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Printer Pro by Readdle App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Printer Pro by Readdle app received 53 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Printer Pro by Readdle? Can you share your negative thoughts about printer pro by readdle?

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Printer Pro by Readdle for Negative User Reviews

Not exactly intuitiveAlthough this app generally does what it says it’ll do, it’s not exactly simple or intuitive. With some things, such as pictures, web pages, or attached documents, it’s as simple as clicking the “send to” button, then choosing “print with printer pro.” With others, however, like emails (not the attachments - just the text of the email itself), you have to jump through hoops to accomplish your printing. With emails, for example, you need to select all of the text of the email, copy yet, open the printer Pro app, paste the text, then print it. This means you lose all of your formatting. So, in general a decent app, but not native printing like an AirPrint printer..Version: 5.4.14

Hopeless!It never prints pages the correct size! When I downloaded forms designed to be printed on A4 paper, the form is reduced to about a quarter of the size of the page. I haven’t been able to find any way to change this!.Version: 5.4.14

Room for improvementsCan’t print A3 format with this app on brother printers. Very disappointed. Otherwise good app.Version: 5.4.19

Good, but room for improvement!Because I can’t get the WiFi option to work, I have to have my PC running with the desktop half of the app installed. Although less than convenient it works but the printed document comes out about 80% the size it should be and in the wrong font - probably Times New Roman instead of Calibri. This is tolerable if it’s for casual use but very annoying if it’s for business. If this was sorted, it would get 4 or 5 stars.Version: 5.4.19

Hit or missJust not consistent. It’s frustrating and i’ve wasted quite a few labels and i’ve only had it for about a week. Sometimes it won’t print, sometimes they’ll randomly print super tiny. Usually takes a good 30 seconds to a minute to print when I’m using the app, sometimes more, sometimes doesn’t print at all. I’d love it if it was consistent but it’s not. I never know if it’s going to work correctly or not. I paid for the app to have the ability to print shipping labels from my phone to my thermal printer, but I still end up having to go to my desktop most of the time to get it to work anyway so it’s kind of pointless..Version: 5.4.19

Not a great productI thought this would be a great product to print from my new IPad. I first tried Printer ProLite. It took a while and a few errors, but I got it to work. I then decided to buy Printer Pro. Again, had a few problems getting it to work. But, it eventually printed from the IPad. Next, day tried to print and nothing. My Canon 3000 Series on my Laptop kept deleting. I had to go into it each time, after it was shut down add it back on. Again, couldn't get anything printed from the IPad and had to use the Laptop and add the printer back on. I ended up deleting all of it on the IPad. I am planning on buying a new desktop in the next few months and will print from that. To me it was a complete waste of money: $6.99 plus tax. I now cannot get the Printer Pro icon off of my Laptop. It keeps telling me its in use and open. I am just going to ignore it and leave it there..Version: 5.4.19

Not a real alternativeIt does print your files just not as they were created originally. Tried to print from numbers and made it impossible to print in the right size, orientation or not cutting information from the page. Emails go a bit funny too - you select what you want to print and wish for the best as it doesn’t give you a preview. I’d try the office or the neighbours instead if in need next time. Refund please...Version: 5.4.19

Doesn’t print double sidedWhen I use AirPrint I can select to print documents double sided as my printer has this function. Got this app so that I can alter page layout but now I can’t find the function to print double sided, I don’t think it allows this..Version: 5.4.19

Doesn't workThe app doesn't work very well. I can print photos and contacts, but that's about it, and even then I had to download Printer Pro desktop to my Mac to do this. Give it a miss and save yourself some money..Version: 3.1

GarbageI’m giving this app a 1 star because it works like crap.Version: 5.4.19

CrashesCrashes when printing docs opened from email. Waste of money..Version: 5.4.2

No double sided printing??!!!It is insane that I paid for an app that can’t even print double sided? The Apple inbuilt printing function can do that; the free Epson iPrint app can do that and way more functions. It is totally a shame and non-sense to purchase this app at all. Avoid, don’t waste your money..Version: 5.4.15

No double siding and Gary scale option!👎🏻👎🏻No double siding and Gary scale option. Not recommended.Version: 5.4.19

Works but only if computer is on and not in sleep mode.I've used this app a few times and it worked well. Now that I've upgraded to Windows 2010 I've noticed that Printer Pro has some compatibility issues. In task manager there are about 20 entries for Printer Pro. This is not good. I haven't tried printing yet with my computer running yet since the windows upgrade so don't know if it still prints. The fact that it sends a command to the computer and not directly to the printer makes the app a waste to me. If I wanted to have my computer as the middle man I can simply use my computer to print from. All my pictures on my iPhone are available on computer as well as Facebook, Twitter and the internet..Version: 5.4.15

