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Last Fortress: Underground Negative Reviews

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Last Fortress: Underground App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Last Fortress: Underground app received 145 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Last Fortress: Underground? Can you share your negative thoughts about last fortress: underground?

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Last Fortress: Underground for Negative User Reviews

Duel alliance 😂I’m completly disappointed by the game from now on and i’m not alone all my alliance will follow the game have turned to be totally unfair and became lesser and lesser fun to play duel alliance a funny name for something that have nothing to do with duel the opponent have minimum twice minimum I said more power than anyone of our alliance can even be able to touch them same thing for the champion duel 😂 1 million pc against 9 million pc where is the fun in that or it’s a way to make the game a real big money pit an nothing else I hope that the conceptor will change this or many many many player will leave and pass the word all around it’s bad cause I loved the game until recently DO SOMETHING seriously.Version: 1.261.001

Full of egos that spendTypical of the freemium model. Start out fast and then slow up as you progress. Cannot really progress without spending money on auto collecting robot for resources. Alliance play skews to egotistical a-holes and total idiots who spend $$$$ to get dominate. You will not like yourself playing this game..Version: 1.265.002

BugJe ses pas pourquoi mais le jeu me laisse entré mais après tout es buger.Version: 1.258.001

Fraud and theftHow does nobody in your entire company not realize that you legally can’t sell something and make it completely useless 10 seconds later right ? Start handing out refunds before your little company goes under..Version: 1.263.001

Great game but the stamina ruin itVery fun game and has the potential to be one of the best in the genre but it takes forever to get to full stamina and it’s very difficult to fill it. It’s a huge flaw that needs to be fixed. Over 16 hours to fill up is crazy, should be at most half that. Would love to give it a 5 star Bc it does so many things well but this really ruins it.Version: 1.256.002

Trash game don’t waste your time or moneyWhat a waste of time won’t let me get on anymore so I’m done was at a stand still anyway getting attacked all the time losing all my resources what a joke of a game.Version: 1.254.003

Don’t go down the rabbit holeSo the more I play this game the worse this game seems to get. Keep in mind that there are no Admins in this game to over see players. My first week of the game I created an alliance which was taken from me because of a timing out feature in the game. The new leader was a jerk who treated everyone terribly and there was nothing I could do about it. I was harassed by the guy after I left to the point I had to report him to customer service because he simply would not leave me alone. They said they would look into it but no action that I am aware of was taken. Second week, my new alliance is finally getting up and on the ground when I meet a member who joins and nastily disrespects my whole alliance and calls them names. I find that the player is known for this behavior. Where are the Admins? When I first started the game I was actually enjoying it but more and more due to nasty players I am not liking the game..Version: 1.271.001

Nothing like the picturesAbsolutely nothing like the pictures. But good game. Would love to have a giant aircraft on top of my base..Version: 1.268.001

Decent game just buggyGopher traps are glitched to where I can’t collect the gophers just stuck with a unless trap why not just get rid of the traps and make it a farm or something because This seems like a problem for a lot of people with this game.Version: 1.267.003

Food OutputNew update just ruined the game. They dropped food output to a level that you aren’t even able to sustain miners in your fortress let alone have any soldiers to help fight. They added an auto cook function but it doesn’t matter because you cannot grow enough to keep up with the output. I will be sending Devs a message asking for a refund of any money I have spent in this game..Version: 1.256.002

GlitchesYeah, looks interesting, glitching like crazy, stay away if you don’t want a headache.Version: 1.250.044

Great but crashesGreat game but CRASHES. - all the time Though it was only yesterday. Touch the mushrooms or cages and closes the game. But now today touch anything and game closes and crashes.Version: 1.250.043

Loved the game until …I was having a grand time with this game. Great fun building the site, and then going out on missions. But then a message popped up telling me my security level was too low and I needed to link the app with an account - either Apple, Google Play or IM30. This action is the very definition of CREATING a security issue!!! And I have NEVER had any other game app preventing playing if not provided. I consider this to be a sneaky and underhanded way of setting me up for micro-transactions. Game won’t let you proceed without the linkage. So stopped playing it immediately. Went onto another RPG app. Not very smart, guys. Lost a customer for life!.Version: 1.256.002

It WAS Fun!!But by the time you get to level nine, it’s a perpetual stand still while constant attacks while you’re away drain your vital resources preventing you from getting past that plato. I spent money and couldn’t get past level 9. Good luck to you.Version: 1.254.001

Server keeps crashingI’m not sure if anyone else is having this problem but the games keeps crashing for me I have done a few things to see if it was my phone or even my Wi-Fi but aft a few different trouble shoots I found no change. I did enjoy the intro to the game and I want to find out more I wish there was a button on here that says you can’t rate it due insufficient amount of time to play. Hopefully this is just me and not the game..Version: 1.265.002

Exp stuckHi why is my exp rising it has been stuck for nearly 5 hours why is it not working Am i the only one with this problem please sort out ASAP. Will not give star rate..Version: 1.269.001

DisappointingThe ads make this game look really good. It isn’t. It’s terrible. Don’t waste your time. Deleted..Version: 1.267.004

Still not working DONT WORKDONT WORK ON MY iPad Pro (12.9-inch) (3rd generation) it get stuck when turning the light switch at the beginning of the game. I have restarted my iPad & also reinstalled the game couple times & still don’t work but it works on my iPhone and iPad mini but I want to play it on my iPad Pro (12.9-inch) (3rd generation because bigger screen. Yes I’m on wifi network.Version: 1.258.003

