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Football Manager 2022 Mobile App User Positive Comments 2022

Football Manager 2022 Mobile app received 47 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about football manager 2022 mobile?

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Football Manager 2022 Mobile for Positive User Reviews

Real nice, too many new fixesReally nice game to many glitches, bugs, ridiculous decisions that keep getting updated..Version: 13.1.0

LoansExcellent game as always!! But once again I struggle to loan out any of my players just like last years game, whether that be trying to send a player out on loan myself or when I ask my assistant to send reserve players out. This is frustrating as my youth players never get any first team experience at a lower league club or abroad.Version: 13.1.0

Some bugsLove this game, but discovered infuriating bug. Playing premier league club. 3rd season. Just won PL and CL. Trying to buy a player who my scout says is 'very interested' I offer the minimum release clause (£45m( and the club accepts. Next page player is 'interested' go to negotiate contract and options are greyed out. Cannot offer contract and note at the bottom 'not interested in joining your club at this time'.Version: 13.1.1

It’s a good gameYou get what you pay for in all honesty I promise no more no less.Version: 13.2.0

Best Way To Ruin My Sleep ScheduleJust love it, purchasing it every year. Manager’s Son is my most favorite paid upgrade..Version: 13.0.2

Good game but surely time for an online optionEnjoy the game and buy it every year on mobile, have for the last 9 years. However, just feel like it’s missing a trick not adding an online feature to play in the same save as you friends! Know this is available on the computer but I like a lot of the mobile players don’t have a computer good enough to run it well.. think this feature on mobile would be popular !.Version: 13.3.2

Great gameReally great game - have killed a lot of time on it. However, player ratings when they are substituted on needs to be improved. Players are in bad form and have poor ratings from 6/10 performances in the 10mins that they were subbed on. Makes me not want to substitute players on as a result..Version: 13.3.0

Can’t installCan’t install game.Version: 13.0.2

Really good………& just like the last onesI play footy manager all the time & have done for years. They always improve but yet again, the adaptability & quality of the opposition is predictable, non challenging & each team are far too similar. I’m only one season in with Liverpool, not lost a game yet & won every trophy. I’m willing to bet everything I have that, over the next few seasons, I will win everything whilst building a world class side & reserves filled with Wonderkids. At the same time, all the opposition will get weaker whilst playing all their stars until they’re 36 years old, regardless of whether they’re any good or not. Usually not..Version: 13.0.3

Great game but becomes really slowFantastic game but its becomes really slow when my game reaches January and will continue to be slow till I reach the end of the season I haven’t a clue if it’s because I have 5 leagues selected but that game runs great till I hit January and I swear it was running great till all the way though the season till the game had an update..Version: 13.1.0

Small issuesUnable to see the attendance of matches where stadium names are too long, I cannot see the brackets. Playing in the Italian league, there is an issue that the reserve teams are playing at English premier league teams stadiums. My Serie B reserve team have played a lot at Goodison etc. referees don’t seem to retire on here, have the same refs for 30 years..Version: 13.1.1

Fantastic… Just one thing…Game is brilliant as always. A staple time-passer for any football fan. If the highlight speed scrubber could be fine tuned, that would be great. Currently it seems that you’re forced to see them in slow motion, or at 100mph… and no in between. Fantastic other than that..Version: 13.0.2

Worth the money, some minor personal issuesThis is the first FM game I have bought and it hasn’t failed to impress. The realistic gameplay, player options and wide range of leagues, I have never seen a football manager game to include the Vanarama (4th, 5th and 6th) divisions of English football which surprises me! The player actually has to use ingame tactics to their advantage to get a good result. My issue is the lack of player faces and team licenses. I know both of these things can be quite hard to obtain, but it makes the game a lot better. I also find that results can be annoying, my current save I have turned Frankfurt into a top Bundesliga club, but still drawing with Bochum, a relegation battling club. Promisingly, I haven’t experienced any crashing or bugs yet after 4 months of playing. The game runs smoothly with decent graphics for a mobile game. Overall, it is definitely one of the best mobile football manager games out there currently and it’s worth buying if you are looking to recreate a realistic managerial career on a game..Version: 13.2.0

Game not installingGames not installing I have I phone 11 and updated to IOS 15.3.1 can I get this fixed please ?.Version: 13.2.0

