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Kik Messaging & Chat App App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Kik Messaging & Chat App app received 199 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Kik Messaging & Chat App? Can you share your negative thoughts about kik messaging & chat app?

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Kik Messaging & Chat App for Negative User Reviews

It’s not very good is it?I don’t get notifications even though they are all switched on. Try and talk to a friend and it takes forever for the message to even show that it’s been delivered. The app shows I have 4 messages but I can’t see any of them. 99% of the people I have spoken to via messages are bots trying to get money out of you of here. I can talk to the boys in real time but not my friends. What is the point of the Live bit? What a terrible app that seems like it is never thoroughly tested on the platforms it is written for. Not recommended at all..Version: 16.1.8

DowngradedKik must have new owners because now it’s ridiculous. It has been temporary banning people for no reason and suspending many accounts that we can’t get back. Now it’s to the point that we can’t even make another account because it tracks your IP ADDRESS. So if you’ve been hacked, or sent a request KIK NEVER UNBANS YOU AND YOU CANT MAKE A NEW ACCOUNT. Even snapchat or any other app doesn’t do that. So I recommend going to Snapchat or another social media app. Because Kik is no longer user friendly and becoming way too strict. I know they’re trying to be nice to the people but to the point they track your IP?!? And they ban you without a reason. What’s worse is I’ve never had a temporary ban before maybe one 2 hour one from 3 YEARS AGO!!’ I wasn’t even active on Kik and it banned me ?!? Are you serious ?!? Half of my friends even been suspended or temporary banned and it doesn’t tell us why. Have people reported me? Like Kik should tell you what happened and not do it for no reason. I’m starting to think Kik has even been hacked. This is Stupid now half of my friends can’t even go back on Kik. And Kik wonders why everyone uses snapchat.Version: 13.2.0

All good things must dieThis used to be a tremendous app however it is riddled with bots and instead of tackling this problem they decided to now “improve” this app with ads. Good to see they care about there consumers... but they just lost one..Version: 15.18.0

Hackers can basically brick your accountI’ve been using this app for 4 years now, just today I was using it and one of my friends gc removes a pervert off of the chat, and some how he hacks his way into the chat, shows up as a kik account that we can’t remove and nothing on my kik app is loading, tried everything I can like signing out, reinstalling but all I see is *retrieving* on everything. And the chat support on their site has been down for so long so there is nothing I can do to save my account, I just lost so many contacts and so many groupchats..Version: 15.20.0

App use to be very goodThe app use to be amazing…. Now it freezes and your interaction is constantly interrupted by pop up adds that do not end without rebooting my phone and/or tablet.Version: 16.0.7

This app sucksI have used this app for years and since the new owners it has immensely gone down hill. My complaints are like everyone else’s. My greatest is the spam bots I report them daily. And it’s all vulgar messages. The ads are a little much and really annoying. The ads don’t have to be so big. The live feature could be on a different page. Improve this app or just shut it down for good..Version: 16.1.0

Inappropriate adsI’ve used this app for a while now to communicate with family and it has worked well. Unfortunately recently the amount of ads and ads that pop up have increased. They have also been provocative, like dating ads with women dressed with inappropriate clothing. As a result my family and I will be going to a different app from now on..Version: 16.0.6

AddsI now have adds and no filter on camera really disappointed in the new update! It’s so slow and I can’t use it.. 😔.Version: 15.17.3

So glitchyWhere to begin….. whether or not you have the notifications switched on, it can be pot luck if you get them. I have it switched on and don’t get them but many of my friends do. The app randomly crashes from time to time and erases the message you were in the process of sending. More recently the ability to start a group has disappeared and when you try you just get a message telling you an unexpected error has occurred. The frequent disgusting messages from people you didn’t ask to contact you or don’t even know are draining and don’t stop no matter how many times you report it to kik. The adverts that randomly pop up at odd times you can just about live with but the fact this app is so unused friendly and miles behind many other chat apps makes it a poor choice. Often people can tell you they have sent you a message but when you look in the stream there is nothing at my end but when they send you a screen shot of theirs they clearly have and it tells you it’s been delivered by not read. If it wasn’t for the fact that I don’t have to give people my number to use this I really wouldn’t waste my time. Worst chat app ever..Version: 16.1.3

Bots, Crashes, No useful updatesThis app has been buggy for months! Efforts should be put into making the basic features run flawlessly. Messages don’t get delivered; it doesn’t recognise me as an Admin in groups so I can’t remove bots or troublemakers; you can’t even take a photo using the volume buttons - you have to use their awkwardly placed button. Stop putting effort into adding features we don’t need. Put your energy into perfecting the essential features. The latest update continually crashed and wouldn’t let me in!!! Most recently, I haven’t been able to receive new chat requests, most likely because they disabled the feature to try and stop all the bots bombarding the system..Version: 16.1.8

Notifications but no messagesI’ve use Kik for years, it’s always been basic but did the job. Nowadays, I not only get bombarded by bots with “nudes” but I’m getting notifications with no message showing in the app! I’ve tried everything (reinstall, log out/in again, restart phone, software updates are all up to date). I hope one of my friends isn’t actually messaging me and thinks I’m not responding! Annoying!!!.Version: 16.1.6

Was good, no longer worth it.This was a great easy, workable chat app until about 1 year ago. Its now full of spam bots, adverts that play full sound despite having volume turned down or off and lags in speed. Its constantly crashing, then wont let you log back on. Do not WASTE your time on this junk!.Version: 16.1.6

Kik disappointingWhat used to be a basic glitchy means of private communication has now transformed into a platform for content sellers and scammers with the occasional mildly entertaining live stream. This app is overrun with spam bots, which when you complain to Kik team you are met with an automated reply and link to create your own spam bot. Yet another instance of money hungry social media developers without a conscious. They try to moderate users live explicit content yet on the other hand, allow and virtually encourage the use of women’s “acquired” explicit images in Kik sanctioned spam bots. When I make the time to find a suitable alternate means of communication I’ll be kicking Kik to the curb..Version: 16.1.0

This app is dead.I have used kik for many, many years. 2392 days, in fact, as of writing this. i’ve made so many friends and met so many people with the same interests and hobbies as me on this app. there have been ups and downs. but at this point? god, it’s awful. it’s not salvageable at this point. the ads are not only annoying and make the app incredibly difficult to use, but are also almost exclusively for scam porn sites. speaking of, what’s with that “live” feature? you just *know* everyone on those is gonna be using it like a free onlyfans. and that’s just scratching the surface. the app has been almost completely overrun by spam bots. they join your group chats, spam random emojis and nonsensical sentences (“i'd wanna dialog with hot guys 😇” real quote, copy and pasted) and flood your DMs with scam links. let’s not even talk about the creepy old men who use the app that make it unsafe and/or uncomfortable for anyone who might be even vaguely feminine-presenting to use the app, or how badly the app has been lagging for the past few updates, or the way the kik team has apparently, and rightly, jump ship and given up on this app. the community guidelines seem to not even exist anymore. sexual harassment is a staple. why is this app even available still?.Version: 16.0.6

Better, but still needs workAfter the last update and my last review, you fixed one of the major issues and complaints I had; you fixed the notification bug, now they come though again and I can actually talk with people again, however there's still two issues that plague the app; the ads and the bots, I'll go over both issues: 1. The ads are extremely frequent and annoying, they're often unskippable or straight up lock you in them so you can't access messages easily, I've had to close the app a total of three times to get out of some ads. 2. The bots, dear god the bots, they're out of control. Over the last month, I have gotten over 35 invites from random sex bots trying to scam me for a website (and since my last review, twenty more have added me), this can all be fixed if you simply add the ability to disable people from inviting you or if you purge the app of these bots. Please PLEASE do something about the bots, I can wait with the ads, just put something out that either purges all the bot accounts or give us the feature to disable invites -A user who had used your app since 2018.Version: 16.7.0

New Message Notifications Broken, Poor Customer Service, No Plans to Fix IssueIn the latest update of the KIK app, the “new messages” notifications pop up but you’re unable to access or read the new message. At this time I was unable to find a “fix”. So after having to complete an extensive (and confusing) search to report the issue, I was able to email their tech team to inform them that I receive the notification for new messages but I am unable to read them. Their response was, “we know there’s an issue with new notifications and at this time there are no plans to fix it.” Unfortunately the App Store won’t let you download an older version (at least that I can find). If you want a messenger app that you’re already a member of and can only receive messages to those in your history list of people who have already contacted you, then this app will suffice. If you wish to direct new friends to your KIK app or want people to find you via their search function, good luck. You’ll get a notification that you received a message but won’t be able to access it. I used to love this app as it reminded me of the old Yahoo Messenger. I guess I’ll have to find messenger app since they said there’s no plan to fix it..Version: 16.1.6

Live video streaming needs to be a bigger imageThe video streaming really needs to be larger or full screen. Its disappointing it’s just a tiny bubble at the top of the screen.Version: 15.1.0

Nice bugsChats will just disappear and "eat" peoples messages so i never get them then i have to sign out or delete the app. So annoying.Version: 11.30.0

Side apps not workingWhen are you going to fix your side apps?? there's already been 2 updates and they still dont work. maybe try listening to your users once in a while.Version: 15.28.0

Such a disappointment.It’s a roller coaster of emotions with you lot. The app use to run mildly okay, then was set to see the last sunset, which was then followed by a revival and now you’re left with an app that hands you ads - no option to remove them and hands you the most laggy experience compared to the competition. Can we just focus on having it be stable and not make us want to throw our phones across the room after it freezes for the 1937th time? Might as well consider jumping aboard to another app at this point🙄.Version: 15.17.3

What’s going on?I’ve been using kik for a good two or three years and now it’s just gone down hill. Sometimes when I’m typing, the app will suddenly freeze and then unfreeze after nearly a minute or it’ll just freeze and I have to leave the app to come back. But when happens, so does another problem; at times when I come back, it won’t even take me to my messages so I’ll have to leave and come back a few more times before I’m finally taken to my messages. The ads I understand, they’re to keep the app free, but constantly seeing ones for other dating apps? I dunno if those are the types of ads chosen to appear on this app, but I hate seeing them. I’ll even get random chats from strangers on here; scams or not, they’re all woman asking me if I’m interested in this or that. When I first got kik, I got it to rp/write fandoms and talk to people, not hook up. None of that even existed at the time, and I preferred it that way. This app needs its bugs fixed. I hate constantly seeing ‘Connecting’ atop my messages as well. I’ll come and go out of the app, turn my wifi on and off, use cellular data… I even deleted the app and re-downloaded it, but the problem still doesn’t seem to have gone away. All it did was delete all my messages with people. Please fix the app or try to do something :(.Version: 16.1.0

Notifications?As much as I like using this app I’m disappointed that the notifications don’t seem to operate. Only when I go into the app and someone has messaged me that I’ll get the notification. Even with the updates and the latest iPhone. What’s up with that ?.Version: 16.1.3

