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DailyCam - Face Aging Editor App User Positive Comments 2022

DailyCam - Face Aging Editor app received 30 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about dailycam - face aging editor?

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DailyCam - Face Aging Editor for Positive User Reviews

Work not so smoothlyMy sister recommends this app to me. And I do have a try. Honestly, it does good work in its most functions. But, it does not work so smoothly in my phone!.Version: 2.6.5

Restoring bugs,pleaseEmmm, bugs seem a little bit much? Recently I can't download photos that are finished in this app, and such situation happens at least three times….Version: 2.6.5

Just want to pay only for functionI like these funny effects in the application, but I have to pay for most of them to get the generating results, and I only got it because I wanted to do the time machine, hope you can make the adjustment and I will love it more..Version: 2.6.5

Improve!There is still some functions that can be improved! I believe that your team will do a good job continuely!.Version: 2.6.5

Deserves 5 stars​   ‌Every pic I post goes through this app! The filters insides make my skin naturally beautiful, eyes brighter, lips and nose more cute like an art while me still looking like me, not blurred out version of me. I stopped using other apps after this one.    ‌ .Version: 2.1.0

Easy to useThis app is quite easy to use. Operation of different functions are also easy  which all give me a good experience..Version: 2.6.5

Truly a great appBy using this app to process photos, Not only will the picture become more attractive, but you will also become more confident. And I think this is the power of such app!.Version: 2.6.5

Like itSo far so good I can’t wait to see what I actually look like in the future. Hope that now I am already 60 years old. White hair is really beautiful..Version: 2.6.5

Useful and good effectUsually use this software buckle all kinds of star photos, and those photos can also be used to do wallpaper of cellphones..Version: 2.6.5

Amazing 😉Good app love tysm for making such a cool app i think everyone should download it amazing yr the best mini tree technology tysm.Version: 2.6.1

Not enough fineIt is suitable for people who is still fresh hand because the operation is easy. While for me, I think it is not enough fine..Version: 2.6.5

Good-looking        ​Our whole family is playing this app. The face changing function is very interesting, which makes our family laugh all the time​  ‌ .Version: 2.6.2

Love it!Hi guys, you have to get this app it doesn’t cost you any money! I swear it is amazing!!!.Version: 2.6.2

Lots of effectI've been using it for a long time and this app has a lot of different effects to choose from. It do give me and my friend many happiness..Version: 2.6.5

FunctionsI hope the developer can develop more innovative effects. I have tried all the filters so far. Please keep updating..Version: 2.6.6

Something to be desiredThere is still something to be desired. This software does not have function like slimming body and legs,so I need to go to other software to do first every time, very troublesome!.Version: 2.6.5

Work not wellIt doesn't work very well, probably because my phone has too little memory.Version: 2.6.5

Worth it!It is so amazing you have to try it out. I don’t know how to explain it but this app is amazing I get props for whoever created it. A lot of people in my family are using this app..Version: 2.6.5

Advanced filtersThere are many advanced filters we can choose to decorate our photos! And everytime when I post a photo that I process here by using some filters, I always can get a lot of "likes"..Version: 2.6.5

Nice for partyThe function of time booth is quite appropriate to use when in party! Seeing other people's older like is interesting(when they are now young)..Version: 2.6.5

This app. Is. AMAZING😘👌.Version: 2.1.0

WOWOWOWOWOW    ‍ ‌  I cannot believe how good quality this is! On other apps it repeatedly shows ads and in this one there just a little. Not this! You can actually do things!    ‌     .Version: 2.1.0

Good choice      ‍​Cọmpared with other face changing app, this is very good. However, the face change process is not accurate enough. ăfter face recognition, people's faces are fat. I hope to see improvement​  ‍ ‌  .Version: 2.6.2

Good effectI think the effect is quite good, because I try to use the function of "time booth" to see my childhood photo , and I actually find that it is quite similar with the actual situation!.Version: 2.6.5

Happp during the using periodI am a user who begun to use this app since it is launched in the market. So I witness so so many progress that this app did. I feel happy because the desiger team actually cares about our users..Version: 2.6.5

Too much advertisingThere's too much advertising. And it would be nice if there were less advertising..Version: 2.6.5

Getting used to this softwareI have used this app for about three months and now I am familiar with it. And because getting used to it, everytime when I have some photos needed to be processed, I will give preference to this app..Version: 2.6.5

Avoiding being chargedI have seen so many people say that they are charged by this software. But as long as you are careful for it, actually it can be avoided!.Version: 2.6.5

Suggestions to make better ‍   I love this app, the only thing I would like to request is the option to change my hair to any color of the rainbow, especially greens, blues and purples !     ‍ ‍‌ .Version: 2.1.0

Big thanks     ‌Me and my sister were trying to find a good photo editor a found this app it’s amazing it has so many effects and it’s amazing definitely worth the download!‍​   ​ .Version: 2.1.0

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