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Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds app received 142 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds? Can you share your negative thoughts about ni no kuni: cross worlds?

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Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds for Negative User Reviews

Pay to winSpend money to get the best gear.Version: 1.02.010

BugsI stayed up till 3 today trying to kills the field boss but I came and got no reward after killing it. Nothing. No reward or history that I even participated in killing it. And the most annoying part was that I was mainly getting killed by another player than the monster itself. Over and over again but the same player. And I think that we shouldn’t be able to hurt each other in this boss fight time because a lot of us were killed just because it was funny. It distracts and also prevents us from being able to kill the boss. Also I think that the attack and skill buttons should be bigger. I keep clicking it after the dialogue and usin up my skills. Also how do you disable the auto fight thing. It’s really annoying having to auto kill something and I can’t control the timing at all and that’s really annoying. Also what is the death penalty and how do we get it in the game cause that might be another bug factor to me dying during the field boss today. I also had fo pays lot of money to get rid of only two death penalties and I can’t take off the rest..Version: 1.01.006

Auto PlayWhat’s the obsession with auto play / auto attack. One button and the game just plays it’s self. The game actually tries to get you to auto play it? Enough with this auto play garbage..Version: 1.01.006

Territe is Ruining GlobalI played the original version of this game and enjoyed the first couple weeks of this version till I came to the bottleneck that is territe. Want to craft gear? Rank up your familiars or equipment? Feed your familiar some gummies? Well, good luck, because not only is getting resources for any of that a grind, everything costs a lot of territe and you can hardly get any. Territe is an addition to the global version that does not exist in the original which has been running for about a year now. It makes the game less player friendly, barring progress for active players trying to get stronger. Apparently they plan on adding NFTs to the game and requiring players to buy those in order to get more territe, which will be paywalling F2P and low spenders. The game makes plenty of money off packs and limited time events, it does not need NFTs, and was a much better game without territe. But I’ve been told this is a pretty classic move for NetMarble, and it is a shame they have to go and ruin the game like this..Version: 1.01.006

NFT WARNING! STAY AWAY!DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME. IT’S A TRAP. could have been good, graphics are impressive. but the Devs had to go and taint it all with NFT nonsense.Version: 1.01.006

FunThe game is fun but i wish there was a way to permanently toggle off auto battle and auto play. I do not enjoy constantly switching it off.Version: 1.01.006

Great art but really frustratingThe art is great (obviously) but the game play and all out experience is boring and extremely automated even if don’t click anything I’ll still move or fight bosses which is really frustrating and annoying as i would like to look around but idk.Version: 1.01.006

Nice world, Disappointing GameTo start with, they’re essentially paying people to write glowing 5 star reviews with a promotion event on their discord server. And crypto gamblers who couldn’t care less about the experience of playing games for the sake of playing good games have also flocked there. I have really been looking forward to the global release of this game since I adored the previous games in the franchise. Cross Worlds does a good job maintaining the look of the series and meshes the previous two games’ different features together in a way I do like, but the overall experience of playing mostly boils down to the game running through quests on its own while you micro manage the many systems, which all ultimately link back to luck and spending real money in the multiple gatcha and cash shop systems. It’s probably enough to keep me in playing for a week or so, but then I’ll go revisit Wrath of the White Witch or Revenant Kingdom, or an mmo that asks for a transparent amount of money in exchange for a good gameplay experience..Version: 1.01.006

I guess I was just expecting more…I’d like to start out with the fact that it’s very similar to Genshin impact, and yes everyone has said this but after playing Genshin, it feels like this is on a level lower than Genshin. Maybe if it had more options to customize your character or if it wasn’t just a game where you don’t even have to touch the screen to play it then I would like it. My point is, the characters and options are pretty basic, and the game is pretty boring. The story is a bit boring too, I only liked the beginning bit because it made me pay attention for a bit, but when it started the tutorial stuff I just lost all interest. I’ve played other games that had stories/lore that could absolutely make me cry whether out of happiness or sadness or anger. But this face stays at a neutral look..this game is definitely overhyped, it was all too underwhelming..Version: 1.01.006

Game is now fully released but it’s still brokenSo I preordered this game. As a huge fan of the Ni no Kuni series, I was very excited. When the game finally downloaded, I stayed on the title screen and wouldn’t let me progress further because the game wouldn’t be fully released until the next day. I understood that and I waited. (Everyone rating the game poorly without reading that it wasn’t released yet is pretty stupid btw.) However, the game was officially released today in my timezone. It is 6:15 pm PST on May 25th as I write this, and the game still won’t work. It does let me join a server and start the game, but there’s a cutscene in the beginning that I cannot get past. The game opens with a scene of a grassy field, with a cottage and a huge tree in the background. In the foreground is a little wooden table set with plates of food and surrounded by four tree stumps for chairs. That’s it. Nothing else happens. No matter what I do, the scene stays still. The Skip button does not work, and clicking anywhere else does nothing. I’ve refreshed the game multiple times and simply waited for the cutscene to start, with no luck. I’m very disappointed. If the game gets fixed and actually allows me to play it, I will change my rating and review, but for now, this is how it will stay..Version: 1.01.006

Fun, when you can get on.This game is a lot of fun to play. I enjoy the Multiplayer aspects of the game. Unfortunately I find myself often waiting up to an hour to log on because of server congestion. I like mobile games because I can just pick them up when I have a few minutes to play but not if I have to wait to get on. Kinda ruins the experience..Version: 1.01.006

Off brand copy of Genshin ImpactIf you want a better “open world” game, then download genshin impact. This game is almost a exact copy of it, the opening, the mechanics.. any of you genshin impact players know what im talking about. I literally pre ordered the game expecting something way better, but as i was playing way too many things remind me of genshin. Maybe this game was inspired by it, just like genshin impact was inspired by the game Zelda breath of the wild but its just way too similar to me. Not only this, the game is really confusing, i think theres way too many buttons and things to upgrade im just lost in the game. If you have auto on, you can legitimately just leave the game running and it will do story quests FOR you. It even has auto combat. I don't really understand the point of this and theres no clear way to turn off auto. Also, the gems that you need to summon for familiars and weapons and stuff are way to expensive and I don't even know how to get them for free. How am i supposed to collect new stuff? Im only level 19-20 right now and the only thing that’s remotely interesting that i got as a reward is a giant cat mount. Its extremely easy to level up in the game as you can just auto do everything without even touching your device. And the story isnt all that interesting either. The game will most likely improve over time, though, this is what i think about it right now..Version: 1.01.006

The gameThis game is ok but it was taking forever to let u do something and the npcs would only read some part of the dialog.Version: 1.01.006

Micro transactions ^2They have added micro transactions to every aspect of the game. Without them it would be more fun and more competitive.Version: 1.01.006

Title:Man what? 😭 when the game first came out in my country, I was the first person to get the Water hunter title and I joined the game recently again just to find out that I don’t have the title anymore. where is it bro??.Version: 1.02.010

Add more servers please.I'm trying to join a server with my friend from across the world but I am only limited to local servers so I can't play with my friend from overseas. I'm pretty sure there are thousands of others having the same problem right now. Please make it so that we can join servers globally..Version: 1.01.006

It’d be great if…The game has a really awesome art style and vibe to it, the story seems like it could be very engaging and the combat system could be fun to play around with but… The game aggressively forces you into autoplay, the methods I have found online to shut it off don’t turn it off per se (ie turning off auto quest just turns off quest tracking as a whole so you don’t get a quest marker and have to just wander, or auto battle cant fully be turned off, even when it seems like its off visually my character will still just stand there and be fully automated) Generally when i download a game I expect to be able to play it, this is more like lazily watching a computer have all of the fun. If there was an update that let you just permanently turn off all of the auto play functions in the settings then i would try again. Another bit that i also feel would be important if i could actually play the game is controller support, its 2022 and there are plenty of decent mobile games with controller support so i feel like its a requirement when it comes to a game like this.Version: 1.01.006

Game lacks a soulTLDR: it’s a gamified cryptomining with a ghibli theme (imagine seeing a ghibli themed casino) Game lacks two major things: - lacks the feel of community and socializing. most people you’ll be playing with are bots - most of th stuff you can do is automated. why even bothered playing a game when it plays by itself. defeats the purpose of a game imo..Version: 1.02.010