Bug Issues!This app is eh. It has a decent text chat, with some nice emoji features and gifs and can allow for some decent groups. The texting is often fluid and there have only been a few app crashes here and there. However, there seems to be a bug with the group texts. You have this option to mute the group for an hour, a day, and until you turn off the mute (forever). So, I have all my groups muted until I want to turn them on. However, I still get notifications from these groups despite muting the groups. I’m not supposed to receive these notifications. I’ve been forced to turn off notifications for Kik all together because I receive so many. I’m in a few large groups and so the notifications pile up. But this problem shouldn’t be happening. I’d ask Kik to look into it. There is also, occasionally, a problem with the app itself. It’ll be stuck on the “loading...” State and you won’t be able to text anyone or receiver texts. Kik bugs out and basically you can’t do anything until it decides to stop. And so I hope Kik does something about these two issues..Version: 12.1.0

And another fake, great95% of all users on here are just bots with pics don’t know why I bother. The other 5% are real and make a decent conversation before ghosting.Version: 15.24.0

Don’t download this app.If you’re looking for an app full of almost nothing but predatory people who literally push others to want to off themselves look no further. Trolling isn’t ‘entertainment’ when it’s hurting others and you’re doing it time and time again to the same person. I’ve left you alone, so leave me alone. 95% of the people on here don’t actually want real friends, they just want clout. Treat people with kindness. No wonder the suicide rate is so high..Version: 16.1.5

Fake Identities - ScammersBefore uploading Kik to talk with someone please ask yourself why are they not happy to share their mobile number? This is the ideal social platform for people to try and con you! BE WARNED! A guy told me that he could not share his number because he was in the army and it wasn’t his to share due to security reasons. I did wonder why he couldn’t just buy another phone but he said he was often in places where his location needed to be secure... that was his first lie. After two days chatting on Kik he then said he had lost his wallet and couldn’t afford the journey home from the USA and could I lend him money. SERIOUS ALARM BELLS NOW. Basically this guy was not even who he said he was. He had made his dating profile using pictures from TWO similar looking men. I reported him to dating app developers and they deleted him but I was unfamiliar with Kik to do the same... so he’s still prowling the app for his victims. I deleted the app after taking the necessary screenshot. There is no true reason to not share your mobile number unless you are up to no good. Think twice before being sucked in by someone’s lies and make sure you are certain about their identity..Version: 15.24.0

WAS an amazing time waster and a good and strong cross platform appThen they disabled sideapps on iOS. Probably will have to find a workaround. Or stop using. Fun times! :) Who cares about chicks going on webcam, there are other apps for that.Version: 16.2.0

I'm Disappointed – Again.Video chat isn't working again... It was fixed for a little, then it happened again. Furthermore, now Kik doesn't show "Camera" under pictures that I've taken on Kik. Problem #1: I have been trying to start a video chat over and over, and it keeps saying "Failed to Join Video Chat" because of some "Problem Connecting to Network." Except my network is still perfectly fine. It's letting me send messages in a fraction of a second, so why does Kik suddenly say that my network connection is bad only when I want to start a video chat? The video chat feature was working perfectly fine yesterday, so why isn't it working now? Furthermore, why is it saying that there's something wrong with my own personal network? That's not right. Please fix this, because I'm positive that it's not my network that's acting up - it's the Kik app that's acting up. As for the while camera photo thing, this is brand new to me. I've never had this issue in the past, but ever since today's update, it's happening to me. I was reading up on the update history of Kik and it says this was fixed in the past, but guess what? It's happening again and it needs to be fixed again....Version: 11.30.0

We Don’t Want Ads!!Recently had an update for Kik that allows other companies to advertise whatever they want on here. Usually I’m okay with this in some form as long as I get to close out the ad and not have it in my face 24/7. Now I have exactly that.. a banner ad hanging over the top of my chat whenever I try to message someone. I think this would be less of a problem if it wasn’t blocking a part of my conversation, but I’m honestly considering leaving Kik for good if they don’t fix this. I completely understand that they need to make money, but there’s other ways to do that. They added the ability to customize your chat room themes. I don’t know why they didn’t just monetize this with a little micro-transaction system. I would have gladly thrown in a couple dollars to help support their app if they had chose this path. Instead, we are stuck with ads hovering over our conversations. Don’t settle for this! Let our voices be heard! Remove these ads or we walk away! Until they change this to some degree I will leave my review as a 1 Star.Version: 15.17.3

It SucksKik used to actually be decent but now it’s full of bots and ads. I’m also having issues creating public groups despite my account being more than 100 days old. I also hate how there’s so many sex bots on the app. This isn’t a dating/hook up site or anything. Kik has only just gotten worse. Something seriously needs to be done about this, the developers or whoever are just making this app so much worse. I miss having Kik where I could talk with friends and not have to worry about stupid bots, where I could create public groups and grow a community out of it. But now I can’t because of the stupid error message that shows up no matter how long I wait to create a public group. Something NEEDS to be done. Now..Version: 15.27.0

Why are there so much pornLike you go n type in a group for games to look for people but it just pop up girls girl wanting money or they just want nudes. But when you want to go n type in a game it just a bunch of naked girls,catfishes,bots, like please fix the bot problem. Do a better update where there isn’t no sexual content on the page or do something so it’s better for us to talk to long term friends. And why did you have to take off the live cam? Since it’s 2021 you should do that for people that can’t see there family from where they are. But that’s all I have to say.Version: 15.26.0

FrustratingCan be great, can be appalling. The number of times I am mid conversation and the “connecting” banner comes up. And stays up. Normally I would delete the app and start again but of course that means losing all the conversations. This problem was supposedly fixed three months ago but it only seems to have got worse. Other than that, it’s an ok messaging app so long as you aren’t sentimental and want to keep your messages..Version: 15.3.0

Utterly ruinedWell where do you start? This used to be a good platform but now it’s literally a bot-fest of fake accounts and lies. And the devs do NOTHING to address the issues. I have blocked over 200 accounts so far and there now seems to be a recurring theme with the same pictures and videos clips being used on multiple accounts. They are all bots, they all follow the exact same pattern and it doesn’t matter what you try and do to stop it because for every account you report and block two more appear in their place. The whole sorry mess is an utter shambles, can’t recall the last time I spoke to a real person on here. Utterly ruined and completely pointless now. Such a shame but if the people running Kik don’t care about what’s happening then why should I. I’m packing up and leaving the bot culture to chat with itself. Utterly pathetic and reporting accounts is beyond a joke. Is Liz Truss in charge of this onmishambles?.Version: 16.6.1

Fake accountsPlease please please….fix all the fake accounts. Daily there are chat requests from fake accounts sending the same pictures of females. Terrible that these pictures of them are being circulated of them..Version: 16.0.9

Get rid of the Live FeatureI’ve used this app for years and counting, I’ve seen it through its ups and downs. I’ve tolerated a majority of people migrating to Discord, seeing Kik almost go bankrupt and shut down, then get revived by a new foundation. I’ve seen the emergence of ads, which was a little jarring, but I tolerated it. The Kik Live feature was at first strange, but I was able to ignore it. Now, not only does the UI for the Kik Live feature take up almost half my screen, but it is now to the point where the app barely even loads because of it. I cannot even so much as connect to message anybody, and yet the live feature functions just fine. I’ve reset my phone, router, everything when this happens, and yet the issue will still repeat and last for hours on end. I’ve tolerated a lot of things about Kik, but the UI and basic functionality of Kik has passed the measures of awful, it’s closer to non-functioning. The Live feature needs to be tweaked or Nixed entirely, because it’s a horribly distracting UI for a feature I don’t care for, and it’s starting to make the messaging feature of the message app close to defunct by this point. I’ve defended this app for god knows what reason to the ends of the earth to keep groups intact on it, and the amount of negligence in maintaining a basic, functioning server to message on a messaging app is astounding. I seriously hope something is done about this soon..Version: 16.1.0

Needs To Restore Chat History & Stop Force Closing/CrashingI really like using the Kik app, including to get to stay in touch with friends. But I really don't like that it won't restore and/or bring back the chat history, including the recent chat history & any messages from chatting with my friends from before, whenever I log out & log in again, and I really don't want to have to keep asking my friends to show me their recent chat history to catch up from the last time I chatted/talked with if mine gets cleared off. Also, the app is now starting to keep force closing, including on when I'm trying to send a message to my friends and/or in the Kik groups that I'm a member on. I want to see them get the chat history restored whenever we log out and then log in, and also fix it to stop it force closing a lot while using the Kik app. I want to be able to retrieve all my previous chat histories, so I don't have to ask any of my friends the same thing again, and also needs to be fixed to make it stop force closing / crashing a lot, even when I'm typing a message and/or trying to send a new reply..Version: 11.35.0

Ads strategy needs to be re-evaluatedSince being bought out by Medialab, this app has become far worse (despite promised improvements). If ads are really necessary, they should have been added somewhere like the home screen, not in groups, which is absolutely intrusive. Something tells me Medialab are just trying to make a quick buck out of this app, rather than investing in it, until it dies a slow death. Now glitchier than ever, and no sign of working to prevent bots. Also, try and be more honest with the updates. The recent one was to include ads, not primarily for bug fixes and performance improvements. Definitely hope that either Medialab sorts Kik out or a better replacement comes along..Version: 15.17.3

Can't close ad (???)Just updated (03-09-2022,) app opened fast, full-screen ad appears & i can't close it or do anything. Now what do i do???.Version: 16.1.2

Kik ReveiwThe app in general is great it’s just that when I have a question in mind and I text the Kik team they answer with the most random things so one day I wanted to know how to change the background theme and I asked and it answered by saying Roses are red violets are blue and I’m not good at poetry as you can see that did not give me the answer I was looking for so that’s just one thing that could be improved on but other than that the app is amazing I love how you can face time and text and style it with your own designs and just make it how you want it to be..Version: 14.7.0

Used to be greatThis app used to be great, but recent addition of advert banners and videos before opening chats was a huge let down! Subsequently the addition of the live chat banner at the top of the Home Screen is terribly annoying… it is since these additions that app performance has really dropped, constantly running slow, taking ages “connecting”, freezing, crashing, messing up messages in group chats… oh and not to mention the massive app data size, once a few group chats have started and there’s days of messages and photos, the data size really accumulates! Overall disappointed with the recent changes which have spoilt a perfectly functional app. Additionally after the recent iPhone update, clicking on a photo which would precisely make it full screen, now causes the app to freeze… every time!.Version: 16.0.6

EwSo many perverts. Don’t download this crap.Version: 15.3.0

Good, but it has NO ACTUAL SUPPORTKik overall is pretty good. Me and my friends actually uses it almost everyday and we enjoy it. I really would give this app 5 stars; HOWEVER, I am giving it only 1 star because good luck trying to actually talk to an actual human whenever you need customer support. Especially if it’s something specific. I’ve been trying to get help regarding my kik bot for a while now and I’m about to just give up. Tried using the help center, YET it does not help. Tried asking my question in the center, I can’t do it. Tried viewing my support ticket, but I CANNOT login and yes i have an account for it. Tried emailing kik, all I get was freaking automatic replies that says the SAME THING: “We got your email, try looking into the help center” which again, DOES NOT WORK. I tried reaching out to kik on social media, but again that does not work. So I’m just like screw this and give this app 1 star. It’s good overall but I should be able to EASILY contact an actual human if i need extra support. You can’t have any sort of product, but not have good support for it..Version: 14.8.0

