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Last Fortress: Underground Negative Reviews

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Last Fortress: Underground App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Last Fortress: Underground app received 156 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Last Fortress: Underground? Can you share your negative thoughts about last fortress: underground?

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Last Fortress: Underground for Negative User Reviews

Pay wall on everything/anything you need to keep relevant.There are a lot of quality of life heroes and things in this game that they give you a 1day trial on. Then lock it away behind a $30+ pay wall for each thing. Plus the premium monthly passes etc. game is very cookie cutter for literally anything else in its genre and unless you want to spend hundreds to thousands of dollars on a copy paste “strategy” game (all battles are decided by who’s combat number is bigger. Bigger wallet makes bigger combat number. Master strategist). The events give you some stuff but even to keep up with them you need to repair your APC’s etc and the parts can only be purchased through cash shop and no in game currency. The entire game is basically a teaser locked behind massive pay walls hoping to lure in some whales before they dump it..Version: 1.283.001

Don’t downloadIt’s very much like Fallout Shelter in many MANY ways so much that you have to wonder how Bethesda isn’t looking.. decided to give it a go, lots of glitches, to include one where the speed up screen showed the speed ups bought with diamonds were taking time off, but when I exited the speed up screen the timer had not moved much at all. Contacted customer service and they looked into it and essentially told me it didn’t happen. Definitely a scam, needs removed from App Store. Edit for dev reply: If you read my review you would know I have already contacted y’all for help and was told it didn’t happen.. don’t tell people to go through proper channels when their complaint IS your customer service through PROPER CHANNELS. I uninstalled the game, reinstalled, eventually had to remove permission from using my Apple ID in order to delete the account. Your game is not brand new, it’s pieces of other games put together and the servers are pretty empty in comparison to other games, I tried several without linking an account to see if it’s the game or that server. It’s the game. Money sucking scam, not much of a game..Version: 1.296.001

AwfulAt first this game was great and wonderful. Fast forward 60 days later and it turned into a toxic nightmare. The Korean alliances on this game are racist and spend like there is no tomorrow. No amount of negotiation with them was possible until they wiped everyone off the map. Their constant toxicity and racism was bad enough but even worse is there is no spending cap so even though we were the best alliance they literally had one player not a single person could touch. He was invincible and he destroyed everyone. This game is trash because of the toxicity and Koreans making it unplayable. The pay to win is awful - I spent $2,000 and still could not compete with many pay to win players. I recommend no one play this game and request a refund just like I did. This game is unplayable and every server is dominated by a racist, nationalist Korean alliance. Save your time and money and do something else. Update: developer responded to my review and basically told me to be better and join an alliance. Since the inception of the server I was a top 10 player in the rankings and my alliance was the #1 alliance the whole time. They need to put a cap on spending to slow the progression of insane spenders. The fact 1 player can destroy an entire server alone is ridiculous..Version: 1.296.003

Prepare to spend moneyGame favors those who can afford to spend a boat load of money to play. Started off fun but lost its appeal when cities that 15 levels ahead of you are aloud to destroy you..Version: 1.316.001

Worst game everThis game should be like 17+ it has realistic blood sexual constant and horrible stuff for kids that are 12+. This game is the worst game I have ever played it has to much blood and realistic sexual content for 12 year olds.Version: 1.317.001

A semi-carceral rat-race type gameWhen I first decided to play, I was under the impression that it was a humans vs zombies game. But I soon discovered that, in reality, it is a game of humans vs humans where large Egos with deep pockets take a form of perverse pleasure in wipping the players who do not want to invest large sums of money to rapidly build-up their fortresses. To be avoided until major changes are made by the gamemasters..Version: 1.315.001

Pay to winIt’s another money grabbing game they charge you tons for every little thing complete waste of time.Version: 1.294.002

A lot of troubles.The game is very nice as started but now with all this new seasons I got a lot of troubles , the game take a long time to charge, sometimes I don’t see my trucks and now and the most important every time I hit any building, the game kick me out and I can’t go in until pass few minutes or just keep loading and loading. I have reinstalled the game few times and go well for few hours but then start again. I don’t know if anyone else got this trouble but for me is annoying. Also on time of recruit hero’s the game say every 20-30 gems you will get a good hero. For some players work some times but I and other players have spend 15k gems and we didn’t get anything. ( yes I spend this every dual hero challenge). Apart of this is a good way to pass your time..Version: 1.311.001

Surprisingly BadThis game is definitely aimed at developers/builders and people wanting to spend big to win. The in game chat is the worse I have ever seen, it only appears on the main screen so you are isolated 70-80% of the time, oblivious to what is happening in the larger game and to your teammates. So an external messaging system is a MUST even when you are actually playing. Whales can buy hero’s and equipment so much more powerful than normal so no amount of skill or hard work will get you even close. Team play is awkward at best and there aren’t any synergies, sometimes you have to attack as a group even if the opponent is weak because that’s the only way the game lets you attack some opponents. You are limited on your actions each day, it costs $$$ to do more so FTP players cannot substitute time for spending $$$. You can progress but at a fraction of the speed. There are some really nice people in the alliance I have joined otherwise I would have stopped playing before I got involved. Sadly I just don’t think this game can hold my interest much longer..Version: 1.313.001

This game involves a high element of gamblingIt’s an ok game. Unfortunately the developers have added a heavy element of gambling into the game. Something that should require an age limit if I’m not mistaken. How does this gambling take place, simple. It encourages you to spend anywhere from £50-£100 or more, and in return you will receive a ‘chance’ to win the coveted prize. Unfortunately for you, that percentage chance is sometimes as low as 0.02%. Something the developers have advertised themselves within the game. There is also a heavy element of false advertising. You can cover it up as you wish, but I myself have watched an advert of someone trying to rescue a damsel in distress by carrying out certain actions. This advertised game has never actually featured in the game itself. So to summarise, keep your money and spent it on something you can actually enjoy. Like a house, or a car. Because somethings in this game are more expensive than either of those two!.Version: 1.326.001

Don’t Waste Your TimeDon’t spend money on this game unless you have an open cheque book. Another typical game of whoever spends the most wins. The concept of building your underground bunker is great. A bunker that can withstand a nuclear war, and million upon millions of zombies sounds great. However apparently another player only slightly higher level can attack you pretty much unscathed and raid your resources. The bunker offers 0 defense against a small army and an APC? Not to mention the time to retrain and heal your army is far too long. Buying an immunity is also very expensive. I am sure there must be other games out there that can actually be a lot more realistic..Version: 1.294.002

Money trap don’t buyIt will take you many many years if it is even possible to reach end game without paying literally thousands of dollars just don’t waste your time. First hours of gameplay was good but then your realize you just wasted you time since spending 1000 of dollars on a cell game seems silly. Also so many positive reviews on this are fake..Version: 1.315.001

Worst game everIt’s a very bad game that has fake adds.Version: 1.287.001

Honest opinionGood aspect of a game from what I have played so far, the story is somewhat interesting, however the in-game bugs spoil it so much. I have read other reviews that seem to get the same reply, that if you email with further depth of the problems they’ll fix it, which I wish they would give more information into realising they have a bug that needs fixing in the first place; or maybe the devs just don’t play this game enough to find out the bugs start pretty early on. Such a shame. Big potential..Version: 1.277.001

BugIt starts badly, just downloaded the game and it blocks at the beginning, the entry phase with the lighter! 😡 I delete the game..Version: 1.316.001

Good ideaNot a bad idea , initially good fun , then the pvp starts , constantly steamrollered , never time to recover . Something needs to be done about this .. chat is not moderated , some really rude and vile people on there and no way to block them .. if they do something to stop lever 25 players smashing level 15 and there is nothing they or their entire alliance can do about it without just running away over and over again I might consider playing the game again..Version: 1.287.001

Money grabbersI have just left the game, why? Simple the developers care nothing about anything other than money. They are quite happy to allow and encourage people to spend ridiculous amounts of money, yet they do not care about those who have little to spend but want a good gaming experience. Two times each week there are battle days, when those stupid enough to spend money attack everyone, where is the skill in that? Others just come on and attack when ever they like. Why should I spend money only for some joker to come and wipe any advantage I may have gained? There should be a limit on the the amount any player can spend in a day or week. The devs should limit item purchases and scrap diamond purchases completely. It is pure greed by the developers, if they will not do anything about this, then the gaming platforms should. If I was you I would not bother with this ( or others of a similar nature ) game until devs and platforms like Apple and Google set spending limits. Edit The developers have replied with the template reply they have used on most of the replies they have made. They cannot be bothered to reply to the points I have made disgraceful money grabbing people GIVE THEM A WIDE BERTH. There are other developers who actually care about their product and customer experience IM30 are not one of those companies..Version: 1.299.001

Not playable after you pass a certain point.Game is too pay to win. Game literally becomes unplayable unless you are willing to drop a couple hundreds to even survive. And thousands just to be competitive. The whole alliance thing does not help as one person can take down an entire alliance. Or when a stronger clan just zero in on weaker players. The game even encourages it so not a great game unless you got tons of money to toss away. It really had good potential but the greed ruined it..Version: 1.297.001

Enjoyable! But a big issue…I enjoy this game very much. Joining alliances, making friends, etc. it’s all good fun. However, I need to point out that the pictures and adverts of this game are NOTHING like it at all. There is no “find a cure” storyline. There is one storyline, and that is to fight other alliances, take over territories, and get to Eden. Once that’s done, no one is sure what happens next until we wait for the season to end. Then it is a new map and a merged server to once again fight for Eden. This game focuses on PVP as a main. PVE is not at all like they advertise with fighting off hordes. You send a van out, fight zombies, and it returns. I wish I could attach images. This game is EXPENSIVE if you choose to spend. A few in my alliance spend but they are fed up because it feels like they get nowhere. One thing we have learned is that the cost of in-app purchases is significantly cheaper if you’re in China, Korea, and Japan. According to our Asian teammates… I’m talking 80% cheaper. I understand that the company is from China, however it does feel very disheartening to global users who pay 80% more than some of our teammates. It’s a really good game, but it starts to feel a bit draining as progression feels like a drag. However, the fact I have made friends for life is pretty awesome..Version: 1.292.001

Last fortressNot bad, the game has good challenges but I don’t like the fact that you have to pay to use some features.Version: 1.285.001

Good people, average gameSome good people in alliances but tedious game.Version: 1.293.001

Starts off greatReally used to enjoy the game, you build relationships and battle with other teams, it starts off great usually you start on a server where everyone is on the same level, the more you work the better the rewards (you need to sink a lot of cash as the game goes on). As the seasons go on you merge with other alliances, this is where it gets tricky, you can also pay to switch servers and season, so someone who has been playing years and is a high level can pay to switch to a server of a lower level and reap havoc making it a completely unfair game. There is no point in reporting anyone as the bullies are usually the ones paying the money to the developers, the bots and moderators who are supposed to be watching the game joke on in chat with them. If you have an endless supply of cash then this is the game for you !!!!!.Version: 1.312.001

MehWell, I played for a couple of days. Very much a mish mash of other games. Nothing really exciting or worth spending money on. Very much guided by quests and upgrading things to progress. You get to the “sweet spot” like most games and then things take exponentially +++ longer and more expensive to build. Main reason I’m giving up on the game is that Fernando and Brady keep getting stuck… no access or need to build a ladder - even when there’s a ladder right there the next space over!!. Overall I would describe as boring..Version: 1.311.001

