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Picsart Photo & Video Editor app received 133 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Can you share your negative thoughts about picsart photo & video editor?

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AbonnementI wanted to do the 7-day free trial and it charged me 1 year !!! I do not want to be a subscriber and my debited $ 88 on my credit card!.Version: 16.3.1

MusicThe app doesn’t let my Spotify play in the background anymore, please fix this.Version: 9.19

ScamGreat app and you can do some cool things with it but I would suggest not downloading it if you wanna be scammed £60! I downloaded it coz I make edits on Instagram. I breathily read through the t&c’s but I didn’t see the ONE sentence that said “every year you will be automatically charged from your iTunes account”. But, and I want to make this very clear, I have the same app on my laptop and I’ve never been charged even know I’ve had that one longer! It’s also very confusing when you try and turn off the subscription! It says to go to your Apple ID thing but it doesn’t specify what part and what to do after that! I spent a good 40minutes trying to turn it off! I resorted to google in the end because the instructions on here aren’t very clear! In conclusion; only download if you’re willing to pay £60!!!.Version: 11.9

OMGIt keeps on deleting the art I made I had to delete and install this app soooooo many times 😠.Version: 17.0.3

Help?I use this app a lot and I love it. But recently everytime I try to do an edit the app keeps crashing. I tried refreshing and restarting my phone. I deleted the app and re downloaded again but it still happen. Please help..Version: 9.34

Uhhhh can I’m have working app please???Was my favourite, bought the premium version.. now it’s just straight up stopped working altogether. Whenever I open the app the main screen will come up and then the screen goes black and the app is exited. Super disappointed 🥵🙄😕.Version: 12.7.1

Great app, just a few issuesI’ve been using PicsArt as my main editing app for quite a few years now and it has become my best friend. The multiple features are easy to use and unique to PicsArt. The variety of stickers provided by the community is unlike anything I’ve ever seen, and the fact that you can use them in iMessage is just- wow. One of the only huge problems I’ve had with the apps is crashing. I will sometimes do paid commissions on this app which can take up to three hours. It really angers me when I spend so much time on an edit just for the app to crash without literally anything I just did saving. Just a few hours ago I was doing a commission, and then the app crashed and the only thing that saved was the background. I had made a full on edit of two people just for it to vanish. Another problem I have with this app is having to pay to load fonts in- it’s really inconvenient because I have to load my edit into another free app, add text, reload the picture into PicsArt, and continue editing when I could save 10+ minutes by just being able to load in even a limited number of fonts before I have to pay. Another great option would be more fonts already in the app. I don’t think the selection has changed at all, if so very little since 2017. Anyways, great app! I would love if the developers would address some of these issues to make everyone’s experience amazing! Thank you, PicsArt!.Version: 16.4.1

So laggyMy storage isn’t even full but it’s always laggy and it leaves the app randomly in the middle of editing and my projects never save.Version: 17.0.3

TerribleEverything is pics art gold which cost 78$ So unless your rich this is not for you.Version: 13.8

WhErE DiD ThE FonTs GoAwesome app to use but unfortunately some of the fonts that I need to use it’s in the premium package anymore? I don’t know if this is a glitch or something hit please could we get them back.Version: 12.7.1

“Hey there, we stole 45 pounds from you, please enjoy our app!”I’ve read a few reviews, and if I’m honest; they are not enjoying this. I personally do not like Picsart. It’s extremely laggy, often people are unoriginal and you seem to not care regarding if people are having their money taken or can’t log in. It’s really obnoxious to simply say “Please enjoy PicsArt Gold” when they literally do NOT want it. It shows what developers nowadays with money are like; you’ll spam us with ads and everything, just to get our money in order to make us pay for literally something to edit our videos when we can get a new app. In a nutshell, I’d suggest you work on your customer support, as well as the app itself. You shouldn’t spam us with ads we can’t close or spam us regarding if we want to pay for something we can just paste off the internet. All in all, don’t purchase Gold. Guaranteed waste of time, plus you can’t even cancel it. G r e a t..Version: 10.7

😡😡😡😡Dear develops of this app could you please fix it so it dos not crush every time when you use five or more stickers because it is really annoying I was near finished editing and then it crashed and it’s been doing that nonstop and yet you want to charge people for that 🙄 I won’t pay for that if it you app is A disappointment because there no save so if it crushes you can’t save your hard work and not just that you need to find all stickers that you where using and reposition them it’s so frustrating to think I was going give this game five stars 😒 more like two stars ⭐️⭐️.Version: 16.7.3

Liked the old version 😘If I could give it 0 stars I would :) I understand you want money but seriously? People liked it when they could make good photos for free, I don’t know why you Insist on ruining your own app. Once a good alternative comes out no ones gonna pay $70 for filters that should be free, especially those who have had the app for years before you wanted money so bad..Version: 14.1.1

Would be worth the premium membership if it didn't crash so much.So I've been able to use this app as a replacement for adobe photoshop when I don't want to get on my laptop. I do pay for premium membership because It's the most extensive & easiest to use app I've come across for making edits. It could use better filters, I usually have to use a different app if I want to put filters on the pictures. The worst thing about this app is how often it crashes without saving. I've lost projects I've spent hours on just because I tried to undo something and the app froze and crashed. There's a lot of little things wrong with it too, like how you can't erase in a completely solid line and how sometimes pictures save with a little white line at the bottom that you have to crop out outside of the app. Sometimes pictures save with a crease down the middle for no reason. Also when you have more than one layer the duplicate button has notif box that pops up every time you switch layers. Hopefully this stuff gets worked out though. They seem to work on stuff a lot because with every update they fix problems..Version: 15.5.0