LaggyThe app has been very laggy since I updated to IOS 15.1. I can’t view videos or pics and when i do it the whole screen freezes.Version: 16.0.6

A Bygone EraKik used to be a great app for finding groups of likeminded people and hanging out shooting the… well having a good ol’ chinwag. Nowadays most rooms are filled with bots who seek your personal information, posing as attractive people they will dm you and some seem to be almost real. Kik seemingly has no interest in stemming the flow of these spam bots, possibly because they still make up numbers of users on the app and while there are still great rooms with vigilant admin keeping the bots at bay they are few and far between. All in all Kik is not what it once was but hopefully the developers will do something about these bots but I won’t hold my breath. That might be the biggest issue but it’s not the only issue. Kik will randomly open the App Store, gets all buggy if you try to switch between horizontal and vertical, using the in app camera or attempting to upload a picture from camera roll will force you into Kik live streams. It’s really in quite a terrible state..Version: 16.2.0

Good until the ads dismantle itThe app itself works great but the ads are to the point I can no longer be bothered and moved to another app. Ads bombard you and freeze on unless you open them . The close ads X does not work on any ad unless you hit it within a millisecond of the ad appearing , then it bombards you instantly with more ads that again you need to open or reboot your phone to get rid of them. Had lots of potential and started great. It becomes unusable quickly. Sad.Version: 16.0.6

Pedophile centralThis app has been in the past and continues to be filled with grown adults who prey on and groom children. That is all this app is. Please, be careful and think twice before downloading this app..Version: 16.1.2

Love it but..I love this app but there’s one bug after another. I currently can’t receive new chats. Nowhere to be seen. Last week I couldn’t get notifications on my phone. And before that it stopped connecting and crashed so bad I had to re install it. But then it wouldn’t let me login for two days. And when I did everything was gone..Version: 16.1.6

The worst appAlways freezing and takes so long to load anything.Version: 16.0.6

Bugs!!!Okay so I have 100+ contacts that have just appeared in my contact list. I don’t know ANY of these people and every time I delete all of them they keep just reappearing there. I have tried to sign out, close the app, uninstall the app etc. and nothing has kept them from being added back to my contacts. Not only is this extremely frustrating but it’s a threat to my privacy and the only thing the Kik team can offer is the help centre and and an automatically generated response saying they can’t help with enquiries. This needs to be fixed ASAP..Version: 15.0.0

Video App GoneI enjoy using kik but the video icon has dropped off. You can only send messages on here now, not sure why theyve changed the settings..Version: 15.16.0

Bugging outI’ve been using kik for a long time and never had a problem with it, but now it either doesn’t connect even on full wifi or data it continuously says connecting, then if it does connect no new messages show up then I have to keep trying, now it connects but doesn’t load messages then messages only show up on my lock screen after someone else sends a message then the earlier message pops up then the other messages pop up at random times, I’ve just been told my other friends are having problems like this too, please fix it..Version: 11.37.0

DisappointedI’ve sent an email to your help address on your website however immediately received a generated reply saying you’re not replying to “general enquiries at the time” but basically here are some links that have no information on how to *actually* help. Again, pretty disappointed. I’ll ask my question here since there’s really no other way - my option to video chat has completed disappeared. I’ve been able to video chat for quite a while and now it’s gone. I would have attached a photo showing the issues (which I did in the email) but alas cannot in a “review” - if someone could assist me with my issues, that would be great. Regards, someone who is about to delete the app for good..Version: 13.2.0

Remove the adsWas good until the ads.Version: 15.17.2

Video callWorks great but is there a video call feature still I can’t find it.Version: 15.17.3

PotentialThis app has the potential to be really good. However, as time goes by the app gets worse rather than better. I've used this app for years and I used to be a big fan of this app and would always be recommending it to others. Recently it's got to the point where I've considered deleting the app. I'm constantly bombarded with bots, old messages are now deleted to the point I now have no chat history, I get notified that people have messaged me when they have not (but shows very old messages instead). No way of backing up chat history and Video calling needs to be a bit simpler (e.g. how to make full screen etc)..Version: 15.3.0

Room reporting issueAs a user of Kik and a group owner, there have been several issues that have been affecting the enjoyment of your app. 1. Groups starting with numbers such as #30, #35, #40, #45 have been systematically removed from the public group search. When a group has been started, it will be in the search for a brief time before being removed. This has been very frustrating for many group owners, as we do not know what is causing the groups to be removed. Is it due to a Kik algorithm to shuffle groups? Is it because groups are being reported? 2. If a group is being reported, there should be tighter guidelines to follow in reporting. A group should not be reported at random by someone who was not a member of that specific group. The current choices for reporting a group are too vague. It is not enough to say that the group is offensive or used for abuse. The group chat history is included in each report, but does Kik support actually review each chat history to determine if the report is valid? Thank you.Version: 15.0.0

Really Kik?I’ve had Kik for a long time because it’s how me and an online friend keep in touch, and it’s been pretty good as an app for the most part. But now I get stupid video ads when I want to read my messages. Like I’ll go to open the chat and a 15 second ad plays. I get having banner ads and I can live with that but this is a messenger app and no other messenger apps that I’ve seen or have make you watch an ad video before you can open your chat. It’s just stupid. I’m going to look for an alternative because it’s ridiculous to have video ads before opening a chat- this isn’t a mobile game where you can go ads free either. And now the live streams are above my chat list, combined w the ad banner at the bottom, I can have less and less room for my chat list. It’s annoying and distracting and it’s ugly. I hate the layout even more after the most recent update sort it out !!! I have never engaged with livestreams on Kik and don’t want to but now they’re front and centre on my screen when all I wanna do is chat with my friend..Version: 16.0.6

Disappointed.Recently I seemed to loose the location to see kik accounts that were trying to start a conversation. As a result, I can’t check new PMs. I tried to find a way to communicate with the developer and the cite just sends you around in loops. I’d read lots of possible issues with kik but nothing seemed to be related. The only kik advices that was close, required a reboot. Then I lost every conversation, picture, vid of 2+ years, eland the icons of those more than the most recent 15 communications. Nothing now always me to recall the rare abusive kik individual or the info that made me realise we were incompatible. To loose everything and not resolve the issue that developed recently and have no way to communicate this has left me deeply saddened and frustrated..Version: 16.1.6

Chat?You can’t even chat on this, just got it and it keeps saying I’ve reached my limit for the day. Haven’t sent one message. Full of bots wanting you to “join them cause they are bored/horny” sending links asking for your email and credit card..Version: 16.0.8

Spam due to stream featuresI understand that this app has to make money somehow and that is why they’ve introduced the ads and stream features. The ads are fine, I can live with them but the streams have made me want to leave this app all together. Because of these streams, and ease of accidentally clicking into them I am now being bombarded with spam messages. I have been reporting these as they come in but it seems that Kik is not able to keep up with this volume. If this app were able to create a second tab just for streams that would help prevent any unnecessary clicking into the streams and further will prevent these spam bots from finding my username and sending inappropriate messages which I would be reporting back to kik anyways..Version: 16.1.0

Really buggyThe app is full of random little bugs. The current version has an issue with muting group chats (turning off notifications for a group chat) despite being turned to mute the notifications keep coming. So have to turn notifications off for the whole app in the phone settings. Also app support is useless if you email them you just get an automated email saying they can’t respond. Hope it’s fixed in next version and maybe up their service game..Version: 15.13.0

Good app that went downhillI have had and used Kik for many years and I don’t know what happened but this app is barely useable nowadays. There are 3 main issues but first let me state that for the last 2 years I had the iPhone 11 Pro Max. And I just got the 13 Pro Max. So these issues aren’t because of an old phone. 1: It’s so laggy! It freezes up all the time. While loading, while trying to type out a message. It just freezes. 2: With the new iPhone 13 Pro Max it will not notify me. At all. I never know if I have a message now unless I actually tap to open the app then it will refresh and be like “Oh! So n so messaged you about an hour ago.” - When I had my 11 Pro Max this only happened randomly. But with the 13 I have not once gotten a notification from Kik. 3: The ads make this almost unusable. I get that you need ads since this is a free app. However, the way you’ve put them in and load are making the experience difficult because of issue number 1 that I listed. The ad freezes and then you have to kill the app which you may or may not need to see another pop up ad. And some of them won’t even close even when you tap the X in the corner resulting in having to kill the app and restart it. I really hope this gets fixed soon because I really do love the app since I’ve used it for many years but I could seriously go to another app like discord and not have to deal with any of these issues. I’m trying to be loyal but it’s getting harder each day….Version: 16.0.6

UnhappyMy Kik app won’t let me see my new messages.Version: 16.1.6

Ads?!I’ve been using this app for years to talk to friends and have had my fair share of pros and cons. Regarding glitches I’ve always shrugged off the and had a laugh at. However, this sudden and massive ad wave has taken over the platform and I’m sick of it. For me in particular there’s fairly rude and sexual ads... all I’ve wanted from this platform is to chat calmly with my friends and now I have ads that you can’t escape from. It’s so frustrating and annoying to use this app now because of it, I find every day I’m trying to not use Kik just to get away from this ad-pocalypse. I can’t even talk to my friends without this ad staring me in the face over our conversation! I just hope you change this, because I and a lot of people can’t cope with this..Version: 15.17.3

DisgustingNothing works! constant “connecting” and I can’t send any messages, it’s not connecting! all messages marked with “S” and that’s all. This app is a brick. Also ads are so irritating, if you want to put ads put them only on the main page, not in each chat!.Version: 15.18.0

So laggy!Just returned to the app after a few years and it’s soooo laggy now! Take like 5 minutes to get my message from sent to delivered which is very frustrating!.Version: 16.1.0

Frozen AppI recently had to redownload my app and have found that it only works for a few seconds before freezing. When I first downloaded it this issue seemed to sort itself out and now it won’t. My phone has memory, the app is updated and my phone is fully updated. I have emailed kik help due to the fact that the help articles do not answer my question as to why this is happening since I have followed all the suggestions already. If this bug doesn’t get sorted I will have no choice but to stop using the app because it simply isn’t working..Version: 13.0.0

The app locks up since IOS 15 upgrade.Every time I try to click on a pic to expand it the app locks up and has to be restarted same thing for videos can hear them playing but can’t see them..Version: 16.0.6

“ Unrecoverable Error “I’ve been a user of kik for a total of 2 1/2 years and there’s no doubt that the app itself is a really cool way to communicate with others around the world ; digitally. Although recently , I’ve always had issues where I would be using the app continuously and as I were to exit the app and go onto different ones , sometimes a notification bubble would appear saying “ Unrecoverable Error “ which I fail to understand is about as it tells me that Kik is incapable of generating the previous chats I have and would order me to sign out and reset the app as a ways of allowing it to function better. In no way do I have anything against the app at all , there’s just a few minor issues here and there but overall—don’t let this concern stop you from trying it out. And maybe also the profile pictures when it comes to group chats that I join—sometimes as I change the picture for my user , it doesn’t generate into a chat that I previously join which causes some people to question why it’s the same and what not. Again—only minor issues with kik but overall , it’s a decent social interface that allows many people to communicate with one another globally which is something that I do give Kik credits for. All in all , it’s a great app. Just wish that they could possibly do something about the “Unrecoverable Error” notification on my kik..Version: 15.3.0

