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Notability app received 73 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Can you share your negative thoughts about notability?

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Good, but not versatile enough!Brought this because OneNote for iPad doesn’t support writing and recording at the same time. I am super pleaeed with how Notability links the audio to my hand written notes! However I have only given it three stars as it doesn’t have the versatility of other apps like OneNote! I need to be able to drop emails and other documents directly into my notes, preferably allow me to see and work with them, but I would be satisfied with just having a link I could tap on. In essence I want to me able to keep all my work related to one topic etc in one place! This really limits the app for me and I haven’t brought the Mac version as I don’t want to commit to this product with out additional utility. So I will look else where until Notability improves! Ps. Direct scanning functions would help somewhat with this in the interim..Version: 8.4

Needs Higher Level of OrganizationCurrently I am loving this app. I have been using it for a couple days now and I’ve been able to transfer all my notes from Microsoft’s OneNote without a hiccup. Though in my time using this app, I have discovered two things that could need some improvement on. The first is, being able to name a file the same name as another, so long as it’s in a different location. Currently i am left adding a (1) or (2) for duplicate file names for different classes. And ultimately my notes look less organized. With that said, my main concern is the lack of notes segregation and organization. Currently, the only two methods to separate your notes are the Divider and Subject functionality. It would be Godsend if there was another sub-level category. A folder within a subject per se. For example: You have Math as a subject, Great! Now within the math subject, you have different kinds of notes that you would like separate from others. Like notes for different kinds of tests, notes for quizzes, notes for Classroom discussion, notes for projects, notes for resource documents. All of these you would like to be easily distinguishable from another, thus you group them likewise. Consider implementing these features as I believe it will become a game changer, this is definitely a Five-Star app, the three star is just motivation. Love you guys!.Version: 8.2.5

Kept losing my notes after the latest updateI kept losing my progress after the latest update! That’s very very very very annoying! Please fix this!.Version: 10.1.5

Needs better organizationThis app is very helpful, especially the feature to record lectures. I can stay on top of what my professor says easier, and use the Apple Pencil to highlight or emphasize certain points. There is a bit of a delay for the notes and the audio, so when I click on a note, I know to automatically hit the “rewind 10 seconds” button, but I just deal with it because it is so helpful regardless. However, while the recording ability is the star feature of this app, the other features need improvement. 1. Since more classes are taking place online due to the pandemic, there should be an option to record lectures using the iPad’s internal microphone. Right now, I play the lectures on my phone and record audio with the iPad, since I do not have a better option. 2. Second, and my biggest gripe with the app is ORGANIZATION. Although you can have subjects, and place notes in the subjects, I want the ability to make folders within the subjects. A lot of my subjects in school are so complex - with labs and assignments in addition to lecture notes and different subtopics, the ability to make folders within subjects is seriously ESSENTIAL. The most I can do is change the name at the beginning of the file to reflect what kind of material it is (ex: Lab 1, Assignemnt 2, etc.) but the ability to make folders really holds this app behind. I still use it for the recording feature, but the lack of organizational options available is really frustrating..Version: 10.1.1

Good but needs to be updatedThis app needs work to integrate it with iOS 11 as it is crashing when zooming texts. Apple Pencil sometimes stop working on it too..Version: 7.0.1

Not as great as I thought it would beMany issues that I don’t like. The microphone function has a lot of potential but ultimately the only thing I can hear after recording in large lecture rooms are staticky background noises and the tapping of my pencil when I’m writing. The left handed mode doesn’t make much sense to me. I’m used to functions being on the top and now functions are on the bottom and don’t actually help with being left handed. There’s also A LOT of skipping that occurs which is incredibly annoying and there are times when I will be writing a letter but it is automatically changed to a shape. When I try press the back function to erase the shape, letters written before the shape are erased so I have to use the actual eraser. In instances like that, it would be nice to have a forward function because somethings are accidentally erased but now I have to completely rewrite it. The font size for pencil and higher are completely out of wack. I tend to write pretty hard so the writing gets very thick even though I have it on a thin setting and the examples of the thickness aren’t very representative. I also wish we had more control over the colors we prefer. All default colors are first which I only use black and it comes with a bunch of colors I don’t like but can’t delete them or change them to colors I’d prefer. I came from GoodNotes and I’m very use to their functions which might be the issue but since I paid for notability I actually want to use it..Version: 9.3

Very good but missing convenienceI use it for notes all the time but I’d really love a two finger tap to undo and three finger tap to redo instead of the tiny little button up top.Version: 8.2.8

Good. Not Great.So far my experience with this app has been very pleasant. There are some features I want though that are missing. These are... . An option to have your colour selector always visible. as someone who makes use of the great variety of colours on offer, I find it frustrating that every time I want to switch colours I need to open a menu to do it. . An option to have as many sub folders as possible, or at least increase the amount. I want to be able to create folders within folders. As far as I’m aware it’s only possible to create a divider folder and then a subject folder therein. At least one more level would be greatly appreciated. . I understand that this is an intended design feature of notability to have each page limited horizontally to mimic an actual A4 page, but an option to have an endless page, horizontally as well as vertically, would be great for certain things. This could be turned on in the page settings menu. Overall a well made app..Version: 9.2.2