Can’t even playThe game load to 100% and stay there….Version: 1.250.044

Fun game except when you get destroyed by other alliances in server battlesHave joined a great team but unfortunately the devs have allowed teams to be destroyed by other teams in server battles that you aren't even battling. There is no defence against some of these teams and is demoralising for the newer players. The devs say they make things fairer but have been unable to fix anything yet..Version: 1.267.004

Fun but…This game is fun for the first 2 days then it turns into pay to play. You have to buy wrenches with real money to keep you truck going. The free repair only last for a couple attacks. Pay to sim is a terrible model, pay to do a simple normal in game task is even worse. Don’t waste your time on this game..Version: 1.268.001

Was great but it brokeIt was going great and I loved it. But I stopped for a bit and when I came back the menu is broken. I can’t even open it at all and I need to make my quarters..Version: 1.263.001

Game free, but Overpriced Packages pop up everywhereThe game is getting worse. It’s not true that you can improve your fortress quickly by doing only the free events. As soon as you open the game you are hit with SPECIAL OFFERS…. And when you look closely they are not Special, they are a total rip off. Now with the Alliance Event you need to grow during the week to prepare for the Attack Event on another Alliance from another server. And this every weekend. We are getting mainly the same bad server as Opponents, which is the worst and far more stronger than our server, probably some accounts improved by fraud. More and more people are giving up as they have enough, repairing during the week what was lost and cannot grow because of that. Unless they spend a lot of money and I mean a lot of money!!! No game is worth thousands of Dollars! I hope the developers wake up before it’s too late. Your rating is already very low! Therefore no need to respond with your standard reply, it won’t work that way. Rethink what you should improve in this game to make it interesting again and affordable to people instead of trying to rip them off. In the long term you would have a far better income as well, as more people would be willing to spend some money by not going overboard..Version: 1.269.001

Good until higher levels.Good game until you get to around level 14 and need to build up loads of resources to level up and then you get constantly attacked and all resources stolen by higher level players that continually target you. Days of gathering all gone in a few seconds. I guess game developers want to get people to spend real money as it is very very frustrating and difficult trying to level up beyond level 18. Just another pay to win platform..Version: 1.268.002

Terrible hero pullsHaven’t got a premium hero in two months. Drop rate sucks..Version: 1.263.002

Has PotentialI’ve been playing the game for a while now and it’s definitely a unique base-building game. Some criticism I have of it is that is has many bugs, translation system could be improve, and it could definitely be more user friendly. They also had a recent event in which users could submit videos and receive rewards for submitting it. When I had emailed them my video, I was never given a participation reward so they scammed me out of a free video. This inclined me to actually review the game. Their customer support could also be better..Version: 1.268.001

DONT EDIT THE LAYOUTI played for a few hours and decided that I wanted to edit the layout. Now it’s telling me that I need to add more ladders almost right beside another ladder so I tried placing them straight done and it still tells me I need more ladders also I have zero access to one of the gopher traps and when it is full I choose someone to empty it but nothing happens I have moved this trap 8 times and the exact same thing happens. I would have given this a 1 star but it was alright until I edit the layout. I’m Using iPhone 11.Version: 1.263.002

It won’t let me collect gophers from two of my trapsThe game was working for the first few hours. This is so much fun but I don’t know why it’s not letting me collect the gophers I caught. The traps are full but it just doesn’t give me the option to collect them. I click on the trap and it pops up with my two workers and then I click on a guy and it does nothing. I hope I can get help with this because I already had people leave because of lack of food so this is saddening after spending so many hours..Version: 1.264.002

Won’t loadNot sure how this game is getting good reviews since it immediately crashes as it is loading. All good reviews must be fake. Or am I the only one with this problem?.Version: 1.257.001

Not the bestWith the beginning of season 2 there is too much little stuff to do and the amount of micro transactions that appeared really sucks. The game has lost a bit of its fun recently and is nothing like what the pictures in the App Store display. I hope they do better by us, it seems to be more about killing each other rather than the zombies. Little to no story and not what I expected..Version: 1.263.001

Opening tutorial is terribleI’ve tried to get past the tutorial twice now but get stuck when asked to build a ladder. The only place it lets you build it then says it’s blocked after starting construction. Only option then is to demolish the ladder but this doesn’t return any resources and effectively blocks progress..Version: 1.258.001

You broke the gameSo after and hour and something for 10min server reset the game doesn’t load anymore….Version: 1.260.001

Was funThis game doesn’t allow smaller alliances to grow, a big alliance can just come along and wipe us all out, so all the hard work & energy was for nothing. I feel there should be different maps for different level of alliances, as you get stronger you move to a higher up map that has similar level of alliances, at least then giving alliances a chance to grow. It just gets boring not being able to progress..Version: 1.260.001

MisleadingThe game is OK there’s a lot of things they gotta fix still. a lot of pay to win and all the ads and commercials that they show if this game are very wrong and misleading the game doesn’t play at all or look like it does in the previews on any social media it’s very misleading horrible developer for that..Version: 1.267.001

Awful game experienceNot much rules in this game. Not much contents either. All about plunder, and being plundered. Cross-server duel is even horrible. Players from other severs have no respect for anyone, attacking anyone on the map who is weaker than them either for points or for resources. These players can be the rich ones. Where they are, where they are likely to clear out everyone in the way. Some are provocative in the chats, showing off how they defeated someone weaker than them. Disgusting. All the money-oriented transactions are all over the place. It is only about money. Not about creating a polite, well-designed game environment for all. If this game has more contents and various ways to play and battle instead of merely about plundering, it would be a better game. And If this game sees no change at all in the short run, I will quit for sure. Not recommended for now..Version: 1.263.001