CameraJust wondering why the camera suddenly not an option for KIK? Its always been a good app until one day the video chatting option is gone. What happened? Kindly fix this..Version: 15.16.0

Need helpI love this app and I’ve make so many new friends from other countries but there’s a problem me and my friends are also getting, I am receiving notifications of my friends messaging me but when I open the app the message is not there and when I’ve asked my friends on this other app they said it’s happening to them aswell, I’ve created 4 new accounts because of this in hope it will work again, although yesterday I was having this problem but I created a new account and it was working perfectly fine but then today it starting doing the same thing so I created ANOTHER account in hope it will work again but this time it didn’t and it’s still not working now, please help me.Version: 15.0.0

App is slow, buggy, and it crashes too much.First off, i don’t get notifications for any on my chats even though i have them turned on. the ads slow down the app so much it’s unbelievable. kik constantly crashes on my phone to the point where i don’t even wanna use it anymore.. kik is nothing like it used to be. UPDATE- bruh it says i’m at max chats but i dont even have any open please fix this. yall added live but the chats don’t even work anymore. EDIT- as a new streamer, i’m struggling to keep a steady streaming schedule because of the lag i experience. my chat freezes, trying to make someone bouncer crashes my live, and i can’t even close my live without my live getting stuck.. i’ve done everything from clearing all my chats to deleting the app altogether but other than the bug related problems, the amount of racism me and my peers face on here is unbelievable. i don’t think theres a real banning system on here at all honestly. i have had over 30 fake accounts made of me with racial slurs threaten me relentlessly. they make accounts back to back no matter how many times i kick and block them. i’ve been sent videos of people getting lynched, shot, decapitated just for being a black woman on kik live. when will it stop? why can’t you IP ban these people? it’s been detrimental to my mental health and i can’t even enjoy streaming like i used to. fix this..Version: 16.0.6

All data lost!!Hubby & I have been using this app for a few years with no problems however, today for some reason it firstly, wouldn’t accept our password from my phone but did accept it from my husband’s phone. We reset the password & once we finally got into our account all of our previous conversations were gone! We started a new conversation with a friend & then once the phone was inactive for a period of time it logged us out & upon logging in again, all of the new conversation had disappeared also! I tried to get help through the “support” section of the app but was taken to an “Error screen”. Can someone help with this quickly please as it is majorly frustrating & I’m currently in the process of trying to find a similar app to use instead..Version: 15.25.1

Going downhill alreadySince being bought out by Medialab, this app has become completely advert driven; they are literally everywhere. No doubt the owners are trying to cash in and make some fast money. However, people are going to abandon the app in droves, which is exactly what I am doing this evening. I don’t mind seeing an advert, but they are so intrusive over my entire conversation window, there is literally no point using the app. They could have confined ads to the home screen, which is not an issue, but I will not use an app, which fills half my conversation window with flashing and distracting adverts. Goodbye Kik, you used to be awesome..Version: 15.17.3

“Live” has ruined this appI don’t care to chat with strangers live, especially when most of it goes directly against the terms and conditions as its basically porn, and the app now automatically picks a random person who is live and sticks it above the last conversation I had. The result is that I go into the app and click on a conversation I’m having, but as the app loads, it loads tons of live people along the top and then also some random live person. Thus instead of opening my personal conversation I clicked on, the live one often loads. Also the recent editions constantly pop up a blue screen to have me make sure I don’t lose my info, but when you click on it, it doesn’t offer an update, it instead takes you to settings. Using this app, I usually open it and close it twice to get past the b.s. auto-loaded content and just get to the conversations with people I know. It used to be great before live—I wish I could disable that..Version: 16.1.6

So much has changedUsed to use this app back in ehhh... 2015ish? It was on an old phone, I know that. I can’t remember exactly, but wasn’t there the ability to send gifs straight from your phone? That really needs to be a thing, if not! If so, please bring it back! I find it hard to share my quick animations with friends without it. Another thing: there’s a massive bug going on with the name/profile picture system. In one group the picture will be right, but the name is not. Many scenarios like that, except it corrects itself in private messages. Lastly, it would be nice to have a way to report dead groups. There are a few hashtags that I’d like to get my hands on, turns out the group is flat out dead, but I can’t do anything about it! It clogs up the search and is very frustrating to work around. However, for nostalgia sake, I seem to keep coming back to this app. That, and it’s one of the few that I find is the easiest to search for public groups..Version: 14.5.0

Kik a bad appThis was an excellent app then bits disappeared and ability to call and video chat. Its so basic and totally ridden with unwanted ads, have to wait 15 or so seconds while video ad plays b4 you can reply to chat. Now end oct 2021 cant expand picture to view and save if i try everything freezes and gave to double click phone to clear kik b4 can do anything. Its jus a basic chat app. Down load a video ha ha its got so bad. 23rd may 22 I only know if o get a message if i lift the phone and look for s chat badge. Notification no sound at all. Was ok a little quiet now no sound have go check to see if got a message. Tried to go thru kik what a wast of time..Version: 16.1.6

GlitchesThe app is pretty fun and I have been hooked but there’s been issues with quite a few things and not just with my account. When you upload a new profile pic, sometimes in other groups or with a person it still shows your old pic. When I zoom in on text that I’m I’ve been typing to fix a spelling mistake for example the magnifying glass zooms in to show a ghost picture. Meaning a picture that isn’t actually there and it’s the same picture that shows every time I zoom in on text that I have written, with anyone on kik. It’s very annoying. Sometimes a person will be typing a reply but the messages I’ve sent prior still display s or D but not r. Someone had trouble with their kik account and had their conversation deleted. Finally, the most frustrating one is when with certain people after a day, I cannot open their images or sometimes even my own. There’s lots of glitchy problems.Version: 14.3.0

PicturesWhen I click on pictures to expand app locks up! Very frustrating. This is an iPhone..Version: 16.0.6

Pros and cons for sureI’ve had this app for a bit now. On and off and through multiple accounts. It’s great in many ways, I’ve found many friends and had many laughs. The community overall is full of nice people. But lately it’s died down, sadly. There’s been an overrun of bots that kinda drove people away, and many of the bots- besides rage- just don’t work anymore. Now they’re pushing this new live thing that not many people even use. Sure, some do. But it’s really not that many. And the ads oh my goodness. It’s great. Has a good base and start and all, but slowly it kinda… fell apart. I hope it gets better soon. EDIT: Unable to make your own groups now because of the blacklist thing. I get it, but it’s annoying. I get that you use it to get rid of bots but it really messes with people. The info video basically tells you to either start a new account (and people have accounts for years and don’t wanna restart) or get a new device like. Seriously man? Stop this nonsense and work on it a different way rather than messing with good, creative people..Version: 16.1.0

Don't waste your time it doesn't workIt's just another app to talk to friends on, the function that allows you to chat with new people no longer works. Searched online for a solution and seems there's a huge problem and a lot of people experiencing the same thing. I emailed their "help and support" email on the app only to get a reply telling me to email a different address, I've lost my patience now they haven't sorted my account it still won't let me chat to new people. I tried my old account on my old phone and was getting the same thing so clearly it's an app issue. Like I say go check out Reddit tons of people have this problem. Stick to WhatsApp and Facebook I guess!.Version: 16.4.0

Keeps asking to track meI tell it not to track usually every day but it keeps asking and won’t take no for an answer Apple are you listening? Can you make Kik to stop hassling it’s users..Version: 15.29.4

MehIt’s ok. Lots of delay and network/connection issues.Version: 15.28.1

Love kikI’ve been a user of kik for several several years in particular kik public groups which I have been a part of since I discovered them 3years ago. Lately though there are so many changes that make it frustrating for the regular, long-term user. LIVE The addition of Live seems irrelevant and annoying. It has forced my kik to lag frequently and it’s cut down the actual viewable screen for kik chats. I would prefer the Live function to be an option you could remove if you’re not interested in it. OPENING PICS Also since my latest Apple upgrade I can no longer open pics/memes/vids to zoom or save. Also if I do forget and tap on a pic the whole Apo freezes and I have to close the app and reopen which is incredibly frustrating PUBLIC ROOMS This feature also seems affected by some block as it constantly comes up as an error message if I try to create a new public room. I’m not sure why so many features of kik are no longer running smoothly. It’s a previously great social media platform that’s spiralling downwards. I wish the issues were resolved as I want to continue using it..Version: 16.0.6

Profile picture disappearingI’ve been using kik for years. Not once have I had this issue before. For the past three days, I’ve had to reset my profile picture about 100 times. And every time it just goes back to the default picture in place when you don’t have one set. I’ll get a random message every now and again just asking me where my profile picture has gone. And when I check, sure enough it’s no longer there. It’s really quite frustrating as it’s had me kicked from multiple group chats for “not having a profile picture” Please fix the bug Kik Interactive. I know I’m not the only one with this problem.Version: 15.17.3

Don’t bother with this appI thought this app was nice at first. After using it a while it became clear that you cannot use it unless you verify your personal information to the owner and admins of chat rooms. In order to stay you are asked to submit your age, exact location and a live picture or you will be removed from the group. I reviewed Kiks community standards and even wrote regarding this issue. I received a response that this is not condoned by Kik and that it would be investigated but it still goes on to this day. I do not feel that this is something that Kik should allow to happen. I feel as if the group owners/ admin are being predatory picture collectors gathering whatever information they can about you. I understand the need for safety but when I am asked to provide this information to admin that do not provide their own information then there is a problem. I do not have a problem with the app itself and think Kik has done a good job with it. I do however think that the way people are misusing it is discouraging. I would not recommend friends to use Kik unless they are comfortable with sharing so much personal information to individuals whom you have no idea who they are..Version: 15.3.0

Battery killer / Delete ChatsKik needs to be sorted out as it drains the life from every phone it’s connected too. If I log off kik and use my phone as normal throughout the day I can go home with around 85% battery life and by the nd if the day still in the high 70’s, if I’m logged on kik and doing the same I’m lucky if a full charge lasts half a day. Sort it out kik. Also you need to fix the way you can delete chats, example when in a chat if you hold your finger on something you or someone else posted you can choose options to delete or report and if you choose delete it only deletes said line, this should be changed so you could choose multiple lines a delete all together rather than one line at a time. Sort out the app kik.Version: 13.0.0

Extremely slow and laggyI’m using an iPhone XS and this app is crazy slow. I’ve never used an iOS app that is this bad. Please fix it..Version: 15.28.0

