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New Star Soccer App User Positive Comments 2022

New Star Soccer app received 217 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about new star soccer?

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New Star Soccer for Positive User Reviews

This game is surprisingThis game is honestly quite good. It’s very fun. But I think the creators should make the game customisable eg: you could unlock different playing uniforms. Also maybe after you finish your playing days in the game you could become a manager.Version: 2.14.3

AwesomeNice.Version: 2.24

A lot of work for little rewardAmazing game!! Brilliant concept and enjoyable. However it loses a star on the constant need to tick every box, early on in your career you must win win win, which is the aim of the game, however you end up need to buy energy after every game (buy using digital money you earn). You get nothing for earning special achievements, and milestones which is a massive miss out in my opinion. I’ve had the game before and enjoyed it so much I invested some real money into my game, this makes you a much better player for only a short amount of time, then you go back to the general gameplay and your player isn’t good enough for the level you are at so (you guessed it) you have to pay more money. I hope they see this as a negative of the game and fix this small fix, especially as the game also has ads... please don’t be money grabbers, and just let the game be amazing in all aspects..Version: 2.17.0

A Modern ClassicI’m a big fan of new star games. I recently played the new star manager game and it was pretty good. Keep up the good work. Cheers.Version: 2.14.3

Absolute football classic, a MUST HAVE!Beautifully captures the essence of a perfectly crafted mobile app, with the most wonderfully mind-bending ability to keep you playing, just to buy your 15th vehicle? Absolutely wonderful!!! No reason to stop playing, won the English league move to Gibraltar! Advice: buy NRG drinks early, don’t disregard lifestyle as they give u hella sponsors, get team relationship to MaX EARLY, don’t worry about a girlfriend except if ur going for the achievement, buy BOOTS (they are hella cheap) and go for PACE AND POWER as I only really see a difference when they are increased. 🥳.Version: 2.16.4

Hard option far too difficultThe harder difficulty is far too hard my player could make 10 out of 10 passes in 1 match and the Boss and fans still decrease as well as this getting 1 assist and goal and the relationships with team, fans and boss go up slightly. Furthermore, I can’t make enough money to pay for energy drinks making this even harder to become captain please fix this preferably the drinks prices because that’s just ridiculous I could play 2 games and still not have enough money for a drink absolutely dreadful..Version: 2.17.0

Such a good gameNot just saying that for the money xx.Version: 2.14.3

SoccerBest game ever.Version: 2.21

Good gameVery nice game star level is 37 and I earn atleast 100 a match. But I think you should let the energy go down slower. For example, the free kicks training. Who gets that tired from kicking a ball once at goal? So you should make it so it doesn't go down quickly and you should also have a realistic money thing. Like for example if you were the top player in the world you would get 500k a match or something.Version: 2.11.2

So good!Could probably reward starting players more but extremely addictive.Version: 2.14.3

Energy drinks to priceyGreat game but the energy drinks get way to expensive and you need to make them cheaper and contracts bigger because I can never buy any Cool stuff because I don’t even have enough money for energy.Version: 2.15.5

Love this game! What’s with the weird music?This game is one of my favorite games ever! I’m 8 seasons in and have only played for Zacatecas and Leicester City. I’ve everything there is to win with Leicester and I’ve also won the World Cup. I have most of the achievements complete but even though I’ve won almost everything possible I just can’t put this game down. It’s so fun! I have one minor problem though, when I get on the game some weird music starts playing it sounds like some medieval theme park music. When I click it it takes me to the music app but it says nothing is playing. So is this some kinda glitch or some music from an ad that just keeps playing, it’s starting to get really annoying. Please fix this!.Version: 2.14.3

New star soccerThis is such a fun game.Version: 2.11.2

Good gameI one a game 7-4.Version: 2.11.2

Kinda NostalgicI remember playing this gem a few years back and remembered loving it, so I searched for it and re-downloaded it. Imagine my surprise when I find that they upgraded it. I’m not a huge fan of being able to pay real $$$ for a silly little game, and the increasing cost of energy drinks is going to be the death of me. I am a big fan of this game, and am looking forward to enjoying it even more..Version: 2.14.3

Best soccer game out thereGameplay is simple. There are endless possibilities in terms of leagues and nationalities. It’s free and honestly the ads aren’t bad. It isn’t pay to win and I honestly didn’t even know you could buy bux until my 5th play through (not that you ever will). Sometimes you lose a game because you don’t get enough chances, but that’s just part of being on a soccer team. Overall this is a 10/10 game.Version: 2.15.5

Good game, minor flawsFirst of all, the game is very good and addictive. I often have to avoid playing it in public because this game can easily frustrate me. However there are flaws with this game. Biggest one to me is the offsides mechanic. In soccer you are offsides if you touch the ball after the ball was passed by a teammate and you were closer to the goal than the defender closest to the goal at the time the ball was passed, except when the passer was closer to the goal. You are not offsides if you touch the ball beyond the offsides line if you were behind the line when the ball was passed. You are also not offsides if the ball touched an opponent (ie-goalie)before it touches you. Tl;DR- solid game besides some game mechanics that need tweaking, mostly just advice for the devs..Version: 2.14.2

Just one more game...This is one of those games that you find yourself spending hours on without realising. The controls are easy to get used to and the juggling of your player’s life is often fraught with difficult choices. Without spending money it can be a slow grind though which is why I won’t give it 5 stars but it is a very well earned 4..Version: 2.17.0

NSS reviewI have played the game for years and I love it and I feel I can give feed back to improve the game The game is really good starting if as a 16 year old player starting in the lowest league in whatever country you choose and you work your way up and can move from nation to nation and get picked for your national team and grow your skills and star level to the max. I have stated a new career yesterday and I am already 3 seasons in and it’s very addictive. I am captain of my team but do not receive sponsorship bonus I would like to get the sponsorship bonus as you can in the game which is a bug that I would like to be fixed. I also wish that you could start your career at the team you choose the age of shoes and shoes in your possession with that be defender striker midfielder goalkeeper and be able to go on fifa Player career. But this is a very good mobile game and I love it however I would like to my suggestions put into the game as I think it could improve it.Version: 2.17.0

Really funI’ve become addicted and have been playing nonstop.Version: 2.17.0

Make a American football oneI love this game so much but what would be good would be to make a American football one. Maybe you start out on your choice of college and work your way up into the ranks in football. Then you could enter a draft projected on your national ranking Positions would be only offensive positions though. But if you do bad In college you can go undrafted where you can play in the CFL, Arena football, and NFL Europe, but if u do get drafted you can play in the NFL and go for a Super Bowl run..Version: 2.14.3

