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Seconds Pro Interval Timer App User Positive Comments 2024

Seconds Pro Interval Timer app received 234 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about seconds pro interval timer?

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Seconds Pro Interval Timer for Positive User Reviews

BrilliantSeconds pro is easy to use easy to personalise I use with all my clients Chris Easley.Version: 3.18

Almost GreatI really enjoy using this app. One thing could make it better and that is an AMRAP timer. It would be great if there was a way to enter my AMRAP workouts without having to edit every time. If not the AMRAP then maybe a way to use a split screen with Exercises on one side and time in the other The other thing is how when a notification comes through, I lose the speaking part of the ap. The timer still works but it doesn’t verbalize any more. Still the best timer app out there. 🙃.Version: 3.22.2

Set up your favorite intervals and save them foreverGreat package. I use it for interval training, walk-jog programs, meditation etc.Version: 3.22.3

Fantastic!!Easy to use, create, modify, customize timers. Fully functional - make the timers that you want that meet your needs - great app!.Version: 3.22.3

Second ProGreat App.Version: 3.22.3

The bestThis is the perfect app making it so much easier to plan exercise routines. You can simply name the exercise and give it a time limit, seconds will tell you the exercise name and when to start and finish. I needed a timer for HIIT work outs, yoga & stretching; seconds pro has been my go to timer app for years now, it’s amazing. Easy to use and just works! Can’t recommend this app enough..Version: 3.18

Awesome TimerI love this app! It has helped me to become regular and consistent in my exercise routine..Version: 2.2

InvaluableBought this app prob 8yrs ago. Have used it ever since!.Version: 3.22.3

TimerBrilliant timer! Great display especially when put on large screen TV. Loads of timer options, I probably use the Custom timer the most, I recommend this App to all of my training buddies. One downside is you can't sync across iPad to iPhone. Also, the timer needs a volume control so you can match the bleep sounds to a music app running in the background..Version: 3.13.2

Personnalisation à son meilleurParfait pour programmer son circuit. Son et tempo de décompte audible. C est le outils pour permettre de suivre un programme hiit ou tabata fait sur mesure..Version: 3.22.3

Just rightSimple enough with just enough features, perfect.Version: 3.1

Works greatThis app does just what I need for my HIIT workouts. Allows me to customize length of intervals, number of intervals, timer signals, display and labeling. Works great with my iTunes, with one little glitch: sometimes I have to go into the edit function to turn the music on at the start of a workout. Once it gets started there is no problem. I kind of wish the timer included a display of the current local time, but that just comes up when trying to squeeze a workout in to a very specific time frame. Really love this app..Version: 3.22.2

Love Seconds ProI use the app for all my classes and my own training. I also cover a lot of classes, sometimes at the last minute, having a range of workouts ready makes everything much more professional. I prefer to do custom timers but have a number of tabata ones as well. Recently even got around to copying my workouts from an earlier version and putting them all in folders! On the Wishlist is a Mac Air &/or iPad version - or do I need to update😊? I’d also like to have the option to deactivate the 10sec marker. In addition, when I have required support - the team have been as prompt as time differences allow and very helpful!.Version: 3.13.2

Easy to useSo easy to use Set your own programmes Great.Version: 3.3.1

ExcellentEasy to use and fully customisable. Allows you to play your music at the same time too. Best app I've ever paid for..Version: 2.3.1

FantasticThis app is great I use it all the time, does everything I want. I like the option of being able to create your own programs..Version: 3.3.1

Good AppI use this for tabata -style workouts at home, and I really like that I can adjust my exercises and timers. I get a lot done in 40 minutes, and I don’t have to think about what I’m doing, beyond my form. Like having a trainer over your shoulder. If I have a complaint, it’s that my watch doesn’t record heart rate well while Seconds is running. I figure it picks it up less than half the time. I won’t dun the app for this because it could be my watch, or a conflict between the app and my watch, but it is annoying to lose half the metrics. Nonetheless it’s worth it. My body is definitely showing the benefit. I’ll keep using Seconds..Version: 3.22.3

Great multipurpose fitness toolSeconds pro has been able to keep up with my flexible workout routines. The custom timers allow for a variety of workouts that I choose or I can follow a preset plan to help get stronger and fitter..Version: 3.15

Perfect timer appLove using this app- let's me customize all my timers and has so many other customizations. Works really well with my Apple Watch - one of the reasons apps I use daily - keep up the great work.Version: 3.4.6

A must have for Group Fitness!I started with the free version and shortly after upgraded to Pro. Love that you can customise workouts and play your own music. The optional voice over is great too. Would highly recommend to all group fitness instructors!.Version: 3.15

It is just awesome!This app is what has helped me most to keep my training up. Highly recommended to anyone!.Version: 2.2.1

Love this: Easy to setup, easy to useTime boxing each element of a workout is brilliant. Increases focus during activities and makes for a far more effective workout. Many timers built-in, many more you can download. Easy to make your own custom timers, too. Love this app; use it every workout..Version: 3.3.1

Simply The BestWorks great, looks great, loads of customisation, very reasonable cost, no-brainer if you’re doing anything which would benefit from a timer. The only feature I can’t get to work is Apple Watch heart rate integration; it would be nice if this worked but it isn’t a game changer for me as I can track HR metrics and zones etc on the watch..Version: 3.22.3

Great timer!Exactly what I've been looking for! Do like Alem63s suggestions also.Version: 2.0

Fabulous training toolThis app is amazingly flexible! I use it daily and have loads of personalised routines to my favourite music. Every time I get bored of one, it takes next to no time to create new challenges. Recently I’ve also used it to design a routine to make sure I do my physio recommended exercises too. Delighted with improvements to the Apple Watch app too - Great the way our requests are incorporated in updates..Version: 3.22.3

TimingsGreat piece of an app. Timings have been improving, even as you get older.Version: 3.22.3

Love this app!!!I use this app for my daily stretches & for my physio exercise. It has made my life so much easier!.Version: 3.22.2

Really great versatile appAmazing range of options that allow practically any sort of timing. Has enabled me to get back to fitness very smoothly..Version: 3.1

Changed my lifeI was looking for a solution to programming workouts and this has proven itself to be the best value. As a result I’ve been more motivated to do the workouts and have now lost 30kg and gained muscle and strength as a result of diet and exercise and this app has been integral to that. It caters to whatever timing arrangements you can think of. My only wish is that I could more easily share and export my workouts to my sister who I also purchased the app for. Otherwise it’s great. Best interval timer app out there..Version: 3.22.3

Great!!Very user-friendly!! Love it!.Version: 3.22.2

As good as heavy setLove both of the fitness apps, would love to see a “ time under tension “ timer added, would make it next level!!!.Version: 3.18

Great on the goGood to create workouts on the go and then just play then and workout!.Version: 3.22.3

Best AppI work offshore and I use this app for every one of my routines. I created circuits and even had a group of crew join in. Then I could share the routine with everyone so they could do it while home too. Top app.Version: 3.3.1

A Powerful Workout Tool for iOSIf you are like my wife and enjoy spontaneity in your workouts, this is not for you. However, if you geek out over spreadsheets, take pleasure in meticulously crafting your workout plan and then honing and refining that plan over many months, documenting the incremental changes and rubbing your hands together saying “excellent” like the Mr. Burns meme as you plan is executed to perfection, you might like Seconds Pro. The spoken callouts of the next exercises, the color coding, the cadence option, all make crafting and executing the planned workout easy. The ability to export the workouts to others has been a game changer with our remote clients. The fact that you can BUY the app and it is not just another subscription are all great reasons to buy this app now and encourage your friends to do the same..Version: 3.22.3

THIS APP IS THE BEST THING.UPDATE: I am coaching a friend of mine to lose weight, and I told him to buy this app. I told him it was the best money I have spent. Only recommended two, and this was the first one I mentioned. Seconds Pro integration with the Apple Watch is wonderful. It is the app that makes my Apple Watch the best thing that happened to fitness since sweating. _________ When I saw the price of this app, I almost balked at buying. I couldn't imagine paying more than a $1.99 for an egg timer which is essentially what I thought I was buying. I couldn't have been more wrong. This app is amazing and I love it. I would buy it again and I would pay full price again and again because this app helps me do the thing I love doing with the least amount of fuss..Version: 3.22.3