Charged for Gold SubscriptionI was charged during their 3-day free trial period for the gold subscription. Since using this app, they started locking some of their content and now you have to pay with a subscription. I was offered the 3-day free trial period and after an hour of looking through to see what they offered I unsubscribed because it wasn’t worth it. Well I was charged anyways for the YEARLY fee, not even the monthly or weekly fee they just decided I wanted yearly. I tried to get a refund and was denied through apple and I am still waiting for picsart to respond. I will be deleting this app and never using it again, this is ridiculous. *************UPDATE AFTER DEVELOPER AND APPLE RESPONSE****************** After I emailed picsart and informed them that I couldn’t request a refund on the the apple report a problem website, of course they acted like they actually cared and informed that they do not issue refunds. So I emailed Apple directly and informed them about my situation and they issued me a full refund of the $56 since I canceled before the free trial period was over. Don’t just accept what picsart is telling you, email Apple directly and they can issue you a refund. Again I will be deleting this app and finding a better one..Version: 12.1

Great, but...I love this app and it's features, but what happened to me recently left me devastated. I was working on drawing for a long time. It was my fav project, and I was working on it, but then after I closed the device and came back, the project was gone 🙁😥😓. Is there anyway that I can possibly revive it??? From now on, I will make copies of my drawings, and make sure I don't suddenly stop working on it. Please try and fix this issue, as well the auto save feature (I have seen discussions online about this). But, for now, I will restart my project, and hope for the best!.Version: 9.20

Was great until...I was working on a project for a couple of hours (using draw mode) it turned out decently, I was just about to save when I thought “should I add a sticker” then I decided I’d try one, I added the sticker and decided I didn’t like it, I went to delete it then I must’ve clicked the wrong button and my project got deleted, it didn’t even give me the are you sure you want to delete (something like that) button! I’m very upset about this and might use my money on a better more reliable app, auto backup saves should be a thing? Loved the app before this tho, also stickers sometimes don’t delete for me and it ruins a project I’ve been working on 😭😭.Version: 11.3

Nothing is loadingHello, I love this app, it’s amazing and has allowed me to get into editing. But, for the last few weeks, nothing has been loading. Every time I get into the app, none of the photos on the homepage have been loading, and when I go to make an edit, no stickers or fonts load. I can’t even log out unless I uninstall the app. I have tried uninstalling the app, then restarting my device, then installing the app again, but it doesn’t work. My wifi is fine, all of my other apps that require wifi work perfectly. I did install that latest ISO on my iPad (ISO 12), so maybe that is the problem. I don’t know. If you could get back to me, that would be great. From, Your happy, but frustrated user of this app..Version: 11.2

I like pics art but please fix the bugsI’ll start with I really like this app I use it a lot I’ve paid for the premium for 2 years. ( way over priced btw) The app is so glitchy I get logged out all the time, I can’t use fonts because it glitches, currently I can’t search stickers or photos because the search bar is way up high and my iPhone still has that stupid bit at the top 🤷‍♀️ I would love to see the ability to curve text, more borders etc Like I said like the app been using it for a while I use it for a lot of things personally and professionally. I would just love to see a few things change 😁 thanks !!.Version: 16.1.0

GlitchesThis is a amaing app , but whenever I go to save my project , a add with about vapes comes up , and I can’t exit out of it so I just have to delete the app and then reload it again is it just me or..?.Version: 15.2.3

The app is amazing apart from all the bugsPicsArt has been my number 1 app since 2018 and I find my joy and passion into editing on PicsArt, but every few weeks there is always a massive bug in the app and it affects my followers and sometimes I cant even get in my account or create an edit. At the moment, we are having a lot of trouble getting our notifications working. This is so important because it helps to see who’s commenting on your posts or tagging you. I find tagging really important and without that it’s hard to get you’re edit noticed. Many people are giving up posting because of this problem. Please fix it and I’ll give you a well deserved 5 star..Version: 16.1.0

EhBeen using this app for 5 years, love the effects and layout-better than any other editing app, HOWEVER, the ads! My god the ads! I get you need them for business but they’re excessive and annoying. Yes, I have thought about updating to the ‘premium’ but I seriously don’t use the app enough to warrant paying $12 AUD a month. Also- it’s getting slower and slower. I have an Iphone 6 plus updated to the latest software, surely that’s not that old to be incompatible?? I’m cynical enough to believe that you guys are purposely slowing the app down so that we purchase the premium app.....Version: 10.7

Subscription does NOT unlock all options!!!Extremely disappointed in this app as I have recently discovered that even though I pay for the monthly subscription I’m not actually getting full use of services because it depends what phone I use! I have an iPhone and a Samsung for work purposes and the features (some of which are pretty basic) aren’t available depending on the software! This is a huge let down because I use the features that aren’t available on both options which means the only way to truly get full access would be to pay for 2 subscriptions which really isn’t fair. I use PicsArt for my work however I feel like I may now look for an alternative which won’t miss sell its ‘full’ subscription option unless PicsArt makes the same features available on both. For example ‘duplicate’, ‘flip’, ‘curve writing’..Version: 12.2