I used to use the app a lot..I’ve been on the app a long time. I’ve been on PRE video chat and ect. I never had so many problems until the more recent updates. Such as when they removed video chat and pretty much replaced it with ads. If you want more people on the app, remove the ads. They’re getting annoying. Make the video chat come back, maybe even a voice chat setting. There are also a few other things I would suggest. Like making the app strictly for 18+. There are a lot of minors being taken advantage of in these 15-35 group chats, ect. It’s disgusting and quite frankly the app pushed me away to Discord and other apps that do the same thing but better. The app needs to either give up the little string they have holding on or try to revamp the app. I’m done with the lagging out and the app force closing itself out. Chats crash your phone and don’t ask about seeing updated profile pics or names. You’re asking too much. Smh..Version: 15.26.0

How do I retrieve my new messages?I have used this app for over four years, then something changed, it said I had new messages but I could not see them, what’s happening with that?.Version: 16.1.6

Please fixI’ve been using Kik for five years now and never has it been as buggy as it currently is. Everyone I know with Kik on an iPhone can’t send messages, can’t receive messages, and it keeps saying ‘Connecting’ and does this for at least a minute and even then, it still won’t load messages we were supposed to have received (I know I have them because I get the notifications for them same as usual). I love this app but if this keeps going on I’m going to have to find a new one because this isn’t practical. Happy New Year. I hope we can leave bugs back in 2017..Version: 11.37.0

Great but lacking a few good featuresKik has fast become my number one messaging app but it loses 2 stars for me over its lack of basic features that other messaging apps have as standard. It would be great to see whether a user was online whilst you have their chat open, a basic in whatsapp and others. Another key feature is the read time stamp, allowing users to see what time the message was read. Other than that great and add these features for a sure fire 5 stars!.Version: 12.1.0

Worst appFull of catfish, pretty useless, way over rated and waste of data. Groups are boring, if there’s any good ones they’re full (probably mostly with catfish too though).Version: 12.1.0

Beware - Safety and support centres are uncontactableThis company does not respond to either of its safety and support email addresses - you just get an auto reply directing you to the web page. Seems pretty dodgy..Version: 15.15.0

Video toggle goneI have used this app successfully for about 6 months now and use the video function most days to talk to my friend in another country. However, today, the video toggle had completely disappeared and I can no longer use it. I have tried force quitting and restarting the app, restarting my phone, changing from Wifi to data, even uninstalling and reinstalling the app and still no luck. My app and OS are both up to date and kik now offers no support if there are any issues like this. I will be moving back to other apps if this can't be fixed..Version: 13.0.0

Abusive groupsI love Kik I get to join groups and roleplay. I can make new friends. But it also has rude people and mean people who bully you. There ran us I've and offensive and Kik doesn't disband the group immediately after being reported more than once. I'm not even sure if they di remove reported groups. And because if it Kik is not good. People are relying groups for a reason. O want groups that are being reported to be disbanded immediately. This app seems to be a place for people to gang up and drive people to suicide. This app should be taken down especially if it can't remove people or groups that's are causing problems for people to have fun. I've seem some very very toxic people and groups..Version: 15.25.1

AnnoyingFix the stickers please.Version: 12.1.0

ToxicI feel like kik has given us way too much power with the ridiculous “48 hour ban” and the “24hr rule” it’s really a pain and most people receive this for no valid reasoning behind it. Everyone usually abuses their powers and will simply ban you for doing something little such as “Private messaging without permission” there’s no such thing as that, it’s just salty people you don’t like to be privately messaged on a CHATTING APP. There is no good reason to why I have to wait 48 hours just to use this freaking app over slightly offending a special snowflake online. Please change this 24 hour waiting issue and the abuse of the 48 hour ban. It’s just not fair..Version: 15.15.0

Why are there so many bugs?Troubleshooting with the app has completely crashed for me an my friend almost, and it’s become very annoying. Our messages will get stuck on Sent and it’s a gamble if they will arrive or not to the chat, and half of the messages never display Delivered and that’s also a gamble for if they actually arrived or not. We’ll get notification sounds for new messages and once we open that chat that we guessed it “arrived” in, it’s not there most of the time and we have to send the message again. I’ve tried doing what the help articles for Connection troubleshooting and Red Recipients along with the Notifications article which are all the same thing, but they’ve done literally nothing. The only noticeable difference was at the beginning whenever one of my messages displayed Delivered, but it never happened again and it appeared to only have worked for the first two minutes. I’ve had to redownload the app as well, which didn’t work in the slightest either. I can’t keep turning my phone on and off every two minutes in the hopes that my messages will actually reach my friends. Please make an effort into fixing this..Version: 11.37.0

Used to good, not so sure now...After over 5 years using Kik I had no real gripes with it whatsoever, even when the video calling function disappeared and the ads came rolling in I was still happy to use it. But this week, out of nowhere, off the back of a presumed update, I can no longer access the app, let alone my account and it seems there is no way of contacting customer support/ the developers to rectify this significant problem. I’m aware it’s a free app but it’s still a pretty shoddy way to end my user time with it. I’m now in the dark about whether I’ll be able to contact any of the other users I built connections with ever again. Disappointed tbqh.Version: 16.1.2

New developers are horribleKik used to be a great messenger system ever since it was sold to a new developer it’s gone way down hill. Connection problems constantly where messages won’t send or deliver. They are trying to make it more a social media site. If you don’t let it load fully and (about 30 seconds) and you hit in the incoming message that is where they have their live streaming going on. That opens you to a random live streamer and then shortly after your getting a message to someone’s adult site. The adds are a pain but you get used to them. It also used to have a voice calling option they got rid of. It’s become an increasingly frustrating app. They don’t post anything on social media to find out the app is down or updates. They don’t care about the user just the money it might generate for them. Could be a great app if they’d only listen to the users and it would attract more users = more money..Version: 16.1.0

Why addsHonestly I’ve been using kik since it’s released date I’ve been through it all supporting kik and using it as my main source of messaging and connecting with other people and friends but I simply cannot understand why in the world do you need adds it now feels like a last ditch to support the app for longer and it feels like you guys have given up on the app a lot of people have come to love please guys change it back to how it use to be with no adds the app is much better without them and people will start leaving if it’s not changed I remember a time that we were able to play games in the app itself and a time were it was fun to use this app but the adds simply just kill the app entirely and is just not a good thing for the longevity of the app please I strongly suggest that this add be removed you guys can implement so many great things in that app that can get more people to get the app and communicate with others in the app itself please I really don’t want this app to just die overtime I hope you guys evaluate my review and make the needed changes.Version: 15.17.2

Ruined by ads and botsKik was my go-to chatting app for years but lately I can’t be bothered. The ads are really obnoxious and I don’t know where all of the bots came from but in the past few months I receive several chat invitations from “women” each week. Telegram and Signal both provide the experience that Kik used to. Bye..Version: 16.1.0

App is falling apartThe app used to be very versatile and active but with the shutting down rumor many groups have members that no longer use the app even owners. Is there a plan for an an update to make it so users can take a group back if the owner is no longer around? Like after a certain time period the most active member in the group is promoted to owner if the owner has been gone and no admins are available to inherit the ownership. Also with the ban cap. Many people tire of having to manually remove bans so that they can ban toxic members. Could we get an update where when a new member is banned after the cap. The longest ban would be lifted as the banned member most likely won’t be back after that time. We also would like a feature to hand over ownership without having to leave a group. Some people just want to pass on that torch and be another member for a while. Oh. And groups would automatically be deleted if all members exceed 3 months of inactivity? One last one. I highly recommend that the role play bot come back with a block feature that’s accessible. Even if the bot was misused. It was an excellent opportunity for role players to share their ideas and connect with people that had the same style. I loved the format personally of the old bot. Even just bringing that back would make my day..Version: 15.16.0

A Warning to all young girls... it’s not worth it.This app absolutely ruined my life, or at least it felt like it. I spent a huge portion of my childhood on this app, age 11 to 18, and it was traumatizing. I was repeatedly groomed and continued to return because the attention was so addicting. I was exploited sexually and manipulated every day of my life. I was attached to my predators... It took my boyfriend finding my accounts in 2020 for me to finally stop, even at my adult age. It was nearly my entire life; I was obsessed with it. I have countless friends that experienced the same thing. This app is a danger to young girls and the youth in general. The amount of child porn on here is probably ridiculous, and I know my pictures are out there somewhere. Please do not let your children on here — explain to them the dangers, block it, whatever you need: it was not worth all of the issues it caused in my personal life and my mental health. I am now several months clean from this app and just permanently deactivated my accounts. Please reconsider before downloading..Version: 15.28.1

Can’t log in or create new accountHi. I had connection issue with my account today so I deleted the app and tried to log in again. I kept getting a message saying it is taking too long try again a bit later. I then tried to create a new account and keep getting an error message saying network is not available make sure your device has an active connection and try again. Can you please assist ASAP as I need to get into my account and make contact with my friends. My son and partner also tried to create accounts and received the same error message about no connection make sure your device has an active connection and try again. There is nothing wrong with our connection as we are able to access Snapchat, instagram, etc. your urgent assistance would be greatly appreciated. Can anyone please help..Version: 15.3.0

Kik Keeps DisconnectingFor me the app has been having trouble connecting at all, I can barely get it to work most days! Really hope they update it soon....Version: 11.37.0

Be awareSince downloading this app, i constantly get messages that it is accessing content pasted from the clipboard. Which means it reads data from your device without you knowing about it, or can get sensitive information. *****USERS BEWARE ******.Version: 16.0.7

Too many ads!There is an unnecessary amount of ads that happen here… I usually have to wait to watch 2-3 ads just to read one message. It’s incredibly distracting and frustrating to not use the app for what I intend on using it for. If I could give it 0 stars I would do that..Version: 16.0.6

So glitchySince the update introducing the ads and taking away our video option, this app has been nothing but glitchy. It either won’t loads, loses messages and conversations, freezes or slows your keyboard to a stop or just comes up with an empty screen. I have gone from being Kik’s biggest fan to having to swear a lot while restarting my phone for the 20,000th time during one conversation. If you are going to inundate is with advertisements, and it makes the app so glitchy, you won’t have many users for long. There are plenty of other options that are easier and ad free..Version: 15.17.3

Multiple unsolicited nudes sent weeklyWhen this app works, I love it, but over all of the spam messages trying to get me to sign up to your live link. The photos the “women” send are inappropriate and I’m the wrong target market. All the blonde bots with different names but the same nude photo. Kik I don’t want to see this so just stop. Have a friend that’s pretty disgusted her underage son and daughter get the same messages and nude pictures. She’s now banned her kids from kik - imagine how happy that household is right now……...Version: 16.3.0

Not deliveringReally loving the app until a few days ago when it stopped delivering messages..Version: 15.25.1

Annoying.Don’t get me wrong, Kik is a great app and amazing to chat with your friends, but recently I’ve been experiencing the same problem over and over again. The problem is: I’m getting notifications from half an hour ago when I’ve already read the message, some messages say sent and others say delivered, and as well as that, my messages are being sent late (over 5 minutes later) and I’m having trouble talking to my friends because of it..Version: 11.37.0

It used to be good until...........I lost ALL my messages and when I asked support I received standard replies back: At this time we are unable to respond to your message 😡😡😡.Version: 11.33.0

