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Marble Master App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Marble Master app received 125 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Marble Master? Can you share your negative thoughts about marble master?

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Marble Master for Negative User Reviews

Do not like the new updateI was really enjoying the game but now I can no longer play unless I pay for coins..Version: 6.632.122

Sooo many ads! I’m deleting!I like the game but there are so many ads! Soooo many! It’s insane and they’re all scams. I’m DELETING this game.Version: 8.632.165

Meh…it’s ok. To many pop ups.It’s fun and entertaining. But it really doesn’t get me coming back to play much. Reason being is the rounds are WAY too short and WAY to many pop ups pushing to buy. And the pop up tutorials are a burden, i just wanna play and not spend the whole time dealing with nagging never ending pop ups. The adds to this game is pure click bait. I downloaded it to play with the cute frog that was advertised. And there was no frog. Only a Crash Banicoot knock off version of the Uka uka mask. lol.Version: 3.90.098

Horrible scalingGame is very easy, the normal levels that is, I have gotten to about 100 with no challenge or fail yet. The events are where the “challenge” comes in. These challenges scale as follows. Easy level->Easy Level->Easy Level->Impossible Level you can’t beat without using power ups which you can conveniently pay for. Usually these “Impossible Levels” come right before the reward too so it leaves you wanting to continue, which conveniently you can do if you buy the pass for real money. Overall, I will probably still play the base game when I’m bored but the “events” are dogsh and will be ignored..Version: 5.30.102

Unable to close certain addThe game is really fun and I enjoy playing it other than when this one add pops up and it doesn’t matter how long you wait for the “x” to pop up to be able to close the add it never does therefor forcing you to close the app and just being a huge pain. Please get rid of this add completely or fix it. The add is for the app called “Tap Master - Take Blocks Away”.Version: 7.013.128

Hard to PlayHave just downloaded the game and paid to remove the ads; however, it keeps going to the App Store during the levels to Sky Casino. This makes it hard to play as if it wasn’t for this, it would be a good game..Version: 3.70.095

Money grab and feels like a migraine. Nothing like the old early 2000s gameI downloaded this because I played zumba a bunch back in the early 2000s and wanted it for nostalgia purposes. It’s nothing like the old game. And every single thing costs several dollars—sure, you don’t have to pay for it, but it will inundate you with overwhelming numbers of pop ups BEGGING you to give them $3-9 dollars. I finally deleted it when one of the levels where you have to shoot a little scorpion to win overwhelmed the page with bright balls of gold light that blocks out the balls and just looked like a bad migraine aura. I have enough of those on my own, I don’t need Migrane: The Game!™️ doing it to me, thank you very much..Version: 5.21.100

Too many adsDownloaded this afternoon, uninstalled by the evening! Way too many ads. I mean even during game play !! Its a shame as most Zuma inspired games look & play badly. This is the first one I've come across thats aesthetically pleasing & a joy to play..Version: 3.70.095

My ears are not pleasedI downloaded this game because I remembered the amazing sound effects of the marbles rolling and being blasted. Expectant, i was quickly disappointed Also yah everything else is okay and there’s no ads.Version: 6.132.113

Too many advertsGame is good but there are a ridiculous amount of adverts. Advert before you start a level. Advert when you finish a level and heaven forbid you pause the game briefly because when you try to start again it will throw another advert in the middle for good measure..Version: 3.31.091

Ads Ads AdsPlayed for a a little under a month. Purchased one package to "feed the developers". Part of that purchase was a "no ads". I was still subjected to many unavoidable pop-ups to watch ads for power ups. After the no ads package expired, it came back in full force. Advertisement after advertisement. Additionally, the pop-ups for recent events that you could not get by or avoid without clicking the "X" were ridiculous. It's a chaos of uncontrolled advertising. There are many other similar games that don't beat you over the head with advertisements, especially after you purchase a package that includes no advertisements.I suggest you check those out first..Version: 5.50.103

Level 103 is riggedI literally deleted the game because of this level. Over 50 attempts and used all my power ups! I would get 7-10 balls in a row that i couldn't use. They would just add to the chain and push it faster into the hole every time. Nothing mattered. I would get colors that wouldn't match anything I can hit!!? So i would shoot them off the board quickly to avoid adding too the chain. Nothing worked!! So lame..Version: 8.512.165

Loved it… shame about the noise!I actually loved playing this - a great way to relieve some stress and turn off the world for a while BUT…. There is a reason I turned off the sounds and music in the game - it’s because I wanted no sound so when the ads came on with music at full volume I was not impressed! I appreciate ads keep the developers going but they need to abide by the settings of the game - ie NO NOISE! Turn off the noise in the ads and I’ll download again!.Version: 3.92.098