Love it, wish I could create foldersLove Seconds Pro. I use it for workouts that I get from various sources. I love having my Workout Playlist as background music, especially with the ability to shuffle songs. While there is the ability to sort or organize by length or title, I wish I could organize workouts into different folders for the type of workout. This would make it easier to find what I’m looking for. One glitch I’ve noticed is if I pause the workout and then hit play to resume, the song will finish but does not automatically go into the next song. I have to close out the workout and then restart it, scroll down to where I left off, and then hit play. Otherwise I really love this app!.Version: 3.15

Best interval timerAmazing timer. Great apple watch app. Music options, haptic options for the watch, detailed options for the timers itself. Bright vivid colour, with a block option so kids won't accidentally reset timers. The watch app will check your heart beat and display it in app as you go. Seriously, if you want a timer app that is simply amazing, look no further - things don't get better than this. Amazing app on iPhone and probably the best third party app on my apple watch..Version: 3.4.2

Great AppOnly App it seems that gives you full freedom to design your own workouts as a script. The metronome option is also great in order to follow a set pace. The workout “sharing” option should be more visible and integrated however as I like to share workouts with my clients..Version: 3.20

Great app for any kind of interval timingWhether you need an exercise timer, a study timer or anything else, this app is simple, easy to use and will help you get it done..Version: 2.2.1

The Best Training App!I've been using this app for a few weeks now and have found it invaluable! It allows me to program in my week ahead, convenient and time saving. My first app purchase ever and worth every dollar for ease of use, reliability and planning. Currently using it as a running timer for marathon training, simply invaluable!!.Version: 2.3.1

Best Timing App Bar NoneIve tried practically every round timer and tabata timer out there, and this app is easily the single best. The degree of customisation possible means every timer is exactly as you want it, you can program entire workout sessions into it and get counted in and text to voice announcements which means no more having to remember what you’re up to. The app is thoughtfully designed, updated regularly for new versions of iOS etc, and always stable and not buggy. I’ve been using this several times a week for a couple of years and will use it for years to come. I’ve recommended it to several people at my gym, all of whom also love it. Nice job, developer, keep up the great work!.Version: 3.16.1

Excellent App!Lots of sample timers covering different sports and exercises and the ability to modify those or create your own. Also can listen to music during. And a massive display..Version: 3.22.3

Seconds proPretty straightforward interval timer for setting up straight thru exercise routines with different times for some exercises if required. You can also set up rest periods between exercises. If you want music whilst you do it I find a blue tooth speaker and using external sound facility is good, haven’t quite worked out how to get the voice announcements a little louder yet but I can still hear them. Some of the synthesised voice pronunciations are odd (but sometimes amusing)!.Version: 3.22.3

Best timer I have foundThe perfect timer for anyone who wants to construct complex interval sessions. Set it up and then start it and switch off your brain. I’m a sports scientist working with groups and individuals, this is my go to. The best exercise timer around..Version: 3.22.2

Helps focusSeconds pro helps me stay on track and reduce wasted time. Even if my mind wanders it keeps me exercising as I should. It helps to know the training WILL be over within a certain time too. It is flexible enough and has enough customisable features for me. The voice is not annoying. Thanks for the help exercising. Even if I take time off it gets me back into the routine quickly and easily..Version: 3.15

Seconds ProVery easy to use.... adding additional exercises or modifying the programmes is quick and easy enough to do on the fly..Version: 3.3.1

It’s still the best exercise timerI have used Seconds Pro everyday for years. It’s a well implemented solution to workout timers and being able to control them from your Apple Watch is brilliant. The latest version has made some changes which for me is disappointing. The coaching voices have been substituted for a single voice which can be altered for pitch and speed of dialogue. It never sounds good. Please, please, please if the developers are reading this can we have the other coach voices back. I for one had grown accustomed to hearing one particular coach voice but now have to put up with the horrible new one. If you can’t put back the original coach voices then could you refine the new voice so that it can have a feminine tone if desired? Thank you..Version: 3.21.0

Excellent for coachingIf you’re a Group Fitness instructor running HIIT classes, this is the best app in the market to program your classes and have perfect timing!.Version: 3.22.3

Such a handy app!I love this app and use the customisation feature for all sorts of things … from timing HIIT sessions with pre-written exercises, to stretch and rehab exercises (so I don’t have to count reps I just hold the movements/stretches for 30 secs - physios this is the perfect app for you to set up home rehab programs for clients!) and lately for timing hot and cold sessions in the shower. Great app that has so many features, don’t hesitate to pay for the upgrade.Version: 3.22.3

Love this app. Everything I need.I've tried a few others - this one's the best. Love it! Betty rocker was right..Version: 3.22.3

Highly recommendI use this app for running intervals & circuit training. I’ve been using it for 4 years maybe more, never needed to use another app..Version: 3.19.2

Great value for the moneyStellar app - very versatile and pretty easy to use. Endlessly customizable timers!.Version: 3.22.2

Excellent with your text read outWith so many timer apps its difficult to choose, I thought I had a decent one already a free one. However it was not all I wanted. I paid for the seconds pro version for a under a fiver. There is a lot to learn how to use and I still getting to grips with it. Nice video instructions and written version too. I really like the option of the text to talking for each interval thats a big plus. I have created a session and I can just leave the phone alone with text to talk saying whats coming up and current exercise next. Being fussy I would like ability to have "change" or similar with out the timer counting down, eg when on a custom program , Press ups with text saying towards the end 3,2,1. I have inserted in the custom cycle "change" with a few seconds to stand up for squats, yes a few second I'm not bouncy i would like to silence that count down only, that's really minor. I have attached a heart rate monitor easily and i'm not techy. Displayed on top clearly is option for heart rate zone, and putting colours for each exercise. I think this will motivate me for a while. I would highly recommend.Version: 3.22.2

Simply awesomeThis is probably the most useful and valuable app I have installed. I use it everyday, from timing my cold shower, to cooking, meditation, working out, and timing coffee. I have never reviewed an app on the App Store before, but this app so good I felt I needed to support the developers. It does exactly what you need and does it amazingly well. I would miss it if it ever went away..Version: 3.22.3

AwesomeI love the new interface. It's fantastic. I've been using this to do my workouts for a couple of years now and I've always loved it. I love it even more now. If you are finding that it crashes immediately upon opening it up, delete it from your iPhone and then reinstall it. That whole process took around 15 seconds. Worked like a charm for me. I should also mention that the developer super responsive. I keep making great update. I use this app every single day. Update from 2017. I'm still loving the app. I use it every single day, multiple times a day. I've recommended it to several people and they have said the same thing. Totally worth it. Thank you! Update from 2023. Still loving it and using it each day for over 7 years!.Version: 3.22.2

FlexibleGreat app with so many ways you can program workouts. The watch app is also good for quick workouts on the go..Version: 3.15

A great timerWorks as promised with no fuss and is very customizable if desired.Version: 3.22.3

Please add SpotifyAdding Audio from the Files app would be greatly appreciated..Version: 3.22.3

Finally found an app that could do everything I wanted.Was able to reconstruct a complicated structure of a 10-20-30 HIIT workout after 5 minutes. Very easy to use. For the next version, how about some integration with other fitness apps like My Fitness Pal, etc..Version: 3.22.2

Best Timer Out ThereSimply put, this is the best timer you can hope to find. I am a personal trainer and have used this app for several years now. It’s a sign of the quality when you walk into other gyms/classes and the other trainers are all using the same app. It’s easy to use, looks and sounds great and runs in the background whilst you view other or have the display locked. I also use it for timing other areas in my life like revision sessions, cooking, mediation etc And the guy who developed this app has been very helpful in the past when I had a tech issue. I haven’t used the Apple Watch version yet, but I look forward to doing so. Don’t hesitate to buy it!.Version: 3.7

AwesomeCan't beat it.Version: 3.7.1

Heaps of settings optionsGreat for creating HIIT & Tabata workouts. I also use this for timing stretches. Love the colour coding & big numbers so easy to read from a distance. Like that it now announces what exercise is coming up next. Pretty simple to use once you work out which template does what. However, not quite as easy to change the order of exercises around as it used to be, hence 4 stars, not 5..Version: 3.22.2