Love the gameI do love this game a lot I’m in a little alliance and they are my family we are trying to play the game as it should be played with fairness but there are to many bullies on this game and are making it hard to progress always attacking us for no reason making lies up so they can attack this is disgusting trying to get people to give up there positions and said they’ll stop if they give up being the leader. This game needs serious looking into and the massive alliances telling us where we can and can’t go. Fairness does not come into it and they think it’s funny. You really need to look into these problems if you want players to keep spending money and stay playing the game because without the players there is no game and no money!!!.Version: 1.261.001

Bugged right outI have tried and tried to get this game to work on my iPad it says it is completely compatible, I have gone through trouble shooting and still closes as soon as it finishes loading. I get the notifications from the game so wth so annoyed..Version: 1.266.002

Pay wallIt’s really sad, because I was really enjoying this game, and on top of that I’m a huge advocate for certain micro transactions. This one however, was done poorly. But N.A.T.E is a vital part of the games flow and costs $9.99 to use AT ALL after the first 24 hours. The price is not the issue, more so the inability to acquire N.A.T.E through any in-game means. I’m sorry, I just don’t agree with that allocation of micro transactions and on principal am not buying into a pay wall. I will however pay 9.99 for a premium status that unlocks FULL use of among other perks, but that would only be acceptable if he had another means of building activation time, maybe watching ads?.Version: 1.270.001

Just like everything elseThis game does a good job of disguising itself as something different. But when it all boils down, it’s just another pay to win base builder with a world map and a ton of high level players who will pummel you the moment your shield is down..Version: 1.257.001

Started off okSo where to begin, it started off ok some interesting game play. However don’t be fooled, it’s basically pay to play game, which is where I draw the line. There are factions that are well established and therefore burn smaller faction constantly. For anyone thinking of giving this game a go…..don’t.Version: 1.256.001

Can’t get pass the first stageThey only allow you 1 stone. Accidentally use it to make a ladder in the wrong spot, now I can’t move on from the first step. Need the ladder to get to LVL2. Seem like a cool game but I don’t know how long I’ll be interested as I’m getting annoyed I can’t move on and can’t get 1 stupid rock to build a ladder & even after deleting and reinstalling I’m at the same spot. There should be more than areas to get rocks at the start…🤷🏿‍♂️.Version: 1.256.002

Same old same old.I played it for a week to see what would happen. I did not join any group because I knew I would not last. Still the game is interesting but I am not interested in being a supply base for higher ranking players who see you as a spot to plunder constantly. One day I will find a game where you fight zombies and not every Tom, Dick and Harry out there. But I doubt that very much. A good thing I did not spend money on it because that would only make me give the game a one star. Arrogance and greed rule the world..Version: 1.256.002

Good Game But Latest Update Broke EverythingThis is another of the strategy style games that are very addictive and fun to play. However this one is far behind the likes of state of survival. It seems they roll out updates without actually testing them first as the last one literally broke all the core functions. They send out a repair which fixes 1 thing but breaks 5 others. They really need to roll the update back and sort it out. My fortress food should be full and is dwindling because I can’t add any. At 32% now after 3 hours, when it gets to 0 I will have to delete the game as it will become unplayable with no fortress occupants.Version: 1.257.001

IssuesDecent game. Was fun for the first part now it ticks me off. Tells me to build a ladder RIGHT NEXT TO another ladder and then when I do they ”still can’t get to the destination”. I’m constantly told that an area is blocked but when I’ve already cleared areas it still says it’s blocked. I knew it wouldn’t do anything but I even destroyed traps that appear to be in the way. STILL NOTHING..Version: 1.265.002

Game is great , BUTI have a huge black fog covering part of my underground bunker that suddenly appeared after completing a mission , I have no way to clear it and clearly not intended as I have already placed buildings there , I really really like the game tho and want to play so I am waiting on support to provide direction.Version: 1.250.064

DEVS encourage bullying!MODS get paid ingame which has allowed for some MODS to become some of the worst bullies I’ve seen in a game! Instead of helping the game the MODS have built themselves high lvl alliances filled mostly with credit card warriors which has then in turn let them run riot on servers allowing weaker alliances to become picked on! DEVS need to wake up to what has been happening on servers!!! I’ve only played it for 2 weeks and already disgusted! Spent a bit of money but won’t spend anymore! Moderator WHISKY from server #74 is one of the worst bullies ever! In game payment should be taken away from mods so that this kind of bullying can’t happen! SHAME ON DEVS FOR ALLOWING THIS!!!!.Version: 1.263.001

HelpCan someone please help me I’m stuck in a freeze loop! Every time I load game character says wait and then freezes on screen I can’t access anything! Tried to delete app and re download but nothing. big shame!!! Only just started but was enjoying!.Version: 1.267.004

Hate alliance duels!Get rid of alliance duels there’s no point in having them people already go over in to other worlds an farm resources an kill eachother get rid of it! It makes the game toxic no one follows the rules u put in place they ignore them an do whatever they want without repercussions! Also I used my solari card an wasted it thinking I would get the character an the extra worker station but I got ripped off an only got the character an no station so I wasted my Eden event reward for nothing!.Version: 1.269.001

Won’t even startSo far the game doesn’t start on my iPhone. Just loads until 100% and then nothing.Version: 1.250.043

Buggy messI can’t even start the game it keeps glitching out for gods sakes if you gong to make a game make it well.Version: 1.253.001

Another Pay to win gameA dedicated non-ptw server would be useful, these PTW games are flooding the App Store and are just full of hostile players. Devs if you care about the game and players (and not just making a quick buck), make an aspect of the game viable for non-wallet walkers.Version: 1.263.002