Good but!So I do love the gameplay etc, BUT if you want to play you better do it on the pc version as mobile version keeps connecting over and over while your trying to play and makes it so very frustrating, they keep adding more servers but aren’t addressing the stability of them. Hence the 1 star..Version: 1.01.006

Ni no Kuni - Don’t waste your precious time on this earth.Ni no Kuni (the english version that is) plays like any other MMO, however: The voice actors miss half the dialogue lines; The combat is janky and difficult, not to mention very limited and boring after a while; Camera angle management is poor and exceptionally irritating to handle while in battle; finally, the game’s storyline isn’t engaging in the slightest. Favouring the whole ‘hero thrust into a new world’ deal and overwhelmed with new moves without the easy progression of training. Whilst playing the game on PC and mobile I found it to be a complete waste of time and download space. Also, a little pet peeve but the character is for some reason a silent hero despite being vocal in all other parts of the game. Why? Would it really be that hard to make some actual individual voice lines for the very limited number if characters in the game? No, well then the game dev’s where clearly quite lazy..Version: 1.01.006

Very money hungry game.Aesthetically great, typical mmo with little to no deviation from the formulae. Lots of mini games such as farming, creature growth and battles (very minor though) I don’t mind spending a few dollars here and there on an appealing bundle or pack but this game has extortionate price tags on everything. I know the devs would get more money if they lowered the prices thus encouraging more people to actually spend. I’ve been playing it since release, only a few days, and I’m already quite bored, will probably delete it soon. There are better MMOs out there..Version: 1.01.006

Barely qualifies as a gameThe original Ni no Kuni was a beautifully made single player RPG with lovely Studio Ghibli created animated interludes, great gameplay, a touching story, and once you bought the game you could play it without interruption. The sequel was in all honesty a big step backwards. Ghibli was gone and the great combat of the original had been dumbed down. And the touching story? The was gone too. Now many years later we get this debacle. The story? There isn't much of it and it's typical modern anime garbage about a VR world in a video game or some such. Ghibli are of course long gone. The music is at least still lovely and composed again by the master Joe Hisaishi. The game itself is dumbed down to the point of absurdity. It plays itself. Seriously. You can just sit your iPad down and it does virtually everything for you. It runs to mission locations and fights all you button bashing battles. With some effort you can disable some of the auto player but it's so tediously basic I can see why Level 5 made it past itself. It's also an MMO so expect to see lots of other players presumably just as bored as you are wandering around wondering why they downloaded this trash. Lucky perhaps the game is so terrible I didn't run into micro transactions, although there's no doubt they'll be everywhere in this mess. Buy the original instead. It's 100x the game this is..Version: 1.01.008

UnfortunateWhen I first downloaded this game, it was super fun. The story is cool, I love the swift reputation quests, and the characters are interesting and it’s very canon to the first game. One of the few mobile games where I would actually sit there and watch the cutscenes. The sad part is, when I first downloaded the game - there were no queues. No crypto. It was MOSTLY fair to f2p working players. The only thing that was an issue were the timed events, especially when it came to Kingdom events (only a certain day & time where players could complete them, and not everyone can do these events due to their schedules). Now, not only is it unfair to f2p, its even unfair to the people who HAVE spent money on this game. I logged in 4 days ago to a queue of 200 on the server I play. It took about 5 ish minutes to get in. The next day, 600. The next, 1,000. Today it was over 5,000. AI mode with Territe crypto farming has ruined this game. It’s become a cash grab in NA servers. Do not waste your time downloading, because you will not even be able to play the game. I’ve spent around ~80usd on the game for some stuff and it was a waste. Until crypto or Ai Mode is removed, do NOT download; or at least use VPN to change server to JP/TW since they don’t have crypto/territe on their servers. I uninstalled today after lots of wasted time. NM needs to fix these issues or all of their REAL players will leave the game..Version: 1.01.006

Horrible cash grabWhen I downloaded this game I was sceptical to how it would play. Originally when I pre ordered the game I expected a classic Ni No Kuni game adapted to play on mobile. This was no what I got. Instead it was a Ni No Kuni skinned MMO with boring characters, a boring and hollow story, a voiceless self insert protagonist and a cash store that charges you to revive and play the game. I am only saddened to see this beloved game franchise turned into every other direct to mobile MMO. 0/10 a small part of me has died play this..Version: 1.01.006

Same as everyone elseDownloaded, kept getting thrown back to the download screen after entering game. Same as everyone else. Deleted the game off my phone and won’t bother to try again. Poor effort!.Version: 1.01.006

The game is great lvl 1-50A lot of the reviews here complain about pay to win or micro, but you can honestly be free to play and still have a good time. The issue here is once you get to 50 even with grinding and a few bucks it can take weeks to make small progress. You get stats buffs from every activity in the game. This feels great 1-50 especially for my adhd brain. However, they did wayyyyyy too much future proofing and those minor sources of stat increases become a time stacking and unrewarding process. Download the game with the knowledge you’ll only play it for a month. It will be fun during that time. However after that it can take a full day to raise your stats by 1% and it only slows down from there. Speaking of 1% there are unique passives in this game that only give 1%. Which is less than a second off cooldown for most things. Also 1% of a million is is 1k which would be a lot… for someone who didn’t have a million…. I see where they were going with these numbers, but they are absolutely ridiculous if they kill the mid-long game. I enjoyed my time with the game but will probably delete it this week or next. Wanted more but as I keep playing the game I can already see it’s grave stone being etched..Version: 1.01.006

Automatic gameplay weird anime fan serviceThis game could be better. In Asia it made over 100 million in 10 days and the ad push in the west so far has been insane. But for all that it could be much improved. The classes are okay but to have a witch option in particular instead of a magician or something is weird. The main villain of the first game is a witch. Very subtle occult influence. Also the witch character is just a sex figure and they totally use the opportunity to lambast you with anime style outfits and poses. Lastly, the gameplay is just straight up automatic unless you turn that feature off and even then the game is an mmo with extremely basic attack skills. Clearly it’s trying to take a large basis of its gameplay from ni no kuni 2 but mixing that with the mmo style of gameplay cheapens it even farther. I doubt much will change about this game and you can save a lot of precious time from your short life avoiding this time sink. Read your Bible and seek God, in Jesus name I pray you have a wonderful day and would be saved. You cannot pull yourself out of quicksand my friends..Version: 1.01.006

Bots everywhere and NOT f2p friendlyI didn’t know that this game had Crypto, I just downloaded it because Ni No Kuni has always been such a fun series. Unfortunately, you can’t actually get into the game unless you want to wait 30 minutes to 2 hours just to log into the game. Thanks to unhinged cryptocurrency, bots have overrun the game and actual players can’t actually get into the game hardly anymore unless you play at late hours. Even then, it’s like a 700 person queue unless you pay them $8 to bypass? It’s sad because Ni No Kuni is an IP that could do fine on its own. The game is beautiful and seamless, it definitely gives Studio Ghlibi vibes and I was so excited for it. Sadly, I don’t have the time to wait for a two hour queue so unless the bots and cryptocurrency are reeled in, I wouldn’t recommend this game. Hopefully the devs listen and don’t allow their greed to kill such a beautiful game. P.S there is a quest you get around level 50 that locks the progression of the game until you beat a boss with almost 400k power… while you’ll have about 275k as a f2p person. Unless you want to do weeks and weeks of grinding - or shell out hundreds to this company - you can’t progress the story..Version: 1.01.006

Auto gamePress the button and see where your guy is going to run automatically by himself… the graphics are good but I don’t like the whole auto play thing..Version: 1.01.006

I quite like it but…This is a beautiful game, but after two days of playing I delete it after reaching level 30 on swordsman. I didn’t spend a penny. You don’t have to spend any real money if you know how to grind. And yes after seeing you need to grind different element weapons, familiars, magic tome, etc. I asked myself is it fun. The answer is no I am not having much fun at all the game is pretty much auto attack most of the time. I think it is really addictive and used up a lot of my time tho. That’s why I have to delete and before sink in or even pay to this game. All that bundle were testing me to buy, lucky I didn’t waste any money. My advice is to save up all coupons to 10 and draw it, use 10x draw with saved up diamonds have more chance to get 4 stars weapons or familiars. At the end I think I will still support ni no kini with their rpg game on my Nintendo switch, it is a beautiful world 😊.Version: 1.01.006

