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Lowe's Home Improvement app received 20 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about lowe's home improvement?

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Lowe's Home Improvement for Positive User Reviews

Poor Management in garden deptSale ad had 1.5 gallon hanging plants on sale for 2 for $16 Mother’s Day ad. I went in on Friday and no one knew anything about it! It was pretty frustrating even getting help. So again on Saturday I called the store about the ad. I asked for a manager. The manager said they were not set up for the sale the day before but they were now. I went again to the store with my wife. No one there could even find the plants that were two for $16. They had racks of hanging plants that were two for $22 but at check out they were $28 each. The associate who had a 10 year badge on couldn’t help and was rude as well. She said that the plants that were two for $22 were not the select plants. I left very upset with the lack of customer care at this Carlsbad NM store..Version: 22.5.1

Best Day Ever!Well I just walked into the Leeds Lowe’s out here in Alabama, and the first person I walked up to (Melodie) knew exactly how to help! She got me started applying for a Lowe’s Pro membership, and introduced me to David who helped me with some unforeseen complications in the process. Together the two of them helped me get the best possible price I could hope for, a safe product delivery on my time, and personally walked me through how to use the Pro website. At checkout, they handed the reins over to their resident computer whiz Katha who patiently helped me tie up up an excellent customer service experience! Aside from the fact that these people are so lovely and make me want to come back just to see them, they took care of all my needs quickly, efficiently, and kindly! Not to mention the store is clean, well-organized, and always has toilet paper. I often enjoy my time spent in the Leeds Lowe’s, but these people have sold me on being an exclusive customer. Thank you so much you guys, and to everyone else… Lowe’s Pro is the only way to go!!.Version: 22.10.3

Had no choiceThis process of ordering online was very easy but I must say I felt I had to do it this way instead of going to the store to pick out my items due to the fact that the Rockingham Lowe’s no longer has people manning a register. They only have the self checkout registers open and when you have a large amount of product or product that is very long in length such as molding or lumber it becomes a pain and a nuisance to do the self checkout. And not to mention if an issue comes up during the checkout process your left stuck having to wait on a clerk to come help all the while people are bumping into or having to constantly go around your lumber because of its length and the space allotted between the self checkout and the walking lanes. So for that reason I just find it easier to do the in store pickup and not have to battle these problems. It would be so much better for customers if they just opened the people manned registers again..Version: 23.9.2

CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT LOWE’SI absolutely love all the Lowe’s, it is the store I prefer because they always have what I need in stock as well as I find Lowe’s staff to be so much more knowledgeable and above all else so much kinder and helpful than their local competitors staff and store. I must drive quite a few more miles to go to a Lowe’s instead of the competitor, but driving to Lowe’s even with these expensive gas prices for the past 9-10 months, I find I still save a lot more money even driving the extra 5 miles each way. I basically live in Lowe’s as I do a lot of fixing up of the house myself, and if I need a friend to help me or hire someone to do a job on the house I always ask them to go to Lowe’s, telling them I find Lowe’s to be such a better store as well as the staff is so much nicer and know what they are talking about when I have a question, the staff never fails to answer and bring me to the items I need, often telling me easier ways to do a job I must do around the house. I am so very grateful for my favorite Lowe’s, the Lowe’s on Montauk Highway and Route 101, in East Patchogue, NY. The store is fully stocked and all of the staff is so very helpful as well as so very kind!! THANK YOU LOWE’S! YOU GET 5 STARS FROM ME!! Thank you again, Wendy Sondericker.Version: 22.10.3

Not as functional as HDEven though this app has ostensibly the same functionality as HD’s app, the curbside order ready and “on my way” features do not regularly work and often display incorrect order status when compared with the notices one gets via email. It seems to skip over several frames in the app, leaving one withou the ability to actually send the “on my way”. The single time I have gotten this to work, it was great and they were out with my order very quickly. The rest of the time, you end up waiting quite a while and there is really no way around the issue unless you give up and walk into the order pick up (something to avoid during the pandemic spike), or call the store and endure being handed off to an over burdened staff. I wish they would fix this issue. HD’s app works flawlessly by comparison..Version: 20.12.2