Good game but fix itWow. Show some real previews. Letting yourself down. So many bugs in this game. Lineup 1 stuck in someone else’s base, didn’t even garrison Volume controls are useless Invisible workers in rooms Turret doesn’t always work (yes has timer and overheat) Chat doesn’t refresh sometimes have to reload the app Maintenance windows are needed Screen controls are sometimes missing.Version: 1.260.001

Pay 2 winDon’t waste your time with this game ,same old story build up to a decent lvl just to have all your hard earned rss taken from you on a daily basis by much higher players ,no fun to be had here..Version: 1.260.001

Game runs just fine on iPhone but not on my new iPad?First downloaded this game on my iPhone, played for an hour but then wanted to try on my new iPad for a much larger screen. Loaded the game up but couldn’t even make it past the loading Screen. Tried everything; re downloading the app, clearing cache, etc. nothing but same issue every time.Version: 1.260.001

Zero supportI have been playing for a week and now they did a update that broke a big aspect of the game . I filed a support ticked and 24 hrs later no response and im told by ppl not to expect one AT ALL . Instead they sent out another update but nothing that fixed the issue and there notices claims to contact them in result of the issue persisting . This issue has ruined the game for me.Version: 1.257.001

Rules keep changingThis game is good but they keep doing updates and changing the rules. A spend a lot of time and resources building things up to only find out a week later that I had lose it all and have to start again!!!! All the time that I put in 😡🤬😡🤬.Version: 1.254.001

Won’t StartSeriously wake up…. Many players have the same problems since the game was released for Ipad for me..Version: 1.250.044

Ne fonctionne pasBonjour, l’application ce lance mais reste bloqué sur le fond nuageux au début du jeu. Impossible de jouer même après une désinstallation complète ..Version: 1.255.001

Needs moreGood game concept but there is always something wrong with something. There aren’t enough packs to upgrade heroes when you need them and we could do with more varied events. When there is an update something breaks or introduces pointless items. They open new servers far too quickly so your own server gets too quiet and feels like it’s dying..Version: 1.258.001

BugsThe game would be great but is buggy to hell and has players using them to there advantages so if u don’t mind bad players like that and bugs galore then I’d say stay clear of this..Version: 1.251.001

Base Building & World Domination. It’s just a different type of baseSo I was looking forward to what the storyline and gameplay in this new subterranean/fallout shelter game was. First issue: The Grammar! I can’t speak for any other languages, but the English was… distracting. Not a good first impression. The voiceover didn’t always match the text. Maybe the actors/producers re-translated the translation? In any case, the voiceovers don’t last the whole game so we’re stuck with jarring grammar. Nothing like trying to enjoy a game while trying to guess what the heck they’re saying. Second issue: The storyline. The little there is - predictable. I could still enjoy the game if that was the only problem though. Third Issue: World Domination. Eventually we leave the shelter on skirmishes. And then it appears - the hex-tiled world map. And oh look there are zones, and alliances, and early play shields. Then raiding. It has events/tasks, that can be done solo, but to progress (and survive) you’ll need: 1: Good Alliance (Guild/Team/League/etc). OR 2: Real World Cash. OR 3: Both If that’s your thing, and you want the fallout shelter/Zombie vibe, have fun :) I can see it could be a blast, it’s just not my thing..Version: 1.260.001

MisleadingWhile the game, itself is fun for a little while, much of the action takes place within the shelter. As well, every commercial, including the preview image on the download screen, is NOTHING like the actual game; no diverse locals, or rooms, or non hero models. Watch a play through before playing..Version: 1.263.001

Gopher bug can’t collectI’m having a problem with collecting the gopher in the cage and won’t let me collect i really want this bug to be fix just started playing this game this week..Version: 1.266.002

Needs a lot of workThis has a lot of potential, but I quit the game before the end of the tutorial and now the game crashes every time I try to load it. It is now unplayable. I tried uninstalling and installing again and it still crashes. Oh well. We will see what comes of this.Version: 1.250.043

Full of bugsInstead of gophers, you’ll get bugs. Mines that stop working, gatherers that don’t do their job, kitchen that says you don’t have ingredients even if they’re fully stocked… I was liking it, but it’s too annoying..Version: 1.260.001

Game is fun BUTOverall the game is fun, however due to their ascent (upgrade hero system) is trying to be different with other games, so it can cause a hugh confusions to any new players, and within the game there’s a limited supply hero which named Quinn (only way to get he is paying with money and even you pay she has limited supply) and due to this abnormal ascent upgrade system player can easily make a mistake with (no way back/ recover) the mistake. I have spent over 10K USD (with 2 months) on this game after all these time just notice there’s no way to compete with other spending players due to this abnormal ascent system (which was totally misleads new players) to the game especially people who would willing to pay and grow fast. And now the customer services has no plan to recover this mistake of the game instead all they can do it telling the player “too bad” with this review will surely check with ITunes and see how to ask for the full refunds of the game due to this is a no way to recovery glitch from the game system. Everyone who decided to fall into this trap just be careful because the game never warn you this can be possibly a permanently damage to your account and no way to recovery not even you can use money to buy that hero back……… my lost your gain.Version: 1.264.002

Apple needs 2 ban gameWhen u cant build cause u get ur rss wiped out everyday, or fight cause u have spend 10 days rebuilding troops and its always 10 days, cause those bigger think u should give 2 them and they dont want u 2 get bigger, the developers dont care as long as they get their money, they say fair yet they make it unfair, the warehouse dosent protect any supplies, if u dont have troops assignd u still lose them when attecked, this game is fixed 4 those only willing 2 spend money, this game is only about showing if u have the money u can bully evey1 smaller.Version: 1.267.004

