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Retro Goal for Positive User Reviews

Bringing it backNice to see retro games making a come back.. would be nice to build the stadium and see the stadium you build.. also the youth team make it so can see the players you might have coming through .. good games to play ...Version: 0.9.2

Brilliant gameThe unlimited version is well worth the money you pay amazing game to pass the time. Controls confusing at first but you get used to them very quickly.Version: 0.9.9

Amazing mobile manager gameI have no complaints about this game. I’ve only had this game for an hour and I’ve already payed for the full version which is really cheap at £1 and it’s well made hence why it’s 5 stars the only thing o would like to see is something like a scout report from them searching players in a country something you would see in fifa. Apart from that it’s one of the best mobile football game I’ve played..Version: 0.9.3

Good game but the skill gap jump is insaneI was scoring like 3-6 goals a game on hard difficulty with a 3 star attack 3.5 star midfield and 3.5 star defence and got super bored so i decided to try extreme. i went from 12-1-1 to 12-7-5 and struggled to score at all. the opponents are just wayyyyy too fast, you’re pretty much screwed unless you have a 5 star team..Version: 0.9.11

Fun and addictiveBig fan.Version: 0.9.2

Not badIt’s a good game, I’m just not a fan that you have to pay money to continue the main career mode..Version: 0.9.2

AddictiveI’ve been playing RetroBowl for sometime and love it. I’m not a soccer fan, but always enjoyed playing it, so this game captures some of the joy of the game. It’s fun to build your team up from scratch and to manage contracts to keep a solid squad. Things that could improve would be allowing me to edit team uniforms and names along with player names like in RetroBowl. Editing the uniforms and team names is probably my favorite feature. I made a college and NBA league. I would probably do the same in RetroGoal if possible along with a Mexican league. As far as game play goes, it is a lot of fun but I find it very difficult to score a goal from the top of the screen vs the bottom..Version: 0.9.2

IDK just some ideas1. I feel that a team such as Phoenix constantly rank at the bottom of the chart I feel they should be able to “rebuild” faster per say and in 2-3 years be a top team and if not top then a mid pack team. 2. I’ve rebuilt the Phoenix team for they are my favorite team and won countless titles I’m talking 5 star offense 5 star midfield and 5 star defense but the moment I left that team they collapsed I get that I’m the coach and losing a great coach can cost a team but they shouldn’t crumble to the bottom of chart. 3. Players after retirement should be aloud to be one of the hirable coaches that you have the opportunity to hire. I’ve had some star players that i feel had a legacy cemented for the team and I would love to see them comeback as an assistant coach. 4. Just like retro bowl I feel there should be a hall of fame for I know at least in the United States there is a soccer hall of fame. 5. I wish you could see the statistics of your players such as the amount of goals made in a career amount of assists and amount of passes for the goalie the stats would be blocks/saves and passes but I also would find it quite the laugh if own goals was a statistic the game had. I have more but these are my top five I’ll probably comment my other ideas but for now this is good..Version: 0.9.3

Way to addictive!Once you master the controls this is great fun.Version: 0.9.6

Fun and addicting gameExcellent game! I always enjoy hopping on Retro Goal for some FIFA-styled action. Though the $2 paywall was difficult at first to spend my money on, I am glad I did.Version: 0.9.9

Great football gameThis game is new so … somethings need a tweak such so corners and crossing from the top down to the penalty spot, however it’s really entertaining and gets you hooked right away. Lots of countries and lower divisions to chose from and you can build your team your way with them tactics and formations which actually make a difference. I’d watch this closely as if it’s anything like retro bowl it’s going to be updated regularly and it’s going to be huge!.Version: 0.9.2

Must play!Amazing Retro Football game!.Version: 0.9.6

Fun, but not without its problemsGood game, but the player contracts make no sense. It can go from having a full team with >2 years left on their contracts to them all expiring in less than one season! Frustrating and feels like they want to force people to buy coins….Version: 0.9.8

GreatAbsolutely great game brings back great memories.Version: 0.9.9

I love itIf you liked RetroBowl, then you’ll this too. Simple control, playing only on offences. Has season mode that you can power up the players..Version: 0.9.9

Hooks you upAfter the learning curve its just too addicting!.Version: 0.9.9

Great time wasterFun and addictive.Version: 0.9.9

SolidGood game.Version: 0.9.9

Really enjoying this!Played the first 10 games and just paid to unlock the full game. I'm really enjoying this with the elements of slowly building the team with new players, the controls during the match. Really addictive and fun!.Version: 0.9.9

They’ve done it againI have to admit that it would be incredibly hard to follow up a game as polished and as fun Retro Football, but I can’t say that this game falls short in it’s predecessor. As someone who barely follows soccer, and usually has little interest in the sport, this game is INCREDIBLY fun. They’ve done quite well incorporating so many leagues and all of these countries, and it seems like the game will go deeper than what I currently understand i.e. family/favorite team. Every time a game like this I HAVE to buy the unlimited version, but I have to admit the game is more micro transaction prone than retro football, but honestly it doesn’t take too long to grind for a player of that caliber without paying for them with real money. Besides that I cannot complain about the game, and cannot wait until they release a retro basketball and baseball!.Version: 0.9.2

Great fun gameWorth the buck 50.Version: 0.9.9

QualityReally good.Version: 0.9.8

EnjoyableVery fun and enjoyable game with no ads. The only reason I’m not rating it higher is because you have to pay to unlock the full game..Version: 0.9.9

ImprovementsAlthough this game is fantastic and I love it to bits I would suggest some changes, for example in the champions league I think it would be good for a group stage part as it makes the campaign more realistic..Version: 0.9.11

Decent but could be improvedReally enjoying playing this but feels almost impossible to make any progress with your team due to money. The amount of money you have seems constantly to be spent on renewing contracts so you can’t buy improved players. If you do buy a player, you’ll soon lose one of your old players as you can’t afford their new contract. It hasn’t yet, but I imagine it will make the game tiresome quite quickly..Version: 0.9.2

These retro games are greatI’m loving retro bowl and am just starting to play retro soccer and would love it even more if you made an Australian rule football retro game.. idk just think that would be great.Version: 0.9.1

Please add dutch and swiss leagues!!I’ve just finished my 7th year at blackpool, managed to win the champions league for the first time on hard mode, definitely worth the wait to win it since this game is challenging and enjoyable, i would say that the fact that leagues like the turkish and american second tiers are in the game, yet other big leagues like the eredivisie and the swiss super league aren’t is a bit of a pain, but it would be great if they were added.Version: 0.9.11

