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Kik Messaging & Chat App App User Positive Comments 2023

Kik Messaging & Chat App app received 53 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about kik messaging & chat app?

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Kik Messaging & Chat App for Positive User Reviews

Really good and a requestThis app is good, I can connect with friends and stuff but one thing that bothers me is that there are a lot of Indians and people who don’t speak English, and others who just look for relationships and send inappropriate pictures and I know my lil cousin is on here. And another thing is, i wanna make a request to make bios on kik, just to explain a bit about yourself, if you could do that that would be amazing. Apart from that Kik is one of the best messaging apps on my phone and it’s really fast..Version: 12.1.0

HelpHello. I am messaging about something that one of my friends recently got on their kik app. I am not in contact with them over kik, but they have recently told me about a feature given to them out of nowhere to where they can choose and send up to 5 images at once. My question to you guys over there at kik, is why is she the only person I know with this feature? I have only found one other instance online, and a friend of hers who has it. I personally do not have it on kik, and I tried many things like using different devices and accounts in order to get this, but with no prevail. The extremely scary part is the fact that she has 5 different alt accounts all with different information and used on different devices and each and every ONE OF THEM have the ability to choose 5 images at a time. Please contact me to see if there is a way for me to get this ability.Version: 12.1.0

Gotten better!Kik has gotten a LOT better over the past few updates! So many bugs that made kik quite insufferable have basically faded out of existence (at least on my device). I quite like the new interests feature, though I would like to make a suggestion. If possible, people could enter their own interests in the text field, so that fans of similar shows could find one another and such. I feel like it would be a great touch and allow the kik profile to be more personalized than just name, photo, and emoji status. Alternatively, you could swap the interest bubbles with a short-in-character-limit bio section? Nothing too long, maybe about the length of a tweet! The only complaint i have (as with any messaging service) is the bots. They have become quite frequent, and find their way often into group chats. I know that these bots are difficult to weed out half the time, but any efforts to control them, I’m all for..Version: 12.1.0

KikHi, I'm having issues with my KIK Account. The problems im having is connection and my messages not being able to send through properly for people to see, my messages have been stuck on S. All that I see on my screen whenever i log back in or force quit the app is my friends and the groupchats that im in but I CANNOT GET MY MESSAGES TO SEND THROUGH where a popup would appear on my screen saying "Your message was not sent". Can you guys somehow fix this bug or glitch or whatever the case problem is. It's reallg stressing me out.Version: 15.22.1

Comments and peopleI think kik coins need to change like have 200 diamonds for 150 coins 500 diamonds for 350 coins and and 10,000 diamonds for 7,000 coins and the back ground on live need to have some snap fliter as-well would be nice about 6 snap fliters each week on same day they change snaps fliters and more background too and about three more free gift too and inseed of five in the box make it six that would be awsome if u could do that.Version: 16.9.6

Seems most people are on kik for one thing.. nudes, sext etc. My ex boyfriend loves it though..Version: 13.2.0

Good with Unexpected ErrorThe app is good and a great place to chat with others, however I have found that I cannot create public group chats. It keeps saying that it ran into an “Unexpected Error”.Version: 15.3.0

Great app recommendI've only had this app for a day and I LOVE it I can't find any problems with it and I've made lots of friends from around the world from this app so I definitely recommend because it's a great app but u might have One thing it takes wifi so if your one holiday you cat text your friends but apart from that it's a great app and I love it so should you Get the app today because it the greatest texting app EVER.!¿😀😀👍👍👍.Version: 15.18.0

Great app. Only a couple things that bug me.This is a great app, but there are a couple things that bug me. I really don’t like the placing of the video call button. It’s so easy to accidentally press it. And another thing is the app has been so slow to type out messages ever since I upgraded to an iPhone 8. I don’t think it’s my phone, but there is a chance it could be, even though I tried everything to fix it. There’s also a bit of an issue with the bots on here. I made the mistake of talking to a ton of bots about a year ago, and they are still messaging me even though I muted them for forever. One of them (I think it’s GameBot) still sends notifications even though that one is also “muted.” Other than that, this app is amazing. I have been using it for a couple years now. I really like the games you can have in the chats. But hopefully you can fix the issues. Thank you..Version: 14.5.0