ROCKxFITNESSxNZ💪🏾Great app for keeping you on track with whatever your training goals maybe especially for the ones who like to train alone like myself. "TRAIN HARD, TRAIN SMART" 💪🏾💪🏾.Version: 3.1

Great Walk/Run TimerLove this app! It counts my walk/run times beautifully and the sound/chimes counting you down into the next timer are easy to hear and somehow motivational. Thanks!.Version: 3.22.3

Great for ExercisingI love Seconds Pro - it’s indispensable for my exercise routine, and the fact that it integrates with the Apple Workouts app really seals the deal! The following recommendation is very minor, and should not be taken negatively - rather as a user suggestion to further improve this solid product. The Apple WatchOS implementation works well out of the box but could be greatly enhanced with a few, minor UX tweaks. When using the watch, I expect minimal requirements for physical interactions with the device, but I find myself focusing way too much on locating and pressing buttons to stop, start, reset, etc. I strongly believe that a few minor usability tweaks on the WatchOS portion would eliminate these minor distractions and greatly enhance the Seconds Pro experience on Apple Watch. (Happy to explain in more detail if you’re interested.).Version: 3.22.3

Good ApIt is the best and continues to improve. Great app. Use it all the time. No more counting one Mississippi two... The Ap description needs more detail about the product. The Ap does far more than I expected and more than what the description in the Ap store gives. Being able to set up any number of timed periods playing what ever music or sound bites you select with a subtle audio signal that signals the session is about to end and the next will begin all with a big bright display showing you where you are by time and session in your custom work out is fantastic. I am not a writer but you need to get one and put these points in the description, because the only way to find about all you offer here is to buy the Ap. Only problem I found is: Of you pause the work out and then you resume, the audio does not resume or come back. I suspect this will be taken care of in an update. Then it will be 5+ stars. Cool now 5 stars. Use it every day. Makes my stretching routine much better and enjoyable. Thanks..Version: 3.15

PerfectGood customization and intuitive UI. Perfect interval timer..Version: 3.22.2

Useful workout appI use this app for my cardio sessions at the gym as I’m doing intervals on the treadmill or rower most days. It’s simple to setup super-effective workouts and make a note of how it went each time too. This is the best app I’ve found for guiding my intervals!.Version: 3.22.3

AwesomeThe flexibility and reliability that you get makes the app well worth every penny. I don’t think there’s anything else on the App Store as easy and straightforward to use yet so flexible and customisable as seconds pro. I find myself just randomly making up workouts when I’m bored because it’s just that easy to do. As a former boxer I structure my workouts on a round system, I just wish I had this app when I was still active. It keeps the time and lets me know what exercise is coming up next. If you do a lot of intervals I highly recommend this app..Version: 3.6.1

Worth paying forInfinitely customisable to make any workout you want / combination of different workouts. Eg I use a compound timer with a set warmup routine ‘circuit’ including spoken exercise names, which then flows into some tabata timers and then a simple set timer to finish. Ideal!.Version: 3.12.1

Highly flexible timer with great watch appThis timer is so easy for me to setup all my gym routines with intervals, spoken word etc. In addition, and this has happened in the last 6mths, the developer has improved the Apple Watch timer such that I use it every day. Each morning I get up and do my stretches after showering. Initially with the old watch OS all timers got recorded by apple as exercise (rings, etc) but now I can have my stretches not count to this time (just changed category). Its great as I have my watch on taptic and not ring so my wife is woken up when I do the stretches..Version: 3.7.1

Amazing!This app is allowing me the flexibility I need in my training routine. It’s been my only tool for years now, and I utilize it on a daily basis. Never been disappointed..Version: 3.22.3

Perfect for Running IntervalsI’m a new runner and I’m using the run/walk/run method. I can set an interval for a five minute warm-up followed by multiple run/walk/run intervals and name them. That means when the app calls out the interval it tells me what interval I’m on, e.g. “Run 10.” Around interval 6 of 12 this is important information to a new runner. I use use this along with the Runkeeper app which keeps my distance and pace. You can start Runkeeper as you end your warm up and turn it off after your last run interval. ❤️.Version: 3.20

Best there isBest fitness app I've ever tried and used. After being in rehab for too long, it's great to see the developer has kept improving on their work, and I'm looking forwards to making the most of these newly updated features. New to me anyway! :) Absolutely nothing has changed with regards to my opinion of this app & its developer - the best there is. Thank you!.Version: 3.16.2

Great AppGreat fitness tool, simple to use, with more functionality than I need..Version: 3.22.2

Essential.This is the most important second-party app on my phone. I use it everyday. I started using it for workouts, and the accuracy it gave my workouts was instrumental in helping me to become a much faster bike racer, able to compete at the top and occasionally win races. But over time it has become just as important in timing other things, like stretch sessions and showers before work. This app has changed my life for the better. While there are some nit-picks that I have, overall the app is intuitive, easy to use, and, most importantly, simple. I'm thankful everyday for this app..Version: 3.15.3

Best timer on the marketEasy to use (once you get used to it). So many options making it easy to adapt and the ability to share timers via mail/airdrop etc is a great added bonus. If you’re not already using this app - why not?!?.Version: 3.22.3

Worth the moneyEasy to use and customize, easy to see while working out. What's $7 for unlimited great workouts?.Version: 3.22.3

Awesome appAwesome app..Version: 3.22.3

The best interval timer!I've tried many different apps that have interval timing and various programs. In one way or another, they all had good things, but ultimately were not what I needed. The Seconds app is beautifully designed so that you can use the pre-programmed timers or create your own. For me, that is what sets it apart from all the others. I would also add, that early on, I had several questions, and Support was very responsive and helpful, and quick to get back to me. I think a lot of really smart thought was put into designing this app and I highly recommend it..Version: 3.3.1

GoodIt is good. It is timer..Version: 3.22.2

Very easy to useI am not adept at using new technology but have worked this out without any help from my thirty something children. Thank you..Version: 3.13.2

Perfect for creating circuit timersI used this app to create timers for all of my workouts. I do two different 6 min core workouts one on odd days the other on even, a stretching routine, a cardio workout and a strength circuit. After programming the timers I just start my music, start the timer and go, much better than the stop watch. It even says the name that you program for each exercise so you don’t have to keep track of where you are. I can also share timers I create on my blog that my followers can use for free. Great app, just what I needed. Update: After using this app for the last 11 weeks of my 12 week cycle I still give it five stars. Does everything I need, easy to create new timers as well as edit old ones..Version: 3.12.1

Great app have Apple Watch wishLove the app. I use it for running Foam Latex for the special Effects Industry in Hollywood. Does exactly what I want. I do have a wish list of some additional features. I would love to have the center notification be a stopwatch with 1/10 of sec. so I would have elapsed time in left, stopwatch in middle and remaining on right. To have a running “stopwatch” with lap in center would make this perfect. Also for the Apple Watch, please make the lower left an elapsed time Instead of heart rate. I am Not using this for exercise, although I might in future. I use it to run through multiple preset timers which I love. Just want the option to add elapsed time instead of heart rate. Developers, you’ve made almost the perfect timing app so please don’t limit it to JUST exercise. Thanks.Version: 3.5.1

Excellent productUsed this for 6 years and it’s very easy to set up and in a way helps keep me motivated knowing it won’t fail whilst I’m concentrating on training. Excellent product and would highly recommend. Many thanks.Version: 3.22.2

Easy to useWas able to get to grips with this app and now can add and change exercises right before I take the class. Recommend this app..Version: 3.3.1

AwesomeExcellent app! Have been using it for my PE classes and also personal/team trainings!👌🏼.Version: 3.2.1

Easy to use- great tool for storing workoutsSimple app, easy to get started. Important part of my workout kit!.Version: 3.1

Best interval appThis is by far the best app I’ve used, every feature you would need is here. Worth the purchase.Version: 3.22.3

Like your personal trainer is whispering in your ear.I like this app, especially how you can customize your own exercises, intensities, rests, and sets. I like how you can use the voice to tell you when you're half way through an exercise, count down, and tells you which exercise is up so I can focus on the exercises without looking down at my phone. Like your personal trainer whispering in your ear. I wish there were more templates of routines so you didn't have to start from scratch but modify to save time. Wish you could have reps instead of timed, or a click done when done with a certain amount exercise..Version: 3.22.3

