities, makes it an invaluable companion for anyone navigating financial challenges..Version: 4.0.135

Great appLine has been a great help financially when it’s needed they can spot you $50 with no interest or credit check and they will automatically withdraw what is owed once you have the funds available it’s super simple. Many apps do the same sort of thing but you have to jump through so many hoops just to qualify but not Line. Line is simple and easy to use and really is a great help. I will continue to use line as long as it’s needed. I highly recommend downloading this app even if you don’t think you’ll need it because I do believe it will come in handy for anyone and everyone. Line is also a great tool to keep track of all your financial needs. It’s like a little mobile wallet. I won’t use any app similar because line is just by far the best. I’m lucky to have found this app because it truly has been a great help. Anyone skeptical about it can definitely take my word that this is legit and a great tool to have. If you’ve got this far in my review just trust me and download it thanks!.Version: 2.6.17

Cash quickly, small fees, build line of credit over time.I have used another similar app for almost a year and wanted to try Line, so I signed up today. The verification process used Plaid which works seamlessly in this case. I liked that the app allowed me to add more than one bank account as I have my direct deposit of my paycheck split between accounts. My starting limit was $50 until my account is verified and will then increase to $100. I asked CS about how often credit line increases are considered and was helped by Thasneem who explained that they are considered after a few months and, for my plan costing 9.97 per month, can go up to $1000. Comparing this to Grain which costs 9 per month whenever I withdraw $990, the price starts out high but is competitive once the $1000 limit is hit. The Link app also seems to have more features than Grain like cash back rewards. Will probably keep this if my credit line is increased..Version: 2.4.6

Awesome App !Beem is a fantastic money lending app that has completely changed the way I approach borrowing money. The process is extremely easy and convenient, with just a few simple steps to apply for a loan. The app has a sleek and user-friendly interface that makes navigating through it a breeze. What I love most about Beem is the quick approval process. I was able to get my loan approved within minutes and the money was deposited into my account the same day. The interest rates are also very competitive, making it a great option for those in need of quick cash. The customer service team at Beem is also outstanding. They were always available to answer any questions I had and provided excellent support throughout the entire process. I never felt alone or confused, which is a huge relief when dealing with financial matters. Overall, I highly recommend Beem to anyone in need of a quick and reliable money lending app. It has truly been a lifesaver for me and I will continue to use it for any future financial needs..Version: 4.0.200

Line is the best!I absolutely love using my line and am so grateful for it. I’ve used many other cash advance apps and this is the only one that automatically detects when your balance is safe and withdraws on its own when you have the funds; it’s really convenient to not have to worry about payback deadlines or overdrafts. There are a bunch of other useful features like overdraft prediction, showing your upcoming bills so you can be prepared, and tracking your spending so you can keep tabs on how much money you have going out each month. The app works seamlessly and is simple to use, I have never had any issues getting my line and it deposits into my account immediately. My line has funded many trips to McDonald’s and tanks of gas 😂 the Line app gives me peace of mind when it comes to my finances. Their fees are also much lower than other cash advance apps. Thank you, Line, for offering such an important service! Truly a lifesaver.Version: 2.6.15

Line appEvery other week this app is my hero. Like most people I often struggle to pay all of my bills on time or go grocery shopping. I often find myself choosing between one or the other and sad, depressing, but I am thankful for apps like Line that are so easy to use easy to understand and then I’ll spot me money in minutes. It’s such a relief to know. I wouldn’t have to choose between groceries or gas for the car or getting to work. I’m so grateful I found this app and understand how easy it is. I think it would be useful for a lot of people especially when you just need a small amount of money to get you through eight small purchases that you didn’t have money for. Unlike most apps that say the spot, your money line is by far the easiest. There’s no frills or hoops to jump through there quick into the point letting you know your eligibility and if you are eligible, you’ll get that money in your account within, I’d say less than five minutes it’s an awesome app and I’ll continue to use it going forward..Version: 2.6.17

Line is a lifesaver!I have been going through a lot financially and when I came across this app and all it had to offer I was excited to start a new journey on financially getting more stable by having options such as a line advance to help in my time of need instead of racking up late fees on bills, line comes through! Line is an easy app to use and makes it’s easy to understand what feature is what and how I can benefit from it. I would advise anyone looking for an app that helps with building your finances. If might need a little extra money here there, line is your app! I will continue to use the line app because it’s there when I need it most. There isn’t too many apps like line and I feel like line is looking out for our best financial interests and it can help you succeed in making sure financially things get better for you. I really am appreciative of line financial and will continue to support since they are always there for me! Everybody go get the line financial app if you don’t have it yet! You’ll love it! I do!.Version: 2.6.17

Thank You!In a moment of despair, Beem app emerged as my lifeline, connecting me to my grandfather's bedside in Mexico. Faced with travel restrictions, Beem not only bridged the gap but also offered temporary assistance with cash, providing crucial support during a challenging time. Its seamless interface allowed a real-time connection, enabling me to share precious moments and bid a heartfelt farewell. The high-quality video and crisp audio served as a digital window into his world, granting me the chance to express love and gratitude. In the twilight of his life, Beem became a vessel of solace, not just connecting hearts across miles but also offering financial assistance when it was needed most. This digital encounter, preserving our final exchange, showcased the profound impact technology can have on our lives, bringing both comfort and crucial support. Beem proved to be more than a communication tool; it became a source of compassion and connection, highlighting the strength of family bonds even in moments of physical separation and financial need..Version: 4.0.143