The Ban SystemLet me start off by saying I am writing this not for my sake but for my girlfriends sake. I have been a member of kik for almost five years. I have always loved the app and enjoyed it a lot. My girlfriend, however, told me about the ban system set in place. I believe the perma ban system you have set up where if you prove there is wrong doing you can lose your account is acceptable. I do not, however, believe that the temporary ban system in place is fair. My girlfriend is an admin of a group chat and is worried because someone is falsely reporting them because their friend was removed from the group because they were rude to others. One of the admins has already received a temporary ban due to these false reports and quite frankly I don’t believe it is fair that they did. I believe a better system for temporary bans should be in place to prevent innocent people to be banned. Thank you for reading this and I really do enjoy the app but I strongly believe that to make the app even better the temporary ban system needs to be changed..Version: 13.2.0

Bots are out of handI love this app and have been on it for many years, it gives me everything I’d need in a messaging app personally and is super simple to use. There’s tons of great groups which offers the ability to speak with people who have similar interests. Now; the downside. A big, giant, fat downside. B o t s. They’ve started spamming EVERY group. They’ve been around for a while, but never this terrible. Literally hundreds of bots have been entering the groups I’m in like a whole army, and it’s getting both ridiculous and irritating. Rage bot does it’s best to remove them, but it doesn’t get them all, plus they create a giant space in the group whenever they join— especially if you have rules set to send when new people come in. It’s insane, and quite honestly it’s ruining the fun of the app. If you could perhaps find a way to fix it, somehow, that would be amazing. Also, chat logs shouldn’t delete when you log out, it’s quite upsetting for people to lose chat logs if they sign out or move to a new device. A d s. People would likely happily pay for the app or for add ons if they were given the option, such as paying to remove the annoying ads that pop up above messages and go ham on batteries. Either way, a great app at its base, only faults really for me are what I mentioned..Version: 15.24.0

I really need helpThis app is pretty decent except for the bots, the lagging, and the freezing but I really need help, I try to get into the app but it kicks me out, I tried restarting my phone but nothing happens, I tried uninstalling then reinstalling it but still nothing happens, the help centre really isn’t helping out for me that much but please can the developers or someone working at this app just help me out with this issue..Version: 16.1.3

Love it (but I don’t like the new updates)Ok so I’ve had Kik since 2 years back, it was awesome and worked amazing at that time. So I got a new phone and forgot about it and probably half a year later I got it again, it was great when I opened the app. It worked perfectly and I didn’t have any problems. So as time gone by I noticed a few bugs, example: I own a group so I’m the owner, sometimes when I open the app and a bot joins I try to remove it but it doesn’t give me the option so when I view the members, there’s two of me. The one that’s owner and the one that’s a member. So I ask the members if they see two of me in the members and they say no. I tried closing the app and reopening it but it never works so I just wait it out and let my admins do it for me. The update that I hated is when someone leaves a group chat, you can’t private message them. That update annoyed me a lot because I made some friends in some chats but they left but I can never get in touch with them unless I had them in my contacts which I do not. I’m only see that the bugs happen in the group chats. Also, the ads update, or what I think is a update is really annoying also because it really messed up al the chats I was in. I really hope they fix them because I love this app!.Version: 15.17.3

Online statusThis is a very good app. Where you can socialise with others without giving away your phone number. This is a big plus. You can make it better by adding online status of others people in your contacts . Also if you can add option of : Adding phone number incase people want to talk using kik. N if you want to block or delete contacts as well. All the best for new features. Thank you..Version: 15.22.1

Call functionPlease create a call/video function! Pros: I love the GIFs and sketch and ease of creating an account (no need of personal phone numbers). I love how simple it is. Suggestions: I wish Kik would keep older messages and not delete them. I feel sad knowing I’ve lost the older conversations forever. I also wish Kik has a search function, to search dates, words, or media in previous messages instead of just scrolling endlessly looking for information. Most of all, please create a call/video function! That would just make this app so perfect..Version: 15.22.1

No complaintsIt's good to talk to people that I don't have on Facebook. And I like that if I delete the app that I still get any messages that were sent to me while the app was deleted. Not keen on the emojis the app has though. Usually just use the ones that I have already on my phone. But it's perfect for just chatting.Version: 14.7.0

Chats disappearThis happens quite a lot, I will be talking to a friend and all of a sudden the messages will stop showing up but it will be saying they sent something. Each time this happens I will have to delta the convocation and then I will never know what the person sent still. This is very annoying! Also it would be good if it sound you when the person has read that chat..Version: 11.37.0