FunGreat time killer.Version: 2.24

GoodGreat game.Version: 2.24

Almost perfectBrilliant game for all. If I had to criticise one thing it would be to update the leagues. The only reason Is because my team Tranmere Rovers are in League 1 now but the app still has us in the National league from the 17/18 season. I feel like the fact that my only slight complaint is the leagues shows how good the app truly is if I’m having to look at details like that. But other than that it’s one of the better football games out there. Highly recommend to all football fans👍.Version: 2.17.0

Top tier travel necessity (offline app)If you ever need to kill time, this app is super entertaining and do not need wifi. And if you love football this app will satisfy your needs! ⚽️❤️.Version: 2.24

Been playing almost daily for ten years!I’ve literally played this game every day for a nearly a decade! It’s brilliant. It went through a period where you had to start spending real-life money to play, at which point I just stopped, but gave it another go and the developers have addressed that. I would say it’s a touch too easy, but that aside, phenomenally enjoyable game, thank you so much, developers. I would gladly pay up to a tenner for this game to eliminate real-life in-play costs..Version: 2.17.0

New Star SoccerFun but addictive.Version: 2.21

ReviewThe game is sick! I love playing it!.Version: 2.11.2

AddictingSo addicting and easy to play. Great for on the go relaxing gaming!.Version: 2.24

Very goodI like this game but it's annoying that u have energy and can't just play the game.Version: 2.14.3

Fun gameI used to play this all the time online and got sad once flash was retired since it became unplayable on the computer. I found this ap and it is a lot like the online game with a few additions that makes this game really enjoyable. It is slightly harder than the computer version due to it takes where you tap vs seeing where you will tap with your mouse but it is still a lot of fun..Version: 2.21

AmazingThis game is absolutely Amazing because I’ve played it for 2 years now and you build your player up and it makes you feel as if you are that player you can have amazing houses and cars and also you would not get bored because you may start of at a bad club but you build him up and make him better also you can be a boy or a girl if you asked me I think there is nothing bad about the game and everything is perfect. When you make it to a big team for example Barcelona, Real Madrid Or Manchester City and Manchester United it is awesome you also get to negotiate how much money you want with your club which is pretty cool..Version: 2.11.2

NicholasThis game is a good way for you to learn how to save your money for in real life. It is fun as you live the life of a football player..Version: 2.11.2

Thank you!!!I’ve been playing this game for years now which is rare for me. I don’t normally play mobile games or games you need to pay to play so to speak. But this game is super addicting and lets you manage your players lifestyle and lots of other gems. Of course you need to drop some paper here and there for the perks...but not the fun. Thank you to my favorite game developers and everyone at NSS!!!.Version: 2.17.0

New star soccerThis game is one of the best I have played it it so much fun you get to experience everything a professional soccer played does.Version: 2.17.0

Awesome game but needs higher difficultyThis game is so good but I’ve won every single season I’ve played maybe try adding difficulties to the game to make it harder.Version: 2.17.0

Love this game but...This is easily the most used app on my phone for good reason! The game is very enjoyable and easy to use! I have played well over 20 seasons and still love it! However, please please please can we speed up the horse racing part of the game? I have acquired a lot of horses now as part of the game and it takes an age to race each horse in between matches! If there was a race all button that would be amazing, or your horses races in the background so you can get on with another area of your career that would be amazing! Amazing work, best game on the app store😁.Version: 2.14.3

NssI like the game real easy to play and get everything seems to work well and don’t have to pay to win!.Version: 2.16.4

Awesome GameI have been playing NSS for a couple of years now and its the only game that I constantly come back to. It is a great game with simple mechanics but is also very complex. That being said, the game can be difficult to progress in if you make bad choices. Here are a few of my tips. 1. Buy NRG drinks while they are cheap, they increase in price very quickly 2. In your first couple seasons, focus on maxing your skills, especially power. You can increase your relationships by performing well in the games 3. Don’t spend money on lifestyle items early, all they do is affect the newspaper articles and achievements 4. Don’t take bribes, they are extremely hard to recover from if they go wrong. 5. Don’t go to the casino with team, the boss always finds out 6. Buy the swerve boots, I average 3 goals a game with them and max skills 7. Stick with one team 8. Always try and get 1 assist a game to keep the team happy 9a. Hire an agent and trainer, increasing your contract is a huge part of the game. If you have a low contract with a high star rating, the NRG drinks will be impossible to buy. 9b. If you are willing to “cheat”, close out the app if you screw up the contract negotiations. If you reload it will give you a second chance. Keep doing this until you max out the contract. Those are a few tips, thanks for a great game!.Version: 2.14.2

NSS - My Favourite AppSo I've played this game for years now and I've never got bored of it. I have an average rating of 9.7 with 8 seasons played so I think I have some right to review it truthfully. Firstly, if you are a football fan you need this game. It is unbelievably addictive and fun. From winning the Champions League with Exeter City to being front page of the newspaper posing with pals with your new "jukebox". It is great. However the game has got its flaws. The biggest one is "Dilemma". You are forced to make a decision which pleases one and upsets the other. You get a little boost with the one you choose and a lot of respect most of the other. This needs to be balanced out or removed. By doing this can also ruin your reputation. If you're in a relationship and choose your boss or sponsors over your girlfriend she runs down the club which makes you lose a heck of a lot of relationship status with your boss, team mates and fans. From 8 seasons I've played in my career now I haven't been in a relationship once. Another thing is a bug/glitch I've noticed and become really agitated by. When crossing the ball say to the penalty spot from the wide angle the ball will show the dot where it's gonna land on the spot. But when it goes back to the portrait angle it's not which makes the ball fly in a different angle and the players miss it. Other than that it's a fantastic game. 9/10.Version: 2.11.2

Way better than it looksYou've probably already read reviews like this, but no matter how childish it looks, GIVE IT A TRY. The game goes into lots of detail. Other people can explain it better than I can, so I would highly recommend reading other reviews if you are on the fence. Hey, it free. There is literally no risk in trying it out. ps: thanks for the 10 currency ------------------------------------ Okay, so i have an idea for the game. I want more stats, specifically stats that show your performance against other teams. Ex: since you have arrived at Barcelona, your team has been 5-3-1 against Real Madrid. If the developers are reading this, this would make an already perfect game even better.Version: 2.11.2

Decent gameGameplay is pretty good. The rising prices of energy drinks, agent, and trainer seem a little unfair. Had one bug where my team was in a cup final but I didn’t get to play because it was also an international game but I wasn’t selected for the international team. The ads are obnoxious. I get they have to make their money some way but ads after every game or training session is just ridiculous for me..Version: 2.24

Best soccer game outHonestly, one of the best games out. Such a great game well thought through. Please make more additions and updates. Love this game.Version: 2.11.2

NSSI have played this game since i was 10, im 18 now and redownlowaded ut and it was the best decision i’ve ever made!!! really reminded me of my childhood!.Version: 2.21

