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Planit2d App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Planit2d app received 46 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Planit2d? Can you share your negative thoughts about planit2d?

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Planit2d for Negative User Reviews

SO horribly frustrating!It seems like such a simple and easy program, but it is anything BUT! The touch is horribly inaccurate, and you constantly are grabbing the wrong room or feature. There is NO UNDO feature, and several times I have lost design elements because I have had to delete the completely malfunctioning “stretch” feature! It makes no sense why anyone would want the corners of a room to be so overly sensitive that they become irreversibly distorted. Again, no option to “undo”, so once the design becomes ridiculously distorted, there is no option but to delete and start over. There is no fine-tuning without major effort, and even at that point is often pointless and infuriating..Version: 1.8

FrustratedI’ve only just started using this app to help with designing a new home. I was liking but now bugs have been noticed. I’ve added a room, and I can not move it, delete it or stretch it. I’m going to have to start the plan from scratch again. Very frustrating and annoyed that I’ve wasted $7.99 on this app that doesn’t work as it should..Version: 1.7

Wow, just badPlease don't.Version: 1.1

Ok but clunky and limitedLacks the ability to share native file format with another user, even if the buy that app also. Great for a beta version, needs polishing and a full set of features..Version: 1.7

Very limitedPretty basic functionality, quite limited in its uses. Fine for mapping out a simple floor plan, but there are better options to do this for the price..Version: 1.4

It is a good phone AppLike I stated. It is a good phone app. I wish that it could improve the desktop version. On the desktop version you are not able to delete the designs, rename or delete previous files. Sometimes the page opens up and is uresponsive or opens partially and doesnt allow you to close the app unless you force quit it..Version: 1.8

Needs workApp is fairly simple to use but would be much better with a simple undo button. Few bugs causing app to crash also.Version: 1.7

Wow, so many helpful suggestions, yet no update in 3 years??I think this could be a great app, but unfortunately, even the tutorial videos aren’t that detailed. You move too fast for the average person to see what you’re touching, what steps you’re taking, in the videos. Slow down. Listen to your consumers. Acknowledge that each of them paid $5 to take a look at your app and provide feedback, which you then ignored. Guess I will bumble around and be similarly frustrated until I discover another option..Version: 1.7

Easy to use but exports are all rasterizedThe interface is fairly intuitive and surprisingly useable on a phone screen. Major limitation is that even the PDF exports are rasterised; there’s no way to get a vector of the floor plan out of the app..Version: 1.8

Does not seem to work on an iPad ProInstructions claim to drag and drop to create “land” but this simply scrolls around the page without drawing any land demarcation lines. Would like this refunded please.Version: 1.7

Useless appCannot specify line length sometimes won’t stretch room cannot get exact measurements cannot reduce wall thickness generally speaking not worth buying to many faults. If I can get a refund I will!!.Version: 1.7

This app needs work!We just got a new apartment & I thought it would be practical to sketch up where all furniture would go so our moving company knows and can set it up quickly. But this app does not catalogue a whole lot of furniture options.. No nursery furniture, no side tables, no shelves, no rugs, no lamps, no plants, no chairs/stools, no bar, no dressers, no tv units, no surround system, no speakers.. it’s a lot that’s just not there.. it barely covers the basics. You will end up designing your own furniture things, but even that is VERY limiting and VERY VERY time consuming & not user friendly.. You can’t fill the designs with dots/lines or something to differentiate them from each other.. Then there are no options for interior wardrobes (built in) so you actually have to make them as small rooms?? It’s impractical. Nothing for an open fireplace. Save your money and stick to a notepad. This app isn’t worth it & I don’t know why it got such a high rating..Version: 1.7

Helpful but not what I hoped forThe app will allow you to get an idea of what you would like but several deficiencies such as: Not enough options such as kitchen necessities ( appliances- cabinets), bedroom( closets ). Does not allow you to export to excel or a usable editing tool or to enlarge plan Difficult to edit room sizes and challenging to move items Does not allow you to insert a room or closet in a larger existing room so you have to freedraw which is difficult.Version: 1.8

BuggySpent two hours drawing plans and then end up with a room that can't be selected, moved or deleted. Time to start drawing again. Also needs an undo button..Version: 1.7

Don’t botherBarely any upgrade from the free app. Tried multiple times to create a floor plan which just ended up glitching the entire session and there is no undo button which drove me crazy. Waste of money.Version: 1.7

DecentI enjoyed the app it’s straight forward. It gives us a good idea what we want to build for our future house. Only thing I’m questioning on is the price it said 5.49$ but I got charged 13.98$ What currency are you using?.Version: 1.4

