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Zillow Rental Manager app received 23 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about zillow rental manager?

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MessagingZillow is a wonderful tool for advertising apartments. I have been using it for years. I find it better than some of the other popular rental apps. Two small criticisms: The messaging system between perspective, tenants and landlords. I’ve had the text, change the spelling and actually remove portions of sentences after I push the send button. I have apologized to people for garbled messages, including times when someone has an unusual spelling to their name, and the app will change the spelling to a similar name, making the spelling wrong. The other small issue I have is with the videos. It would be easier if I could add a walk-through video I have taking myself of the apartment..Version: 8.0.17

Really helpfulI’m glad that I found this app. We have rented quite a few apartments because of the leads from Rental Manager. I don’t use the credit report, rental application, or rent collections features because we are already set up with a different program but I would not hesitate to try them otherwise. Zillow has created a very helpful product, I have recommended it to friends, and it is definitely worth five stars!.Version: 6.2.7

Top-rateI have used Zillow for years and really appreciate the services it provides. I have been able to reach a larger population, and Zillow makes it so easy to obtain the information you need to make an informed decision about a potential tenant. They provide tips and support along the way, and I cannot say enough about how it made my experience as a property owner less stressful! I would highly suggest to any rental property owner or building manager to utilize their services!.Version: 7.9.9

Best Property Owner Tool Ever!I have used Zillow Manager since 2017 to rent properties I own. It is easy to list your property information and pictures also allowing for 3D virtual tours and Zillow Online Customer Support is always available to assist. The best is that the Zillow listings are also replicated on Trulia and HotPads which allows even broader advertisement for reaching prospective tenants. The App helps you send/receive messages to prospective tenants and all features are well laid out and easy to read and use on PC, iPhone or iPad. Also helpful are the ability to do background checks, Rental payments, online tenant application submissions, etc. 2 thumbs up for Zillow Manager which helps owners rent and connect directly with prospective tenants..Version: 7.8.1

Excellent aside from alerts for communicationA very useful app for property owners and managers to forgo expensive broker commissions and reach out to potential tenants directly. Easy to upload images, edit listings, and switch between live and archived information as the properties’ status changes. Only drawback is that communications coming into the app do not forward to email or text and it is sometimes difficult to remember to check in constantly to see new inquiries and respond in a timely manner..Version: 5.2.10

Easy of getting rental properties listedHave been using this application for years and love using this method than putting a for rent sign out. You get people that actually are interested in the property then just getting a bunch of people who just want to look and not rent when they see the yard sign. It helps to not waste time, money, and effort in people who really want to see it, and I hardly ever get any no shows after driving down to show the properties..Version: 8.0.16

Zillow rental manager is fantastic!!This app gives me the exposure that I need to rent my place to highly qualified customers. I’ve been nothing but impressed with the people and companies that have contacted me through Zillow. The tools that come with this help me communicate with customers and gives them a safe place to pay their rent. I can’t say enough about how helpful it’s been to me..Version: 8.0.17

Rental with easeZillow rental management takes a lot of work off my hands. The process of finding renters is not easy, however Zillow makes it much easier. I like that it notifies you of each step and the offers suggestions on responses. I like that I don’t have to pay for the background check rather the potential renter does if they are interested. Thank you.Version: 7.9.3

The only thing zillow does rightBetween pretending to be a real estate Company and then secretly selling your information to real estate agents for thousands of dollars and having one of the most inaccurate pricing algorithms in the industry (where they became their own victim when they were buying peoples homes for cash at inflated prices. That last fact cost them $500 million dollars and they had to stop buying homes while there competitors are still going) Zillow did one thing right, the rental engine. It's simply the best all around product and they're only doing it for free to sell peoples personal data. If something is free then YOU are the product. Use them for this, but nothing else. They drive up housing prices making it less affordable for me and you..Version: 7.9.1

This is a small property landlord’s dreamWe own a duplex. I love the ease of using this app for managing the applications and messages all in one place! I also LOVE that the applications can be filled out by those interested and I get a notification of it and don’t have to worry about doing ALL the checks myself. This is a wonderful app to support those of us who don’t have a large business focused on rentals, so we don’t have a lot of time or money to spend but want to have quality renters. Thank you!.Version: 6.2.6

App is now working again.App wouldn’t load after latest update. Thank you to the support team for responding and the app now works again. Zillow Rental manager is our main source of advertising our available properties. It is extremely convenient and easy to list and relist your properties with. All information is saved after the property is occupied and you can just make quick updates when it goes back on the market. Extremely simple. Highly recommended..Version: 8.3.5

Thumbs up!From a Landlord’s perspective Zillow Manager works very well. The Zillow posting goes out onto several postings and allows the interested parties to apply online. I really like how the potential candidates pay a one-time fixed fee for all of places they apply within 30 days. It is so much better than having to pay for each application as was done in the past. Thumbs up to Zillow for creating this user friendly portal..Version: 7.8.17