Can't get past level 927Hi there… I've been enjoying your game until now… Because I really can't figure out what I'm supposed to do with those little square tiles that come up… When I shoot them, nothing happens… Except occasionally if I shoot both of them at once, they seem to disappear… But I can't count on that every time… So I don't know how many times I've played this level… But there's just no way for me to win it which makes me want to just not play the game anymore… So if you have any instructions anywhere that I can get to… Because on the app, I can't find the instructions anywhere.Version: 8.212.160

WarningThis game is designed to make it easy for it to take payment from your apple account unintentionally with just a slight accidental touch.Version: 6.702.123

Gems and ChipsOverall I enjoy this game it is a good pass time for me and I’ve gotten pretty far on the levels. I just have one gripe and it is about the my excess turret chips not being converted into gems ever since the new update. I have had many opportunities to where I’ve had excess chips but I don’t see my gems updated at all so please fix. I cannot pass level 892 because of a bug that will not generate statues for the round and I run out of shots..Version: 6.102.112

False advertisingThey advertised it as Zuma, with the frog, the music, everything and I downloaded it because I use to play Zuma and was excited for some nostalgia and it’s not Zuma. They lied about it..Version: 8.512.165

Honest review of this money grabbing gameI LOVE marble shooter games and this was super fun…until you get to about 139 levels. You start off with loads of boosters and coins. If you’re not on the boss levels, it’s super relaxing and a little challenging, however…once you get to the boss levels, it’s virtually impossible unless you have boosters. The boss spits something at you so you can’t shoot any marbles for about 2 or 3 seconds and the marbles just wiz by and get to the hole before you can shoot again. Usually with these challenging boss level games, you eventually pass it. I’ve wasted about 30 lives on one level in which I’m able to shoot about 4-5 marbles before the level ends. I’m still on the same level. I don’t mind frustrating/challenging levels, but this is ridiculous. I paid for the ad free, which is great, but I’m not paying for boosters on top of that. Greed is so disgusting. The solution would be to at least make the boss levels passable after a certain time..Version: 8.232.161

Don’t delete the game or you’ll lose all your progressThe game is well built but for a game with so many downloads and it doesn’t allow you to login with your Apple ID or Facebook account to save your progress is absolutely insane. I deleted the game after it froze up and force closing it wouldn’t resolve it. I installed it again not thinking much of it so imagine my surprise when I saw I was going through the tutorial levels! And apparently you have to contact customer support and tell them which level you were on to restore your account. I don’t remember what level I was on but I know I definitely passed 1000. That is so primitive when it’d be SO easy for you to just connect an account. After going back and forth I decided I’ll take my losses and deleted it again. When TeeWee decides to link with GameCenter or FB to save progress, I’ll think about downloading it again..Version: 7.712.150

Gets annoyingThe game could be ok if there was not that many ads! Completely annoying and frustrating!.Version: 3.90.098

Too many long adsI was so excited to find this game - I loved the old Zuma Blitz game and was so bummed when FB discontinued it. This game is just like it and I love it! However, the ads are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too long, and way too frequent. I have played Candy Crush and Dice with Friends for years and they do have ads, but they are very short. In the other games ads are obviously longer if one chooses to watch an ad for a booster or extra dice, which is fine, but the ads in this game are pervasive and frustrating. The booster ads feel three times longer. Shorten the ads like the other games I mentioned and I’ll gladly up my rating to five stars because everything else is great!.Version: 5.10.100

Gold rush game not workingFantastic game but not enough updates and gold rush game hangs and no one responds in customer service..Version: 6.132.113

AdsWhat did I pay 2.49 for? It said to eliminate ads. I got charged the money yet the ads still come up and I have to wait between levels..Version: 3.82.097

Nice game but very buggyFor the second month in a row I purchased the monthly master pass when it was first available and after a couple of hours it disappeared and I had to buy it again to be able to access the additional rewards. Submitted a claim and it was refused. Also master pass went up $3 in one month from $16.99 to $19.99 ( in New Zealand). It’s a pity because I really like this game..Version: 6.032.110

Game:4.5/5 ads: 1/5 glitches: 1/5Game itself is great… however, I’m not willing to purchase the no ad option so there is an abundance of ads! They pop up even in the middle of the game and then my screen goes black and it does NOTHING!!! Now I have to restart the game every time ( at least 9/10) an ad pops up. I don’t mind ads I understand their purpose however there is way to many to keep this game no matter how much I enjoy playing it :( I’m sad to say..Version: 5.81.106

BummerThis is a super fun and addictive game that I would love to continuing playing, but it has some serious issues that made me delete it. First, as many have said, the ads are constant, long, and annoying - HOWEVER I don’t mind paying a one-time low fee to get rid of ads, which this game offers. The bigger issue is that, once you get to a certain level, it’s impossible to pass without some combination of boosters, which you can only get with coins. Yes, there are some free ways to win coins and boosters, but even those aren’t enough to pass. I’m sure the goal is for them to make as much money as possible, so by the time you reach a high level you’re hooked and might be willing to pay - but then you just have the same problem at the next hard level. I don’t like pay to play games. So it’s a delete for now..Version: 8.332.163