Comprehensive TimerI ve been using Seconds Pro for several years now and I believe it to be one of the most featured timers available. You can use it to keep you on track for the simplest 2-exercise warm up or super complicated 10-exercise circuit with mixes of timed and un-timed exercises including left/right splits and additional mini circuits nested within. Sometimes complicated routines are a bit clunky to enter but hey, they’re complicated. If you are interested in this app, give the free version a try and when you are impressed with the capability of the free version, graduate to the pro..Version: 3.20

Simple easy app, great supportI've been using this app for a few years and it's ideal for easily setting new timers or editing old ones for new purpose or progression. The big change in appearance with the latest update was a surprise and it seemed to have lost a couple of features I used but a query to the developer quickly provided one and gave me access to the beta version which includes what I was missing (they'll be added to the next update). A Plea: if you don't like an update, DON'T just slate it in a review, contact support, give constructive feedback, have a dialogue. Bad reviews quickly kill a product which then is not worth maintaining or improving. This developer is responsive and helpful, aim to work with him to improve the app, not dismiss it because it's had to evolve to stay with iOS changes..Version: 3.3.1

Easy to use and it just worksSo simple and streamlined. It’s easy to set up new timers, the timers are visually simple and clean, it just works! Love the gong sounds for meditation timers as well..Version: 3.22.3

AwesomeGreat app. Does exactly what I need. Very configurable. Only problem is the text to speech is not loud enough when music is playing. Would be awesome have a volume control for the voice..Version: 3.22.3

My interval timer of choiceBeen using this app for years both personally and while coaching others. It’s brilliant, clean simple design and easy to use. It’s so simple I’ve even been able to create interval timers in the few minutes before my group trainings..Version: 3.18

Just... wowPolished, thorough, dynamic and extensible. Well done, a definite must for the gym. Have bought all the big name fitness apps and haven't used them at all - this is all I need to get it done!.Version: 2.2.1

My ultimate timer appSecondsPro is my ultimate timer app, I’ve been using it for over 5 years (maybe longer). With customisable timers and standard stopwatch etc it has so much versatility for usage in many situations. I use it for gym workouts but have also used it for Pomodoro timers with work..Version: 3.22.3

Really great appEasy to create workouts of various kinds. I’m just after a simple rest/work pattern for which I can set different tempos to allow for how I’m feeling. Choosing your own music is a definite plus, as are all the different ways you can have it warn you (or not) of the upcoming rest or work period.Version: 3.22.3

Best exercise timer on the app storeUse it everyday for cardio and stretching Custom timers mean you can care the your u workout ahead of time and then just do it. Its like having a trainer watch over you.Version: 3.22.2

Love this app!I use this almost every time I work. Once you’ve keyed in your base moves it’s really quick to mix and match to create other workouts and takes all the guess work out of timing which my participants are grateful for!.Version: 3.20

MrGreat app, couldn't have made a better choice..Version: 2.3.1

OMG Amazing!Everything I could have hoped for and so much more! All you will ever need fitness timer..Version: 2.3.1

Great Time Management toolThis is a great timer — not just for exercise, but for automating the timing of any routine, of any length or complexity. I use it for regulating my workday, which requires strict timing of a set-up period, a clean-up period, and multiple regular breaks. Simple and effective. I don’t personally need it to play a pre-set audio-playlist, but I can see how this could be useful for many people’s routines. I had some trouble upgrading from the free version to the Pro version, and again Restoring Purchases later. I found this was because I was working from the free version of the app, and that I could bypass the whole issue by deleting the free version and starting afresh with the Pro version (i.e. Downloading it as if it were a new app). Problem solved. (There are ways to back up and transfer your timers & settings when doing this, but I just set them up manually again in the Pro version.) I’m giving it 5 stars because I love the app, and because the customer service team (just a married couple) is committed and responsive and seems to care. They've built a great app..Version: 3.4.6

MinuteurJ’adore, me permet de faire moi-même mes variations d’exercice avec le temps qu’il me plait! Pourrait être amélioré au niveau de la prononciation! Merci.Version: 3.22.3

Hands down best timing app!Love the ability to customize workouts/training camps/ group fitness, etc. This allows me to have various circuits with different timing. And, I can type in the name of every exercise to see on screen as we’re working out. I use it for all my group fitness Zoom classes and outdoor boot camps. I use the external music source because the internal one is inconsistent. Next level would allow you to create a timer on one device that you can access on another (iPad, phone, watch, etc.)..Version: 3.22.3

OutstandingOne of the best thought out apps on the App Store. Outstanding functionality, if only all other apps had the same level of craft and fit for purpose functionality ! Invest a couple of minutes working out how to set up your intervals, stretching times, breathing exercises etc, awesome app. Fourth review I have written in ten years..Version: 3.15

ExcellentGreat features. Lots of customization options. Love the ability to share workouts between my devices. Seconds has been my workout buddy for years. 👍👍.Version: 3.22.3

FantasticExactly what I was after, & the recent update is terrific - thank you..Version: 3.0.1

Best fitness timerBeen through a few. This is worth the price. Easy to use..Version: 3.3.1

Great!Use it for HIIT, meditation and timing my stretches.Version: 3.22.3

Seconds ProI use it every morning for stretching exercises. No thinking just lie on floor and follow exercise instructions!! Simple to use but effective!.Version: 3.22.3

UpgradeSorry I have never liked the upgrade much preferred the old format. Still having said that it is a fantastic training aide. The original let me use different music for work periods and rest periods. I train a lot of my cardio like boxing rounds eg 3on 1off now have to use the same album for both, not as good as before when I could use fast pace music for work and slower for rest. Really miss that. Also don’t like the new graphics old ones stood out better. Regards Jim Hill.Version: 3.16.2

Great timerGreat for creating workouts, I use it as a stretching timer..Version: 3.22.3

Great toolThis timer is great. Easy to set up for different workouts. Lots of options and helps me plan the workout. I have about 5 different ones and I find this intuitive and simple to use.Version: 3.22.2

FantasticFantastic app, it's got everything you need to keep you moving. Especially useful on the iPad with the big screen..Version: 2.3.1

Improved my gameHad some fun setting the program up, especially the timing of the speech and it takes time to set up each workout. But once setup it is amazing. I find it keeps me on task and I’ve even put in my warm up and cool down routines as well with relaxing music in the back ground..Version: 3.15.3

My go-to interval timerI've been using Seconds since version 1, and it's been one of my most-used apps for years. I've tried at least 6 different apps and Seconds is the only one with the versatility, stability and ease of use to work for all my needs. I use it to time several different types of workouts, music practices and other miscellaneous tasks. The display is easy to read, timers are easy to set up, manage and organize. It's an excellent app. It’s also the only one I’ve found that consistently beeps when other apps are in the foreground, when the phone is in vibrate mode and after receiving a phone call or certain other events on the phone..Version: 3.8.2

Awesome appSeconds pro is an awesome app which I have been using regularly for years. Great templates for different types of timer including tansy’s, circuit etc..Version: 3.22.3

Really great workout appI love listening to my own music and being able to set up timed training sessions with named intervals. The flexibility to change the time for each exercise is really helpful as is the half way alert. Highly recommend!.Version: 3.22.3

Great Little AppEasy to use timer app. You can set up all sorts of timers depending on what you need. I've even set them up in class..Version: 3.1

It is what it is.I’ve been using second pro for over 5 years. I have a ton of different workouts with music saved on the app. It has been my most consistent workout tool I own. All my workouts are time specific including the rest in between sets. I never have time to mess around. As a result, my workouts are grueling but effective. I even design workouts with my seconds pro app. If you have a goal and need to utilize your time efficiently, use this app and go do it, no excuses. Matched with a good workout plan and diet, you’ll get the results you want..Version: 3.6.5

Very usefulI love using this but wish I could use music other than Apple Music, and I regularly use a minute timer split into L and R 30sec each, and dinger at end of the 30sec is same as at the end of the minute..Version: 3.22.3

Awesome AppI use this for my before-school fitness program at my elementary school. Works like a charm! I can set up a variety of programs. Don’t know what I’d do without this app!.Version: 3.22.3