Poor SupportGame starts off ok and shows you how to build and develop your troops. But very quickly it becomes clear there is no help , no information whatsoever available to help you with things like understanding which armoury items belong with which heroes. i even asked this question on the FB forum and received no reply. There is zero info about the ‘world’, or what the idea is become it, whether you’re supposed to capture other regions or what? I joined two different alliances and both were useless. No discussion, no leadership and no help or information because none of the leaders knew what they were doing either. At the same time you are bombarded with buy buy buy !!! Massively over priced rubbish that in NO WAY is worth the very high cost. Again, game could have had potential but clearly investment in providing help / game support is missing and the developers just decided to see what they could extract from players for a quick buck without giving anything in return..Version: 1.298.001

Who has a spare £30k for 1 hero?Used to really like this game it was great fun, and wasn’t all about pay 2 win. Over the past few months they dev have been all about the money. The 1 yr anniversary was a glorified and highly disappointing “money spending event”. The new Fountain of life season (fountain of expenditure more accurately), is a money grabbing farce. So if you have a spare $200k and don’t know what to do with it, this game is perfect for you. If you don’t then I suggest you save your time and money because people are leaving the game in droves and without dropping serious amounts of cash - you are food for them. What was an excellent game has been decimated by greed. Such a shame..Version: 1.325.001

Server 171This game was a cool game to play and interact with.. But I must admit that there is one particular alliance in the map server 171 that are bullies and degrading other alliances to enjoy the game experience.. ToK aka Tempest of Korea are the bullies in this particular server and threaten other alliances with derogatory language,tactics and threats to abolish you and your alliance if you do not follow there rules.. They as an alliance are greedy,manipulative to the point no one enjoys playing.. The developers do nothing to uphold the game guidelines on harassment and bullying all they want is individuals to spend real money,which is ok but not while there is a form of dictatorship within this particular server #171. If you do end up in the server 171 you’ll understand of how this particular alliance Tempest of Korea lays out the laws… Not a good show of sportsmanship at all developers.. Lots people are leaving because of that alliance because they are down right bullies. Can you please correct this and stop the harassment from Tempest of Korea as there is no equal playing field in….Version: 1.286.001

Pay to winSame old, same old. Spend money (BIG MONEY) to get ahead in the game. Devs tell you you can play without paying, and that is true, what they dont tell you is that while you are busy NOT paying you (and your alliance) is on fire everyday from being raided by those who DO spend money. So if you dont have the game, be warned that not spending money will put you so far behind the paying players, you will never catch up, you will get disenfranchised with the game, and you’ll probably trash it. If you are lucky enough to be an Asian player (reading, writing, speaking) you can join one of the top alliances since they tend to be the ones spending those BIG dollars. And some of them only take you IF you are their ethnicity. I have read the Devs responses…. So if you choose to respond to mine, you can address this…… How does a NON paying player compete with a big spender? When a big spender has a BRAND NEW, JUST RELEASED HERO, at a 3star rainbow, level 100 with full BRAND NEW, JUST RELEASED GEAR, at level 20 on the SECOND DAY they are released…… Explain to me just how a non paying player competes with that?? Make this game a one time $99 dollar purchase, then require players to RESOURCE, BUILD, TRADE, UPGRADE everything. NO PURCHASING combat points! Until then, it will always be a game for the big money players..Version: 1.306.001

Too bad Cost money to progressGood idea, but everything winds up costing you out of pocket real money in order to really progress in the game. The game algorithms are also skewed with most elite hero’s or trucks being 1% or less. This game leans heavily on favouring those who want to shell out mad amounts of money for good heroes, tokens, gear, diamonds and transport. Even if you buy the production hero who supposedly is supposed to collect your resources, you’ll still come “home” to a dark base with the little guy sitting is his cube having collected no power or food. Do the dailies every day killing zombies and I’ve been sitting at 39 car parts for over a week making it ridiculous to collect 500 parts to upgrade transport. The people in my alliance are really the only reason I stay some days..Version: 1.323.002

Fun, but needs improvementsThis game is fun to play, I enjoy playing it and it seems to be well thought out overall. However there is an issue with the gameplay as far as hero power levels and matches. They don’t seem to be consistent. You can have 5x of level 45 hero’s against 5x of level 30 hero’s and still lose everything while the opponent has 3 or more hero’s remaining. Replaying the match multiple times yields different results on win/loss and is inconsistent. So it’s clear The battle mechanics for multiplayer and against AI are somewhat broken. As far as the clans and teaming, you can play solo, but expect to be attacked a lot. Unfortunately it doesn’t show you your attackers location so you can’t retaliate and get your resources back. As far as buying items in game, don’t. The only purchase that is worth it is the NATE gathering robot. Other then that, just take the time to collect and level, the rest of everything is overall not worth the expense because in the end, your enemies who did it for free will eventually catch up and have the same stuff a few days later..Version: 1.312.001

Fun until RACISM took overIt was cringey enough that so many of the character fighters have remarkably racist troupes, but then you get to the part where you join alliances with other players and well… an entire group named after a right wing conspiracy theory had taken over half the map by destroying smaller factions. I tried to point out it was ruining the game and that the name had problematic origins and everybody turned. It’s been a nightmare to deal with and totally sapped my energy. People are using slurs and hate speech in the chat, there are zero ways to combat bullying. Oh and btw, they seemingly stopped properly translating half way through game development, so it gets really confusing. Literally all of them tried to make fun of my dog? (Was just an ai images but it’s still weird to bully a dog!) this game has potential but 1) it really really doesn’t need to be so interactive/social, war games and social grouping gets racy fast and 2) maybe hire actual people who belong to the groups you try to represent so you don’t wind up with a white woman dressed as an Indian chief doing a voodoo dance…. And 3) for the love of god, get some quality control.Version: 1.277.001

Nul et…Ses nul le didacticiel est trop lon et le gameplay🤢🤐.Version: 1.273.002

Pay to winGame is okay but if you want to place high you need to spend a lot of money repeatedly. Latest update also makes it possible for bullies to hit your base even if they are just on their way..Version: 1.290.001

DisappointingThis game will have you hooked for awhile it has great core roots. Then comes the issues, ridiculed with micro game transactions in an attempt to get you to pay more money at every corner of the game. This is clearly a pay to win game or at the very least pay to progress meaningfully. The balancing is horrendous and will probably never be fixed. Well they just lost another dozen long time gamers from this platform due to the above issues that I know. Attempted to offer advice for a reasonable solution, was taken on board but probably dismissed. This game will implode one day, not getting any more of my money, we have had enough..Version: 1.323.002

#4 in my server- real reviewAfter playing this game and coming from an underdog to #4 in my current server. I can finally give an honest review. This game is very much PAY to win and truly is unfair. Once you get to the part where you must join alliances and work with people.. you realize how much bigger this game is. I have made so many friends across the world and I love the community of the game. However, you have the biggest bullies who are the top dogs and high levels who run the show. Why? Because they paid to get there- hundreds spent to level up quick. In Season 0 there should be no reason a fortress is at level 21 while most of your players who don’t pay are at average level 14-16 max. Understand that it takes days to level up and tons of gathered resources just to level up each time. So it should take you weeks and weeks to be at level 21. That shouldn’t even be possible to be at level 21 in season 0. Also, please be very aware that this game is full of adults and the bullies sexually harass women and ask for nudes 24/7. They will even burn down your alliance for saying no. I was enjoying the game so much and have worked so hard to get my team as far as we could go but the server is becoming dead due to extreme uneven power balance and bullying. You just can’t advance anymore after a certain point unless you spend money. I am contemplating leaving the game and that says a lot since I have made many new friends and am #4 in the server..Version: 1.322.001

Enjoyable but expensiveIt’s a enjoyable enough game however it is expensive. If you want to actually be able to compete and not be food for other players you need to spend money, and a lot. As someone who only puts a little into these games I am no where near a large player or a contender at the table, but I have noticed that any time a suggestion made on the discord is implemented it is done so at a cost. You want something in game you will need the credit card to achieve it. Thankfully what makes these games enjoyable is the networking, the other players,.Version: 1.275.001

So many bugs/problems with gameplay.I don’t normally write reviews. This one is needed. I started of enjoying the game. I then started to face countless of problems like not being able to collect stuff, especially gophers in their cages. My upgrade option’s disappearing. Things like that. Sometimes restarting the app would help and some of them are stuck like it. Still can’t collect certain gophers no matter where I move them. The food goes so quick too and unless you go on it almost every 10 minutes, is IMPOSSIBLE to keep track off..Version: 1.320.001

PlayerSo that game can be fun but there are so many bully players! They game development doesn’t help the small fortresses against the big bully fortresses (players), they claim is join alliances for help etc ..blah blah blah this doesn’t mean anything when it comes to help and they know it! If not one player is in from the alliance how can they help? Next how can your alliance members help you out if they are small level 5,6,8, 11,15 or so and your the same but the bully is a level 22,23,25,27,28,30 there’s nothing we can do to help defend or protect ourselves not to mention each other! There’s absolutely no way to truly protect yourself in this game when you’re under attack from any other player it’s just not set up that way bc there aren’t in any soldiers fighting to protect the fortress when being attacked I’ve watched they just kill your troops that are sitting around doing absolutely nothing!!!! You can’t set a base defense team up to protect the fortress’s 24:7 like in a real war so changing at theses few things would be great! I’m sure it will be said oh we will pass it on to the developers 👀🙄🙄🥱 but just maybe they will prove me wrong and provide some relief or help!.Version: 1.327.001

MeanGood game.Version: 1.298.001

Honestly just don’t download thisYes it is a fun game and can become addictive. But unless you want to spend thousands of dollars on a mobile game to maybe become strong enough where people don’t attack and zero you in your sleep. Then you just have to spend hundreds of more dollars just to get your soldiers back it’s not worth it. Not to mention all the glitches where you randomly get kicked off the app every here and there. And yes you can join a strong alliance. But keep in mind if you aren’t in the strongest alliance and get stuck in a crappy server like I did. That doesn’t care about a non attack pact or NAP with TOP 5. You are either with them or everyone is food. Then inevitably you will waste all your money like I did. And support won’t do anything because this is apparently what the game is. So many people quit because of this and yet they don’t care as long as they have people spending money. Oh and you can’t just leave the server you are stuck with the crappy people. And then when you are able to leave. Guess what it costs money. The stronger you are the more money it costs. Just save yourself some money and don’t download it..Version: 1.326.001

Why don’t it workUpdates r not working it keeps going to a Japan page. I ask for help on this twice n still no response.Version: 1.319.002

You are fodder for their high paying customersI would seriously avoid this game, based on the facts that it is the most expensive game around, and the people who pay hundreds or thousands to advance will just bully you, preventing you from growing. It never ends. Starting off new and low level, you would realize you are nothing more than a target for the high level and obviously wastefully rich clan that will attack you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So you spend $30, 40, or even $100 trying to catch up, but it barely makes a dent. You cannot catch up to the bully clans on every server. It is obviously designed this way, to attract people who can afford $$$$ to be highest possible levels and to force lower level players to either quit in frustration or to keep on paying more and more until they quit anyway. There is no way to even play without spending big bucks. It is such a rip off, and the response is always that you are not playing the game as it was designed. In other words, pay up or shut up. Worst game I have ever played, and the sorriest customer service out there..Version: 1.321.001