It should be 0 starsLet me start by putting my cards on the table. Ni No Kuni II is my favorite video game. I was extremely excited for the mobile addition to the franchise. Level 5 makes great games. The story is funny, the game play is fun, and I could progress at decent pace. My affection for the series and general happiness with the game made me willing to overlook some major red flags. First off, this game does not respect your time. You have to log in at certain times to participate in Kingdom (guild in this game) events and group raid events. This means if you don’t log in at the exact time you can be locked out of premium rewards. This is the same thing with the meaningful PVP. Sunday and Tuesday from 11:00 pm-2:00 am is the only way to earn the super secret premium currency. This means you can’t get the premium top gear unless you are a top PVP player. Finally, the cost of the targeted packs are ridiculous. No joke, they wanted me to pay $80 to level up a weapon when I promoted it from 4 stars to 5 stars. I could overlook all of this, until I was locked out of the game for a 900 player queue that consisted mostly of bots farming the in game cryptocurrency. It is ridiculous to ask players to wait 20 minutes to 2+ hours to play a mobile game. I’ll never play a Netmarble game again..Version: 1.01.006

Crappy systemJust one thing to say, after download the game, a major bug just kill my expectations. Several times the game froze in the main screen and when I get pass that and download the additional data it need, it get worse, I can’t play, the screen just show a empty place where it suppose to be a character selection or something like that. I google about this problem and they just say, download this again... no way, if you gonna put a game out there, even a free to play, be responsable about it, give the people who want to play a good app, free from this bugs. Not only me, a large number of people have this problem too, and the solution just can be, download it again... I even download the entire thing with my data plan... this lack of responsibility about it it’s just, inaceptable. So sorry but I guess my first review ever made its gonna be a bad one, but you must get it..Version: 1.01.006

Fun Game but I am dropping it.I liked Studio Ghibli’s movie “No ni Kuni” so I wanted to try this game. It’s a very imaginative world like the movie and fun to play. NetMarble made the game accessible for all ages by making an open world on training wheels. Yet, the training wheels are tightened with a torch wrench. NetMarble has not found a good balance of auto-play for new players and letting experienced players play on their own. While you can turn off the auto-fight function in settings, I noticed the game still wanted to fight for me on upgrade levels, like the labyrinth. It should not be that complicated. NetMarble is very generous with upgrade materials for weapons and armor and makes the process fairly easy to understand. However, your items bag fills up very fast, so half your time on the game is spent clearing space for needed items and upgrade materials whether you buy more room in the bag with gems or not. I am dropping the game not because I had to wait in line to play which was bad enough. No, it’s because the game always shuts down when I am upgrading weapons and armor as if I’m not playing. If this game came out a few years earlier, I would have absolutely loved it. However, after playing an open world game like Genshin Impact, Ni no Kuni feels antiquated. This would be a good console or PC game. It is not a good game for a phone/tablet. I played until level 49 and found little reason to spend any more time or money..Version: 1.01.008

Iphone 13 miniIt asked me many times to pre-download the in-game patch after I have downloaded it. I cannot enter the game..Version: 1.01.006

Gorgeous to look at. Disapointing to playThis game has massive potential. It is visually stunning, especially for a mobile game. You dont have to pay to win if you are prepared to grind a bit. But the auto features are killing it. Combat and camera control are super weak and difficult without auto on and you might as well not be involved with them switched on. Revise the battle controls a bit and this would be a show stopper.Version: 1.01.006

Not for meThe game looks great, interface seems pretty standard. Im sure many people will love this game but its just not for me. I hate playing a new game and having a forced tutorial. When I play an action/adventure/rpg, I want to discover the game; not be forced into it. I played about 10 minutes and was bored because I felt like I had no control. Deleted..Version: 1.01.006

3.5* gameI rate this game a solid 3.5*. While the art and animation and all the little details are so great, there are so many content gaps in this game where you just have to let your character attack monsters for literal hours to move forward. I’ve played other netmarble games like Dragons Nest and I stopped playing that one for similar reasons. I believe Seven Knights 2 is also by them and i stopped playing that game for a similar reason. What I mean by content gaps is that you can follow the storyline of missions for a while, but then they suddenly run out. I propose 1 of 2 solutions: get rid of these content gaps by adding more content or 2 make the other content give more exp. I think you could really make this game shine if you had a certain daily exp allotment or something instead of having to AI mode for a certain amount of time. All in all I was really disappointed that a game with Studio Ghibli could be this much of a downfall. I was really looking forward to this one and even spent money on it. Hopefully the devs can add more content to this game to make it more interesting and less empty and grind-y. P.s. please also make this game have more manual modes. Autoing everything is not always fun..Version: 1.01.008

Kingdom statusMy character name is “P1ERRE” I own the kingdom “SANT0S” and I haven’t log in for days and this game gave it to another member who refuses to give it back. When I have donated a lot of money to the kingdom. Please give it back to me and remove that system where it transfer status..Version: 1.01.006

Account deleted can’t select any serverAccount randomly deleted can’t access servers as there is none to select and I tap on the screen to start but does not go in.Version: 1.01.006

IOS, Great. Mac, not so...I play this game on my iPhone and on my Mac. Unfortuntely, on my Mac it is constaly crashing. It crashes 5-10 times before I can get it to open. Then it still occasionally crashes. Not a great experience. This game is a lot of fun and when i play it on iOS it is runs great. I wish the MAc version was as stable.Version: 1.03.008

It’s cuteI played up until Chloe was introduced - the graphics are good, the fighting seems to be nice and smooth with some adjustment and learning involved but the camera angles and control are not adequate. I don’t have enough freedom to zoom out and to rotate the camera to give me a better view, it just goes back to zoomed in and I can’t see much. The rotation of the camera is also choppy, I checked the settings and tried to adjust what I could but it made no difference. This may be just an early game release issue but until it’s fixed I won’t be playing the game anymore..Version: 1.01.006

A solid okayVisuals are fantastic, if you love ghibli, you’ll enjoy this for a few days. My issues is how hard it is for f2p players. You hit a hard wall starting in the 30’s. The game gives you very few free cash currency, and the dye system and beauty creation system are way too harsh and impossible for f2p people. They also seem stingy with any content in game, most dungeons and adventures are a single play a day type system. It’s also mostly idle play style, and from what I’ve experienced of the combat, the camera is so bad, and aiming control is also garbage, so even the combat is pretty rough. Idle grinding is also pretty garbage, you need hundreds of thousands of exp to level up, and mobs give like 10-30 exp each.. The RnG is so bad.. you need good items to progress, but it’s almost impossible to get if you’re slightly unlucky like me. There’s also a upgrading and evolving system that seems to be a solid okay, hard to get items to upgrade though. The classes are also sex-based, which i feel is such an outdated concept. The cat characters ears don’t change with the hair style, most beauty items are blocked behind a paywall unless you’re extremely lucky early game. Was fantastic for 2 days, give it a try, but expect idle-extremely childish-gameplay. Oh, they also give you a disabled cat mount that is like the worst thing ever. 😂.Version: 1.01.006

Older devices don’t botherUnfortunately I have tried to persevere with this game but it is impossible. I get thrown off every 6 minutes. It was only every hour or so to begin with but with each update the issues get worse. The game play is completely auto and there are too many special materials that take time to acquire. The Territe being the worst, so many different things to do and items to upgrade straight away makes the game frankly overwhelming and not fun..Version: 1.01.008

NFTsI was excited for this game as a fan of the other entries in the series, and a huge fan of Studio Ghibli, but as is the game has two currencies on the blockchain, with NFTs being added later this year. I cannot support this, and I urge others to steer far clear as well..Version: 1.01.006

RubbishAfter downloading, on first boot it wants to download 3 GIG! of data. After that, it doesn't start. Sick of games that trick you by downloading extra data after the initial game download..Version: 1.01.006