So buggy I quit after ten minutesI had one simple task I wanted to try so I started with the three day trial. All I wanted to do was cut my image off the foreground of one pic and overlay it on another background. First the Facebook login errored twice but eventually went through. The auto selection tool to grab my image off the background was great. No having to tediously draw around the image. Problem was as soon as I tried to save the app crashed. After two crashes I restarted my phone. That got me past the crash so that I could save what is called a sticker of the selected image of myself pulled off the larger pic. Then I pulled up my background pic and went to the sticker menu to try to find it to overlay, but received a network error. Tried reloading app and got a login error that I skipped. All pics were there, but same error on stickers. Turned off WiFi to see if my local network was an issue and tried to reload again, but no go, same two errors at login and on stickers. Giving up and made sure to go into settings to turn off the subscription of $56 a year that automatically turns on and will activate after three day trial..Version: 14.4

Please stop advertising the paid membership so muchI love this app but every time I open it or try to simply edit a photo an ad pops up for the paid membership thing pops up on screen. I find it really irritating because I do not want to pay for it, I’m happy with the app as it is already thank you..Version: 10.8.1

What is happeningThis morning I tried it and it kept saying no internet but I have internet and all of my other apps work.I deleted and reinstalled but now it doesn’t let me sign in and it still says no internet.Please fix this.I can’t even go in.It says error 501.Version: 14.4

Why?The app always crashes and takes ages to load. It also asks me to buy the premium option every time I click ‘save image’ or click the ‘stickers’ tab. Today I couldn’t even press the ‘+’ (to start editing) because the app froze after the pop up came on telling me to buy the premium.Version: 10.6

Recent updatesI’ve used this app for years, probably when it first came out..Android and now iPhone. It’s the only app that has never been replaced. I’ve added new apps but I always keep PicsArt. It’s a great app and it’s free. Except now it’s not. And it’s a great app, but I don’t know that it’s comparable to high quality paid apps. If I have to pay monthly or yearly to access what used to be free or 2.99 if and when I had it.. then you’re really no different than all the others. And at that price, I simply can’t afford it. If I could afford a monthly or yearly me I’d have photoshop and adobe apps, no offense. I’m disappointed that you guys have become money hungry, and all the ads that take you to the App Store or that you can’t get out of. I understand everything costs money but that why you pay 2.99 for 8 clip art. 😳 Sorry, I’m just being honest. I’m disappointed. Also, I continue to not want to save my images to the platform, just the gallery. There’s no easy way to edit and delete in the app either so it’s just taking up valuable space. Could you please revise the options regarding saving and also an option to clear cache files without uninstalling and reinstalling? Thank you.Version: 9.34

GoodWell.. some minor bugs but it’s good.Version: 15.6.2

Help pleaseHi, I really love this game it’s so cool and I got so far! But then it’s telling me to verify my acc. But I wrote a fake password and email, cuz my friend told me to. After months it wouldn’t let me use my account. It always said ‘error accord’ and then I tried to change my email to the correct one, but then it said request timed out and I have no idea what that means but I’m assuming that it allready has a acc with that email. And yes I did make a acc with my proper email and password I would like you to please help me and delete my acc with my real password and email the acc please the acc is -_cl0dy_- I’m pretty sure but please delete it it’s mine and it’s got my real email and password! And if the profile pic is a anime person with straight eyes and a big mouth that’s mine so please delete it and let me use my email please you are my only chance to get my acc back!!.Version: 15.7.4

Pics art is frustratingAt first I really liked this app! But now I’m just sick of it, it will freeze and then glitch out and won’t save my progress, I was working really hard on a school project and all of a sudden it kicked me from the app and didn’t save at this point I’ve just given up on this app..Version: 17.1.0

Please add this!I absolutely was in love with this app! As part of my job I write quite long observations about children’s learning.. i had finished writing and then realised that I couldn’t chose to or manipulate the text into a paragraph format. This app offer so many more backgrounds, stickers and fonts than what I currently use but with no way to put my text into a large paragraph it just doesn’t work for what I would love to use it for! If this was to ever be available I would never look back!.Version: 9.31

I have been charged incorrectlyYesterday I downloaded this app and tapped the 7 day free trial option, however this morning I woke up to see that I had been charged $70. I have tried to report this to Apple, but they say that I have no eligible purchases to refund. I’m sure this is a mistake, so what can you do about this please????.Version: 16.4.1

I wish it didn’t kick me out !I used this app for a very long time, even longer . I loved it so much because even if I did get kick out it would still save my work in progress so I could most likely return . Now I don’t love it as I use to anyone, it kicks me and I could spend 2 hours on a project I was working on and soon as I get kick out , it’s gone and I’m starting back over ! It takes a long time for me to do my edits and make them perfect so believe me when I say I get very frustrated every time, I can’t use other apps since they always crash before I go into the app so that is why I chose this one ! Also I can’t put any stickers or photos behind the picture now , which makes it extremely hard for me to make it look good and nice and also I can’t even cut part of a sticker anymore ! I love picsart with those features now I have to go to an eraser app just to eraser a spiral on my edit ! Mind you if the picture takes 2 hours (and the time I am getting kick out and starting back over) the eraser part takes even longer to do with time and effort. Picsart if you kindly please bring this back , that would be definitely awesome for me! Until then I probably won’t use this app for this stuff anymore.Version: 11.9

Offerd 7 day free trial- billed for 1 year same dayI was offered 7 day free trial then billed immediately for one year 87.00 Apparently It still offers you a free trial even if you’ve had a trial before ( and forgotten) then bills you for a year even though you think you’re accepting free trial- because that’s what was advertised. Never before in 15 years have I been offered a free trial then immediately billed for a subscription. This app is dishonest and has shady practices. Apple however was great and refunded my money..Version: 16.3.3