Supreme customer serviceWhile visiting your Fenton store, I had no physical card, and only Apple Pay. Your customer service person, Adnan, helped me get everything situated so that I could purchase my necessities for my house while using your Lowe’s app. I. Have experienced the other side of the story where I had no means of payment other than what was on my phone and the cashiers and customer service people previously have told me tough luck. Adnan went out of his way to make sure that I got everything that I needed was able to pay for it and was not a burden. Just wanted to make it known how awesome of a customer service representative he is and how great of an experience though difficult he handled the ease. It will definitely keep me coming back.Version: 23.2.2

My LowesUp until two weeks ago, I was able to use my iPhone and or iPad to look at purchase history. All of a sudden the app is telling me that I have no purchases on either iPhone and iPad. I can take an existing ,transaction enter it, it will show and the tell me it is tied to my my Lowes account. Hmmmmmm! I called customer service and, they have no clue. They want to blame on my phone or iPad and say it probably is caused by an update. That’s funny as a friend of mine uses the same products and Apple and has his My Lowes info at fingertips. Sounds like BS to me. I certainly hope they find the problem. Just found another problem, it ask for my nickname and says it is already used. I cannot help if someone already has a nickname same as mine. Lowes, I think you all need to get your act together. I hope you like my new nickname..Version: 4.15.1

Lowe’s App is AverageI really like ordering online and store pickup the next day. It usually saves me time in the store having to search for things. It’s a fantastic method of shopping. UNFORTUNATELY, although I know what I want, it’s sometimes very difficult to find on their WEB site. Example is plumbing stuff. 1” black iron pipe x 10 feet long. There are other pipes that are listed in SLIGHTLY different descriptions; 1 IN, 1-IN, 1 inch, so forth. Obviously they had multiple contractors key-in data that used inconsistent formats (or in-house employees and an poor data checking). It could be data from their various suppliers. The point is; it’s frustrating to use because I have to type in several iterations. That wouldn’t be so bad, but then I find what I want and select it to add to my ‘CART’ and it says (Oops! Something went wrong) it can’t be found. I call the store and the associate says that version has been discontinued even though it lists several in stock on the WEB page. See the disconnect? Don’t get me wrong. About 80%-90% of the time, the shopping APP is fine. It’s the last 10% that takes 900% longer than it should. Lowe’s is not done and I hope management hasn’t checked this software project off as “COMPLETE” because it’s NOT..Version: 23.1.2

Great employee’sI would like to take the time to think all the employees at Siloam Springs Lowe’s 3499 Highway 412 just a small short story on the service that I received from the employees at this Lowe’s last year. I went in to look at Christmas decorations found a Christmas tree on display that I liked ….found a employee to help me with this item( the gentlemen helped me look for the item……told me they must be out then he went above and beyond to ask someone in their department with a little more authority if they could sell me the display and yes,” it happened!! I walked out of the store one happy customer.!(Great customer service.) so that being said,” I went in a few weeks ago to look at the Halloween decorations found a spider on display and again, I found an employee to help me find the item I wanted, but again Lowe’s was out!! so I ask if I could buy the display (long story short) I walked out with the display and one happy customer again! Thank you to all the wonderful employees at Lowe’s for making my shopping one happy adventure!!.Version: 22.10.1

Lowe's customer service is 5starsI purchased a Whirlpool gas oven range in November, had it delivered in December. It came damaged so I called Lowe's in Destin and the manager offered to pick up and reorder the appliance or offer a 20% discount. Because the gas company had already in stalled the gas range I took the discount. Now January comes and less then 30 days the Smart Display Panel went out and the oven was useless. I only had use of the top cook stove. I called Lowe's again and spoke to Colton, I was frustrated and upset but Colton assured me he would try to resolve the issue. I was on hold for about 5-10 mins and he advised me he spoke to a supervisor and because we purchased on our Lowe's card he would schedule a pickup and issue a refund. I was so relieved. He explained the refund will take 2-3 business days but as soon as I saw the refund I could purchase a new one. It is truly inconvenient that we couldn't do a drop off and pickup at the same time but I'm so grateful for the customer service I received and the Lowe's employees tried to resolve the issues each time. Kudos to Destin FL Lowe's employees!!!!.Version: 24.1.1