Heaps of funThis game is heaps of fun and takes me back to the computer version I played as a kid..Version: 0.9.3

Great game to kill timeReally enjoyable little sim game which does improve as you progress. Surprising how much control you have and rewards of seeing through the highs and lows of a football season. Definitely retro and a blast from the past of the games we would invest so much time in. Keeps it beautifully simple!.Version: 0.9.9

OkGreat game but not worth $17 it saids the premium version is $1.99 but they take $17.Version: 0.9.9

Great game👍🏼Great game👍🏼.Version: 0.9.9

Love it2nd best Retro game after Retro Bowl.Version: 0.9.9

Good game wish it was freeIt’s a really good game just wish it could be free like Retro Bowl.Version: 0.9.8

Great!One of the best sports games out there.Version: 0.9.9

The perfect mobile football gameFor me, at least. I don’t have time to play a full career mode on fifa etc so I’ve always wanted a game were I can dip in and out of matches rather than play the whole thing, and to be able to play abbreviated seasons. When I saw it was from New Star it was a no brainer. It’s every bit as good as their other games - a hybrid of NSS, Retro Bowl and NS manager (without the card bits). Can’t recommend it highly enough. Insta buy if you like football or NSS I’m terms of feedback, I’d like to see: Player contracts tuned a bit to be longer (or transfer windows added) - mid season expiry & retirement is a bit weird A kit/player name editor International management Cloud saves.Version: 0.9.2

Controls don’t work as well as bowlCould be another banger like retro bowl (likely my fav mobile game ever) but the similar controls scheme to bowl just doesn’t work nearly as well in this one. It ends up getting very frustrating. I think an actual on screen button control scheme would benefit this game greatly. While still keeping some of the touch parts such as shooting and even passing, it’s mostly movement that’s super frustrating and could benefit greatly from a d pad and maybe a sprint button. Oh also the money system seems to lean much more towards having to spend actual money vs retro bowl where you don’t really need to at all, it seems like it’s much harder to get coins in goal and/or everything seems to cost much more, it seems like it’ll take a ton of work and/or actual money to get good players and that’s a put off as well..Version: 0.9.9

Best gameI would spend a lot of money on this this is amazjng.Version: 0.9.9

Bit CheekyLike the retro bowl game that gives you the option to support that then gives you more salary cap space when you do! Also think the controls are a little fiddly maybe do left side of the screen movement right side of the screen pass/shooting! Great game hoping to make the the prem!.Version: 0.9.8

Pretty goodPretty good.Version: 0.9.8

Worth ItWorth the $1.50. Only thing I can suggest is adding more countries or maybe a World Cup To the career mode..Version: 0.9.11

Game SuggestionPlease make a tennis retro game next. Y’all don’t miss. Also, add player awards to this game. Players can’t win awards right now. Make it so that defenders run towards the person attacking and not away..Version: 0.9.9

Enjoyable but repetitiveVery good wee game, the music can be a bit annoying but it’s all in keeping with the 16-bit theme and I’m sure it can be switched off (I haven’t bothered to look). The gameplay itself is easy to pick up, but my one worry is already a season and a half in, it’s very very repetitive. The game does feel like a bit of a ‘grind’ after a short while..Version: 0.9.2

NiceOk i was able to buy the unlimited version of the game, thankyou !.Version: 0.9.2

Amazingly addictive as usualNew star games never fail to impress, been playing since the early days of new star soccer and every game has been a banger, this one is definitely up there with my favourites, can’t wait to see what else this one can bring!.Version: 0.9.2

I don’t review games or play games often, but this is a golden gemFirst of all, it’s more than football as well, you choose your own team, work up to your favorite team, and manage a club whilst doing all of this. You have multiple leagues, multiple divisions of the same league, and the actual gameplay is arguably extremely well for a mobile soccer game. This game really caught me by surprise, and with the 10 free games demo I thought it would cost a lot due to its high quality, but it’s only 1$, definitely been playing this since my airplane ride and it is a must offline game.Version: 0.9.9

Great game! A few things thoughThe full game was only one dollar, so I’m not gonna cry about it, though I like how in Retro Bowl it was totally optional to pay any real money. The gameplay is super fun, though there are a few things that are funky. The header mechanic can sometimes trip you up if you try to drop a lifted pass right in front of a player. If you swipe to set your players direction as the ball comes down, even if you haven’t highlighted that player in the yellow circle to select a headed pass, he will head it away, rather than controlling it and moving in the direction you wanted. It can be very frustrating. It would also be nice to see a change with the crowd noise to make it a little more fun to score. The crowd roars for about 2 seconds before quieting again - I wanna hear the crowd go crazy for muuuuuuch longer than that if I’m watching the player celebration..Version: 0.9.3

Two thumbs upThis is a top notch game, which is well worth the dollar or two it costs to upgrade to the full version. I have been a big fan of Retro Bowl, and this game is a great crossover to soccer. Thank you for your hard work, your games are extremely enjoyable to play. (Please do hockey next! 😁).Version: 0.9.2

Fire stuffGood game, entertaining.Version: 0.9.9

Retro Goal is AmazingRetro goal is a game I enjoy playing when I have time. I enjoy the game and how it’s ran and how I can choose any team and I didn’t mind paying for the full version. Passing and running is good and the mechanics work well but there are some things that i think would make the game better. The graphics could be a little more better or the saturation, celebrations should be added were we can control them, proper champions league and other league stages, international teams and World Cup leagues and different stadiums, upgrade your players to make them faster and realistic when on extreme mode, making the game look more happy instead of a blue screen in the backgrounds and running and even adding a defense feature where you can defend. Overall the game is good but I feel like making the game more realistic would attract more people and maybe adding players we know to some teams to would also work. Overall Very Good Game Thank You!!.Version: 0.9.9

Fun to play except…This game is great overall but the overall motive for making it seems more greedier than retro bowl. You have to spend a lot money and the costs for upgrading things in the front office seem high. The costs of players as well seem much higher than in retro bowl and I’m not just referring to the actual price. Proportionately the prices seem unreasonably higher. It’s really fun to play but it makes no sense that you are practically punished for leaving your team to go to an elite team. When you leave to the teams doing well the players you are handed are absolute garbage and you need to spend more just to buy new players which makes no sense because the team was already doing well..Version: 0.9.9

Retro games ruleGreat game, was a fan of retro bowl but I think I enjoy this more than that.Version: 0.9.9