Palm Rejection Problems Since UpdatingI can attest to the comments regarding the palm rejection issues after the recent update. Since the update, anytime I attempt to take class notes with the Apple Pencil results in erratic screen behavior. It will zoom in or out randomly, delete the last portion of what is written, or the screen will shift/shake. This only occurs when I am trying to write and my palm is resting on the lower portion of the screen. I have had some previous issues with palm rejection, mainly with the shifting of the screen or zoom but it has been manageable up until this update. It has become basically unusable for me in terms of handwriting since the recent update and the handwriting feature is nearly the sole purpose for purchasing the app in my case. I’ve basically had to resort to other apps for note taking because this has become nearly impossible to write on (unless I write without my palm on the screen and that is definitely not an alternative for me). After reading the previous comments, I have already performed a hard reset of my iPad (an iPad Pro 11” on iOS 12.3), turned off the palm rejection feature in Notability and turned it back on, and finally uninstalled the app completely then reinstalled. None of these attempts have rendered any improvement. Hopefully this is something that can be investigated by the developer and corrected quickly as this has been my preferred app for note taking..Version: 8.4.5

The worst customer supportI love this app, it is definitely the best for note taking on a tablet out there. However, I had a performance issue last year and I tried to contact support and no one ever got back to me. I’ve had similar issues and didn’t bother reaching out because I knew it would be futile. In my opinion, a product can be mediocre, but if it has great customer service, that sets it apart. Notability is the opposite. The product is great (in theory), but whenever there are issues, there is no support. This app is constantly glitching, between the handwriting jumping around the page randomly, not allowing me to close out of the right side menu that allows you to search in the document, or the most annoying bug where a note scrolls to the bottom of a page and will not let you go back to the top until you close out of the app. Currently, I am having an issue where I have two notes open at once (one is a pdf of my textbook, and one is the notes I am taking from it), and there are numerous problems, including those I just mentioned, as well as tools not working as I am trying to go back and forth writing on both documents. This is the best notetaking app I’ve tried, but the constant bugs are extremely frustrating when this is the main mode I use to read textbooks, take notes, and get homework done..Version: 10.0.2

Variable Palm Detection is Extremely AnnoyingLook, I like this app. The organizational features and the ability to back-up to google drive is a lifesaver. However, one thing that I absolutely HATE is the broken palm detection. Essentially, every now and then, I’ll be writing a sentence and randomly drawn, straight lines will appear on the screen. I’d go back and worth with the native notes app to ensure it wasn’t just the iPad that was acting up (which it wasn’t). I also tried lifting my palm off the screen while I was writing, to see if it would fix the issue (which it did, but it is completely impractical to write that way). All-in-all, I like this app when it’s NOT jittery and writes the way it’s supposed to, would definitely give 5 stars but this is just the worst..Version: 10.3.2

Can’t turn pages in PDFI purchased this to read and annotate PDFs. Then I discovered that you can’t tap to turn pages, you need to scroll or navigate through thumbnails. Very tedious when I’m working with 100+ pages. I expected this simple feature from an expensive app. I will be requesting a refund..Version: 8.4.3

AwfulI can’t believe I paid for this app, I thought it would be better than Microsoft one note because of how heavily marketed it is by other students on YouTube etc. The notes crash all the time, and PDFs go blank so my writing is there but the PDF is gone. And the online version is different and you have to pay and half the time the notes don’t even sync..Version: 10.3.5

Needs more organizational abilityI have seen several other complaints about notability needing better organization, so it is upsetting knowing that nothing has been done to address this issue. There needs to be some kind of additional their of organization that allows you to either 1) put the dividers into a folder. For instance, all my dividers have a bunch of subjects in them, and when i am done with this semester, I would like to be able to put those dividers into one large folder that says “fall 2020.” Or, 2) you could keep the dividers/subjects, but add another teir underneath subjects where you could subdivide specific lessons. All in all, the divider and subjects organization that is in place is too simplistic. I cannot recommend this app to someone who is doing most (potentially all) their school work on it. It just doesn’t have enough organization. Another issue is when you go to send a file to notability, it brings up a ton of subjects, all the subjects you have ever created. If you are using the subjects tab for weekly modules like I do, it gets very annoying to find the correct subject as I have around 50 (and i have only been using it for one semester). This app is nice to take notes in, but not long term. It has worked well for a single semester, but I do not know how I will be able to continue adding files with such a simplistic organization style..Version: 10.1.5

Lost all my notes out of nowhereI emailed the support and stil haven’t helped me recover my notes. This is crucial as those notes are very important as I need them for my exams. Please help!!!!.Version: 10.3.3

Used to work very well.None of the customizable fonts and sizes have worked for me since the past few updates on my SE. I’m stuck with one style of font and size. Until it’s fixed, it’s really just the Notes app that’s already on your phone with a price tag slapped on it. It’s a five star app otherwise, but I don’t even wanna use it until this is fixed..Version: 7.0.1

Great for PDFs, not brilliant for notesI use this app mainly for planning my knitting. I love it for marking up pdfs and it works well for this purpose (though I’m sure I could find similar functionality somewhere else). However, for me it comes up short when it comes to actual note taking. There’s no tables or ways to use shapes to easily organise notes. I find the text part really chunky - I can’t seem to easily work my saved styles. Once I’ve written something, moving it around is a real faff! Today I couldn’t move around text at all I’d written, making the idea of a notebook to me pointless. I find I often reach the end of the capabilities of this app. To me, it feels as if they’re trying to keep it easy and minimal, but in doing so, they miss out on some key features. I’m also not completely convinced about having to pay for extras in a separate store - there’s no way to try the app before shelling out the full cost, but this doesn’t for example include hand writing to text unless you pay extra. So in essence - it’s not a horrible app that is broken, but I do think the functionality could be better and I’m not sure I’ll stick to it forever. Very few feature changes would make it one of the best on the market...Version: 10.3.3

