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Ant Legion app received 36 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about ant legion?

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Ant Legion for Positive User Reviews

Great game to play with friendsI’ve been playing a few months now and I am having a blast! Once you find an alliance you like the game gets really fun!.Version: 5.0.51

Super Addicting!This game is really fun only if you start out well. For me I started around a month ago and i already have a CP over 2 million and have created a clan with over 20 members, being the 33rd clan in the game. If who you play with is nice and fun to hang out with then this game should be the one for you! The others reviews don’t really go this into detail but there’s a quiz you can take every 5 minutes where you can gain rewards. You can get more if you get the quiz answer correct. You can also train your ants and collect resources, such as water, leaves, and rollypolly (that’s your food source). Overall this game is a 4.5/5 but since there’s no half stars, i put it to a 5..Version: 5.0.62

I’m antYou can be ant very good very nice.Version: 1.3

Totally under ratedThis game, has so much variety and content available to everyone. You aren’t content restricted if you don’t want to spend money and you know there is always something to do. Can totally see this game at the top of the charts soon!.Version: 3.1

No Redeem Box?It’s a pretty addicting game so far I will definitely continue to play it. only issue I have is there’s no spot to redeem codes. Yeah check settings already have and it’s not there.Version: 1.6

The best game of all timeDont let any other review turn you away from this game. It is an utter masterpiece. Theyre are a million different factors I could go into about how i could spend the rest of my days playing this epiphany of 37GAMES. The tactical prowess you need to play this game is unreal it really does get the cogs in your brain turning, whether you level up your ants or build or go and get gold there is just so much depth and flavour. Anyways 5/5 amazing game..Version: 2.1

Amazing and Entertaining!When I first got the game, I thought it was just a simple ant tower defense game, but then I soon realized how wrong I was. There is so much to do in this game, not only is there a tower defense, but there’s an area where you build an ant nest, you can fight of predators, complete goals and chapters, and a lot more. Ok sure, the ad I saw for this game WAS fake, but to be honest, the actual game was better then the fake game I saw in the ad, and it wasn’t really I surprise to me that it was a fake ad, but I’m still very happy I decided to download the game. I’ve played lots of other ant games, but this one has by far been the best. I hope at least one person found this review helpful..Version: 2.5

AddictiveAlthough this game is very similar to another called “the ants”, I actually enjoy this one more. I have played both and I like the play style of this one better, you get to unlock stuff and do more faster in this game than you do in the other. I definitely would recommend downloading it..Version: 1.2

Need update for iPhones users.I love the game but I have a IPhone and I can’t use the codes cause there isn’t a bag with a ant face in settings for iPhone users. That is the only thing I do not like about the game..Version: 2.0

I…love…ANTSAnt keepers or players reading this PRESS THE GET BUTTON 1 it’s free 2 everything in this game is AMAZING. Ever wanted a war strategy game for ANTS? I don’t know if there are ads for this but the game is AD FREE. Ok some ants may or may not be real I’m actually unsure if some aren’t real but the gameplay is amazing I would recommend this game (I’m not a fake user a promise)..Version: 3.3

Some of the “reviews” are ridiculousI seen a review posted on May 15 by “potato bug fan” & it says “involves eating roll poly’s which my son loves. He loves them so much he has an outdoor habitat to care for them. I wish there was some way to know that before downloading” REALLY!?!? ITS AN ANT GAME! YOU CONTROL AN ANT COLONY! WHAT DID YOU THINK WILD ANTS ATE!? ANT FEED YOU GET FROM THE STORE? NO THEY DON’T JUST GREENS THEY ALSO EAT OTHER BUGS INCLUDING ROLY POLYS! They also eat night crawlers, beetles, small spiders, crickets, & grasshoppers..Version: 2.2

TotourialI think a few things should be added like how to change your name it would help get to know the people who join your alliance.Version: 2.9

AmazingThis game is very good and I do recommend this game to people that are any age.Version: 2.5

Ant LegionAnt Legion is a good game it has all the things that can keep you entertained the have chats so you can talk to people around the world there is many ants to discover now this is a game that you can play all day I played this game without downloading any other games for now this game is a must download.Version: 3.8

I do not know what other ant game is like thisI think this game is brilliant, quests are easy, upgrading is perfect and fight is completely fine, I think people should download this game..Version: 3.4