Good valueA lot of fun for a buck fifty.Version: 0.9.9

Please add some work on defenseSo much potential in this game, just one important suggestion, please let users can enjoy more on the defense side, otherwise those 532 defense formations will become useless, this game advertises as experience the 90’s football, but you can’t even enjoy the 90’s football tactics. Love this game but can be better..Version: 0.9.3

Almost perfectCreated an amazing team with Coventry. Got promoted and in my second season I won the cup and came second in the league. The season after I lost half my team due to contracts being really expensive. Games are constantly high scoring, which is unrealistic but then again it’s not a proper simulation game. Would be cool if you could see the player stats for other teams and the top goal scorers of the league. International tournaments and adding a best player in the world trophy would be the cherry on top. However, this is a really good game for 99p and the creators know how to make constantly amazing mobile games. Would love to see this type of game done with other sports as well..Version: 0.9.9

FunFun game brings back memories fun mechanics.Version: 0.9.9

Bux System is Bad- Revised After 1 MonthRevised- After playing for about a month, growing a team is achievable in retro goal and the money does start to stack after awhile. My suggestion is not to change teams often, as this causes you to start over and have to spend a lot each time. The game itself is amazing, just like its predecessor. My critiques of it after playing awhile are: 1. No players should cost real money 2. Let us play full court, or stop the AI from just drop kicking the ball every time they get it 3 See below for original review- I come from retro bowl, which is probably my favorite phone game of all time. It’s balanced and growing a team is achievable. Salary cap is a great concept in that game! However, this game is a bit different. The mechanics are the same which I love, but the “Bux” system absolutely ruins the chance at growing a team. You only get like 1500 bucks per season, and that’s not even enough for 2 star players. This seriously needs to be fixed. Either an increase in Bux per game or going to a salary cap option is needed in order to actually grow a team like you can in retro bowl..Version: 0.9.9

Great but could be betterLoved Retro Bowl and this is fantastic. I like the options at the moment, but still in development. Having to pay real money for top players I don’t like and controls could be better me changing direction it makes me think I’ve double tapped and wanted to sprint, but it’s good fun. I hope it gets better!.Version: 0.9.2

Sensible Soccer meets Early ChampGood fun. Arcade like soccer game. Like a mix of Sensible Soccer and the early champ man games. Really simple management stuff. You only do attacking play in game which is a bit odd as you lose goals and you can’t do anything about it. Enjoying it..Version: 0.9.9

Wicked game download nowThis is the first time i have ever written a review for a game, i first tried the retro bowl. Being from England I’ve never really played much American football i liked the concept but i didn’t know how to play, but after finding out they have a soccer version . This game is amazing i cannot even explain it is currently 7 am and i cannot put the game down..Version: 0.9.9

FunIncredibly good time waster could play for hours!.Version: 0.9.9

Amazing Game, idk why so many one starsI could play this game for years. What an we’ll put together game. $1.50 is definitely worth it..Version: 0.9.2

Enjoy this gameI would like to see draft picks being added but other then that this game is awesome and fun to play, worth the couple bucks getting the full version.Version: 0.9.11

Good game!Fun game.Version: 0.9.9

Addictive fun gameThe game is really good I’ve been hooked since day one. I went with Blackpool and I got them into the prem, won the champions league first time of asking. I’m just starting my 7th season I’ve not moved clubs yet because I don’t really fancy starting from scratch and loosing all my players I managed to max out. It’ll be good if/ when you moved clubs you got to keep your team or at least some because the coins you use to buy them with runs down real quick and that money is also for your contract renewal, facilities ect.Version: 0.9.2

Great gameVery fun game. Worth the download and the upgrade.Version: 0.9.9

Pretty good but needs some tweaksProvides on almost every level that you expect it to, even if the gameplay can get a little stale. by your third season with any club you should be raising the difficulty as an 8+ speed 8+ dribbling player can run through the entire pitch. main issue is how the currency works, it seems balanced at first because it is so easy to obtain but you must use it intelligently to maintain your high level players. some players are also evaluated very oddly, a 5 star 18 year old can cost anywhere from 500 to 1200 bux, but I've seen 2 star players worth 900 bux on 1 year contracts. Overall, this game is probably worth a try..Version: 0.9.2

AmayzingNo lag and very well made.Version: 0.9.9

Great game 👍If you like Retro bowl this game won’t disappoint. So many unique controls that are great but not a necessity to win. I think the system this game takes on when not playing football but just managing the is far superior to retro bowl, although some may prefer the simplicity. Overall very addictive game that you can relax and play for fun or take advantage of variety of choices to make. Test it out and if you like it totally worth a mere 2 bucks. Now give me my 250 starbux.Version: 0.9.9

Great! (with a few bugs)Aside from many of the other great suggestions that other reviewers have made, like customization, being able to get the best players for credits rather than real money, realistic conditions for bigger teams, and being able to start with your favorite team, I think this game is awesome and tons of fun. Better managers would be cool too. A few bugs that I’ve run into: - Sometimes a shot that hits the underside of the bar and doesn’t cross the line will automatically count as a goal kick. - Some of the achievements are bugged, primarily the winning the league/continental/cup matches ones. I have played multiple seasons but still haven’t unlocked achievements for “25 League Match Wins” and greater..Version: 0.9.2

Love itGreat game and retro feel is awesome. Good and simple UI and east to use. Just the playing mechanics take some time to get used to and I wish there was other ways to control the players but over amazing game..Version: 0.9.9

Good not greatThis game has a lot of potential. It is a fun game to play, the controls are good and the gameplay just feels great. My only problems are the way the transfers and other clubs are made. It is tougher to get good players in this game which I think is a good idea, but it is almost impossible to do anything without an elite player. I had to buy a good player in order to have a chance to ascend to first division, other wise it would not have been possible. Once I ascended I had a job offer from Barcelona which I wanted to take, but the game makes you start the team from zero which makes no sense at all. Why would I want to go to a big club and have to start from scratch. Retro bowl allowed you to move to a different team and keep the players that were already included. Overall good game, just lacking some of the great qualities that retro bowl had..Version: 0.9.11