Money money moneyOnly way to win is to pay. They always say “we are a survivalist game not single player” so maybe give customers what they ask for ? Like 85% of the comments are about just wanting to enjoy the game without being attacked. Fallout shelter is by far a better game. ✌️.Version: 1.319.001

Very much pay to winFirst things first, you need money. A lot of it. Yes you can play with the current game mechanics etc however money talks big here. New server, people level normally then suddenly fortresses start appearing that are 10 levels above and it climbs faster as they pump money into the game. Heavy disparity. Joining Alliances is good but sadly the money spenders create their super leagues and you are unable to meet their criteria of joining and so you join one of the lesser alliances who are simply resources to plunder for the elite alliances. Developers can say oh there is strength in numbers, I call rubbish. Lesser alliance of 20-30 people got steamrolled by 4 level 20 pay to win people on a 3-4 week old server. Another thing is the lack of notification you get that any purchase made is in $US currency and suddenly your small purchase increases a lot. Can I call fraud here? Regardless , you can play the game with out spending a cent, but you end up just being hit regularly by the level 20+ pay to win players. I confess I bought a few heroes for the fortress just for fun but after seeing my expenditure for those purchases, I’ve lost interest in this sinkholes Tl;dr - it’s good enough but unless you want to throw money into it, it’s going to be a grief ridden journey. P.S. I notice the developer response was a cookie cutter response and never addressed the exchange rate not being identified. Typical..Version: 1.305.001

Good game but..I've played over a year and these days there's lots more expensive packs they want you to buy. If your not spending money or not in strong alliance, you are just food. It's a good game but every new feature that comes out now is just some other way for them to squeeze more money from you. It's a shame because it is fun game..Version: 1.324.001

It’s okI only played a month and already spent a $100. At first it was a lot of fun. Lots to do right away. So I got sucked into paying for packages. The packages were not worth the money. $20 a month for premium. Most games you pay $5-10. I really didn’t see the value. Yeah diamonds are useful but I ended up upgrading and building up to many resources. Now I’m stuck. I have to upgrade the control center to upgrade anything else. I can’t upgrade the control center because I have to many resources so it won’t let me use the iron. I really don’t understand a lot of the mini activities. Not sure what to do with surrounding countries. Rewards are confusing too. I have a ton of items I’m not sure what they are for. Overall this is way to expensive for such a confusing game. The bundle are not a good deal at all. I did have fun updating and building. Now that my month is up for the premium and I’m stuck. Im deleting the game. It took me over two years before I got bored with clash of clans. I probably only spent $200 a year on that game. I’m a month in and spent a $100..Version: 1.301.001

Absolutely PAY TO WINThis game is free, and you don’t have to spend any money to play it, but if you don’t want to spend the entire time getting your base and territories destroyed, spending money to get ahead is the only way. It’s really sad. I enjoyed the game at first when it had a story and it was actually about fixing up your fortress. Now that that’s over, it’s just a PVP game. I’m not in a big alliance(which is how I like, I don’t like being in a large alliance where they have ridiculous extra stipulations or you get kicked out) and we got pitted again one of the biggest ones in the “toughest alliance duel” and within 5 minutes they captured our measly 3 territories and destroyed all our bases. All the other “enemy” alliance players bases were level 23+ while we only have 1 player with a base of level 20. Of course if I was willing to spend HUNDREDS of dollars to upgrade not only my base, all the research you have to do, all the resources you have to get(which takes days the higher you get, oh but don’t worry, you can spend money to get items to make it go faster!) upgrading all your characters to the highest level(75?), getting all the top tier gear for them, THEN upgrading said gear, leveling the characters skills up, etc, I wouldn’t have to worry about getting attacked and my base destroyed and could actually enjoy the other aspects of the game. So unless you like spending A LOT of money and PVP, I wouldn’t waste my time with this game..Version: 1.308.002

Nice game don’t like PvPIt’s a nice game if you’re interested in building civilization. Once you go pass level 6, your open game for Player vs Player against player who are way higher level than yon to be pillage. Need to have a non PvP version for people who don’t like attacking others or having a level 20 being attacked by a level 6 person. Reply: then you should add a restriction to prevent higher level people from attacking lower level. Example. You can not attack someone who’s 3-5+ lower than you..Version: 1.290.001

ToleranceThis game is far from anything that is even advertised. The developers allow and encourage hate speech and bullying from pay to play members. When support was contacted multiple times and given many screenshots as proof they immediately did nothing saying “it’s the game”. So unless you plan to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to fund hate speech and bullying then I advise you do not play this game. These pay to play members stick together and use vulgar hate speech at anyone who is not throwing thousands of dollars at the game everyday. They will take everything away from you so you can’t even play the game. It’s a form of cyber “jumping” hundreds of players against 90 people or less. There is no diplomacy in the game except between pay to play members. If they are allied to each other and you are not a pay to play member then they refuse to communicate with you or allow you to play the game leaving many abandoned accounts behind. The developers support and encourage this behavior because they refuse to permanently ban the accounts of those who are breaking game rules. Those players who break the rules are the ones funding the game and lining the pockets of the developers. The game developers already received all the money they can from these players as they have hit the ceiling and can’t level up any further so why not ban them????.Version: 1.329.001

4 faction choice is now 1Everyone has a choice of developing teams based on 4 factions. It has been interesting to date with a main team versing other factions, however, it has now developed into a 1 faction only scenario. Season 4 turned into a 2 faction scenario - with 2 factions badly neglected. The season 5 gave us 2 new heros for those 2 factions, however only one faction now comes out on top. So if you enjoy fighting the exact same team with a replica team over and over again - you will love this game! Otherwise give it a miss as theres no fix scheduled in the future!.Version: 1.305.001

Avoid this predatory gameThis is a predatory game carefully designed to exploit and monetise addiction. There is no real strategy or gameplay to speak of, just mindless button pressing to continually upgrade your fortress. Initially, upgrades come fast and easily, giving little dopamine hits that become addictive. Daily bonuses reinforce the desire to keep logging in, pressing buttons, getting upgrades. Eventually the upgrades get slower and slower unless you purchase additional resources. Don’t download, don’t play, don’t pay. Zero stars..Version: 1.314.001

Great but PVP needs to be optionalThis is a great game that’s a lot of fun but I agree with the review of tomRobz. There needs to be an option to participate in PvP or be allowed to opt out. Being relatively low level and having entire alliances attack you almost every minute of the day gets really old really fast. My fortress comes under attack at least 15+ times a day. There’s no ability to upgrade anything much as you’re constantly looted especially as punishment for rejecting an alliance where they send all their people after you relentlessly. Considering deleting as I have nothing to work towards because of this..Version: 1.316.001

Pay to Win struggleI absolutely love this game and have been playing it everyday for a month straight ever since I first downloaded it. But as I play more and more it only gets harder and harder to compete with people who have spent any amount of money on this game. The robot that collects all your resources from your base would be insanely helpful in the progression of a base, but the fact you have to pay ten dollars for that is a little ridiculous to me. You can also get a 4th work station, which is insanely helpful in the development and quick progression of a base. But you have to pay five dollars for that as well. These are just a couple of instances where you have to pay in order to come anywhere close to keeping up with your competitors, like I said this is a great game, but I feel adding these features just to be told you have to pay to win is a huge smack in the face for anyone who actually wants to be able to have fun without spending money on a mobile app. Even at least making these things a little more affordable for everybody would help the problem, 99 cents is a more than reasonable price for any add on In this game. If you ask me 5$ and even 10$ for add ons that are Almost essential to developing your base and keeping up with your opponents who have that kind of money to spend, is flat out ridiculous. Thank you and I hope change comes soon, for the future of this games sake..Version: 1.288.001

Not like adsThe game expects you to spend large amounts of money. Game is not that great..Version: 1.315.001

Bullies are not getting reported because this game is making money out of themThere are a lot of South Korean bullies who play the race card against people who they want to attack. They never let the world chat be in peace and single out the alliances they don’t like and keep hitting them day and night. So much swearing against other players and they play the victim game in front of everyone. All the Korean players get together at one point and start attacking the team they don’t want to be there. All they want to do is show power and step on every other players. I’ve had of the alliance group called “ROK” “MOO” “kpo” in the game which thinks has the privilege to speak shut about other players. Just because they have a lot of money and time to invest, they think they can do whatever they want and only they have to do it. They threaten every other player and alliance group with their money. Abuse about mothers of other players, personal attack on someone for no reason, even the women from those group are supporting and enjoying it. I don’t what orgasm they get by bullying people on a virtual platform. If someone tries to talk sense they play the race card. They start the racist remarks but never admit and just want to kill people and orgasm from that. These people are mentally affecting players and not letting any of them be at peace. They talk strategy but call others dogs, pigs and far worse than that if people use own strategies. Even if the comments are reported no action is taken against those players by the game support. They are happy with the money they are able to make from the bullies and never care about what goes on inside the game. You guys are ready to post promotions of game and offer discounts in app but never try to keep a track of what toxicity is being cooked by these so called war seeking power wanting stupid player groups. I have more respect towards South Korean people and I’m telling about these some bad apples that decay and rot the rest of the bunch. I’m not ready to give even a one star rating to this game but no option. Please take action on the reports and keep these bullies off playing these games..Version: 1.296.001

Good game but still needs a lot of work !Good game however I find I’m getting attacked all the time I’m base level 20 and there’s nothing I can do to defend myself makes it hard going up level because of that fact so you need to do something to help low level players keep interested in the game and give them the ability to grow there base & troops.Version: 1.297.001

Pay 2 WinJust pay 2 win. Get smashed by wallet warriors all day while devs get rich. Not worth the hassle..Version: 1.315.001

Why are the peace treaties so inaccessibleI’ve played on a number of likewise games as a P2P and never have I experienced one that makes protection bubbles (peace treaties) so inaccessible Initially they only had an 8 hour option at very costly gem price. Now they have finally introduced a 24 hour peace treaty which is near enough impossible for anyone who is low/medium P2P to maintain weekly at a cost only high spenders could afford. In other words if your not a mega spender there’s no point in playing as you’ll be used as a farm daily. Well unless you have the 4,000 gems for a 24 hour treaty. Maybe it should look at the likes of top grossing games like Evony who have way easier accessible 8 hour, 24 hour and 3 day treaties. This is how you keep a balance on such games and prevent dead servers or bully tactics..Version: 1.304.001

Hello? Customer Support? You there?It can be a fun game although I’ve been having issues since the update. The game will “refresh” and unlink my account, wont let me relink the account, says that those accounts are already linked. It wont let me get into events, stopped leveling the facilities and I’lll lose the resources. If I go into alliance, it says the alliance doesnt exist but the chat window says otherwise. I tried using the repair feature - nothing. Tried restarting my phone, tried a different wifi or turning it off altogether, tried clearing the cache and tried deleting and reinstalling the game. I spent some money on this app as well and having these issues stops any construction or further development in the game. Reaching customer support is terrible, literally send them videos and screenshots of all my information with the problems occurring and after a long waiting period they asked me for my information and what’s going on like they didn’t see anything I sent. I send them the information and still wait with nothing being fixed..Version: 1.277.001