Addictive really fun gameThis game is so good my freind I recently met on holiday told me about it and now I can’t stop playing it I recommend this game for everyone I’m not a big football fan but i love this game a football fan would die for it. There is one problem though you lose your energy to fast. And I love the fact you don’t get ads you rarely get them you Gan choose to watch them for there bux after a game so watch out for them if your running low on bux I haven’t wrote that much because I have to go somewhere and to play nss football stars.Version: 2.15.5

Minor FixGreat game guys, but one thing needs to be fixed, game schedule clashes. When on international duty playing for my country, I miss out on playing in very important club matches in the league AND the ECL! There have been two ECL finals that I missed playing in and LOST, all because I was playing an international match against Singapore or Vietnam! These international matches were not of importance! We need the ability to make ourselves “unavailable for selection” for national matches. A simple button we can select when there are ANY fixture clashes in the season?? Keep up the good work..Version: 2.24

GoodVery good but can get boring and annoying sometimes but great game nonetheless.Version: 2.14.3

Look into the multiple horse racing, for quicker game play but other than that, brilliant game!I’ve played the game for years. And it never gets boring, brilliant game, plenty of challenges and the ‘mini games’ in the casino are great. Going forward I would like to see a possible way of racing multiple stable racing at the same time to free up quicker game play, and make quick money, maybe a stable manager? Would love to see changes to that area, but everything else is on point 👍.Version: 2.17.0

Great gameNeed my 10 bucks this game is awesome.Version: 2.24

Good game👍🏻.Version: 2.21

My reviewReally fun and immersive game with a variety of different items and options to captivate the player.Version: 2.11.2

Nice game but one small issueThe game is really fun but when there’s dilema where you have to choose between your boss and the team it’s kind of a lose-lose situation. If you choose one option your stat barely goes up and the other option goes down 3x. I know it’s easy to gain relationships but it pisses me off when it happens.Version: 2.24

I love this game!!I’ve been playing this game since I was a youngin and have redownload it countless of times. It’s always fun to play and exciting. I would want it to have a few more features that can make it even more exciting and new, like a breathe of fresh air. It would be cool if you add defensive plays or more plays when you play a match just so it won’t be the same and more lifestyle mechanics, that would make this game even better. Also since there is a lot of world class teams, maybe you can add the names of world class players. just want something new you can do in the game which would make it even better maybe even a young rival that would help you keep a competitive edge..Version: 2.15.5

Good gameI think it could be better by showing the full name of teams not just abbreviations.Version: 2.15.5

Playing since ‘13.Wonderful game but can’t get used to the new look so I use the old one. This is an amazing game but I put it at 4 stars because of a glitch. Basically if you hit it off of a team mate and he doesn’t get the ball and it just bounces off of him and another teammate gets it, it will say -short pass but it still keeps on playing as if it was a good play. A bit annoying when your trying to get 100% everything. Also I haven’t been playing strait for 4 years more on and off. Quick side note: how do you get a better trainer/agent? It’s says 1star amateur but I can’t seem to change it pls tell me how.Version: 2.11.2

AmaZing gameGet this game its so fun and it doesn't need wifi!!!😎.Version: 2.11.2

Best gameThe game was a little confusing at first but it didn’t matter by the second game then it was so simple and had a feeling like bitlife so if you liked that game you would love this more I started tonight and couldn’t stop playing i love it so much 10/10.Version: 2.24

AddictiveA fun game that makes you want to keep playing season after season..Version: 2.15.5

EpicEpic.Version: 2.24

Loved this game for so long!I got this game on my iPad when I was about five. I loved it and did some amazing things if I say so myself. I then stopped playing my iPad and deleted the game when I passed the iPad down to my brother. I now am 12 and got this game on my phone and I STILL am addicted to it. You really don’t hear about the game from many people, but when I found it, I loved it instantly!.Version: 2.11.2

Love this gameI’ve always loved this game I’ve been playing it for year. So nostalgic.Version: 2.21

EnjoyableReal dope game pretty fun.Version: 2.17.0

AmazingI really like this game, I don't think there is somehow to make it better, maybe there is one thing that it can make better, like a update I would love to have is like customize ur character like hair, face, height , weight, but it's okay if it doesn't happens, I love Soccer and I love NSS too. Hopefully whoever created this game can see this review and reply to it but if u can't that's, hopefully this game becomes succes.Version: 2.14.3

SO ADDICTIVEA very addictive game and it's very fun I would definitely recommend it to others, it's a game that I would use 24/7 it's very addictive.Version: 2.17.0

NiceGood game I just did this for the coins.Version: 2.17.0

So goodVery hood.Version: 2.24

Great, very small issuesThis game has been a favorite of mine for a very long time. From my young childhood of playing this game on desktop websites, I am ecstatic to find that there is a mobile version. I love the concept and simple design, but I have one issue. That issue is the extreme inflation of 'NRG' drinks. At the first star level, the drinks are 2$ but by the tenth level are a staggering 29$. As you play the game, your wages increase and you can sometimes win money in the casino, but having to spend almost two matches' worth of salary on a drink is ridiculous. STILL LOVE THE GAME Brad Rosenston.Version: 2.11.2

NSSThis is a great that I have really enjoyed playing. I love the way you can play all the minor leagues. I think at the start if more than one club wants your contract you should be able to select your club..Version: 2.14.3

GoodIs good and am enjoying playing it.Version: 2.14.3

Good gameNow where’s my 10 bux.Version: 2.21

New Star SoccerEntertaining game with an interesting concept and gameplay. Requires patience so you are able to keep yourself engaged for hours on end..Version: 2.15.5

Still goodPlayed when I was young and recently downloaded again. Its still fun game to kill short period of time..Version: 2.24

WONDERFUL GAMEI love playing this game. So fun to have to work my way up the ranks. The games are exciting, I get happy I get sad throughout my career. Feels like I'm really playing in real life!! All I'd want to change is have the money be realistic. Like instead of getting payed 27 coins per game, get paid $400,000 per game. And I would not make the costs of everything go up so much as I go on. But I love the game. I show it to my friends who don't really even follow soccer and they love it..Version: 2.11.2

NSS ReviewI love new star soccer because it’s not just about you but your rooting for the team because you are most of the time spectating the team and when your involved in a goal it makes the experience a whole bunch better also I like the idea of having a game where there is a life outside of football and not just playing football. You can buy property, vehicles and cool gadgets. I really enjoy my time on the game and would recommend playing this game👍.Version: 2.24

AwesomeAwesome game i love it.Version: 2.21

A very good gameThe game is fun but you start of at the age of 16 so you can't play in the big leagues so can you make the person older than 16..Version: 2.11.2