It’s an OK game and all for people who love adsThere are so many ads in this game I hardly spend time on it. I have only gotten to level 4 because of the ads, I could be at level 10 by now. Intstead I’m not I barely had the energy and strength to even get to level 4. The ads are ridiculous and not only are the a spectacular amount of ads but it’s also not such a good game. When the ads showed this game before I downloaded it it let me play it once and it looked fun on the ad but when I download it it has so many ads not a good game and the games end up going so slow I almost fall asleep. if I kept going then I would have to go through so many ads that I would rather count leaves on 2 trees. It’s like you have to watch an ad after you press to get to the next level then watch an ad before you start then watch an ad before you end and lastly WATCH AN AD TO WIN YOUR COINS!!!!!!!!!!!😡😤.Version: 6.132.113

Remove adsSo many ads everytime I start a new level. It's annoying..Version: 6.322.117

ScammedI’m only giving 2 stars cause I like the game. I purchased the no ads feature and received. I purchased a package and didn’t receive, pressed Restore Purchase at least 100 times and I got nothing so I emailed them. I needed to pass a level so I purchased a different package and received it but I still haven’t received the other package before it. A whole day passes by and still heard nothin from the people. They also ask for an Order Number but I never received any of those so that’s another way for them to scam you..Version: 3.92.098

Events are buggyI like this game a lot. It’s a good way to pass the time, but the events are buggy. In the most recent one I played “Rise of temple” I would get a bit past a certain level and the game would just restart itself and my progress as well as taking away any prizes earned. The first time I was annoyed but I thought it was a one off incident tour it’s happened 3 times and now I’m borderline ready to quit the game, especially since I used some coins to complete a level. The app keeps my coins and my progress..Version: 6.132.113

Genius tactics to make people spend moneyGame is good but Play the game for a while and you’ll know what im talking about. Its like a casino and its rigged. If you can’t finish a level don’t spend your money and buy boosts or extra lives. Just keep playing those free lives and soon enough the game itself will let you win if it sees you are having a hard time getting through a level. And another tip for those who are annoyes by ads. Before you play the game put your phone in Airplane mode then enter the game, ads won’t be appearing..Version: 8.112.160

Marble MasterWas a good game you could watch ads to get free life but that’s disappeared like all other developers now greedy.Version: 6.322.117

Latest update has broken the gameUnfortunately the latest update means the game no longer opens on my iPad. Such a shame as I really like the game.Version: 8.602.165

RGood at taking money but not delivering if something goes wrong game got deleted of my device and reinstalled on same device to fin none of my purchases had been restored and had to start from the beginning and have now filed a report with Apple and requested a refund.Version: 8.312.162

To buggyIts a shame as its a really good game. Got to level 750, and it has started to get buggy. When shooting the clouds they don’t go off screen and remain on the levels after until you re-load the game. It also every few seconds flicks to the app store part way through the game to sky casino, which is very frustrating as sometime the game doesn’t pause and then you have lost a life etc…. Good game but needs some fixing doing as its frustrating especially when you have purchased the no ads version ☹️.Version: 3.60.093

Was enjoying, but I give upI give up. Crashes frequently and became too frustrating. Deleted..Version: 3.71.095

Fun but frustrating game due to technical issuesThis could be a 5 star game, but is just too buggy. I paid for ad-free version, but still have to play ads to rewind or gain rewards. I wouldn’t even mind that so much if it actually rewarded you for sitting through the ad. Half of the time, the game crashes after I’ve watched the ad and I don’t get the reward anyway and have to start the game over. It also glitches frequently in the middle of a level and freezes for minutes at a time or sometimes just crashes completely..Version: 3.92.098

Not Worth the TimeHonestly i won’t lie i’m a big fan of this game, i’ve been playing for months and have had time to really take in all the components. it’s simple and fun and a little nostalgic. here’s my issue however: you don’t earn enough coins. when i first started the game i would win 300ish for a level, sometimes less or more depending on how hard the level is and how well i did. but anymore, i will completely a level on “Super Hard” difficultly with 20+ balls left and my last ball being far from the end hole and i will LITERALLY only receive 10 coins. this wouldn’t be that big of a deal if events weren’t asking for way more. the event challenge that’s our right now costs 300 coins to play every single time, and when you’re only making 10 coins profit for every level completion, that’s not even worth your time..Version: 6.902.128

UpdatesSince updated cannot open the game. I have tried numerous times to reload but still no joy.Version: 7.502.135

GlitchesNot a bad game if you can get past all the ads. Used a few gems to get boosters, unfortunately didn’t receive them, not making that mistake again..Version: 5.85.107

Glitch on level 627I have been OBSESSED with this game for the past few months! I’ve downloaded it to every device that I own. I paid no no ADs, and I have not had any issues whatsoever until today. Once I made it to level 627, the character that shoots out the balls will not rotate! I’ve exited out and opened the app back up, and the problem still remains. I’ve died 10 times, but the character is frozen. I am unable to navigate to the next level due to this. I hope this problem can be fixed soon because I really do love this game, and I’d hate to have to quit playing due to this problem..Version: 5.85.107