BuggyConflict in Alliance War that I join keeps getting sent to the ignored pile. And the more I click follow, the more notifications it produces. But it still stays in the ignored pile..Version: 1.263.002

Why all the reloadingThis game is really interesting and very similar to the other zombie game where you build your base like in Command and Conquer, except this one is platform based as you basically tunnel away from zombies. That said, now i have upgraded most of the rooms and characters the game keeps crashing, or at least reloading, if I tap too much. Not effective at keeping me engaged in the game. If this is a storage issue then I’ll happily delete most of the other apps in my phone, but the game shouldn’t slow down because of storage. Right? UPDATE: whatever you (the devs) have done seems to have worked, there were a few in-game messages that said there had been a few updates, but the crashes have stopped…for now….Version: 1.257.001

New update won’t run. Game will not load.Will not load.Version: 1.271.001

Why?Game was great. It worked, it was fun, I even invested a little. Your latest update and season has ruined it. I can only assume through greed with more things to spend money on. Such a shame. Account and game deleted..Version: 1.265.002

Buggy gameWould give 5 stars but need to fix bug.Version: 1.257.001

Ok to start withA good game when you get going. Good fortress building, but that soon evaporates. Once established, you get in with the best alliance you can to survive and then…… get remorselessly hammered by the super/hyper alliances. The game does nothing to stop you being regularly wiped out. So maybe that doesn’t matter much except it takes 2 to 3 days to get an army back, whilst being regularly wiped out again. Absolutely rubbish and incompetent game balancing. It might be better if you spent a pile of real money. Might not. I’ll give it a couple of days before I hit the delete button. Might not wait that long. Give it a try if you must, but don’t spend real money on it, you’ll be deleting it in a month.Version: 1.261.001

Problem centeralDoesn’t even load into the game, i would give this no stars if i could, seems like all the reviews are fake and pointless.Version: 1.257.001

Another pay to play.*Note* When developer’s dispute peoples reviews it means something. Without spending cash the game is not playable. Just another pay to win that’s is not really fun. Would rather give it zero stars one for each good thing about game, zero. Seeing developer responses praising the game rather than addressing issues is just funny. Not a “safe” environment for children, far to foul..Version: 1.261.001

Enjoy game butEnjoy the game but there is an error with wayfarer. Load to explore then once you get to attack the game crashes.Version: 1.264.001

What have you done,Latest update done now cannot open the app.Version: 1.271.001

Don’t waste your timeWhilst the game has potential it is geared entirely towards players who are willing and able to spend large amounts of money. New players don’t get a chance to grow and become competitive because they are constantly farmed by players who are infinitely stronger than them. Each new update brings additional bugs to the game and the developers strive to make it more difficult for newer and weaker players to survive resulting in them leaving the game so that only the cash cows remain. The latest updates merge weaker, newer servers with older established ones where players have had longer to grow and spend their money in order to completely wipe out players. If you are looking for a fun and engaging game then try somewhere else unless you have the funds to spend a lot of money very quickly. Just read the developer comments on the negative reviews, always the same copy and paste nonsense so clearly not paying attention to the feedback.Version: 1.269.001

MoneyThe people that are running this game must have there own shelter by now and a plane to go with it !..Version: 1.265.002

The last fortress crashThis game kept crashing on me. Couldn’t even load.. 3 times I gave it a go.. deleted this frustrating game..Version: 1.256.002

Can't even enter the gameJust took over level 3 city and boom you can't even enter the game anymore. Tried in every possible way to enter the game but it didn't work. Also, I just spend like $17 the day before for the robot and some package. ☹️☹️.Version: 1.254.001

Boring clicker with a zombie theme YAWNNot much happens not much is explained you just build, click a few things and wait and wait - the modern equivalent of watching paint dry.Version: 1.257.001

Needs an updateWorked great until my water ran out then I went to put another water well down and it says error and I tried multiple times even when I leaves up stuff.Version: 1.265.001

Latest update broke the gameI love this game, been playing it for a few months now. Sadly their latest update has a bug, a big one. You can no longer see any fortresses. And since upgrading relies on resources that are most easily gained from attacking other players I can no longer keep upgrading at the required rate to stay competitive. They have released another update to fix this problem on other platforms but neglect us on iPhones, effectively taking us out of the game..Version: 1.266.001

Game won’t open after update.I did the latest update and now the game won’t load..Version: 1.271.001

False advertisingWhy are the preview shots and videos NOTHING like the actual game?..Version: 1.264.002

WorkersI dont like the fact that everytime i log in the game i lose a worker that i can’t gain back due to hunger. And I don’t be away for long. Its a VERY fun game but that one fact/flaw turned me off…makes me not want to play nomore. And no i dont want the robot..Version: 1.267.004

It’s a good game butI found the game likeable and has interesting elements. My only issue is when you sign off for the day you start losing all you workers because they get hungry and go somewhere else. Where we don’t know. Lol. I don’t play games 24/7 so this to me is a game changer but not in a good way. I’m not big on apocalyptic/survival games with meters that run out for food and water or losing workers because you don’t have food. You are constantly scrambling to ensure food is there . It takes away from enjoying the game. Last I heard ppl can live without food and water for up to 21 days and up to two months if there's access to an adequate water intake. So to me this is unrealistic and annoying. Cheers..Version: 1.254.003

Game & Ad AccuracyIts not a bad game, a lot like Bethesda’s Fallout Shelter. But they took it too far and began misleading others with their ads. Even went as fas to take another Youtubers content of a completely unrelated game. It used to be accurate to the ads. Then they did what every other game does and use unrelated ads. Never have I seen a game use a content creator’s gameplay of an unrelated game..Version: 1.256.001