Overall gameThe introduction is fun it’s what you would expect a story of how to build like a tutorial and for a time you get that until after time those tips disappear and it leaves you with no guidance of what to do next. Before playing this I seen other peoples comments about basic stuff that stops working like unable to descend ladders it happens still now it’s something that needs fixing. The outside world looks clan based towards settlements there is no guide to take you through that as you need select upgrades through gathering and you can be attacked by rival clans unaware as the game offers no guidance. It’s like you get an introductory then the game stops working. Like many games it’s littered with micro transactions but when the base games in need of a patch don’t waste your money when the developers can’t fix the basics an give more tutorials as to any new gamer they need explain more than the basics as when the game takes off more people enter your settlement new buildings form an requirements need to be met there’s no guide the outside world again no guide an new players are easy pray to clans. The game has so much potential but the basics let it down shame..Version: 1.275.001

Needs a report button for bullying!!This game is very fun and addicting. And I’m enjoying it very much. Although I do notice a few things wrong with this game. 1- people tend to bully others and attack the same person over and over and you can’t do anything about it. This game is a money based game and I think it hurts the game. It’s hard to progress when people with huge cp gaps can just attack and can’t defend yourself. I have this problem currently. I have specific people that like to bully smaller groups to gain an edge. 2- big and powerful groups should be put with big powerful groups. I’m on a server that has a group that shouldn’t be on our server because of how powerful they are and we can’t progress very good since our S4 merger. So I do hope the devs find a solution to this. All in all the game is very enjoyable. I know my big lettter doesn’t seem that way, but it has some great qualities about it. I don’t and won’t spend lots of money on a game to be able to compete. So I do think a report button for bullying should be available. Because I have seen bigger groups target people they don’t like or something like that. Anyway I do hope people still play the game because it is enjoyable for sure.Version: 1.304.002

Game resets to zero every month!The game is easy to play but it is NOT a zombie survival game. Rather, it is a pvp game with player vs player, and alliance vs alliance. Daily events repeat every week so it is easy to plan for them. Some events repeat once per month. The only place this is a zombie survival game is the weekly event where the game npc zombies kill all your troops. You cannot stop them and they keep auto attacking your base until all your troops are dead. At level 24 that means 6 days of healing and missing the next two day’s events unless you are willing to pay to heal troops. The major problem is that every month the game resets and wipes out all your progress and then you must start over. For this reason alone the game is not worth your time or money to play. The second problem is that two in game currencies (Z coins and Momento coins) are required in huge quantity which makes the game pay-to-play. You can play free but cannot advance fast enough before the monthly game reset wipes out your progress. Also, there are some things that are not available unless you spend cash to get them (special buildings and heroes). With every reset, the game becomes more pvp war all the time. There is no effective way to protect your troops. Unless you can spend lots of money and be on 24/7, and love to nothing but pvp, then the game is not for you..Version: 1.299.001

Unfair TrollingIt’s a cool game but the campaigns against players are so one sided it’s stop being fun. The higher player constantly farm your base. There honestly should be a limit to higher level players constantly attacking lower level players. Players are 8-10 levels higher than the people they’re attacking. All the higher level alliances rarely fight each other but they continue pillaging your base and then vanish. Another problem is that it takes entirely waaay to long to heal and train troops. I’m getting hit so many times by higher level players that I don’t even finish training troop numbers are so low that I fight players with only 20 or so troops plus my heroes because the other guys keep sending my troops to the hospital…I currently have over 2400 troops in the hospital and it will take over 3 days to heal them…so I have to wait 2 or 3 days to play, meanwhile players are steady attacking my base what a joke!! Spend money to heal them and in 24 hours they’ll all be back in the hospital because there’s no way to stop a player 10 levels higher than you. Even if you spend money for a peace treaty when it expires they come and farm your base again and again and again so why spend money if I’m gonna get farmed anyway. This should be addressed because it makes the game experience boring, and not pleasant..and soon I’ll be departing with this experience if this continues..Version: 1.289.001

Server 327This server has become a breeding ground for cyber bullying by one alliance alone KOR. Do they not just troll, throw racist remarks and on top they constantly attack bases half of their level who are trying to build and play a game and are forcing people to quit the game due to this! They’ve attacked one player at lvl 10, and this is as an allowance, not individual members well over 20 times back to back then boasted reports all over the world chat berating this player. No matter how many times you report them, nothing changes. This needs sorting immediately!.Version: 1.302.001

Game free, but Overpriced Packages pop up everywhereThe game is getting worse. It’s not true that you can improve your fortress quickly by doing only the free events. As soon as you open the game you are hit with SPECIAL OFFERS…. And when you look closely they are not Special, they are a total rip off. Now with the Alliance Event you need to grow during the week to prepare for the Attack Event on another Alliance from another server. And this every weekend. We are getting mainly the same bad server as Opponents, which is the worst and far more stronger than our server, probably some accounts improved by fraud. More and more people are giving up as they have enough, repairing during the week what was lost and cannot grow because of that. Unless they spend a lot of money and I MEAN LOTS OF MONEY!!! NO GAME IS WORTH THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS! BE AWARE. I deleted the game for good!.Version: 1.281.001

Too much PvPThis is fundamentally a great game, however, there is no opt out of PvP and the big alliances gang up and stop anyone else developing, which is more than frustrating. Unless you plan to spend lots of money, don’t play this game. It’s a shame, because it could be so much better if the emphasis was on players working together instead of against each other. There are also lots of bugs, which also spoils the game. Shame on the developers, wasted opportunity here..Version: 1.298.001

Levelling up impossible taskI like the game, but leveling up now is impossible task I got as far as 17 now am ready to go to 18…. But I have too many enemies that keep attacking every day, so lvl 18 is only mere dream. I even dream the other day I was trying to get rss to lvl up but they kept draining away as soon as I almost there they drained. In other games if get attacked sometimes receive an 8 hour peace shield not always but it helps! I wish that it be like this in this game.. but no That’s on my wish list?! If you make my dream come true on the wish list I up the stars.Version: 1.325.001

NEVER pay for in app packs for this gameThe game is ok, bit buggy and prone to crashing but the biggest issue is that once you purchase an in-game item they will keep charging you for packs you didn’t buy and then will lock you out of your account if you dare to request a refund, so you can’t even access the packs you did purchase. If you decide to download, take my advice and never ever give them access to your App Store by making a purchase..Version: 1.303.001

The Game is sort of funThe game is sort of fun. This is due mainly to the great community that participates. The alliance structure encourages interaction with a lot of great people. The game is somewhat derivative. The in-game concepts are very similar to a very popular game that hit the market about three years ago. Nothing especially new. New content is being added all the time. However, the new content seems to be primarily designed to add opportunities for enhanced company revenue. It would have been nice to know this before starting the game. But, with original graphics, it is easy to appear to be offering a new game experience that isn't really there. To that point, the artwork supporting this game is excellent. The artist and animators work hard and provide a pleasant visual experience. Their billing and customer support processes for in-app purchases appear to be a mess. Three attempts to address a minor issue resulted in three completely different, inaccurate, and poorly researched responses. Working with a credit card and other payment services does not provide a clear avenue to address issues either. I wish there were some separate review processes for customer support so we could observe trends with specific companies and their support staff..Version: 1.303.001

Alliances attacking relentlesslyI honestly enjoyed this game quite abit until alliances just relentlessly plundering you for resources. Especially those with a much higher cp level than yours. There should be some type of cap on how lower level you can actually raid as such. Trying to understand defences of your fortress is another issue even with the lengthy help options.Version: 1.322.002

Typical war gameThis is a typical war game, players join other people all over the world to battle for rank and power. I love this genre! I would however recommend you give this one a miss due to these following things, Packs are expensive and you don’t receive very much in them. Lack of novelty - week to week you have the same events and even ‘special’ events just tie in. The game freezes during every kill event. Event ‘gifts’ are small and poor, you get them by spending more time on the game or buying them, meaning they aren’t really gifts. Playability 6/10 Graphics. 7/10 Value for money spent 4/10 Customer appreciation 3/10.Version: 1.306.001

App not opening after upgradeLots of people with problems getting into the app since upgrading, and no response from developers in 2 days.Version: 1.319.001

Game logic favors rich bullies who ruin the experienceCould be a fun game but game logic allows insecure bullies with deep pockets to become untouchable which drives more casual gamers away. Developers enjoy that because they profit. Best strategy is not even start playing this game, because if you’ve spent a moderate amount of money it will be wasted if you land in a server with players who insist on killing it because of their deep seated insecurities..Version: 1.320.001

Korean run game with unfair purchase scamThis games developers are from China but they give huge discounted purchase power and code packs to Koreans making them ridiculously strong giving them control on all servers. Spend $1,000’s of dollars and you still won’t keep up. It’s a back door deal done to push people to spend more to keep up just like many of these type games by similar developers. These games ultimately fail but not before they rip off people for millions if not billions of dollars. My suggestion is to skip by this game and find one that doesn’t favour purchasing power to only one country. If you do install and play, make sure you call them out openly in chat and spread the word. It’s the only way this type of practice ends. The developers should be ashamed and the games that practice this should be banned from app stores..Version: 1.294.002

Game play is unfairThis game is focused on pay to win (ptw) players. I’m fine with paying a little into a game. However you have some people spending 1000’s of dollars and they become invincible. So much so, an entire alliance cannot even dent a big player, that has spent there way to the top. This is a flaw. Many games cater to the ptw player I get it it’s a business but the game play here, where one base can take out an entire alliance is not normal… I have never seen this before. When an alliance defends against a few big players they always win in other games, this creates a fairness. I strongly suggest you steer clear if you don’t you’ll waste some money and time and then realize I was right..Version: 1.318.001

Games buggedGame looked decent, was recommended..spent 99 pence and was enjoying it up to the old friend quest. ‘Lineup must have at least 1 soldier’ with no way to actually add soldiers, I hit repair, built and cleared everything I could and I’ve just given up with it. Customer service built into the game is so bad, you can only search key words that offer no help or give you a fix you’ve tried 10 times already. Give the game a try, but don’t spend anything till you are way clear of any tutorial quest lines the game has to offer..Version: 1.328.001

SERVERS INADEQUATEGood game but tearing my hair out here.. so many bugs and crashes. Please fix your servers or invest in more or better ones. Game is getting so unplayable. And no, it’s not my devices, connection, or lack of troubleshooting. It’s on your end.. So many players are beyond fed up. Stop trying to make the graphics nice and introducing new events. The priority is upgrading your hardware and spending time on making the game not crash or freeze up. Spending half our game time rebooting.. repairing.. waiting on lag and getting bumped out of the game etc is simply not an option. Players will only put up with it for so long. Just a polite nudge guys, don’t let the game fail.Version: 1.299.001

Unabashedly Pay-to-WinThis game is unabashedly pay to win. On nearly every screen, there are “give us money to get more rewards or premium characters!”options. There is no way to effectively compete with the other players without spending a ton of cash. The devs will tell you that you can get a lot of resources for free, which is true. But you get only a fraction of that of paying players, which doesn’t solve the pay-to-win problem. If you didn’t have to interact with other players, this wouldn’t be a problem. But no, if you can’t get your base strong enough, you get raided and destroyed by the wealthy players. That leads to my second big complaint about this game. It is deceptive in its marketing materials, and doesn’t explain anywhere that the main feature of the game once you get past the introduction is player-vs-player combat, and alliance warfare. This is yet another game where you have a city in an overworld with a bunch of other players, manage troops, and send armies to attack zombies and other players/alliances. But they hide that. No screenshots. Nothing in any ads I’ve seen. They hook you with the interesting gameplay of exploring and building out your bunker. Then they throw you into the overworld where you have to shell out real cash or constantly get raided by other players. The early gameplay with exploring and building your bunker is fantastic. If the game was just that, I’d love it. But, unfortunately, that is not what this game is..Version: 1.302.001