Option for colourblind people ?Such a fun and addictive game but I’m red green colourblind and confuse colours all the time would be cool if there was an option to help with this like there is on many online games (:.Version: 8.312.162

DullWay too easy. For little kids..Version: 8.002.158

I want to give 5 stars, but…I LOVE the concept of this game and how much it is similar to the original Zuma game. Unfortunately, it constantly lags and is very choppy. I am also experiencing game crashes . Please do something to fix this and I will change my review! I also paid for no Ads, thinking this would help with the lag issue, but if anything, it seemed to make it worse..Version: 3.71.095

Worst ads!This is a great game but their ads ruin the experience! Constantly getting the same long Royal King ad which lame! Their ads are repetitive and Royal king goes on and on and on… it was enough for me to lose interest in the game. Don’t bother downloading this game unless you’re in the mood to watch the same ads over and over!.Version: 7.602.137

AdsThe say no ads and for the first ten levels it’s true then it’s an ad every level or pay them $10 plus taxes. Not a good way to convince customers to spend money in your game by charging to play a free game.Version: 6.00.110

Can’t shut down the add!!!I can’t figure out a way to stop the add! I have shut down the app but the add doesn’t go away and I can’t go back to the game!!! Very annoying. Deleting the game right now..Version: 6.112.112

Constant random appsThis game has become unplayable with constant diversions to the App Store for sky bets app 🤦🏽‍♀️ I even tried to delete and re-download but only thing that happened was I lost all progress and had to start from scratch and the App Store redirections still happened! 😡.Version: 3.31.091

Boosters will not load after payingI’ve paid for the ad free version and with a most recent purchase the boosters did not load. I contacted support who were unhelpful and insinuated I lied about it. It’s not the money it’s the fact that I paid for something I didn’t get! The boosters were meant to load for an hour at a discounted price but they didn’t. I wouldn’t playing if I were you. The support team will not help you if come across any issues..Version: 8.102.159

Just gets worse!Ads—yes they’re annoying but obviously I have persevered since I am at level 1354. The game is a fun time waster in spite of the ads. That’s why I still give it 2 stars. Players—read the reviews. Never spend real money on this game. Reviews indicate that’s a scam. Updates—one word—horrible. Worse every time! Updates should make a game better. Developers—you take away something every time. Like the treasure dig, the blast power-up (is it really more powerful?, doesn’t seem to be), increased number of duplicate turrets for rewards, etc. Updates are too frequent and players don’t get notifications. Players—if you can’t pass a level check for an update. Chances are you can’t pass that level ever without installing update. Take away. Uninstall if you can’t tolerate ads. Uninstall if you’re tempted to spend real money. Uninstall if you get disappointed with every update rather than encouraged. Uninstall to free up storage space on your device. If none of this bothers you then keep playing. I’m still playing but probably not much longer. I’ll see if I get any positive response from my review..Version: 5.82.107

UnplayableThis would be a great, fun game if it would actually play without shutting down half way through levels!.Version: 3.82.097

Ads out of controlI paid to remove ads but it doesn't matter. The game will randomly open an ad that switches me to the App Store in the middle of a level. This happens repeatedly and nothing fixed it. I emailed the developer but they asked for screenshots then never answered. It makes the game basically unplayable. It's a shame because I really enjoy the actual gameplay but no one can play a game that does this in the middle of every level over and over, especially after PAYING to remove ads..Version: 3.31.091

Fun game but technical issues throughoutI love these marble games. This one has fun challenges throughout. It would, theoretically, be a 5-star game. The ads are insane though - and I’ve seen a lot of comments about this. I paid for the ad-free version, but there are still a lot of ads - to get free coins, to rewind. The worst part - and the reason for only 3 stars - is that I’ll be literally in the middle of a game and go to “throw” a marble and my screen will switch to an ad… in the middle of a level. I close the ad screen to go back to my game and it pops back up at least once, but usually 2-3 more times. It’s very frustrating. The developer seriously needs to manage the ad situation. The game also crashes and, if I do watch an ad for free coins, the screen will turn white and I’ll have to restart. The game is fun but super glitchy..Version: 3.30.091

Game needs helpThe actual game is good and very addictive. Great to pass the time but there are too many in game adverts trying to get you to buy more coins and even the coins you do win disappear. Was at almost 11k coins and when I passed a level it changed to 7k even though I hadn’t used them. Happens all the time which is really annoying.Version: 3.60.093

Good game but far too many adsI had to delete the game as there are more ads than gameplay which made it really frustrating to play. You get the option to pay to remove them which really put me off the game.Version: 3.70.095

Extremely annoying adsLoved the game years ago but this is a poor imitation and the ads drive you crazy! Deleting! Also annoying is the requirement for a nice name before you send a review!.Version: 3.71.095