Doesn’t feel like a gameI usually don’t write reviews but for all the things I’ve heard about the game I genuinely don’t think it deserves all the praise. If you’re used to playing mmorpgs I think you’ll be extremely disappointed with 1 the character creation and 2 not actually being able to make decisions for yourself. If you care about character creation the character creation is extremely limited for male/female characters if you want to play as any character for the stats you can’t change the body type and you might be stuck with a character that doesn’t represent you. In terms of gameplay, for some reason auto questing is the only option you have and your character runs towards quests and auto complete them itself. If I wanted to watch an AI make all the decisions I’d watch a movie. You can stop your character from moving towards the quest, but it gets rid of the marker for that quest so you can’t walk to it yourself because you don’t know where you’re going. I’m extremely disappointed in what this game turned out to be, it’s not fun just watching a computer do every thing. It might be good for really young kids, but even then I don’t think it would be engaging enough for them. I wouldn’t recommend it if your looking for a game to actually play, maybe if you want to watch an interactive movie it’ll be your thing..Version: 1.01.006

Should’ve been made by Studio GhibliThis game caught my attention because it’s a studio Ghibli based game, I’ve been into the ni no kuni series since it came out on the ps3. Buuuuuut this game isn’t made by studio Ghibli so there’s a lot of downfalls. A lot of people say it’s an exact copy of genshin impact but honestly almost every mmorpg game has the same layout, the same design, just different stories and characters. It does feel very “Studio Ghibli” in design, which I do like, but the game play is very boring. If you can’t find the auto-off function then it very quickly becomes an idle game as you will literally be walked through almost every single part of the game without having to touch anything. This is also another gacha game with so many micro transactions that it’s very unbearable. There’s alot of predatory features in the game that will try to get you to buy gems whenever you can and it’s horrible. After a certain point it’s hard to level up unless you spend money, I’m at lvl. 36 and I haven’t spent any money but literally almost everything is hard to get/accomplish without spending money. This game had a lot to live up to and kinda failed miserably, but you get a cute cat that you can ride around! :D.Version: 1.01.006

Don’t think about login into the gameU will not be able to login to the account, wait an hour just to login? U won’t want to waste your time like that..Version: 1.01.006

It is a great game, but long line upIt is a great game, but the game can’t log in because of bots. I had wait for long line up since yesterday and the company didn’t fix the problem until now. I miss a lot of event in the game..Version: 1.01.006

Can't loadI pre-downloaded the game, downloaded all the other necessary things cor the game to be complete and then when the servers opened, I couldn't get past the screen where there are 4 stumps and a meal set on a middle stump in a grassy field. I thought it was probably just because it was the opening minutes of the servers that it couldn't load into the game, but after trying to play the game every day since then, I still haven't even gotten to try it out. Still stuck on that screen no matter what server I choose. Sucks man..Version: 1.01.006

Cash grab or pure time sinkPretty much the title says it all. The game is built around spending money to progress. Without that it involves spending extreme amounts of time auto killing random monsters. The two stars is for the graphics and voice acting would have given it a higher rating but the two core mechanics kill the fun for me..Version: 1.01.006

BugThe travel guidebook event bugged out and only certain players received a huge advantage while the rest just got 3 summon tickets while missing out on game changing rewards. As a paying player, this is a big f u from the devs. I want a full refund on everything I spent on this game.Version: 1.02.010

Can’t do battleMy character cannot do battle, the skill can’t use and the game always crashing 😭😭.Version: 1.01.006

Overwhelmingly Meh.Honestly I really wanted to like this game, being a fan of the other 2 NA titles. But unfortunately there just isn’t much of a win here. The game basically plays itself, and not in like an AFK title sort of way, but in a way that forces you to watch while it auto battles or auto runs between quests points because it for some reason won’t clear quests dialogue automatically? I got to about level 60 and got pretty bored of logging in to clear my notifications and claim dailies and then setting afk to farm while I’m logged out. If you’re looking for something that is both super passive, but also somehow, not? Then this probably the game for you. Also people whining about NFTs can stuff it. They’re aren’t intrusive in any way. I played half the game and never felt slighted by not engaging with that system..Version: 1.01.008

Would be higher..if I could get into the gameMy previous review was low because I couldn’t get past the starting menu, I realise I was being a bit hasty as I didn’t realise that was because the servers hadn’t gone live. Now that they have, I can officially say I can get further than the start menu..but then unfortunately the game sort of crashes on the opening cutscene..nothing happens and I can’t even click the skip button, I’ve tried changing servers but nothing is working...Version: 1.01.006

I feel like I’m not playingIn the little time I’ve spent in the game, I have gone into a menu and appeared somewhere completely different, I have to fight to explore as the game wants me on a path, yet it seems open to explore. My suggestions are to stop automating everything and to add controller support, seems like an opportunity was wasted.Version: 1.01.006

With?!Auto run (which you can’t seem to break), auto combat all the buttons imaginable for combat but not being able to do anything with them is pretty pointless. The game itself is gorgeous. A lot of work has gone into the graphics and scenery but that’s where the good bit stops. Point to point is boring, combat is as dull as a waiting for a box of rocks to have a baby. I see no point in it as it serves no purpose other than to look good, which it does do, you’re just not in control of it. I’ve been playing for more than 2 hours now and I’ve pretty much done nothing except tap the screen to cycle through chat boxes. I loved the two first games but this is just a lame duck and if I wanted a point and click adventure I would have gone through broken sword again. Shame, lot of potential gone to waste and I can’t really carry on with it….Version: 1.01.006

Horrible game horrible companyHorrible game. Devs incentivize players to leave fake reviews..Version: 1.01.006

Technically impressive but basically broken currentlyThis is a technically impressive mobile mmo and captures the feel of the previous No No Kuni games well. Unfortunately the progression systems for the global release are so bad it’s basically broken and a ridiculous grind. It’s not even there to exploit people for money as the main limiting factor you can’t even buy from the cash store. The game does aggressively push you to spend money, but weirdly largely for things which are largely useless. This has promise if they fix things, but it’s not worth your time in its current state..Version: 1.01.006

Love the graphicBeautiful graphic and bgm music. Event are fun too. I have played for 2 month and I was a monthly pass player. Sadly this open pk gaming system is the same as many other ones in the market. I would play again if there is a server without open pk map. And hopefully more raid/ dungeon xP.Version: 1.02.010

Could be greatThe game could be great but unfortunately the global version of the game is just a cover for a dodgy crypto currency. All progression is tied to the acquisition of a crypto currency so don’t expect to get far if you aren’t will to pay. Please remove the territe and give us a version of the game like the original one released in Asia..Version: 1.01.006

A little too boring at this stageI have the same complaint as everyone else: the auto-running. What is the point of a video game that I don’t even get to play? The map quest symbols go away as soon as you turn off the quest to walk around on your own. Even when I try to walk around on my own, the camera is trying to pull focus to something completely different and seems to spin out of control. It’s the video game camera equivalent of improvisational jazz. So much of the beginning of the game relies on auto running and auto combat that I started getting a *headache* from the boredom. The buttons were difficult to see and use on my phone screen, and a lot of them seem pointless in non-combat areas. If this were a beloved franchise for me, I would stick it out. But the story just isn’t captivating enough in the first hour to make me want to play again. Maybe if they fixed the UI and made the gameplay feel more independent, I would try again..Version: 1.01.006

All BotsYou’re wondering why it’s taking so long to login all the players are bots now mining for crypto. Ruined the game was one of my favourites until..Version: 1.01.006

MehEven after I found out about the whole crypto/nft thing I tried to give this game a chance because it looked really cute but it’s just honestly terrible. The characters are gender-locked which is fine except customization is pretty limited too, so you’re stuck with default/ugly characters for certain classes. The gameplay is frustrating because there isn’t much actual gameplay. The game auto-steers you around to follow quests/plot and the battle mechanics are pointless since you’re set on auto-attacking enemies anyways. You’re basically just a passenger while the game does everything for you and you can’t even fight on your own without the game trying to take control and move you RIGHT NEXT TO THE MONSTERS (tbf I picked swordsman). Also idk if it’s a bug or whatever but I couldn’t use the name I wanted even though I’m positive it wasn’t taken? Unless they don’t allow numbers in names, which is pretty stupid if you have a large player base and don’t allow shared names. Anyways, voice acting was kind of cringe too (both in English and Korean) and I’m lowkey annoyed that I bothered to predownload this disaster. I usually don’t leave negative reviews but this was such a horrible experience and I was genuinely disappointed. I guess that’s what I get for playing a game made by people that support nfts..Version: 1.01.006

Netmarble ruins something good againIt’s a netmarble cash grab that is a disgrace to the original ip.Version: 1.01.006