Barely gave it two stars…..I’m a relatively new Kik user on an IPad Pro. The app crashes constantly and I have to delete the app and reinstall in order to get back in. I wouldn’t be using it but I have several friends that use it. When I try to log back in after not using it for a day or so, it continually says my login credentials are incorrect. I delete the app, reinstall, and log in with the same credentials, and it works. Then there is Zoosk! The ad pops up and I’m unable to close it. There is no way to close the app either, just freezes up. Again, have to delete the app, reinstall, and log back in. Having previously worked for a software company, this crap is the result of trying to roll out app upgrades without doing enough, if any, end user testing. Typically this means the company is in trouble and trying to stay in the market after not updating their platform for many years. This is a piece of junk, sorry..Version: 16.1.0

New messages function is brokenI’ve had the app for about 2 years. In the past it’s been alright… lots of message loading issues and general glitches. Plus I have never been able to receive push notifications, even though I’ve done the troubleshooting and done everything recommended to turn on push notifications. They just don’t work. Which is annoying. Now the new message function is broken, which is just as frustrating as it sounds. I’m getting new message requests from friends and I’m 100% unable to view or access them. So I essentially can’t chat with those friends at all and their messages are just hanging in cyber limbo. I contacted customer support and they said they’re aware of the issue and that there is no fix for it, but that they’re working on it. It’s been broken for about a week now. You would think that an app pretty much dedicated to chatting with people would be more concerned about the fact that… people are currently unable to chat with each other. From what I’ve read, all iOS users are experiencing this. This is a huge glitch for what is probably over half of their user base. What’s the point of the app if I can’t talk to my friends? Kik developers need to get their act together and fix it before people just ditch for Snapchat entirely..Version: 16.1.6

Great chatting appI’ve been a user for years and I would love to give it 5 stars but lately it’s become very buggy. My “new chats” have disappeared off the app completely so I can’t add any new friends :( The live section is so spammy. I don’t even mind the ads but it’s just slowed the whole app down so much. Messages get stuck on “Sent” and the app gets stuck “connecting”. So sad as I use the app everyday!.Version: 16.1.6

Too many bugsSo many bugs always not receiving messages, write to the help team but it's very complicated and never get a response......Version: 16.1.8

What's happening?I've used kik for a long time. I love the app but recently I haven't been wanting to use it. It's been having some many problems. I am using the app on a 5th gen iPod but this should affect the way the app works. Problems: 1. When I'm not using the app. It's doesn't refresh in background so when I open it, i have to let it sit for like 20 mins to refresh. When before the problems, I could open the app and use it straight away and the new message would already be there 2. The closes on me all the time. It is very frustrating when in the middle of typing a message or reading messages. 3. Can't find friends as easy.Version: 12.1.0

What has happened to the original kik?Kik was the best communication app but not anymore. I have used this app since 2014 and have never had the problems I’m getting now. The app is constantly freezing and only works for a short time when I am not connected to the internet. I have had several messages from “call girls” wanting to show me a good time! I find this app is demeaning and frustrating. I doubt if anything will be done to improve this situation as the people who run this app need to get profits from somewhere. The adverts are annoying but can put up with them. It’s the messages from the “call girls” that is degrading..Version: 16.1.0

Always lagging, needs fixingI have noticed Kik app to be lagging many times now. The time stamp is not accurate. Some messages do not get delivered and only stay as “sent” although internet connection is ok. Notifications are also very slow and only show up when the app is opened. Please fix these..Version: 15.3.0

Stopped workingHave been running with kik for some time then suddenly a couple of months ago it suddenly stopped working. Have tried everything to fix but to no avail 😢.Version: 16.0.6

Service sucksCut out to of.Version: 16.1.0

Seriously disappointedEmailed your support email about login and connection issues only to get an automatic reply saying you don’t answer them. Why even bother to have a support email address then? I’ve used this app for nearly ten years and this is the first issue I’ve had - but the lack of help is really disappointing.Version: 15.22.1

HelpMy phones up to date the app just keeps shutting itself and crashing.Version: 16.0.6

BruhKik is a great app,really good besides some minor glitches but that’s alright. But my problem is that there’s way to many rude people on there and can’t even sometimes have a decent chat..Version: 15.18.0

Help pleaseI have been using this app for many years but today it wasn’t loading and I logged out to try log back in but now it won’t let me log back in it keeps saying login failed this is taking longer then it should please try again in a bit I have been trying on and off for over 6 hours and still nothing. I have deleted the app and re installed its not an internet thing as I have use of all other apps.. please someone fix this asap.Version: 16.1.6

Permanently crashes if you delete & returnUsed it on and off for a few years. I deleted it for a while without leaving 2 groups… big mistake. Now it’s trying to retrieve nearly 7 months of messages from those prolific groups and can’t. App becomes completely frozen trying and shuts down. Only way around it is to create bed log in and lose my contacts. Crappy..Version: 16.1.0

Ruined!The latest update has advertisements for prostitution. The app now has annoying bots interrupting group chats,asking if others are “looking for a good time “ The new owners have trashed what was a great app.Version: 15.22.1

Old version was betterDon’t like the fact that the call function has been taken away. And why this adverts???.Version: 15.17.3

Worst app on the storeWorst app ever, full of bugs, crashes all the time. People can’t see what you’re messaging and utterly hopeless..Version: 16.0.6

So yeahSo if you have time to look at my review thank you so much this is going to probably be very long so I hope you read all the way through it so the app works just fine I mean if you get it with a friend you guys contacts and that’s OK but they are very inappropriate group chats on this app so if you’re not looking for any of that type of content you might actually by accident stumble in there I may start to be intrigued by it which can be very bad as much as it is your own action if you do decide to win groups it can be very harmful like severely because I myself started going in groups just to make friends and I found myself digging a deeper hole then I will wanted and I just went onto some wrong groups and then I just continued going on these chats and always going on them and it just really got me not to a good place . I’m so glad that Jesus saved me and now I don’t go on this app but I just wanted to let you know just in case anyways thank you for reading this review🥰😊😇❤️🙂 Jesus Christ loves you the Holy Spirit is amazing and God is good🙃.Version: 16.0.6

BadNow full of ads that don't work and get in the way. The ads also cause my phone to get hot and eat up so much data. Terrible..Version: 15.18.0

Why?!Have been using this app forever, and now they’ve included ads in it. I don’t care at all for the ads. Also, if you change devices, you lose your message history. I emailed them about this months ago and received NO response. I need to update my phone, but if I open Kik on another device, I will lose the conversations I had with my friend who sadly passed away this summer....Version: 15.17.3

SucksCan’t sign up at all.Version: 16.0.7

Get rid of the bots & fix the bugs!This app was fantastic a few short years ago but now it constantly crashes, causing me to have to log back in again — each time this happens I lose all my chat history which is a real pain. Also there are so many bots that constantly come into public groups which really makes for a frustrating experience. These issues have been ongoing for a while now and I wish Kik would resolve them so the app can be restored to its former glory..Version: 15.24.0

Poo that you have started allowing advertsIn one of the last updates to Kik you have allowed an interface with google advertising , no matter what settings you change on your iPhone or in Kik you still see the adverts , the advert banners are irritating and take up most of the chat screen. You need to ad the ability to have the adverts on or off depends on personal preference , further to this the adverts must breach GDPR rules as they are related to your search history even when this function is disable in you browsers . Really thinking of leaving Kik because of the adverts as it spoilt what has been a really good service upto now.Version: 15.18.0

CrashesIv had kik for over 2-3 years between the notifications not working to not getting new chats or even the app crashing it’s become more an more difficult to get anywhere with this app let alone the bots plus all this live streaming now. What’s the point at first it was calling then video calls now live we don’t need this what we want is new chat requests being fixed notifications being fixed an all the other bugs being fixed yet we don’t get it not sure if it will ever be fixed.Version: 16.1.8

Going downhillThis app has steadily gone downhill since being taken over by American corporate interests. When Kik was a Canadian service, it was useful, ad-free, and felt secure. Now it’s full of ads, a ridiculous live feature, and never-ending spam messages — that is when it works at all..Version: 16.2.0

Going way downhillI previously gave this app a 4 star rating. The actual “chat” feature works most of the time, but more on that later. I’ve had kik for over 7 years, and I saw it improve, and now it’s going downhill. I loved the video chat feature, then they got rid of it. I loved the custom emoji shop and kik points feature. They got rid of that. I loved the many game bots. Most of the good ones are gone. In the past year or so, they’ve added ads, which I noticed made the app slower and crash more. Also, pop up ads (usually for dating apps) come up when you open chats, and you’re constantly asked to personalize ads. Now, you can’t type while the app is still connecting to the internet/data. Half the time you can’t even go out/into different chats while it’s loading, either. This all started about a month or two before the whole “kik is leaving” thing, which is why I believed it. The app has been going downhill for a while. Beyond that, they’ve added some live video feature that contains a lot of sexualized content, some of which appears to be from minors based on the previews it gives in a banner at the top of the screen that no one can choose to remove. As it stands, I cannot recommend someone new download and use kik. For now, I say just use discord or some other chat app..Version: 16.0.6

App super laggy and slowSince iOS 13 kik has become painfully slow, jittery and laggy. It clearly is unable to access sufficient system memory (not storage memory) to run properly. And it’s so bad that other apps stop running properly while kik is open. The only solution is the send/read a message and close the app off and then reopen at each reply. Clearly not a terribly stable or usable platform. Why is it that other messaging apps with large message caches run super smoothly but more than a few photos in message threads will brick kik completely? Hard system reboots don’t solve the problem so it’s clearly an issue with the kik app and how it uses system resources..Version: 15.18.0

TerribleApp won’t connect to my wifi, absolutely terrible. It lags when it does and crashes all the time..Version: 16.0.6

Wouldn't recommend downloading thisI've been using this for about a year and a half because I needed it for business, some clients were on it. It does work, but there are some very annoying things about it that you should know. The biggest dealbreaker is when you send graphics, it only keep them for certain amount of time in the message, then it's gone, forget about it. The fact when you log out there's no message history when you login, I find that horrible. And the last very annoying thing is I travel, and I access Wi-Fi, or through LTE. I would say it logs me out twice a month and makes you authenticate. All conversations and history at that point is gone, lost. You should see the process involved to re-authenticate, it's so incredibly time-consuming and amateurish, that you can't believe what you're seeing, with these tiny little dinosaur animals. There is potential here, but I don't know if anyone serious about the thing anymore, would like to see you develop more. At the moment I would not recommend it to anyone..Version: 11.37.0

MehThis used to be a great app but now it’s full of ads. Takes away from the chatting experience..Version: 15.18.0

No fixes, bugs or otherwiseEvery update just makes the issues worse. I was getting notifications some of the time but now since I did the most recent one…none, nada, zilch, nothin. I don’t know for sure when it started getting so bad. Either when they added that ridiculous Live feature or started running ads again. Doesn’t matter the cause, they just never fix the problems, then create more the next time & have a severely awful contact feature (that’s on the web, not the app). In the last 6 months or so I’ve also had issues where my messages are sent to the Server but just dangle out there for any length of time & might get Delivered eventually. MIGHT! This happens randomly & frequently. I’ve waited overnight for a message to be Delivered &, well, then it’s pretty useless. If the basics of delivering messages & sending notifications isn’t fixed ASAP I’ll just go w/out the app. Yes, developers, I’ve read all of your helpless FAQ & such & went through the steps provided fixing none of the issues. Even deleted & downloaded the app again, which, obviously, fixed nothing..Version: 16.1.0