I’m sorry... but this is not okay PicsArt.I have had this app for months. Its great for editing pictures and making numerous creations. But I feel the need to point out something horribly wrong with this app. I was working on a very important writing piece with PicsArt, and you could be questioning, “why not do it on notes or google docs. The reason for this is because I wanted to have a background photo behind the writing. So obviously I started my pice. I went to another tab for a little over 2 minutes to look at some resources for my writing. When I went back on the app everything was completely gone. No worked saved. Nothing. My half an hour of life was wasted. Not only did I work extremely hard on this, but it took a very long time. You need to add a drafts section to PicsArt ASAP. This is disappointing and rude. I will never get that 30 minutes back. I am aware of the “save” button for when you finish your pice, however, I was not done. My writing is gone. If I am somehow wrong and there is a way to get this back. Then by all means please inform me. This writing pice was about a Historic Supreme Court leader. Ruth Bader Ginsburg. This was in light to her recent passing. She fought for women’s rights and multiple other topics. She beat breast cancer and was a very strong and intelligent woman..Version: 15.5.0

In App PurchasesI really do love this app, and have made several in app purchases in regards to sticker packs. However, most of these packs are now no longer available for me to use unless I repurchase them. As I’ve already paid for these, I cannot believe I’m being asked to pay again. Whether this is a glitch or something to do with the app itself, it’s incredibly inconvenient. In all other aspects, I have never had an issue with this app in the four years I have been using it. The effects are wonderful, easy to use, and convenient..Version: 9.27

Used to be great...This app used to be the best app for editing but one of the recent updates has changed a few of the features and how they function and now I find it really slow and glitchy and I can’t even use some of those features without it crashing?? Please change it back to how it was a month ago😭😭 If something isn’t broken, don’t try and fix it....Version: 12.1

Great editing but..... where did remix chat go?I love this app I made complex edit almost everyday and every night it was amazing that almost everything was free!!!i made a lot of connections with some amazing people on this app through comments and remix chat, when comments were gone we all were devastated but we still had remix chat so we made group chats and still had hopes for comments since we knew they were coming back but then an announcement came out saying that remix chat was going to be shut down.....we all were devastated even more by the horrible news, now my best friends on this app are gone!!!!!!! We made hashtags, posts, group chats, and clubs to bring back our precious remix chat but yet you guys still took it away!!!!! I’m so sad because I had friends on this app and I guess comments are fine but we can’t private chat together some conversations are private, like taking about a new collaboration to surprise your followers, it’s not like your putting that in the comments!! And your Edie was that you wanted to focus adding new editing tools!!! I can’t believe picsart for doing this your app was amazing until my remix chat magically disappeared today. This would have been a good review but you ruined it. Please respond.Version: 15.6.2

EditingOk so i had this pic of my friend i was gunna edit it and i put one of the background emoji stickers on it and starting rubbing out some of the buts that were gonna be shown right?and then all of a sudden the picture just started flashing black and it wouldnt let me do anything accept exit out from the stickers and i tried redoing it afew times and it just kept on flashing please somebody fix this.Version: 12.9

Would’ve been 5 starsI’ve used this app for years for not only photo editing but digital art too. It’s amazing! I’ve made many amazing pieces of art over the years but there’s one problem. I’ve found recently that the app crashes a lot. I can spend hours on a piece, save it both in app and to my camera roll several times, then the app crashes. I open the app back up and nothing, no option to continue my work, it’s just completely deleted. Its not even in my camera roll. This is the best free app I’ve found and I’ve used it religiously. I’ve never bought gold as the free features are exactly what I need. I can tolerate the ads but the crashing and deleting of work is really disheartening. Please look into it..Version: 16.4.1

PLEASE DO NOT TRY THIS APPThis app is a scam. (You can look this up) It’s unfortunate because I liked picsart for a while but not after this fiasco. This “free” app shows you a pop-up advertising their Premium Gold subscription and NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO, it charges you for a YEARLY PLAN, WITHOUT your permission or authorization. You know the pop up that comes when you buy something asking for you face id or fingerprint? Yeah It DOESN’T DO THAT, it literally takes your money and doesn’t provide a receipt, so you can’t get a refund. This app charged me $80 CAD for a stupid subscription that I didn’t authorize and would never want. Sorry for caps but these scammers really tick me off. SAVE YOURSELF, DO NOT GET THIS APP!!!.Version: 16.1.1

Seems a bit shady...I clicked on the free three day trial option and then downloaded/ entered the app. Then I get an iTunes receipt for $85 payment. Apparently I’ve already had the three day free trial (I don’t recall this, perhaps it was a long time ago?) so it now immediately charged me. I found this out on forums via google, in no way is this outlined anywhere in the app info or description or website etc. I didn’t even have a clue what the app does, so to be charged for it immediately when only clicking the free trial option seems a bit shady. My job is in marketing/ pr/ content creation and I still can’t even find edits or features that I would use and that would justify the payment and make me feel better! Such a bummer they aren’t transparent and after googling it seems like lot of people are having similar issues. Lots are young users which seems to clearly being taken advantage of..Version: 14.4

Not happy at all with the new update.I’ve been using picsart for nearly a year. I love the app (mostly) and I use it all the time. But with the recent update, it’s extremely frustrating to edit. Any time I add a image, it turns out much smaller than the original in my camera roll. The layering of the photos as well, trying to get a photo on top of another, is so complicated! This means editing something that should take five minutes, will now take way longer - something I’m not very happy about. PLEASE fix this. I’d rather not move to another app but if this continues, I have no choice..Version: 11.0.2