More options?Could use better options to re-size, double sided. For a basic app that’s only used for talking to printers, $10 is barely worth it..Version: 5.4.19

It works, but buggyWhen using the app to print via the IP address printing, the app always takes the last page and cuts it off with a solid 3/4” black bar at the bottom or half through the page. I end up having to go into the more options, which opens the full app moving me out of the app that I am presently using, to select print 2 copies. Then I wait for the first copy, however many pages that is, to finish so I can hit the cancel printing “X” button in the center of the screen. It then prints 1/3 of the next page with the black bar across the page. This is on both iPad and iPhone. I also find it incredibly annoying that there is no multi-tasking option while printing. I want to be able to print something and then go on about my business. I don’t have to wait on a desktop to start another task while my printing queue is taking care of its job in the background. But for some reason I have to wait for the complete printing job to finish, slowly I might add, before touching my screen or switching apps without the printing job cancelling..Version: 5.4.19

Does what it says but a bit clunky and could do more!Requires a bit of understanding about the different approach needed to print from different applications but does the job well. Just wish I could save some paper by having a double sided print option.Version: 5.4.14

Default settings??Really wish defaults would reset to one copy. I need 8 copies of a one page document, and then go to print one copy of a 10 page doc and get 8 copies... frustrating? YEP!.Version: 5.4.19

Fake reviewsI was never able to get it to work properly when I first got the app. Now reading all the 5 star reviews they all seem to be written too well and like an ad for the app. Normal people don’t talk like this. I suspect they pay for reviews so download with caution..Version: 5.4.16

But there is still no two sided printing!It does a pretty good job and it’s nice on occasions to be able to reduce the size by printing two to a page but without the two-sided printing that my printer permits it’s almost useless for me..Version: 5.4.19

Great but...Need to be able to rename printers after setting the IP. Otherwise fantastic app.Version: 5.4.19

Doesn’t workDoesn’t work with Fuji laser. No response from help/support..Version: 5.4.19

Needs some workGreat that you can print multi pages on the one but that’s about all it does.. no way to print double sided .. or change to black and white mono etc.. very disappointing can’t believe I paid for this app when it doesn’t do what free printing apps do?...Version: 5.4.17

Would have been better off burning the $6.99I downloaded this in the hopes that it would work well, but to print an email, I have to SELECT ALL, copy and then paste it into the Printer Pro clipboard to print it. Years ago I used an app that I couldn't find on the iOS App Store, Handyprint. After wasting time and money on this Printer Pro garbage, I did find the Handprint app. It's not in the App Store, never was, it's downloadable to the Mac or PC and installed there, nothing to install or download on the iOS device. You share the printer in the app on the Mac (or PC), just like you would any shared printer, then open Handyprint and the printers are there. When you go to print from ANY app in iOS that supports Air Print, the printers show right up. Handyprint was also only $5. If this review helps and saves you $6.99, send me a dollar to help me recoup my losses..Version: 5.4.12

Pretty severe limitationsFor general printing it’s ok but missing features like choice of paper tray, duplex printing etc. Would be much better if it could access the features of the printers own driver. Sorry but it’s just another iOS app that that doesn’t play well outside the Mac world.Version: 5.4.18

No double sidedCannot print double sided, making this app useless for me.Version: 5.4.19

Double sided printing?I love all the features this app offers and would like give it 5 stars BUT where is double sided printing! Am I missing something? Is it hiding? A must for a “pro” app surely??? Also a more elegant, less clunky method of selecting which pages to print and booklet printing would be rather nice too!.Version: 5.4.19

Not what they say it is it doesn’t work.Just bought this App for $6.99 to print some stuff because my computer quit on me. They say it works with pretty much every printer out there. Mine is a canon which is listed on the list of compatible printers. Well mine didn’t work. Tried everything including manually using the IP address of the printer. Didn’t work and then after I was given an option to download an desktop version on my computer. Well I bought this app to get stuff printed because my computer died. What good would that do for me. Waste of $7. So if you are planning to buy this make sure your desktop works. I doubt the desktop would work either. I have seen a previous reviews, it seemed most of the people we re happy about the app..Version: 5.4.15