Does what you want,how you wants.What more could you ask for..Version: 2.2.1

Six Stars!This is perfect now. Hooray! Voice prompts & music on Apple Watch make this the perfect timer I've been looking for! Thanks for keeping up the improvements.Version: 3.5.1

Upset they removed the gong featureI have been using this app for 4 years. I found it when I started meditating and practicing kundalini yoga. I loved that it could play a gong sound when for next exercise and to end the practice and I didn’t have to move a finger. I would have rated it 5 stars. Now, I uploaded the new version on my new phone and all my meditations i has saved over the years and are gone and the gong feature is no longer available. I have been looking for another app with these features and have found nothing. I am very sad! :(.Version: 3.6.4

Fantastic app!This app is the best I've found for intervals, you can set up to any config I can find or think of, not just set times like many others. And the free version is exactly like the paid one except you can't save workouts but perfect for seeing if you like it :).Version: 2.0.1

All You Need in a Fitness Timer appI’ve been using this app for a few months now. It’s everything I could imagine needing in a fitness timer app. It is so versatile and so easy to customize. I’ve saved about a dozen of my own routines and it only takes a moment to program a workout found in a magazine or online. And once it is programmed, it’s there forever, whenever you need it. And with the sync feature, you can have it on all devices. I’ve even shared them with friends who have the app using the export feature. Save your routines to a folder... or two... multiple versions even... It’s up to you. I make full workouts for my normal routine and abbreviated versions for when I’m pressed for time. With all of my routines on hand at any given time, I have one less excuse for just getting one done. In fact, having this app has made me MUCH more consistent in my exercise regimen. I can’t say enough about it. Seven Stars! *******.Version: 3.4.5

PerfectionThis is the only app I've ever had that has never annoyed me, confused me or not worked properly. I find it logical, I love the amount of customisation and the UI works perfectly. I can't remember exactly how much it was when I bought it some years ago but it's worth it. I'd also like to commend the devs for not introducing any annoying pop-ups when you open the app, something that few apps are free from nowadays..Version: 3.22.3

Brill appBeen using this app now for a couple of month or more, never had any problems or complaints about it. I've made up about eight different routines ranging from 25 mins to 45 mins and also done a separate warm up routine about 5 mins, I've not got bored with it and been using it at least 5 times a week, I like the fact that you can edit your routine and times when ever you want..Version: 3.16.2

Indispensable tool for coachesFantastic timer tool allows me to create and share timers with athletes and other coaches. More importantly, i can focus on coaching instead of staring at my watch!.Version: 3.22.3

Keeps me on trackLove using the seconds timer… It allows you to really enjoy your workout and focus on good form and good technique without worrying about the time..Version: 3.22.2

Good App...There’s lots going on... plenty of scope to set up different exercises and you can of course, use it with music unlike many others I’ve paid for! Not found a way yet to use it for untimed stuff... as an example, I would like it to call out 20 press-ups - 1,2,3... then the same for another exercise and so on... But still very happy to give it 5*s.Version: 3.15.3

Great app. Break free from same; same workouts; make your own.I have used this app for about 5 years and still using it now after trying may others. Easy to use with all the right options available. It takes just a few minuets to make a whole new workout of your own. Break free from millions of same old same old workouts and make your own. Simply, it’s the best of the lot. Thank you. Adam.Version: 3.22.3

Best app for instructors and personal useThis app is super easy to use. You have several timer templates to choose from as well as the ability to create your own timer/interval. It easy to make changes with the organization and copy/cut/paste features. Transferring data from one device to another would be easier if the cloud did it for you but a simple paste to notes allows you to open and upload on another device quickly. Over all I love it!.Version: 3.22.3

Essential appAbsolutely love this app. Easy and simple to use. You can create your own custom sets to exercise the different parts of your body. Either aerobic or training with weights. You can easily adjust the times for both the exercise and rest periods between sets to suit the time you have for training. It’s a must have for all gym goers..Version: 3.22.3

Personal favorite.After a decade as an exercise science professional, Seconds Pro has continued to be my favorite app for timers in both strength & conditioning and group exercise instruction. The options and abilities to create programming fit my needs and are fairly easy to use. I also love it works on my Apple Watch. Creating new programs and entering all the info can be time consuming. If a desktop app was available I would definitely purchase or use it. I feel being able to use a laptop to create programs would speed up creation. That truly is the only option I wish I had as a user. Hope Seconds Pros stays around for a while!.Version: 3.22.3

RecommendedI really like this app. I have saved a small number of sessions and can just go out to my garden each day and get started with minimal fuss. Has helped take the decision making out of daily workout sessions and has helped with consistency. Recommended..Version: 3.22.3

BrilliantCan’t live without it..Version: 3.22.3

Solid timerThis timer is pretty good for programming your class workouts. It would be even better with a few options. As is, it counts you down with 3 seconds left, it would be great if I could customize that time (5 sec for me personally would be perfect) Also, I would LOVE IT if you could pair your Apple Watch and IPhone to both start together when the timer is activated. I type in each exercise name and notes, can’t really read them too well on my watch, but if my phone were in sync, I could read the exercise better. Also, when I have a second coach on the floor with me, I’d like for them to be able to access my timer..Version: 3.22.3

Feature request: fractions of secondsI’d like to be able to set a timer duration using decimals eg 7.74 seconds. I’m aiming to hit a certain number of reps in a long set (20 minutes) and seconds are too long over that duration. Great app!.Version: 3.22.3

Fantastic app and outstanding supportSimply a great app to use for training and works brilliantly on the Apple Watch. When you have a technical support question, they email you quickly and resolved the problem! Can not recommend this app more highly!!.Version: 3.3.1

Incredibly versatile / full featuredReally like this app. Tried to use on a interval run today. Building the interval was a dream.. on the run, I don’t know how I did it but it nudged to the next interval screwing it up. Question? How do I lock it so that doesn’t happen. Also as I was recording HR via another app. I didn’t want to “save”. So discarded.. this left the watch face with a green runner icon locked top middle.. only got rid of it by running a 30s timer and saving it.Version: 3.4.2

Perfect for circuits/WODsMost of my training is in the form of circuits/WODs, and this thing is perfect. It can be completely customised for work/rest periods of any length and for as many rounds you like. The countdown beeps are also great for allowing you to take your eyes off the clock while keeping to your workout plan..Version: 3.15

Overall a very useful appI have found Seconds to be very useful. There are times when it is quite smart: asks me if I want to continue listening to the music I'm playing when I first open the app, or change to something within the app (doesn't just stop my music). It can also be a little annoying, mainly just the pop up every time I open the app informing me I need to basically turn Bluetooth on if I want to use Bluetooth devices. Don't think I needed to be reminded of that every time. Otherwise, very good app!.Version: 2.3.1

Versatile timer - not just for workoutsIt’s very easy to quickly create complex interval timers using this app. I have very little internal sense of how time passes, so I use this timer for chores, daily activities, etc. — it’s like a visual schedule and timer rolled into one. Kind of like the pomodoro method, but more powerful: I can set up a timer to alternate between different tasks and breaks so I stay fresh and don’t burn out or lose myself in only one task, and the different programmable labels remind me of what I should be doing at any given point. It’s also saved me from sunburn and heatstroke when working outside in the summer. Just set up a timer with maximum time allowed in the sun, schedule rest/water/sunscreen breaks, and go!.Version: 3.22.2

It works!Have had this app for years. Made up a few workouts I can do at home and also when away. Link it to a speaker/headphones, listen to whatever music platform I want, start the timer, and away it goes… Love it..Version: 3.22.3

Excellent and reliableThis is by far the best workout app. You can tell it was created by people who actually workout and know fitness. Duper flexible and tailored as you want it to be..Version: 3.22.3

LOVE this app!!!I absolutely LOVE this app, and use it for most of my fitness classes!!! I teach water and land classes, and find the customizable timers to be a god-send! I can even share my timers with my subs, if they get the app also, and that makes it easier to ask for help, and keep the classes consistent for the members when I’m gone. The optional audio helps me transition different sections with different songs. The colors for each timer section make it very visible to the members, for everything from Bootcamp, to Yoga, to Senior Circuit classes, to water fitness, and even Kids classes! It’s been the best $5 I’ve ever spent! :).Version: 3.22.3