Purple gemsAfter the last update, the duplicate cards from the treasure chest do not turn into purple gems.Version: 5.81.106

AdsGood game play, but the number of adverts will drive you to distraction, there are far, far more than in most other games, almost between every level and many are very long. Avoid..Version: 7.212.132

Rip off!I love this style game…. And as soon as I joined I paid to remove ads…. But I am still getting them! I have sent several messages to ask them to remove the ads including sending proof of payment…. But no reply, I feel ripped off…. I will be deleting unless someone gets back to me and stops those horrible constant adverts ( the service I paid for!).Version: 3.71.095

Unplayable due to adsThis game is impossible to play as ads pop up every time you touch the screen. Awful and will delete now.Version: 3.71.095

ADS!!!Holy cow!!! The amount of ADS that appear after your “free trial” was enough for me to uninstall and never look back! So disappointing as I used to love playing this on Pogo..Version: 5.00.099

Marble shooter give it a tryI remember when this game was called Zuma, basically the same game but with all the stereotypical try to nickel and dime you. I spent the 4.99 to get rid of ads but the game does things like “hard” levels and “super hard” levels where the only reason it’s hard is it gives you marble colors that aren’t even on the board anymore. Developer responded, I actually really liked playing the older versions of the game I was just frustrated. The game is a cute little marble shooter and my review shouldn’t deter you from giving it a try, I just didn’t like the hard level mechanics..Version: 8.312.162

More time watching ads than playing mediocre gameIt’s another version of zuma. Works ok. Graphics a bit choppy and lagging. My biggest complaint is that the ads between every me be take longer than the levels and you can’t close and reopen the game to avoid them because you are not advanced to the next level until you have sat through the entire ad..Version: 3.71.095

Won’t loadI really enjoy this game, in fact it was one of my favourites. Unfortunately I have just loaded the new update but it now won’t load. I’m really sad because I will miss it..Version: 7.502.135

Too many ads & purchase requestsCould be an awesome game but after every level it’s either an ad or a pop up wanting you to spend money so unfortunately will be deleting the game.Version: 5.85.107

Fun game, but OMG the ads!!!This game is fun, interactive, has tons of levels and is all around a good download. My only gripe is the amount of ads that are in this game. When I first started playing, it was every once in a while. Now, a couple months later, literally after every single level there’s an ad. And it’s the same ads over and over. I understand why they need to show ads, but I’ve never played a game with it being so excessive. And of course, if you want to pay to get rid of the ads, there is an option, but why would I want to pay? I downloaded a free game for a reason..Version: 8.522.165

Love the game but sound has stopped workingWhy has the sound stopped working. Is still switched on in the app. Please fix!.Version: 6.202.115

Fun but too many stupid little popupsI enjoy the gameplay, but every time you lose a level and want to retry, it’s like “oh but you’ll lose 50 star bananas!” Ok, that’s fine. “But you’ll lose a balloon 🥲” I don’t care about the balloon. Just let. Me. Try. Again. “Do you want to watch a 45 second video to gain back 5 super hamster pellets?” JUST LET ME TRY AGAIN. And then every time you open the app after not playing for 2 hours, it PLAGUES your screen with some stupid little tournament, a special on happy hopping moron balls or whatever, and I’ve had to close as many as SEVEN POP-UPS before I could play. Don’t get these confused with ads. I bought the paid version because I liked the gameplay enough, so I don’t have ads. JUST LET ME PLAY..Version: 7.922.157

Unplayable!The game in unplayable with constant adds for sky casino and sky bet. It’s every minute with adds not just after a level which is very annoying when trying to play. At one point every time I touched the screen to play an add would pop up. I used to love this game/ games like this but it’s absolutely ridiculous with the amount of adds on one game..Version: 3.30.091

Bug in new updateAfter the most recent update in April 2023, the duplicate turret chips are not changing into gems anymore. God knows where they are going. And i am definitely missing the three-bomb thing, which has been now replaced with a single big bomb. 💣.Version: 5.81.106

Ads keep turning up, that are adults only ones and not good for anyone under 18Playing this game, is supposed to be a kids and adults game. But ads keep popping in that are for over 18’s. My partner’s son was playing this game and he raised my eyes to this problem. Ads keep turning up, that are adults only ones and not good for anyone under 18. The game is so buggy and lagging. Also where unsuitable add for sky vegas and sky bet coming up that aren’t revelant..Version: 3.71.095

Good but there’s something wrongThe game is good and I enjoy it. I paid the small amount to remove adds however I’ll be playing the game and it opens the App Store on sky bets in the middle of the game. Please fix..Version: 3.71.095

Fun game but..I remember playing this game as a kid on my moms computer and it was pretty nostalgic to play it again. However, there’s tons of pop ups and things flashing in your face that make you have to turn your service off to be able to play the game. Then, you don’t want to die or make any mistakes you can learn from because if you die too many times you have to wait to play again or pay. Just let us play the game! So annoying that this is the direction mobile games have moved to, pay to play..Version: 8.102.159

