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Buy this app!!This app is truly amazing, given the national shortage of Prime across the UK, it is extremely hard to come by Prime. However, this app lets you find Prime with ease! With the notifications and with stock reports (that are all manually verified), this app lets you find Prime within seconds. There is a clean UI, very easy to understand and I 10/10 recommend this app to those who are trying to find Prime Hydration!.Version: 1.38

Worth The Small FeeI am a father of one, and my son asked me abouth this app. At first I thought that it would be free, but it was a paid app. However as me or my son have not found ang sort of Prime yet I thought that I should go for it. Well, I can say now that the app was worth every penny. I have found many bottles of Prime (over 100!). I strongly reccomend the app to any parents who are looking to get their children Prime..Version: 1.52

Good appThis app is really good for finding prime, I sell prime and this app helps me find it, it is community based but it is still a great app.Version: 1.51

Great appThis app works well, let’s me call stores and just overall has helped me build my collection. Thanks!!!.Version: 1.45

GreatGreat app easy to use.Version: 1.45

Great!This app is great, it notifies you when Prime is available and the UI is really attractive!.Version: 1.41

Very useful and well developed!Prime Tracker has helped hundreds of not thousands of people nationwide track down Prime and allowed those not as fortunate as others to grab prime for retail price in stores directly stocked. It’s been an amazing journey and hopefully continues on for a little longer so i can carry on contributing to the community. Much love Tom, keep up the good work ❤️.Version: 1.37

Great app, but has its flaws.This app has been extremely convenient for me, I’ve been able to get notified when locations near me have been stocked with prime AND what flavours they have, and I absolutely love this. I’ve been able to get KSI, meta moon, ice pop, you name it with this app. However, there is one problem. This app, although great it is, relies heavily on the users to send stock updates to the app. I understand this is not fixable, but it’s quite annoying. I went to my local Asda and the app said they had orange mango and lemon lime energy prime, and sure enough, they did. However, I asked a worker if they had hydration, and they said they had tons, and they did. No one updated the app, and no one knew it was in stock, other than that, fantastic app. 9/10 would recommend..Version: 1.53

This is amazingIt’s helped me out getting prime so much, because I would walk into shops and not get any but with the tracker it’s 10/10.Version: 1.55

Favourite/or saved locationsDon’t know if this is possible, but if it is it would be great if we could favourite the stores instead of going through the map. We could go to our favourite/or saved locations and it’ll be easier enough to track our favourite stores.Version: 1.37

It’s goodYeah it’s pretty good.Version: 1.43

It’s goodThe app is good but inaccurate sometimes but other then that it helps me find prime easier then going to the store and it’s not there.Version: 1.55

Good but 1.35 update broke one of the featuresLast night I checked in Asda and there was no prime. I tried to report stock, added the photo and tried to submit. I was inside the store and a pop up said I was not close enough to the store to add a stock report. This means in my local store no one can add stock reports so it makes the app useless for me. 1.37 update added spar. I was happy this update came because I have a spar just up the road, but the spar update didn’t even add Northern Ireland spars. Makes me sad.Version: 1.37

ADD SPORTS DIRECT AND GAMEYo prime tracker your app is the best it really helps me find the prime by the way can you add sports direct and game next please.Version: 1.55

The only real way to know where and when you can obtain prime.Prime tracker has been huge in being able to locate prime. In fact, I don’t think I’d have a single bottle without it! The app is incredibly easy to use, intuitive and receiving regular updates. Couldn’t ask for anything more. People behind the scenes are very supportive and also help a tonne!.Version: 1.38

Looks accurate however frustrating can only have stock for 1 store!Just downloaded and looks accurate, from what I know about local stock levels the past few days. Deducted a star as my phone is on version 16.1.2 and I can only get stock alerts for 1 store but need it for 3 local Asdas. If this was fixed it would be fantastic. Expect I will need to be creeping the app all day for the green ball rather than getting a notification sadly. Hope this can get fixed soon. Great idea well done to the developer just that tweak and it’s perfect 😊.Version: 1.33

Fantastic app & community associated.This app has been nothing short of a lifesaver! Since the re-release it’s helped me get PRIME over 2 dozen times and has rarely let me down with incorrect reports. The frequent updates and communication from the developer of the app is great. I’d definitely recommend buying this if you’re wanting to find PRIME easier!.Version: 1.39

AWSOMEI’ve been trying to find glow berry prime for ages and I finally decided to download the app only 99p and what do u know I instantly know where it is I drove for like two mins and BOOM I got 3 bottles coming back for more tomorrow.💯💯💯😀.Version: 1.59

Does what it promises!Successfully tracked down some prime for my kids with this app. Works how you would want it to, really useful to be able to navigate from the app and set notifications for stock too. Suggestions for future, how about a feature for location always on that notifies you within a certain amount of miles when you pass a store with stock? Good for the commuters and travellers. Also i’d like to see my stats for when i’ve submitted a prime find would be kinda cool. Well done devs!.Version: 1.40

Amazing appThis app is great when you need to find prime near you! i use this app to help people find prime and also to help find the flavours i need! so excited for the new updates today! 5 star app!.Version: 1.55

Good app but needs improvement!When flying from Australia to the uk I couldn’t find any way to switch between the 2 countries so the prime tracker was stuck on aus prime not uk prime stock..Version: 1.45

Helped me find PRIME but relies heavily on users.This app has helped me track down PRIME numerous times however it does heavily rely on the apps users to report the stock so don’t be surprised if a store shows out of stock and they have it when you go in. Same if you go to an in stock store and it’s out of stock by the time you get there. If everyone can help each other by reporting stock when using this app it will make it better for everyone, I also find the twitter and Discord server just as useful..Version: 1.37

Useful and easy to useI got lots of prime with this app, highly recommend!.Version: 1.55

Would recommendThis app is really good, and I love it! It says where the nearest prime is and there are so many cool features! Would recommend..Version: 1.45

Only shows uk stock?I don’t have any access to aussie stock, it only shows uk stores, how do i fix this pls?.Version: 1.45

AmazingReally good app and provides a clear picture to where prime is in stock. Highly recommend getting, the app gets a lot of updates and is very co-operative around customers. One thing is that the app does get quite a lot of false reports on the #unverified section, for example it's clear when there is a false report when they select all flavours of prime when Asda don't even sell all of them but it would be nice if taking images were mandatory if there was reported stock, this would reduce false reports by a lot..Version: 1.24

It’s pretty goodVery helpful.Version: 1.41

Amazing AppRecommend this!!.Version: 1.43

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