Good but could be betterI look forward to the new version of this excellent game every season, I fully appreciate the amount of work involved but I have found this version not to be as good as the previous year, I think the choice of menu colours very poor but the most annoying thing as far as I’m concerned is that I signed a player and the transfer was shown but he didn’t join my squad ! Obviously that killed the game and I had to restart, other faults include being told that one is given £220 million to spend with Newcastle but actually start with £157 and also the ridiculous priced quoted when showing an interest in most players , it’s very annoying, I apologise for so much negativity but this game is normally the best around but this version falls short of the exceptionally usual high standards , there is almost a feel of it has been rushed out and hasn’t been tested enough.Version: 13.0.2

Addictive gameBe warned, this can be a very addictive game! To the devs, why to Gold rated coaches continue to leave players ”Focus Attribute” training on a selection once the player has reached 20?! I don’t really want to take over the coaching and feel like this is a bug once you have a world class (gold) coaches..Version: 13.1.1

Best version yet!A fan of both mobile and laptop versions, this is the best one yet seeing how far these games have come since 2013 its an absolute time killer and feels more in-depth than previous versions. One minor grumble is that i find that bigger teams i.e man city for example play slightly weaker sides in big games. For example the manchester derby i find that whenever i play against city the seem too play there number 2 goalkeeper, do you guys have any explanation for this? Bar that its been a blast too play! Bring on next year.Version: 13.0.4


GOODI love the game, the only thing missing is 3D matches.Version: 13.0.4

Good gamesGood.Version: 13.0.4

Can’t download/ install the gameWhy does the team even releases the app if it’s not fully functional or downloadable. I’m not the first one having this issue, I’ve already read multiple reviews like these for this version. I should’ve read those before downloading the game, I want my money refunded since I can’t download your app..Version: 13.0.4

Player careerGreat game yet again but much the same compared to last years version perhaps for next year you could introduce a player career option where you can control a single player and play through their career.Version: 13.1.0

Great gameI enjoy the game so far. Highly recommended.Version: 13.1.1

AWESOMEBest game EVER. I love the tactics system, the medical center, but PLZ ADD MORE COUNTRIES!!!!!!! Specifically, add Austria, Norway, Sweden, and Serbia..Version: 13.1.2

Very good, just one issueI find this game very enjoyable, there is just so much to do and it makes it very fun. However, having multiple saves rips through my storage and means it often crashes the game. Is there a feature that you can add in which you are able to delete unwanted saves because if you added that I would be eternally grateful. Thanks!.Version: 13.0.4

Scores always the same on “holiday”Whenever you go on “holiday” (which is a great way to skip match simulations) the scores always end up the same no matter how good your team. I went on holiday for 1 month managing Bayern and drew a bottom-of-the-table team 3-3 twice, once in the Bundesliga and once in the National cup. I see this way too often and it should really get fixed..Version: 13.1.1

Game is not installingI have purchased this game and it is not installing correctly. Please can you fix the problem or give me my money back..Version: 13.0.2

The game won’t installThe game won’t install please fix this problem ASAP.Version: 13.0.2

Fine, but noticed issue with loansGameplay is good as ever, but less than a season in (league 1) and I have noticed a significant glitch in that almost every other team in the division seems to have as many as 25 loan players as well as their main squad. This doesn’t seem right!.Version: 13.3.2

Great game but transfer market is annoyingGreat game but why is everyone so expensive??? I put a bid on a decent young player and the other team automatically wants over 100 million. That needs to be fixed..Version: 13.1.1

Euro Cup DisappearanceI've bought the last 3 iterations and played the hell out of them. I'm not really fussed with occasional crashes and performance issues of which there are some that I'm sure many are aware. What is frustrating however, is taking MK Dons right up to the Premier League, finally get into a European competition and top the group stage and the competition simply carries on without me? What's going on there? The games disappeared from the calendar, I looked and it was still ongoing in the Knockout stage whilst we were nowhere to be seen. Very annoying.Version: 13.1.1

Good game but need helpI love this game but recently it said I was having issues connecting to Sega and now I have my same Game Center account but I lost my unlockables.Version: 13.1.0

Make it more involvedLove the updates to the scout search field. I think to fully immerse in the manager experience the manager should also be able to negotiate terms when changing clubs eg transfer budgets/wage structures/club growth/ambition/own salary etc. There are opportunities here to manipulate the press in the game with this type of feature. It would also be useful if as manager you could manage reserve games this could impact morale of reserves and influence development of younger players. If clubs are broke and have no wage budget or transfer budget. You should be able to ask players to take a pay cut to free up funds, again this would have impacts on morale/press etc could use this option for the manager as well. Could add a feature to discuss training senior players into staffing roles while they’re approaching the twilight of their careers making the transition smoother and more likely rather than bringing in outside staff..Version: 13.1.1