Awful GameIt is pay to win. There is constant bullying, racism, homophobia, sexist men towards woman. The Devs do NOTHING when you report abusive content AND provide screenshot proof. DO NOT DOWNLOAD, you will regret it. Game is super unbalanced, the packs are too expensive, the game constantly glitches and freezes, joining an alliance does nothing to protect you against an angry abusive max lvl who can take out half your alliance in 1 hour but none of you can stop them. This game is flawed and broken and it’s sad because it was fun before. Check out the Reddit page for the game and see for yourself that these issues are common across ALL servers. Customer support sucks, they take days to reply IF they reply at all and even then they will give you some reflective answer like they do when they reply to these reviews. “Join an alliance” they say, do you think I am stupid and have not tried that? I have 80 people in mine and yet it does NOTHING to protect again the wallet whales that exist..Version: 1.289.001

Design your Bunker is a LieYou cant even design your bunker let alone add decorations inside your fortress or facilities😒.Version: 1.316.001

Loud sound effectsAPC1 Vehicle is so ridiculously loud, even if you turn off all the sounds, the APC1 vehicle volume can not be controlled. you can’t listen to music in the background whilst using this app because of the APC1 vehicle volume being so loud it can cause pain in the ear if you use airpods. pretty simple fix but obviously an oversight from the developers that hasn’t been fixed for sometime now. Game is also heavily over priced in comparison to other similar games..Version: 1.289.001

Great game but keep reading…Great game, completely sucked in and was hooked. I enjoyed all aspects of this game. Rewards were plenty, always something to gather or collect or produce. I then decided to join one of the many alliances as you delve deeper into the game. I tried a few but settled into one of the smaller but active groups. I started to feel like part of the gang, going on raids, killing zombies. But then the enjoyment started to fade as my smaller alliance was being absolutely wiped out by the bigger bully’s of the game: AIG and TBS. They are the big boys of the game. And the smack talk that goes on is crazy. Anything goes, no filter here. So if you don’t fork out your money to get to their level, you have no hope against these big bully’s of the game. It’s ridiculous that this isn’t monitored. I want a fun game experience not this. Maybe the trick is you don’t join an alliance? So again great game but prepared to be smashed unless you join one of the big alliances. But then again they’re now so big you won’t be looked at twice if you aren’t powerful enough. Seriously bosses of this game, can’t something be done about this as I’m about to delete this game from my phone..Version: 1.323.001

GlitchMy character built his first ladder in the wrong place now he’s stuck.Version: 1.274.001

FakeFake adds not lying!!!And blood..Version: 1.306.001

Don’t play itI was bombarded with ads for this game in another game I am playing and it looked like it might be fun. But, ALL the ads make it look like a fun single player game but it’s not, there’s player vs player, and I have zero interest in that so away it goes..Version: 1.290.001

Don’t be drawn inStarts off as a great game but as your world grows the only ones to benefit and win are the players who spend real cash on the game. The developers don’t care , you can’t play this game for fun if you do expect to be hunted and constantly wiped out by much larger fortresses who have spent loads on building and getting bigger. If you want a stress free game this is not for you . When I say spend cash you will need to spend big time . I also think a lot of players seems to get large quick and are doing so illegally although the dev say they stop this it if very apparent that is not the case , or several alliances in the zone I am in would be all spending lots and lots of money to get so big so quick.Version: 1.289.001

WORST TECHNICAL SUPPORTThe person you talk to doesn’t know the game. Can’t understand basic features and refuses to contact technical support for bugs in the game. Don’t waste your money or time if they can’t even fix the errors they create. It’s been over 12 hours. “Customer service” won’t reply or close the ticket. I will let you know every day they don’t. Im30 emails do not work - and there is no way to contact the company outside of a customer service that is not been purposely turned off when they got tired of gaslighting that they fix nothing in the game. Update shut the game and fixed nothing thanks for 39 unknown paints I can’t use. Not sure why you pretend to offer technical support: stop gaslighting the gamers Cannot open the item called UNKNOWN PAINT OBJECT YOU CANNOT USE THEM U TIL YOU OPEN THEM. I complained that you had to shut the game to open each one and your solution was to make all of them unusable awesome. Then demand a video which I sent to show you that yes this will show you nothing I 39 UNKNOWN PAINT OBJECTS. Hurray after hours of chats and 4 conversations over several days and an update it turns I had to go to “my cards” to open them that way wow 🤩 thanks for not mentioning this 🙈 because just telling go there and open them over and over is my fault for not knowing there was more steps.Version: 1.320.001

Pay for Players Only Need ApplyBe prepared to pay a lot for upgrades and resources. The developer has everyone in their pockets. Brand new players somehow pop up with top tier teams that annihilate everyone and dominate servers. This forces other players to buy stuff to recoup their losses. The game provides no way to avoid harassment, targeting or bullying by ultra powerful alliances. The weaker alliances will eat their own to appease the power alliance, so there is no way to achieve anything by just game play alone. The world chat on many servers is full of perverted discussions where the girl gamers tease the boys at every chance. I played for 2 months and it was a waste. I definitely would never recommend this game to anyone. This developer is greed driven and I will no longer support their unethical business practices. As for their canned copy and paste responses saying that you can do task and join alliances. They daily to mention that you’ll be attacked repeated for those resources and have no way to defend them. Power players take it all and then only way to progress is to buy stuff. How convenient. Worst part is that the purchased stuff can also be taken, which is borderline theft. No other game I play has me pay for resources and then allows other players to take them all. There is no limit. Makes harassing others when you’re a power player way too easy..Version: 1.290.001

Survivor96avu!This crazy flat earthing conspiracy theorist idiot posting a lot of bible nonsense in World chat as tonight I started playing the game again as I used to have it on my old phone well this player and I deleted the app until something gets done. And the player wouldn’t stop when asked by this other player who had enough and was getting annoyed and the player in subject tried to insult the other players calling them “meme spammers” and referred to them as "uneducated” because no one cared and it seemed he was posting these bible nonsense on purpose to annoy others..Version: 1.301.001

I wanted to give more starsSo why didn’t I? Because I wanted a game to play as I wanted by myself if I wanted. This game for all it’s cool gameplay eventually forces you into an alliance to survive. It’s not really an option not to. That instantly destroyed any enjoyment I had from the game. I had advanced as far as I could without losing my city shield. And once down I have to fight off both zombie hordes and other players. I don’t want forced social interaction. I don’t want strangers raiding my base and wasting whatever time and resources it took to build it up. So when I could advance no further without having to ally myself or be raided I deleted the game. It is obvious that despite all the hard work in developing the game, its creators have no interest in solo players like me. Too bad. Update. The developer responded in part by telling me it was a dangerous world and alliances were popular. Apparently I was not clear when I said that being forced into an alliance was a “feature” that I did not want or enjoy and since I prefer solo play. Hence I deleted the game. Don’t tell me that I am wrong for not wanting social interaction dependency in a game…it is fine to have if I want it…but not as a must have to play option. Nor do I want any being raided by other players. Perhaps I wasn’t clear on that either. No pvp for me. So if the developers want to develop solo friendly options I will be back. If not then bye bye Last Fortress..Version: 1.281.001

Fun game! But too much time without end.Run far away from this one as fast as you can. Had a great week and played with a lot of cool people from all over the world. But it’s really just another social media full of faceless strangers who don’t always get along. And the translation for instruction is sometimes very confusing. There are online guides available but expect to invest considerable time if you get sucked into this one. I got out after a week by sheer force of will and someone giving me a good reason to get on with my life. The bigger issue is it is a “Pay to win,” game through and through. $35 well spent and enjoyed. But there has to be an end to how much in your face selling there is. Makes you want to vomit after a while. Seriously, you gotta be pretty foolish to spend hundreds of dollars on digital bling and things that help you get stronger only to hit another wall the very next day. And it will never end. If you buy a package that has an auto renewal, they don’t make it easy to cancel. Buyer beware! To the developers. I do not accept your future charges. I’m done with the game. Gotta get back to my life. Had fun. But I’m done..Version: 1.317.001

Pay to win & crush the weak…Started out enjoying the game. But once I lost my shield it went downhill fast. This is without a doubt, a pay to win model. Otherwise leveling up is slow. I join a “open” alliance because I’m not a die hard gamer & and just wanted to enjoy playing. Unfortunately the alliances that spend the most money feel the need to crush the weaker ones to pad their stats & win contest. There is nothing to stop a player from completing destroying an opponent. A level 18 can attack a level 12, taking out their solders, then camp out and continue attacking until destroyed. Basically a ground & pound. The victim never has a chase, especially if they are offline at the time. I’m ready to cut my losses and delete this game if this don’t change so. Im highly doubtful it will because it’s all about cash follow and nothing else Update — Since the developer sends the same response to everyone and having just had my fortress destroyed by the same 2 people constantly attacking while offline, I’ve deleted the app. Don’t feel like spending the weekend constantly rebuilding. I’m just glad I didn’t spend a dime it. To bad, it was fun in the beginning..Version: 1.321.001

False advertisingGame has ads for what looks like a mining simulator but it’s just a fallout shelter clone.Version: 1.315.001

Has potentialThere are two major issues that need to be addressed though. One, hire someone to fix your writing, I've been entertained enough to overlook it, until I noticed the other issue. Two, add the ability to choose who your heroes target during combat. The AI is making really poor target choices, seemingly at random. If theres an opponent who can't take another hit, the targeting AI targets someone with full hp. That needs to be addressed. Once you fix these two issues, I will be able to give a better star rating.q.Version: 1.316.001

Scam money grabbing game,This game is designed to at first impress you with lots of free in game bonuses when you first start playing, but once your past lvl 5 you will be constantly bombarded with pop ups to spend money. Don’t be fooled by the temptation of a one time purchase. This game is a SCAM. Even at level 14 with high level hero’s it is hard to move up levels without spending money to do so. So if your prepared to part with lots of your hard earned money I’d find another game to play..Version: 1.296.001

Good but room for improvementI think it’s very addictive at the beginning but things slow down around Level 9 because it takes so long to get iron and stone materials. Then you can’t progress much with fighters because every 5 level ups you need memento coins which are ridiculously hard to come by unless you kill a thousand zombies in the open world which no one has the time for. Just like there’s the mint to create Z coins you should be able to create memento coins also, otherwise this is a very slow burn game which will require God level patience. My only fear is after level 13 what worse is there to do in the game cause I’ve cleared all floors underground and only use the first 5 or 6 and I can see I only have the dairy farm to build and then there’s nothing else left to build so I don’t get it. I wish we could visit other settlements or even those in alliance even if it’s just to view.Version: 1.323.001

Starts ok, goes downhill quicklyThe game starts off ok, it takes a while to get the hang of things. You join an alliance you kill some zombies you have a few fights. But then it quickly becomes apparent that like most other mobile games, you have to spend a lot of real money to stand any sort of chance of lasting. I soon lost interest as I wasn’t prepared to spend more than a few bucks here and there. Do not recommend..Version: 1.289.001

Really fun gameI have so much fun with in the game in the alliance that I don’t even mind that it is a freemium game. However, I would rate higher if it wasn’t for the fact that every time that there is a update, the game is riddled with bugs immediately after for about 2 to 4 days. Currently, my fortress is blacked out, and the game keeps rotating from landscape to portrait. And due to the game formatting, it’s really not portrait compatible. But once the bugs get fixed, the game is great again!.Version: 1.316.001