Can’t even sign upWaste of time and energy trouble shooting and begging to use this stupid app. Thanks a lot :/.Version: 14.4

It keeps creating a line that cuts off a row of pixels in the middleI’m very upset and confused with why when I edit a photo by adding quite a few text boxes which is what I have to do for what I want in the photo and of course, there’s a photo limit even with the gold feature and then I have to hit apply so then I can add more text boxes but like I’d say around the 3rd round of hitting apply there’s a terrible horizontal line through the middle of the photo that cuts off a row of pixels and it just looks horrible. I have no idea why it’s there but even when I save the photon my camera roll, it won’t go away. It just cuts off the entire photo and the line looks like a row of pixels just disappeared and the two sides meet in the centre and you can very clearly tell. I know for sure that it’s not something that I did at all! And I definitely know for sure that it’s not the blue line that’s supposed to be there that marks where the centre is. It’s more like a seam where the two halves meet up after a row of pixels have been cut. I tried paying for gold to see if it’s just some dumb feature that makes you pay for it to be removed. but no. The line wouldn’t go away at all after having to hit apply a few times for different rounds in adding text boxes even with paying for the gold feature. And I don’t even get how I have an “image limit” even when I payed for having gold!.Version: 15.8.1

Constant CrashesI bought a new phone and wanted to start using PicsArt on this phone but I can’t even open the app. It immediately crashes. I reopen it and the intro starts but it crashes again. Each time I open it I can get into more of the app but it crashes after that. I can’t create anything and the app is just unusable. I’ve tried clearing cache, deleting and reinstalling, etc. Doesn’t work. Keep in mind this is a NEW phone so storage isn’t full..Version: 16.9.0

Great app but...It’s such a good app I adore it and want it forever! It’s really useful and pretty but WHY DO WE HAVE TO PAY 4$ MONTHLY FOR IT! If it was just a app that you have to buy and no more payment it will be fine but it’s really expensive right now and I deleted it cause I can’t spend my money just on a editing app,my friend also has to delet it before she gets charged none of my friends can pay that and neither can a bunch of other people 😔I just hope you change it , like 10$ for the app and then no other payments , this will most likely rase the population of your game and I have a strong feeling about it ! ☹️.Version: 17.0.3

What the heckI see I’m not the only one to get this error thing that’s happened my wifi works but it’s the app I was in the middle of an edit now everything is gone ughhh 😡 fix this. Btw kpop fans are angry and annoyed now 😂.Version: 14.4

I was awesome till..I have been using this app for soooo long now to make edit if my favourite celebrities like Ariana or Billie Eillish anD today I went to get a sticker of Ariana and they were all gone so I just looked for a cute sticker and they had a crown on it and I didn’t buy that online purchase thing because I thought I didn’t need it but it’s like now you need to buy everything sooo yeah.Version: 12.3

Too expensiveThis is my favourite app to edit photos and videos...I use this app almost everyday. I would LOVE to go PRO for this app... but the price is ridiculously expensive .. it’s a FORCE to all your app users to PAY the full amount at once. Please tell me wether you will give the options for monthly payments or not, because I am willing to pay each month, $7.16 monthly as your app shows (but doesn’t give the option to pay monthly) Some people can afford $7.16 monthly .. but they cannot afford $86 at once as people may have other things to pay off to..... please respond and do something about it............ Thanks, I love your app very much... but it’s too expensive .... and the day you will give us options to pay $7.16 monthly (as your app says) I will change and give you all 5 stars, with good reviews....Version: 12.2

Want my refundI took trial by chance and never used it but forgot to cancel it later. I don’t want any subscription and it directly cut my 85$ its a big amount for me. I can’t afford it. Its so weird that they didn’t get my confirmation before charging me and after they are like nothing can happen now. Wtf man I don’t want to use that application i want my money back..Version: 14.9.2

Good For It’s Purpose But Lots Of CrashesNow Don’t Get Me Wrong, I Love This App. I Use It Everyday And I Generally Just Enjoy Making Things In My Spare Time, Even If It’s Just For Me, For Me To Post Or For Other People. I’ve Used PicsArt For Almost A Year But Recently When I Re-Downloaded It, It’s Been Crashing A Bit Too Much. Almost Half Of The Stuff I Try Making Ends Up Never Being Completed Because The App Crashes And When I Load It Back Up, It Always Either Takes Me To The Project I Was Working On But From About 10 Minutes Ago (Roughly The Time I’d Start Making The Picture) Or It Just Doesn’t Acknowledge That I Was Working On Something And It Just Takes Me To The Home Page. On That Topic, I Have A Complaint About The System They Use And How The Home Page Works. When I Open The App, It Always Puts Me On The Home Page, As It’s Supposed To, But The Only Thing I Ever See There Is Kylie Jenner In A Bikini Or Occasionally Addison Rae. The People On PicsArt Make Some Amazing Stuff And It’s Shame That It’s Always Only The Same People Who Get Shown Because They’re Deeper Down The Home Page. But Back On My Topic I Was Talking About Before, The App Always Crashes And Due To Many Experiences, I Believe It’s When I’ve Used Roughly 25 Stickers So I Would Be Very Grateful If They Could Find A Way To Stop The Crashing Or At Least Make The Feature To Reload My Unfinished Project Load Up Where It Crashed And Not Where I Was Ages Ago..Version: 16.3.3