Good but major glitchesI really enjoyed this game until it started glitching, going to Sky Casino and Sky Vegas in the App Store whilst playing. A previous review said it had been fixed but sadly not. Hopefully this can be remedied soon..Version: 3.70.095

Has some bugs …Enjoyable enough to play for a few minutes here and there. I took the option to pay a small amount to get rid of adverts but there seems to be a bug where it keeps bouncing me to Sky Bet and Betfair in the App Store. Happens in the middle of games, whether I’m touching the screen or not. A) irritating and not good if it’s kids playing being promoted betting companies so incessantly and B) cost me the game on more than one occasion as I have to got back, select continue and mess about. Considering deleting it if it keeps happening..Version: 3.71.095

Not workingUnfortunatly, the game is not working. The shooting system is not actually shooting anything in the first level . That’s too bad because i love that kind of games. Please make a fix and update the game..Version: 3.01.088

GlitchIn level 989, you have to destroy 15 of those white mask/skull things. But after the first 2, no more of those are sent out for the whole game, so it is impossible to complete the level as there are none to destroy. Up until this glitch, I really liked the game. Now I can’t proceed..Version: 5.90.108

Game freezes on Crystal MissionIt’s been 12 hours since the game froze on the Crystal Mission status page and it will not close. I have tried restarting my phone. I’m afraid to delete and reinstall the app for fear of losing my progress etc. IDK if this is related to the recent update, but it needs to be fixed. I would reach out to the developers but their page is nothing more than an advertisement for their other games. Very frustrating for a game that I thoroughly enjoyed up until now..Version: 6.322.117

Starts well but then…You get bombarded with adverts between every level - instant delete for me at that point which is a shame cause this felt like it had potential.Version: 3.71.095

Fun but too many adsIt seems like as soon as I find a great game, I get flooded with ads. There’s an option to purchase to get rid of ads, but I’m too poor. I got annoyed and uninstalled this game..Version: 7.212.132

Takes free revives away if you show them you have any amount of moneyI have been playing this game for a while and I finally started spending money and of course now they have taken all of the free options away and minimized what little free options I have. I am no longer playing this game because of this because if I spend money I expect to get more options not less. This needs to be fixed and people need to stop spending your money on it because you actually get more out of this game as someone who doesn’t pay than someone who does. Trust me it is a rip off once you pay..Version: 8.622.165

Brilliant game but stopped loadingNumerous problems with loading, or crashing out after loading since latest update! Shame as I love the game..Version: 7.502.135

Graphics are choppyGame is lagging so the line jumps ahead causing you to shoot the marbles in the wrong spot. It worked fine when I first downloaded it, but the last few times I tried to play it almost froze my phone up. Deleting it now..Version: 3.92.098

Ad glitchCrashes.Version: 8.702.165

Deleted after 5 minsDirected to sky casino app 7 times within a 30 second game. Just downloaded. Just deleted.Version: 3.70.095

Game is good but way too many commercialsI enjoyed the game for a short period of time. But every round you finish you get a 30 second commercial. Want a reward? Watch another commercial? Okay a special round? Watch 2 commercials! If you like a game where you are overrun with the same commercial running over and over, this is a game for you as the game itself is good. But if you are inpatient with the same commercial running every couple of minutes, you will delete and not return..Version: 3.31.091

Different advertisingThe game that you actually play is a little different than the advertised game ..Version: 8.332.163

Just another money grabThis could be a fun game if it wasn’t designed entirely to make you buy stuff. Levels are made nearly impossible to win without multiple tries, which cost gold which cost money or power ups which cost gold which cost money. I cannot overstate how much I missed the days where developers made decent games and just release them for a fair price instead of trying to make thousands of dollars in micro transactions off everyone dumb enough to pay to win..Version: 8.632.165

Too many crashesBarely played the game less than an hour immediately after downloading, game crashed frequently after watching ads. Bye bye!.Version: 3.20.090

Game won’t loadAfter playing 3600 levels I ran the update today and now the game will not load. Very dissappoited..Version: 8.602.165

BrokenLove it usually but it’s broken continuously loading on an old event so I can’t play anymore scared to try to delete and reinstall incase I lose my purchase and save.Version: 7.802.151

BombWhy replace the 3 bombs with 1 not effective bomb, literally ruined the game. Will not be making any further in app purchases due to this negative update.Version: 5.81.106

Constantly opens App StoreEven when not playing ads it constantly just opens the App Store with betting apps. Can’t even play a level without it opening the App Store at least 10 times..Version: 3.71.095

You tired way to hardI believe you tried way too hard to improve on a game that was already perfect. can’t stand that you guys added the vines. In my opinion I think that’s just stupid. I will never pay for a full version of this game and that’s only one reason why.Version: 3.82.097