Super addictive Super expensiveVery addictive game. But get your cash out. I’ve spent 1000’s and I’m just and average player. Yes you can play for free. But that addiction turns to compulsion and impulse. Things take too long without speed ups and good level hero’s. Another example on the heroes you might spend aud $320 and only get 6 decent heroes (if your unlucky but has happened to me) and if you can’t match them with previous shards they’re a waste anyway. And they’ve brought out 2 new heroes which cost thousands to obtain and get to a level where they can be useful. I’m about to upgrade a fortress to a certain level but I need my turret at a certain level which you can only upgrade with diamonds which is the games currency if I’m in a average alliance and don’t spend that will take a few months. Don’t recommend due to the high addiction vs super expensive. These devs are money hungry and you can’t get to an enjoyable level without spending.Version: 1.323.002

Absolute rip offThe game over charged me for 3 purchases and when I tried to get my money back it banned me from the game until I purchased the packs that it initially over charged me for. Both unfair and unreasonable response to an error than was not my fault. Even very seasoned players complaining about the need to make excessive purchases and the game becoming boring. Do not make purchases in this game!.Version: 1.312.001

Doesn’t work for meLoaded game and it took me to a hand holding a lighter but I can’t do anything.Version: 1.317.001

Graphics are garbageYour graphics is always turn to gray and cannot see what’s going on with my troops especially in battle. So disappointed I enjoyed this game & may sleepless nights for the upgrade but decided to delete it anyway.Version: 1.319.002

Lots of moneyYou need to spend a lot of money to get anywhere fast in this game. Otherwise it’s months of FarmVille type of activities. There are a lot of established players/alliances who are really powerful and even myself who has played for a couple of months have no chance of even putting up a decent defence in my reasonably powerful alliance. The servers need to be split up again. The merge was a bad idea. If you want a life and a healthy bank balance. Avoid this game!.Version: 1.274.001

Great gameThis game is so addicting and very well made but it’s a dirty game. Players are ruining the game for others. You shouldn’t be allowed to bounce around alliance to alliance making buddy buddy and then leave and attack the person the next day. It’s cheating. How is anyone NEW supposed to level up if your getting beat up by your resent teammate. The game is RIGGED!.Version: 1.318.001

Absolute garbageIf there was an option for no stars this game would get it. This has been made strictly for pathetic sad clowns to pay ridiculous sums of money; max out their accounts and then bully other casual players just wanting to have fun and that is it! The developers are very much aware of this issue and they do not care whatsoever in fact they are encouraging it because it’s keeping them rich. They will give you a copy and paste generic response essentially telling you to spend more money and join a better alliance=Translation you Quite literally CANNOT beat them so you better join them. That’s their solution for bullying become the bully. You are given an option to switch to another server but it comes at a very costly price you won’t want to pay. Even if you are willing to pay this astronomical amount of money you will find bullies at every destination All the powerful alliances are working together. They do not attack each other only small players. To sum it up if you want to dump a ton of money into the game just to be constantly harassed and attacked to the point the game is no longer playable this is the game for you. Shame on Apple for even allowing something like this to be in the App Store. It’s absolutely disgusting and I will be seeking a refund for money spent..Version: 1.326.001

Fun at firstI usually don’t write these, but this game…. Bring your credit card, and make sure the limit is high. If you don’t buy every pack, every day, you will get massacred by those who do every Saturday. Every week, every single week without a break, you will be matched with an alliance in another zone who will then come to your zone to battle. They are not the problem. It is the alliance matched with the strongest alliance in your zone that comes with their ridiculously strong fortresses and wipes every person in your alliance off the map. Buy a shield? Sure. 1000 diamonds for 8 lousy hours. I can’t even stock my alliance shop with them. You like this kind of game? Download State of Survival. This game is rubbish..Version: 1.293.001

Games not workingThe game isn’t working after the last update..Version: 1.319.001

NopeNothing like the adverts, slow game, don’t waste your time.Version: 1.322.001

Needs improvementThis game is not like what the advertisements show. It is very Fallout shelter-esque. The hero battles are irritating; there are so many of the hero battles I fought in that I SHOULD have won, but due to the poor choices that the program follows it means that you need to upgrade your heroes even further, despite being 10k higher in CP. If the creators could make it so the battles are more interactive, allowing the player to choose which character attacks a certain enemy then this game would have a higher rating by me..Version: 1.311.001

War gameThis is a straight up war game if your not willing to pay to play then you will be wiped by bigger alliances. There is no tactical component in the game except join an alliance and pay big dollars to grow. Even though they have designated days to do things, the pay to win guys just don't bother…. If your starting this game then please have your credit card available because a free to play player who would spend just even the monthly subscription is wiped out daily by the wallet warriors.Version: 1.300.001

BulliesThis is an amazing game. I have only played for about 3 months but, for the most part, it is great. With that being said, the other players/alliances make it unbearable. There are bullies who gang up on all smaller farms and continually take what they want. You pay money to buy certain things, then a bigger alliance comes along and takes it all. There is no way for an individual player to play the game in peace because they are always spending money or time to recover from what others have taken. I am tired of wasting money on something not even playable. I am hoping Apple will refund what I’ve lost as it is nothing but thievery. ___________________________________________ I appreciate your response but these players are attacking strictly because someone in my alliance said something that was translated incorrectly after they attacked us the first time. They are not doing this in fair play, we are being attacked because they can. And it is never ceasing. It is ridiculous. I was relocated 5 different times yesterday from being attacked while not even online. They do it because they can and I have invested too much real money into buying resources for them to come and steal it. Please do something about the annihilation of smaller alliances trying to make their way in the game..Version: 1.289.001

Great if you’re willing/able to put your money into itWant a game everyone can enjoy and get into? Then this isn’t for you. The players who are willing and/or able to put their own money into advancing in the game end up at the top of every battle and everyone else just has to ‘put up with it’ and accept it. This is because retaliating against them brings the whole of their alliance upon them whom have all put their own money into the game and have the strongest fighters and fortresses! Have been playing this game for over two weeks now and have lost the want to play given every time I log on all my resources have been taken from other bigger fortresses which I can’t do anything about. Even my own alliance won’t retaliate against them because they say it will just bring the whole alliance against us. Was enjoying the game up until recently and it’s annoying because it could be a great game if it wasn’t for these big flaws. Find a game where everyone has a chance and the big spenders can’t always win..Version: 1.301.001

Falsely AdvertisedThis game is advertised to be many different games, across many platform advertisements. really think it’s pathetic when creators have to lie to you about what their game is in order to get you to play. Wasted space on my phone for about 60 seconds before deleted 👌.Version: 1.317.001

Decent gameGame has the potential to be the most fun game for mobile devices, HOWEVER….. the developers have it set to where your thrown to the wolves. By that I mean no skill based/rank matching. Someone can come attack you and take everything you’ve worked for weeks to get. I sent them a message as a suggestion and their response is, use diamonds to bubble up to protect your work. For those of you looking into the game it takes 1000 diamonds to completely protect you for 8 hours only and 4000 for 24 hours. The kill everyone event lasts 24 hours and it’s almost impossible to gain 4000 diamonds within a week. But you can use real money and get them. Which makes this a pay to win game. People spend thousands of dollars to dominate and it leaves people just looking for a fun game getting stomped on like a door mat. There is no limit to how many times they can attack you. They can basically 0 out your fortress and your back to healing units and trying to gain resources that were just stolen from you..Version: 1.320.001

Waste of timeToo many glitches and the techs can’t comprehend how to fix it and don’t care as long as the money rolls in. Very poor service and even worse game play. Constant server issues that drop / freeze network and unwilling to fix technical issues. Incompetent support..Version: 1.316.001

Don’t let kids play if it’s connected to credit cardYou know the stories you see when a 12 year old racks up $1000s on a parents credit card? This game is basically targeting that market. They have a bar that gives you coins - $80. You can buy a recruitment bundle for $159. You buy a robot that helps collect resources for $15 - it’s not even the full model. Would need to spend $45-60 more to get it there. You can’t open anything without being offered to buy more and more..Version: 1.288.001

Needs better instructionsI don’t understand the point of this game. It’s very disappointing not knowing how to progress and level up characters.. Could use more hints or instruction or something! Otherwise, I’d here are many like it. Nothing new.Version: 1.317.001

PVP ruins this gameThis game would be an outstanding 5 star game without the PVP aspect. Pay to play games that have PVP always hurt the majority of players - the ones who don’t want to bankrupt themselves or steal credit cards to finance their game. I love the alliance structure in the game, the multiple things to do and even the growth aspect and timers aren’t terrible as you continue to play. Even without the PVP this game would still have people spend money because some of the more rare characters are insanely hard to level up any other way and because there are so many side contests. In short this is a great game to play right up until people start attacking your shelter and taking your resources - thus crippling you. Take the world domination out of the game and let it be a more relaxed co-op. Also I keep reading reviews that are similar to mine with a response from he developer that “a strategy game isn’t a one person game” —- actually there are TONS of strategy games that are one person but this doesn’t have to be - make it a co-op instead of adversarial..Version: 1.323.001

AnnoyingI played this game on a different device a couple of years ago. I have a new device and thought I would play the game as I enjoyed it very much. What a disappointment you now have alliances which can be fun and enjoyable. This kind of game you previously didn’t need alliances you do now . The game is now geared around spending money . I understand you are in an alliance and they will help you grow. This used to be a single person game playing to grow your underground fortress . Unfortunately now it’s very money focused. I have read a lot of the reviews. All these people saying it’s a money grabbing game can’t all be wrong. The game itself is very enjoyable but has been ruined buy the focus on money. Who in a time of austerity’s going to pay examples only £50.£60,+ pounds to play a game and have nothing to show for it. It’s a shame . Enjoy the game if you can afford it..Version: 1.319.001

Hackers and Dictating Bullies in Server 505. No help from game services to fix the issueI will start by explaining this is my second server game I tried and the cyber bullying is way out of hand. Between the two, this game is far worse. I was in world 505. Long story short, there was a team called Metaverse that basically took over the entire world and forced us to comply. We had a hacker on the game taking land and the game admins did nothing to address it. Turns out Metaverse was behind the hacking to keep everyone in line and forcing us to do what they want. When they created a rule that we cannot take lvl 5 or 6 cities, everyone left on the game was infuriated. When we fought back in both chat and some on the game battle server, Metaverse froze everyone but themselves by bug abuse and admitted to it on the world chat by calling it a little trick that we didn’t know. It honestly makes me sad that I am leaving the game because I enjoyed my alliance and the people in it. But, one group ruined it all and most likely bribed the admins. I cannot condone illegal activity and a game that supports this fraudulent behavior. I will be asking for my money back and discussing the situation with my bank. If anyone sees this message. This game is not just play to win, but also hack to win..Version: 1.322.002

Great game but……This is my favorite, let me repeat my favorite game to play. I’ll reach for this game before I even turn on my Xbox or PlayStation. Here’s the biggest problem, some will say the amount of money one needs to spend in order to not get farmed by bigger clans. Here’s the kicker, it’s the bigger clans that’s the problem. Most of them spend thousands of dollars to be stronger just to farm and become server bullies and don’t do anything outside of what they want because if you do, they’ll sell your clan off to the highest bidder for farming to save their own skin. There has to be a way to play and not be farmed all the time. I was part of a big alliance but they are up when I’m normally sleep plus it’s boring because you’re not allowed to do anything. If you’re in a small alliance it gets boring because you’re being hit all day every day. One of my mates was hit 78 times because they hit someone on their level for points then the most powerful comes hinting for days of not longer. All I’m saying is, we need to find a way to make this game fun for those that spend less than a certain threshold. Or put all the high powered clans on one server. Just a little help is needed because we lose players everyday, they are just quitting the game. I’m a glutton for punishment and this game even though stressful at times is fun fun fun..Version: 1.319.001