Great.Highly customizable, works reliably, and easy to use..Version: 3.22.2

AwesomeRoom to improve but great. I’ve benn using for two years. Wouldn’t change to sny other timer fot sparts..Version: 3.22.3

Great appGreat app, use it everyday for my own training and group training sessions ..Version: 2.3.1

Absolutely LoveI love this app more than words can express! My husband found it and utilizes the app for his boxing sessions! I personally love writing a good HIIT workout and just typing it into the app. I use it for running sprints outside too. I love that I don’t need to look at a timer or constantly check my phone, the app speaks over your music and lets you know the name of the upcoming move! It’s been a game changer for my workouts! It’s nice not carrying my little notebook or a piece of paper with my workouts scribbled on them too, just type and go! You can name and color coordinate your workouts so you always have them with you 👍🏻.Version: 3.16.2

The BEST timer - and SHARABLE!I have used this for years to design my own workouts. So many options for different types of timers including circuit, Tabata, and rounds that make it quick and easy to create workouts. I also like the custom option if I’m not doing rounds/sets. I just recently had the need to share the workouts and was so happy to learn that it is super easy - whether the other person has the app or not! If not, the timer will open in a web browser. Super easy to share simple workouts with others who don’t need or want to pay for fancy complicated apps. Love this timer!.Version: 3.22.3

Straightforward and functionalThis app perfectly does what I need it to do, which is to save and play workout intervals, the sections of which can be delineated by colour and sounds. No complaints, does the job well!.Version: 3.22.3

Best training toolHave been using since 2013 to great success. Workouts are timed so I'm out of the gym quicker... Meaning I don't mind going more often. Easy to use and a great tool, especially when training for a goal, as you can save and change workouts to adapt to your need. Great app..Version: 3.0

Used for yearsLiterally used this for years. Never had a single problem. All custom features needed. Only 1 thing i would like implemented but specific to me - to reverse the screen so can read the timer in the mirror. I regularly train in front if mirror with timer behind me. Nice to have but not necessary..Version: 3.22.3

Love the flexibility!Great app for making up my own workout to my favorite artists. Good job!.Version: 3.1

Nouvelle versionNouvelle version encore plus conviviale. Very nine. Merci !.Version: 3.22.2

Awesome!!I broke my gymboss through neglect and didn't want to pay another $45 for another and this is awesome! More features. I can't clip it to my belt but it works fine anyway for my body weight and HIIT.Version: 2.3.1

Awesome app!Very useful as a timer for everything, easily customizable - does everything.Version: 3.1

All the features I needSeconds Pro looks relatively basic, but that conceals a whole set of features and different timer types. The basic look is actually very functional — the timer is large and the secondary information shown can be customised to your needs. Overall, I’ve tried several other applications, and this is the one I’d recommend..Version: 3.22.3

Best timer aroundUse this app for all workouts.Version: 3.22.3

Customizable and DependableCan’t say enough good things about this timer, and with every update, it just gets better. I've been using SecondsPro for over three years now as a group fitness instructor. It is customizable down to the interval level which is perfect as I like to design my own classes at a very granular level. It has also been completely reliable which is a must when you're standing in front of a couple dozen people expecting a professionally run class. Cut, paste and duplication features make it easy to build on timers you've already created and the export feature permits you to share timers. This is professional grade through and through. Highly recommended..Version: 3.13.2

Love itUsed it all the time for coaching sessions👍👣.Version: 3.16.1

In Seconds become a ProOnce you've got your objectives for the session sort, all you do is input intervals/ rounds with rest periods & your sorted... Love it!.Version: 2.3.1

Great interval timer, with one major caveatI found this timer looking for something that would allow me to make and edit intervals, especially since it works with the Apple Watch. Strictly for making and using timers it’s been a breeze, and very intuitive. On that front it’s a full Five Stars. It also plays well while listening to music, no complaints. The major caveat to note for those looking to buy this: You cannot use Seconds Pro in tandem with the Apple Watch Workout app. I’m not taking off a star as this is an issue with WatchOS and nothing that the developers can wholly overcome. But if possible I hope they can add the ability to track location using GPS to some degree, I’d like to be able to track distance and pacing while using this app..Version: 3.15

Easy to use versatile custom timerLove this timer app, it really does help me as a fitness instructor plug n play. Allows me to concentrate on my form cues during my sets of exercises, whilst the timer lets me know when it’s time to move on to the next. Great asset to my workouts. Love it x.Version: 3.19.1

Best timer ap AvailableThis app is a game changer. It's the best I have found and I have tried many of them. I am a personal trainer and this app gets smashed during my sessions. You can cast to a tv as well. Just get it..Version: 3.17.1

Get it.I’ve been using seconds pro to time my personal training sessions for around 6 years now. It’s just the easiest and best way to train clients without looking at a clock. Input your session, stick your phone in your pocket and leave the rest to the app. 110% recommend job done..Version: 3.20

Pretty good, but would be better with HR from Apple WatchThe app is good, it’s pretty basic but does what I need. I would really like it if it could display the heart rate from an Apple Watch. Not sure if it’s possible, but would be a great feature..Version: 3.22.3

I bloody love it!I use seconds pro a lot to write my own weights and circuit sessions. I love the voice over to tell me what’s up next so I don’t have to keep looking at my phone and she counts me in and out of each exercise too. As I said, I bloody love it- also use it for indoor cycling sessions and the fact that I can have my own music playing in the background whilst the app is running makes it even more enjoyable..Version: 3.22.2

I have been looking for thisTraining indoors on the bike I needed a large timer. Imagine my delight when I only got an iPad for Christmas and discovered this app. That is what I wrote some time ago. With a new iPad totally updated I was able to update the app. Great look and ease of use. Love this. Despite most indoor cyclists using Zwift and trainer road, I just use this riding the rollers and using my power meter for intensity.Version: 3.6.6

Seconds ProGreat app. Have been using it for years and every version just keeps getting better. I have saved over 100 different timers based on different sessions and drills I deliver and I love the fact that I can not only give them all relevant names but that I can share with my assistant trainers..Version: 3.7.2

Training buddyI use this app to help me train for rock climbing, and what can I say, this app is pretty much flawless. The design and user interface are both extremely straightforward and user friendly, and there are myriad options to help you structure your workouts the way you want. If you’re looking for an app to help you structure your circuit style workouts, or if you do any sort of hitt training, this is the app to get. This app has guided me through countless ab workouts, hangboard routines and flexibility regiments, and I’m happy to leave a 5 star review for all the help this app has given me with my training..Version: 3.22.2

Best timer everGreat timer I love the ability to type in text "go hard now" type of statements... I think the voice should be more Sargent major like ;-) ... One suggestion, would be to have it make the music I'm listening to go quiet while the commands are being said... Update: my suggestion now works it’s an awesome app for those tricky intervals your coach gives you.Version: 3.15.3

Love the app only one improvement wantedHave been using the app for over a year and it's great. Just wish it would voice what number interval you were on when you can't see the screen like on a rower. If it has this function already I can't find it !! Otherwise great..Version: 3.3.1

If you train, you seconds :)Most training program needs counting time at some point or another, Seconds Pro is there to adapt to anything that needs to be counted, in any way. It’s been my training companion since the day I bought it..Version: 3.22.3

Great app for circuits!Great training app, lots of flexibility. Very easy to use. Would love to see an option for seeing not just the next exercise but the next one after that also. Alternatively have the rest break countdown, or an option to, not list it as the next ‘exercise’. Still an awesome app!.Version: 3.22.3

Seconds ProThis is the best app for interval and tabata training for iPad, iPod and iPhones. I'm so glad I purchased it. I store all of my interval/circuit/tabata workouts on it, it's really easy to use, I love the format! Seconds Pro is my best friend, I can take my workouts with me wherever I go, whether I'm doing body weight or kettlebells, I love it and recommend it for anyone who needs a great interval timer. Thanks guys!.Version: 3.6.1