No option to select printer tray so can’t print photosI paid $10 for this so I could print my photos straight from my iPhone. I had to download the software on my desktop too which I didn’t mind. So I tested it and the printing works from my phone BUT there’s no option to select the paper tray on the printer, and the standard tray on my printer can’t accept photo size. I’ve had to change my default printer tray on my printer which is a pain for the usual everyday printing I do. Otherwise it seems to work really well..Version: 5.4.15

Terrible. Much worse than IOS printBasic functions are clunky and 2 step Support unhelpful (argumentative versus solution focused) No ability black white print.Version: 5.4.19

Expensive, considering imperfections(No B&W only, clunky page range selection)It did solve problem of air-prints to my HP laser jet CP1525nw printing out too small/not fitting to page from Pages etc. However, considering the expensive £6.99 cost for what is really a very basic app, the imperfections of - no Black & White only option to save your colour cartridges, and a rather clunky page range selection(actually have to type in page numbers you want) - are hard to swallow. One should expect near perfection at this price point. If I could of returned for money back I would, as I subsequently found another free app worked without these shortcomings.Version: 5.4.12

50/50Works half the time. Can't print photos. Printing from safari browser it says "one moment please it's converting". Then does nothing. Better than nothing but don't pay money for this app..Version: 5.4.2

Promises muchIf you just want to print a document, it works really well. If you want to print a pdf with your added text, forget it. I’ve tried every way I can think of, including saving the document out to other sources and I can NOT get it printed with the form filled in and signed. ARGHHHHH!!.Version: 5.4.19

I can’t get it to work waste of moneyI can’t get it to work on my iPhone 6s Plus. After trying for nearly 4 hours I give up. My printer is a year old cannon The add printer list has nothing on it. And the app now wants me to download a decktop copy. It’s not as easy or user friendly as it makes out. I now just want my money back total waste of time. If I could give it 0 stars I would. Not happy and feeling ripped off..Version: 5.4.14

Good BUT will not print double sidedI would have rated this higher, even 5 stars, if it would provide the option to print double sided (duplex). Even though my printer has the capability AND can print double sided natively via iOS - Printer Pro has no way to let me do this. I tried Printer Pro Lite to establish if it would work with my printer - which it reported that it did. I then purchased the full version. One feature that I wanted was to print multiple pages on one sheet of paper - yes, the app lets me do this. Secondly, I wanted to print double sided prints - no option to be found. Unfortunately for me then, this app is no longer much use..Version: 5.4.19

Not able to print many pagesHi, I just purchased your Printre Pro. I tested it with the light version and was able to print. I have an HP LASERJET 4000 and normaly from my PC I use PCL6 as language. When I tested my printer, I had the choice with PCL and the sheets came out totally black. I was then given the choice of PS as language, which is supported by the printer, but it takes too much memory. As I don’t have that memory in my printer, I get a message « Out of memory ». What can be done..?? Can you offer PCL 6 as choice..?? I have an iPad with IOS 12.4.9 and an iPhone with IOS 14.2 and get the same messages. Thanks.Version: 5.4.19

DisappointedApp described as a full service printer app but it does not allow black and white nor multiple pages per sheet options...? Very disappointed! Printer Pro, you need to add these options soon!.Version: 5.4.19

Wish it was more advance.This app is 100% better then the stock printing options but is missing many options compared to printing on macOS. The app dose allow thing like, rotation, paper size, range, size options and basic position options and number of copies. Other then that missing things like: Quality settings (allow max DPI the printer can go) Paper type Short/long edge double sided printing Edge to edge printing (some apps do allow this) Trey source Resolution So when it come to printing off digital art, and design work for clients I’m still having to move to a mac to get more advance options to print. It would be cool to see a more options when it comes to printing and if your worried about turning people away from it due to that fact, do it how it work on macOS, make it so you have to un-hide these options. Other then that great app for those looking to replace the apple’s printing options but not a replacement for desktop printing..Version: 5.4.19

Print to one page doesn't workI bought this mainly to be able to force a page to be printed on one page. Unfortunately on my Epsom printer at least the force to one page doesn't work..Version: 5.4.12

Adds functionality that Apple should have thought ofDespite the sometimes complex and opaque process for getting a document hard copy printed, the print to PDF is a great option that's indispensable nowadays for sending attachments. Not surprisingly these days, Apple failed once again by not including this feature as standard. I think “Byzantine Printer” might be a good alternate name for this product but the print to PDF alone makes it worth while. To be fair, the fault is partly Apple's for their inability to understand that air printer is not a common default in the modern world..Version: 5.4.15

Does not play well with BrothersI was hopeful this would work, however, it does not work with my Brother printer..Version: 5.4.19