Lots of positives but a few issuesSo much of this app is good, but sadly some basic options seem to be missing. Such as undo and redo, more shape options like hexagon and octagon, you stop freedrawn shapes from ‘clipping’ to others but not preset rooms, you can’t add doors and windows to freedrawn shapes, but can’t make round, hexagon or octagon shape rooms. Now just as I was getting to the end of my design I’ve had two rooms ‘lock’ on me. I can’t highlight them so I can’t do anything with them not even delete so now I have to start again. Some really good points but just missing out 5 stars because of a few simple things..Version: 1.7

Plan2dI’ve had this app for ages - like it a lot, for creative therapy even if some of my project ideas will never be built - and I get that you have the free draw button to add just text contained within the app , but with the technology we have today, I really don’t want to have to screen shot a project idea, just so that I can write notes on my own ideas with my Apple pencil a few weeks/months/years later!.Version: 1.8

Manual dimensions would be a major benefitAlmost there. The restrictions in not getting to an exact dimension is a little frustrating, in addition the ability to select an individual wall and adjust its thickness would allow for greater accuracy..Version: 1.7

More pleaseThe app is great, really intuitive control. A few extra features would be nice, such as: More ‘Fitout’ items, cabinetry, desk and chair, appliances etc. maybe an electric/gas services option or overlay. A roof structure option. The ability to change the order of floors. Some outside fitout items/landscaping: Trees, water, hard standing and drainage systems..Version: 1.8

Needs improvementsBy Theophilus It is a good app, but needs improvements. 1. You could have a better way to see the designs you already made. 2. There is no undo, and that is terrible. 3. Needs different fonts for u to choose from. 4. Like many other apps its complicated. It does not use certain Ipad features. You have to move constantly to give some instructions, like rename, delete etc. 5. Needs tables, chairs and other implements of that sort. You only get dinner tables with chairs, and sofas. 6. It with be great if at least some of the implements are sizeable. 7. Many times you are stuck with certain measures. There should be a way to unstack. Maybe aditional function of numbers, but without loosing the facility it has now for making house plans. 8. There should also de measures for the things you draw. That would be greay. Keep on with the good work, hoping to see some changes..Version: 1.4

Seriously don’t pay for it.I bought looking to start making some blueprints/drawings for construction. I work in concrete so having something to show or even for permits, regard less ,this app is not of any help. It glitches, and you can’t free draw. You have to pick already made figures and it’s not any good. I’m mad that I paid for it and was unhappy of the amount of effort ,if any ,went it to this app..Version: 1.7

Needs a little finessingEasy to use, but need more flexibility to say add windows on a section where a wall was drawn freehand. Features can move around as others mention. Otherwise valuable app.Version: 1.7

Something wrongRooms keep going grey and I can’t edit or get rid of them. Very frustrating, basically have to start over..Version: 1.7

I use it a lot but is buggyI actually really like this app, however it can be quite buggy which I find very frustrating. Often I will be designing and one of the rooms will remain on the screen and go clear and you can no longer move/resize or even delete the room however it’s sitting in the background somewhere. When this happens it usually means the plan has to be completely deleted and started under a new project which is quite frustrating! Also the walls don’t seem to be included in the measurement - it would be great to seperate the interior room measurement and the wall measurement into 2 seperate measurements - important for things like walls etc where there is a minimum space requirement..Version: 1.7

So closeThis app could be practically the apogee of floor planning apps were it not for the mindless clodding logo stamping on the export file that renders the app practically useless. The size of the logo dominates the outputted image and really ruins what is otherwise a pretty immaculate app. Other improvements to what I have said is by far the best program that I have come across for generating quick floor plans on an iPad: Loose the logo it really is not necessary The ability to export to other file formats The ability to dimensionalise to a dialled in number. The ability to generate boxes to dimension sizes or even to see dimension sizes when drawing them. The ability to generate bay windows withe the extra area included in floor area calculations. An option to include the file name on the image An option to buy more fit out items, for example electrical symbols So far..Version: 1.3

Great but need to be fixedI would give 5 stars if it had a undo and redo function. Also a group link and separate; rooms tend to link causing you to make errors..Version: 1.8

Not as advertisedTotal waste of money. Does not do what is says it does. Buy some graph paper and a pencil instead!.Version: 1.4

Exported Plans Include AdFairly limited application that includes an ad for the developer and Apple App store in every export, with no option to remove it. Export options are also very limited. App has potential, but I'd suggest avoiding disappointment and looking elsewhere if you actually intend to use the exported documents..Version: 1.8