To many adsThis app was great to start with and I have used it for a long long time but coming back to it I’m now getting ads in every conversation I have. Looks like another app that’s gone the way of profit over user and I’m done with it.Version: 15.22.1

Update Nov 24th 2019I’ve used Kik for over two years now. Yes, the video chat option is now gone yet that hasn’t improved performance. Kik fails to get new message alerts to my locked screen. Even while in the app there are issues. I will get the alert sound or vibration if my phone is silenced that I have a new message yet nothing shows up in the chat I’m in and when I go back to my list of current chats there isn’t a new message there either. I have to leave Kik, close the app entirely and restart it to get the new message to show up. This delay is even noticeable when the alert that someone is typing goes up on the top of the screen yet the messages you just sent them stay on D for delivered instead of changing to R for read even after you receive a new message in the same chat! I’ve restarted my iPhone several times with no improvement in the app’s performance. There are now ads on every screen in the app so maybe so much priority is being given to their refresh rate that only the barest crumbs of the app’s ability are left for my messaging functions. I’m actively seeking a replacement platform which saddens me as I was so excited to hear that Kik would be staying..Version: 15.17.3

So hit and missThis app will often have days where it stays on ‘Connecting’ for hours and is unusable. Internet connection either via broadband wifi or cellular has been testing and fine so this is not the issue. Currently I cannot open an image or video. If I try the app crashes and needs to be restarted. Have deleted and reinstalled a number of times with no change. I have plenty of storage space and a stable connection. Ironically if I load the app on my iPad it works fine. But the app continues to crash on my iPhone 11 Pro. Super, super frustrating. I believe this has been ongoing since the addition of all the live steam stuff and the full screen ads which I so wish I could remove. Aside from this the app is ok..Version: 16.0.6

HORRIBLEAwful app, full of ads these days and often doesn’t refresh/pick up messages that you’ve received. I’ve deleted it..Version: 16.0.6

Fantastic but could use some workIve had my kik account for over 6 and a half years. I remember a time when everything worked and it was fantastic, and it still is but its not the same anymore. as far as issues currently in the app there are times when kik triggers a notification even though none of my unmuted chats had a message, and most of all there are times where kik simply doesn’t update chats, it will act as if there has been no update to a chat since say 7:33 pm the day before when that specific chat has a reliable history of being active, especially in the in the hours since and its not just that chat, it does the same thing for all my chats. Closing the app entirely and even shutting off my phone doesn’t fix it and theres been more numerous occasions where i had to actually delete the app and redownload it and doing so resets all the chat history. Ive had a lot of good times and the app still seems to be going strong despite same sizable hiccups in the past but these current issues have ended up pushing me away towards discord and frankly, the format and mechanics kik has for joining new chats is incredible streamlined and is one of the main reasons i stay. I really hope the dev team can manage to fix these issues, id hate to see such a fantastic app go down the drain.Version: 15.25.1

Kik please fix the bugsTeam I have been part of this app for a long time now . But since the release of kik live I have spotted more problems then I can comment on . . I don’t know what type of . IT people you have working for you. But a large shake up needs to happen . And some good old fashioned dedication needs to happen so that people are not getting kick from chats and app crashing stops may friend of mine can not access my chat as it looks like thy have been blocked . Please address ASAP Team ..Version: 16.4.1

Best app to cheat onCaught my girlfriend... sorry I mean ex girlfriend now, cheating on here 2 times. Found her profile and her profile picture... ugh kill me now. Anyways if your looking for an app to cheat on your spouse with, this is definitely too 5, just ask my ex!.Version: 15.28.0

👎🏻The video options need to come back, should be able to delete unread conversations, after blocking, the conversations should disappear. Kik needs an upgrade.Version: 15.18.0

Stop all the spam messagesReceiving a lot of messages from unknown accounts offering sex and illicit pictures.Version: 16.1.5

Kik does not work with the new iOS14 or higherHi I have been a member of KIK for over 8 years. Never ever had a complaint about it. However i have recently updated my phone and I went to go on KIK to find out that all my messages were wiped, all my friends, even my profile does not appear. I can not access the app now which is disappointing as I can not communicate with friends. Can you please look further into this. It would be a shame for all those users to lose their accounts and messages due to not having an updated version of the app..Version: 15.24.0

Can’t login as it keeps crashingI have no idea why kik haven’t replied to any of the comments about crashing as soon as the opening main screen loads up. Not a problem with my phone or internet connection or anything because it closes down Meer seconds after the login screen before I can even start typing. I’ve noticed a lot of people have the same issue as myself but kik messenger or anybody that works for them have never replied back to any messages involving this issue. The issue is due to the app and nothing to do with the phones using the app. Maybe it’ll be fixed soon or maybe it won’t be fixed but one thing I do know is that nobody cares about the problem but everybody does care about the fact that you don’t seem to be interested in letting people know that you are looking into the problem and that will definitely make people leave kik in their droves.Version: 16.5.0

Used to be good but now unusableHaving lots of issues, first issue is receiving messages but when I go on the app it will have "connecting" and not display the message for an incredibly long periods of time (been over 10mins) even if I turn off my iPod touch on and off. And turning off and on the wifi doesn't work and uninstalling and reinstalling the app doesn't work either. And now when I send messages half of them stay on "s" despite the person receiving the message opening and reading it. I've been using this app for over a year and the last few updates have made this app worse and worse each time. Clearly the developers don't care about the quality of their app anymore..Version: 11.37.0

Kik is brokenThis has been broken since ios15, when you click on a picture or video to enlarge it it freezes the app and you have to force close it.Version: 16.0.6

Rubbish since ios15This used to be good. Then came ios15 and it fell apart. Now all I get is adds adds adds. You can’t full screen a picture it just locks app and has to be forced closed. There is no way of contacting the developers to tell them about all this. The only way is to leave them a review, which as the app is bad the review is bad. Ease off on the adds guys oh and also stop asking me if I want to add my contacts. No I don’t and once should be enough why ask me every day or every time I log In ?? The app is going down bill for me. Every time they add a new feature that isn’t a feature. It’s a way to het more adverts in...Version: 16.0.6

Advertisements??I've been using KiK since 2013. And that whole time it's been my go to app to talk with online friends. But, now with these ads popping up, it's highly distracting and takes away the need to keep the app. Are you guys gonna fix this? Maybe make an option to pay to remove the ads? Or something? I still enjoy this app, but I'll refrain from using it if there's annoying, unremovable ads..Version: 15.17.2

Improvement on the Emoji SelectionI have little to no issue with this app, it works for everything I need it to and has a beautiful display, along with that nothing is confusing/ it’s very easy to use. Despite enjoying Kiks transparency I do see a problem with the current “Emoji Status” options. From the millions of Apple emojis I have access to we are allowed to pick a very stereotypical selection. In this review I hope to raise awareness for us girls out there that feel boxed in by the superiority of males Kiks current Emoji selection seems to curtail. Supporting my argument, if you scroll all the way down the list you’ll find some sports related emojis, there are no “female” sports emojis able to be selected; no volleyball, no softball, etc. Emojis are meant to be gender neutral and up to this point I believe we have achieved this. I’d like to clarify that I’m not angry with this, only slightly upset. I see this issue having a very easy fix, just give us customers a wider variety of emojis to display themselves. Thanks for reading :).Version: 11.37.0

Kik in two words. Zero Privacy.State your privacy policy on the App Store and I will rate 5 stars. From Kik’s wiki (2021), “Kik is known for its features preserving users' anonymity, such as allowing users to register without the need to provide a telephone number or valid email address. However, the application does not employ end-to-end encryption,[6] and the company also logs user IP addresses, which could be used to determine the user's ISP and approximate location.” Whatsapp is at least safer for the end user. Always stay behind a VPN using this unless you want to actively become a potential victim to stalking..Version: 15.25.1

Slow as all hellIv used kik many time you guys need to fix what ever the hell is wrong with your app it’s never been this slow it says connecting and it’s connected but non of my friends messages come up right away it’s so delayed I have no idea when they are replying back and if it was right then and there or hours before and or hours after you need to fix the lag bcuz I ain’t liking this app and thinking of changing to a new app. To the review below me what they said is what’s exactly happening to mine. Definitely not happy..Version: 11.37.0

My thoughts about kikHave used kik for a long time and was unhappy when we thought that we were loosing it. Happily though it survived but not without some annoying changes and I talk about the adds. Some of them start playing without notice and the only way to stop some of them is to shut off my phone and re start. So with this being an annoyance I now tell friends to move to WhatsApp which many have done and you will loose many more am sure. I am only here because a couple of my chat friends refuse to move as they don’t like their mobile number being displayed..Version: 16.3.1

BrokenApp just closes itself after opening, worked fine just days ago.Version: 16.1.2

Laggy, Ad-ridden, keeps asking to trackSince Kik’s failed pivot, then pivot BACK to advertising driven business model, it keeps harassing users to enable Personalised Tracking, even after users have refused the request (this is forbidden by AppStore rules). All we get for giving up our privacy is a janky, unreliable messenger that gets no features updates, with the exception of more and more adverts jammed into every corner, and leapi in our faces between messages..Version: 16.7.1

HorribleTake the ads away Now the new problem is - when a picture is sent from someone - I can't seem to type a message after !!!! I have to turn my phone off and come back to it and then KIK will start working again. ANNOYING IS ANYONE ELSE HAVING THE SAME PROBLEM ????.Version: 16.0.6

RubbishApp doesn’t load unless app open with background refresh on. Lost access to message requests. Use WhatsApp.Version: 16.1.6

Great app but..I love Kik as it lets me keep in contact with friends overseas. However in the past the app only allowed you to be logged in on one device only. I am wondering if this is still the case because I don’t want to risk logging in on my phone and losing everything on my ipad because it logged me out. Please let me know.Version: 15.1.0

Terrible Lag - Can’t communicate properlyFor the last few weeks, the lag in group chats has become so bad that it’s almost impossible to communicate in group. The typing lags so badly that words are all misspelled and to go back and delete to change it takes minutes sometimes so pointless even trying. Please cane your update ASAP and fix the glitches. Seems like all you care about it Kik live now. Make a different app for the Kik live if you need to because the Kik lag is a frequent issue in the messaging/groups. I have an iPhone 12 btw. I’d update comes soon and lag gets fixed I’ll change my review.Version: 16.6.2

Terrible app in every way1. Messages delete if app is deleted. No way to save conversation or cloud save 2. Spam bots galore, seems reporting them does nothing as some accounts are over 300 days old. 3. Pics and vids barely work, and if they do open, they tend to crash the app 4. Sometimes you’ll get new chat notifications, some times you won’t. No consistency with the app..Version: 16.7.1

SadSad that this app has gone to more porn and bots looking for money.Version: 16.2.0

