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Uber Pro Card App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Uber Pro Card app received 16 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Uber Pro Card? Can you share your negative thoughts about uber pro card?

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Uber Pro Card for Negative User Reviews

BoooooooThis card is great if you have your own car for Uber. However, I rent through Avis and the pending charges they put on hold every week is ridiculous. When I first rented the car I paid the deposit and for the first week. Sometime in July I was triple charged and ever since then I have had nothing but problems from this app. Every week there is a new pending charge and to get it removed I can either wait a week or email them to get it dropped. I email them and it takes anywhere from 2 hours to 7 days for them to view your case. That would be fine except I don’t have and extra almost $400 a week to just let the charges pile up. Calling them will get you nowhere because the department that handles the disputes and pending charges can only be reached by email. There should at least be a phone in the department so we can call. In the emails you have to go back and forth, back and forth before they will even escalate the email to department who actually removes the charges. They say they work 24/7 but you could fool me. This app will be the reason I no longer drive for Uber..Version: 2023.10.0

Critical reviewsI absolutely don’t need or want a debit card that has any of the issues that folks are describing in the less than stellar reviews. I was in the process of getting on board but comments like $150 credit holds for a day or longer to issues with purchases and paying bills made me slam on the brakes and cancel my decision. IMO there should absolutely be no fees for any reason and more choices where to buy gas and there certainly needs to be more locations for free ATMs. Hopefully these issues will be resolved or improve then I’ll consider getting on board..Version: 2022.11.1

Ok, but…Once you sign up for the account, Uber puts you on automatic transfer to go to this account for each transaction. Meaning you’ll get a full break down for each deposit including order pay and tip pay. It’s convenient for those that don’t have a bank, and it’s cool that there are options to earn cash back on gas. It would be nice if there were other cash back rewards for shopping. If you want to transfer money to your personal bank account using the debit card method for instant transfer then there’s a $3 fee which means it would be better to just add your own personal debit card for payout and only pay a much lower fee for instant transfer from the Uber driver app. I would also prefer Zelle as an option to transfer money..Version: 2023.4.4

DO NOT GET THE UBER PRO CARD!!!!!Missing Money and Uneducated Customer ServiceI never write reviews but I felt it necessary to warn you all before someone else falls victim to this practical scam. Since getting this card a week ago, I have had countless issues; from missing nearly 160 in deposits (even though my statement reflected it, my balance didn’t), to duplicate transactions, to rude customer service agents trying to gaslight me about my issues. It has been three days and I need my money for bills yet it has disappeared into the cosmos and I have been on hold for an HOUR trying to get in contact with customer service for the THIRD time this week because they lacked the capacity to fix my issue the first two times, said they would escalate it, and then it was never escalated. Do not waste your time, it is not worth the headache..Version: 2023.1.0

Instant pay hasn’t worked for me and support team unable to assist to fix the problemThis card does not work as advertised. I received my card and switched to instant pay on the app. I have yet to receive my money to the card. I reached out to support team several times over the last 2 days and they all say that’s not my dept or they send me info that doesn’t even pertain to my problem. The support team has been unable to assist so I’m going back to my previous payment method even though it costs me extra, at least I can have access to my money since nobody can help get my problem. The support team says that instant pay can take up to 24-48 hours how can someone call that instant. Instant to me means within minutes. I guess that’s where the confusion is, instant to Uber is 24-48 hours and I highly disagree with that statement. It’s just not worth the headache. I’ll pay extra to alleviate the headaches..Version: 2023.5.1

Cash back rewards not accurateGoing to Exxon and paying at the pump does not get you the extra 3% cash back and neither does going to Advance Auto Parts get you the 15% as stated in the terms and conditions. At least not here in Utah. I have contacted Branch through the app's support feature but have only gotten run around answers saying that the the issue has been escalated to the next level of support and a fix has been deployed but the problem persists. I have been reporting the issue since February and still has not been resolved..Version: 2023.2.4

This card is vulnerable to fraudI was scammed thru the app and scammers easily withdrew all the funds from my card posing as Uber support. Branch has not returned my funds and the investigation will be at 90 days on 12/13. I wouldn’t recommend anyone use this account. I am a platinum driver and have been driving Uber for over 2 years. I lost my home because of this incident and they more than likely are not going to refund my stolen money. They are now forcing me to continue to use it until I repay my $150 back up balance and I can’t even log into the app and I don’t even have the physical card anymore. After all of this I am done. Between risking my life driving in areas where cab companies won’t even send their drivers for fear of being penalized by Uber and being forced to use this service I am done. Please learn from my mistake. If you have this card they don’t allow cash out to any other account except the weekly payments to your bank account..Version: 2023.11.2

*DO NOT TRUST THIS CARD**DO NOT TRUST THIS CARD* I used this card for direct deposits from my employer. Everything was fine until January 2023 when I didn’t receive my monthly direct deposit from my employer. I contacted my employer to see where my direct deposit was and they provided me with the account number for Uber that it was sent to AND with the Trace ID # to provide to Uber to locate the payment since it never bounced back to my employer. *DO NOT TRUST THIS CARD* I have contacted Uber for months now with no response other than “someone from accounting will contact you”. No one has contacted me yet or ever. I have email proof that I have reached out to Uber pro card again and again and again, providing screenshots, detailed information relating to the missing direct deposits, the Trace ID # to locate the direct deposit (my employer told me to provide this number to Uber to locate the payment), and all they say is they “can already see where my request has been escalated” and they ask me if I want them to escalate it again. *DO NOT TRUST THIS CARD* My entire paycheck is with Uber pro card and they are apparently stealing my paycheck. I have received direct deposits before and after this instance but they stole my January payment. You may have to take legal action in order to receive a response from this company. *DO NOT TRUST THIS CARD*.Version: 2023.4.3