Long standing relationshipI operate a small business in this rural area of West Tn. Lowes in Dyersburg, Tn is a daily go to. Maybe 2 or 3 trips in a given day. We are always greeted kindly. Always made to feel important to be a customer. The Pro desk professionals, Colton, Jeff, Bubba, Peggy and the group go above and beyond to work with us on our needs. mr James in electric and lighting is always a very busy man. Maybe setting a display, stocking shelves, or organizing the stock but always kind to stop whatever he is doing to assist you. He makes you’re needs his priority. We are hands in realty investors and could be in appliances and garden or lumber and paint. I’ll say that I wish this location had more to offer. We find ourselves having to drive an hour to Jackson,Tn or Milan, Tn to Lowes. And these have nice people but nothing like the appreciation and assistance we get at “our” Lowes. Can’t say enough good things about the staff..Version: 22.11.1

Love Lowes with one big exceptionWe used to shop only at Home Depot but they changed their rules to often. Lowes is far better BUT they should do something about their phone lines. I have waited on hold for many hours. Yesterday I stayed on hold to talk to someone to see if the item I wanted was in stock. I live too far away to drive there to see if they had it. I needed it that day. I waited on hold and then someone would pick up and hang up. This happened 3 times. Ten months back I ordered a large appliance and I was given an approximate date of the delivery. The delivery date was set back over and over again which I think was the manufacturer’s fault, BUT when I called to check on it I never could get a person to answer. I’d always have to go in the store to get updates. Almost always I would get conflicting information. BUT my main complaint is the phone service. You NEED to find a way to get your phones answered. I have spent well over $50,000 this year at Lowes and have tried making many many calls so that I didn’t have to drive there. It’s a very disgusting feeling when they don’t answer or hang up or my call got dropped by my cell phone. I’ve put my phone on speaker and continue to work, but finally after more than an hour I’d hang up. This just isn’t right. I just bought a house to remodel and then resell so I need to have communication with you..Version: 22.11.1

Lowe’s search feature needs improvementLowe’s search feature has been lacking for years when compared to it’s competitors. I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve had to switch to another box store because you’re app could not find something we were looking for. You might consider consulting with Google to help bring your search capabilities up to a higher standard as they specialize in searching and recalling inventory. In addition by adding the capability of using the use of wildcards which is an old fashion feature would really help when searching for something. Then have someone that can communicate well write simple instructions as to how to use this feature. Your sales hang on people finding your inventory you want to sell..Version: 23.5.1

I LOVE LOWE’SIf you have never been to one, you really need to stop by one, walk around any take it all in, look at the Seasonal Decor, from Patio Furniture, Fall Decor, Halloween, Holiday Decor. There is always something fun and new that you wouldn’t expect. I love their Garden Center, if you feel a bit lonely or sad, there is nothing like seeing all the variety they have, even in the winter months. I love being able to look at the items in person at the store, but the app has waaaayyy more items that you never imagine a Lowe’s would have just think about something and type it in! It’s crazy and yeah you can order it. Also some Lowe’s have different items in store so always visit them too when you are out of town! Good luck guys!.Version: 21.9.1

Digital Card has vanishedThis app is great and work’s wonderful in store. My problems arose at checkout. You see Lowe’s has gone full in with self checkout. By that I mean they have ZERO cashiers available and force you to self check. Which I already dislike. As busy as this store is I’m sure they could afford some cashiers. Then I go to pay, open the Lowe’s app, go to credit and the digital card is gone. Vanished… not any trace of it and Without an actual cashier I’m told I can’t lookup the card at self check, so I must remove my self from self checking to go stand online at the service desk so they can apply to my store card, since it no longer shows in app. The majority of my trips to Lowe’s are spontaneous and I have never carried the actual card around “just in case.” Now until the digital access is restored I have no reason to shop Lowe’s at all. I won’t begin carrying the card so if my happening I drive by and decide to pull on in and shop..Version: 23.4.2

