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Love the game butAbsolutely love playing but I don't have the money to upgrade games to ad free... I appreciate that this may not be something the devs can resolve but I don't appreciate the trend in advertising that has begun where I'm seeing gross things being removed from parts of the body it's graphic and unnecessary and in the case of most of the games being advertised completely unrelated to game play advertisers need to either re evaluate how they advertise their games or build in a skip button for people who don't want to see this... it puts me off playing and as it's happening more frequently I'm seriously considering deleting the game which is a real shame.Version: 1.7.3

Love this game, but..If it weren’t for the constant ads after every single level this would be 5 stars. I considered paying for ad free, but the price of that is unreasonable! Please provide a lower price for ad free version or calm down with the ads!! I don’t want to stop playing the game but the ad annoyance, is beginning to overshadow the enjoyment of playing!.Version: 1.47.1

Great game but it has setbacksI really love playing this game and even put up with the many adverts, however it has a flaw. I have reached level 49 and now I find it will not let me move certain pieces, in order to untangle the chords. It persistently does this despite the timer still counting down which means that I can’t untangle the chords in the allotted time. I feel this is unfair as I should be able to move the chords to available spaces nearby. Perhaps this is just a blip but it needs to be sorted out. Another fault I have found is that it goes into slow motion but again the timer still counts down. It’s very frustrating because if it worked they way it should it would be a really good game..Version: 1.45.1

I don’t like the timer on itI don’t like how it restricts your time for it. Otherwise I enjoy it.Version: 1.39.0

BestI <3 this gaaaaame It's so fun to play and it taught me how to undo knots.Version: 1.33.0

Super fun game, but not worth $7.99I really enjoy the challenges on this game, but it’s really frustrating that you only get 5 lives. I even paid for the ad-free version, thinking that would extend lives since that’s the case on other games I’ve played, and you still only get 5 lives. Some of the levels are pretty difficult, so it’s frustrating to be stuck on a level for so long. For $7.99, there should be more perks than not having to watch 10 seconds of an ad before moving to the next level. Plus, there are still a ton of ads to watch, unless you are willing to spend even more money for coins or tickets. I’ve tried watching the ad to get 15 minutes of unlimited lives multiple times, and even though the ad says reward granted, I’ve never actually been rewarded with the unlimited lives. In short, I love the game itself, but I want more lives..Version: 1.39.0

Great time-filling gameI play this virtually every day. In the beginning the ads were annoying, as they were between each level, but once you hit the harder levels then it’s much less of an issue. I’ve only seen one advert today, and that was because I wanted the 15mins of infinite hearts. I’m on level 760 and stuck - but I’ll get it in the end :).Version: 1.48.1

Too many adsFun game but far too many ads. There is an ad every second level. I played until level 11. So far not challenging but too many ads for me to consider continuing..Version: 1.8.4

Mode with no time limitFun game, but i would enjoy it a lot more if there was like a “zen mode” where you could take your time untangling a large area (maybe having to zoom in and out). More for relaxation, then the normal mode could be for competition and winning coins etc..Version: 1.43.1

Best game ever.Challenging. But not impossible. In contrast to what others say. I don’t find the ads too much. There is an ad after each level. But they can be shut down after 5 seconds unless you choose to watch the longer ones to earn coins..Version: 1.38.0

I still get ads even after paying for no ads..Great game and you get more and more challenges and new stuff. i love it. but i still get ads after paying for no ads..Version: 1.28.0

Great but…This is a great game but (in my opinion) it has two main issues. 1. The adds: Now, I would understand if there was one add after every two levels but one add after every level, is just a bit much (I get that you have to make money and all that but still. 𝐀𝐥𝐬𝐨 the add block is quite expensive for a game like this and I have read quite a few reviews of it not actually working) so maybe tone it down a bit yeah? And 2. The rewards: I just feel that 15 coins after you complete every level is a bit on the small side for rewards, 𝐞𝐬𝐩𝐞𝐜𝐢𝐚𝐥𝐥𝐲 considering the fact that everything that you use the coins for is in the 400 up range and some levels can take a while to complete. of course the other option for this is just make everything cheaper. Overall: Great game, fix these things to make it better and that’s pretty much it!.Version: 1.43.1