PLeAsEI love the app but the one thing I HATE is that if I delete the app I lose my messages. Like I do notttt see the point in that. Please fix this!!!.Version: 14.7.0

Live video has disappearedThe live video option suddenly disappeared. All phone settings are ok. Two updates of kik later and still no live option available. App assistance is non existent. No one ever responds. Kik quality as a communication option is steadily on the decline. Only one star because I had to..Version: 13.2.0

Its ok but...I like this app I’ve been a member for going on five years so I’ve definitely seen changes with the original developers compared to the current version. I understand the need for ads in order to pay for the app as it’s free however your website claimed they wouldn’t be intrusive i beg to differ as they appear inside of chats as ad banners this isn’t a good way to add apps into an app and it makes me want to uninstall it, however as i have friends on here I won’t. Instead I’m offering a different type of way to have ads a way that kik used to do ads. There used to be kik points which allowed you to get different emojis, and stickers. You earned these through both games and video ads which the user chose to watch or see. What if you did a system like this again? And have emojis, stickers, and custom themes we could get with points. It would be a great non intrusive way to include ads to keep the app running and add some more fun back into the app! Hope this review helps!.Version: 15.17.3

Unable to add users for chatChat function not working 🤬🤬.Version: 14.0.0

Video chatI’ve been using Kik for maybe 3 years. I’ve never had any issues with chatting with my friends. Until recently at least that I’ve noticed, when I try to video chat with a friend of mine I can’t. As soon as I turn on the camera it the camera bubble disappears two seconds after I turn it on. Even if my friend start the video chat first I can’t join them by clicking on their bubble. Then on top of that half the time it won’t even let me turn on the camera and sometimes when I do try to turn it on it won’t let me turn it off. I use to be able to turn off my phone and it would work but here recently that doesn’t even help. I’ve updated my phone turn off my WiFi, put my phone in airplane mode. And nothing! It’s frustrating when you want to talk to one of your long distance friend, who lives in a different country and you can’t...Version: 15.3.0

One problem-I love kik and I use it a lot but I hate the fact that you can only send videos that are 2 minutes or less Please make it so we can send videos over 2 minutes I hate having a time limit-- If you do so id appreciate it very much and I'll make sure to change my review Thank you!.Version: 11.30.0

Holy load time Batman!So... can’t access the app anymore due to load time of the actual app. It’s a hit n miss affair. Whether on my own date or wifi. Nope. Nothing. Just “connecting”... every other app seems to work at these times so it’s not at my end. Otherwise would be giving you 5 stars..Version: 11.36.0

PhotosI’ve been using Kik for years and I love the app, apart from the mass amounts of bots and the fact that Kik doesn’t work properly while I’m using wifi. I recently had to make a new account and I found it strange how I can only send one picture at a time instead of multiple, the max amount being 5 sent in one time. It was a very convenient feature to have and would love to have that back. But overall the app runs really well for me and I don’t have any other issues or problems with it..Version: 12.1.0

Frustrated!!I own a number of groups on kik and for some reason 3 days ago I lost them as well as not being able to see members, group pic, or admin rights. The only thing I see is the words “just you” or when the groups have reappeared it’s just the hash tag showing. Is there an issue like this going around? I’ve heard a few ppl have experienced it and that it fixed itself (not for me!). It’s really a bother when I can’t admin my own groups or see them. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app but that only made it worse because it got rid of my groups again. It’s really bad. Can anyone help?.Version: 14.5.0

App is getting slow. (Please read)I love KIK I’ve been using it for over 3 years and haven’t had a single problem... I’ve met so many great people through there... BUT as of recently (a span of 3-6 months) the app has been really slow on my phone and I haven’t been getting notifications. It’s getting really annoying and every time I try to type it takes a solid 1-3 seconds for each letter press to register. Please look into this issue Kik team..Version: 15.13.0