WhyI have concerns about my luck with familiars summoning. I think my game is glitched. I’ve only been pulling 4 star familiars from guaranteed pulls and this is deeply concerning for me. I feel as if I have negative luck. I pulled 100 times on new event and only pulled guaranteed. My luck has been like this for awhile on other banners as well.Version: 1.01.006

Auto over correctWell I hope the computer had fun playing this. Every thing is on auto so I was literally just sitting watching it play in front of me..Version: 1.01.006

Decent. Great graphics.Although they charge insane amounts for in app purchases. Not worth the little they give you..Version: 1.03.008

Somewhat disappointingI was really looking forward to the game since I heard Studio Ghibli was working on it, and was hoping for a game similar to AVABEL (no auto pathing). Unfortunately, it is exactly the same as every other MMO on the market with everything automated—it just looks cute. Some people are into those kinds of games and honestly enjoy ‘playing’ games that are chill like that! If you’re into such games, definitely give this one a try. If you were looking for an MMO that didn’t have auto pathing or auto combat, I suggest you look elsewhere. For the devs: Please consider adding in a feature that turns off auto-ing! I (and I’m sure many other players) would love to actually *play* the game rather than watch it play itself. I would still like to run around and fulfill objectives, fight, etc. without having the system drag me to the predesignated path..Version: 1.01.006

You will seeIts so boring you just sit there and watch ur character do it’s thing. Little to no control it makes the gameplay and players look like bots..Version: 1.01.006

Bad controlsThe art is amazing, but it’s boring and doing event obstacles (jumping and running) is impossible. Hard to progress further into the event fun :(.Version: 1.03.008

Dropped the game…I was a F2P player as I don’t earn a lot of money. I personally love the feeling of hard work and grinding to get stronger in games. I don’t mind being behind those who pay because that’s just how I am. However there are some issues… 1. Bots. Bots are literally everywhere and real people who just want to have fun and play the game are being punished for it. It’s very frustrating to wait a long long time just to even hatch an egg or something. It got to a point where I decided to drop the game altogether for another MMO. 2. Money. Yes I know I just said I don’t mind not paying but there are many people who do mind. It’s really unfair for most people to have such huge paywalls. From my understanding most MMOs are not NEARLY as expensive. I have to give this game 1 star because this is a really big issue for those who love to immerse themselves in a Ghibli type world. The problem just kept getting worse so I decided to drop the game for good and spend my time (and possible money) somewhere else. And for any players out there, I am sorry and I feel for you. To new players, you might want to spend your time and money elsewhere..Version: 1.01.006

Region lockIn an era where the whole world is connected through the internet, ni no kuni is region locked as to what servers it displays and to make matters worse, you can’t change regions in game. every region have their own version and separate servers, terrible move..Version: 1.01.006

Best game but territe nft ruining it!This game is an amazing game and also because of Ni No Kuni title but after you reach end game, it is all gated by territe nft! You wanna get stronger? Buy territe nft! You wanna upgrade something? 100 Territe nft pls! You do get territe for grinding but I grind test whole day, you can only get around 40…it has the extreme lowest drop rate in the game, where you will always has max territe energy, because there is no way to gain 300 territe from daily energy they given..Version: 1.01.006

Gotcha and cursing ratesThe developers lie about rates in the game and I’m reporting app for breaching these rules. Cursing is supposed to be 50/50 rate so how is that I failed 12 times in a row trying to curse something.Version: 1.02.010

Good game. Good luck logging inThe servers are always too busy. I have not been able to play for days. Maybe in a couple months this will be fixed and I’ll come back..Version: 1.01.006

Good game butOk so I would love this game however I’m really not a fan of auto play features. And this game has a lot of that even if you turn off these features it still has auto play and it is frustrating. If I’m playing a game I don’t want it to be controlled I don’t want to have to just watch what’s happening. The point of a game is to play it. Not to have auto features playing for you!.Version: 1.01.006

Super F2P unfriendlyYou can’t gain any free diamonds like you can from the JP/KR version through the familiar adventure. Instead your whole account and what you do is based upon how much territe you have. Which in the first place only drops from one place, but the drop rate is so low it’s barely non existent. They had a good game in the JP/KR version and then ruined it by adding territe. It’s just a garbage game that won’t have a player base in 6 months if they don’t get rid of territe. Why add it, it doesn’t even exist in the JP/KR version..Version: 1.01.006

Won’t workNow that the game has been released I tried to play it but it just freezes at the scene of the table and food and house in the background, and when I press skip it just makes a noise and doesn’t do anything. Please can you help? I just wanna play the game :/.Version: 1.01.006

UnplayableThey aren’t doing anything about the bots and now queues are so long you can’t even get into the game..Version: 1.01.006

BoringAnother boring auto play click n watch.Version: 1.01.006

AUTO PLAY KILLS THE GAMEYou Ydiots!!! This game was born DEAD! You wanted a slice of Genshin Impacts cake? Should have made a better job and not that autoplay shxt!!!!.Version: 1.01.006

What's the point?It's beautiful, but the game plays itself. You can literally just put your phone down and watch your character walk itself to the next destination, while automatically fighting and using skills in combat. If it wasn't for the fact that you have to tap on the text to advance the cutscenes, this "game" would just be a video that drains your battery faster..Version: 1.01.006

There is really no point of trying to download it now….I started playing this game when I saw an ad for it on TikTok so I decided to try it. It’s actually not that bad of a game but this past week I have been trying to get into the game, and no longer can because of the server queue. Also keep in mind that I’ve only played this game for 2 WEEKS and ALL the servers are full! The lowest I’ve seen in queue is 18 players, and now it’s at over 2,000 players so there is no point of downloading this game if you can’t even play it. Another thing I have noticed is that the game is COMPLETELY FILLED with bots, I always see characters that either have clothes that no one else can get, or they are all identical. And these bots are the reason why no one can get into the game. Last but certainly not least… the Gacha rates in this game…. ARE COMPLETELY TRASH! Every Gacha pull you do, it increases your score by 0.5% and to get a guaranteed 4 star it has to reach 100 pulls and to get a guaranteed rare 4 star it has to reach 200 pulls (I believe) I know it’s an MMO game but this is just a complete scam to get people to spend A LOT of money on this game..Version: 1.01.006

Honest ReviewI’ve played the first Ni No Kuni on the Switch and I was really excited to play another one on mobile. I’m 20mins into gameplay and I’m already quite disappointed ngl Pros: - Great cutscenes/ storyline (ofc) - Great artstyle (ofc) - Customisation of character (skin, eye, hair colour plus body type.) Cons: - Heavily auto-led, the character will “automatically” walk to the quest/npc just with a touch and that makes it very boring. It feels like I’m watching a cartoon more than playing a game. It lacks player interaction. I think this is what this Ver of ni no kuni is lacking compared to the first one - User interface seems very generic and cheap. Would have been alright on PC but the buttons for combat on mobile are too small, and it’s easy to accidentally click a skill I don’t need..Version: 1.01.006

Barely feels like a gameI’m 20 levels and four-ish hours in, and have yet to have any fun. The story seems interesting, the graphics look amazing, and the voice talent so far is outstanding…. But this isn’t a game. Your character automatically progresses through quest objectives with auto-pathing and auto fights. Meanwhile, there are dozens of systems you need to keep up, or you’ll have notifications cluttering your screen. Whenever you get a new item, it seems like you need to claim a collection reward, and achievement reward, and a stats reward of some sort? And this is for every item you collect. So far my gameplay has been having my character automatically quest while I try and keep up with these notifications to claim rewards in the menus. It’s a shame, this is such a beautiful looking world, I just wish it would allow me to actually engage with it… like a normal game would..Version: 1.01.006

On a downward path alreadySo they just nerfed hatching wishes hard. It appears not only did netmarble ruin marvel future revolution but now nino kuni is next. They look at the dollars made right now instead of dollars spent on packs over time. The game overall is great. The gatcha is getting worse with the lower drop rates which are already minuscule. Don’t be too greedy nino kuni! Keep going strong like when the game launched. Revert the hatching wish rates to how they were before and I will change my review back to 5 star. I’ve lost 3 super rares and many other 4 star familiars due to this nerf. It’s almost impossible to get a 4 star from hatching now..Version: 1.01.006

