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Easy Loan Payoff Calculator Positive Reviews

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Easy Loan Payoff Calculator App User Positive Comments 2023

Easy Loan Payoff Calculator app received 52 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about easy loan payoff calculator?

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Easy Loan Payoff Calculator for Positive User Reviews

Great AppI love this app. It's a way for me to keep track of my mortgage amortization, my car loan, and any general financing calculations I want to consider. It also shows me what adding small additional monthly payments will do to help me pay off my loans earlier. A great tool!.Version: 9.2

Perfect helperIt’s fast, easy, accurate. Used it when I was looking to buy. When I bought. When I refinanced. Be sure to add property taxes and insurance costs to “additional monthly” to get the accurate impound number..Version: 12.0

Outstanding ToolThis Loan Calculator is perfectly named, because it allows you to brainstorm the effect of added payment amounts to a given loan. Many people are unaware of the drastic effect extra money makes to the payoff date. It's an eye opener to be sure..Version: 9.2

GreatDoes everything I want.Version: 9.2

What ifThis is an awesome tool. I use it quite often. I even recommended it to a loan person who hadn’t heard of it! Thank you for such a handy app. You’ve taken much of the mystery out of finance!.Version: 12.0

Very helpfulI love this app. It does exactly what it's supposed to do & easy to use.Version: 9.2

BillThis is the BEST loan calculator app out there. Most online sites burden you with trying to sell you a mortgage. This just tells you what you want to know..Version: 12.1

Financially SmartAs a college student, this is a great application to keep track of my student loan payments and calculations! It is essentially a loan calculator, and I will definitely recommend it to anyone wondering if they should use it. It also helps with mortgage calculations and finance in general..Version: 9.2

GreatSimple and easy to use,just the way I like it. Needs land tax add to options.Version: 4.3.3

Useful AppIt's a great tool to have when looking forward with payments and figuring out mortgages with different monthly options..Version: 6.0.1

Perfect little loan appI use this every day to assist in calculating, forecasting and planning. Its perfectly simple but offers everything you need..Version: 9.2

Perfect no-nonsense toolNot a bunch of extra stuff, only a simple loan calculator that’s easy to use. I use this all the time..Version: 9.2

Great AppIn the finance game, use it all the time.Version: 6.1.1

Great app!Simple to use. Just input loan amt. term and rate- and your payment appears It has amortization schedule to track your current loan balance. It would be nice to input your max pmt to figure out your max loan..Version: 9.2

ReliableI have used it for many years and it's my default calculator for calculating loans and financial amortisation.Version: 9.2

Great app could use a few upgradesThis is a very quick app to use. I wish it had a few upgrades to make it a bit more user friendly..Version: 9.2

Almost 5 StarsIt needs weekly and byweekly payments in order to become 5 star application..Version: 0

I use the south regularlyThis app is fantastic I use a least three times a week to check payments on different interest rates on car loans and home mortgages..Version: 9.2

Just what I wantedI have tried 4 other mortgage calculators and this is by far the best. Well designed and easy to use with all the information I need. Since finding this app I have deleted the others. I highly recommend.Version: 12.1

AwesomeAwesome app. I use it often. I got promised a low interest rate from a car dealer and used the app to check their accuracy and honesty. Lucky I had this app..Version: 9.2

Quick simple easyDid it for me. No more complicated excel formulae!.Version: 6.1.1

EasyEasy and quick. Nice little app..Version: 12.1

Very functional & easy to useStraightforward & well laid out..Version: 9.2

I love this!I use it constantly. Very easy to update and get new results. Thank you!.Version: 12.0

Best and EasistAllows changing parameters to see "What If". The only improvement would be to allow "Month Payment" to be a parameter and let something else be the solution..Version: 9.2

Simple & effectiveAs a lawyer who has to get quick estimates. This is a cheap and quick loan calculation. I have used it agains and again event bough I have six other more complicated financial calculators. Good job..Version: 9.2

Good teaching aidI use this App to help teach my kids how quickly interest adds up..Version: 4.2.1

Does what I need.This app is simple to use for what I need. It allows me to see exactly what a monthly payment will be given a set balance, interest rate and time..Version: 9.2

What if loanGreat app. Very simple to use and generally straightforward. I like using it is the best review I can give.Version: 9.2

Absolutely Great!This is my go to calculator! I use it all the time. I have a couple loans that I keep track of and I am always looking for ways to reduce my interest..Version: 9.2

The best ever!I love being able to crunch the numbers faster than the banker! Easy to use and the ability to consider all the possibilities in seconds! Truly a must have app!.Version: 9.2

Simple and easySuper simple and easy to use. Intuitive. The what if makes it easy to see how much faster to pay off your loans..Version: 9.2

Useful!Great App saved my bacon more than a few times..Version: 9.2

Very HelpfulThis app gives you a good ballpark figure as to what your payments will be. The add a payment feature is extremely helpful when you're trying to pay off a debt.Version: 9.2

Great simple appI use it all the time. I do wish it could do other calculations. Such as enter interest and how much of a payment and it would calculate the loan amount. Or any variations...Version: 9.2

Needs more featuresHow about a feature where I can type in the payment and solves other parts of loan details.Version: 9.2

Simple, yet effectiveDeveloper keeps the app updated periodically and it always works. What else could you ask for?.Version: 9.2

NiceNice little tool to calculate loans, payments and terms..Version: 9.2

Great little appAnyone with a long term loan (car, boat,house, etc) should have this app. It's amazing how a few dollars of extra principal each month can reduce the loan length. This app is simple to use and will show you what you can save on time and interest..Version: 9.2

Great AppI love this app! It’s very accurate. Always within a couple of dollars..Version: 12.1

Great app. Used for yearsAlways updated. Clean and useful. Love the appearance and always works well. Thanks for keeping it updated..Version: 9.2

Great Finance App!I like the quickness of the loan app & ease to change variables. The “What If” for adding more principal to pay off faster is very handy, & not found in similar apps. It’s a little awkward, but you can email yourself the payoff schedule..Version: 12.1

Easy to use, effectiveWorks great, easy to use, and helped me manage payments to get my car paid off 14 months early..Version: 9.2

Great little loan appWorks great & easy to use. Has a nice emailing feature.Version: 9.2

Great appSimple, accurate and tells you what you need to know!.Version: 12.1

Love this app, can you addI love this app and it’s others in the suite. I do wish the “What if” app had a one time lump sum payment option. I’m often have a one time windfall of cash and want to put a lump sum on a loan. I’ll take it the way it is, but that would be a great feature. (Windfall from inheritance, sale of another property, job bonus, sale of another asset is more common in my finances).Version: 12.1

Great app, use it almost every day. Don't know what I would do without it.Very happy with this app, works as advertised and much more!!.Version: 9.2

Simple to use!I am planning on purchasing an RV. This program has been perfect! It's fast & easy to calculate any financial question I need answered! I have several similar apps on my phone but this is the only one I use..Version: 9.2

Fast-Accurate-User FriendlyWhether new car, mortgage refi or personal loans - so easy to plug ‘n play with interest calculations, monthly amortizations, and term payoffs. Luv this piggy’s calculations..Version: 12.1

Thumbs upEasy to use and simple to understand..Version: 9.2

Amortization statementI would like to be able to enter the date of the first payment and the statement would show the date of each and every payment..Version: 12.1

I love this appI have been able to use this app to create many different scenarios for financing to show my consumer what additional money can go towards paying back the loan I love this application.Version: 9.2

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