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Uber Pro Card Negative Reviews

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Uber Pro Card App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Uber Pro Card app received 18 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Uber Pro Card? Can you share your negative thoughts about uber pro card?

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Uber Pro Card for Negative User Reviews

Pro CardUpdate: I miss the old card. Uber puts money on the card every few days and now I have a negative balance all of a sudden. The card is extremely picky about how you use it and it’s driving me crazy. I’m about to quit this gig. it’s much more of a headache now than it’s worth!! and when I called to transfer the balance from the old card to the new one, I was lied to. Like the app, love the card and love the automatic payouts but this morning not so much. I had $44 on my card when I went to bed last night. Woke up this morning with $14..Version: 2023.1.1

Love the card except it’s not movable5 stars if you could move it to allow direct bank account deposit. Instead of being forced into a high $2.99 transfer fee. Debit card deposits were more affordable than this option. I must say I’ve never had to pay for my hard earned money..Version: 2022.11.1

Customer Service is TerribleI’ve had an on going issue since 12/16 and no one seems to care to help. I’ve received so many automated answers. I finally received word from an actual representative and they didn’t help me at all. I have multiple screenshots showing proof of them owing me money and they beg to differ even though my statements show me clearly what I received. Terrible terrible terrible customer service and branch owes me $96 still. Don’t ever sign up for this card!.Version: 2023.1.0

Critical reviewsI absolutely don’t need or want a debit card that has any of the issues that folks are describing in the less than stellar reviews. I was in the process of getting on board but comments like $150 credit holds for a day or longer to issues with purchases and paying bills made me slam on the brakes and cancel my decision. IMO there should absolutely be no fees for any reason and more choices where to buy gas and there certainly needs to be more locations for free ATMs. Hopefully these issues will be resolved or improve then I’ll consider getting on board..Version: 2022.11.1

InconvenienceScam vibes. Taking more than the $150 that is owed from back up balance. Placing holds never returning the money. I’ve watched my balance change before my very eyes without any transaction occurring and the same transactions listed as pending. This card and app has inconvenienced me on many occasions. I want all my money returned. I’m going to disable this card ASAP. Would not recommend!! Pay the .50 fee to cash out to a REAL bank. I absolutely hate this app..Version: 2023.2.0

WorthlessI got my card. Tried using it three times without success. Tried to set up Bank to receive my funds and get a message that says “oops”. I called Branch and there response was that it’s happening a lot. He told me to update the app. I did and the same problem occurred. So I cannot get any money I’ve earned. He said he’d escalate the call and I’d get a call within 24-48 hours. Meanwhile no money and unable to use the card..Version: 2022.10.4

Crap tasticI been using the card fine, I was getting my gas perks and getting cash back. Now all of a sudden I’m not able to get my gas perks anymore. I look at my account with this Uber pro card it says unenrolled call support. I call this company they tell me, we get our information from Uber so I take a screenshot and show them my tier in real time.. I get a noting we can do but make a ticket. So I call Uber they tell me the same thing a week 1/2 later the same thing. This card is a waste of time and nobody seems to know what they’re doing!.Version: 1.0.18

Horrible customer serviceThis card wasn’t working with Apple Cash, which it’s supposed to. I called customer service and spoke to someone who didn’t understand that I was talking about Apple Cash and not Apple Pay. She said I would get an email response from a higher department in one to two days. I did, and was again misunderstood by the agent. I responded to his email with additional clarification, and have been ignored ever since..Version: 2022.12.4

Don’t get the card!!I purchased gas at a pump using it as a debt card. I did not get the % back as you need to run it as a credit. Per instructions from Uber Pro Card support. On my next fill up I went in and pre purchased $40 and ran it as credit per instructions from support. Once again I did not get the % back. Not only was the issue not getting a % back but the gas station put a HOLD FOR $150 on my card which didn’t release for 3 business days! When you have bills to pay don’t use this card for gas! I will be cancelling this card and going back to my cash out to another card. This card sounded good at the beginning, but after having it for a week it’s just a way to get you to use their card..Version: 2022.10.5

App still needs a lot of workThe app is very disappointing. From user interface to user experience, you can tell whoever designed it doesn’t have to use it on the day to day basis. The most recent issue I had with this bank was when I tried to pay my credit card bill. The money was taken out of my account and my credit card payment was rejected for insufficient funds. I called in and the rep told me this is an known issue… After days of dealing with them, I finally got my money back. Overall it’s a very bad user and customer experience..Version: 2022.10.5