Public groupsI love this app so much. The only thing that needs improvement is the public groups. I feel like sometimes the groups are too hard to find just by typing in the name of it. For example if I type in song it’ll only show groups who’s tags start with song and not things related to songs. Also the groups only get one tag. Please add an option to make related words for a group so a group can put as many tags as they want that are related to what the group is. So if a group is for singers/songwriters allow them to be found by searching up words like, music, singing, sing, song, songs, songwriting, singer, etc. etc. This feature NEEDS to be added to make the groups more easily found. And of course the groups that don’t want to be easily found don’t have to add more words that relate to their group. Please make this a feature. Otherwise I would give this app a solid 5 stars. Everything about it is perfect and super easy..Version: 15.3.0

Notification sound please updateI like the app I use it to talk to friends and family in the U.S but because of the time difference I get messages in the middle of the night and the notification sound is too low. I would like to change it to something I know would wake me but I am unable. Can you please build it into the app!! It’s the only thing I really have a problem with. Thanks..Version: 14.7.0

Don’t like the ads, bring back the games insteadI’ve been on kik for literal years. I chat with my friends pretty regularly and I’m apart of many groups. I took a break from it however to focus on my schoolwork and when I came back, there were ads? It looks distasteful and completely distracts from the themes set up in the groups (why would you even put them in group chats??) and it’s annoying. There’s plenty of other ways you can earn money with ads that...aren’t by blatantly shoving them in consumers’ faces. In fact, that’s the quickest way to lose consumers! What happened to all the games and such? And the kik points? I frankly loved that update but you’ve gotten rid of it! How about implementing the games and the kik points and using those as marketing for ads and such so that everyone is happy. I actually don’t even want to use this app until the ad banners are gone because it’s so ugly and obnoxious. It sounds harsh and I’m sorry but there were literally other ways you could’ve gone about this. I used to play the games a lot and I didn’t even care about the ads I got in those because the games were fun while waiting on replies. Please fix it, I don’t want to stop communicating with my friends (because kik is some of their only means of communication) but I’m going to have to find other ways apparently because this is just...terrible..Version: 15.17.3

Bring it backCan you please bring back video chat and add an option to play games and watch movies with your friends that would be awesome and for the love of god PLEASE PLEASE get rid of the spam bots!.Version: 16.9.0

Needs more organization optionsThis is a great messaging app and I have made a ton of new friends who are into the same things I am. HOWEVER: some MAJOR organization needs to happen. I really don’t like how unorganized it is! 1. It should be able to be organized by groups and direct messages, like two separate chunks, so you have your directs in the top and groups in the bottom, separated by a line or a category or something. I hate having to scroll through tons of messages just to see where the notification is coming from!!! 2. I wish I could flag messages that I want to return to at a later time. So I’d like to be able to read them but then flag them so I can keep them at my attention. 3. Wish I could pin certain groupchats to the top. 4. there should be options for “turn off all group notifications” so i don’t have to go into each one separately and do it manually. As well as would love an option for “alert all groups with this message”. 5. I’d like to be able to add people into a group chat FROM my singular chat that I’m having with them. There should be an option from the personal message to “add to a group” which then populates with all the groups I’m in, from which i can choose which one to add them to. Not having to exit the chat then go find the group then go to add people and find the person from a list of recent chats in order to add them, would be great. Otherwise I love the app..Version: 15.3.0

ThemesThis is an amazing app, I love it a lot but I am getting annoyed with the same old themes. May I suggest that every two weeks you release new themes to make the chat more vibrant and more exciting to use, thank you! Update: Hi, so I wrote a review a few months back or so and you did deliver some new themes and I was happy with them, however I noticed that IOS get more diverse themes then iPhone and it’s rather unfair, I also suggested “every two weeks release new themes to make it more vibrant and exciting to use” this was not filled out as far as I know for iPhone users like myself, I do like Kik a lot but it would be nicer with more themes again (maybe some snowflakes or maybe a sunset over a river or the moon shining on a lake) it would also make group chats a lot more fun and colourful pulling more people to the app. Another thing I’d like to add and I know your stationary colours are white and green but it would be awesome if you added a night mode so people don’t strain their eyes even with the brightness down/up Thank you!!.Version: 15.3.0

App bugMy app is always showing “connecting”. I’ve reinstalled, powered phone off an on again, changed every setting I could think of. I receive message notifications but when I launch the app to see the message nothing happens and it keeps saying connecting up to top. I can change my name and emoji status normal and do everything else but can’t send and receive messages..Version: 15.2.0

KikProblemsI’ve been on kik for awhile now but in the past 6 months kik has been freezing on a daily basis. Logs it self out , won’t reload. The option of the video chat has gone, this does not allow my partner and I to video call with our kids any more and had to go to other apps for this.Version: 13.2.0