Does nothingWell,... As the title,... Does nothing, don't waste ur time, intead, just use the print ioS icon. Works, secure, free & right to the point. And still not offering printing colours setting 👍🏻.Version: 5.4.10

Can’t print both side???So wasted of paper, can’t believe it can’t set to print with both sides..Version: 5.4.15

Really worksUPDATE: app still makes me waste paper and ink. Every time I open the app it acts like it never was connected to the printer and forces a test print! I had hoped that this would have been corrected by now, but it hasn’t and I’m using precious resources, not to get work done, but to satisfy the app. PLEASE ALLOW CUSTOMER TO SKIP TEST PRINT! Downgraded stars. ORIGINAL: Even when my devices have the apps from a printer’s own company I find that this app actually works. It connects to whatever printer I need (using the WIFI IP address of the printer). I can easily print from my phone or tablet. I often have to AirDrop a PDF or a photo from my laptop to my mobile or tablet so I can print on our home printers. My tablet doesn’t have cell service, so I’m dependent on WIFI. It sets up to a printer quickly and needs a test print to establish the printer’s boundaries and then it’s a go. I only wish I could skip the test print: after an update it acts like it’s never known that printer and forces a new test..Version: 5.4.19

GoodGood but rather slow. Not enough options..Version: 2.0

Will not print the whole page; separates it and puts on separate pages. Using IPad AirFirst it printed blank page, then it print4ed parts of the document on three sep-state pages.Version: 5.4.19

Isn’t playing nice with iOS13I cannot add Printer Pro to the app list when printing/sharing from Safari. There is no option for it in the App list. This app was last updated 5 months ago..Version: 5.4.19

Rubbbish appPhotos printing with vertical lines through them. When selecting 2up and 4up on a page it prints blank pages. Total waste of money. Would prefer refund. Shame on apple search for recommending this app!! 😡.Version: 5.4.10

It reverse my order!When I choose certain pages range to print it , and type the order of page from larger number to smaller ones (I write numbers in printing range in reverse order because I need such order , such as 4,3,2,1 or 8,6,4,2 ) but the disappointing thing is that the app automatically correct the order into 1,2,3,4 or 2,4,6,8 ...etc . Please fix this bug because I choose your app as it offers the feature of printing range and that’s what I need necessarily , please fix it as soon as possible. Another suggestion is adding two more features 1st one is the possibility to print either odd or even numbered pages 2nd one is the presence of reversible printing choice such that one we find on computers which allow us to print from the last page(last one in document or in the range we have chosen ) to the first one..Version: 5.4.14

Almost good...!Finally found this app and while it attempts to make printing from iDevices easy, it however disappoints at the final printed document as the document for some strange reason does not realise it is being printed on A4 paper and comes out on a third of the intended size, without taking full advantage of the width and length of the paper it is being printed on. Also, there is no way to select what paper size the document is to be printed on. If the above two issues are resolved, including the ability to remotely send prints to any previously used printer as long as the printer is powered on, that would make the app so much more useful..Version: 5.4.15

Mainly pointless wastePrinted a 2 page PDF to my Brother printer. Did not make available a duplex option. For some reason, it wanted to print 3 pages, so i trimmed it to just two. The resulting printout is a less than legible shrunken image on two pieces of paper. For comparison, I printed using the default print method. Duplex setting was available. It did not propose printing three pages for a two page PDF. The resulting single piece of paper has the two PDF pages clearly printed using pretty much the entire page. The comparison is stark. This s/w is pointless, and rubbish. Unfortunately, a rating of zero or negative one is not possible. Avoid..Version: 5.4.13

Common Cannon Laser Printer won’t work...I think it’s a fair assumption that Canon printers are commonly used throughout the world. Believing that Readdle makes some of the best products out there, I had no hesitation to buy the pro version to allow printing to my canon laser printer to work well on all my iOS products. No luck. Instead, you offer some convoluted pc/mac workaround which nobody I know would bother with. I own all of your iOS products and love them all, except for Printer Pro. Why can’t you fix this situation? Meanwhile, I deleted this app and feel I wasted the money I paid for it. I respectfully suggest that you avoid releasing products that simply won’t work with many common printers. I own Spark, Calendar 5, Documents, PDF Expert and rely on them heavily. If you fix the Canon laser printer broken issue, I will use it and revise this review to 5 Stars. Otherwise, my rating stands..Version: 5.4.19

Rip offDoes not work at all , bought app because it said connect to any printer with USB, surprise, you only find out after you paid for it that it only works on a computer “apparently “.Version: 5.4.18

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