Best app for professional studentsI have used notability since I entered medical school and I think it is amazing for note taking and recording lectures from professors. All of the features are amazing and the latest update that added the choice of 1.25 speed during recording replay is amazing. My one problem with notability is that while there is a “go back 10 seconds” option while playing back recordings, there is not a “go forward 10 seconds” options. This makes it difficult to skip ahead since you are left to use the scrubber and that can get messy and cause you to miss things. I hope they see this feedback and make an already amazing app even better. 4/12 Revised —- giving this app 2 stars now because they sent out an update that absolutely obliterated the app and SEVERAL times I have spent hours taking notes only for them to be erased. The text boxes are finicky as hell now and I am unable to click on a text box to adjust typing after I have started typing on it. Many times I am unable to even start a text box because it won’t realize I am trying to type. PLEASE FIX THIS FOR THE LOVE OF GOD I AM ALREADY TRYING TO DO PROFESSIONAL SCHOOL FROM MY QUARANTINE AND THIS IS MAKING IT INFINITELY WORSE..Version: 9.3.3

Great App, but iCloud Sync is BrokenI love how this app feels. However, I would like to see side-by-side document editing, further organization hierarchies, and iCloud syncing be less clunky and problematic. Seriously, why am I waiting 10+ minutes for notes to download that yesterday were already downloaded and haven’t since changed? I understand that this issue is likely on Apple’s end (iCloud still kind of sucks, honestly), but nonetheless it is a glaring one..Version: 10.3.3

IssuesI’m running this app on the IPad Pro 2020. When trying to share pdf files from Chrome to this app, it has encountered errors. It has also encountered errors when typing, suddenly it freezes. Furthermore I have noticed that when creating a new note, it does not register the new note and I usually need to close the app then re-open it (refresh the app) for the app to register the content of the new note. Little problems here and there, but overall, it’s been okay..Version: 10.1.5

Every Update gets worseI have had the app for around a year and it seems that after every update the app gets worse. Inserting photos results in pictures getting posted to a random page, if I rotate the screen I end up on a random page, the palm rejections gotten worse, editing a specific line changes your setting for your pen to a random thickness and style. Don’t understand how they are able to maintain a high rating considering the app is used for note taking..Version: 10.3.3

Bad syncing, but good interfaceI often have a problem with notes written on PDFs where they become unavailable as they they need to be downloaded from the cloud despite having enough space to store the note. Also, when writing on a PDF the PDF will occasionally disappear leaving randomly placed words across blank pages..Version: 9.3.2

What's wrong with the recording?Have been my fav app until two weeks ago, I loved to record the class over the power point and go back to it when revising my notes.. Yesterday i noticed that recording stops without me pressing stop, after 2 or 3 minutes.. or more, or less.. that is a full distraction for a dyslexic like me.. fix it or i will need to stop using this for ever....Version: 10.2.6

Not sure what the hype is all about..So, here’s the thing. There are a lot of note taking apps on the market. I feel like if you want a quality one, maybe you need to pay for it. So, I purchased this one and Good Notes. I’ve used Evernote and Microsoft OneNote as well. Nothing sets this apart from competitors besides the price. And please beware: that price for the iOS app does not include the desktop app. That’s a separate charge. You can’t access it through a browser either. That’s a huge negative in my opinion. Additionally, sometimes this app will crash (like during iOS updates) and you’ll lose your subjects and dividers. So, there’s a way to get your subjects back, but you’re out of luck with your dividers. What does this mean? It means that all of the classes you’ve set up for multiple semesters will be wiped out. Whatever was organized under is able to be obtained, but you have to go back through and sort all of it. Do you know what an incredibly awful and tedious task that is? When you contact their customer service, they’re basically just like “Oh, sorryyyyy yeah we don’t care.” If you’re still reading this, oh hey. One last final note: don’t waste your money. I’ve tried them all and think Microsoft OneNote is really the way to go. It’s free, you get cloud storage, the app on the computer is free, and you get full functionality of program. Recent updates means it does EXACTLY what notability does..Version: 8.2.9

SeeuchangeFeatures to improve: 1. Enable creating folders freely on the left hand side section, by dragging notes you want to put together. Now it’s hard to categorise folders as you have to put notes to certain place on the list, often unrelated notes get in the folder and it’s not quite user friendly to take them out 2. Within a folder, other than listing the notes by name, created a date and modified date, allow user to list them freely, as organising notes usually happens after you finished writing the note. 3. Apple Pencil strokes: not sure if you can improve this from you side, but the size of the stroke is somehow reversed? Especially when writing Asian language characters, when you pressing the hardest to finish a stroke, it is supposed to become thinner and thinner and finishes like a dog’s tail, but in the app doing strokes like this it actually thickens at the end. By using the exact same iPad and Apple Pencil in drawing app like sketches, it does not detect stroke strength like notability. Please improve stroke detection to make it like writing with real pencil on paper..Version: 9.4.5