Forced adsAds forced upon you mid-game. In most other games you choose to play ads for boosters and things but here you’re just forced to endure ads just to play the game. It’s a shame because it’s otherwise the best zumba-style game on here..Version: 5.01.099

Wwaayy too many adsWhen it takes more of my time to watch an ad than it takes me to play the level, that’s a serious problem. There are ads after EVERY level and for everything in the game! That’s way too much. The ads and whatever else is running in the background drains my phone faster than watching a full on movie. The game and game play are easily 5⭐️. It’s a fabulous game with smooth transitions. The levels are fun and challenging, but not crazy hard. However, the sheer number of ads ruins all that for you..Version: 5.10.100

Buggy since updateUpdated to latest and now game won’t load just says loading and dong do anything.Version: 7.502.135

Ads and Glitches should be the name of the game.It is a completely free game, but between every level is an ad. Minimize the app and bring it back, new add. Sometimes during a round, ad pops up while the marbles are still rolling in the background. Low battery alert during a level, close that out to continue and bam, have to watch the ad while the marbles continue to move. 5 or 10 times a level you’ll shoot the marble and it will just transport past your target into oblivion. But, it is a free game. I’m level 250 but not sure how much longer I’ll play because it’s getting pointless. Why improve if we are just getting paid from the ads, I guess that is how the developers look at it. Well, I’m getting tired of glitches. The ads I can almost deal with. But I tell you, if there was a way to pay maybe $5 to have ad-less and glitchless, I’d pay it. Because when those two things aren’t in your face, it’s fun..Version: 8.212.160

Quite nice but with issuesThe game itself is nice and relaxing. So I bought the game, paid for no adds for life. It was working 1 day and now the game kicks me out of the game on level 38 and opens the app store suggesting to download some other apps. Forceful adds and forceful opening app store makes me thinking the game is not yet ready to be released or should be less demanding for the players to download, to buy or to spend their money. If the issue will continue I will have to remove the app and request for a refund a services were not as described.Version: 3.70.095

Addicted for now but…I guess it’s a good game because I’m addicted. You MUST pay to get rid of the ads. They are ridiculous. There are still a ton of ad to dismiss which I guess they gotta make money somehow. I think there are some U.X issues - the placement of the in game boosters is suspicious (way too easy to accidentally use them) & the pregame boosters stay selected on the next level, which I also find convenient. You will learn how to navigate as you play tho I still select them u intentionally at times. The latest level is not even a little fun to me, tho, so perhaps my addiction is combing to an end..Version: 5.30.102

Update crashes7.502.135 update just crashed the game - won’t load How do I undo this update? Or am I left to just delete and move on to something else?.Version: 7.502.135

Too expensive, designed to make you spendI would have given this game five stars at one time, because it is one of the most enjoyable games to play. But once I got into the higher levels, I realized they made it impossible to pass the hard levels without buying coins. And you simply do not get enough coins for your money. Also, you have to pay extra for accurate aim, and even then your marble doesn’t go where you aim it. They throw extra marbles in the mix randomly, and they speed it up. The reverse sometimes lasts only ONE SECOND! I timed it! They will lime you out even with only a split second left to reach the end, so you pay to keep that hard-earned progress and as soon as they get the money they give you the win, which means it was less than a second that they made me spend $9.99 on. The past few weeks, it keeps freezing after I pass a level, so I have to get out of the game and get back in, and sometimes it doesn’t go to the next level, I have to play a difficult level over again and spend more money to maintain my progress. I am not a wealthy woman. I am disabled and spend a lot of time at home, so movies and games are my entertainment. I hate when these young app creators get too greedy. Most of the games I play are fair and reasonable. Marble Master resembled Zuma, another game I loved, but this must be by the same people, because Zuma was too expensive, too. I’m telling everybody I know it’s not worth it, and the creators are robbing old people..Version: 8.502.163

Very glitchy & slowGame is very slow & full of glitches that it’s impossible to play. Very amateur effort. Don’t bother!.Version: 5.10.100

UpdateSince update won’t open. Tried numerous times to open still no luck. Please do something as it used to work and a great game..Version: 8.002.158

Marble MasterI love the different levels , the colours, and complexities of the game levels. I have a problem trying to make in game purchases at times as well the game will freeze or exit mid game and I have to restart. Hopefully the glitches will be eliminated with the update. Thank you.Version: 5.21.100

Sadly it keeps freezing after losing or winning a roundRally enjoyed the game until it started freezing after round 135 onwards. Doesn’t come back until next day then only lets you play one round and freezes again..Version: 3.92.098

Can you please refund my moneyI bought the Marble Master Pass & during payment my iPad froze. I don’t have the Pass, I’m out $10.99 & apparently I have to sit through multiple ads even though the Master Pass is supposed to suspend ads. Give me my money back, please. BUYER BEWARE..Version: 3.92.098