It’s like they don’t even want me to join.Been trying to sign up for a while now but all I get out of the app is an error message about special characters in my name. Contacted support about it and they just told me I needed to use the latest version of the app, which I was already doing but tried anyway. It’s been almost a week since I started the ticket and I haven’t heard back from them in a few days. Maybe I’ll just hang out with Lyft instead..Version: 2022.12.1

Annoyed with new “changes” 😒I was actually really enjoying using this card up until I got an email about the new “changes” regarding the backup feature. It was really convenient & helpful to be able to borrow smaller amounts at a time then pay it back little by little. But now forcing us to take it all & pay it all back before being able to use it again is pretty annoying. I hate when these apps switch up like that. Considering just going back to using my regular debit card 🙄.Version: 2022.10.5

Don’t USE THIS CARD OR THE APPThe app stinks and the card is useless. What’s the point of getting a few cents back per gallon that you’re only eligible for if you pay at the pump which initiates a hold of longer than 24 hours on an amount several times the actual cost of the gas you actually pumped???? ABSURD! I’ll pay the 50 cent fee for instant transfers to my debit card that never has holds placed on it for pay at pump. BOOOOOOOOOoooooooo..Version: 2022.12.1

DO NOT GET THE UBER PRO CARD!!!!!Missing Money and Uneducated Customer ServiceI never write reviews but I felt it necessary to warn you all before someone else falls victim to this practical scam. Since getting this card a week ago, I have had countless issues; from missing nearly 160 in deposits (even though my statement reflected it, my balance didn’t), to duplicate transactions, to rude customer service agents trying to gaslight me about my issues. It has been three days and I need my money for bills yet it has disappeared into the cosmos and I have been on hold for an HOUR trying to get in contact with customer service for the THIRD time this week because they lacked the capacity to fix my issue the first two times, said they would escalate it, and then it was never escalated. Do not waste your time, it is not worth the headache..Version: 2023.1.0

Inferior to all other cards/banksApart from the typical issues associated with prepaid work cards (like no physical locations or free cash deposit options) this card is so far inferior to the previous Uber card as well as every other card I’ve ever used. On multiple occasions, I’ve had $150 holds on my account that lasted for days. This occurred at gas stations I’ve used my entire life and never seen with any other type of card. Furthermore, their “cash back rewards” seems to only be applicable at certain places, rather than actually deposited onto your account, and it’s not clear initially how to utilize these rewards. The card seems to have problems linking with certain cash transfer services like Apple Pay, so all the Apple Cash I have must stay on my Apple Cash Card. Lastly, the $150 backup balance holds all future Uber payments until completely repaid, which seems very inconvenient. If you are late on a big bill and borrow $150 to pay it, then you should hope that you have enough gas and food to last you until you get another $150 in deposits to make up for the backup balance withdrawal. Overall, needs a lot of improvement and seems to be more additional fees and roadblocks than any card I’ve ever used.Version: 2023.1.0

Dasher Direct Card is betterUber Pro Card is disappointing. The only appealing reason to use this service is the gas back, and it doesn’t work. When you try to fix that issue they will say “too bad so sad we can’t deliver on the expectation we set for ourselves”. Says to use credit for the debit card - no rewards and on hold for 4 days. Uses credit at pump - nothing. Uses debit at pump - nothing. Uses credit at register - nothing. Uses debit at register - nothing. The main feature advertised doesn’t work ZERO GAS REWARDS ARE BEING GIVEN..Version: 2022.12.1

This app doesn’t give clear understandingNot able to withdraw money off card, took forever to get a upfront $100, I was actually looking forward to $300 & up gas is expensive I’m feeling up every day no bonus the last 5 months besides this app doesn’t give you that much percentage from gas.Version: 2023.2.0

Horrible cardThis card has the potential to be something great, but has many many issues. 1. When I pump my gas at the pump, Uber claims that in order to get your cash back reward you must run your card as credit. I have done this a few times already and I have ZERO cash back. So you’re telling me you can’t do what was advertised on this card? Wasn’t that the whole point? 2. To make matters worse, after you’re done pumping gas, they take out a 150 dollar hold of your hard earned money for days! This is horrible for many drivers that always need the money right away. 3. The instant transfer fees from your card to the bank are absurd. Way too overpriced so I have to constantly go to an atm to take cash out which can be a hassle from time to time. I don’t plan on using this card again until the issues above are fixed..Version: 2022.11.1

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