Good but ehWith the price tag like this for an app I expected more. It’s buggy at times with the apple pencil and doesn’t have as many features as I would have liked. You pay 9$ for an app and then you have to pay for themes which is dumb. Oh and theres no account where all your stuff is saved in case something happens so you have to back everything up all the time, for an app like this where all your important notes are I would think OBVIOUSLY theres a login account where your stuff is saved but there isn’t. If for some reason the app gets deleted and you didn’t back up your stuff, it’s gone for good. Another thing that’s annoying for me in particular is i write with my paper slanted and sometimes turning my whole ipad back and forth when i’m getting work done gets annoying so just tilting the paper in the app would be so much easier. Lastly, there should be an option to switch the eraser so that you can erase just part of something instead of the whole thing. Besides these issues i use it everyday for school and it gets the job done and organizes everything nicely.Version: 10.1.2

LifesaverLOVE LOVE this app. I’ll probably get into medschool now! Love the new upgrades that allow partial eraser, photo rotation and MORE SHAPES!!!!! So glad I researched and decided on features that actually matter. Thankfully now everything lacking between notability and its competitors is now available! If I am being fussy and spoiled- it would be nice to be able to view pages side by side within the same Note for some quick comparison/ copy/ paste action... but I am able to do the old scroll if I must. I find I am now frustrated in my day to day life as information collating and manipulation is NEVER as easy as it is with notability... tbh it’s probably ruined me.Version: 9.0.2

Text box sucksWhy is it so hard to go back in a text box? Every time I click on a text box that I’ve edited before, it keeps creating a smaller one on top of it and whenever I lower my keyboard to check something, It forces me to exit my text box and to redo the whole process of struggling to get back in it. Finally, whenever I exit the text box, it often shoots me all the way to the bottom of my document. So annoying.Version: 9.3.3

Frustrating!!Pencil to text, does not convert what I write instead does a sort of predictive txt, ie MRSA into Masa and MRO’s to mro’s... they’re caps for a reason. Makes me want to stab my pencil through my iPad because. Is there something I’m missing? Because I don’t get this problem with my basic notepad.Version: 10.2.2

Terrible - Notes keep deleting/disappearing (0 stars)I have had so many of my notes disappear, or half of the pages delete, or (if I’ve downloaded a PDF and written over the top of it), the writing disappears. I am currently at uni and the notes I take are not only time consuming, but extremely important and the fact that this app can so easily delete, change, or remove the notes is absolutely despicable. I have no idea how many other of my notes have been affected as I only become aware of it when I’m looking for a particular set of notes and I can’t find it, or I find a particular set of notes and when I open it half the pages are missing/my writing has been removed (on PDFs). If you want to get the job done, then choose absolutely any other note taking app than this one. In addition to this, it uses a lot of my iPad’s battery. I have been in contact with someone via Facebook Messenger, but all of a sudden they stopped replying - pretty terrible customer service if you ask me. If I could go back, I wouldn’t have even downloaded this app if it were for free (let alone the $14 I paid for it - absolute waste).Version: 9.3.4

Digital Life Planner IntroductionThe trial version does not work well. Appointment entries entered in Daily section does not show on weekly. Pencil does not automatically detect if it’s a Digital Planner links or your handwriting. It does not integrated well with Notability. In addition, support for Digital Life Planner is unavailable. I contacted Notability for support and they are unable to provide support except for a refund of Digital Life Planner..Version: 10.1.1

Initially useful but do not invest (especially if academic)This app is quite smoothly made and serves most of its purposes well. However, if you are a serious academic, please do not squander your time. I have been in liaison with tech support for over a year, on and off, attempting to convince them to fix the iCloud issue which is the be-all-and-end-all of using this app in a serious nature: If you have more than ~1100 notes on the app, it will repeatedly attempt to back up/redownload all of them each time you open the app. During this process, you cannot access any of the queued files (even if you had them open a moment before and simply switched between apps). This happens repeatedly in an unending loop, essentially locking you out of your own documents. There NEEDS to be a fix, whereby Notability stops continually trying to back up/sync unchanged notes with iCloud. If you are affected by this, the ‘safe mode’ in the app’s iOS ‘Settings’ occasionally offers a temporary fix. So disappointed..Version: 9.2.1

Always syncing, can’t even useEvery time you open this app, all your notes will starts syncing, and you can’t write to any of these notes until the syncing is done. Sometimes notes will start syncing when you are writing the note, and totally destroy the layout. It happened to me earlier today, and destroyed one of mine very important note..Version: 10.3.3

OrganizationHi pls let us add a few more layers of organization, it’s so frustrating that I can’t make more folders within the class notes folder..Version: 9.2.4

Sneaky practices with removal of prior app functionalityI have not updated to 10.0 for two reasons. 1. App appears buggy from reports and reviews. For so many, this has become a crucial app for work and studies and document syncing problems should be fixed and functional before pushing out big updates. 2. THE BIG ONE. Considering no reviewer or media outlet has mentioned it yet, I’m guessing that many people did/do not use the HANDWRITING CONVERSION and search features, because what was once included in the prior PAID version, has now been quietly removed. To top it off, the developers have decided to allow for the return of prior functionality, if we pay up. As a long time owner of iPhones since the earliest iterations, I am sick and tired of these dishonest practices and sneaky tactics. Look at the Fantastical by flexbits debacle for reference. This is not as egregious. Still frustrating. I believe this is a much loved app. I have myself happily used it for years. I really think that all it takes is a little honesty from the developer. For the price of an extra large coffee, I have no doubt that customers would have been happy to chip in for a big update to say thanks and to support continued development. Instead you chose dishonesty. Incredibly disappointing..Version: 10.1.2