Very Helpful APP!!Whenever I am working on or about to start a project and am in need of supplies then this is my go to app. It’s super helpful before you go to the store to see if they have the item you need in stock, how many are in stock, exact spot your item is in inside the store and the price of the item. I always use this as a guide to find what I need when I go to Lowe’s so I’m not walking around forever trying to find what I need, to make sure which Lowe’s store has what I need and to know the price I’m looking at when I checkout. So I highly recommend this app to people who want to save time, save money, do projects on a budget and for people who like to plan/price projects before going into a store. This is by far my number one APP when starting a home project and when I need a replacement item for my house..Version: 6.4.0

A difference in the storeOn Thursday, I drove to Bowie store to put my order in for my Levolor banded shades. I actually was trying to get out from getting the installer that was in my area. I completed it I paid $35 for them to come out to measure. I got a call on Friday from the installer to tell me he did not come down to my area in mechanicsville, how sad. However, there is a a ray of sunshine at the end of the tunnel. I went into the Lowe’s store in Saint Marys county this time instead of going to the La Plata. I was running very late only had 10 minutes before the store closed I got a manager to help me to transfer my contract to their store. His name was Tyriek Dillingham. I was told by the installer at Bowie that I could call the (877)number and they would take care of it, that was wrong. The (877) told me it had to be done between the stores so the manager at St Marys took care of everything because he could not credit back my account. I had to go through (877) for that he did my contract and waive the fee. How wonderful is that. I guess you need to go to a store in your own area. I guess I’ll find out Monday. When did the (877) will be able to at least credit my money back. 😊Thank you, St Marys..Version: 23.6.4

Very helpful App.This app is very helpful. 1. I like the fact that the app tells you if something is in stock in your local store of choice. 2. I LOVE the fact that app tells you where to find a specific item that you are looking for, in the store. It gives the location aisle and Bay#. And this is great!!! There is no need to go hunting down someone to help you find something. 3. Looking up various products online before going to the store helps narrow down my purchasing options. This is very useful. IF I had any criticism of the app, they would be a relatively small thing. I’ve had times that the app says that an item is in stock in the store and it isn’t in stock. I don’t know if this is a glitch with the app. Or, if this is a problem that the store hasn’t put out merchandise. So, it’s technically in stock but no one can find it. And this problem seems to happen at Home Depot and Lowes more than other stores. For example, a store that seems to do a good job with their app when it comes to keeping up with their inventory is Walmart. On the other end of the spectrum Home Depot has given me more problems with this feature than Lowes has. So, I guess it’s all relative. Again, I love this feature on the app. I just wish that it worked more of the time than it does. And, when I say something isn’t in stock and the app says that it is, I usually enlist a worker to help me and they can’t find the item either. So, I don’t think that it’s just me..Version: 22.9.1

Review by Bill ScottLove this store been going to this store since I was a little boy with my dad back when it was at Paducah Ford location but he has went to be with our lord for almost 10yrs now and I still remember it every time I walk thru your doors how much I miss going with him we came to the store at least 2-4 times a week he was a craftsman he built everything by hand he could take 2 2x4’s and make something out of a magazine he was so very gifted with wood craftsmanship and now I’m trying to do it for his carry on my son and spread it to my boys my only gripe is your prices are way to ridiculous on lumber and other things in your store and makes it hard to do these things anymore fix the prices and get more customers and money.Version: 21.12.2

Don’t forget to press the “in stock” button!You can find out what Lowe’s has in stock and even what isle and section of the store it’s in BUT you must follow these steps, especially when online shopping to do curbside pick up. Step (1) Select your location at the top of the screen you want to shop out of. (2)Search very general, simple terms in the search bar (3). After your results show up click the Free Pick Up In Store Today button on the left hand side of the screen and from there you can start to refine search results to get more specific. If you don’t click this button it’s going to show you everything you can get in the store that day and special order products that can take several days to weeks to arrive. If you can’t click it, there isn’t anything like it in stock or you need to change your search terms..Version: 6.6.0

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