Great game just needs a tiny more workLove Retro Bowl and was excited for a soccer version. The overall game is great and after a short time of practice I had the controls mastered. The only big issues I’ve run into are easily fixable. First, the booking system is a little over the top. I had a player receive two yellows and red with 0’ minutes played. A bit extreme. Second, the system to switch teams needs a lot of work. I’m winning the champions league and accruing records with my first team then get an offer from Barcelona or Man U. These are typically elite teams. But when you switch over to them they have one star facilities and players. There is no incentive to leave your original team. That is a big issue in my opinion that needs to be adjusted. I would love if you could bring over the customization of retro bowl to this game too. It was fun renaming players and coaches. Currently that is not available. Other than those few gripes, this game is a lot of fun. I think in another year and some tweaks this will be the best soccer game available. Thanks for all the hard work devs!.Version: 0.9.2

Details, Gameplay, and BusinessFirst off, I think Retro Goal has the potential to match the game it rhymes with, it already has the best game details and little details, from seeing your name pop up in a news clipping saying you dont want a player back to one saying you are keen on landing a job at your childhood club, theres literally a social side to the game, something most games dont have, and its really a nice touch. The gameplay feels smooth and reliable once you get the hang of it, definitely wish there was more depth to the ref system than yellow cards for every foul though, but thats nitpicking. I took the challenge of playing hard mode and it is a lot harder than you would expect, especially after being a retro bowl guy, where hard seems like rookie mode, Retro Goal means what they set as difficulty, you barely get 5 seconds on the ball at that point. And business is a big part too, everyone knows soccer, much like the nfl, is a business, its all about the revenue at the end of the day. Every offseason is a budget build because you need that defender so they stop scoring five goals on you every game, but if you get the 4 1/2* one, you wont have enough to buff your forwards, and even then, you might not be able to bring back your youth player that just scored 40 goals, thats what i love about Retro Goal, its not one dimensional and it has so many little parts about it that makes it solid in its SECOND WEEK as a game! A five star was never in doubt.Version: 0.9.1

Great Game, One Annoying BugI’ve been a big fan of Retro Bowl so I was really excited for this one when I found it. It is a great game, lots of fun and a good extension of the same game mechanics. It does have more micro transactions if you wanted to use them, but really does not hold you back at all if you don’t. One really annoying bug I found, once a player has 10 yellow cards for the season, they will be suspended for a game, which is great. However, after serving their suspension they come back for a game, then are immediately suspended again, even if they did not get another card that game. Clearly a small glitch which I hope is easy to remedy because it is annoying..Version: 0.9.1

Great gameNew star soccer do it again.Version: 0.9.9

AwesomeGames so lit.Version: 0.9.9

Solid gameplay, well thought out executionAs someone who lived RetroBowl for a while, the dive into RetroGoal was intuitive and filled with curiosity. I’m not a soccer fan by any means, so the mechanics and logistics allowed me to learn the ins and outs of successful strategies on my own at the introductory difficulty level. While there have been more visible purchase elements than RetroBowl, I haven’t felt like the game would necessitate buying players or additional BUX to have a fulfilling experience. It is a slow process to 100% complete the game, but I find that it’s not the route I want to go. I’m thrilled to pick up a match every now and then, and sometimes more than I should. I’ve learned quite a bit about the international soccer scene and I attribute it to the labor of love the developers have put in. RetroGoal is worth whatever you put in, whether you’re a novice or a completionist..Version: 0.9.2

Cool retro game footie funA fun game ,! You can control the play in simple or difficult play okay on tablet/ipad not sure about phone . most of progress based on your skill . Team building is pretty cool too..Version: 0.9.9

SolidMaybe not as good as retro bowl, but still really fun..Version: 0.9.2

Fun but why can’t you play a however long you wantI just started playing and the game is really fun and enjoyable when you get the controls down but why do you have to spend money to keep playing your save I wouldn’t have an issue with this game if you didn’t have to spend money to keep playing I can understand if it’s players and in game currency but you want the people to keep coming back and playing so why restrict that it makes this game not free to play it’s like a free demo and then you have to spend a dollar to keep going if that’s the case then why not just price the game as a dollar in the app store instead of saying it’s free then forcing them to spend a dollar for the rest of your ability to play what I enjoyed about retro bowl is that you could build a god squad without having to spend money but now your forced to spend money just to play the game and that confuses me great game though just make it free.Version: 0.9.11

Good game!Great new star game, simple and nice.Version: 0.9.2

It’s a good gameIt is fun but I don’t like how you have to buy the full version..Version: 0.9.2

Great time killerFirst off, this developer has proven very consistent once again. Like retro bowl before it, this game is a great way to kill some time like if you’re at school or some other place. Gameplay is fluid and complex yet also simple at the same time. Despite being a completely different sport, this game is similar to retro bowl as far as team management goes and is even improved in several areas. Graphics are improved and there are so many team options to explore and so many things to win. My only criticism is the demo system for the base game where you can only play ten games before you have to pay, but if you have a dollar it a a worthwhile purchase to play the game forever afterwards..Version: 0.9.9

Fun but broken goalkeepersVery fun game with nice mechanics. Management side and trying to balance contracts is good too. However, it has got to a point where even extreme difficulty is too easy because the goalkeepers are really (disproportionately) bad at certain things. Any shot with lots of curve from the left hand side of the area will go in and more problematically (but hilariously) any shot from an extreme angle from the left of the goal (any distance) will go in. If the two goalkeeping issues were solved extreme would be a really good challenge but due to this it’s possible to score a goal at will if needed to win a game..Version: 0.9.9

Even better than Retro BowlHopefully NSG keeps expanding it but what’s already here is great. Would love to see more detail: loaning out your own players, end of season player awards, AI teams offering to buy your players, etc..Version: 0.9.6

If you loved NSS you’ll also love this!Been looking for a football game on my iPad for ages and this ticks all of my boxes. It’s not pay to win, the controls are immediately intuitive, it’s got multiple leagues and it’s an addictive manager career sim. Save your little gold coins and gradually upgrade your stadium or invest in better players. Recommended for fans of the old player manager games on the Amiga. Thanks to the devs for a great little game!.Version: 0.9.3

Great game…But…I’m really enjoying this game, love Pro Bowl so tried this and it’s fun. My only problem so far is the kits…i appreciate there are many more teams compared to Pro Bowl where you can edit the teams kits…but there should be an option to edit all the teams kits whenever. Please try and add this feature.Version: 0.9.9

ReviewYea it’s mean.Version: 0.9.3

Great game so far, but heavy cash grabI love the game and have loved this companies approach to retro gaming. I am a bit disappointed with the amount of money they attempt to get out of players. Of course, everything in this world revolves around money, and if anyone deserves it for well developed games it’s this company, but if I pay to play initially, I would like to the developers to be a bit more reasonable in their approach to in game content. 2.99 for a player that lasts only a few seasons seems to me to be boarder-line crotchety. As someone who has put in a few hours and enjoyed the game, this is a massive turn off to me, and sadly may become the reason this game gets lost to the world of unwanted apps in a library full of unwanted apps..Version: 0.9.2

