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Zillow real estate & Zillow MortgageBoth are great apps. I use them regularly. Useful chart on mortgage gives you an idea on when to get the best rate. Quick to use, and easy to see impacts on payments between different mortgage options..Version: 2.0.1

What happen?I don’t know what happened in this last update. However, now you cannot see any numbers except for what is in the circle. Even in the circle it doesn’t show interest rate, purchase price or any variables. I loved this app. It gave me great experience and understanding of the buying market. Now, it’s just a bad app. The iPad & iPhone doesn’t work anymore. No update for iOS 11..Version: 2.7.85

Great app.Simple to use.Version: 2.7.85

Great! One suggestion.Love using this app. I am constantly calculating for clients and it's quick & easy but still allows me to expand detail if I want to get very specific. My one suggestion would be to add the percentage to the "down payment" line. As you slide the $ amount up and down it should show you the percentage of the down payment and the dollar amount. This will greatly help when calculating for a specific loan type/required down payment..Version: 2.7.85

Best place to shop for mortgage rateI did use Zillow in three type. Two for purchase and one for refinance and both time got the lowest rates. Always get pre approve here but recheck my rate 30 days before closing to confirm I had the best rate. I will always recommend this option for anyone.Version: 2.7.85

Zillow Board of DirectorsI would like to ask a question as to why the Zestimate number, house value ranges, etc., shows changing numbers online before an appraisal is submitted? Why do these numbers fluctuate? Why do the numbers not remain the same until the house has been appraised and ready to close. Even if the appraiser doesn’t view this site. I believe anyone viewing the Zillow info chart online may believe that those numberm are accurate & reached by qualified licensed person?.Version: 2.8.2

Not terribleThe app’s a little confusing to sort through at first. You can’t swipe to go back like you can on a lot of other apps. However, the app runs smoothly and is a pretty good way to calculate how much home you can afford. Fun fact: A recent study of over 10,000 millionaires found that the average self-made millionaire paid off their home in about a decade, and never refinanced thereafter. So maybe the 15-year option with no prepayment penalty is a smart move..Version: 2.8.2

Not showing any numbersI usually always use this app for my mortgage calculators. But with this new update, it seems when you go to add the numbers it’s blank. Can’t see the values your inputting for mortgage price & interest..Version: 2.7.85

What happened to the numbers I key in????The app has been great until recently but then all the numbers I key in for the mortgage calculator are now gone and I have no idea what the amount, percentage rate, or anything I'm entering in. Also the more I type in on the calculator everything drops lower and lower on my screen as I type...makes no sense and very frustrating. I still really like the app but that needs to be fixed soon or I’ll find another mortgage app to use..Version: 2.7.85

Best to shop ratesThe best feature is that I can get quotes from brokers and then shop around for best deal. By the way, I had used this app back in 2014 to shop for rates. Other features are good like payment calculator etc..Version: 2.8.2

Does the jobI'm a real estate investor that just wants a quick answer to basic finance questions. This program provides exactly the info I'm looking for in an easy to use and understand format. Changes to check out different scenarios are easy to make. Exactly what I need in my business..Version: 2.7.85

Easy, Fast and PracticalThis application provides a user-friendly experience which allows you to quickly find out your house-related expenses and consequently evaluate the various scenarios when shopping for a home. I strongly recommend it..Version: 2.7.85

Can’t see the inputsLike other recent reviews, I can’t seem to see the input values for purchase price, down payment, etc. I like the idea of visual simplicity with the slide bar adjustment, but overall useless if I’m guessing what the inputs are..Version: 2.7.85

Love itI love this calculator- I only have one suggestion! Can we please not lump HOA fee and Property taxes into one payment within the calculation pie-diagram, it’s nice to see what makes up each payment - thank you!.Version: 2.8.2

Used to be greatI used this app all the time, and about a few months ago there is a glitch on my iPhone 7plus to where I can’t see the amount of the loan that I am inputting. Nor can I erase. It makes the app useless to me and is way more than an annoyance. Fix it Zillow..Version: 2.7.85

Easy to use!I think this is a great app. I feel like the accuracy was very close for an estimate. It's the easiest calculator I've used. I highly recommend! I love the affordability calculator because most banks won't give you that information. It is especially great if you are trying to determine how much you can spend on upgrades in a new home, or building a new home, so you can stay in a comfortable budget..Version: 2.7.85

AmazingThis is where me and my wife are going to find our future home together and from what I've seen! And then knowing a real estate agent personally to go visit the place gives a better insight than just ask the agent to find homes for you. 5 star app no doubt!.Version: 2.7.85

One Stop ShoppingZillow can find you House for sale/rent, lot for sale or rent an apartment. Set your parameters and you have results. On the top it is connected with local county property site. From property tax tab it will tell you complete value history and can also take you to county tax website directly for that particular property. Where you can see real detailed property description and tax payments history. Zillow calculator app can give you idea of monthly payment without going to banker. If you request for finance the house, someone may call within reasonable time. Zillow made the house buying so easy..Version: 2.8.2

Great toolEasy to use, Zillow is a wonderful application to search and purchase a home. Highly recommend it..Version: 2.8.2

Extremely accurate and simpleAfter completing several mortgages, this app is proven to be extremely accurate. It's actually hard to find something simple and accurate. Feel confident knowing your mortgage when using this app.Version: 2.7.85

Nice real estate appI haven't had this app in a couple of years because of horrible navigations, bad set up for selecting advanced search settings. Now I love this app again. It has made a huge upgrade within itself. Everything from house searching to specific search topics makes for house hunting much easier.Version: 2.7.85