Don’t bother.Downloaded the game, then immediately had to download a 3.1 Gigabyte update. No sound for me for some reason. Auto play, you barely do anything. Built with blockchain and upcoming NFT integration which is essentially just a money-laundering avenue for the rich and potentially the worst way to manage real-life currency ever devised. This game is not representative of the Ghibli and especially Miyazaki ethos at all..Version: 1.01.006

Love BUTLove the style of the game it really helps to pass the time, I’ve been playing since it came out. I made a swordsman character which I’m currently lvl 54 on my main account never paid for anything, but I have a few set backs that probably will make me never play this game again, I tried to enter my world and it’s making me wait in line behind 2000 other players and I’ve literally sat here at work for over an hour and it has barely made a dent in in my positioning. It makes me think no one is literally gunna sit there and wait an hour to play this game. Another fault is that I tried to enter another server and was surprised that I couldn’t use my main character in a less active world…. ID have to make a wholeee new character…. Super disappointing I’m literally waiting in line as I’m writing this for the 3rd time and I’m getting tired of waiting. Gunna go try Genshin Impact and hope for a better grind..Version: 1.01.006

NiceLove the game, only thing is auto battle. Is it possible to turn it off? I want to fight for myself. Update: the game also keeps reloading every few seconds saying connected to game. I can’t play the game without it restarting me to the beginning of the dialogue. Please fix I can’t play the game with out it disconnecting me and then reconnecting me repeatedly.Version: 1.01.006

Great Game but…I have been enjoying this game a lot, once I get a PC I’ll definitely transition over there but for it being a mobile game it runs really nicely! My only issues are more so “quality of life” complaints that I personally get frustrated with. The auto play is helpful and I can see why people enjoy it, I just wish there was one definitive button to turn it on and off, as well as the multiple toggle options. I don’t mind only having one name per account but it’s more like one name per server which is frustrating. I made a new character on another server so I could play with a friend but having to wrack my brain for a new name instead of using the one I already have was annoying. I also am not a fan of having to make totally new characters if you want to switch servers. Maybe there’s a reason for this but I don’t get it. Just some small things I wish were different. Would be five stars otherwise!.Version: 1.01.006

Glitches 😡Every time I enter the game and select my character it loads and plays the game but and as soon as someone says something, it glitches out of the game so I have to do the whole thing again but it glitches non stop I really really love the graphics though and would really want this fixed please. I really want to play this game sooo bad..Version: 1.01.006

So disappointingI was so hopeful this game would be the one that blew my mind, and it did at first, amazing graphics, great storylines, and then came the server connection issues every 30 seconds that just don’t stop, i tried for days to figure out what I had done wrong a few things became apparent, my internet isn’t the issue, neither is my device, leaving the issue on the servers end, i am severely disappointed as the connection issues make the game entirely unplayable. I hope they fix these issues in the future, but for me the game is now done..Version: 1.01.006

Cant control on your ownThe game is very cute and all and the graphics are great but you have no control over your character whatsoever and i’ve seen many ads for this game so i assumed it was in good shape but it turns out there were a lot of glitches. i’m just gonna stick to genshin..Version: 1.01.006

Controller supportSo far so good i really hope you guys add controller support it will make this game so much more enjoyable touch controls are terrible for somebody like me as all my fingers are like sausages.Version: 1.01.006

DisappointingFor such a famous beautiful original 2 games they have shown two different types of games with some astounding music. It’s disappointing that it’s been dragged into a click and follow a request quest rather than the open world way many games are going, it has great characters but choose the easy cheap option to make money on gotta gaming. I hope they have a good team.Version: 1.01.006

Blockchain/crypto…Just found out this game has a blockchain system 😟.Version: 1.01.006

Cross-RegionI would give this more stars if only I could play with my friends from different regions as the servers are different for us. If you may do so in the future please unlock the region servers so we can play multiplayer with friends across the world. Other than that the graphics are great. If you could remove auto play too and add arrows to show where our quests are would allow us to enjoy more of the gameplay and the settings around us. Thankyou..Version: 1.01.006

Trash game!I have played Nino kuni since NDS. Unfortunately, What a great IP destroyed by Korean company. NTF System is ready gross and pay money to get good gears(if ur lucky)in the trash game. Hope Apple refund my money ASAP.Version: 1.02.010

Kinda a LetdownI really really was enjoying this game and grinder it as soon as it came out in the App Store. It has really good looks and it is satisfying when you get good gacha pulls. The auto battle feature is also cool for someone like me that wants to grind but also has a lot of stuff to do besides playing video games. I thought the game was great UNTIL I got my main character to about lvl 40. Once you get there, there’s a major halt of progression and it doesn’t really get better. I was in a top 5 clan and was kicked because I couldn’t keep up with all of the people paying money. This game is the least f2p friendly game that I have played which is annoying because I was having a good time. Now the gameplay is boring and all the same and I am not going to pay money so I had to stop playing. On top of that they incentivized like most of the 5 star reviews with in-game loot so this game has a boosted rating that it shouldn’t have..Version: 1.01.006

Used to be my favourite :(This game used to be my favourite but the bots & the mining & the cryptocurrency have RUINED it :( So many of your players are leaving the game (including me) because it’s practically unplayable now..Version: 1.01.006

It WAS a great game.The game is genuinely fun and enjoyable - even with the auto-battle/auto-quest feature is over zealous. I wanted to run around and explore the gorgeous areas but the auto feature takes that away from you. The real kicker though it the implementation of cryptocurrancy and NFTs. Not only are crypto and nfts scams that destroy the economy and misuse rare and expensive technologies, but they’re also in free fall so why they would commit to a failing scam that ruins their image, Studio Ghiblis image and their games enjoyment I have no idea. Unfortunately it’s getting deleted and my account removed unless it’s rectified. :(.Version: 1.01.006

Don’t botherAs of this week, to even log in now it takes 10 minutes minimum. I tried to get in on my server, and there were 2,500+ in the queue ahead of me which means it will take about 25 minutes to log in. A lot of the traffic is bots/NPCs that the developers won’t do anything about. The community in the game has been great so far. But, the game itself isn’t worth that amount of trouble. Should you make it into the game, it doesn’t get much better. The widely lauded music is mostly recycled from Wrath of the White Witch, and you have to pay for everything! There are more than 10 currencies to keep track of, and getting your hands on some of the rarer currencies is almost impossible. But, you absolutely need it to level up. The plot could be good if you actually get a chance to play. Overall, the game has several ridiculous obstacles that the developers could easily solve but aren’t. Don’t waste your time nor effort..Version: 1.01.006

Beautiful looking, But…….This game is beautifully created, great anime characters and story line so far (only just started the game), but why may I ask does it go straight on to auto play, auto fight, auto follow characters, just auto everything apart from conversations. It feels like it’s backwards, I want to play the game, fight for myself and explore the map, and have auto conversations. Every time I’m in a menu upgrading equipment or something I come out and I chatting to a character about the next stage in the story. It makes me feel very frustrated like someone is standing behind me pushing me a long in a supermarket and I’m trying to grab my shopping but I can’t because I’ve already been pushed past it, if that makes sense. If there is a way to stop this that please tell me I’ve tried looking for settings and I can’t find any, and when I do try to explore all the functions I’m off starting another stage of the story, and yes I understand if you start to move the character manually it will stop being on auto but as soon as a cut seen happens or your get into a fight, auto starts all over again. I really do want to play the game but I feel what is the point if it’s gonna just play itself..Version: 1.01.006

Good game butThis game has a lot of potential it has really good graphics but my only issue is it keeps crashing and closing roughly every 2 mins even with the graphics on low I’m playing on the iPad Pro which can handle it I would give full stars if it didn’t keep crashing and closing.Version: 1.01.006

Im displeasedI would have loved to give this game a 5/5 stars but sadly I can’t, I have been waiting for this game since the start of this month, and I was pleased to see that at 1 in the morning I see that I can download the game, so I did, it obviously took awhile to download, which the waiting part I could handle easily, after awhile I open the game sign in so I did, got another pop up telling me to download a patch of some kind, which I obviously did and considering how I’ve wanted almost a month to play this game I used my Data (since it’s faster than my wifi) and it only took a couple of minutes, once it was done it gave me the conformation that it finished downloading and restarted the game and after that I chose a server, but then I got the same pop up stating I needed to download the same patch which I thought maybe there’s another one so I confirmed and it immediately gave me a pop up that it finished and I thought wow that was fast and it kept giving me the same pop ups so I decided to just reinstall it and I did all the same process again and again and it seemed like the only game content I got was the mini game you play while you wait for it to download, I understand that it’s a new game and might have some bugs but I was at least expecting to play the game and not be stuck at the menu 😔.Version: 1.01.006

