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Simple and reliableThis app is perfect for keeping track of penalties. Might be cool if u could allow a players two digit # to be entered next to each penalty timer so u could keep track of which one to release when. But app works great even without this feature and saved me from having to use a bunch of cumbersome stopwatches at a tourney all weekend. So glad I found this. Would pay $5 for this app..Version: 1.6.1

SuggestionsBe able to assign the players number to the penalty. And make the penalty specifically to one team. Also be able to type in teams name instead of home and away.Version: 0

Update works!!Updated review. This is our go to timer for lacrosse. The last update broke everything but the developer was super quick to get it fixed and rolled back out! Thanks!!.Version: 2.0.1

Best app I've ever used for lacrosse tournaments and timekeeping. Has been a life saverBest app I've ever used for lacrosse tournaments and timekeeping. Very easy to use to track penalties and score as well. Can't recommend this app enough..Version: 1.6.1

Excellent appFantastic, managing penalties in the last few minutes of the game with all the start/stops used to be hectic, now it’s easy-as..Version: 1.8.0

So Easy to Use!Love this clock! Simple, easy to use, has everything you need. Anyone can learn it in seconds. I’m so happy to have found this app! Just wish it would work with my older iPad (iOS 9.3.5) so I could leave it with the team. I don’t want to leave my nice iPad (the one I use regularly) with other people 😂.Version: 1.8.0

Simple and EffectiveWorks great on the iPad. Very easy to setup and use. Eliminates the confusion associated with a single stop watch and multiple players entering the penalty box at different times. Would love to see a native iPad version, as I'm sure that the penalties and scoring panels could be done on one screen with the larger display. As for feature requests, having the ability to assign the penalty time to one team or another would be an added bonus. It would also be great to be able to enter player numbers for penalties and goals. Overall the best app I've purchased for the price!.Version: 0

Great lax timer/scorekeeper!This is a great app! Especially with the penalty timers. So easy to use. My only complaint is that I found it at the end of our season. Can't wait to use it next season!.Version: 0

AwesomeI got this app to help me know when the game was up and turned into running the clock for my kids team. Organization liked it so much they are recommending all coaches get it just in case..Version: 1.8.0

Great appGreat app! Please add an audio alert for end of period. Thanks!.Version: 0

Simple to useAs a new score keeper to Lacrosse I found this ap very simple to use and helpful. I really like the audio cues when time is up like "release release" at the end of a penalty. This is well worth the money. A couple of things I would love in a future release would be the ability to edit the preset time outs. Also having the option to have the game clock stop automatically when you start the time out clock. It would be nice to have a sound screen where you could hit an air horn sound when you needed it..Version: 1.6.1

Outstanding and simple to useLacrosse demands the full attention of players and timekeepers alike. For keepers, complicated Start/Stop versus Running Clock rules and the possibility of numerous penalties being served simultaneously means that most existing electronic timers have a flaw. Trouble is, it's all too often a flaw that doesn't become apparent until the game is underway. This simple app solves that dilemma inexpensively and, better yet, intuitively. All controls are thoughtfully arranged and accessible to big thumbs, despite fitting in the iPhone/iPod's small footprint. The result is that you can respond instantly to any referee's whistle, and start or finish penalties of differing durations -- simply hitting a penalty button a second time to queue up another instance. Easily accessible configuration screens make adapting to shorter tournament periods, or variations in youth league rules a snap with this timer. That it keeps score too (and provides a simple way to back out erroneous scores without rotating through nine digits) is just gravy. What's missing? I'd like to be able to configure brief, audible alarms when penalties expire and it would outstanding if this simple system shared data in realtime with one or more repeaters in someone else's pocket or on a wireless public scoreboard. But for a buck, this is great software that will replace a box full of dubious counters our league provides!.Version: 0

Simple and easyHas all the essential features that are needed. One button clicks to do what I need quickly. Two suggestions. We often have to sync to a scoreboard operator in the press box during the game. Add a button to text time and score to a stored phone number or numbers. The other feature needed is tracking timeouts remaining. One thought is to put a button for each team on the main screen that starts the timeout timer and gives the number remaining..Version: 1.6.1

Very handy app.This is a very handy app. I have used it for several high school JV games and recently at a multi-game weekend tourney. There's some room for evolution, but the developer has been incredibly responsive and open to feedback..Version: 0

Lacrosse ScorersThis App. is worth the $0.99. There are two issues I had with it. One is, it doesn't allow you to start and stop the penalty times the way you need to for F.I.L. play. If you want to start a penalty, you have to tap it when it starts, and not cue it up to start, ahead of time. (how most scorers/timers would do it) Also, you can't stop individual penalties; just all or nothing, which isn't the correct way to run the penalties. Two is, you would have to operate two iPones to do a really good job at displaying the score. (something I don't think you could get around with a better design) By attaching one, or two monitors/screens to one/or two iPhones you could really give the fans an idea of what's happening at the scorer's table. It would also be nice if you could somehow load a background picture, without having to take a picture. (you need to load a background from the camera roll of pictures) It displays nice without a background, though. (very simple & clear) Many field lacrosse scorers/timers will be using it..Version: 0

Buy itA must for all lax coaches and refs!!!.Version: 0

Ver useful app!I officiate a men's league in the Summer and the league doesn't supply score or timekeepers. I strapped my iPhone to my arm and used this app to keep time and the score. It worked great! The games were non-traditional running clock games and I was able to customize the quarter and penalty time. The only things I would add are a timer for when the clock is stopped (TOs & halftime) and the ability to change colors of home and away..Version: 0

AwesomeThis is the most useful app ever. If you are a scorekeeper for lax, soccer, hockey or any similar sport this is a must have. Makes timekeeping a breeze. Can't think of one change I would make..Version: 1.6.1

Great, all in one deviceOnly edit would be to have the penalties list if it's home or away and the player #. If you have 4 penalties running at once it's tough to remember who is which time to release. Other than that it's a 5 star..Version: 1.6.1

OwnerWow this is fantastic.Version: 0

Great app for lacrosse timekeepingThis is a terrific app for timekeeping a lacrosse game. Primary request would be to include an audible cue for end of period etc..Version: 0

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