Loving this AppI love Zillow app the best because it provides everything you need when looking for a home. I especially like the ‘street view’ because I am able to see how it would like driving up to a potential home and that in itself is a decision maker or breaker..Version: 2.8.2

Very useful appVery useful when looking to obtain a mortgage and budgeting for a house move.Version: 2.1.2

Love The Visual SimplicityI love the ease of the Zillow Mortgage App and have never had any issues for years, until now! I can’t figure out how to report it or fix it myself.... this is the only place I can think to report the bug. Please fix it! The numbers I key in are missing on the right hand side, you can’t see the purchase price, the downpayment percentage, or the interest rate %. I’ve updated my phone and the app and even shut down my phone, deleted the app and re-downloaded it. Nothing has worked..Version: 2.7.85

Has some bugs.I really enjoy the app. I find that it has some bugs, which are aggravating. It is difficult to change an entry when you make a mistake on the home affordability calculator. The screen is covered sometimes by what is supposed to be the final number that you can afford. What this does is block the top of the screen to where you can’t see what you are inputting. Very frustrating. I tend to give up. The idea behind it is great. Just would like for it to function as Intended..Version: 2.7.85

Simple and straight to the point!I really enjoy this app. We were in the process of looking at houses and to be able to input all the numbers to figure out the monthly mortgage made it super easy!.Version: 2.7.85

Numbers aren’t showing up.Great app, I’ve used it plenty before, but for some reason right now, non of the numbers are showing up.. it’s just the little track bar. I deleted and reinstalled the app. Not sure if it’s my phone or what..Version: 2.7.85

Exactly what I neededDuring my recent house hunt in the hit market I live in, I was constantly frustrated trying to compare various scenarios and how a change here affects that number there. This app worked precisely how I needed it to..Version: 2.7.85

Great Tool.. No IssuesI have been using the app now for about 1 month. The only short coming is using the "slider", it's difficult to land on your exact number using it, then again maybe the slide wasn't meant to be used for all numbers. For example if I want $147,000, I can really only get as close to $145,000 using the slider, then I need to enter it manually. Not sure if there is a fix for that..Version: 2.7.85

The features of the app are nice, only if it works as it was intended to...So I open the App to calculate my potential mortgage payment but the price, down payment, and interest rate numbers are not showing up. The slider bar works but you do not see what numbers are being calculated. This but should be fixed ASAP!.Version: 2.7.85

Used oftenThis is a very well put together and friendly user app. We use it often and I found it to be better than any others..Version: 2.7.85

Used to be a Perfect little appNew review: Doesn’t work anymore! I can’t see the numbers in the calculator. It’s all blank. I have the newest iOS and an iPhone X. This worked on my iPhone 6 but not on the new phone. My old review: Includes not only a mortgage calculator but an affordability calculator. Very useful and allows you to play around with different scenarios and see how much mortgage you can take on. The app is small in size, quick, and not at all buggy. Truly awesome!.Version: 2.7.85

User selected fields are missing amountsIt’s near impossible to use the payment calculator because many of the fields are missing the amounts that have been selected. For example: Home price, interest rate %, property tax amount, home owners insurance amount. While the total monthly amount is displayed at the top Poe chart these individual amounts need to be added with their selection section. Thanks!.Version: 2.7.85

Almost thereOverall a good straight forward tool. I would have loved for them to offer a few improvements though. 1) save your results for different properties so you can easily access and customize (you can only export to an email). 2) input your own PMI 3) improve the scale for property taxes which currently stops at 10k..Version: 2.8.2

Does what I need -- I am shopping for a houseWhen shopping for a house, I need to calculate from all these factors what amount of monthly payment to expect. This app does it. Yes, the sliders are "touchy", and it takes a while to find the way to enter numbers directly from the keyboard, but the method does exist -- touch the number, and a mini-keyboard pops up..Version: 2.7.85

US Bank Mortgage LenderI want thank Zillow for this mortgage app. I just purchased a home and found US Bank. The experience was outstanding. My US Bank mortgage loan executive Denny Bennett was outstanding. He was able to execute the mortgage and close within 30 days. He was extremely communicative throughout the process! Thank you Zillow and US Bank..Version: 2.8.2

Great app!This is a great app! I have used it in recent home purchases and actually had good leads on good mortgage lenders. It would be nice to have this as a "widget" on my phone such that it would come up with other widgets at the home screen, like the Stocks app and news, etc. It would be nice to see a graph of what the mortgage rates are doing on a day-to-day or weekly/monthly basis. wouldn't that be great? I don't see how to enable that right now. it shows Zillow real estate on the list of apps but not Zillow mortgage. "Zillow is your friend," I always say..Version: 2.7.85

Goooooooood!!! :)Ahahaha good for Canada too :p.Version: 1.1.0

App was great changedDoes not show price or numerical values when set in number or percentage modes. As a Real Estate Broker, I used this app almost everyday. One day it completely changed. Now it no longer shows either percentage or numerical values when inputting numbers. Too bad as I was very fast at using it..Version: 2.7.85

Truly an asset to haveI have refinanced 3 homes and have saved thousands. Rates are at your finger tips, you can make an educated decision on what loan works for you or can be approved for. Rates are consistently better than neighborhood banks. The Key, the banks online are competing for your business and have less overhead..Version: 2.7.85

Great appEasy to use, simple, and great way to quickly get mortgage payment estimates quickly. You can use the sliders, or you can manually type in numbers to get exactly what you need..Version: 2.7.85

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