Great gameGreat.Version: 0.9.9

Decent GameAfter a few hours of gameplay the game has been fun. Not as good as retrobowl but still solid..Version: 0.9.9

Like the game but some problemsOnce I got over a few problems I’ve had fun with the game. Now I just have a few problems first being players not wanting to join my club because my training building isn’t high enough level. This is annoying because I’ll have my training builder at a pretty high level but I still have to pay more and wait 2-3 weeks for it to be upgraded. Another problems I have is I will be playing a mess up and lose my chance. Then the other team will score (usually 1 time but I’ve had up to 3 times) and with that I might mess up at the 80 th minute and the other team will score and I won’t be able to play again and the game will end which is kind of annoying. (An example of this is a game where I was up by 3 in the 31 minute and I didn’t touch the ball again until the 73 minute and it was tied) Also the other team will kick it and my player will be about to get it and it will say chance missed. This is extremely annoying because a lot of the time it loses me the game or I will tie because I just lost a chance to score. But overall a pretty good game..Version: 0.9.11

Solid, New Star keeps up their reputation, some small recommendations though :)Overall really nice game. Can’t comment on a whole lot because I’m not too deep into it. One thing I can mention is that the UI is fantastic, maybe even better than Retro Bowl’s UI. I do have a few small recommendations though, a few changes that hopefully wouldn’t be too difficult to implement. The first is custom naming. A feature Retro Bowl already has, you could make it only available to full version buyers. But it would be nice to customize the names of your players The other is custom appearances. This would include access to the full range of preset faces, and the ability to select one for each player. Also, maybe adding in an option for custom shoes (nothing too complicated, just a single color), might make players more recognizable on the pitch :) Overall, still a great game, those small changes would make it even better!.Version: 0.9.1

Good game, but too many yellow cardsI played Retro Bowl before this and I will say that I prefer the graphics of this game over that of Retro Bowl. I also find the music to be an improvement. I also appreciate that despite having premium players, it is still possible to create an elite football club. However, there are a few improvements I would like to suggest: -I find that I am getting lots of yellow cards despite my players having good morale. I find my team getting 2-3 yellow cards in many games. This seems to occur most frequently when the other team has the ball. Please lower the frequency of yellow cards when the other team has the ball. -One of my players got a 1 match ban for receiving 10 yellow cards in a season. After 1 game I put him back in. He played 1 match before being given another 1 match ban for the same reason. I do not think that this is an intentional mechanic, as banning players every other match would seem a bit absurd. I have found the only way to get past this is by having the player get another yellow card so that they have 11 yellow cards in a season. Please fix this so that players receiving 10 yellow cards in a season will only be given 1 ban for receiving 10 yellow cards. Despite these concerns, the game is still fun to play. I look forward to what future updates will bring..Version: 0.9.1

Why do I have to pay for such a great game?The game and it’s fundamentals are really fun and strategic, it’s something I enjoy very much. Why do I only get 11 games before I have to pay though? Retro Bowl was free all the way through and that’s a very similar game. Anyway, really fun game. Give it a go..Version: 0.9.3

Awesome game but needs a few ideasAfter purchasing the unlimited version of the game I set out to become the best team in the league. After a shaky first season I bought a high rated forward and this is when things changed. With one good fast goal scorer on your team, you can almost score every time. After realizing this I upgraded the defense and set out to be #1. After just 2 more seasons I had completely dominated the liga league. I had around 5000 saved up for when I moved onto the premiere league. After simply one season I had taken my team to the top of the premiere league. At this point I wasn’t sure what to do. I had dominated every league I was in and now I was the champion of a world-class league. What I would tell the developers is, maybe make it so that instead of picking a team and taking a job I wish that once you had become champion of a league that it should send you to a higher level league. Once you’ve beaten most of the lower level leagues then send them to the premiere league. It just seems odd I can go straight from a low level league to the premiere league and dominate from the start. There needs to be more linear progression imo..Version: 0.9.11

Great timeGot playing this after retro bowl and it’s incredible.Version: 0.9.9

Great gameplayHi, I love the gameplay in this. It’s one of the most fun sports games to play in my opinion. Some suggestions I have for improvement is to have a stats page where you can see player stats side by side instead of one at a time. Also, it would be simpler to have the contract length of a player written out as time remaining on contract and not by year and month. I also wish that the auto-pick feature weighted condition level higher when picking the starters, but it’s still a good feature in general. Also, a budget screen would be helpful for season-long planning because it can be easy to get caught out and forget that a players contract is coming to an end after spending money on the stadium or training..Version: 0.9.11

Great game, BUT....Let me preface this by saying I’ve been a big fan of everything New Star has ever put out. All of their games are outstanding, and if you haven’t played other games, you should. Retro Goal is no different, taking the concept and design from Retro Bowl to the other kind of football. In most areas, the game is a total success. That being said.... Man, the booking system in this game is horrendous. It seems like every other game I am down to 10 men, through no fault of my own. If there’s a trait that all of my players have where they are red card magnets, I’m not aware of it. It’s beyond frustrating to lose my best players game after game. One thing I do appreciate about the booking system - I can commit fouls on my own and get booked for them! It’s nice to have consequences for my ill-advised tackles. That’s not what I’m talking about here though - I often find myself getting yellow card after yellow card during the AI simulation period of matches. I’ll often end up with 4 or more yellow cards from the AI, plus a player sent off (and thus banned for the next match. This is even more of a problem when you are playing the half season length). It feels unrealistic, and thank god there’s no yellow card accumulation ban in the game, or I’d have no players left. Apart from the booking system, great game. I look forward to many more hours spent with this app, as well as the continued updates that New Star is sure to provide!.Version: 0.9.1

GreatGreat.Version: 0.9.9

New Star Games Does It Again!!Retro Bowl was an absolute blast so it’s no surprise that Retro Goal is another smash hit! Thrilled that the New Star dev team decided to make a footy (soccer to the Western world) game! Excited and hopeful for updates/upgrades!.Version: 0.9.9

Please make a cricket game like thisHello. Please make a cricket game! Your interface would be absolutely perfect for a cricket version of the game. It would be massively popular I’m sure.Version: 0.9.11