I’m back again just about over it don’t come at me with look in the FQAS response as usualNOT HAPPY IM BACK AGAIN. Every time I do something when I go to save it shuts the app down and all work is lost, don’t come at me to uninstall app turn of phone reinstall cause I’ve done that and all that achieved was loosing all my saved stickers and other work This app has more problems than any I’ve ever had and I seem to be hear writing a review every few weeks I’m not the only one having this problem going on the reviews left so clearly your response to the problem in not working not sure why I bother cause all your response are the same stock answers.Version: 15.9.2

Really greatPicsArt is a great app for people who love making collages, aesthetics and basically any digital art. The only problems I’ve had with it, is that a lot of the time the app crashes when I am in the middle of making something and doesn’t save my progress. When I start making it again, it just crashes again and again. It generally only happens when I’ve added a lot of stickers and haven’t been ‘applying’ them along the way. It’s still extremely frustrating, especially when you have been making something you are proud of. My second and final issue is that quite often when I add stickers or text and press the save button, it keeps coming up with an ad about buying PicsArt gold (I don’t have gold so if you have it you wouldn’t run into this problem) but when I click close and try to press apply again it just keeps on showing me the same ad and refuses to let me apply my changes. Usually I just screenshot what I’ve made and put it straight into PicsArt again to post, but it’s still annoying to have to go to the extra efforts almost every time you make something. Other then those issues though, the app is really good and I would definitely recommend it if you want to make digital art either just to save or post on your account. It’s a lot of fun to look through the stickers and make a piece of art, so if you download the app, have fun :P.Version: 15.0

Bruh those adsYou need to get rid of those ads that are impossible to leave it is frickin annoying trying to save something and those retarded ads come up pls fix this.Version: 15.2.3

Used to be my No. 1 photo appI don't know what happened to this app... I have been using this app since it FIRST came out... That has to be at LEAST 10 years, but pretty sure much longer than that even. I loved that it was free, but I purchased sticker packs and other items here and there. Now I can barely use it. When I am trying to use it on my iPad, literally EVERY 30 seconds it launches Safari and some random window with spam... Including invitations to naked photo sharing (definitely not something I have looked up independently) and every other spam window possible. Not even just pop up ads, which are annoying enough, but kicking me OUT of PicsArt and into Safari (which is NOT my default browser) and then into some spam or virus link taking me to web page telling me I've won something, or want me to buy something completely unrelated to PicsArt. It's impossible to do a project because I am kicked out every 30 seconds; and there are plenty of other free apps out there that I can do the same work with... So... Sheesh... Unless that stops I can't use this again. I just looked at Safari which I never use and in the few hours I just used PicsArt to try to do project, it opened more than 200 browser windows in Safari, one for each time it kicked me out... I was actually thinking of getting the paid subscription but these ad links worry me so much that I am concerned with their information collection..Version: 11.0.2

Please fix it issueThis is the only app I used for editing my pictures and from some days this app has been annoying me a lot! It’s okay if you are showing adds but at-least Make them closable ? I keep tapping the cross button on the ad but it won’t go away and I am completely unable to use this application..Version: 14.4

It’s okayIt’s a good app and all, really good for my edits but so much time when I’m almost done it kicks me out and I have to restart what I was doing.Version: 14.4

No longer goodI used to love this app for editing it was definitely the best app I had found for free. However, the last few months I have found this app unbearable. The constant ads and PicsArt gold pushed onto the screen makes it lag so much, I even once accidentally subscribed to pay for PicsArt gold I had to quickly find out how to unsubscribe because I do not want to pay for any of those features. The original app was fine. Continuing from this I have tried several times to save an edit I made. It failed the first time and since there is no continue from draft option I had to start again, it was annoying but okay I thought perhaps it was my fault maybe I clicked it and come off the app too quick. The second time I made my edit and waited for it to save, it said it saved I checked my camera roll and nothing is there. The app was then just stuck on an ad that I could not get off my screen, there was no X button or anything. it failed again, this app has become too buggy. I will now try to attempt the edit again and instead just screenshot the picture instead of going through PicsArt to save it..Version: 12.5

So...Pay money or it works well?Okay, I like using this app for editing purposes, but I’m writing this review after this app has crashed on me editing a photo SEVEN TIMES IN A ROW. Every single time, I loose all my progress, and I have to start from scratch, which has cost me several hours in trying to finish my piece. I am on the verge of tossing my IPad in a frustration many can relate to. For starters, I’ve learned this app doesn’t like works with multiple layers, so off the bat if you’re trying to make a collage or something with this app, DONT. It is specifically made for simple pictures with filters and occasional one to two layer to a picture for that simplicity in a selfie or self-portrait, nothing too complicated. The only way I’ve noticed that it functions with little to no crashing, is if you buy it’s 60$ Gold membership. Now there are monthly payments as well, but....Why do I have to pay for an app in order for it to function? I’d be better off using a dingier photoshop app in this regard. I won’t lie that the functionality of the app is splendid, and offers many different methods of edit to those non-paying and paying..But what good is that all if as I’m using it to perfect a photo, it crashes and nothing is saved in my process of ‘applying’ it?.Version: 16.5.0

The app is GLITCHING 🤔I was reading the reviews and was seeing that there where a couple of people saying the app was glitchy, I have had this app for about a month now, every time I open it the screen will flip to its side and I can no longer use it. U have given advice to others to reinstall the app and turn off my device, I continued to do this and I am still unable to use the app, I have taken my device to a Apple shop to see if the device is broken they went on to say there was nothing wrong with it, if you could please tell me what I have to do to get the app to work that would be great and a good help to me as a creative person to continue making amazing art on this app, apart from that the app is very useful and helps me with my art GCSE’s quit a bit, I love the app and would recommend it to my friends, my best friend also uses the app to edit her photos, as she is a lover for creative ideas she always uses the app to browse and admire the other users also. In conclusion if u could please help me and others that would be great thanks so much 👍🏻.Version: 13.9