Horrible cardThis card has the potential to be something great, but has many many issues. 1. When I pump my gas at the pump, Uber claims that in order to get your cash back reward you must run your card as credit. I have done this a few times already and I have ZERO cash back. So you’re telling me you can’t do what was advertised on this card? Wasn’t that the whole point? 2. To make matters worse, after you’re done pumping gas, they take out a 150 dollar hold of your hard earned money for days! This is horrible for many drivers that always need the money right away. 3. The instant transfer fees from your card to the bank are absurd. Way too overpriced so I have to constantly go to an atm to take cash out which can be a hassle from time to time. I don’t plan on using this card again until the issues above are fixed..Version: 2022.11.1

26k 5 star reviews? Suuurrreeee....I love that Uber is buying reviews for their payment card. Anyways, here's my take on this app- RUN. The instant payouts and cash back on gas was nice while it lasted, but somehow I've been locked out of my account. I have attempted to call their support number numerous times, THEY WILL NOT ANSWER THE PHONE. Today I found an email for them so I will update if / when I receive a response. EDIT: Their Email support will give you the runaround, literally copying and pasting support articles instead of solving the actual problem. They claim the issue is with my phone despite their app being the only one I've had a problem with..Version: 2023.5.0

Customer service non existent!Renting a Tesla through Uber via hertz. I used the Uber Pro Card to pay for the rental, initial payment and deposit plus 3 week extensions for which they took money out each week. Closed out the rental and wrote up a new contract. Not only did they take out the new initial payment and deposit, but in addition the price of the whole previous month of rental even though I had already paid more than the what was owed. This left me with a negative balance of over $2000. Multiple attempts to contact support were made and was told it would be escalated to next level of support because the payments I previously made were on hold and can take up to 30 days to clear. Days later I’m still waiting for my money. Never had this issue with my previous bank as I’ve been renting same car for 3 months and this was the first using Uber pro card. Don’t know how they expect an Uber driver to have an extra 2 grand sitting around in order to rent a car through Uber using their branded cash card..Version: 2023.4.0

Multiple issues but overall okay app.Okay so I love being able to get my money right away and be able to spend it immediately. First complaint I have is you get notified on the Uber app when you finish a ride how much you make then you get another notification on this app. Why get double notified??? Second issue I have is on the Uber app you can instantly transfer to any debit card for $0.85, why does Uber charge more just because you have their card. Seems like they are punishing you for having their card. Stop the double notifications and make it be similar across the platform for payouts..Version: 2023.7.1

App still needs a lot of workThe app is very disappointing. From user interface to user experience, you can tell whoever designed it doesn’t have to use it on the day to day basis. The most recent issue I had with this bank was when I tried to pay my credit card bill. The money was taken out of my account and my credit card payment was rejected for insufficient funds. I called in and the rep told me this is an known issue… After days of dealing with them, I finally got my money back. Overall it’s a very bad user and customer experience..Version: 2022.10.5

Wish I could give 0 starsThis is the most infuriating banking app I’ve used. Just trying to log in I used the facial recognition but it asked for my passcode as well which I entered and it wouldn’t move to the next screen. I tried again and the same thing happened. I attempted to reset passcode to see if that would help. I got the email to reset passcode and it directed me to a web link that redirected me to the App Store. I opened the app and tried this process multiple times but it never moved past the page to send the email request. No matter what I did I got redirected to a page that would redirect me to my web browser that then would redirect me to the app which wouldn’t move past the send email page. There’s no customer service either which makes this even more annoying. Supposedly this last update would’ve fixed the issue but it just made it worse. The developers need to fix this issue ASAP..Version: 2023.12.0

Needs some improvements! ASAPI will give this bank credit for be convenient but when it comes to disputes, it’s the worse. I was on hold for so long that I had time to shop at 4 different stores, drive home, put away the groceries and was still on hold. Approximately for 4 hours and the battery of my AirPods died. I just wanted to stop a payment on something that I did twice (my fault) but to contact my bank and wait this long for answer, then get an answer then being transferred and wait some more is ridiculous. I think I will take my money somewhere else who got it together. It’s stressful and exhausting. I hope you guys hear this review and do better..Version: 2023.2.4

Risk vs rewardThe Risk is having happen to me like many others the white screen of death. When I open the app it lets me log in but only to be greeted with a white screen. I cannot access my funds from my past few trips and I’m sure that many of you know this could make or break you if you’re betting on your next cash out to get you some gas. Thankfully I’m not but it’s clearly a big error on their side and getting in touch with support can take a long time. Hopefully Uber sees this and will help me out but I know I’m not the only one this has happened to. Peoples money cannot be something that can’t be reached or seen..Version: 2023.3.1

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