An amazing little football manager game!Been playing for a week now and on my 5th season on hard (and no it’s not impossible to win you just need good players too do it, as expected 1-3 star players won’t win every match on hard) and having an absolute joy with the game, currently at Liverpool and have a strong youthful team and enjoy winning and losing a surprised match making some seasons very tense at the end. Like I said iv been enjoying the content available to me and can’t wait to move to my next club soon for the next challenge. I’d like to give some ideas about what I’d love to see in the game and hoping that the developers can see them, 1. I‘d love to see some better screens for when you win a trophy like when you win the Champions league there’s a little bit animation of a trophy being lifted with flares or confetti?? 2. could we get international football or jobs? With the respected competitions?? And lastly a screen a stat screen about your career such as your longest spell at a club? Your top goalscorer, best player longest win spree ect Edit^ just joined Barcelona after a good domination at liverpool and I agree with others it’s impossible to win when your team is that bad, maybe make it so it’s Harder to join these big clubs but they reward you with a decent squad already?? Every team being rubbish you join Just is not motivating and building up is not a challange it’s the impossible.Version: 0.9.2

Great game, needs some workWhen I first downloaded this game I had a pretty good understanding of what it would be, because I downloaded Retro Bowl first. The graphics are very good, and they match the style of a retro video game. Good controls, pretty easy to understand and they don’t take so long to get the hand of. One thing I dislike is the fact that you cannot customize the players like in Retro Bowl. In Retro Bowl you were able to change the players jerseys, and even their name, but in Retro Goal it seems like you can’t do that. It would be a fun things to add just to make it a bit more fun, and a bit more entertaining too. Finally, I think the referees give WAY too many cards. Like one time I got 2 red cards in 4 minutes, don’t you think that is a little bit rough? I understand that there needs to be red and yellow cards to make the game more entertaining, but it would be nice for my players not to get 4 yellow cards in 3 minutes. Other than that, good game! Keep up the great work!.Version: 0.9.9

Amazing game with high potential but one slight problemAll out I think this is an absolutely wonderful game to play besides the fact you have to pay to continue, why? IMO I think to see people who can’t get it or simply disallowed by parents or others. I love the game but that one thing keeps me from playing it every day every week every month every year..Version: 0.9.9

.Gounginga.Version: 0.9.9

So Much FunGreat concept Super easy to learn Deeper than expected Awesome game Go check out Retro Football too.Version: 0.9.9

FunSuch a fun game to play, I came from retro bowl to this and it’s amazing, goalkeepers are to overpowered though.Version: 0.9.6

Flawed But Still FunHaving a ton of fun with this game, but there are a few things that keep me from giving it 5 stars. My biggest gripe is the way the game handles you switching teams. As it stands currently there’s absolutely no reason to take another job with a different team. Whether you accept a job with a big name premier league side or a 2nd division French club you get stuck with a crappy squad and no good facilities like you’re back at square one. I made the switch on my first team and I’m really regretting it now. My other big complaint is the way the game handles defense or lack there of. With no way to control your defenders you just have to pray the computer is nice to you. If they can update those 2 I’d happily give this 5 stars..Version: 0.9.9

NiceGood game.Version: 0.9.9

Very good gameplay, too dependent on in app purchasesI love retro bowl and so was excited for this. The design of the game and the gameplay are great, feel even better than retro bowl. But the ‘bux’ system is clearly set up so you can’t keep players on your team unless you are constantly feeding money into little purchases. At a lower level, I only have 8 players that cost and none of them are particularly great (max out at 4 stars and most of them are only around 2.5) and I’ve gone undefeated for several seasons and I still can’t keep enough ‘bux’ to afford to even just keep them all. Developers deserve to make money, no problem, I just wish more would welcome a bigger initial cost rather than attempting to make us buy over and over and over..Version: 0.9.3

Solid game!Solid solid game. After playing retro bowl for ages it was so nice to pick up this game and see some familiarities as I was able to pick up up start away. Gameplay is fun and unique. Little features like each players boy hood club and family really add to the game as well! Maybe adding in similar editing feature such as team colours and names like in Retro Bowl would be cool but a really fun game!.Version: 0.9.9

Very good but does need a few adjustmentsThis game is very entertaining to play, though it is a little broken at times (like fast players being able to run through the whole opposition). I think a few adjustments are necessary outside the actual gameplay 1. Adding more accurate competitions Some stuff like a playoff for the last champions league place, or no Europa league equivalent could be added to improve the game. 2. More interaction with the owner. The owner should be the sole decision maker for how much money you have. There should be certain owner traits like rich (more money available), stingy (less money available), or maybe a local v foreign split which could affect the fan rating. Also at the new season, there should be a new refreshed budget, instead of simply a carryover from the last year. 3. The transfer system needs a few adjustments I like the fact that it’s harder to run a profit in this game compared to retro bowl, especially because of how hard it is in real life to run a lower division side, meaning less money to spend on players. For the players in the transfer market, there should be a club that they are from, like when a specific club tries to buy one of your players. Also a transfer window is necessary and contract and transfer negotiations should exist..Version: 0.9.3

Great! Just lacking customizationThis game is just as fun as Retro Bow to play. Really enjoy the game play and being able to play across all the different leagues. I really only have two issues with it. The main one is that there is no customization. One of my favorite things in Retro Bowl was that you could completely edit every team’s name, colors, and even their jersey. You could also edit players names as well. That is not something you are able to do in Retro Goal, even after paying the $0.99 for the unlimited version. I think it should be added, because I would to be able to edit all the teams and the player names as well. My other issue is that WAY too many yellow cards are given out to your players. Like I’m having 4-8 yellow cards given out every game, mostly to strikers and forwards, which makes NO sense. Attackers typically get the least fouls. And you don’t have control of this because it happens during the simulation part of game play. It causes an issue where I keep having my attackers suspended every other game almost. It is frustrating, but I enjoy playing the game so I get over it, but it would be much better if it didn’t happen as often. I’m fine with yellow cards be given out to my players, but in actual football matches, there’s normally 1-3 given out in a single game, not as many as I’m getting..Version: 0.9.1

Needs just a few tweaks!I really enjoy both this game and retro bowl. However, there are a couple of aspects of this game that I wish were more similar to retro bowl. Some minor improvements that I think would benefit the game would be: 1. Allow for creation of a team and place it in a respective league. 2. Allow for you to see which team you selected at the get-go (I selected a team at random and now I can’t complete certain achievements because I don’t know my “favorite team”… 3. Allow for you to view the standings of other leagues and for you to qualify for tournaments your new team qualified for last year should you join them next season- this way you’ll know if you are joining a team eligible for champions league etc. 4. Being back “dynamic” difficulty setting..Version: 0.9.9