So addictive !!Love this game really enjoyable to play Would highly recommend to download and start playing Only downside so far I’m struggling to get bux.Version: 2.14.3

SuggestionsThis game is fantastic but when you made the manager game it should of been like this one but you watch the highlights/chances instead of playing it and you choose your tactics like going more defensive or more attacking for that game and that you don’t pick your team for games, you just play your best team so it’s much more simpler. In the transfer market it should of been like where you choose higher or lower to get a better a squad rating like you do as a player to negotiate a contract. A manager game like this would be brilliant to keep in the tradition of a simulation game.Version: 2.17.0

AwesomeVery cool and easy to use.Version: 2.14.3

Louhfgnkdswe256899Good game.Version: 2.21

SolidStill pretty basic, fun but hasn’t progressed at all since conception. The swerve boots are where it’s at yet there’s only one pair and they cost 500?.Version: 2.14.3

Addictive Game.I absolutely love this game. Been playing it for a couple of years now, not bad at the game myself. The shear ammount of depth this game goes into is insane. A shame the PC version was never updated, however the iPhone version puts this game into the group of games that will last a very long time in popularity. I almost gave this game a solid 5 stars, reason being that your team can constantly concede goals without you having a say in it. If they added defensive situations in the match (eg. And introduced new skilles like "tackling" or something) the player would feel even more involved in the match, more to do as well. Also, just get rid of the adds for free for all of our sakes, haha. Great game indeed..Version: 2.11.2

GoldAll my friends who have ever watched a single soccer game have this game installed. This game is gold when it comes to continuous playability. One big gripe I have is the rating system. The base match rating should be 6 or at least 5 like real life. It makes no sense how I can score 2 goals and still get a 5.5. Also having a girlfriend doesn’t go anywhere so it is pointless and a waste of time. I mostly use her for improving relationships in dilemmas. Otherwise absolute banger of a game..Version: 2.17.0

New star soccerAn old goodie.Version: 2.17.0

Great gameLove it.Version: 2.24

AmeiAdorei.Version: 2.21

Transfer valueLook, I know it’s irrespective in the grand scheme of things but - transfer value. I’m a great player. The rate I’m banging goals I’d be the best player this virtual world had ever seen. No doubt. So after several seasons to see my transfer value at just over £13m it’s demoralising. Yes, it’s a game. Yes, comparably within the game I’m probably expensive. But guys and gals, we know how much the best go for... i know it’s not a big deal but it’s also not a big fix? Please stroke my ego and increase the transfer value? Please. I wanna show that Neymar who the real MVP is ya know?.Version: 2.11.2

Amazing gameHonestly such a great game been here since the start hope to see even more crazier developments on this game!!!.Version: 2.15.5

Great gameAmazing stuff.Version: 2.17.0

Best non wifi gameThis game is the best non wifi game and doesn’t take any of your battery.Version: 2.15.5

GoodI enjoy this game.Version: 2.21

Good gameI recommend getting this game it is really fun to be a youngster and progress up u also get to know life things in this game!.Version: 2.17.0

New Girl Here!I've just downloaded the game and I love it already, but I wish we had the option to customize our characters other than a specified gender (I.e. Maybe an actual avatar). P.S. The classic version is a little less confusing if you are new as well. P.S.S. My only issue would have to be money management on both ends..Version: 2.11.2

Gr8Game.Version: 2.24

Amazing but some bugsI have been playing this game for years and has been one of my favourite games ever but at one point I was captain for arsenal we were winning the prem and champions league I was on almost max relationship status but then after a game which we won I was removed from captain and dropped from England team then my relationship status went down to 20s out of nowhere please fix relationship status on this game and fix energy system on nsm.Version: 2.17.0

YmhhTwa.Version: 2.24

GoodGood.Version: 2.21

GreatI just don’t understand why the prices for drinks keep going up. I barely ever have enough stars.Version: 2.24

GreatGreat.Version: 2.21

Good gameSo many ads though.Version: 2.24

Great gameTop notch career mode game.Version: 2.24

Incredibly detailedI found this game online a few years ago and was overjoyed when I discovered it on the App Store. Not only is it the only game of it's nature that I have ever played, but it is so meticulous in it's detail. The game contains leagues and teams from any and all countries that you can choose to play for as you experience the life of an up and coming player. It has relationships with teammates, fans, and sponsors that fluctuate based on performance. Matches use energy, as does training. You can't play if you don't have energy. World Cup qualifying, luxury homes for purchase, witty descriptions, this game has it all. Definitely a must play for anyone remotely interested in the sport..Version: 2.11.2

No more adsThis is a great game but there is too many ads between every game..Version: 2.14.2

Racist TermIt is a great game overall. It can get quite boring because it is all the same things again and again. So in Italian Serie A league, the team referred as "Reggina" was my opponent. You know how the short names of the teams are displayed on the top. Reggina's name was displayed as "REGGIN" which is a very bad slang for the racial slur that is used against African American people. I hope this is not intentional and I really do hope that this gets fixed ASAP..Version: 2.17.0

Nice gamePretty fun.Version: 2.24

Great gameI love this game and have been addicted to it and have loved it ever since I found the PC version of it. But I noticed with the new update there’s music that always plays and even if you turn off the sound in settings it’ll still play and I’d like an option to turn it off or at least turn it down. I love this game and hope you keep updating it, thank you for your time.Version: 2.14

I like the game, but there is this glitch..I really like this game. It gives you the opportunity to play quick and fun soccer. However, there is this glitch that is really annoying. My player is in the 4th year of his career and plays for Arsenal. It’s January and things are going well. Suddenly, when I go to my relationships, every relationship i had with the boss, fans, and the team randomly dropped off. I’m not sure why it happened to me, because at that time I was having a good year. All off the relationships just dropped into the 10s and it really messed everything up. The game didn’t even say anything about it. Thanks again..Version: 2.14.3

NSG PLEASE READI would really like them to allow you to be a goalkeeper as well as a league or nation creator that could mean fans add the likes of the ismathian league, premier league 2, or even the likes of Gibraltar 2. They should also remove the glitch where when you promote a team to however far up and then transfer to a new team, that team gets reset back down the leagues. NSG could also expand on the customisation aspect of the game, potentially allowing users to create their own teams and player as they did to an extent in the beta. This is the best football game on iOS but as a 6-year user of NSS they’re are many areas of improvement beyond a new look..Version: 2.14.3

Best soccer gameThis game is great i love it.Version: 2.14.3

Good Game but gets annoyingIt’s a good game but it just gets annoying in around your tenth year. Currently I’m in Y13 with Man U after scoring 830+ career goal and assists 400+ times. 1 time ballon d’or winner. Anyways let me stop showing off. It’s been a great game and if you have Lots of power (45-max) play on the old version it is OP. Now let me get to the point. The Trainers and agents get really expensive, Teammates barely pass the ball to you even when you’re captain. I am aiming to score a goal every match. But it’s nearly impossible when all you get is only passing opportunities. Please Fix this as this screws me up.Version: 2.17.0