Please fix thisDear kik creators, while I do love this app very much and use it all the time. I’m experiencing some trouble with the app. Sometimes I would get notifications from old messages and whenever I check the app there’s no new message. Also whenever I’m off the app I don’t get any notifications on a new message and sometimes when I try sending a message it doesn’t send and also It has trouble connecting. Please try to fix these problems but other then that the app is great.Version: 11.37.0

It’s okay!It’s fine I guess? Nothing really wrong about it....Version: 11.37.0

Great messenger appSolid app, been using it for 2573+ days now 😅 can have multiple group chats, send gifs, pics, videos all that good stuff. There’s even chat games and bots to talks to. The app now has ads with no way to even ‘purchase’ it out oddly which is kinda annoying but otherwise I can’t say I’ve ever had a problem with it over of the years..Version: 15.22.1

Good until a certain pointI love the app but if you want to delete a message or picture, it won’t delete on the other persons phone, unless you delete the whole chat and start again, Just now it has started lagging, I can get on the app and type about 3 letters before it stops and freezes, it won’t unfreeze unless you double click on the home button and swipe up and click on it again, I tried messaging the bot but it was lagging there too, I deleted the app and downloaded it again, and I tried to log in again but it freezes there too, so now I can’t log in. FIX THIS.Version: 12.3.0

Please and thank youHey kik team I have some things that’ll make kik a lot better than it already is. Allow people who use kik to add a story like off Instagram and Facebook. Allow kik to have a timeline like Facebook and Instagram. Allow kik to have a page where photos are located on and show how many followers they have and how many people they follow. Allow kik to have video call and audio call like Instagram and Facebook. Allow kik to show the number of messages they have unread like Instagram and Facebook. Allow kik to have message requests and private accounts just like Instagram and Facebook. Allow kik to go live just like Facebook and Instagram. Allow kik to turn on private accounts. Allow kik to make comments just like Facebook and Instagram. Allow kik to have a business account like Instagram. Allow kik to save videos or pictures that others post on their timeline or story like Instagram and Facebook. Allow kik to have a close friends list like Instagram..Version: 15.22.1

A few things need adjustingSo this app is awesome! I’ve met new friends and found out new things, jut a few problems our group chats have been infested with thot bots so there’s no room for actual people in the chat... this leads for me to believe your security of the app needs updating so bots don’t get through and the bots in the app that are made by you are great I like all the extra features I just want them to stop messaging me because it’s annoying... I used this anonymous bot that you could send messages through to other people and them not know it’s you and now I’m non stop getting messages from them and I can’t stop it without blocking them (which I don’t want to do because of the anonymous part of it) apart from them the apps great! Thanks.Version: 12.1.0

Please fix.I’ve enjoyed having Kik for quite a few years. Great to keep in contact and has some great updates, especially video chat. My main problem is, my messages have been sent and delivered but the other person never gets them. So it’s never read and vice versa. Also some messages are being delivered hours after they have been sent. Even with a strong WiFi signal. Please fix these bugs cause the silence can be taken the wrong way..Version: 14.8.0

Great app but suddenly lost everything and getting notifications but it’s just blank.I have been using kik since it was first made and after over 3000 days it’s now suddenly messing up keep getting notifications yet nothing is there and I’ve lost all my contacts and I’m not happy about it at all as nothing is being done:(. I’m fuming and it’s been over a week and nothing, get it sorted please, Other than this problem it’s a great app but I’m fuming that I’ve lost everything.Version: 15.23.1

Video chat toggle disappeared!Great app in general but the non existent support is a no no! One of the key features is video chat which is activated via a toggle button, usually located in the top right of the screen. This has somehow disappeared on my app and nothing I have done restores it! I have followed all the advice in the KIK help but to no avail. When will KIK fix this bug? It’s a key feature and a big reason why people use KIK. Not good PR for yourselves guys!.Version: 15.15.0

Found LoveI met my soulmate and now my husband on Kik 6 years ago although we just talked on this platform for a day. We both swam the oceans to meet halfway til we tied the knot! Have not used this for years but i thought i’d leave a review. It was an amazing platform back then to connect with people around the world , when only worked like a facebook messenger. But I reckoned a lot have changed now?😂❤️.Version: 16.9.5