Good game but…Since the last update, ads don’t load properly so the game has to be shut down and restarted before moving on to the next level. When you win unlimited play, the adverts seem to be longer than usual. There’s adverts that are 5 seconds long but when you are playing your unlimited time the adverts are 40 seconds long so you lose lots of your time. I really like the actual game and I don’t even mind watching adverts but with these current issues, it’s not worth playing..Version: 5.85.107

IrritatingConstant and I do mean CONSTANT interruptions to request download of Skybet and Sky Casino apps. Even typing this. It’s happened 7 or 8 times. Get a grip. Absolutely ruined a potentially brilliant game. Off to the delete bin you go !!!.Version: 3.71.095

Crystal missionGot to crystal mission and it’s frozen - can’t do anything so can’t continue , Shame was enjoying the game.Version: 6.322.117

Save Your MoneyI quite enjoyed this game & so paid to removed ads. What was the very next thing I saw? You guessed it - an ad. Dishonest. Keep your money..Version: 8.002.158

Don’t botherIf you don’t buy the “Remove Ads” feature, the game is entirely unplayable. If you do purchase the “Remove Ads” feature, you’ll instead get a minimum of 5 pop up “promotions” to buy “discounted” power ups. But trust them, those definitely aren’t ads! Scummy thing to do, looks like this is another cash grab and run. Edit after developer response: I did reach out to “Contact Us” and your rep effectively told me to kick rocks. If you have any other suggestions, I’m all ears. However, I suspect your “responses” to negative reviews are a copy paste exercise to make it seem like you care. Meanwhile you actually do nothing about the complaints and continue to cash grab. Despicable..Version: 5.92.109

Im being a crybabyThis is an okay game. I was really enjoying it to keep busy on my down time, but since the last update I haven’t been quite enjoying it the same way. some levels are near impossible to beat now so I’m getting stuck for days on one level. It’s too difficult to be relaxing. I’m running out of lives on one level and I think they made it more difficult to make you have to buy more lives and things, but instead it just made me download an easier game. I Can appreciate a moderate challenge but this is too challenging to be fun at times. It’s not for me anymore.Version: 5.85.107

Way way WAY TOO MANY ADS!!Like most people, I realize that ads in free apps are a necessary evil. However, when the time spent enduring ads EXCEEDS the time actually spent on game play I have to draw the line. There are ads after every level, and the app constantly offers bonuses, extra points, etc for watching ads. The latter in itself isn’t a bad thing, but when you’re being bombarded by such offers AT EVERY TURN it gets monotonous VERY quickly. As if the number of ads isn’t bad enough, they are unskippable and go on for minutes on end! When the timer finally does go to zero ANOTHER segment STARTS!!! Not wasting any more time with your ad… uh, app. Deleted!.Version: 5.01.099

Please fix the bugsIt would be a fun game except it freezes, suddenly switches to some sort of shop, closes unexpectedly, goes all black. I have updated it today but it has not improved.Version: 3.71.095

Too many advertsGame is ok but the amount of adverts is ridiculous.Version: 5.01.099

Loved it but it didn’t save my game.Had to redownload the game on my phone and my profess didn’t carry over. It doesn’t save. So if you get a new device or have to delete and redownload the app for any reason you’re back at level one. I’m pretty upset..Version: 6.852.127

Unplayable bc of adsGame is fun, but the ads are annoying. Play a level? Unskippable Ad. Lose a round and want to try again? Unskippable ad. Every round has at least one Unskippable ad, which is honestly ridiculous. It also triggers random pop ups on the main game screen and more than once I almost made a purchase because I was trying to click to play the next level. You can pay for no ads but apparently that doesn’t even work according to reviews. Skip..Version: 5.85.107

Too many addsToo many adds that are not even loading. Money grab game..Version: 7.712.150

Add heavenYou have to many adds which is a pain and it freezes too when there are repetitive adds..Version: 6.502.119

Won’t load since updateThe number of ads is unbearable.Version: 7.502.135

CrapTo many adds. Crap. Waste of time. 2 minutes in 7 adds.Version: 3.31.091

Don’t do it - it’s a scam!!Like everyone else, I downloaded the game, and decided to purchase the ‘no ads’ add on. Paid for it and guess what? STILL ADS!! Deleted the game (and gave up purchased coins), reinstalled, and under settings, selected “restore purchases. Guess what? STILL ADS!! Do they just want your money? YES. Is this game ethical and fair? NO. If early on the developers haven’t even worked out how to honor the no ads purchase…it tells me all I need to know, THEY JUST WANT YOUR MONEY. Thankfully I’m only out $1.99. But do yourself a favor and skip it. It’s another “nickel and dime, unfair, let’s see what we can get away with, bait and switch, in-app purchase” nonsense game..Version: 3.92.098

BoringOld school.Version: 6.602.121

Marble MasterI have deleted this game, because there are too many glitches, too many times the game freezes (and it’s nothing wrong with my Internet), there is an enormous amount of long ads, certain features disappeared from the game. So, no more for me..Version: 5.92.109

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