Buy the Pro version!March 2018 Review Update Have now realized that the app also easily connects to a basic Polar heart rate monitor. Add this to the total flexibility of the display layout, I now have the perfect device for interval training on my Nordic Trac. The electronics on my NT, which is over 20 years old, died many years ago, but Seconds Pro is obviously even better. I've been using the free version for several years for everything from timing stretch routines to timing steaks on the grill. I never thought I needed the pro version. Recently I thought I had identified a bug so I sent the developer an email, what did I have to lose. Not only did I get a personalized response confirming that the latest iOS version was causing a problem, but they also invited me to be a beta tester of the corrected Pro version. Even the free version has so much flexibility and functionality available as far a setting up various routines, all of which you can use without looking at the app, as the text to voice capability is excellent. I'm now ready to set up and refine all of my routines, which because I have the Pro version I can now save. Like I said I've use the free version for years, but if you use a timer regularly, I highly recommend forking out the money for the paid pro version. You will be glad you did..Version: 3.6.6

Seconds proGreat lots of options.Version: 3.20

I love having the ability to customize my routine!With this app, I am able to add hints and reminders about body positioning and where to focus muscle tension. It helps to speed me through the workout. I don’t have to think about what is next in my routine since I am reminded by what I have programmed into Seconds. I find this helps on days where I just don’t have the motivation to go thought process in the morning. I just start up my routine and don’t have to think, just get going. I really appreciate the copy and paste feature that helps to build new routines much faster. Great app..Version: 3.20

Great for physical therapyThis is one of the most useful apps I have. I don’t use the pre-programmed exercises but I use the app to program my physical therapy exercises prescribed to me. I use the Tabata template and I instantly have a fully timed program, the audio cues tell me which exercise comes next and I just glance at my document if I need to remember how to execute it. I also use the Tabata template to create my own aqua aerobics program. I wish there were a way to insert custom audio cues like keep your abs tight or keep your back straight. I would use those instead of the half-way cues at the halfway point..Version: 3.16.2

Use it every workoutI don’t normally write reviews for apps but for Seconds Pro I’ll make an exception. I use this app very nearly every workout. I have a folder of Rest timers, one for simple repeating intervals, one for AMRAPS, and one for complex intervals. And when I say complex, I mean as complex as my little sweaty heart could desire. Want an EMOM for 10 minutes, then rest, then uneven alternating work/rest intervals? Okay, go for it! Want epic intro music that switches to your main tunes during the timed workout? Sure! I mean, you gotta provide your own epic, but still. Really, for a few bucks I can’t believe how much play I get from this. The only thing I could wish for - and I admit I haven’t looked yet - is a way to import/export to a file type manageable on a computer (xml?). The interval creation mechanics are a little click intensive and repetitive. Also maybe some more background colors 😁. Still not enough to drop it a star!.Version: 3.17.2

Juste incroyableVraiment une appli superbe. Je crée mes programme d’entraînement et ceux de ma copine. Répétions, repos tout est calculé. C’est juste parfais merci pour cette merveilleuse application. 👍.Version: 3.22.3

Great app, useful and flexibleI’ve even using this app for years and have recommended to many friends (who are also using it). It’s very easy to use, so versatile, you can use it for anything: cooking, exercising, remembering the washing machine, etc. I built quite a few sequences for different stretching and exercises. You can name your own exercises, and it can either beep or speak it for you. Try it, you’ll be so happy you did. Thanks guys!.Version: 3.22.3

Great timerI use this almost every day when I workout. Easy to create your own routines. As an added bonus, it backs up data so in event of major crash you can restore your data and go on with your workouts with out trying to remember what you created. I also like that it has a great backup There has been a small problem with the countdown that I have been experiencing. I reported the problem to Seconds Pro. According to them the problem is caused by Apple Voice. They are working on the problem. But even with this small problem, I still use it to do my stretching with no major problems..Version: 3.22.3

Excellent timer, great for motivationProbably the most useful and meaningful app on my phone and iPad. I tried many timer apps and Seconds Pro is easily my favorite. I use it to time jump rope and rowing workouts, to time speeches, to track speaking time allotted to members in support group sessions, and now my daily stretching and core exercises. I found this timer to be the most flexible and easy to use. The updates continually improve an app I thought was great at the beginning. Most importantly to me, the app has given more flow — and hence fun and motivation — to the jump rope and rowing workouts mentioned above. Seconds Pro helped me improve my exercise routines, get into the best shape I’ve been in for more than a decade, and lose 20 pounds. This app is the kind of thing I wish I’d thought of and created..Version: 3.15

FanExcellent training aid, like a personal trainer in your palm. I Love that it will play music for your workout. Highly recommend!.Version: 2.0.1

Can't teach without it...Had the original app a long time, I use it for teaching a lot of my classes. Now enjoying new layout, still find a lot of it confusing, but that's probably me! Would love to know how I can safely save my personalised timers so I can reinstate them at anytime. Would be great if I could get it to sync with other devices too, that way I've got a fail safe if the pad breaks down😆. Would also like to know how you download the timers like “Metafit” to my Seconds Pro app. I’m computer literate, but not sure how I am meant to get it from the download to the app on iPad..Version: 3.22.3

Great app -Easy to use and easy to program.Version: 3.1

This app is awesomeAnyone wanting to get into HIIT should get this app and Apple Music to go with it. Much like Tabata training you will lose a lot of weight doing constant cardio. It’s really amazing. Id love if there was an option to just show the interval timer and hide the unnecessary stuff but that’s not currently an option..Version: 3.9

AwesomeGreat app Love to program my DAREBEE workouts on it. Been using it for years. I have saved a lot of money..Version: 3.22.3

Highly recommended training appExtremely customisable app with a solution for all interval style training. Has some great templates. But has the ability to create sets with breaks, halfway alerts, split left/right sets, countdown to finishing each rep, choose playlists from your phone to overlay. Have used it while training clients to keep time for my workouts, but a great tool for my own training. It's my own personal trainer that keeps me honest ;).Version: 3.3.1

Very good timerThe app allows for great flexibility in timers, being highly customizable and easily programmable. My only complaint is that it reduces the volume of music once you select a timer but haven’t started it, and also when the timer is complete it holds the music at a reduced volume until you close out of the timer. I’m sure there is a reason for this, but I would love that to be an optional setting (and maybe it is; like I said, it’s highly programmable and customizable). Been using the app for a few years and see no need to look at what else is out there..Version: 3.22.3

Fantastic appI've been using the premium version for a few years now and I love it. So much flexibility in how the timers are constructed, but some basic templates to work with we'll as the option to just make your own up.Version: 3.22.3

I LOVE this timer and...I've been using UltraTimer for the last couple of years and was turned on to this by some of my group-ex instructor friends. What makes this app stand out is the level of support. From the web page links in the app to the almost immediate response when you find an issue and email the author, the support is tremendous. There are a couple of things that UltraTimer has that aren't here. First, the audibles are limited to beeps and boxing bells. I have one client who has stated that she feels like she is in a hospital room. I'd really like a library of sounds to choose from. Use the program, it works!.Version: 3.18

Best timer appI had various other apps including paid ones and regularly scheduled various tabata type and stretching holds timings, until it stopped working. Found this app amongst the cluster of other timers after trying free ones which never really had the right functionality and interfered with my workout zen state by plaguing me with in app purchase requests. This app just works, colour codes aspects of my workouts. I choose red and orange for high intensity and blues and purple for low intensity and rest pauses between. Best interval trainer timer out there..Version: 3.3.1

Loved it for years but why did all my intervals change colour?Have used and enjoyed Seconds for many years as my go-to workout timer. Would highly recommend EXCEPT one problem: all my intervals have turned black, with black text (ie, completely illegible). Not sure if this was a fault with a new version but I have dozens of my own timers so manually changing all the colours is time-consuming and frustrating..Version: 3.18

Amazing cheap and functionalI live that this app is as good as it is for only a one time purchase! Wish other app makers realised not everyone uses a bazillion functions they push and charge subscriptions. Bring back simple, clean and working apps like this one! One missing thing is some extra/custom icons. The red is not really that nice on my home screen lol.Version: 3.22.3

FantasticPerfect app for all types of interval training. I was looking for something to help me time 'tabatta' intervals and bought a device which cost me an awful lot more than this app!! Couldn't believe it when I found Seconds! It does everything I need it to do and plays my favourite training tunes - brilliant app! Best I have ever purchased..Version: 3.22.3

