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Noir - Dark Mode For Safari Negative Reviews

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Noir - Dark Mode for Safari App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Noir - Dark Mode for Safari app received 28 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Noir - Dark Mode for Safari? Can you share your negative thoughts about noir - dark mode for safari?

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Noir - Dark Mode for Safari for Negative User Reviews

It’s just okayThe rendering is not as good as Samsung browser dark mode. There is no equivalent feature on safari despite the promise of this app. Fonts are rendered in an inverted style and make websites quite garish.Version: 2021.1.2

This app is trashI have to turn this app off in safari more than I can keep it on, cuz it makes things unreadable. I constantly get black text and black background. What use is this app if it cant do its sole basic function?.Version: 2022.2.2

Not for for purposeThis extension prevents many (especially longer) pages from displaying properly. Refund requested..Version: 2021.1.2

Works but don’t trust dev not to purge dataSays they don’t purge data with privacy policy etc but that doesn’t mean they follow it, could literally just do what Facebook does (not that i use it) so I think i will ask for refund and not use this and just turn my brightness down instead. I don’t get why Apple hasn’t added darkness for their own browser..Version: 2021.2

What happenedI'm not sure what happened in the last month or two but noir became more of a liability instead of an asset. It went from occasionally needed disabled on a web page to almost always needed to be disabled it's to the point where it's pretty useless everywhere from huge sites that get millions of hits a day to smaller ones with almost no traffic. I personally reported several sites months ago and they still don't work. I guess with iOS updates and websites updating constantly as time goes on noir was a bigger project than expected by the devs so we get what we get. If this still cost money then pass on noir..Version: 2022.1.2

Bought as recommended by AppleThis may be an excellent app but I never got to find out. Deleted as soon as I got a pop up warning me this third party dev can see my sensitive information including my banking information. Apple refused a refund even though I didn’t use the app. Appalling. I’m assuming because it was a paid promotion. It’s not enough for a dev to say they don’t collect data. I need to know they can’t see my data. My bank won’t care if I’ve allowed a stranger to see my login details. And what if the dev gets hacked? I wouldn’t let my best friend see my sensitive data let alone a stranger. No way. Note to self: READ ALL OF THE REVIEWS FIRST. After a courteous response from the dev - I STILL WANT A REFUND I WILL NEVER DOWNLOAD OR USE RHIS APP..Version: 2021.4.2

Bright Flashes When sites LoadI purchased Noir and put it to use for several weeks of nighttime Safari browsing. I wanted to love Noir but I now use a different extension. Problem is, Noir allows a bright, all-screen, white flash fairly often, I believe whe n switching tabs or first loading a site. Its a dealbreaker for me. The issue has been reported by others in Reddit but dismissed by the app creator as ‘inevitable’. I’m not trying to be a jerk, just factual when I disagree. In the same Reddit thread, users mentioned that Nitefall and another extension work without flashing, so I tried Nitefall. It doesn’t flash and I haven’t used Noir since..Version: 2021.4.4

Some websites crashThis is a great app and it works for most websites but there is the odd website that will repeatedly crash until I disable this app on my iPhone 14 Pro Max, it can be quite annoying.Version: 2022.3.4

Extremely UnfairUse this application on my iPad Pro with the M1 chip works great. What is extremely unacceptable is that the developer insist on charging you again to use his product on your M1 Mac mini which uses the exact same chip as the iPad Pro. Taking liberties!!!!!!!!!.Version: 2022.1.5

Lowering because must purchase again for MacI went out on a whim and actually paid for an app. It’s wonderful and works, but I just think this should’ve been a feature that came with the iOS software. Edit: Once again, this app WORKS and works fantastically. But now I’ve gotten a Mac and paid for this app once. Now they want me to pay for it again for it to work on Mac. I will raise my rating if I’m somehow overlooking a setting. But I don’t see why I’d have to buy this twice to work on here and on my Mac.Version: 2021.4.2

Really cool app, but…Maybe about half of the pages had problems loading or would constantly crash. Ultimately deleted the app after trying it for a few months. Maybe if I had a phone with greater processing power (I’m on an IPhone X). Love the idea of this app and really wish more websites offered a dark mode option. App is worth a try if you get tired of bright white sites, especially at night..Version: 2021.4.1

The app is fineThe app seems to work fine but images especially in ads are photo negative which is just plain annoying..Version: 2021.4.1