Scintillating GameplayWhile Katsina United could be as humble a beginnings as a footballer could have, my player worked his way to a Champions League victory with Manchester United. The gameplay is always a fun challenge as you progress from small clubs to superclubs. Many complain of the cost of energy, but those who make it to the big league find the drinks a mere fraction of the substantial wage. A beautiful creation that is replayable each and every time. Only a World Cup continues to elude me!.Version: 2.21

New star soccerIt's very creative of you guys all though the amount we get paid after the matches are very disappointing.Version: 2.11.2

Please update it!I’ve loved this game for over 6 years and would love for new content to be added to it! There’s a whole generation of young players out there who have never played this game before and that makes me extremely sad! Spend time improving this game even more, add more decisions, more things to buy, idc something!.Version: 2.24

NSSGames fun.Version: 2.24

AwesomeReally fun and addictive game.Version: 2.15.5

Free starbucksI need the money ngl.Version: 2.17.0

Good gameI’m really enjoying new star soccer I can’t stop playing the game I also have new star cricket installed on my tablet and same story there however if I had to nitpick I do find some of the places the the ball is put to leave the player at a disadvantage example you have to pass the ball to your teammate but their behind a wall of the other teams players and the only gap in their defensive wall is right in the corner and you end up hitting the ball in the wrong place 9 out of 10 times someone from the other team will end up getting the ball or it will go off the pitch So if you are able to do some tweaking with that it would be greatly appreciated I love all your games if you could please read this next part i have an idea for your next game perhaps a basketball game if you could take that into consideration i would appreciate it keep up the good work.Version: 2.17.0

Amazing Game, But would like to see more games like this e.g. New Star Basketball ?The New Star games are great, they really capture the essence of what it's like to be a Footballer as well as Cricket Player, these games have clearly been very well made and the producers clearly now what they are doing. This is where my idea comes into play. I would like to see more games from the New Star Franchise e.g. New Star Basketball or New Star Baseball or even New Star Rugby. These games could follow the same premise as previous games you're a young upstart who finally makes a break into the business, you earn money from games, go shopping, get a girlfriend etc. I understand that to produce these games takes time and a lot of hard work and if such games were to even be taken into consideration I would greatly appreciate that..Version: 2.14.2

New star soccerThis game is cool.Version: 2.11.2

What a great gameI really like this game it is really enjoyable but you should make more chances for shooting.Version: 2.14.3

Great GameHonestly A great game , and has been one for ages. However only downside. Is the rate of earning money is not nearly as fast enough as the expenses of a football player. In particular the Energy required to play and the cost of Energy drinks..Version: 2.24

Great gameWell thought out game. Hours of enjoyment. Well done. Thanks..Version: 2.11.2

Very Original Game love it!!!Best original game.Version: 2.24

My opinionThe game is super fun when board and can get really addicting!! I love trying to complete the game fully and its perfect for those type of people.Version: 2.14.3

Great Game... One BIG ProblemI really enjoy this game, it's incredibly fun and addicting. There is one problem, you lose skills if you don't practice enough, but if you practice just ONCE it takes away about 50-60% of your energy, which makes it hard to play because you will be a substitute or maybe not even Play. Please fix this, make the person have 1000% energy and lose 50-60% for skills or something, thank you!.Version: 2.11.2

Great game, needs some adjustmentsLots of the teams are not in positions they used to be when this game was last updated and the prices are constantly skyrocketing to the point where it’s almost impossible to by energy, you’re constantly pushed to spend money when you’ve got none of it. The football aspect in terms of play is great and could not be better but there needs to be lots of updating to league systems. There needs to be a League Cup added in Scotland and the Highland and Lowland League should be added. When the Premiership splits in half it’s adds loads of fixtures you haven’t played and hides half of the ones you did. There should also be options to make your own league and customise kits for every team in it and customise kits for teams in the normal league. There also needs to be a conference league added, get rid of away goals and optional friendlies for pre season and international football. Also maybe add youth teams and whatnot so can play for them then make your way into the first team at a higher level..Version: 2.21

Great gameGreat game for any football loving fan..Version: 2.14.3

Great gameGreat game, shows the challenges of real football..Version: 2.17.0

AwesomeIt’s a great game been playing it for 6 years now can’t get enough.Version: 2.21

WHY IS THERE NO IPHONE X VERSION!?!?This game is great however, there is no iPhone X version so I’m stuck with black bars, please fix ASAP. I’ve been playing this game over and over again since it first came out and thought a review was needed..Version: 2.15.5

Phenomenal GameI had a major surgery back in 2012 which had me bedridden for about a week. During that time, I played NSS for several hours every day, and it was absolutely amazing back then. I hadn’t played it for several years, almost forgetting about it, but I came across it again very recently and I am obsessed all over again. An absolute gem of a soccer game, I almost can’t stop playing it. A perfect mixture of mini-game, rpg, and strategy. I can’t recommend a better time killer than this game, you literally won’t be able to put it down. Get this game!.Version: 2.15.5

FunIt's a great game but the energy goes down too quickly and not enough bux are available.Version: 2.11.2

HBbbh.Version: 2.24

Fun game.Cool and fun. I wish it was easier to earn coins in game.Version: 2.11.2

Great game but.....I love this game it is great, entertaining and fun but, the nrg could cost a little bit less or you could get more bucks from something but overall, its a great game.Version: 2.11.2

Great GameIncredible game very fun.Version: 2.11.2

Absolutely a hidden gemI have spent 4-5 years with this game. From late middle school, a hiatus, to now just after graduating highschool. Although I personally still prefer the old graphics and play with them, the new ones are great too and allow for replays. Seriously consider picking up this game. It’s not pay-to-win (though it does support developers), and there is a lot of hidden depth (ie: shoes that allow curving, owning horses, sponsorships and team captain, and much more). My first Character is on year 13, with a 9.9 rating. My only recommendation is to be bold and brave with your shots. I learned a lot more by attempting each shot rather than going for assists. Thank you devs for years of support!.Version: 2.15.5

It’s a good gameWhat else can I say.Version: 2.21

YeetEnergy is aids, otherwise, good game..Version: 2.17.0

Great gameI’ve been playing for a long while now, it gets abit repetitive but somehow now boring..Version: 2.17.0

Great game!So fun to play!.Version: 2.24

Nother oneThanks for the opportunity to earn coins given that energy is quite expensive..Version: 2.11.2

Lit gameI could spend hours playing this game. It is in my favourite apps folder.Version: 2.14.3

GreatGreat game. Lots of options to play and nice relaxing football game. 10/10!.Version: 2.24