P2wDoesn't know how to balance pvp to make it enjoyable for everyone. whales will just 1 shot you or be unkillable.Version: 1.01.008

Endless Auto-PlayI'm not particularly far into the game, but I enjoy the designs, aesthetic, and characters so far--and I would appreciate the mechanics of gameplay a lot more if I was allowed to, I don't know, interact with them maybe? The default setting for quests, traversal, and combat is "autoplay," and I wish it were possible to definitively opt-out of that, but the settings only seem to mitigate the problem. I want to actually explore and engage in combat with full control of my character, get lost on the map picking up side quests and finding chests, and admire the creatures and details throughout the environment, but the game seems dead-set on taking me from Point A to Point B with no detours no matter how often I tell it to stop doing that. It's admittedly handy to be able to go through menus and upgrade items while en route to a quest location, but I'd rather utilize that feature after I'm already thoroughly familiar with the world. Is there any way to fully disable autoplay in all its forms? Do these settings exist and I'm just not finding them or disabling all the necessary functions? If not, I hope settings to that effect will be implemented in an update soon..Version: 1.01.006

Not F2P friendly. Great PVE but too many P2W MechanicsWhere to the good. If you’re in a simi competitive guild, you may find a nice balance of challenge and rewards. There’s ample content to keep you going as well as a 10 hr offline ai mode to let you gather materials without having the game on. The worst part about this game is that many of the gatcha mechanics are locked behind paywalls. Want diamonds? Gotta pay. Want cosmetics? Gotta pay. Want end game skills? Gonna pay. This game features the most amount of battle passes I’ve seen. You’ve got one for bosses, events. $80 cosmetic mount, $40 costumes, $20 battle pass, $8 bi weekely get the idea. A lot of the PVP modes are also littered with hackers that will win making your actual progress and time spent null. The developer refuses to patch or get sone decent engineers to balance and make this a much more enjoyable game. If none of the cons matter to you (your the pvp/competative machanics), then give it shot but tapper your expectations..Version: 1.04.012

Auto play really?Honestly so disappointed the devs have implemented auto play. It’s such a boring mechanic! On the other hand if it’s there it feels like a waste opportunity not to use it. Due to this I ended up uninstalling the game. I was really excited to join the community but as crazy as it sound the auto play has been the sole reason why I didn’t take this game seriously..Version: 1.01.006

Nice game but not enoughCrypto,bots, pay to log in.Version: 1.01.006

Copy.It’s a pretty good game but it’s almost like Genshin Impact in some ways. And they’ve completely stolen Howl’s character from the movie Howl’s Moving Castle and anyone who’s watched movie can point that out.Version: 1.01.006

This game is great - sorta :/I absolutely adore this game. Visually it's amazing and story wise is cute so far. I'm about an hour in (I also play on the pc version too) and I really hate how this game just auto plays itself. There's no challenge at all for the players in having to move, attack, and travel to quests on your own. This game would be perfect if everything wasn't auto. I get it's an option but why is it even an option. It would make the game much more fun if the player actually has to put the effort into playing and learning how to play instead of it just playing itself. It makes me feel very disconnected from the game. I want to be the one to play not just watch it play itself. It's a huge turn off for me with this game. Please consider not making everything auto! Challenge the player a bit by making them use the abilities and fighting themselves!.Version: 1.01.006

Meh game ruined by crypto and NFTsFirst off, the game itself? It’s not bad, but it sure isn’t good. It looks nice, which isn’t saying much with how common good looking mobile games are now with things like Genshin. It tries to stop you from playing by playing the mission itself, which doesn’t look good at all, it just makes it seem like it knows it’s a bad game but wants you to think it’s decent by not letting you play much. Based on that alone, I’d give it a 3 stars max, probably 2 stars in reality, but crypto and NFTs makes it a guaranteed 1 star. Crypto isn’t necessarily bad, I just don’t think it’ll become the worldwide currency that destroys any other currency, and right now it’s in very early stages and isn’t the most optimized. That said, crypto has NO place in gaming because most people play games to have fun, not as a job to make money, and most people are fine with that being the car. NFTs on the other hand have no place ANYWHERE, NFTs are a blatant scam and I refuse to change my stance on it. As a result, NFTs also have no place in gaming and claiming otherwise is something I would consider stupid. TLDR; game is meh, looks pretty, but 1 star because crypto and NFTs shouldn’t be in games..Version: 1.01.006

Landscape is a dealbreakerGacha games shouldn’t be landscape if i cannot play with one hand i pass. Otherwise I’m pretty sure I would liked it..Version: 1.01.006

DisappointingI am highly disappointed by this game, I was genuinely so excited to see that the animators behind studio Ghibli was working on this game since I’m a huge fan of Ghibli but this game was just not good. It’s so buggy that characters will just disappear mid cut scene and even bug out so bad that they start to float, trees and people will load in randomly and the game is almost completely auto play making it quite boring. The best thing about this game is the beautiful world so not being able to explore it is really sad. I am also confused why they call the kingdom Nameless Kingdom like Ghibli is such a creative studio so I don’t understand why they couldn’t just think of a name for the kingdom, I have basically the same complaint about off brand Howl Pendragon. One thing I absolutely adore about Ghibli is their amazing character designs, no character looks the same unless they’re supposed too like even a lot of the background characters have interesting designs so I just don’t understand why Howl is basically in the game but is a character you can choose to play as instead of being like a cool NPC. This game is not worth the download and if you want a better game like this than I recommend Genshin Impact or if you’re willing to spend money than Breath Of The Wild is super good as well..Version: 1.01.006

LibbyThis is the second time l have asked for assistance, you don’t seem interested in fixing this game, you didn’t reply to my last request, l cannot load game as it will not except my name. This is not good enough. Please respond..Version: 1.01.006

Juego terribleEste juego es de lo peor después de jugar unos 3 días ya luego me puso a esperar más de dos horas para poder jugar en el servidor, siempre hay cola de 3479 jugadores en espera.Version: 1.01.006

NFTThis game uses NFTs.Version: 1.01.006

Disappointing…I had hoped that this wouldn’t be like Every Other MMORPG but I guess I hoped wrong. I can’t seem to turn autorun and auto battle off so that’s a bummer because I wanted to like, actually get to know this world. I wanted to play a game; I didn’t come here to just watch it play itself. There’s a typical gacha system and the cash shop shows up before I’ve really figured out how the game works (which isn’t likely btw bc it just lights up the button that it wants you to touch so I have no idea where anything is or what anything does). The two stars are because it’s really pretty and the familiar designs are genuinely really good. The plot is also very predictable… you are dropped into a fantasy game, sword art online style, and immediately become the strongest. I genuinely don’t think I can lose even if I try. I love studio ghibli and cute monsters which is why I downloaded but I can’t stand the game-plays-itself style of game. In any case, it’s probably not for me. I’ll play a little longer and see if this changes but I will probably be uninstalling..Version: 1.01.006

Basic Autoplay P2W MMO—Basic Autoplay P2W MMO with Pretty Pictures I’ve played lots of p2w, cheaply-made, autoplay mmos, and this one is exactly the same as that but with the hype of Miyazaki art styles and animation. Its still a hollow game. Signs of a Money Grab, Cheaply-Made, Autoplay game that I’ve seen in every game like this one: -Several servers. Im not talking about Regional servers like EU/NA/SEA. But several different servers that often have nothing to do with region. The company will add more over time. -Server fusion. Once people rage quit the games following being discouraged by whales, or just growing bored, the company merges servers so they still look active. -Microtransactions galore. Often for strong items and more chances for better gacha pulls. One reason why joining busy, older servers late are discouraged in these games. You’ll have missed all the power items. -Autoplay. The game forces you into autoplay once you get through the movement controls for the tutorial. You can let it sit while you work or sleep for endless grinding, another reason why joining a busy server late is discouraged by these types of games. You’ll be behind everyone else. There’s little need for you to play the game since it plays itself, not that its even fun to play off auto anyway. Its a basic mmo with a pretty face is all, unfortunately..Version: 1.01.006

