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AdditionThe only thing that would make this perfect is being able to add clients who aren’t on Zillow. If this is already possible and just don’t know about it than it’s awesome!.Version: 5.103.0

Price missing on propertyI used to like the ap worked when getting a lead call when you would see the price of the property. They have removed that. I am with a flat rate brokerage company and I can not and will not take leads under a certain dollar amount because I don’t want to pay my company over and above my commission. So I’m going to start looking for another lead generation program..Version: 5.73.0

Dropped calls3 times in last couple of days you’ve contacted me with a connection and then hung up/call lost before connecting. I hope I’m not having these calls count against me and am being slotted back into my turn. Not going very well so far in 2023..Version: 5.83.0

Need a snooze featureI love the app for getting leads. However, there needs to be a feature that allows an Agent to turn off the app or turn off lead generation. I have a full time job and I need to turn this off during that time. Also needs to check for pre-approvals..Version: 4.38.0

Premier ZillowI use the App over the website on my computer. I can make calls and texts straight from there without accidentally typing in the wrong number, as well as being able to put notes directly into your clients folders immediately..Version: 4.27.0

Zillow FlexGreat idea, the leads are not all qualified leads and some just want to see homes with no intention to buy it would be better in my opinion if Zillow implement a 3 question step asking if the lead has a realtor, if they are approved and if they are intending to buy whitish the next 90 days..Version: 5.52.0

Missed connectionsThis continues to happen. I answer the call ready to connect and say connect but not heard so message repeats, then I press connect and it turns to mute then message says no response from me so they hang up. This is so frustrating and I am losing valuable leads!.Version: 5.62.0

New Premier AgentThis is my second week as a new premier agent, and so far I have had steady calls and I am working with one lead as the buyers agents and three appointment schedule from the leads. However I believe that being an premier agent will move my business to a higher level. Thank you!.Version: 4.54.1

Excellent source for leads unless near mobile homesBefore I had an area that didn’t have any mobile homes and the price point was low but at least it was consistent. Now we have a high price point area that we never get calls for high price points and only get calls for the mobile homes in the area. It’s literally torture and not sustainable.Version: 5.98.0

Zillow premiere appApp is helpful when you are on the go like most agents area. Information at your fingertips is really handy. I would love for agents to be able to toggle between leads on/leads off by day and time. There are times when agents are unavailable (vacation, training sessions, open houses, client showings, etc...). It would be helpful to toggle off leads. This ultimately would create a better user experience for the agent and buyer. Leads would only be sent to agents that are available. Better timing, creates a better user experience and more connections for the buyers..Version: 5.7.0

Truly the best!I absolutely love the Premier Agent app. I have been using it for a little over six months, and it is so easy to use. It allows me to keep up with my contacts, send messages, and recommend homes to my clients..Version: 5.97.1

Contact details not easy to accessWhen you have a call, the contact info (phone, email) for the new lead are not readily available to see. You typically have to click “edit” on the contact to see the data. Very inconvenient when on a call with them and you are not sitting at a computer. I always like to confirm their phone number when it is a direct connect from Zillow, because leads don’t always have the best phone number entered into their profile..Version: 5.8.0

Lowest price range leadsYep Zillow has decided that they should destroy all the agents in the area that aren’t listing. Not to mention the changes in how they categorize listings. I noticed a new house that came on the market- the next time I looked at the listing it said 14 days. Unethical I’d say. They tell you that they’re going to give you leads and you get the crappiest leads available you know your market and lead price range! It’s time to put your thumb on these folks and Tell them no more!!!!! Not to mention private Conversations that I have had with a rep is being shared with a New companies owner. Sure your company taped it but that doesn’t mean you have the right to share it! The fact is I was told by the owner you are using it against me. I’ve been with your company for 6+ years. Paid a lot and had good success. Even won awords..Version: 5.17.0

DisappointedI would like to skip a month or two of Zillow advertising, as I have had 1 lead in 9-10 Months of paying Zillow because when a person calls they have know idea i am a Realtor..Version: 5.52.0

Great FeaturesThis app is great! So many things to help you with clients. Texting from the app is great and it automatically tells the system that you sent a text and what date you sent it on. Same with the call from the app. Easy to add notes to clients and keep on top of everything. Thank you Zillow!.Version: 5.9.0

Premier Zillow AgentZillow is a fantastic way for me to garner leads; in addition, Zillow has helped me with great tips on how better to connect and serve my clients. Since many people are considering moving to my wonderful state of Oklahoma, I am becoming quite a video touring agent! More than anything, I am enjoying helping others to purchase a house to make it their home!.Version: 5.90.2

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