Great if you like being bulliedAt the start the game was really fun, now i have progressed up a little ( not much) i am constantly getting smashed by high level players that will just keep hitting me untill there is nothing left, then their fellow clain mate go and hit me, i leave for 3-5 hrs come back to 6-7 messages of total wipeout and nothing left, try to build up resourses to progress get wipped out. makes the game no fun and am now at the point of deleting.Version: 1.260.001

Very buggy, laggy, pay to win, and support sucksI’ve given this game a couple of weeks trying it out to give it a solid chance, but you really can’t have fun with it unless you’re paying to win and play literally every 2 hours AT LEAST. There are so many bugs and it is far from done, good luck getting support to help you with those bugs. HIGHLY DO NOT RECCOMEND.Version: 1.256.002

Love the game but way to expensiveLove the game it is fun but the cost is way over the top compared to other online games.Version: 1.264.002

Fernando deserves better.This game feels like it was written by simps, the fact that no character steps in and tells Emma to back off when she’s constantly sledging Fernando for his weight, her opinion of his intelligence and looks based off the idea that she is a digitised 3D “hot girl” on a 2D plane is pretty unrealistic and toxic, I’d say detached from reality and heavily immersed in pacific region preconceptions of American social dynamics based on mid 90’s to early 2000’s media, if you’ve played the first silent hill or watched any of the scary movie series you’ll know what I mean. Playing it out for now but if it’s just consistently like this I’ll have to delete it, it’s cringey and it makes me think the game devs are cringey people which does not encourage me to play anything else they make =\.Version: 1.260.001

Food and waterThat down side of the game is food and water and if you away for a minute no food or water. Update app support is Chinese or Japanese possible Korea and if you are from a different countries like I’m only speak English it is impossible read the language and there is no way change the language on the support website.Version: 1.260.001

Update Fail!I have been playing daily since February. I enjoy the game it has a lot of different parts to keep you busy, keep you from getting bored when your waiting for upgrades to finish. The only problem is that there was an update yesterday morning and the app hasn’t opened since. What am I going to do with a game that won’t load? Delete it? My alliance is going to boot me for inactivity, providing the game works for them. If its not fixed by tomorrow I’m getting rid of this game. Waste of my time..Version: 1.271.001

MehI really don’t know why you’d go to the trouble of building a game and then not have the copy checked by and native English speaker. Honestly some of the translated phrases and grammar are just awful. It’s barely legible enough to follow the story.Version: 1.265.001

Good but too much bugsThis game is really good, i cant deny it.The only problem is that there is so much bugs that the game begins to be more and more unplayable since bugs goes worse and worse.I do understand that bugs may happens, but there is a limit. this game passed way over that limit..Version: 1.270.001

Love this game butAll I ask is for a feature to restart your fortress on a new server! I have spent a lot of time playing which really has only been me trying to play catch up as I entered half way through that server being filled up. So when I joined already people At lvl 17 fortresses. There’s no point continuing to play if I’m stuck on this server! I’m not asking to keep my fortress and hero’s and so on so forth happy to start new on new server and I know alot of other would like to do the same! I wouldn’t mind spending some money on this game but I won’t spend money just to catch up because I came in half way through. Every other game of this style allows this feature! Please add it asap!.Version: 1.260.001

Don’t trust the ads and previewThe first preview is NOT gameplay but there are some nice graphics I’m for the initial story, then after about a day or 2 it becomes a generic grind game full of over spenders that ruin the competitive edge.Version: 1.265.002

Fake ReviewsI downloaded the game just to review the reviews. Sort them by most critical. The 1 star are all random days. The 5 star are as follows: 24th of Oct - 10 reviews 23rd of Oct - 10 reviews 22nd of Oct - 10 reviews The rest are 5 reviews on each day. Too coincidental. They got employees and friends to write them..Version: 1.251.002

BugsFun game, however, there may be some bugs that need fixing. All my pathways are blacked out, the hero button shows 99 upgrades, can’t move anyone as the paths are blocked by some black mess, side jobs button has some weird red text on it. I’d send the image but not sure that I can..Version: 1.250.043

So many annoying bugsThere are so many annoying bugs in this game. It’s not just one off here and there it is every time they do an update they introduce a new bug. It is so frustrating, this would be a great game if they would test updates properly to avoid all the bugs, it makes for a terrible user experience..Version: 1.266.001

PointlessAlliance duel demonstrates the futility of this ‘game’ and makes it not fun. Attacks take resources that take hours to collect, gone in seconds. If the attacker has a higher numbered fortress you’ve lost, doesn’t matter what research undertaken, pointless. A game for bullies whose ego is stoked because they can.Version: 1.264.002

Its alrightNot too bad, however the screen only zooms out enoughto expose one room, meaning you haveto scroll through everything and follow the dug out places. to actually know where you are?? Story seemed good but again, screen doesnt zoom far enough so uninstalled..Version: 1.251.001

Play 2 win heavyDon’t play if ur F2P. I’ve invested time and some money on this game but like everyone else I will be deleting very soon. The game is great but the play to win part completely ruins the fun with high levellers end up farming you and u don’t get a chance to grow or advance even with a decent alliance behind you. I’d rather pay for a game upfront and enjoy. Sadly i can’t go on with this almost decent game. Good luck ur loosing alot of great players for the greed of play to win players..Version: 1.260.001

Politically correctWhy is it that you developers always create “makes”, (not men), that act stupidly, and effeminate?! And why do you always created “females” (not women), that act masculine?! You think because you put a male in your game that acts masculine it counteracts the degradation of your femboi?! You ad to the never ending effort by you liberals to change Gods will. Your sick desire to reprogram and indoctrinate men to be women and women, men, is nothing less than demonic and needless to say, gross and insulting!.Version: 1.269.001