Great new features — same ol’ crippling iCloud issuesI once viewed Notability as the pinnacle of stability on iOS. I trusted more than system apps, and used it thoroughly for university, with iCloud syncing between iPad, iPhone and Mac. As other reviews have mentioned, something happened a few updates ago that has fundamentally broken the app for iCloud users. Nearly every time I open the app, it has to redownload the entire library of files and sort them into their Subject folders, basically unusable for the (long) duration of this. I had held hope that a bug fix update was in the works, and the large recent update had me optimistic that the situation would be better. But despite some seriously great features added, the issue remains the same, and I can not recommend the application until the issue is resolved. My partner, who also uses Notability and has ~700 files saved, is now in the situation where they do not trust the application to keep things safe, and is having to export out each file to a safer format. The new features in this update kind of makes the situation worse, because I really want to use Notability. But it’s basically unusable for me, which is supremely disappointing. I encourage the developers to reach out about this issue, and I would love to be able to change my score to five-stars once this serious bug is fixed..Version: 8.0.1

Love the minimalist setup but lots of annoying errorsSwitched to notability at the start of this semester purely due to the love for the beautiful page set up. Previously used GoodNotes for all my lecture note taking and even though the topbar are not as pretty, suits all the purpose and the mac sync is amazing. For notability, the eraser sometimes just does not work at all and leaves an ugly mark that CANNOT be removed by eraser, the screen will get stuck for no reason which is really annoying had to restart during the lecture. But the most annoying thing happened today- I tried to sync the notes with iCloud but had to quit in the middle because I can’t stand the waiting time so I did the usual thing- restart. Now more than half my notes are gone thank you very much notability and I haven’t figure out how to SYNC on my MacBook. So disappointed and definitely reconsider if you are like me who switched from GoodNotes.Version: 8.1

Newest update has caused an issueBeen using for awhile and it was great, but the newest update has messed things up for me... Now whenever you use the scissors tool, and you tap the screen, it zooms the page all the way out. Which is annoying. But if you don’t tap the screen, it remains zoomed in which is nice. BUT, I accidentally tap the screen sometimes, it zooms out, and if you’re writing on an image it can move the image slightly too. Which is annoying.... but the most annoying thing is that it crashes now when this happens. Which is annoying...but the most annoying part is that it crashes and doesn’t save what you have just spent 5 minuets writing and you have to do it all over again. So now it’s functionality has become super super super super annoying..Version: 9.0.1

Poor templatesPlease include the option of adding external templates permanently.I know there is the option of importing templates but that is useless..Version: 10.3.3

Usefulness and ImprovementThis app has been amazingly helpful! I advise you to spend some time getting a feel of this product. Worth the cost. No problems so far, would advise creating a homework styled reminder system. Create a flash card option as well! To improve the adaptability of this product..Version: 9.0.5

Horrible app - my experience as a current med studentI have been using the app the past year for medical school and could not be more dissatisfied/frustrated. The app frequently crashes while I am taking notes, resulting in notes not being saved. I often find myself rewriting notes that I had just written prior to the app crashing. In addition the app is constantly glitching - I will try to write something with my Apple pen and it takes a good minute before I can produce any sort of ink on paper. I also have issues copying and pasting images onto First Aid from outside resources. And as of most recently, I can no longer search keywords on first aid, which completely defeats the purpose of having a pdf copy of First Aid. I have reached out to Notability by submitting a request of my current issues and have not heard back from them. Unfortunately I cannot contact them via phone and thus I am extremely frustrated with the lack of accessibility and availability to receive any sort of help. Do yourself a favor and do not download this app. I have been informed by my colleagues that OneNote is significantly better and i wish I had known this prior to using notability.Version: 9.1.3

A great note taking app for school but the Bugs are becoming annoyingThis app could probably be the best note taking app for students just because of the recording feature. The tools up top are fine but they are missing so much compared to GoodNotes. Most of the size for the Pen are useless. After the 4th or 5th size the strokes become way too big for any practical purpose. Same thing with the highlighter except it the opposite. The varying sizes for the erasers is great though because I can basically erase pixels or entire sentences if needed. The cut and paste tool will not select small strokes or words for whatever reason, so sometimes I’m forced to erase and redraw or write. Other than that its works great. Seriously the only tool carrying this app is the Recording feature, GoodNotes has them beat in every other department. (I never mentioned the lack of templates). If GoodNotes has that feature I would go back to GoodNotes immediately, but they don’t so I stay with Notability. Now the bugs are getting annoying. I cant go a 1 minute without my lines not drawing or the app freezing or the zoom in feature freezing the app. Also the random shapes I get when writing sometimes that I cant delete with the back button and for some reason can only be removed by the eraser. Idk maybe these bugs will eventually send me back to GoodNotes and lectures will have to be recorded the hard way..Version: 9.2.4

Awesome but needs a bit of improvementI’ve been using this app uni and it is awesome. Annotating slides instead of writing everything down has never been easier. By far the best note taking app I have ever come across . But there is a minor issue. The filing system needs to be improved. It would be cool if we could create subject covers (not just colours like actual book covers) and also place divided files in subjects instead of it being all on the one side..Version: 9.0.5