So farSo far so good.Version: 1.35.0

Too QuickI enjoy untangling knots and I hoped this would be a relaxing game. You usually get about a minute per puzzle which means it’s too stressful to be fun or relaxing. Also too many ads. A freeware game should be a playable but not as good version of the premium game. This has so many lengthy interruptions that it’s almost unplayable. However the animations and sound effects are cute, and the puzzles are enjoyable and challenging. If there was an ad every three rounds, instead of after every round, I’d give it five stars..Version: 1.36.1

Mostly goodThis is a super fun game, I’m fairly addicted it it, if you want a simple game and like untying knots, this is for you. Very colorful and there’s tons of fun relaxing levels with some challenging levels. Buy the upgrade, ad free mode, it’s worth it. The down side is that sometimes you get a bug that prevents you from moving anything, even if there is plenty of slack. Usually restarting the game fixes that bug but it does mean sacrificing a life. Most levels are great where you have plenty of time left and others have short times and are clearly set up to make you spend money. I’m not a fan of the 1min limit. I barely make it halfway untying and if after running out of lives on one level multiple times… I contemplate deleting the game. Lol. But again I’m fairly addicted….Version: 1.41.0

Ok but could be improvedIn the beginning, I had a lot of fun with the game. There was no timer and it was simply trying to undo tangles. As you proceed, the game obviously gets more difficult. Other barriers are slowly added to make untangling more challenging. However, after a certain number of levels, the untangling becomes timed. There is no way to go back to “easier” levels and no way to get around timed games without needing to pay for infinite lives or hoping you have accrued enough coins to pay for work arounds. I really am not a fan of timed games in general and wish it was at least possible to go back to earlier levels to just play the untangling parts. Or to have an option of toggling between easy and difficult instead of forcing timed games. I may be in the minority in this desire though..Version: 1.38.0

Progress DifficultI enjoy this game but progress is definitely difficult. There are few ways to earn coins, and then it costs 500 to 900 coins to buy a little extra time. And so far I haven’t found ANY way to earn more boosters and buying them is nearly impossible because they cost thousands and, as I have said, coins are difficult to accumulate. I was moving slowly on my iPad so, I decided to open another game in my iPhone. Interestingly, more lives or extra time costs 500 coins on my iPad but, it costs 900 coins on my iPhone. Why the discrepancy? It makes no sense. Hard and very hard levels are difficult to pass but, with patience you can do it. I am on level 99 after a few days. I have not decided whether to keep the game or not. But for now I will continue. Developers . . . If you made it a little easier to progress, people would be willing to spend more money. But I for one am not willing to spend money on every difficult level that comes up..Version: 1.40.0

Great gameLove it, even recommended it to friends only to find there aren’t enough challenges. Please add more.Version: 1.7.4

Love it😍😍😍I love this game so so so much.Version: 1.36.2

So goodThe reason I gave this five stars is because the graphics are so good when you move the ropes around and some of the challenges are really difficult because the challenge I finally finished it only had 22 or 23 moves as you go on it gets harder and harder such a good game I would recommend you to try play on it tell me if you played and tell me if it is fun or not fun but it’s going to be really fun and I know that I am correct not wrong correct anyway get out there and play twisted tangle👍👍🙂🙂🙂.Version: 1.7.5

It’s fun!Fun game to play!.Version: 1.10.0

Twisted tangleEnjoying this.Version: 1.41.1

Great hard game, loads of adsI really enjoy this game. It gets really hard quite quickly, and before even reaching level 100 I’ve encountered a couple of puzzles which were too hard to solve after multiple attempts. To get through the hardest one I bought an extra 20 seconds of playtime. However, I do see that if I had got the whole thing right without any slips I could have done it in the time, so I think the developers are probably telling the truth when they say that every level is solvable if you are skilled enough. I just don’t have the dedication! The game looks very organic and plays in that way. I don’t actually enjoy the appearance that much, but I am too mean to pay for prettier ropes. A hint to new players. If you haven’t paid to have ads removed, then you will see an ad after every level. When it asks you if you want to watch an ad to double your points for the Level, say yes, because if you say no, you will see the ad anyway! You might as well get points for it….Version: 1.42.1