LandlordI really like the services that Rental Manager is offering to landlords. Potential tenants can interact with landlords for showing and view. Potential tenants to disclose their income and credit scores so as to help landlords preview the profiles of some tenants. Also, the pictures downloaded by landlords have a word description of the pictures, so that tenants understand better what they are seeing to help them decide to request a view appointment or not. Another feature is the 3D video, which I have not been able to record and subsequently download. I need more technical advice on how to do it although I have downloaded the software. Overall, I am extremely impressed with Zillow Rental Manager..Version: 7.6.0

Zillow makes finding a tenant as simple as possibleIf someone wants to live in one of my properties-they must fill out an application. This way my time is not wasted on anyone who is just “looking” at properties and not really moving or is not qualified to live there! I can see very quickly if someone is a good candidate or not! If someone has a problem paying the fee Zillow charges...then they probably are not ready to pay the minimum $1100 security deposit on top of the rent that is required to move! Weeds out all the nonsense!.Version: 7.7.12

Rental AppThe Zillow app works well. Unfortunately the automatic listing on Trulia and Hotpats doesn't work so well. Trulia seems to just randomly pick any of the pictures as the intro picture without any recourse and hotpats lists random phone numbers as contact numbers when Zillow isn't showing a phone no. There also no manual recourse provided. Besides that and probably worse is the lag and in the messaging system and sometimes messages from the Zillow messaging system go to email only and not back to the messaging system causing confusion and missed opportunities..Version: 6.1.6

Powerful tool for landlordsI’m a first time homeowner and landlord. This app made the process of finding a tenant and adding them on a lease very smooth. The fact that it comes at zero cost for the landlord is a big plus. Highly recommended The only feedback would be to make the messaging interface (between potential tenants and landlords) more interactive. Right now, the option of auto responding with a pre defined text message is onpy available on the website version and not the app. Also, it doesn’t allow me to initiate a rental application through the messaging space..Version: 8.3.0

Landlord must!!As a owner/landlord of a single condo, the Zillow Manager app has been a god send. Most of the headaches of renter screening is done via the app/website (application, credit check, background check, etc.). Then, your property is posted to three of the main rental websites. The quality of renters and number of applicants has been amazing!! When choosing a renter, it is sometimes difficult to pick since most are excellent. A good problem to have. You can even have rent paid through Zillow and all the tracking is done for you. I’ve recommended this app to friends who also rent their properties and they love it!.Version: 8.0.13

Overall, easy to use. Always room for improvements.The App is easy to use and makes an overall complicated process quite simple. Here are a few suggestions 1. As a rental manager, it is common to see a bunch of applications but no responses to follow ups. It would be better if there is a fee or a cap to apply so that only serious applicants apply. Otherwise it is a waste of time reviewing the applications. 2. Some applicants have struggled with co-applications. It appears that the process is not straight forward when there are more than one applicants..Version: 8.2.3

First time landlordLove it so far. I’m a developer so I’m tech savvy although anyone should be now a days. But I found it really easy to handle first time landlording and renting out my place. Listing, creating the lease, to payments portal was all pretty smooth. I’m enjoying it. Few things I wish were better. 1. Custom leases are not (yet) visible from the app and you must visit the website. Could be document types or something with the builder but furthering integration so it’s accessible on any platform would be wonderful. 2. Little more flexibility on payments portal. I would love to be able to setup my bank account before I even have a renter. It seems to force you to do it when you have a tenant with their info. I’d like to have my end setup before I even go looking. And some flexibility with custom chargers you charge tenant would be good it’s little limited in types of charges and mixing in different due dates. Great app and platform will continue to use them. Hope they keep getting better..Version: 7.9.2

Fantastic toolI bought my first rental property in my early 20s and continued to expand since then. Now 10+ years later technology like Zillow rent manager make it so much easier in this profession! My only complaint is I wish I had this back when I first started!! I just as my number one source for advertisement as well as my only source for applications! I do still like to do my leases on my own but eventually I will probably switch to this for those as well!.Version: 7.9.1

The absolute best tool ever!Wish I had Zillow rental manager 15 years ago when I was renting my property in California. I wouldn’t have had to deal with any unpleasant situation had I had this awesome management tool that takes care of screening of applicants to collecting rents on time and everything else that comes with it with a very good online support system. I thoroughly love using it for my rental propertiesAnd we’ll highly recommend this to anyone who would like to rent out their own property..Version: 7.8.16

Great AppI really love this app. As a do it yourself landlord this app is very easy to navigate. I like that it post your listing on 3 different platforms, keeps each listing so the next time you need to rent it you just go into the listing and edit it. It also has the option to have perspective tents fill out an application for credit scores and background check. They pay a one time fee to fill out for several different applications for different apartments. Very handy! You can send them an invite to the link to fill out application. Love it!.Version: 8.0.15

Great way to find rentals and post rental properties!I’ve been using Zillow rental app for a few years as a landlord posting my properties and I think it’s a perfect way to show your property to potential renters. On the flip side a great way for renters to see multiple properties in an area at a glance. I like the features where a landlord can do a credit and background check and also set up rental payments with their tenants as well! Well done Zillow!.Version: 5.4.5

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