Please helpp⚠️WARNING: detailed but MINI RANT IN THIS⚠️ Hello, it was just a normal day where I wake up and make edits for famous people I love, but yesterday the app stopped working!! It kept saying there was no network connection, right, so I was like ok no big deal, I close out of the app and open it again, it still doesn’t work. I even restarted my phone turned off my cellular data then turn it on, and it just doesn’t help. Keep in mind I’m still pretty chill about the situation, so I go to my wifi box and reset it. It doesn’t help. So now I get a little frustrated and I make the smart decision to uninstall the app then reinstall it, and it STILL doesn’t work!! Only this time it won’t let me sign in either!! At this point i’m so close to ripping my hairs out of my head I thought it was me getting my password wrong, but then I realized it was just the app. I literally cursed at a worker yesterday, I called them to fix my wifi because I thought it was my wifiii. Now I need to call back and apologize, but while I do that can you guys please get back to me and tell me what’s wrong with the app?? Because I have edits that need to be done.👏👏.Version: 14.4

Crashes a lotI use this app a lot, and normally get good results, but recently I have noticed that it is starting to crash a lot. I was working on a rather large project that involved a lot of cutting out different images, and I had spent quite a while on it; when the app crashed, which reset all my progress and I had to restart. It has happened numerous times during the project and many times otherwise. Hoping they can fix this to stop crashing, or allow for the projects to be autosaved..Version: 16.3.3

Good editing but glitchyI really love this app and have had it for a while now and i just found out that once you log in you are able to participate in editing challenges which i absolutely love. But recently when i have been editing my photos to participate in the challenges the app has started to lag and freeze up on me. ( i know that it is not my wifi connection either) this is happening when i by accidentally do something and then want to undo it and then it glitches out. The last time this happened i was working on a photo for a challenge and i was all done just adding the last thing and then i messed up and went to undo the mistake, then the app froze on me. i got out of the app but didn’t clear the tab and when i went back on it said it was uploading my project and then turned into the original piece that i was trying to remix. i had spent hours trying to make the edits and get it perfect and then in a few quick seconds it was all gone. i was so disappointed and i almost cried because i had worked so hard on it. this recently happened again a few days after, and i really hope you can fix it because after working so hard and so long on a edit and then having it glitch out if very frustrating. -hannah.Version: 16.4.1

Very manipulative appMy 10 yr old downloaded the free version of this, then time lapsed and charged me, which is being resolved, isnt the issue, however, massive manipulation in the app as you CANNOT cancel on the app - going through all the settings, hurdles you need to do on the app, when you go through, it wont let you submit cancellation, so being charged £60 because you actually cant cancel through the app, and once you have tried this once on the app, the next time you go on the screen, the “skip” section on the app is missing, meaning you can only use it being charged, so you would need to remove and download again to get the offer to use free, its massively misleading, and dangerous particularly to the kids that want this sort of app now, manipulated or theft? Not sure....Version: 16.8.0

Good, but glitchy and pricyI was so incredibly happy when i found this app about a year ago. it is amazing and has endless opportunities. i have a lot of fun editing my pictures with this app. but about a year or two ago, the membership got more... intense. the prices were raised incredibly high, considering this is just a photo editing app, and about half of the things that i loved to use now cost money to use. i still manage without membership, there’s still plenty of options. it’s just upsetting because i would buy a membership if it didn’t cost so much. also, this app crashes all the time. every other picture i edit it crashes and i lose my progress. i don’t know what’s with that. there is also an insane amount of ads. when you first open the app, boom there’s an ad advertising the membership. once you click out of it, on the home screen, there’s and ad for membership. edit the picture, finish it, go to save it, there’s another membership ad. there also other ads to, but they really seem to be pushing this membership. all in all, a very good app, just a few strange things..Version: 13.5

Worked great until...I have used this app since it first began. I loved the features and the fact that it was free to use. It is unlike any other photo editing app. It offers so many filters, edits, and tools that you are unable to find elsewhere. I used this app to edit my Instagram photos, my own personal photos, and create other fancy projects for my blog. It worked amazing! Then, it began to try to make you pay for certain edits/filters. It wants you to pay each month for these to become accessible to you. That wasn’t too vexing because some of the other edits/filters were still free to use. Now, it won’t even let you use your own photos to edit. You must use the ones that are “free to use” on the app. This new feature completely takes away the point of the app in the first place. I feel it is fairly trivial that this was put into place. Why do that to your loyal users? No, I do not want to pay 55$ every year to use this app. I understand that requiring users to subscribe to Picsart Gold in order to edit their own photos is beneficial to the creators in the financial sense, but it is also extremely inconvenient to those who have relied this on app for years. I am sure there are many others that are displeased with these new accommodations, and I feel they will, myself included, move on to find another reliable editing app. Not cool, Picsart..Version: 12.4

Not workingI was doing an edit and it kept saying error or no internet connection I turned off my phone and re connected my wifi but it still did not work I deleted it and reinstalled it but still does work, it’s a good app just is slow and not working for me.Version: 11.3

Okay but frustratingThis app is great for basic editing like thumbnails but is extremely frustrating for more advanced editing as its hard to blend pictures together. Also it always crashes and there isn’t a function to save your project if you havent finished the part your on and you can’t continue editing it properly. These are just minor things and the app is otherwise great if it wasn’t for this flaw: THE IPHONE AND SAMSUNG VERSIONS ARE DIFFERENT! As an Iphone user this is extremely annoying as I can’t use the app landscape and I cant access the blending feature “add” which is the only useful one as it creates highlights. I see no reason for the versions to be different and it basically means iphone users can’t edit advanced photos! Disappointing!.Version: 16.7.3