Most amazing thing I have every seen 🙂You have made an excellent effort in this you should be very proud but you shouldn’t let some people go on it there are really nasty people out there that could do things and stalk people so you should do something that will send you what people are messaging and then you no what everyone is saying and you tell them not to say things they shouldn’t but other than that I think kik is great 👍 xx Autumn.Version: 13.1.0

Optimal for iPhone XOne of my favourite and most used apps that I’m always going to when wanting to use an instant messaging app. I’ve been a loyal user for years now however that also means I’ve had multiple phone upgrades. Now using an iPhone X, I find it incredibly annoying to have empty bars of black at the top and bottom and would love if this were optimised for iPhone X users. As well as that, a longer chat history would leave me with nothing but full satisfaction for the app..Version: 12.1.0

Cannot silence notifications on the appI installed this and initially found it a useful app, but having got a few different chat going, I found I was getting a lot of notification pop up with the annoying pinging sound whilst I was during meetings at work, and at other times when I didn’t want to be disturbed.I tried changing the settings to turn notification sounds “off” but this made no difference. Have contacted support and had no reply. Only option is to turn my phone to silent which isn’t good when I need to hear my phone ring if I get a call or hear the notification of an important text etc. If support don’t sort this out soon I shall be deleting the app and not using it again..Version: 15.2.0

Worlds biggest favor -kick fanHello kik team my name is Jose. I need help, a very big favor to ask. So about 2 years ago I met the love of my life in a chat room that kik had back than, I believe it was “chat with strangers” or just “strangers”. I’m still with the girl I met on your service and I thank you so much for changing my life ! Well the favor I want to ask you is that ... sadly I forgot our anniversary date, when we first chatted on kik . We debated and guessed the date so many times and I can’t live with a false date Is there any way you can retrieve it for me to our first message .. I have my account surprised I still remembered it haha I met this girl when I was 17 I’m 20 now . Please kik team help me ... I would appreciate you guys if you did , from the bottom of my heart I would treasure you guys for the rest of my life . I wish you a happy 4 of July kik team thank you for bringing me and the love of my life together ..Version: 14.0.0

Great app!Love the use of emojis, gifs, memes etc in chats just adds fun to a conversation. I like the new emoji status and overall how easy it is to use! I am having problems with times messages are actually coming in... for example one came in at 00:06am then the next message 00:27am but then the one after that was 00:06am. Something isn’t quite right at the moment. Other than that it’s great! I’d love to see a Kik status so you can write a message and your friends and potential friends can see it on your profile..Version: 11.30.0

Serious bug issuesI’ve been using kik for six or more years, it’s been very reliable and useful for most of these until the last update. I can deal with the ads etc to keep it free but when it simply won’t load or load conversations or even function then there’s little point using it. I’ve deleted and reloaded multiple times, lost message threads and still it takes 5minutes to connect only to freeze and not function at all. I’m going to find a different platform if you can’t be arsed fixing it..Version: 16.0.6

Great alternativeI downloaded this app because my boyfriend and I cannot text regularly and have decided to delete our Instagram and snapchats, so this was an option. At first, I wasn't so sure because I'd used it before and I just didn't like it. But it has been a great alternative. It is quick, very easy to use. I have an iPhone 7 and I've heard of it causing problems for the 7, but it has not caused me any problems at all. The only problems I find with Kik, is it will delete messages on its own. And I typically do not delete my messages. So when I go back to look for something, whether it be a picture or an important message, it will be gone. If that could be fixed it would be perfect!! The other is for some reason it is detecting a network error every time I try to change my photo, which is a little strange. Other than that I see no problem with kik, and it is very useful..Version: 11.30.0

Fix this?I absolutely love this app and it’s an amazing way for me to connect with my friends from other countries. There are so many fun features to it and I’ve recommended it to a few friends. At the moment, me and a couple of friends are having issues. I’ve sent a text to them and it’s staying on Sent, it won’t deliver but some will and then the Sent text will deliver about an hour or so after I’ve actually sent it to them. I’m also having trouble with my notifications, they’re coming in super late. A friend of mine texted me at 9:34pm but the notification came in at 10:25pm. These seem to be new issuers and quite a lot of my friends are having them, please fix this! Other than that, I love this app and would highly recommend it..Version: 11.37.0

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