Any legionSick game walahi yes.Version: 2.3

Great gameThis game is by far one of the best in its league (other games like this). The reason it’s a 4* and not 5 is that me and many other plates I’ve talked to on here have tried everything we can to get notifications, and they will not go through. If the devs fix this issue, no reason for it not to hit 5 stars on my end at least!.Version: 1.2

Great!I really enjoy playing this game. Best ant game for me.Version: 5.0.63

The loading screenThe loading screen into the game is just like Cookie Run Kingdom loading speed almost.Version: 5.0.58

AnnoyedMy biggest issue with the game is the multiple time zones that play in the same state. You literally have to stay shielded 24/7. Lord forbid you try to get some sleep and your shield drops.Version: 2.1

I love this gameThis is a really fun game there are no ads you get to upgrade your Queen and nursery and soldier habitats I would say it’s a 10/10 there are no problems with the game I don’t know why people say there are and rate it a four it deserves five stars and very good credit to the creators of the app.Version: 1.9

Don’t believe some of the positive postsMost of the people in these positive posts are probably most powerful. This game is good but a lot of the aspects are unfair because only the most powerful can develop whereas the weaker bunch are attacked unless they are in the alliance. Conquest is worse. It is just annoying and only is good for the more powerful players with t10-12 soldiers. And all the people who attack you don’t have to do anything just tap a few buttons and there is no skill required. MAKE IT FAIR PLEASE..Version: 5.0.51

Great gameVery calming indeed for me 👍👍👍.Version: 5.0.58

GameI like this game.Version: 1.2

Fun for free!I love the game, but what makes it special is the other players in the alliance I am in. You play on so many levels, fun, safe, risk taker, free, pay, all day, occasional, ….Version: 5.0.54

It’s goodDownload it.Version: 2.6

Good game but I keep on disconnecting like every single secondIt’s a really amazing game but, it keeps on saying “do you want to reconnect?” every single second can you please fix it I love the game but it just keeps on saying that same sentence over and over ..Version: 3.1

Ant LegionI am in love with this game on many levels. My mind is always going and I tend to loose track in other games. The upgrades are so easy. It’s also so easy to earn lots of different rewards. The little icons let you know when you can claim rewards. The graphics are cool and different. The pics in the ant specs are so cool. This game calms my mind..Version: 2.0

Good, but Badly AdvertisedThe game is so good if you join an alliance (go to S79 and join DBD, it’ll be like a second family) it’s fun. The game, however, is advertised in the worst way possible, giving the game a bad reputation..Version: 3.4

Great greatGreat time waster but it would be so much better if it didn’t take so long to collect resources They do push to buy in game stuff a lot but you can easily not buy stuff and still enjoy the game.Version: 3.2

Nice game!Yes, this game is similar to The Ants. So what?? 😆 How many candy/jewel crash games there are, 100s.. This game is not a copy of The Ants though, like ppl commented. Here you can gift gifts, which is awesome, and i wish the ants would provide this option. I also like the little merging game 😊 Nooo this game is cool, just a little similar, but again, SO WHAT?.. 😊😊.Version: 2.5

My daily challengeI’m always looking for something that is strategy until I found ant legion.Ant legion gets harder and harder everyday and I find it to be a good daily challenge.So I recommend you to try this game!.Version: 5.0.65

Great but I don't wanna be socialI wish this game and all other battle games allowed me to turn off the multiplayer/raiding features. I just want to build an ant colony and kill bugs with no stress..Version: 2.9

Updated review 5/5This app is great just keeps getting better each update. But please ! Put a “fill” button when we are putting out armies ! I hate that I have to slide each amount every time. Also I think you guys need to fix the march speed. It’s a little wacky. I hate it. I think that’s why a lot of people don’t give it 5 stars cus there’s nothing else wrong.Version: 5.0.59

Ant LegionThis game is interesting and to some would be a fun game. I found it difficult to navigate and act and think like an ant. I love the graphics and animation in this game, the inventor made sure it was a good game and entomologists would understand totally how to play this game and great for children. I don’t have much knowledge on bugs. So it was frustrating to me..Version: 5.0.59

I thought this would be badWhen I downloaded this I only did because I kept seeing ads for it to the point where I got it. I started to play it and I was like ok decent so far but as you go farther and farther into it it’s all you wanna play that’s how good it is. I am so happy I got it and it’s not too addictive so you can stop playing it when you want to and it requires intense focus I recommend it to you. If you don’t like idle games you would probably like it. Bye..Version: 2.8

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