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Rewards System?I’m a huge fan. The grilled chicken sandwiches are amazing and honestly even bigger and better than Chick-Fil-A’s. I’ve cut back eating at CFA in favor of Zaxby’s for that reason. The mobile ordering is also top-notch because our location is ALWAYS busy and it keeps me from standing in line. That being said, it would be nice if you guys would consider implementing a rewards system. My coworker and I have spent a lot of money in Zaxby’s over the last several months. We eat there maybe twice a week or so. I feel by now I should’ve earned something for free..Version: 7.0.3

Sorry this location isn’t taking ordersWhy have an app if the store won’t let you use it!!!! I downloaded it and first four orders were fine (loved the order same as last time). But it hasn’t worked since Dec 7. There are multiple fast food restaurants in our area whose app works perfectly - we will be giving them our business until this app gets fixed.Version: 7.4.2

App doesn’t work wellApp is strange the way it handles credit card info; you have to remove one to add another... strange you can’t just store and select. Also, the app takes a terribly long time to update with every action you make. There is also not a good way to customize special order items. Makes me less likely to use Zaxby’s. I do like using apps to order food, that way my order is actually taken correctly. I find at the counter often times people don’t listen well and I end up getting something other than what I ordered.... I suppose that’s a review for a different place. 🙂.Version: 7.0.3

Blank stares from employees with mobile orderI guess I’m an eternal optimist, but I thought “oh well, just because all these other people had issues with mobile orders on the app doesn’t mean I will.” I was sadly mistaken. I placed an order via the app, arrived at the restaurant, came inside and sat down. I watched as a couple walked in, placed their order with the cashier, and then received their food before my order was called. Annoyed, I walked up to the counter and asked the status of my mobile order. The cashier had no idea Zaxby’s even had an app, let alone if an order was pending. She turned and asked the kitchen manager(?). The manager kept asking if I had a “confirmation number”, which is not displayed on the app screen. Then another member of the kitchen staff walked around to the other side of the kitchen and found that my order had been displayed on a different kitchen screen for 11 minutes, unnoticed. I finally got my food made after all this. Terrible experience. I likely will not use the app again for a long time, if ever..Version: 7.0.0

App works great but...The app is easy to use but when finalizing payment and order it is a little glitchy. I chose the “ASAP” option and I received a message that the order failed. Tried again and it said choose another time as it could not be ready that quick. So then I chose the next option which was 1:00pm. Said it could not be ready that quick. (It was only 12:50). So then I chose the next option if 1:15 and it went through. So now I wait. Why would the ASAP option not work? Why have options that are not workable?.Version: 7.4.2

Updated**** Needs to work out a few kinksThis app is pretty slow. I love being able to order my food ahead of time, but the app is a pain when trying to edit or remove an item. It’s almost like it gets overwhelmed and wants to shut down. I try to ensure I know exactly what I want when I add an item to the cart. If not, it’s much faster and easier to cancel the order and start from scratch. Update: This app has enhanced dramatically since I wrote my initial review. My only complaint this time is that I can’t, AT ALL find the “Curbside pickup” option where I park and the Zaxby’s team members bring it to my car. Each time I have to place the order and then call them to let them know that I ‘forgot’ to select the curbside pickup option when in actuality I’m unable to find it in the app. I’d love if someone could walk me through it lol. I usually don’t have problems finding additions like this, but for the life of me I can’t locate it anywhere! Outside of that, I’m thrilled that Zaxby’s app development team fixed the glitches that caused the app to run painfully slow. Keep up the great work!.Version: 7.5.0

Easy to useThe instructions to put in payment info , find a close restaurant and order is simple and I have noticed very few glitches. My only complaint is that there is no way to customize your order. I can’t add more chicken strips to a meal for instance. There should also be a complete list of free style flavors for the drink option. Creating a scrolling wheel for drink flavors should suffice..Version: 7.2.0

Won’t take my orderI went through the trouble of filling out my order on the online app only to find out that the store isn’t accepting orders right now. It’s only 5:20pm Saturday afternoon so I know they are open. I even tried a different store and got the same thing. What’s the point in an online ordering app that doesn’t work half the time..Version: 7.1.1

Well DoneThis was a great app developed by the Zaxby’s team. I like the easiness of selection and how the process is viewed. This doesn’t have to do with the app in itself but I know a selected amount of stores do not have the scan rewards equipment, so trying to claim any type of rewards around my area isn’t a thing. Other than that the app is like the IPhone, it’s easy to use and learn..Version: 7.1.1

App Great still have to wait for ZaladsI don’t know if it’s just the store on Memorial Drive in Decatur Ga but I order, arrive 15 minutes later and still have to wait. Not sure if they don’t know how to process online orders or it a staffing issue. Previously I would go through drive through and they’d say pull over and I’d wait on average of 15 minutes. I like Zaxby’s, employees at this store are generally a notch above most fast foods joints, like the app, so my dissatisfaction is only with the wait time which is why I gave a 4 and not a 3 if you factor in that when ordering on an app your food should be there when you arrive 15 minutes later. Oh we added tater chips one time and they sat there getting cold while they were making the Zalad. Z wasn’t happy.Version: 7.1.0

App is pretty goodI used the app for the first time this evening and I ordered ahead . Now I will say when I was ordering ahead I tried to do pickup for a later time and it never would save , but I was headed there anyway so it wasn’t too much of a big deal . I can see how if you were wanting to plan it ahead for the next day how that could become a problem. Overall , when I told the staff I had a pickup order they were very nice and even said they were making my food fresh. I didn’t even wait 5 minutes and I was walking out the door with everything ..Version: 7.2.0

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