Too muchI liked the game itself but I deleted it because I kept getting attacked and losing my stuff which made it really hard to build up my fortress. My alliance didn’t come to my aid either, purchasing a peace treaty is 4,000 diamonds for 24 hours and $1000 coins for only 8 hours. You have to keep buying diamonds and it’s expensive. If the game made peace treaties much more reasonable and/or made it to where you would only be attacked if you attack then I’d play again. I just wanted to relax with it after work and do my own thing not constantly deal with being attacked and losing the resources I need to build up my fortress. I kept getting relocated because I would be attacked 10 times in a row by the same person and that’s just ridiculous. Lots of improvements needed. This game should be made to enjoy solo or as part of an alliance. You should only be allowed to attack a fortress that is the same level as you or higher, not lower. With the cost of purchases either the costs need to drop or the amount you get needs to go up significantly..Version: 1.320.001

Half decent attempt executed lazyLook, it’s a Fallout Shelter style game with other generic zombie “build” games. Problem with these new style of games is they lean for to much todays wanting money rather than creating something unique and good. This game is no other, it looks good don’t get me wrong. But it lacks the unique feel of a game, this has been done so much that devs now have to add in other styles of games to keep up and in the end it becomes convoluted and in short, bad. You know this so you rely solely on shoddy adverts designed to make the game look incredible when it’s nothing more than a Frankenstein’s monster attempt. Take a bit from here, little bit from here, big chunk off you, add in a zombie. Boom. Generic game with no uniqueness. Just cut out the awful adds, show people ACTUAL gameplay and be different. The world isn’t just about money because it clearly looks like you give no care to any person who’s ever played this otherwise you’d of put more work into the game to stand out. In short people, the game is pretty much cut and paste of other zombie games and splashed up with a dose of PVP to sell it to players. Hence the awful misleading and fraudulent adverts..Version: 1.291.001

Developer misleading peopleI got a response off the developer about my cash grab review. They missed out the biggest points of there is parts of the game that you can’t do unless you spend money. Unless you spend money it will take years to actually become powerful. Yes joining a alliance does help. But at the same time not really. With the amount of people that play and spend ridiculous amounts of money you will always be last. There isn’t a chance of actually getting first place for anything unless you spend thousands of pounds. £89 pound just for a chance to try and upgrade quickly which in the long run means nothing. Yes you got a better chance of getting better characters but unless you spend again trying to upgrade them is next to impossible. Don’t let these developers lie and mislead you.Version: 1.287.001

Not what I thought.This game was very addictive. I really enjoyed playing it and I played it a lot. To the point where it was starting to negatively impact my health. The only thing was that I always had trouble saving up resources to do updates. Wasn’t really paying attention to all of the notifications. There are a LOT. Just heaps of information coming at you. Anyway finally realised other players were stealing my stuff. I thought I was playing an improved version of fallout shelter but the whole time it was just Clash of clans. Made my decision to uninstall a lot easier..Version: 1.314.001

Pay to win, $$$Yeah this game looks like it would be fun. It begins as all games do, slow and showing you the ropes. Quickly you learn that in order to survive or remotely do good in the game is by spending your hard earned money. It’s not a one time thing either, these money hungry bozos have tons of options for you to waste money on progression. It’s the dumbest concept for the player and the best income scheme for the company. OVERALL: Good idea, poorly executed PAY TO WIN concept. Why can’t games just be games anymore? ? These companies are just making money farms and people fall for this garbage. Get it out of here. Pay to win needs to die along with all of the companies that participate. RE to Developer: the game comes to a waiting halt. It’s all waiting. In order to avoid waiting and progress you are forced to spend money. There is no way around it. If you don’t pay for progress you are not successful. Your economy based off people spending to win. You can’t reply on these reviews and make anything better. You have to change your whole game outlook. Make a game and stop trying to pinch every dime out of people who want to support your game. Otherwise, kick rocks..Version: 1.306.001

Forced “alliance mode” - sneaky advertising tacticsI don’t understand why game apps are so misleading. I love these types of civilization building games but don’t like the nuisance of dealing with other players. Games like this force you into having to engage with strangers, without warning that’s the type of game it is in the advertising, or just giving players the FREE option to opt out of such play without risking being destroyed unless you PURCHASE “truces”. It’s very annoying, the level to which this misleading advertising is going and that we constantly get bombarded by them everywhere… too bad they can’t just be blocked everywhere, forever… we are treated like brainless sheep… unfortunately the majority just accept it and fall into line with the other sheep….Version: 1.318.001

Great but..As an alliance leader I love this game. Nice graphics and easy to get into. However the in game purchases are vastly overpriced for what it gets you. There is a balance I know, between being able to pay your way into power against helping you upgrade. But the prices for WHAT YOU GET are very expensive. Diamonds are your only real way to get what you need and the packs, with 50 diamonds are silly money. Fix that and this is a winner..Version: 1.281.001

Great concept but more work neededIt has superb graphics and gameplay, tons of different development pathways and a solid strategy. There’s a ton of in-app purchase shortcuts but you can get by quite well on the freebies. But… you’re gonna have to put in a LOT of time to succeed, so this is really not the game for you if you have other more pressing things to do in your day - like a job, a social life, or even breathing. Example: Maintaining a decent food balance is impossible - it takes 2 hours of solid gameplay to build up a 20K meal balance and it will be gone after an hour of being offline because you have to constantly harvest your crops and trap/farm gophers. This in turn means Residents (who can inexplicably only work in the mines?) land up leaving because of starvation. Meanwhile water, electricity, and minerals are seemingly boundless. You have to join an alliance to progress and this can be super frustrating. If one of the Alliance managers feels a member isn’t pulling their weight then they are just kicked out..Version: 1.308.002

For Pay to win only.Starts off well but then you spend 5 days training troops and gathering resources only for your troops to be wiped and resources plundered buy the MIGHTY PAY TO WIN PLAYERS. I have joined big alliances but same outcome. The in game bundles are extortionately EXPENSIVE. But if you have that kind of money to throw away as some players obviously do then of course you will be able to just destroy and take all the resources you want from the players who haven’t got bundles of cash to throw at the game developers. Another good game that has been destroyed by money grabbing devs..Version: 1.310.003

Expensive and rigged by bulliesThis game doesn't resemble the screen shots posted (no suprise really). As with all types of this genre to be effective you need to spend alot of money. Most games you can get by without paying alot but this game requires that to be of any real value participating you need to spend money on diamonds to keep troops out of hospital as a minimum. The gamplay itself is OK as a concept but very heavily rigged for you to spend money. Then we get to the other players, most are OK however there is one team on our server TCG, they 'spend' excessive amounts to dominate the player environment and then bully eveyone else with unrelenting attacks with their dictatorship style. Devs don't care about this as suspected in the community the TCG group ARE the devs so it's in their best interest to force this style of gameplay. Such a sad state of affairs that have ruined the playing environment..Version: 1.287.001

GameplayThe real true issue with this game is allowing people with higher CP plunder anyone lower then them. I had a an alliance but they all decided to leave because a alliance “one” continues to prey on smaller cp. I reached out to the leader and the same for some of there big alliance and you get no response. They all are Ally’s to one and another. I’ve notice they will not go against anyone of match power. I had a guy that was at 3mill cp and a guy at 15 mil cp continue to plunder him to the point he left the game. He put it in the chat and they laughed. This is bullying and this game can not run like this. There should be something in place where we should have a level that we can attack. No one at level 25 should be attacking anyone below them. I’m not sure maybe this is a way for y’all to make people spend money to level up but this isn’t fair. I’m to the point I’m losing people due to this issue. I came across 6 different alliances that is suffering from this. People are less enjoying this unless your with a known alliance which hard to get with unless you have the time to wait during the upgrades or spend MONEY. But something needs to be done to stop bigger levels from attacking lower level guys..Version: 1.313.001

Huge pay to playThese game fails to mention that it 100% PVP and pay to play. They do not mention this in any of there game introductions you think your playing a zombie survival game. The rewards given for free are cheap and worthless 90% of the time. The game openly breaks its own terms of service agreement for players that spend money if your VIP2 or higher this is the equivalent of spending $10,000+. You can request to have an alliance in duel or dimensions, that are not normally with your servers strongest alliance tournament. they turn the other cheek for account sharing at this level of VIP status. Even though there terms of service states that it is prohibited. There is no balance in the game, only spend more money is the only thing that will balance your game play. Short version of you have money the developers love you if your a free to play player your nothing to them. This game is broken half of the time your trucks get stuck in open world and disappear, rewards for completing task go missing, one time the developers messed up so bad and allowed the players to double click rewards, the developers lock the players accounts until the players paid money for the extra rewards received or they wouldn't get there accounts back try to say they used a hack. purchase packs and never get them, wait hack. purchase packs and never get them, wait 6 days for a refund only to get Outland coins that can only be used in game. Just ridiculous non-sense. Run from this game..Version: 1.329.001

Can’t play gameCan’t play it kicks me out soon as I click on it to play. Gonna have to remove it..Version: 1.317.001

Customer service is definitely not a strong suitAfter having my account blocked for illegal refunds, tried explaining my side of the story to 5-10 different representatives that my account had been hacked and I actually hadn’t requested a refund or received any of the money from said refund, only to then receive the same scripted reply from each and everyone I spoke too. Zero interest in actually getting to the bottom of the issue or helping me resolve it at all. Just blocking my account and expecting me to pay to access something I haven’t even done! Absolutely terrible service, hope this never happens to anyone else as you’ll hit a stonewall with these muppets.Version: 1.307.001

A place for bulliesI have played this game for around 3 months. Spent too much money on it and I am now tired of just being used as a farm. I have sent suggestions to the developers to make it a more fair playing field but no action has been taken. Powerful players (big spenders) think it’s the games design to just bully others who aren’t as strong. Just this week they bullied a player so badly they left the game! The big players think they own the server and can do and say what they like! They don’t respect that some players just want to grow and have fun, war day is supposed to be on just one day but because no limits are put on stronger players to attack within their own power range, smaller players are destroyed every day, before they have time to grow. If you have plenty of cash to get big, then this is the game for you. If you’re a bully and enjoy hurting other people, this is the game for you. For those who wish to escape the real world and have fun, meet friends, and work together, look elsewhere. Until the developers put limits on big players to even out the imbalance of power, the game is just frustrating and depressing. I get enough of that in real life, thanks!.Version: 1.329.001

WeAreUs1234Ok.Version: 1.276.001

•••••••BEWARE •••••Beware of last fortress Apple are looking into fraud that they have committed after downloading the free game and purchasing some of the packs, and then they decided to block me because I asked for a refund on one of them because it’s stuffed my game app so beware because I’ve already written a review on these people and they won’t put it up. They are trying to make me pay a violation fee for something that is their problem with one of their packs, downloading the Nate pack which stuffed my game up. So last fortress will be sued for fraud..Version: 1.309.001