If you loved retro bowlIf you loved retro bowl you’ll love this game regardless of whether you’re a soccer/football fan or not!.Version: 0.9.6

Good, But could be betterI love Retro Bowl and was playing it form the begging, Retro Goal is no different the game is as fun and addictive but it needs some tweaks. The game is great but the controls need some work, moving gets annoying as sometimes I will swipe quickly to change direction and it will think I double tapped forcing my player to shoot. The game is great and worth $1.49 but controls are lacking..Version: 0.9.2

Fun little football simA pretty decent throwback to early 90’s football games. Gameplay is a little tricky to pick up first game or two but then you get used to it and it actually plays nicely. Only reason it’s not five stars is because it forces you to pay to continue to play after playing 10 games..Version: 0.9.6

Do a baseball game in this style please!I’ve been a fan of your retro games and i think it would be a great idea to make a baseball game in this style! I like that retro look to you games with that modern touch i think it be a great game to make thank you for your great games. Hope you consider this have a great day! Also this is a great game worth the extra money!.Version: 0.9.11

Hockey PleaseI really am looking for a hockey game developed by you guys.Version: 0.9.9

Great gameWould recommend.Version: 0.9.9

Great StartThe game is great, following a similar art style and gameplay mechanics as retro bowl. A few gripes I have are: the pass mechanic should not auto switch to a lobbed ball as you go further but it should be an option for a ground pass or lobbed one (similar to the new retro bowl update). The trophy cabinet is glitched as that winner of the premier league does not update and is stuck on 2020, so I don’t have the win even though I’ve won it twice already. The teams ratings are very random, the top teams premier league (and other tier 1 leagues) should have a higher rating and it shouldn’t be randomised as it seems to be currently with the team coming 20th and Manchester United having basically the same start ratings. Lastly, it’s a bit too easy to progress and build the best team, basically within a season to 2 and the progress should be more incremental to feel more rewarding. Overall these are small issues and the game is thoroughly enjoyable and I can easily recommend it to anyone. Keep up the good work!.Version: 0.9.6

Time fillerIt a fantastic game all round just love it.Version: 0.9.6

Amazing gameLove this game, so addictive and interesting. Only downfall is that you have to pay 1.99$ to be able to play past week 14.Version: 0.9.9

Cool gameOnly disappointing thing is even in full game play you can buy ‘star bux’.Version: 0.9.2

Brilliant, but needs some workLong time fan of Retro Bowl, an American football game from the same developers. I always hoped for a soccer game in that same style as RB is a very enjoyable game that I have played for years. Retro goal fills that space and is easily one of the best soccer management games you can download on the App Store. It runs smoothly and plays very well. I just think that it needs some time to get further updates that will perfect it. I have no major complaints other than that about this game. It is a very good game, it just needs to be perfected and have the details ironed out. I have been enjoying the gameplay since this game debuted and I see great potential. As with RB, the real fun starts when you have gone through some games and assemble a stellar squad, it takes some patience. Give this game a year and it’ll be one of the best gaming experiences in the App Store, period. I highly recommend playing it, every single goal is a guaranteed euphoric experience. New Star Games understands what mobile gaming should be and almost every game they have released has been a highly enjoyable experience that I would recommend to anyone who enjoys sports games..Version: 0.9.2

Easy to playGreat game and addictive but it just seems to easy. I came 2nd in my 1st season with derby and I didn’t sign any players or coaches. Needs to be a little more in depth, like a loan list for players, contract negotiations and the ability to sign free players. But overall a decent game 👍.Version: 0.9.2

Perfect I need moreSay no more. Play it atleast.Version: 0.9.2

Love it !Totally worth its price.Version: 0.9.9

Very promisingPositives: - Great gameplay -Great menu game too (transferring, selling...) -Visuals are very good -Records and achievements gives more meaning to play Negatives: -When moving to a top club, the clubs overall is reset to the lowest. Despite seeing why having everything handed to you on a plate ruins the fun, having a terrible team with no additional funds makes it pointless to join a top club. To the point where on extreme, it’s impossible to be beat Caen for example even though you’re are managing PSG. -Difficulty jump from hard to extreme is, well, extreme. I had a long state of hard being too easy but extreme being unbearably difficult which put me off the game for a while. -A bit petty, but no cinematic once winning a league. I understand that this would be difficult to implement, but having a picture of a trophy is a bit underwhelming. -Finally, the potential stats given would be better, if you had a scouting facility to upgrade because there’s is no reason why buying another player is worth it. It almost makes the academy redundant. Player stats would also be appreciated p, implementing something like player development in fifa. Overall: Despite the negatives being long, I can’t begin to explain how good of a game it is. I only list the negatives more in depth as I believe that this game has the potential to be a masterpiece..Version: 0.9.11

More leagues + gameplay please!I enjoy this game a lot. It’s very repetitive, but that does not bother me. However I wish two things could be added: -More control over passing (perhaps, similar to Retro Bowl, you could tap the line as you’re passing and it would switch the type you’re going for {ground, lofted, driven shot, etc) -More leagues! Personally I think more American teams could be added like Mexico, Colombia, and Argentina or Chile. It would also be cool if National Teams were added, but that is a large task. Also, you should probably make goalkeepers a little better. Some added customization (players, teams) would be nice as well..Version: 0.9.11

Simple and enjoyable!It’s a simple game but it has great depth with lots to do and multiple ways to score. Controls take some getting used to but once you have mastered it the gameplay is very enjoyable. Highly recommend - and a steal at 89p!.Version: 0.9.3

Fun to play and easy to pick upThis game is really easy to get to grips with and is great to play in short bursts. I’ve enjoyed it and it’s similar to football games I played on early consoles. My only gripe is sometimes the AI comes back at you a bit hard and you can lose a decent lead without any opportunity to score back!.Version: 0.9.2

Great game, great fun butOverall the game plays nice and is fun to play but the one issue is after you’ve completed a season you’ll have the choice to move teams but when you move team you then have to basically start from the beginning it’s not realistic and takes away from the game but again overall it’s fun and addicting.Version: 0.9.1

Amazing GameThank you so much for taking the time in your life to create such magical works of art. Gem of a game you are an amazing developer with a great heart. Thank you for so much immense joy. Great interface, great sound, addictive gameplay and amazing mechanics..Version: 0.9.11