Keeps crashingEvery time I open the app keeps crashing.Version: 1.250.043

Blacked outThe part that I think is suppose to be the garage is blacked out. I have bought the prints got it, constructed it but still can’t see it. Help!.Version: 1.255.001

Average but needs workThe visuals of the game are ok, however after playing for a few weeks, it has become impossible to get in the game without it crashing right after getting to the base screen. I have checked to make sure I have the most updated version f the game and it still crashes. When you can’t even enjoy a game, no matter how bland it can be sometimes, then what else can you do, please remedy this issue..Version: 1.254.003

Problems I have will this gameAll though this game is fun you cant play this game to the fullest with out any micro transactions. I can’t upgrade something because I don’t have any z coins or whatever they are called. I know they have to make money some way but basically making it impossible for people to finish the game that don’t spend money on phone apps is very annoying..Version: 1.266.002

Cost a lot to playIt is a good game, but has many bugs and the devs are more worried about charging for everything now but does not fix any bugs, which is constantly. I understand paying for stuff to support devs but if the game crashes every other log in and becomes the only way to level up, then it is not worth it anymore. Other games provide a balance between paying and also doing tasks to level up. This game has events, but most of the events now are pay to collect rewards. They use to provide nice rewards when I started playing and paying for other stuff, now everything is pay or basically do not play anymore. They also have not added any new content in a while. The season 1 has been basically completed for our server for over 2-3 months, now it is just log in maybe for a hour and that is it. There is nothing to keep people playing, most servers have become dead from people not playing the game anymore because nothing new is keeping us interested. After months of the same thing, it just gets boring. If you are a new player, I do not recommend downloading this game. You will have to spend money and then the game becomes stagnant and will mainly not play much or quit..Version: 1.267.001

ReasonEverything you see is a lie it’s a lazy game that tries to take you money it’s need a lot of work..Version: 1.254.001

Nice GameNice game play and spent hours following the story, few bugs and crashes but now. The game won’t load, stuck at the locker scene with no way of moving on, bye bye game.Version: 1.251.002

Good game BUT…….This is a fun game and easy to play, but the part that royally pisses me off is the game you play is 100 percent different than every single one of the ads for it I have seen..Version: 1.256.001

From good to stupidBefore the update this was a great game but after the update it’s becoming boring - I now have to log back in 20 times a day just to play at all as I’m kicked out of the server. Now you think why not tell us because you need information I don’t know. After 2 months of play this problem is going on to much for me not only to enjoy but make any ground in developing a strong alliance..Version: 1.262.001

Absolutely terribleJust your standard everyday clickbait mobile game… From the completely misleading advertising to the appalling frame rate on the top of the range mobile device when it’s not crashing of course. Open a loot box… crash Press on too many things at once… crash Trying to exit out of the “pay for bonuses”… crash I can almost guarantee the advertisement that brought you here is not this game. Dont waste your time, money or even the phone memory to install this mess..Version: 1.250.062

Can’t collect golfers anymoreI’ve been playing this for 2 day. I can still collect from one golfer trap but I have 3. The other 2 are completely full but I can’t collect anything from them. I love this game so much this is the first game on the phone that I’ve loved. So this is really disappointing that I can no longer collect golfers for food my ppl are leaving..Version: 1.265.002

Single individual able to destroy a serverThis is actually the first review I have ever written. I have played many games and most I spend several thousand dollars before I get bored of it and stop playing. This game however has truly created a pay for win system that I have never seen before. There is a single individual that is the head of an alliance ranked 5th on the server, almost half of the power and number of players of the top alliance. Just before the Eden event he was able power himself up to where he was able to attack and defend single handedly the capture of this primary city event. Once he became President of the server he has started bullying every other top alliance players if they don’t join his alliance. When a single player is able to face off against 30-40 respectable players because of the amount of money spend, there is a problem. Developers please do not respond to this review. I understand you try to balance the with pay to win and pay to play, although keeping a no limit purchase of many items will only eventually kill the server/game. I’m sure you are well aware of this and are already hard at work on the next similar game using the same game engine..Version: 1.269.001

Cant access anymoreI love this game but no longer access this as say no connection have no issue with any other game developers website also no access.Version: 1.254.001

UpdatesEvery time I get an update for this game I can never log in until the next update. You all need to fix this.Version: 1.271.001

Bad voice actingThis game is just very bad I would give it a one star but it’s still better then most mobile games.Version: 1.250.043

Crashes all the timeStarted playing and not a bad game at all but continuously crashes to the point I gave up. Shame graphics were good and the concept were pretty good.Version: 1.250.044

The game is very frustrating1. The game is not made for you to have fun. It is made to force you to always spend more and more money. 2. The game is very buggy 3. The game has no explanation and the mechanics can be difficult to figure out. 4. Customer support either does not answer your questions or simply tells you to spend more money. 5. The game favours only those who spend hundreds of dollars. I played this game 67 days before giving up. DONT DOWNLOAD IT.Version: 1.263.001

Game issuesAfter gaining some level you’ll stop getting EXP after fighting zombies and you won’t be able to upgrade your hero’s Target and locations on the map sometimes disappear Some rewards vanish This game need a mayor improvement!!!.Version: 1.271.001

BadAwful game.Version: 1.257.001

Last fortresses doesn’t workSince you made changes, it doesn’t work anymore,it will not connect to the server.Version: 1.267.004