Not quite it’s meant for, but have adapted it and am loving it.I’m a professional musician and I have incorporated the app into my daily practice. The ability to play tracks and run a metronome at the same time and being able to rotate things around easily are great. Only thing I’d like to have run a bit easier is the whole sharing timers and account based stuff, as I have been sharing it around with my students and it’s a little awkward to make that all work..Version: 3.20

Great appIt took me a few trial and errors to get my workouts exactly as I wanted them. Now I start the program and just follow along, a bit like having a trainer. Tried a couple of other apps and this is by far the best. There are plenty of sample exercises if you want to use them..Version: 3.7.1

Best on the marketThis is by far the best in class. Easy to set up and use with so many features. If your in the market for a workout app then look no further..Version: 3.22.3

Time management for childrenThis helps my children have a clear outline of the tasks they need to do in the morning. Helping my six-year-old understand time management with basic things like tidy your room, brush your teeth, have a shower, get dressed, etc..Version: 3.22.3

It’s Become My Workout Coach!4.8 Stars! The most awesome thing about this app for me is how I can just program a workout, press play and the voice calls out which exercise is up, counts down the time for each interval, tells me when its time to rest and when to go again! The ONLY criticism I can offer is, while the app allows you to choose your playlist or album from your iTunes collection, it doesn’t allow you to choose an iTunes Radio station as your audio source; I’d LOVE to be able to have a morning workout playlist streaming randomly instead of having to compile a playlist. Otherwise...FAR better than any other app I’ve seen!.Version: 3.18

Best custom timerBest timer for any and every form of exercise. Cannot rate highly enough! Great for body weight and ab circuits and app is very smooth and user friendly.Version: 3.22.3

Great appThe app helps me to structure my bike and strength workouts and frees up my time to focus on the athletes..Version: 2.2.1

5 star ratingAbsolutely brilliant app. I use everyday three times a day..Version: 3.3.1

Incredibly useful!Completely customisable workouts, exercises, interval times, rest times, workout duration, background colour for each part of workout, even verbalises countdowns & next exercise so I don't have to keep my eye on the screen! Also has a bank of generic workouts. Awesome app!.Version: 2.3.1

Perfect!Love the customization options this app has and the general “pay once, one-stop-shop” structure. You can write each interval yourself; there’s no need to pick from a drop-down of pre-written nonsense or create a custom exercise any time you want a unique timer (like with STRONG). Only note I have is that it would be nice to be able to split a single exercise into right and left in an alternating fashion, rather than first half left first half right or Vice versa . Not a big deal at all though, just something to do in the old head. Thanks for a great app!.Version: 3.22.3

Great timerApp always works well. Many interval options. Excellent interval timer app..Version: 3.22.3

Been using for years!Great app to track your workouts..Version: 3.22.3

Great for workoutsUse this for home workouts, sets up circuits easy to use. Nice explanation for each different type of timer with examples. Free boxing round timer. Would love this to be combined with a gym workout list ie. Non timed app, but good enough as it is. Love the fact music can be added and a new track for each set is great!.Version: 3.15

Super useful app!This terrific and flexiblelittle app is easy to use and customise and has all the features to create great bespoke exercise routines and warm ups. Just what we needed - thank you!.Version: 3.22.3

EssentialThis app is an essential part of my exercise regime - whether setting programs or just using the timer function - it’s simple to use. Can’t imagine training without it!.Version: 3.22.3

A personal trainer in my pocketFantastic app. Put my program into it and it tells what I'm doing next and keeps me in time..Version: 2.1

A great multi-use appI use Seconds Pro for my time-based metabolic workouts as well as a timer for meditation..Version: 3.22.3

Very Nice! I like very much!This is so nice! I like very good exercise, with time. App is a good one. Voice gives me nice strong talk for countdown etc. Many different stretch exercise—no problem! Other exercise is also for some people who like. It’s a good..Version: 3.22.3

Love this appThe app is easy to use and I love it!.Version: 3.22.2

Excellent appThis app is a really important part of my daily workout. I don't know what I would do without it..Version: 3.22.3

Feature rich, but unintuitive UX design.1. Overall great app, I use it almost everyday. 2. The UX for copying, pasting, editing, creating folders, rearranging things etc is a bit unintuitive. But once you get the hang of it it’s not too bad. 3. If I could have my music volume stay constant when the timer labels are being read out loud that would be nice. I don’t need the music volume to be constantly going up and down. For this reason alone I never use the music feature, and I play music on a separate device for my timers..Version: 3.20

Handy AppGood little app across most exercise routines, just needs function to use snippets of music rather than playing all tracks from the very beginning.Version: 3.1

Love the app except the new bugI have been using this app for a few years now for everything. Routine organizational and workouts etc. But recently it hasn’t been cooperating with the Apple Watch to get my heart rate for some of my workouts despite the fact that I have an activity assigned to it and Apple health/Apple Watch enabled. Please help me fix this. Also, could we get some app sync between iPhone and Apple Watch so you can have a workout diplay simultaneously on both devices. It would be really helpful for doing the workout with the watch but hearing the audio cues from the phone (as the watch does not do audio cues to my knowledge, it just vibrates). I will gladly make this a 5 star review once this bug is fixed!.Version: 3.7.1

Invaluable tool for my home gymI got tired of clunky watch apps that required constant button pushes and were buggy. Plus they weren’t flexible enough to fit my workouts. So I created timers for all my workouts and don’t have to mess with any of that now. The interval name line allows me to list the exercise and weight and then I just create a ‘rest’ interval to keep myself on track. If I need to pause it for any reason I can do so but otherwise it’s running and keeping my pace up. I paid $60 for an annual subscription to SmartGym but this is a much more reliable tool..Version: 3.20

Love this app!Easy to use, highly visual, highly customisable. And it works well. JosephineNZ.Version: 3.20

Very multifunctionalI had the free version of this app and used it for a couple weeks after quarantine started, and it helped me overcome my biggest obstacle for working out: time constraints. I upgraded to the pro version so I could reuse my timers, and since then I’ve been able to throw whatever length workout I feel like into my routine. In addition to working really well for workouts and having a nice interface, it’s super useful for helping me stay on track while studying, reminding me to eat and take breaks while working on projects, and even making sure I don’t stay on the phone with friends for too long. Plus, for an organization hobbyist like me, the folder system is really nice (though a bit hard to reorganize)..Version: 3.18

I second that...Awesome app!This is by far the best interval timer app ever. Simple to use, very flexible, have been using this app for years and have not found a better one..Version: 3.2.1

Exactly what is meant to beDoes what it is meant to. I find it perfect for interval training. Love that it integrates perfectly with my own music. No regrets with this app!.Version: 3.20

Awesome app for fitness classes!I've been using Seconds Pro for at least 5 years with Fitness Devolution group fitness classes. I like it because it allows me to coach individuals, correct form, or demonstrate without have to worry about the time, or reps or what we are doing. It also provides a consistent workout so my students can pace themselves and gauge their progress. I use it 3-5 times a week for 1.5 hours sessions and it has never let me down. Most of my students have bought the app to run my workouts at home. I have about 30 workouts I've made ranging from 10-35 minutes long. They are easy to edit, or skip/repeat a section and the audio ducking tool works good when play music and the app at the same time. Highly recommended!.Version: 3.3.1

Great timerGreat timer. Easy to manage. Would like to see some calendar function..Version: 3.0.2

Created by someone coolI know this is the kind of review a friend would write for an app designer but I’ve never met the guy. He sent me a couple of messages: 1) he told me how to write my timers in Excel then import them (because you only get to live your life once), and 2) when I had a problem getting my Bluetooth headphones to work with the tempo beep. He helped. What a lovely guy. Nowadays, I’m really fit. The end..Version: 3.22.3

Brilliant app for focussing work outsI use this app for all my work outs. I especially like that you can time rest intervals which was always a problem for me as sometimes 30 seconds turns into a minute. I find this app helps me keep to time on my workouts. I’ve been using it for a couple of years and it’s well worth the money. You can design your own programs so you can set a time for a set and time for the interval. You can usually do 10 reps of most exercises in 40 seconds and get a really efficient use of your time. I have a thing about never spending more that 45 minutes in the gym and this really helps..Version: 3.20

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