It is a very good gameThis is one of the best games that has ever been made ps not just doing this review for the coins.Version: 0.9.9

Needs a updateThe game very amazing 👍👍🏻 but you guys need to add a custom teams set where you can edit teams and make your own like retro bowl ok hope you get it.Version: 0.9.11

Addictive like NSSGreat game, really fun. Couple of bugs as it’s early days, would be helpful if there was an option to rehire coaches like players once their contracts are up. Also once a player gets to 10 bookings he seems to be suspended every other game. Would be nice to simulate minor continental trophies like europa league and have a few extra English divisions. Also it seems to only play half a season??.Version: 0.9.2

Amazing but, a few thingsThis game is amazing and I find that the purchase I made was worth it. Of course, there is some flaws. One is that I wished the economics of the game would be different. I don’t like how when, when you switch to a new club, for example Arsenal, they aren’t as good as they were before you signed and everything. Overall this game is great, and I do know that this game just released but I do hope that over future updates, that we get more leagues and if not, have countries represented that don’t have leagues. I do notice that there are teams for example, Cruz Azul, that exist in the game but aren’t playable because the league isn’t in the game. I really like this game and I hope that in the future, it gets better and better..Version: 0.9.1

Amazing gameThis game is simple but very fun to play..Version: 0.9.8

Great game!Not even a soccer fan but decided to give it a shot after Retro Bowl. Love it!.Version: 0.9.9

Great gameLots of fun to play and super simple.Version: 0.9.2

Pay to playI love the game but I don’t wanna pay I just wanna play.Version: 0.9.11

GamesEverything very expensive but fun.Version: 0.9.9

Fantastic mobile football game!The controls take a bit of time to get used to and the tutorial missed out on one bit which I forgot but great little game! Worth the £1? No questions about it. You would pay more for a go at an arcade game that lasts 13 seconds..Version: 0.9.9

Awesome game can’t stop playingGrew up playing NSS this game is really good only £1 and you get 10 games free I’m on normal difficulty and haven’t lost a game winning every thing so far in my 5th season so I would like normal difficulty to be harder since i was a basic championship side and also would like to see more transfer players some at a point when you have a good team aren’t good enough and your stuck with a not so good player maybe add the refresh like there is on coaches.Version: 0.9.2

Easy to learn and very addictive!!Love the retro graphics as well!.Version: 0.9.6

Great so far !$1.49 not much to pay for the entertainment . Give it a few games if you are not sure it is fun and easy to play once you get it . Hoping new feature’s and upgrade keep coming !.Version: 0.9.11

Worth the upgradeFun game to spend a couple of minutes on. Worth the buck or two it costs to keep playing..Version: 0.9.9

RetroGoal shoot and SCORES!RetroGoal is the next sport iteration in the RETRO line of games and it is wonderful. Simplistic gameplay with easy to understand controls and fun franchise mode of play makes it a joy. Pick up and play mechanics make outings in the app quick and easy enabling the ability to play in different iterations and lengths of time. Like it’s predecessor “Retro Bowl”, I expect we’ll see many tweaks and updates to the core gameplay enabling even more depth to the fun while maintaining its simplistic franchise management model. As of now, I can easily endorse this product to all my friends and colleagues! It’s a fun day for soccer/football fans who just want a simple yet satisfying game to accent their passion for the sport..Version: 0.9.2

Very goodVery addictive but the swiping controls can be a bit annoying.Version: 0.9.2

Great start, looking forward to updatesAmazing start to this game, brings the fun and ease of play seen in Retro Bowl and I love how similar it is. Has a great variety of leagues and teams to play. Love the ability to play a half season as well to progress through the years quicker. Fear it sort of over complicates itself though at some points. Also I find it much harder to build a strong side compared to Bowl as in bowl the draft works to assist weaker teams, in this you struggle to earn money or sign players and playing on harder difficulties is somewhat depressing when you lose every game with a pathetic squad. The disparity between difficulties is also fairly high, on medium I am currently top of the Premier League in my third season with Derby with no stat higher than 3 stars, yet with almost the same squad on hard I could hardly manage a win in the championship. Looking forward to a data editor and a dynamic difficult or just fixed difficulty settings..Version: 0.9.1

Love it! New star killing it againRetro bowl was so much fun now retro goal is just as fun. Keep it up. Retro hoops next please?.Version: 0.9.6

GoodGood.Version: 0.9.9

Good gameplay, but not worth the monetizationI was excited to try out this game as i love retro bowl. It is truly one of the best sports games on mobile. However, when I downloaded the app i was very disappointed to see the attempt to monetize the app. Although the fee isn’t large it is still an obvious cash grab. Retro bowl is perfect with its Premium that you can pay for and it gives Free To Play players an option to enjoy the game without spending pocket money. I gave the review four stars because although the game was an obvious attempt to get cash to the devs, i truly enjoyed the game with the 10 free games i got to play. The gameplay was immersive and i enjoyed the game a lot! Don’t make the mistake of throwing away an opportunity for a great game with a big audience by monetizing the game with a paywall. The game has so much opportunity so it is truly a mistake to make players pay for the whole game..Version: 0.9.11

AmazingDidn’t really think of playing it but I saw it on retro bowl and I thought I would try it out. I don’t really like soccer but it’s still good.Version: 0.9.9

Very goodVery well made game, having heaps of fun.Version: 0.9.9

DYou should make more realistic rating of teams like Madrid when you move to them.Version: 0.9.2

Better than I thoughtI’ve had Retro Bowl since it came out. So I’ve seen the ups and downs with the game. This one has its flaws. First the player controlling is a bit janky but it still works. Plus there isn’t any team customization. Which I’m sure will come soon and once it does I’ll edit this. Now to the pros. The game has like a million teams. So there’s an infinite amount of teams and story lines you can play. The game has a really great 8-bit style. It also has pretty good mechanics plus an auto shoot if you really need it. I’ll edit this game once the next updates roll through.Version: 0.9.2

Great gameWas hard at first but once you get the hang of it, it’s really fun to play.Version: 0.9.6

Simple, enjoyable soccer gameI’m not overly a fan of soccer/football games but I really like this one. You don’t have to be really invested in stats but there’s enough to manage that doesn’t bog you down. The controls can be a bit tricky, but once you get used to them, they work well. You don’t play the whole game, just moments where you can score. It’s also cheap too so worth buying! Well done on a fun game..Version: 0.9.1

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