Fun, Addictive & FrustratingI really like this game. It’s challenging, interesting and fun. I like trying to puzzle it out before touching anything. Once you touch the timer starts. Sometimes strings don’t go where you pull them even when there’s plenty of slack and little or no tension due to other strings. That can be frustrating and wastes time. My biggest frustration is that the string stop moving when the timer gets to about 5 seconds left. I have been so close, so many times and still lose because nothing moves the last few seconds. Why bother telling me I 2 minutes if I really only have 1 min and 55 seconds. Those last few seconds can be crucial sometimes..Version: 1.45.1

Great game but need to fix livesI just did the update hoping this would fix the loss of lives even when you win. Why are we losing a life even if we pass or win the challenge?? Shouldn’t it be if you lose or fail the challenge where you lose a life? We are already spending the coins to play it, so you have to lose a life too even if you win? It should be only if you didn’t pass the challenge. That’s how it is in other games I play. Otherwise it’s one life per challenge no matter if you win or lose? Then have to wait another 30 mins to get one meanwhile you are getting notifications that you earned a challenge. Makes no sense & doesn’t sound right. Please fix..Version: 1.7.6

I like the game but purchases are stupidAs someone who has been playing this game from time to time and have spent money on it do not buy any no ad packs. I didn’t realize that they charged a dollar per day (or 24hrs) for no ads which is stupid ($30 per month or more) instead of just having a flat rate for a whole month or lifetime which I’ve seen many other apps do. Also sometimes the game gets buggy which could make it worse for you when one rope you’re about to untangle glitches under another rope for no reason and forces you to lose time which in then turn makes you lose a heart and the level and have to start that level over again. I like this game but come on a 30 dollars a month for no ads and also the glitches? Do better..Version: 1.36.2

Like the game but .....UPDATE: I have played this game to level 550. I did finally pay to remove the ads and that made it much more enjoyable. I haven't paid for anything else. The puzzles are all solvable, although it did take me a couple days on some of them. Bottom line, I really like the puzzles. It's just as well you only get 5 hearts. I play it enough as it is. There are some issues, however. I wish there was a way to extend the clock, especially on the early levels. One you get the hang of it it becomes easier. Way too often, the game snags and you can't move any of these pieces. In that case you just have to close it and lose a life. That's frustrating. Overall, I really like the game..Version: 1.45.1

Not enough moves…I’m on level 321 and I love this game. Figuring out tangles is tons of fun and great for my 71 year old (tomorrow) brain! But I’m finding that the boss challenges no longer have the number of moves required to solve many of them. Just as I’m getting close to solving, I run out of moves…and for the last five boss challenges, not even watching ads for 8 moves are not enough! AND WHO is the genius (NOT!!) who has started putting loops with no moving ends? That costs too many of my moves…so I lose now! Come on now, staff; play nice here! Invent something that rewards me for good playing; create a circle ⭕️ that if I free a tangle with/using that circle ⭕️, two sets of tangles disappear! Thank you for a game that engrosses me with the gameplay. (Please, not so many 🚫circles in one game…🤔🤔).Version: 1.8.5

Love puzzles, hate the timing partReally wish they would include some way to opt out of the timing and prizes. I just want to to do the puzzles, I don’t care about beating levels or prizes, I don’t need any of the cheats, I just want to chill and figure out how to solve the puzzle. I normally don’t have an issue beating the time, but when it does come to a more difficult game and I run out of time, it makes me want to delete the app. The only other game I play is solitaire. I play to relax, keep my mind occupied solving a puzzle not stressing out about the stupid time and having to restart! Seriously about to just delete the app and go back to only playing solitaire. And I know I sound like an old lady but I’m in my 20s.Version: 1.45.1

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