Kik review I guessI’ve used Kik for quite some time. And it’s been great. Two things rise to mind that are the key issues for me at the moment. One, I don’t know why but as I’m writing this review I can’t see what I’m typing. The main issue is that for some reason Kik has become extremely slow for me when I’m typing. I’ll open a group chat and it will lag to scroll up or down, typing messages and sending them too. I checked around but no one else is having these issues. Otherwise, it’s been a great app, although the number of adult bots invading the group chats is alarming. That’s all. Thanks for reading Id you got this far.Version: 15.24.0

Worse programIf I could give this program a negative star I tke it to the store I would. KIK is one of the worse chat programs with absolutely no support. Many times as I sent a message earlier often just sit in the sending mode taking for ever to be delivered. I had made up a new profile because I was getting bothered by unwanted people on my first one. Unfortunately I forgotten my password so went to the help center to see how to get a new one I followed the directions. I did exactly as I was supposed to and according to the program my password was changed but it would not except my password during login. So I figured I would just go back and change it again but KIK only lets you change the password once a day, but I tried to change it again then it told me I had to wait three days. Then I wrote to the help center and all you get from them as an automatic response telling you to go back to the forgot your password website which of course does absolutely no good. Now I’m locked out of the program for the next three days so I’m not waiting that long. I downloaded Snapchat using that and much happier so anyone reading this I suggest you do the same as I did..Version: 14.5.0

BrokenNot getting any new chats since last update, I get the push notifications but nothing there when I go into app.Version: 16.1.6

Random notificationApp send shows you have 2 or 3 messages all the time when there are none. Please fix this.Version: 16.1.6

FreezingThis app has been terrible since the removal of peer to peer video calls. Full of bots and spam scammers. Now when sharing pictures, when you try to open the pics to view them, the app just freezes solid and won’t do anything. You have to try to save pics to view in camera roll, all while trying to have a conversation with friends. The worst part is that you have to keep closing and opening the app constantly if you tap a pic!!! Absolute garbage KIK team, been doing it for ages now. FIX IT..Version: 16.0.9

SluggishI’ve been using this app for years and never had any issues. Over the last few months I’ve noticed a few issues. Most importantly every message always says Just Now, even though it was sent hours ago. Secondly my video chat feature has disappeared completely, has not been back since the recent 2 updates. Everyone I chat to had the video chat feature, but I don’t. This app deserves 5 stars but a lot of issues need to be resolved first..Version: 13.2.0

Horrible bug with one accountI log into my main account and messages begin to load but suddenly after 10 seconds the app completely bugs out and just pauses, I have to shut down the app and open it again to continue loading messages, but that only lasts for 10 seconds before I have to restart it again. It’s a constant cycle I frankly can’t be bothered with. Therefor I literally can’t use my account or reply to messages from very old friends. The issue only occurs through my main account which I’ve had for an extremely long amount of time, I’ve created another account specifically to test if the issue occurs and IT DOESN'T. So the problem is specifically with the account ( Evangeliah ) I have no interest in using kik anymore due to this issue, I don’t want to base my conversations from another account, I can’t even retrieve old usernames of friends from my main account because of the bug. So I’ve been forced to quit using the app. Please fix my account, I attempted to contact through email but there hasn’t been a response. I want to start using the app again..Version: 13.1.0

Needs sortingUsed to be a great way of staying in touch with friends from around the world without having to be on social media... but it seems since the last couple of updates it’s turned to garbage... messages are saying they’ve sent when they haven’t and others are saying they’ve been read when they haven’t.. it’s frustrating!! I’ve had messages sitting on delivered all day only to find that the other person has never actually got them!! I’ve sent messages to the Kik team and e-mailed them but you get no response, I honestly don’t think they care about their app anymore.. thinks it’s time to find a new one!!.Version: 14.5.0

Big downturnThis app was great until you added the ‘live chat’ bar. I added this app to talk to friends, not to see pics of some vapid, insecure girl flashing her chest for the world. I don’t even want to open this app anymore because of what might be on there. Can’t you make the chat live a page in the app that can be selected separately?.Version: 16.0.6

STOP WITH THE NEW FEATURES YOU JUST BREAK IT MORE!!!So I got a notification to update my apps like I always do. Everything seems alright and I see this kik update promised a new feature. "Emoji express" so yeah I happily download the new version hoping I'll get some of the other new features. First off, I didn't. Kik why is your updates so spotty? There was a feature to send multiple pictures at once, a feature I wanted but every time I updated I never got it. There was also a feature that let you write a bio on the settings page, also never got. Then I see some people finally got the profile picture rings, something I had gotten weeks ago before the next update got rid of them. I get none of these but instead nothing but bugs. My profile picture will no longer change. Just like the emoji express when I go to change it I get a message that I have a network error and bad signal. But I'm hooked up to wifi with data support if it did need that. How is there a network problem when my messages send just fine? Kik you are breaking a good app and the few good features by trying to add more. Please fix the profile problem and just take awake emoji express..Version: 11.30.0

Who even uses the feature?The new live feature has become the big thing of the app for some reason, I haven’t seen a stream have more than like 10 people actually showing interest that aren’t a bot. On top of that I have adds when I open a chat, I have adds sometimes when opening kik, I have ads above and below the chat, on top of the stupid amount of ads I also have about 1/6 of the screen taken up trying to get me to click on live with a bit st the bottom, a bit at the search and now huge blocks larger than chats to try entice me to click on one which I don’t intend to. You can literally only see two chats without scrolling in the current state.Version: 16.0.6

Please update too many bugsThe app is in need of a serious update hasn’t been an update in some time and has not had an update since the most recent iOS came out and all these issues have started since then. Most apps update weekly but kik is lucky to have an update every 2 months. The app freezes when clicking on any pics or videos received in chat. Notifications weren’t coming thru so deleted and redownloaded the app and now there is no options to turn on notifications in the kik tab in phone settings at all. App also crashes on a regular basis..Version: 16.0.6

Crashing, not connecting, unable to do anything .Have tried all options to fix . Will just delete . Have deleted before for same reasons ..Version: 16.1.0

Used to be much betterI never write reviews but in this instance I feel I should. This app has always been great for me. I’ve never had an issue with it until recently. I changed my phone to an iphone12, since doing this I have had nothing but problems. Maybe it’s the phone??? I don’t think so. I think it’s having to install the latest version, with all the live additions..which are completely unnecessary…whatever it is it’s made the app glitchy, if I can even get it to work at all. I have to turn my phone off and on before it will even connect. Like I said I didn’t have any issues before…..Version: 16.0.6

Might be good, I’ll never knowAfter multiple attempts to create an account, all I get is a broken captcha with a spinning circle. It says I need to prove I’m a real person but I can’t. Guess I’m a bot!.Version: 16.0.7

Abandoned app filled with child pornographyThis app, directed at teenagers, is frequently used by people trading pornography of exploited children (just Google kik and child porn). Their help page is defunct, their social media is defunct, and emails go unanswered, even those from people seeking to enforce court orders requiring the removal of illegal explicit images. It should be shut down..Version: 16.0.5

Bad UpdateThe app was all good and was nice to use, until they introduced live chat and more ads. The app 1. Takes very long to connect and update the messages when opened 2. Stopped refreshing in the background that it can notify on arrival of a new message, instead gives notification of newly arrived messages only when opened… means chatting to someone then one should check kik often (by opening) to continue chatting else you miss the message 3. The live chats placement is so horrible that it often ends up in the way of accessing chats and makes one go to live chats even if you never intend to be there 4. A BIG BUG WHICH I SEE IS IT NO MORE SHOWS THE NEW CHATS. When new chats arrive (and when kik is opened) Kik gives us notifications yet you have no way to access the new chat… making it almost impossible to use kik anymore at all. Overall unless the issues are fixed I think kik is not a place for chats with friends.Version: 16.1.8

Ads on chatting app?I updated the app there’s less lag but now there’s ads? Who wants to be chatting to someone and have a video ad come up in the middle of a conversation that’s so bizarre.Version: 16.0.7

Ads have ruined thisI understand ads keep a product like this free, but now the ad pops up snd there is no way to view and close. You simply get taken to other websites, returning to Kik puts you back at start of ad. Bye Kik..Version: 16.0.6

Notification message receivedUsed to enjoy this app for 6hrs but over past months App failed to show when new messages had come thru unless entered each person then it would appear. Eventually gave in and did update 2wks ago I now see notification previews of incoming message & how many messages waiting to be viewed but can not find them anywhere. Have logged out and lost all valued messages… HATE that about this app… and tried all the previous checks to no avail. The previews just vanish & numbers just keep adding up. Looks like I might have to farewell this once loved App. 😢.Version: 16.1.6

Since LIVE added it freezesSince you added the new LIVE area app just freezes and crashes. Nothing loads takes forever. Fix it!!!.Version: 16.0.6

Video control bar overlaid by task managerIt's a nice app, very well built and easy to use. Never had security concerns with it. It has a single problem and that is video control bar. If you have an iPhone X or newer the bar at bottom of the screen will overlay the video control bar, so you won't be able to fast forward any video, it will send you to another app running on the background. Please fix this because every time I try to fast forward a video, it jumps to another app. The bar needs to be mover above that area, so this glitch wouldn't happen. Thank you..Version: 15.25.1

Crashing after iPhone update , will not display a pic that is sent.Keep up with iPhone updates, I will delete if this doesn’t get fixed.Version: 16.0.6

Can’t register !Downloaded the app register and I get the buffering page ! Please fix this ! Only happens on iPhones !.Version: 16.0.7

Child pornoWhy Apple do you allow this kind of apps?.Version: 16.0.6

Used to be good. Not so much anymoreI have had this app for 8 years now and it used to be so much better when it was just chatting and video, without all the extra features they have now. If I don’t want be live or watch anyone be live I still have to deal with seeing them on my feed. Why? Live is very pointless and everyone on it are pervs and trying to promote sex and being inappropriate indirectly. It’s very annoying. It’s also not more the features, it’s the fact that the app has SO many bugs now bc of these features and it continuously freezes. The only reason I’m still on this app and tolerating this is bc of my old friends that I talk to on the app, however if it continues and it’s not dealt with I’ll have no other choice but to leave the app. Also why do I keep receiving messages from bots or females asking for n**es? Please fix this it’s ridiculously annoying. Focusing on making the messaging better rather than adding pointless features..Version: 16.1.8

App works pretty well but nowhere to report problemsI’ve been using this app for quite some time and outside of a few glitches that went away pretty quickly, I’ve been happy with it. Until I started having problems with messages only showing sent, not delivered, some messages delivered and obviously read but don’t show as read. Multiple instances of messages taking extended periods of time to send and be delivered. This went on for over 2 days. My biggest problem with all of this is that even with an email address, there’s nowhere to report technical problems. So how do these developers know when there’s a problem if users can’t report it? I am extremely frustrated that no one can be contacted when there are issues. I know it is not my Wi-Fi or cellular provider because problems occur weather I am on my Wi-Fi or on cellular data... and recipients are experiencing the same issues as I am..Version: 11.37.0

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