Should be betterColour scheme is a mess, still missing lots of South American players, the brexit thing makes it extremely difficult for English clubs to sign foreign players. It’s not terrible but it could be a lot better..Version: 13.0.2

Unable To DownloadI was really looking forward to playing Football Manager 2022 nobile after I had a blast playing last year’s version. However, after I purchased the game in the app store it doesn’t download. I have 8gbs of storage remaining, I’ve rebooted my device, and signed in and out of my apple account, and the game still isn’t downloading. $10 is a bit pricy for a mobile game, so I feel let down that I spent it on a game that doesn’t download. 🤦🏽‍♂️.Version: 13.1.1

Best GaMe in the worldGlad to show it off I love Sega.Version: 13.0.4

Cannot downloadThe game just does not load at all, I would like to ask for assistance from FM developers to solve this problem.Version: 13.0.4

It works now!Great game, I can download it now! Great job sega.Version: 13.0.3

Won’t downloadI love the football manager series I’ve never had a problem with it until now I’ve tried downloading it 4 times but it’s gets 3 quarters of the way through and it starts again I hope it finishes downloading soon because I want to start playing again.Version: 13.3.0

Great game - very occasional glitchesOverall - highly addictive. Intuitive and quick to pick up and play. Success as Newcastle making me want to play the pc version which I haven’t in 10 years. A couple of minor things I’ve come across: #1 Just finished an unbeaten 24/25 season, was hoping to add the world club championship, won the first 2 games then the season ended and no further fixtures when season restarted 🤷🏻‍♂️ EDIT: 1 week in and the other fixtures finished and I have a quarter final draw 👍 #2 I’m trying to sign Fati (exchange for £130m and Coman). My wage cap is £375k but I seem to be able to offer Fati upto £575k. Have agreed £450k, but when I go to complete transfer it says we ‘do not have enough space in the squad’… Despite this being an exchange, and even if I release another player. I can only think this is happening because of the size of the wage being bigger than my cap, and the wage limit hasn’t appear properly when doing an exchange? If it’s something I can resolve, would be good to know..Version: 13.1.1

Add ChinesePls add Chinese Desktop edition have Chinese.Version: 13.2.0

The game meet my expectationsI like the new stuff they added are pretty cool, disappointed they didn’t add new leagues but other than ghat its decent. Z.Version: 13.0.2

Game playDecent start but why do all my players attack at a corner leaving no one back, so many times I’ve conceded from a breakaway from my own corner. Also why do some teams not have GKs..Version: 13.0.3

FM JourneymanPlayed everyone of these titles, thanks for putting the control 5 leagues option in, always had to leave ligue 1 or bundesliga out before! Game looks great guys done an excellent job, just missing something a bit different this year.. feels like I’m just playing 2021 maybe im just looking for too much and don’t know the constraints of what is possible but I do love these titles and thank you for bringing them to us 🙏🏽 I’d love if there was more drama from press or crazy story lines that are different every season, something that makes the job more challenging. Ps thanks again.Version: 13.0.2

New game format!Love the game love the update ! However think the challenges part of the game needs a revamp! Great thinking poorly executed. Think the challenges should be altered so instead of having to save a team from relegation we are given a team from a specific season where a team has done extraordinary well that season. For example trying to take a premier league team during the invincible season and then trying to stop arsenal from winning the league. Could be done with other great teams over the years! Manchester United 07/08 Chelsea 04/05 Liverpool 19/20 Man City 18/19! Think this would be a great new format to the game! Just a thought other than that great game highly recommend 👍.Version: 13.1.1

Can’t download it after several attemptsHi guys As i mentioned above i can’t download the game . I’ve tried it x times , with or without wifi . Is there anyone that could help me out , as I paid £8,99 I don’t really want refund , just to rectify this glitch and be able to play . Thank you.Version: 13.0.4

Missing vital details forTwo things are missing from my childhood memories of Football Manager, even with the 2022 version. Team talks - to swing a game in your favour at half time/post game team talk to encourage or hold your players accountable. And post match press talks! Crowd noise - one simple thing that makes the in-match experience more enjoyable, the noise of a generic crowd in the background! It’s not that difficult to add but would add huge value to the experience within the game!.Version: 13.0.3

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