BestIn my short time being associated with this amazing app I have been saved on 2 missed payment that would have shot my credit score. This app helped me borrow money in a strenuous time where I almost wouldn't have made a payment. It was a fairly easy process but I don't think a matter such as that should be done with ease anyways. But the app made it doable and understanding to the customers needs which is such a relieving thing to feel when you are stressed in that sort of predicament. I would recommend this app to so many people and actually anyone struggling financially or in a bind to pay you bills. This app will direct you and guide you in the right direction to make sure you can manage what you have to provide for. Once you download this app and interface with the features and start to understand It I can guarantee that you to will feel the satisfaction what I felt. I once again just want to thank everyone that has made this app such a promising result to the people it serves and making life easier for the common person. At the end of the day we all need help sometimes and it is nice to be able to rely on something as quick and efficient as this app. I will never feel any other way because how could you. Thank you for taking the time to read this review and I can't wait for you and whoever else may try this app to find out the greatness that does await for you!.Version: 4.0.46

Love Beem. Thank you for the knowledgeBeem it’s one of the best apps to have I use so far they are descriptive different avenues, where they will help you the better you are substantial life goals you can add all types of debit cards to link it with been. I like how honest they are about what I need to do with your goals and what you have finished with your goals gives you option to either pay for it for a subscription or get on for free. Can’t complain like that. I can only see greater things coming. I feel like the trustworthy people trying to figure out the goals that finances help you with taxes, and I want to do better with find better jobs. I believe people I know involved with this out will be good. I am now it’s been the words to the people that are ready to situations or can use an app that’s free which is awesome. People should know more about this out because it’s very on the radar but it might be good thing. . You can bring your channels together in one mobile app by integrating platforms such as Yammer, Chatter, and SharePoint. The app is designed to engage your mobile employees and offers tailored content and task experiences to match the objectives of your team, department, or location You can also supercharge employee campaigns with seamless user-generated content and use the app’s analytics suite to see detailed information on how your employees are using Beem and measure engagement and the social reach of your employees..Version: 4.0.88

ReviewI found Beem via Facebook and read a lot of comments from people making fun of the service, making it sound like people who need it don't manage their money very well. I was curious to see what it was about and why others feel the need to make fun of people who use it, so I downloaded the app (not expecting to use it, but to just see what it was). As circumstances presented themselves, being a single mom with zero help from the other parent, and trying to provide for my kids (I work 2 full time jobs so I can put myself in a better place, but until then things are pretty tight) - I found myself facing an overdrawn check fee that wasn't supposed to go through, which means I don’t have any money until I get paid again. I remembered I'd installed the Beem app a couple of weeks ago to apply for a loan. I currently don’t have the money to provide food for my kids and gas in my car to get to and from work. I need help as soon as possible please..Version: 4.0.77

HIGHLY SURPRISED WITH BEEMIve had beem for a while now and never have they ever offered an advance i log in to it today and they magically had 25& was ready to be withdrawn now, now I know it is isn’t alot but, During this time I was in between checks I get disability, I had exhausted all other lending app’s, and tried loans online to no avail, and Magically that night while I was sitting there counting change to feed my family(COUNTING CHANGE)! i said maybe I should just log back into BEEM, and there it was $25 available now to be withdrawn no alerts no emails nothing, And At that very moment I knew we had a god a higher power, and It honestly felt a calming come over me, as I wiped my tears away from my eyes so that I could look again, Beem You were there for me,and my littles, It was almost like the universe said, be still child, I got you, so I immediately jumped up and screamed to my children that we were getting pizza tonight and From that moment),I KNEW BEEM HAD MY BACK IN ALL SITUATIONS AND FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART TO THE CREATORS I WANT TO SAY THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU U HAVE NO IDEA HOW MUCH THST 25 $ ment that day!.Version: 4.0.135

Beem's service and supportBeem, the trusted financial institution, played a pivotal role in helping me navigate a financial crisis with unwavering support and expertise. In the midst of a challenging financial situation, Beem's services proved indispensable. I was facing unexpected medical bills and was unsure of how to manage them. Beem's financial advisors provided me with invaluable guidance on budgeting, debt management, and creating a feasible repayment plan. Their commitment to customer satisfaction was evident through their prompt and personalized assistance. They took the time to understand my specific circumstances, offering tailored financial solutions to address my needs. Moreover, Beem's range of financial products and services, such as low-interest loans and flexible savings options, enabled me to regain control of my finances with confidence. What set Beem apart was their emphasis on financial security. Their robust fraud detection and identity protection measures ensured that my financial assets remained safeguarded during this challenging time. Beem not only helped me weather the financial storm but also empowered me to make informed financial decisions. Their dedicated team, comprehensive financial offerings, and commitment to security were instrumental in resolving my financial difficulties..Version: 4.0.117

This app has pulled me out of so many binds!I appreciate this app because there are moments where my account will be drained dry by all of the expenses piling up. One of the biggest expenses we had involved the fact that my mom was dying and I had to spend money to get her to and from dialysis, had to purchase food, had to keep our utilities paid, and anything else that might pop up. There was a time where I planned to budget in a new pair of shoes for my daughter (she’s 5 and growing like a weed) only to look at my bank account and see that there was nothing there. But thanks to line, I was able to withdraw about $40 and order some new shoes for my kid! There was another time where my husband wanted to come home and just relax after a long night of working and he had forgotten to grab food on the way home. We had already used money to pay for gas to fill up the car, and the only thing he thought to pick up was cleaning supplies and sponge bath supplies for my mom. We weren’t at a point of an overdraft, but we only had $15 left in our account and wanted food. Once again, line had saved the day because I was able to withdraw enough to order some food for us and nobody had to go back out! This app really truly just makes sense when you’re in a bind..Version: 2.6.21

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