Great university study tool with a couple issuesI was using OneNote on a Surface tablet until the digitizer stopped working. I decided to try using an iPad Pro instead, since they’re lighter. Notability was the only app to offer most of the same functionality as OneNote on a Windows tablet. There are many things that I prefer about Notability, but there are a few issues that prevent me from giving it more stars: first, I would like the ability to create a group of commonly used highlighters/pens for marking up documents. I have a system of using certain colors to represent certain things, and I would like to be able to organize all those highlighters and pens into a group where I determine the order and placement. If that is possible in Notability, I haven’t been able to figure it out. Secondly, I use Notability in a setting where I’m regularly working with several languages (including RTL - Right to Left languages like Hebrew, Aramaic, Arabic). Notability does not have good support for combining multiple languages in one document at this time, especially not mixed English-Hebrew or English-Aramaic. Please give Notability the ability to recognize and format RTL languages. I can do that natively on most Apple apps, and many 3rd party apps, so the inability to do that on Notability really sticks out. Please improve these issues, and I will gladly give it a 5 star rating. In fact, if those two issues are fixed, I won’t even miss using OneNote for most of my coursework..Version: 9.0.1

Noticing bugs after extended use. Cannot sync to iPhone from iPad.Have been using notability since college and now am in medical school and I am on the app literally 10-12 hours a day. I have noticed that sometimes my notes will become unresponsive to my fingers and will only respond to air pencil or sometimes unresponsive to both until I close and re open the app. I back up all my notes to my Google drive but also would like to sync them to my iPhone so I can quickly look something up if my iPad isn't near. Tried uninstalling the app and tried signing out and back in to my iCloud but nothing worked. Minor but just something I'd like to see: when using the magnifying glass to write I wish the box that's being magnified would be able to go all the way to the edge of the screen. This is very specific but I like being able to the maximum amount of notes I can on one specific line and what ends up happening is that I use the magnifier to write until almost the edge of the screen then I close the magnifier and pinch to zoom in so I can fit the last word or two in, then pinch again to start the next line at the very edge and then continue again with the magnifier..Version: 8.4.5

Major GlitchLet me preface this by saying notability COULD a great app, as it is really convenient for note taking. However, I have been trialling it as a complete replacement for paper lecture notes but when I write in lectures where you have to be speedy, the app glitches a LOT when I zoom in and out to write and it freezes or the pages of my document go blank and I have to exit the app. Please fix this as I’ve PAID for this app for this reason only. Also, when you backup on google drive, the recordings won’t back up as well. A feature that is also NEEDED is a few favourite colours available on the top bar without having to click and choose the colour. Also the redo button should just be on the top bar as well. And when you highlight, it should be over the writing and not make the writing faint and the option to only erase parts of your writing with the eraser tool. And there should be the option to keep many tabs open at once. Thanks..Version: 8.4.1

Purchased on good reviews but it’s not up to snuffGenerally I like using this app but it has caveats which are worth mention. It seems that copy/paste should be a simple thing all apps have included but I’m not finding this the case with Notability. If I copy information from my browser or another note app, it should be easy to paste into this one! Instead it does nothing, nothing at all, just sits there staring back at me with that blank expression like it has no clue what I’m wanting. Before telling me it’s there or to contact support... this brings me to another gripe. Why is it so hard to give this company feedback? There is no way I can see in the app to give it anymore than there is in the Apple store. The developer never bothered to fill their contact information out. Is this because they don’t wish to hear from us? That might explain why simple procedures like copy/paste are not being addressed. Even free apps do this, most everything does. I shouldn’t need a clipboard to compensate this missing feature. Add contact information and easy to reach feedback, include copy/paste and I’ll bump up my review score. This is simply unacceptable in this day and age when we pay for features and services that for whatever reasons aren’t there..Version: 10.2.6

Apple pencil glitchMy pen glitches and that doesn't happen on apples notes. Fix this glitch as I use this app everyday and its so annoying. FIX IMMEDIATELY. new update didn't fix the problem.......Version: 10.3.2

App Crashed and Lost Notes during Final ExamI don’t know how you can make a note app this unstable and buggy. I just finished a final exam, where halfway through notability crashed and lost all of my written answers. Mind you, this was a timed exam, so I was literally sweating to rewrite my answers all from memory before the time limit was up. I also noticed two other major flaws while using it. At least twice per hour, notability will randomly freeze for a couple of seconds. It also will frequently “sputter” when writing with the pen, leaving gaps between letters (almost as if a real pen was running out of ink), causing the words to be illegible. These are major major issues, and I can’t believe a #1 rated app has such extreme performance problems. Will definitely be switching to Goodnotes..Version: 10.3.5

Good appWorks really well in general. I hope that in the future updates we can have the ability to delete part of the stroke, and draw smart objects without having to go add > media > figure..Version: 7.2.5

DisappointingThe longer I use the app the more bugs I come across. Not a user friendly app..Version: 10.3.3

Was fine until a week agoNotability is by far the best note taking app I’ve ever used. However starting a week ago whenever I go into the app it closes straight away. Would give 5 stars if I didn’t have this problem..Version: 9.0.5