Couldn't even start the gameI downloaded the files but it says pre-download available then pre-download complete confirm and it will reboot the game again and again. Please fix the start up bug. Really looking forward to play.Version: 1.01.006

Fun world with some issues…The game is fun overall set in a world I’ve loved since the first game. That being said, this game has very few customization options, which is a big letdown for me. If you’re interested laying this on mobile, then the auto play is a godsend, especially if you are busy with work or other tasks. Now to my main gripe with the game - the character creation. As is the case with a majority of Korean made MMORPGs, the classes are not merely gender locked, they are character locked. To add to that, you can’t really create a character of your own. The characters are preset with some hair choices and changing the color of your hair, clothes, and eyes. Nothing else beyond that. You can’t even change the facial hair of the only character with facial hair… If you care about character customization in your MMOs, this game is not for you. Otherwise, it is designed really well, it’s pretty fun, and the music is phenomenal (composed by the great Joe Hisaishi himself)..Version: 1.01.006

Pay to winPvp is crazy inconsistent, camera is a mess. Music and art are the only positives.Version: 1.02.010

Takes over controlsI like the style of the game but my character moves on their own and does their own moves when battling, I feel like all I need to do is press the dialogue boxes and that’s it. I wish this would stop because I want to play the game and not have the game play itself.Version: 1.01.006

Stuck on introduction screenAfter selecting a server and hitting enter, the game just gets stuck on loading the introduction screen, where a “skip” button exists but does not work… fix your game, I was very excited when I saw this game on pre-download but.Version: 1.01.006

Game Automatically Plays ItselfThis game just plays on its own and all the player has to do is watch whats happening. Looked everywhere for a way to turn it off but unfortunately this game doesn’t want players to have any control..Version: 1.01.006

Great game, but a few things really hold it back for meI just got this game after the official launch, and the art and story so far are absolutely amazing. However, a couple things are already holding my back from really enjoying the game. The first is the auto-running. Whenever you try to navigate a quest, it will auto-run to the location. It seems small, but as someone who likes to run around on the way to my quests, it really annoys me, but even after messing around in the settings I cannot find a way to disable it. My other major complaint is the size of the skill buttons. For a tablet user, they would be perfectly fine, but playing on a phone they’re extremely small and again, there is no way (that I was able to find in the settings) to adjust the size. This makes combat really difficult because I keep hitting the wrong button. I chose a bow user, which in most games already have a hard time locking onto targets, but this issue makes it especially bad. Especially considering the target locking is somewhat faulty. However, these are all really minor issues with an otherwise well put together and entertaining game thus far, and I hope they will be resolved..Version: 1.01.006

Stop auto playThe game is cool but itd be better if we could play the game ourselves rather than on auto pilot.Version: 1.01.006

It’s cute…It’s a cute game. I’ve only played the game for a few days. It’s a really cute and very ghibli designed game. It’s visually pleasing and the characters are likeable~ I play on my iPhone. I haven’t played for long so I can’t say if it’s a good game or not, but I have found some issues so far. I don’t like the controls when I’m running around. I feel like it sticks on the iPhone if your thumb isn’t exactly where it’s meant to be. For an open world game, I feel restricted from the beginning. I haven’t gone exploring much. I chose the bow character and there’s no locking on system in place at all. I get swarmed by enemies straight away. I use one of my skills and it shoots way away from the enemies… Every quest it automatically runs to the next location and it also auto attacks. I don’t feel like I’m actually doing anything other than reading. I’m hoping after playing a little longer I’ll get used to it. I’d still say give it a go cz it might be up your street.Version: 1.01.006

Crypto/microtransaction messThis “game” is full of crypto and micro transactions. Entirely p2w, and is a mess of bloated crypto processes. NFT coming later on, which will make it even worse. Avoid at all costs. Ghibli should be ashamed to be tied to this project..Version: 1.01.006

Extreme MonitizationI have whaled in many, many mobile games and I spend disposable income for fun, but this game is monetized to the extreme. I’ve heard others say that it is the most pay to win game on the market and that seems very possible from what I saw when I was playing. This game is a sad story of wasted potential. In other regions, it is a pretty fun casual MMO with cool graphics and a world based on the Ni No Kuni games. However, global did not get the same experience. We are treated with disrespect by Netmarble, who monetized our version more heavily, replaced some of our free available currency with crypto-nonsense that adds an extra barrier to upgrades and limits the amount of pulls we can do for characters, and encourages bots to flood the servers. The game had potential, but it was diminished by Netmarble’s extreme greed. Like many in the mobile/gacha community, I will probably avoid Netmarble games from now on even if they have good graphics and decent looking gameplay..Version: 1.02.010

Why?!I’ve downloaded this game the day that it launched. But for some reason, I’m just stuck in a meadow every time I log in. Nothing happens no matter where I tap. I’m stuck in the same meadow no matter which server I’m on. IT IS FRUSTRATING.Version: 1.01.008

This is an idle gameThe game has a lot of offer in terms of mechanics and the graphics are good. My main problem with this game is that after level 40, you are basically an idle game. This is due to a core mechanic in this game called "AI mode". You auto battle in the chaos field or world map and just farm. Drop rate and exp is terrible so you basically enter AI mode for 4 hours every day and login to collect. This to me is not an interesting or fun gameplay. There is a set amount of PVP matches per day. The group dungeon is 1 per day. So after level 40, there is nothing to do. At least with pure idle games, you are not limited to idle 4 hours and there is more satisfaction in the grind..Version: 1.01.006

Couldn’t play it :(I was really excited to play it but when I signed up I was sooooo excited to play and then it says I need more storage you need 3GB to be able to play this! That’s way to much for a game I’ll have to wait till I get a new phone with more storage looks like a great game though but super disappointed :(.Version: 1.01.006

Based on crypto and NFTsI thought this game was cute, but it’s out to scam you. It relies on crypto and they’re adding NFTs (check their own website’s roadmap). Not worth supporting, that’s for sure..Version: 1.01.006

Full serversI rarely can get on. Lost out on days worth of log in rewards because the servers are full with 500+ people and I don’t have time to just twiddle my thumbs waiting to just play a game for 15 min.Version: 1.01.006

Doesn’t WorkAfter downloading the update it asks me to download it again. Over and over. You can download this game 100 times and still you can’t play. If you skip the download you can’t get past the server screen..Version: 1.01.006

NFT and Fake reviews, game ruined by developerStudio Ghibli made a huge mistake letting Netmarble to develop this game. I loved studio Ghibli movies and played the previous 2 Ni no Kuni games. But this new game is a huge disappointment and all because of the developer. Netmarble decided to include NFT in the game and completely destroying the game balance in the process by making overpowered items obtainable using NFT. They also sponsored YouTubers and Streamers to promote their game before announcing the inclusion of NFT, backstabbing all the content creators in the process. They also decided that it's a good idea to make the first event in this game "leave a 5 star review in the App store, screenshot it and get rewards for the positive review". Absolutely scummy behaviours. I feel sorry for those players who spent money in this game and fell into their trap..Version: 1.01.006

Auto play and block chain micro-transactionThis game is beautiful with lovely music. But it’s an auto play game with plans of those nft micro transaction stuff. What a way to ruin ghibli rep : /.Version: 1.01.006

Level-5 :(Was really excited about this release but kinda mixed on this one, I love the Ni No Kuni franchise and level-5 is up there as one of my favourite game studios, on the other hand netmarble, auto play and gatcha have ruined it for me. It’s such a shame, first fantasy life now this, level-5 has turned to the dark side it seems. Sad.Version: 1.01.006

DON’T TRUST THESE REVIEWS!!To start this off I just wanna say this isn’t even a game. This is a mobile app with hours worth of text boxes and gameplay that plays its self, with a horrible unfair gacha system and nfts. the game uses the beautiful art and renowned style of studio gihbli to simply take money out of your wallet. Most of the reviews on you will read are forged, is the ni no kuni discord server they held an event that would give players gacha tickets for in game items if they participated, the even would have them leave a good rating, take a screen shot, and show proof that they left a good rating with kind words. If you left a negative rating they would not give you the rewards. This shows that they didn’t even attempt to make a game of which people would enjoy or appreciate, as well of showing us they do not care about the community. After this i have lost all faith in netmarble and as they have multiple exciting projects coming up they can not be trusted..Version: 1.01.006

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