Addictive!Kinda like football manager but a bit more advanced in a sense that you can play matches and alter your footballers boots/lifestyle/trainer etc Great for football fans. Gave up on the game a while ago because it crashed after i had played for a long time and i lost my career mode :( was devastated. Back at it and no crashes yet. Fingers crossed. Adverts are a little annoying and the fact that if u want to progress quick you’l probably have to but stuff from the store. Other than that, good game. Thumbs up..Version: 2.14.2

NSSNSS is a great game it not only focuses on football it also focuses on social life like getting a girlfriend having a good relationship with your Boss, Team and Fans..Version: 2.11.2

Very funNeed more ways to make money for f2p.Version: 2.24

Great game but fix thisI think that the players move too slow also can you make it so the energy lasts longer and last but not least please make it so your can makeup your own team Design and name. Thanks all out great game love to play it.😜 Ps. I’ve gotta Brocken hand so please make my dream come true.🥺 Yours sincerely, Max.Version: 2.15.5

Great game! A little grindy but gameplay makes up for it.Great.Version: 2.24

WowThis is one of the most “end game” type games in the store. So much playability and no pay wall.Version: 2.17.0

Great gameAbsolutely love how simple the game is.Version: 2.24

Hella funThis game is so fun I played it years and years ago and now have come back to it cause it’s really good.Version: 2.21

Pretty neatThis is one of the first games in this style that I’ve seen that is actually good. I’m talking amazing, as soon as you understand game mechanics it just becomes a breeze. I have mainly one concern: energy drinks. What the heck were y’all thinking when you wanted to raise the price with each star rating. At one point it gets so expensive that I have to use my games paycheck to buy one regular drink. That paired with the fact that you manager doesn’t let you negotiate for a better paycheck for about 3 star ratings to fit your expenses is also a bit sus. With these minor tweaks, this game will go to a whole nother level. Good job..Version: 2.17.0

ReviewFun game. Great for kids.Version: 2.24

Great gameI really enjoy I recommend to anyone that enjoyes football.Version: 2.11.2

NSSI love the game it kinda gives you a sense of being a pro just the sense of moving up in the ranks and deciding your future.Version: 2.15.5

Needs to be easier to earn coinsI’ve just started playing NSS but I’m find extremely hard to get coins and I don’t wanna spend any money on games, and also I only get like 2 coins per game even if I score a few goals and get some assists or something and also don’t send me back a letter that I need to get an agent because I can’t afford it since I ONLY GET ONE COIN PER GAME. So please make it easier to get coins ASAP because it is ridiculous and u might as well delete it coz it’s wasting storage on my phone so please do something before it’s too late. TIMES TICKING!!!.Version: 2.14.3

ReviewReally fun game but it's a bit hard to earn coins!.Version: 2.11.2

Amazing game, and a suggestionThe game is great, and I have a suggestion for a game I’m surprised you didn’t make. You should make a game called New Star Basketball. It should have the same 3D graphics, you flick the ball to pass and shoot on offense, and steal and block on defense, and you can flick your character to move forward on fastbreaks, and if you make it close enough to the basket, the camera would zoom in to your character’s perspective and flick to layup or dunk, and you could be able to do alley-oops where the camera also would zoom in to the player’s perspective and you can pass the ball to a player trying to dunk or touch the ball when it comes to you and then flick at the basket to dunk it. I hope you can turn this suggestion to reality! That would be awesome!.Version: 2.24

The Greastest Game EverI definitely recommend this to anybody and I love this game. It doesn’t need any improvements.Version: 2.17.0

Very goodI really enjoy this game it is actually amazing.Version: 2.15.5

I love itI love it. It's so much fun. But maybe you could design your own wardrobe? Just a thought. All together I absolutely love it..Version: 2.11.2

Absolutely BriliantI've played this game for ages now and I've never got bored. It isn't like other apps wear they keep you penniless and basically force you to buy micro transactions, so don't worry to be fairly rich on the game you don't have to take out your wallet you just have to be smart and know what to invest in and stuff. There is only one problem, as you progress through the game the NRG drinks get more and more pricey and by the time your only in your second or third season and don't have that good a wage it's cheaper to buy a games console a pool table etc. It's a little hard to believe that an energy drink is nearly the same price as a house and I know you need them to play matches so they are important and can't be cheap but just slow down the rate in which they go up in. Other than that there are hardly any faults. Not to many adds and it offers a lot of free money if you watch adds and do stuff. ( to be honest the only reason why I'm writing this is to get 10 star bucks) Great game would recommend to anyone who follows and enjoys football..Version: 2.11.2

Soccer starThe game will s set up good but how they do the game is bad.Version: 2.24

GREATAlright. I have been playing this game for years, and these are some tips: 1-Buy NRG drinks when they cost only 2SB’s. My current game is level 60, and they cost about 160SB’s. I end up having to substitute a lot of games to keep my lifestyle rate up. 2-Training is not very important. If you just pay the money for the Swerve Mk1’s, you can do all the stuff you need to do. 3-Investing in an agent is important. He will tell you when to renew your contract, which is an important part of the game. 5-Try to stick to one team. Transfers may get you a little better contract, but it takes so long to get your relationships back up. High team relationship is a key to success. 6-Pass. The more you pass, the more you get the ball. The more you get the ball, the more assists and goals you get. The more assists and goals you get, the more Star Bux you earn. THATS MY PIECE, ENJOY THE GAME.Version: 2.11.2

Great gameAwesome game well made and very enjoyable but it would be better if when people disliked you the meter didn't go down so far and if things were cheaper but otherwise I would recommend it to anyone.Version: 2.11.2

Very nice gameI really enjoy the whole layout of this gorgeous game well put together..Version: 2.17.0

GoodI just want my free money.Version: 2.15.5

As fun as can beAs I was younger I remember playing the game it was great and hard at the same time because you are trying to balance everything out with the team your energy and so on but other than that its been updated you can choose there old theme or new and the things you can do are endless.Version: 2.14.3

This game is fantastic!I absolutely love this game. I’ve became captain of the English national team, won the World Cup, the Euros and became an absolute legend. I’m in love with how you can build your career from the lower division clubs to the world’s top teams. Your actions decide how your career goes and that’s what makes this game great. You build your own path and the game doesn’t interfere whatsoever. I personally think this is one of the best football games for mobile players who like the retro, story-like games. Isaac.Version: 2.24

One ProblemI love this game an would definitely recommend it, but I have 1 annoying problem and that’s that whenever it end of season and you get to change team, I accidentally press accept instead of reject. Can you guys put in something to prevent this like a screen after that says “are you sure” because if you do I would definitely put 5 stars. Thanks , and to anyone reading this, I would definitely recommend getting this game if you love things about football and being fast paced.Version: 2.14.3