Once great app now ruined by bugsThis app used to be pretty much flawless. But after recent updates, it feels like the experience you’d get from a free app. Every time I use it there is some bug. Often, you simply cannot scroll or use gestures of any kind on a note. You have to either exit the note or exit the app in order to move around. Another common issue is that the toolbar will stop functioning. You cannot switch between Pen, Eraser, Highlighter, use the Undo button, or anything. Also, the app will fail to register Apple Pencil input very frequently. Pretty much every not taking session, at multiple points I will have to tap the screen with the Apple Pencil several times before it starts registering input again. I don’t know if these issues are universal, but they’re pretty bad on my iPad Pro 10.5.Version: 9.3.3

THIS APP HAS GIVEN ME ANGER MANAGMENT ISSUES LOLThe times I’ve wanted to throw my I pad because of all the glitching is insane and had to redo all my work, drawings and annotations. However despite that, when I look past the times I want to punch the screen, I enjoy looking at the capability this app allows for the creation of my aesthetically pleasing notes. Tbh if u get the urge to throw things a lot don’t get this app lol..Version: 10.0.2

Missing convert to text unless you pay extraThe program is ok and it does what suppose to do but one of the major features, convert my handwriting into text is 3.99 extra. I read all about this great feature and they don’t mention that in the description, very disappointed!.Version: 10.0.2

Needs improvements and added featuresThe organisation factor is lacking a lot. Need to be able to have subgroups within a subgroup to provide more specific organising as well as personalisation. We should be able to have the same title if we want especially if I’m trying to write notes for lectures I should be able to just title them LECTURE 1 for each subject..Version: 9.4.6

Great app, shame about the battery drain.I love this app for note taking. It’s extremely useful for visual drawing out notes as well as typing them, recording lectures, integrating images and photos and will allow handwriting search as well as letting you see what you were recording when you wrote a specific part of your note. It works well with Apple Pencil as well as without, and you can export your notes as PDFs to share them, and save everything to Dropbox or wherever you store your files. I love almost every feature of it, except the fact that it drains my battery like a straw, and it’s only getting worse with each update. It’s reached the point where it uses about 1% of my iPad Pro battery every 2-3 minutes (i.e. it is draining 20-30% per hour). This isn’t happening with any other apps, and my battery health is good. I still use it, but it’s becoming less and less usable, as I have to turn the brightness down to nothing and turn the screen off as much as possible to stop it from running out of battery halfway through the day. For a note taking app, this is really limiting. I’m fine with my iPad being drained after 6 or 7 hours, but 3-5 is too short, especially if it might be three and not five. Hopefully the developers can do something about it because if it weren’t for this it would be 5*.Version: 9.2.3

Battery drain issue!Please fix the battery drain issue asap! This happened since the update of IPadOS. The battery just drains 20% within an hour use!.Version: 9.1.4

Very average performance and zero supportI’ve used this app for a few years. Since about 18 months ago I noticed it’s sluggish. Recently it takes forever to download from the cloud - even though I never erased anything and it should all be on the device. Help document says it’s because your iPad has no storage, which is BS as I have LOTS of free space on my device still. I’ve sent in 3 tickets to support about the issue and have NEVER heard back. I suspect Gingerlabs is happy with getting their money for an average app. I’ve started using GoodNotes now and finding that is awesome. UPDATE: after 2 attempts to contact support I got a “it’s not that bad” type response and a “see you later”. Not the kind of support one expects..Version: 9.4

Freezing and crashingI love this app and have used it for 3 years consistently. Recently it has been crashing frequently or having weird bugs where suddenly I can't switch from one tool to another or zooming in or out and I'm forced to restart the app. It's getting really disrupting.Version: 9.3.5

Constantly glitchingRecently it’s been glitching more and more frequently and the Apple Pencil constantly loses touch and just suddenly stops writing Other than the fact that it does not work yeah everything’s great.Version: 10.4.4

文件夹自己消失所有的文件夹都消失了,文件散了一地,你在逗我吗?我现在怎么学习??.Version: 10.3.5

Some issuesI used to love this app, but am increasingly finding it frustrating. I create documents that include a lot of hand written notes and diagrams, and find that I regularly lose parts of this when I edit the document by deleting pages (i.e. handwritten text and diagrams that appear after the page deletion in the document disappear either completely or partially). This can be worked around by taking regular copies of the documents and reintroducing information that has been lost, but this is far from ideal. Especially as the text is often equations, and missing a sign or digit can be a huge problem. I also find that when I do a lot of editing in Notability this can cause my entire iPad (i.e. across multiple apps) to become unpredictable and slow in its responses. Aside from these problems, the app is very good. The ability to cut, copy, and move specific parts of handwritten text and diagrams provides incredible flexibility. If it wasn’t for the aforementioned problems, this would be a five star rating..Version: 10.1.1

Bug?I keep getting the notification that Load Failed and unable to load metadata. I do hope my documents aren’t entirely lost. Also, can u create a ‘force sync’ button. Coz sometimes the notes don’t update by itself..Version: 8.4.6