Works well, when it worksIt appears to struggle with a number of websites, and when it does struggle, it makes the site practically impossible to read. Faded text or missing graphics entirely. Apple Pay logos look like blank white cards, fandom has all the colors turned light grey on a white background. Most sites it’s fine, but the lack of a one touch quick toggle adds frustration, along with needing to give redirected to the app to write an issue..Version: 2021.2.1

It was amazing, ruined by updates!Update, well it was working just fine but after several updates it no longer works correctly. The image darkener option always is on and does not turn off unless in the setting application. But it turns back on after each update. Also it does not work per website. Back to looking for an alternative again. Agh! Was such a good app when originally released… updated ruined it unfortunately. Original comments: I’ve tried other apps that attempt to do a dark mode. This one actually worked extremely well! I’ve tried all sorts of full page white sites and this extension was able to make them all dark but look extremely well! Bravo to this developer for making such a great app!.Version: 2021.3.3

ScamThis app doesn’t do what it says. Don’t waste your money..Version: 2021.1.1

Keeps resettingLove the dark mode on websites but it keep resetting every other day and i have to keep turning it back on. really annoying such a shame as it isn't free and should not happen if you pay for something..Version: 2021.2.5

Love the app…Love the app, but recently when the app is enabled in safari, images will be in negative colours in white. Even with dim images turned off, the issue is still there. Only when the app is disabled do the colours of images go back to normal..Version: 2022.1.3

Great Idea - Doesn't WorkTried this out and it broke so many sites that I turned it off after browsing with it for an hour. Too many to bother reporting - was especially bad for ones that were already dark or partially dark. Heck, I requested a refund, and it caused text on the Apple page to double up in all the menus. Wish I could say better for it, but wasn't thrilled to find something I paid up front for functioned that badly..Version: 2021.4.4

Lacks consistency.Some sites darken others do not. The worst is when a site only partly works..Version: 2022.1.5

BasicOnly works on very basic sites..Version: 2022.3.1

Currently not in a working stateCurrently not loading the full website on certain sites proper ie missing certain info / numbers. to start with I thought it was a website problem but just disabling this extension fixed it strait away, had to just uninstall this app. It looked good too & if it worked as expected it would give 5 stars, I would let this app bring out a few updates before purchasing.Version: 2021.2.1

CrashingIt was a great app! But… after a while the automatic night mode (dark) caused my safari to crash and stop working!!! Please fix the bug as I cant use the extension anymore with our sacrificing safari.Version: 2022.1.1

Was great at first…I have no idea what happened, but when I installed this thing it was fantastic. After countless updates, where things got progressively worse and worse, I now have an extension that I have to turn off on 50% of pages. At best it just reverses all of the colors.. yeah the background turned black, but all of these dark images and backgrounds turned bright white. At worst it makes all of the lights dark, and leaves the darks dark. I get a black page with black text and images. Strangely, it does this across ALL of the devices I have it installed on, so I don’t think it is a settings or installation issue. Not sure what to do anymore. I have disabled it, because white is far less annoying than unreadable. Although white is pretty annoying, so I will try this again in a few months..Version: 2022.3.1

Image dimming inconsistentThe image dimming is inconsistent. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t..Version: 2021.4.1

Not GreatWhen this app works, it’s great, which thankfully it does for major sites like Google/YouTube/Instagram/etc. But I recently had to switch it from on by default to manual per-site configuration since it makes a lot of sites unreadable or just look weird. Hope it gets better..Version: 2021.4.2

Very unhappyDisappointed!! Purchased this to help vision issues where I can see better in dark mode - hence why this was purchased. Read reviews and had high hopes. Turns out it will only load 25% of page and remainder is empty. Turn off app and webpages load properly. Such a waste of money and hopes!.Version: 2021.1.1

Like the idea but…If It can get access to sensitive information from websites I visit as the popup warning states, That’s not cool. The developer should clarify that..Version: 2021.1.1

Just doesn’t workGreat concept but after using it over a a year and checking the large amount of sites that I reported where mostly text isn’t readable/visible, I decided to uninstall it. One common problem that I reported in the past and still not fixed, on first visit text is not visible, then if you reload or get out of safari then back to it, it works for that page. Also annoying switches from white to dark in many sites..Version: 2022.3.4

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