Very coolVery cool.Version: 2.24

Good fun time wasterFun.Version: 2.15.5

Game bugI don’t know why this happens or if it happens to other people, but sometimes the game says that I’ve played some matches That I didn’t play. For example a few minutes ago, I played like 5 matches and won all of them by more than 3 goals or so, but when I checked the fixtures list it said that in the last 5 matches I had played I lost one match 3-2. This happens to me all the time but I never leave games or close the app in the middle of the game. How am I supposed to get the achievement of going unbeaten in a season?? Please fix this.Version: 2.17.0

Great GameI’ve never spent a penny on the game and have played for 11 seasons have a star rating of 103. The only thing that may be worth buying is to remove ads however I just play on aeroplane mode and it does it for free. It’s not a pay to play nor pay to win. It’s a great game however I’m not sure where to take it from here as I have won everything multiple times and have all achievements accept from 2 which are now impossible for me to get as I have transferred club..Version: 2.11.2

GgGg.Version: 2.24

Very GoodThis simulation game is very good but it gets harder as you progress the better you are the more challenging your opponent gets the best thing I love is that it also has a lifestyle you can choose décision get babes and wives which is eliciting you can get all the luxurious items this game is well balanced and fun I hope you enjoy to.Version: 2.21

Great gameOverall a great game just one thing that really needs fixing - maintaining your relationship with your sponsors is far too difficult, you have to get a 10.0 match rating or else it will drop by at least 3 (even when I got a 9.8) even then when you get a 10.0 it only goes up by about 2 which makes it super tricky to keep sponsors happy. Also sometimes restoring or repairing your items makes the sponsor relationship go down too which doesn’t really make any sense. Please please fix this because it’s the only thing stopping this game from being perfect!.Version: 2.17.0

Good StartThis game has a lot more potential. As many have said already, I would get rid of the 'Dilemma!' bit. Or seriously decrease its use and make it more important i.e once every other season a real Dilemma presents itself and you have to choose your manager or your girlfriend or your team or your sponsor and all hell breaks loose one way or another, do you have to find a new partner, sponsor or club etc. I also would love it if they created a version where you could choose which season you started in. I'm 29 years old now (2017) and I would love to start playing in 2003 when I would have been sixteen, the seasons would already be predetermined I.e man u won it this year, Arsenal the next, but it would be cool/complete fantasy to be able to see how you could affect the history as you improved as a player. Could you be the player to bring Arsenal a league trophy in the ten year drout? Can you drag Liverpool over the finishing line in 2009? It would also be enjoyable if teams had player names. Great potential, could be improved on vastly but the nebulous of a great game..Version: 2.11.2

Fantastic, but one suggestionOk so, this is the best football game ever, but may I suggest something? The way that the names of teams are abbreviated makes it confusing and you can’t tell what team you’re facing. In the ENG NATL S (abbreviation for England Southern National League) take Whitehawk (W’HAWK) for example. Unless the name is not abbreviated, then it is confusing and you won’t know what team you’re playing! Anyway, I hope this abbreviation thing gets fixed. 5 star game, great game.Version: 2.21

Too goodCan’t believe this is still around 🤩.Version: 2.17.0

First timeCool quick gaming that isn’t hard to work out..Version: 2.16.4

Great gameSuper fun and easy to play.Version: 2.24

Fun, quirky, a little unrealisticMan, I have been playing this game for years, and I still can't put it down. The arcade style is addicting, and the overall sense of achievement by winning leagues is awesome. You are placed in the center of the action with your play dictating (usually) how games play out. Occasionally you have the best game ever and you still lose, but that happens in real soccer. And occasionally you score 12 goals in a match against a vastly superior opponent winning 15-2 (my experience was as Forrest against Chelsea in FA Cup Final) My only complaint is the best gear is only able to be purchased with real money. Not fair especially since there is no multiplayer function meaning there is no one to get better than but yourself. Also, I would like to see more North American tournaments such as North American Gold Cup (and its respective international qualifiers i.e. Caribbean Cup) and the US Open Cup..Version: 2.11.2

Custom Tournaments?!I absolutely love this game and I play it whenever I have spare time! I don’t know if you still update this game or if you read any of the reviews! But I think an idea to the game could be a custom tournament and team creator. You could probably even make it paid and people would buy it! You could have 4 tournament options, Knockout, Group and Knockout, League and a League System. The League System could be like making your own country football system. You could make 4 Leagues each with 20 teams, a simple relegation and promotion system. Then you would need to add the teams that are competing (or make new ones to fill it) and then choose whether to play it on its own or add it to a new career. You could add new tournaments to the regular season like you could make your own nations league or make a European super league. The options are endless! I mean even the create a team bit would be easy, just pick a name, Abbreviation, a logo from the templates and their kits. Done! I know this was long but maybe you could take this into consideration!!.Version: 2.17.0

Hall of fame and record book statsHey love the game would like to see a record book in the game so we could have something to surpass and achieve like assists in a game/season. Would also like to see an award ceremony for the season awards and a hall of fame ceremony for the player who is the best all time/ has most of the records in the book so it seems like a good concept to me please do this.Version: 2.11.2

5 StarsGreat game, although uniforms could be updated otherwise amazing.Version: 2.15.5

Real game playInstead of mostly a simulation game, you should make it that you can actually play the game, instead of only like 4 passes or shots each game. It would make it more enjoyable and make it feel real..Version: 2.14.3

What a wonderful worldThis game is focused on making you feel the emotions that soccer players do, it shows you how it feels to become one. It shows you how hard it is to balance everything in one. The gameplay is fun and it always gives you a fair chance at winning a game. It suggests that the fate of the game is in your hands, and that in itself is amazing. I does have it's fair share of small problems that can end up ruining the fairness of the game, but it won't effect the gameplay of you decide not to take the route..Version: 2.11.2

👍🏼Tums up 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼.Version: 2.24

All time greatReally can't add anymore about this game, which hasn't already been written. My trick to progress is save for an agent as soon as possible. This way you just make more money from every game you play. One thing I notice is when you are captain, you can't control the run of your team mates when you make a header. The other thing I'd love to make a return is the 'Interception' sub game. This could be added to mark out your defensive capabilities as a player. This game needs to be added to the Hall of Great Games..Version: 2.11.2

ABSOLUTELY GREATEST GAME OF ALL TIMEWhoever created this game clearly was on brain steroids. This is easily my favorite game by far, because it is surprisingly simple, yet intricate in that you have to maintain all these things, such as relationships, your lifestyle, and your actual skills. Plus it’s ridiculously immersive because the game actually does depend on how well you do in games, its actually better than FIFA in that regard which is kinda hilarious. If you score 50 goals and get 80 assists in a season, then chances are you should be able to play on Borrusia. LOL! Plus you can negotiate contracts and stuff which is incredible. Once you get into the second or third season that's when the game truly unfolds into this perfect game. PLEASE MAKE A SEQUEL, JUST LIKE THIS ONE WITH ONLY ADS RIGHT AT END OF GAME, BECAUSE THAT IS BEARABLE. DONT BECOME GREEDY. 13/10, best game.Version: 2.11.2