Updates..Theres always an issue with food, when you log off for a couple of hours you come back and people have ran off because you’ve run out of food. Every new update theres atleast a problem with collecting food and then it vanishes and then everyones moods go down because theres no food for the soldiers ect. I love the game but every other update a problem with collecting/storing food. I log on today and ive got over 1,000+ food in storage? None of it cooked? And then it vanishes and you cant even cook it before it goes.. all that effort? For nothing. :( i would still recommend the game but theres downsides..Version: 1.261.001

Enjoyable but way out of balancePlayed for 3 months, bought a few add-ons to help me along and joined a great group. The server I was on (#57) was controlled by one great big clan with 7 ‘allied’ clans. We had about 60 members, they had 400. No-one could compete, they crushed everyone else and basically ruined it. I’ve deleted the game and moved on as whilst there was good structure to the game it’s impossible to get ahead..Version: 1.263.002

RacistThey allow racism on there in game chats and won’ do anything about it. I wonder if apple or google know that they are party to this cause they collect money for them..Version: 1.265.001

Very glitchy.Keeps saying unknown error..Version: 1.264.002

OverallI haven’t played this game very long but it looked so cool at first but the progress is so confusing and very tedious like you can unblock a room but you have to level up another for it to not be blacked out I honestly did think it’s a very cool looking game but it’s kinda really tedious and grinding and then they put a feature like N.A.T.E but you have to pay to use the little robot wish there wasn’t so many cash games.Version: 1.263.001

BadBad.Version: 1.250.045

Do not waste your time or money on thisA promising game with good variety. Totally ruined by the fact you will simply be farmed day and night and never be able to progress, developers do not care about this as they are making money. However very soon all the servers will become saturated with top level players picking off anyone left. There is scope to change this but until the money stops rolling it will not change. A simple level cap on servers for instance or a shield when you get destroyed to allow you to rebuild..Version: 1.270.001

BugsLots of bugs. The menu was n the game won’t open every other time I open the game. There’s no way to reach tech support. It’s difficult to progress without spending moneyand you need to be in a sting alliance or you will Continuely be plundered, and lastly I can’t join or quit alliances as it’s stuck and the prompt states “ in crossed zones”. I do enjoy the game but it Could be much better.Version: 1.267.004

An alright gameIt started off well but after the first day connection to the server was lost. Reminds me of king of Avalon, another game I play. Very similar.Version: 1.269.001

You developers lied 🤥I love shelter games but this one is different. I like the ropes when you have to have money that the residents make to build more rooms and this is not like the pictures because one they only have specific characters and not random two the residents Al look the same and you can’t do editing on them and finally three I really think you guys should go by what you show on the screen shots.Version: 1.263.001

Trade centreWhat’s with the new, lower limits in trade centre? Trade centre is hardly worth using to trade resources for coins now. Ps don’t bother sending preforma reply. Shows how seriously you take feed back..Version: 1.261.001

Enjoy the game butThis is a very enjoyable game but the bullying that is allowed is despicable. I am in the seventh most powerful alliance on the server. The two most powerful alliances are allied and just bully all other alliances on the server. It is an absolute joke that this is allowed. They are the only alliances that will get to Eden and everyone else is cannon fodder. A member of my alliance was attacked this morning and when that player spoke to the attacker his reply was “I just wanted to see how strong I was”. You have a good game here but players leave because of this type of behaviour. Why do you allow alliances to have sister alliances? The two most powerful alliances on my server have each got 5+ sister alliances they just change a letter to lower case or add a number. If this was a level playing field it would be a great game but as it is I willl probably delete it. To see players work hard in the alliance and just get zeroed by a player from one of these powerful alliances and lose weeks of work just to see how strong they are..Version: 1.263.001

WowI can’t even describe all the issues with this game, if your looking to support for help don’t expect a response!!!.Version: 1.250.048

EPILEPTICS BEWAREThe latest game update includes a flashing circular light inside the base. It is totally unnecessary and going to cause a seizure! Please remove asap..Version: 1.258.001

New players, don’t waste your time!Nice idea for a layout, but unlike other similar games, as a new player, there’s no tier system or defence protecting you against relentless attacks from players many levels above that can wipe out in an instant, days work in one attack with little impact to them. Also, the fact that they can get your un gathered resources in the spoils as well, just drains all fun from the experience. Like many other similar games this will also end up in my app graveyard of games that want to take your money for an underwhelming experience in return. New players, don’t waste your time!.Version: 1.262.001

Lost account due to system errorAfter linking my account to apple, I swapped to another realm. Then was unable to re-join the initial linked one. No assistance trying to get the old account back!.Version: 1.257.001

No UI, Menus, Controls etcI just downloaded this game a couple of hours ago and have progressed in that time. But how does one continue playing without a user interface, controls or any menus? Part way through gameplay, it all disappeared. I usually only give games one chance and I refuse to do the developer’s and customer service’s jobs by doing all of the work informing them what is wrong. If I am paid for my services, then that’s another story. So, I doubt I’ll play this game again..Version: 1.253.001

TrashThey took it wayyyy to far for 1 reason I know which is how they put numbers on a vault door which is obviously from Bethesda’s fallout shelter.Version: 1.256.002

Be honestThe only reason I downloaded the game was to give a review. Don’t have bots, family whatever it may be leave 5 star reviews. So greedy making them 5 also, be realistic not that many people give 5 stars. Most have the same language pattern. Games with an algorithm that even an eye can pick out should be removed. If your game isn’t five star, instead of faking it, fix it, Apple should crack down on this. However money talks and they get their cut……edit, change my mind on the review you ask, no I will not. You should be banned from the App Store, however Apple gets a cut of the revenue people pay for this trash game. So it will stay..Version: 1.268.002

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