This is a war gameI thought this game was about building a fortress and zapping zombies. It is at first. The graphics are amazing and it’s really fun improving your fortress. You can slowly build up the resources you need and level up without spending much money. Then other, much stronger, players start attacking your fortress and stealing your resources. It becomes difficult to enjoy the game without spending a serious amount of money. In summary - this is a war game against other players and you need to spend a lot of money to enjoy it..Version: 1.299.001

Pay to get anywhereThis game may be free to download, but if you want to get anywhere it takes money and time, and a lot of both. It is ridiculous that it takes close to a month to upgrade your fortress and in the meantime you are constantly wiped out by alliances full of people that have the money to upgrade quickly. The game developers seem to be more interested in money than in providing a fun gaming experience for everyone..Version: 1.297.001

Don’t bother. Full of bullies.Don’t bother playing. You get to a point where the resources required to level up are not obtainable due to players many orders of magnitude greater in power simply harvest you until you have virtually nothing left. This happens on a daily basis and there is nothing that you can do about it. The game developers seems to have no interest in doing anything about it..Version: 1.312.001

All about the moneyIt’s very difficult to get on in the game without spending lots of money. Just small bonuses are very expensive. There is no control over stronger players continually attacking lower players. I’ve been playing a year and am just about to give up. The developers will say you can join alliances to get protection. It’s not true. If you’re 4 levels down from max, the big alliances won’t want you, and you will be constantly destroyed. Game is regularly very laggy. It’s a great idea and massively complicated so you can really get in to it, but not enough has been done to stop top teams monopolising the whole game. Don’t get addicted to spending the cash to get even. You never will. There are whole clans of max level players. Maybe it’s cheaper in Korea? Run away now unless you have great willpower or great spending power..Version: 1.326.001

Absolute ThievesThe gaming company, IM30, tricks you with false advertising for in-game purchases and when you make an honest mistake and appeal to customer service, they refuse to refund your money and tell you “to be more careful” next time when buying something. Yet they are the ones who make purchases so confusing on purpose to get you to make a mistake in the first place. If you make a appeal to Apple to get your money back, Apple will help you and give you a refund. But then IM30 will lock you out of the game until you pay what Apple refunded! A total scam. I suggest staying as far away from this game. It is a dishonest company. And their customer service is useless. Many times when you ask a gaming question, they have no idea what the answer is or send such confusing messages back it takes about a year to decipher their babble. As for the developer response, I did not use the item I purchased by accident - but they refused to refund me anyway. They absolutely could have taken the item back. Instead, they told me “to be more careful” next time. I also read on another review that they state they have no refund policy. Like I said, thieves..Version: 1.322.002

Unless you got $$$$It is actually a really fun game . Past season 2 if you don’t have $1000s of dollars to spend don’t bother. You will always be farms for those who spend big $ and prices differ greatly from country to country. Would be better if there were two options to choose from paid and non paid for a more even play..Version: 1.322.001

Not what I thought it wasPlayed for a few weeks, seemed promising. Joined an alliance then proceeded to be wiped by opponents double my fortress level. The final straw was seeing my coins and metals stolen in the raids. I had a level 6 settlement and was raided over and over by someone at level 14. Couldn’t compete because my forces were not strong enough. No combat balancing at all. Not interested in committing more time to build it up. Or paying. Could have been great..Version: 1.327.001

Don’t waste your life like I have!!!Honestly the general aspect of the game is quite good but it needs a lot more work. Especially around the fairness of the game. The problem is the players who throw money at this game will make your life miserable and the game literally rewards these players for doing it. The amount of bullying in game is disgusting and the developers don’t do much other than a 24hr chat ban. Even when you report someone for a second/ third time the players don’t get booted or lose anything. A few seasons in if your not in the big alliances you are basically screwed because you will get bullied out of anything and everything. The developers should work on putting people/alliances in tiers so you fight people the same strength as you rather than being stomped on by overpowered power hungry maniacs. Also the whole Saturday any other server can come over to yours and wipe your whole alliance out in minutes is a joke. Our server gets a player who is maxed out of everything come over every Saturday and wipe a whole alliance out - and he will continue to do this all day Saturday every week. They also bring people from their server and you can either spend money to shield all day (which is bloody expensive), try and hide or sit back and see all your hard work go up in flames. Progression is too slow for players who don’t have thousands of dollars to throw at this game each month..Version: 1.300.001

I got boredVisually it’s great but I skipped so much dialogue just trying to get to some actual gameplay. In the end I got bored of the tutorial and deleted the game. Not my thing for a mobile game as the pace is really slow..Version: 1.281.001

Gets worse as you progressFirst off, the game starts out fun. You fight and play against people at the same rate. Once you find it entertaining, you spend a couple buck. You’ll find yourself having fun for at least 2-3 weeks and so did I. Until you realized, u spent 100 dollar accumulatively… wondering if you made bad choice. You tell urself, that’s okay. You were having fun. But then, comes a whale, and beats you down like no other cuz he spent 20-30x than you did. An unreasonable amount that creates a curve impossible to beat. Around mid point, as long as you stick to defending, the people who spent few bux isn’t a big deal. Those who did not spend a penny could still defend against higher lvl people. Just can’t attack. However now that we’re a month in, the curve is drastically skewed to the point people smashing ur face can one handedly crush ur entire alliance without even having to pull back once. My alliance was decent size and ranked top 8. But one guy from top alliance crushed our entire alliance from boredom. There’s no limit on how low lvl you can bother and no protection whatsoever. Only thing dev will suggest is “join higher alliance”. Theres no balance in this game.Version: 1.316.001

About the same as a fidget toyIn a nutshell: spend all day watering the crops, killing things, collecting coal, collecting iron, collecting food. Build up defenses. Then watch as others with much higher levels kick the crap out of your fortress. Many times while you are not on line playing. Spend all your meds to repair your troops, only to have another playiner kick the crap out of you while you are trying to recover. Game pretty much ends at level 17, because you will never stay healthy enough to move up unless you pay real money to buy the needed items. I take it back, the fidget toy is more fun. Update: still stuck at level 17! App says I need 26K rocks, but no room left in storage to save enough rocks to upgrade. Plus I have gathered a LOT of useless crap that I can’t get rid of. Last update: Ending level was level 17 Wanted to level up, BUT NO WAY TO DO IT! Level 18 requires more iron and rock than the storage will hold! Can’t level up the storage until the control center is upped. Can’t store enough supplies to level up the storage center. I quit! I am stuck at level 17 for over 6 months. Need to upgrade Storage, but can’t until I upgrade control center. Can’t upgrade Control Center until I can store 26K stone. Can’t store that many until I upgrade Storage? This game is the definition of stupidity: doing the same thing over and over and over…. FINAL SCORE: 1 star..Version: 1.316.001

Needing helpThere are 4 alliances left on 62 we are unable to recruit- we don’t want players to leave but we cannot afford to switch servers - is there something that you can do about helping us to continue the game but also stop our playing become obsolete- we have talked to our players a lot of these are low income - why do you charge 15 each and a case of one person having to pay this up front to change when we have 72 players - it would be much fairer to transfer us to another zone to keep players. We would appreciate your help on this to help us to continue to play and be active.Version: 1.299.001

Trash don’t playThis game is a complete waste of time!!!!!! When you’re lower level you get attacked all the time by higher levels so you can’t advance. They attack you to steal of your resources so you’re always stuck getting attacked. I wrote to developers and they don’t care at all to change the formate so lower levels can’t. E attacked by higher levels. I suggested can only attack 2 levels below you but they don’t are about that.Version: 1.299.001

Constantly wiped outThis so-called strategy game only benefits pay-2-play players who can level up quickly. The combat algorithm and gameplay are such that no matter how you build your base and train soldiers, bases that are higher are allowed and able to bully and constantly zero lower level bases to the point that you cannot develop in any manner. When your base is destroyed it supposedly teleports you to a “safe location”… more often than not, that’s to another alliance’s space where my zero’D base is further destroyed over and over again. The developers will just say join a top tier alliance. Unfortunately I can’t join any good alliances because I’m not given the opportunity to develop, and those top tier alliances only accept other high end players. The PVP system encourages high level players to just seek out low level bases to pillage and zero. If you really want people to stay in this game, only allow a 2 level difference for PVP e.g. a level 18 base can only be attacked by a base that is level 20 or lower. Otherwise, it’s not PVP when a level 24 base attacks a level 18 base. The level 18 base has no capabilities to defend against such an attack by a higher level base. The combat is a farce as the level 24 base will lose no troops while the lower level base will lose everything. This type of PVP just encourages bullying by the high level players..Version: 1.319.002

Glitches, Bugs and Pay to PlayIve been playing the game for a while now and I had loved it… until the last update. Now the game crashes at random, when i logon my account goes back to before the update. I have to repeatedly hit repair while the game crashes over and over. It will say that my account is unlinked when it is actually linked. It wont let me get into the events tab. It wont let me upgrade my facilities or heros (the ones that dont need to be ascended or breakthroughed) I tried writing to support and they are no help whatsoever even though I have provided screenshots of what it does as well as a video. Ive tried reinstalling, ive tried different wifi networks, ive tried unlinking and linking again, ive cleared the cache. This glitch is horrible. Before the update, the game was great. Yes there were some people that paid to play and that sucked but as long as you were in a strong alliance, they stayed away. UPDATE: looks like another boxed response from the developers. I am an R4 with a level 6 alliance. My cp is 4.8 mil. The last game update has made me lose precious time and resources, yet i get a boxed response from the devs. If you have any issues with the game its better if you figure it out yourself..Version: 1.277.001

Not a zombie game!This game is falsely advertised as a zombie apocalypse game, when in fact it’s really only a war game with a few zombies tossed into it. More than 95% of the time you are constantly being destroyed by dominant and nasty teams and players who’s only delight is to hammer your base until it is teleported out of your territory and into some random area a of the map. Such teams and players should be banned but nothing is ever done to correct this problem. So if you like being cannon fodder and spending most of your time reviving your troops and replacing stolen resources, then this is the game for you…..Version: 1.304.002

BranVery good very nice.Version: 1.284.002

Horrible game and customer serviceThese game fails to mention that it 100% PVP and pay to play. They do not mention this in any of there game introductions you think your playing a zombie survival game. The rewards given for free are cheap and worthless 90% of the time. The game openly breaks its own terms of service agreement for players that spend money if your VIP2 or higher this is the equivalent of spending $10,000+. You can request to have an alliance in duel or dimensions, that are not normally with your servers strongest alliance tournament. they turn the other cheek for account sharing at this level of VIP status. Even though there terms of service states that it is prohibited. There is no balance in the game, only spend more money is the only thing that will balance your game play. Short version of you have money the developers love you if your a free to play player your nothing to them. This game is broken half of the time your trucks get stuck in open world and disappear, rewards for completing task go missing, one time the developers messed up so bad and allowed the players to double click rewards, the developers lock the players accounts until the players paid money for the extra rewards received or they wouldn’t get there accounts back try to say they used a hack. purchase packs and never get them, wait 6 days for a refund only to get Outland coins that can only be used in game. Just ridiculous non-sense. Run from this game..Version: 1.329.001

Happy at level 5I enjoy what I am doing at level 5 and am quite happy to remain there and not lose my peace treaty protection. I have no desire to join an Alliance and go to war and be constantly attacked. I have played it both ways and spent a lot of money the first time! If you are happy to just mosey along and stay peaceful and happy, its the way to go!.Version: 1.315.001

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