It’s a good gameGreat for time wasting.Version: 2.24

Been playing this game for years!I love this game. I’ve played for a real long time.Version: 2.21

I have to write this to get 10 coinsI have to write this to get 10 coins.Version: 2.21

Best simulation ever.I love the heck out of this game. It’s literally been my favorite game since I found it on this old website on my 2004 pc windows back when I was a we little lad. And when I got my first smart phone device I was excited when I found out it was a mobile game now. This game is just amazing and I can continue to play it. When I get bored I know I’ll always come back to it because of the authenticity it comes with it. Become a club legend is my goal with those 500 appearances it’s so satisfying when you earn that achievement Although I wish you could tally up the wins your horses get from your personal stable? Pretty cool insight. But over all great soccer game ever created for mobile devices.Version: 2.14.3

NssNays oyun.Version: 2.24

Crash, Money, and RelationshipsWell first off I love this game its extremely entertaining and addicting. My biggest problem with this game is that it crashes after every game I play. I miss constant opportunities to increase relationships or with sponsors (please fix that!!!). Also its pretty difficult to gain money in this game i think they should make it at bit easier. Lastly it is extremely difficult to increase relationships!!!! Even If I play the mini games I can barely notice a different in the bar. Again Overall this game is awesome, for all these fixes I wouldn’t mind paying for this game at all..Version: 2.11.2

Excellent gameBrilliant concept for a sports game. So simple to pick up and very addictive..Version: 2.15.5

My wife hates this game.My wife hates this game. New Star Soccer is addictive as anything else known to man. It’s like crack and squashies had a kid. I basically never speak to her anymore. She is all like, “Stop playing that game,” and I’m like, “Yeah, yeah, yeah. One more game.” I only go to bed now when my battery dies. Which is all the time. Seriously though, my battery dies about five times a day from playing this game. When I play New Star Soccer with my phone plugged in days go past. And I don’t even notice. Actual days. Eating. Gone. Sleeping. Gone. Showering. Gone. My boss hates New Star Soccer..Version: 2.11.2

Really good game but not perfectIt's a very good game, but it does have its fair share of flaws. For example, it can be incredibly hard to sustain a good energy level due to the fact that energy drinks cost way too much and you're always training and playing. I believe that if there was an easier way to restore energy this game would be much more enjoyable. Nonetheless it is still a good game and I enjoy it..Version: 2.14.3

Awesome game.So much fun..Version: 2.21

BrilliantBeen a fan of Simon's games for a while. Since NSS3 and also NSGP. But moving this game to the iPhone has been brilliant. In depth and fun gameplay. And now I even have my brother addicted!.Version: 2.24

Very good gameWent from the bottom of English football to the top with back to back promotions. Buy energy in bulk when it’s cheap. If your team has a good lead after 50 mins or so put your effort down to one heart. Save as much energy as possible. Top up your skills early too as it costs energy. Watch the adverts for agent bonuses early and reap the rewards. Don’t bother with lifestyle options for the first few years. It doesn’t affect your game too much. Once you have a little in your bank spend to increase chances of sponsorship. Don’t bother with a girlfriend at all. She only eats into your relationship with your boss or team mates. Buy property first as it offers bonus recovery time and therefore les spent on energy cans. I have been running with a surplus of 16 cans in storage for 3 seasons. Only have to buy a can every 7 matches or so. Get an agent later in life. He will alert you to new contracts from the club. Always favour your team mates in choices. Brilliant little game..Version: 2.11.2

AmazingI love this game. For what it is, it’s an amazing game and uncontainably addictive, not even sure if that was a word😂. I have so much fun with it and it’s just a game where even if you get a high level you still wanna keep going because there is more to it. What’s weird is that I play American football and I have never played soccer in my life but this game just always makes me have fun. What I recommend to the developers if for you guys to make this same type of style of game out of American football or basketball or baseball it would be really cool. Anyways I love this game and keep up the good work..Version: 2.14.3

Great GameThis is a great game and I love playing.Version: 2.14.3

Fun GameBetter than previous versions.Version: 2.17.0

New star gamesAmazing game! I reckon you should make a new star basketball game too ! That would be amazing if you did that 🙌🏽.Version: 2.11.2

Great gameVery realistic.Version: 2.21

What you expectGreat.Version: 2.21

PaulWhat a great way to pass the time it's a very addictive game that will have you playing for hours at a time, it's a must for your free time..Version: 2.11.2

Great game but fix thisThis game is great, addicting, and so much fun. However I recently downloaded the pitch and weather pack from the store and it’s ruined my game. Now every time I play there is annoying music blasting. I’m not sure if there was always music but its definitely more often now. Please add an option to disable music (not sound effects) and/or delete the pitch and weather pack. UPDATE: Buying the remove ads didn’t work so if you thought that was a fix guess again. Also I would love to have an option to buy a trainer for real money that lasts forever instead of (or in addition to) one that lasts 150 matches. A more expensive one time purchase would be amazing !.Version: 2.14.2

Add an analog stick for running?Hi guys, First off all loving the game. Has the same feel as the original with some great improvements. Only thing I don’t like is the dribbling system, I always accidentally shoot when I’m trying to stop dribbling and I have big hands and it’s hard see. I think a simple analog stick in the bottom left corner would be a perfect solution. It doesn’t have to replace the current system but it could be an option? Thanks! Have a good day :).Version: 2.17.0

Great game but room for improvement!I really liked this game my favourite part is the practice game mode where I try and score as many as possible. However at the beginning I struggled to understand the game and there was no information button to help me out. Also there was no pause button so I felt like I was rushed sometimes. All in all the concept of the game is very enjoyable I found it easy to get my lives back which was good at the start but got a bit dragged the more I played it so I think I would like more of a challenge but I really really enjoy to play this game in my spare time!.Version: 2.24

Great Game only one problemMy only problem with this game is I keep getting this homescape ad that freezes the game and I have to restart the app..Version: 2.17.0

:)I’ve played this game for years and I still enjoy it :).Version: 2.21

Yeah manGreat game, used to play the old versions, glad you can grind out coins and actually play without spending cash! Looking forward to seeing how far I can take my character. Seems loads more that you can do now and I really hope I write enough to let me complete this review, in order to get just enough down, to unlock the bountiful reward this is star bucks. Hopefully this gives me enough to unlock that trainer contract and start earning more coins..Version: 2.11.2

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