I’ve never had this issue beforeI’ve been using Notability for about 7 years now. As a student, it is important to make sure you don’t miss any information and sometimes that can be difficult if the professor goes too fast. One tool that I started using about 3 years ago was the microphone to record lectures. I loved it because I could follow along with what the professor was saying and what I wrote as well. Right now I’m really upset with Notability because of a bug. Recently I’ve been having problems when I completely close out of the app. Not only are my recordings getting deleted, but so are my notes!!! That’s a major problem that needs to be fixed immediately. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find an app quite like notability, so I will have to stick with good old fashioned pen and paper until this problem is resolved. I’ve also been having problems with the other tools. I usually have no problem with changing colors, font sizes, or anything related to that nature but I can’t even do that anymore! This isn’t a huge issue as I can still select the right tool, but it’s hard to organize my notes. I also can’t create subjects or dividers anymore which is driving me insane! It’s the beginning of the semester which means I need to be able to organize myself from the start to work efficiently throughout the rest of the semester. I’ve never had any issues with this app before, but these are some major problems that need to be fixed before I continue using it..Version: 9.2.2

Great app but can be better!The app is great but I’m considering switching to GoodNotes. In many ways notability out shines good notes which is why I’m torn between both apps. Notability has been glitching when it comes to moving selected written texts around. All my writing disappears, only the shapes remains and would require me to reselect the text and move it around for the writing to reappear and even then, parts of the selected text would overlap other parts making it impossible to read and would require me to rewrite it. The undo button does not fix the disappearing text nor does it fix the overlapping text. Also, Notability has also been glitching when writing with the Apple pen. Mid writing it stops recognizing the Apple pen and stops writing. It is very frustrating! Being a university student, all my lecture notes and assignments are done using notability. The main reason why I’m considering switching to GoodNotes are the following: - Highlighter - It is extremely frustrating when the highlighter goes over the text/writing whereas in GoodNotes, the highlighter goes behind the text/writing making it pop. - Eraser - although notability introduced the partial eraser which was a great improvement. GoodNotes has the auto-deselect eraser which is very useful when you’re rushing to write down important comments the prof says. GoodNotes also has the option to erase the highlighter only!.Version: 9.1.8

A staple, but disappointingUpdate: I have used this app for YEARS now through high school, college, and now medical school. I love the app and appreciate it to no ends. However, one ongoing issue I have noticed is its unreliability with downloading ppt files to PDF within the app from Canvas. I don’t know if it’s a problem with communication with canvas or just a general issue with converting to pdf within the app, but it’s annoying to have to convert all my lecture notes to pdf on my MacBook then transfer them to my iPad. It’s so unreliable I don’t think I can use only my iPad anymore, which is what my goal was. Anyway, long story short: I love this app, but it’s been frustrating for about the past year or two. The new update added better pencil integration, ,earning now it has actual pressure sensitivity rather than just the way they did it before which was through speed sensitivity determining the weight of the line drawn. This combined with the other amazing aspects of this app that I have always enjoyed make this my favorite app ever. I use it in college to take notes and annotate presentations during lecture as well as at work for taking notes during meetings or as a work log. It is simply an amazing app, well worth the money, and I look forward to continue using it with my iPad Pro through medical school. Thank you ginger labs!!!.Version: 7.1

Bring Folders and sub-folders!!!I would give it a 5 star review if it wasn’t for the fact that I can’t organize my 200+ notes into just subjects and deciders!!! I mean you guys have put a lot of thought into many little things.....and yet I simply CANT’T use the app!! Please please please bring folders and sub folders!! Or at least files integration so I can open my saved documents from the cloud.Version: 9.0.5

Themes are not free...Why though?,why so greedy?! I just don’t understand why charging for something when u already sold the app, is not that I’m having a trial!!!!.Version: 9.0.6

Not saving work properly...I keep losing all my notes and the progress I make on them because this app refuses to save them properly. I highly do not recommend paying for this app until they fix those issues..Version: 10.1.5

Need to be fixedI have an ipad pro 10.5 and the apps keeps on lagging. For example when after copying some part of my handwriting, I’m unable to start writing again anywhere close to what ive pasted..Version: 9.4.2

Notes deleting as I am writing themI have been using notability for the past two years on my iPad. I am a person who loves to hand write their notes, so I usually take notes with my Apple Pencil. This issue has never happened to me before, but while I was in a class taking some notes, I went to a different notebook to check on something and when I went back to the notes I was taking for my class a certain portion of the notes deleted. So I quickly rewrote the notes since they were still fresh in my mind. Then I went to my home screen and then back on to the notability app the section of notes that were deleted had been deleted again! There was also no way for me to undo this. I do not know what happened to what I wrote, but of course when I was writing out meaningless sentences to see if this problem would persist, those were staying. This is really sad to me because I have loved notability and using it with my Apple Pencil. After this though, I am not sure that I am able to trust that my notes won’t be deleted again. Being in college, there are many times where I cannot review the information from my lectures, which is why this is a problem. If I had reviewed this app before this incident, I would have given it 4 or 5 stars, but unfortunately this is no longer the case..Version: 10.3.1

PLEASE LISTEN TO AN AVID USERI LOVE NOTABILITY! BUT! You have not listened to the most IMPORTANT need update of which I wrote you before! Please give us a way to insert or add more notes to existing notes! It can be easily done by adding a feature to the “scissors". When you create a squared off lasso offer the option to add (or cut) space to however big the lasso is, thus moving or resetting everything forward below the lasso. How hard can that be? It was an option in MICROSOFT’s "Journal" which came with my Gateway Convertible laptop. It was flawless! Please add this feature ASAP! ThQ.Version: 10.2.3

Why should I report an issue with Notability?

  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Notability to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Notability customer and are running into a problem, might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Notability.

Is Notability not working?

Notability works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Notability.

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