Really basicI love the drag-and-drop rooms. Missing some of the pieces I would expect of a blueprint system, and doesn’t seem to allow dimensions to be edited by typing or using menus, only by dragging, often with less satisfying results..Version: 1.7

Maddening!Literally maddening. It's nearly impossible to get the correct lengths by dragging your finger. No undo for all the constant errors. No manual input of exact measurements. I wasted $5 only because its the only thing I found to run on my ancient iPad. Time to upgrade gear.Version: 1.8

Don’t spend your money just to save your work.Honestly, trash... Wish I could get my $5.00 back..Version: 1.7

Nice application, but....Nice easy and friendly. However it needs some improvements hope to see them in the next version: 1. Undo button is a must! 2. possibility to close the program: exit the program without save. 3. possibility to exit: Save as button. 4. It would be great if you could have right click to be able to change / write length of room/ windows/ doors ....Version: 1.7

Good but...Good cheap app. Full of bugs, but you can get through it by quitting and restarting. This can get annoying. Snaps are very restricting..Version: 1.7

Good but not greatReasonably straight forward to use, however issues with some of the furnishing items not working. Doors just refused to be placed on a drawing. Also the lines tend to move by themselves whilst working on rest of plan, so always having to fix. Lastly, when using colour shading some thing became hidden. Really needs a “undo” arrow....not easy to delete some actions. Only saves as photo, not document. Expected more for my money. Would also be useful to see measurements of lines. Good for rough sketches but ultimately limiting and therefore slightly frustrating..Version: 1.7

Buggy, no undoThis app is relatively easy to use, but it’s also buggy. I’ve had two different projects where combining two rooms basically FREEZES the active room and the adjoining rooms. They can no longer be edited or moved. Just stuck on the layout where they are. Also, many users have requested some kind of UNDO button to allow you to undo a recent movement. Sometimes a wall gets ‘stretched’ on a corner and you have to fiddle around forever to get it fixed, where simply hitting a go back arrow or undo button solves it. Another thing is that I’d pay for the drawings to actually show up in a readable format with dimensions and lines, but nope, all you get in a room size. So much this could be for making things simple, but it’s like the 85% solution so far..Version: 1.8

REDO & UNDOLast comment is right. There is no REDO & UNDO. I’m surprised it’s an old suggestion & nobody still updating. UNLESS I did not see it..Version: 1.7

Not Worth PurchaseOnline tutorials haven’t been updated in years. Missing or broken features (cannot import sketches). Developer does not respond to support requests..Version: 1.8

Need more support toolsThe apps is good but need more support tools . First the thickness of the wall didn’t included in the actual area. When I design a plan , I found that wall area didn’t included from the cut area. Second, I need more tools to draw the stairs like spring shape stairs . Hope I see a new put soon . Then I will recommend this application to my friends. Thank you.Version: 1.8

Sizing needs workI actually really enjoy using this app, however at times is very frustrating when you’re trying to stretch something and it goes from being small increments to all of a sudden a large skip to being too big. You cant always move benches to be against the wall, it often situates itself inside the wall. Being able to manually type in sizes /measurements would be great..Version: 1.7

No undo function!!App is easy to use, but there is no undo function. So you end up doing a lot of work and if you make a mistake, which is easy to do because the touch function is not very precise, you will lose everything. And you can’t backtrack your moves, which makes it impossible to do various iterations. It’s like making a car that won’t go in reverse. Unbelievable!.Version: 1.7

Planit2dVery easy to use and add rooms. However problems seems when exporting it, it creates a photo which once emailed is blurred. Am I doing something wrong?..Version: 1.4

Waste of moneyGlitches! Freezes up, when you try to move something, it moves the wrong item. Limited furniture items, places walls where you don’t want them, no bay windows, no handicap features. Can’t get rooms to lock, so when you try to move anything, the room moves. Disappointed! Now you won’t post my review. RJ.Version: 1.7

Pretty good, but a few bugsIt's easy and fun to draw up a plan. There's a couple of bugs I've found (I can reliably crash it doing custom room shapes). On balance, worth the investment in time & money..Version: 1.4

Have I wasted my money?Just purchased this App and all I get is a grid, nothing else. Nothing opens and definitely no guidance on what to do. Where is the rest of the app?.Version: 1.7

A couple of bugsFun but a little frustrating at times. Really needs an undo button! Sometimes rooms freeze and you can’t engage with them at all. Twice I had to move my entire design over to the side because I had a frozen hallway and then a frozen en-suite. They are still frozen there..Version: 1.7

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