App keeps crashing + use of stolen artI use an iPad mini 2 version 12.4.5 with sufficient storage. Yet whenever I use this app to edit pictures, it always crashes. Frequently. Note that I am using the free version of the app. I have tried every method to reduce the crashing such as clearing my cache and resetting my iPad. It is very irritating and I am on the verge of deleting the app for good. However, there is no other app that provide the high range of tools such as this one. While looking through the stickers, I’ve noticed that some user-uploaded stickers use stolen fan art and copyrighted material. Perhaps there needs to be some restrictions to prevent this from happening, such as a moderator who checks stickers to see if they have been taken from existing places..Version: 14.0

What happened?This app used to be great back 2 years ago when there were really no ads on it at all, ran smoothly like butter and was a great alternative to photoshop. That was until everyone and their grandmother started using it, and i guess the people who own picsart saw this as a great chance to get people’s money by having ads everywhere either about getting Premiumship (or should i say “Gold” as they call it) or about something relating to picsart, paywalls on certain features and filters and runs sluggishly. I would rather spend my money on Photoshop with adobe’s monthly subscription rather then a budget version of Photoshop but i’m stuck with this since i have no computer..Version: 12.5

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Forgot Password FeatureOk. This app was AMAZING like perfect. Until it started crashing, so I deleted it in hopes to log back in and it would work. I thought I knew my password, I didn’t. So I tried clicking the forgot password button, it sent the email, I clicked the link, it just took me to the log in page. I did it multiple times. It still didn’t work. So I tried creating a new account. I put in all the details, I put in my birthday and clicked the ‘done’ button. It didn’t do anything. I clicked it again. Nothing. So I tried again and it still didn’t work. I tried signing up with a different email and it still didn’t work, what’s more I couldn’t use either email again. It said ‘that email is already in use’.Version: 9.30

.PicsArt is a good app but it is always glitching like I can’t zoom in also it’s glitching out my hole phone I would be on the app and it would turn of my phone and delete an edit that I had been working on for ages but besides all of that it’s a great app.Version: 15.7.4

Great Free Editing AppThis app is great without paying for subscription as I am a casual user. Ive had it for quite a few years now and would not consider paying for it, too many glitches and crashes here and there but i love using it to do drawings on my photos. Ive seen many other reviews on the app crashing during people editing their stuff and I agree- its totally frustrating. I also dont know if this has happened recently but the zooming on my editing has gone weird and only zooms in one direction instead of the area i want to zoom in to..Version: 15.3.3

Charged me a plan that I did not want.PicsArt does not give you the option to choose a plan, it just shows the yearly plan when they have more options, for example: weekly and monthly plans. But, PicsArt only wants you to pay more, so just give you the option of a yearly plan. Very disappointed. Fake ads!.Version: 14.9.2

HUGEEEE PROBLEMOk so I’ve been using pics art for a few days now and on messages I realised that u can make your own stickers, I was thrilled so I made a few stickers that I shared with my friends. But then I realised I couldn’t deleted my own stickers (they were quite embarrassing, not rlly but a little bit) and realised that it would be added to stickers so anyone can use my face. I really don’t want to happening especially because I get embarrassed easily and hate it when I do. I also realised that other people’s faces were on the stickers, as I searched up faces to check. Can u please make it so that we can delete our own stickers or can u make it so that we won’t have our stickers put on for everyone to use? Thank u. Please do something..Version: 13.8

Glitch?So i've used this app for a few years now and had no trouble with it until recently. So i go onto the app as usual and make a collage/freestyle picture and as i'm putting my stickers and text it glitches me out of the app every single time. I have updated the app refreshed it as much as i could but every single time it still glitches me out. And the bad thing about it is that it doesn't even save the image i was creating so i try to make the same image over and over again but it still glitches me out so that i can't even save it. Please do something about this, I love this app and would like to continue using it placing without these glitches..Version: 14.3

Voice came on saying some weird cult stuffI loved this app so much until when i’d be using it there would be loud clicking/button kind of noises every few minutes and i didn’t really think much of it until this time the clicking came and a voice started playing and it scared the crap out of me. i don’t know how or what happened there but i just deleted the app as soon as i could..Version: 12.0

Very Good and fun but has MAJOR issuesPositive: Hello!, So i really like PicsArt it is a great way to do edits to show of your photography skills, Art skills, design skills and so much more. It’s fun because they have plenty of different stickers so you can make different edits maybe supporting your favourite singer,actor,movie,character, T.V show, beliefs,sports and SO MUCH MORE. It’s also fun how you try to get lots of followers and likes. Negative: Now let me tell you a story. I was creating a post ( about Harry Potter) for my account But when I clicked on the little tick ✔️ button the app ( So I could post it) went all Glitchy and Left the app. I could tap back on the app so I restarted my phone. When it was done I clicked on PicsArt and EVERY SINGLE ONE of my posts and My posts in progress had DELETED THEMSELF including the one I was doing on Harry Potter and that one had taken nearly an Hour for me to get perfect. I was FURIOUS. It took me another HOUR for me to do it again and it still wasn’t as good. And also the friendship post I was doing with my BFF was gone to. SHE LOVED that post. So when I told she looked so angry and disappointed. The Next day she came over to me looking like she wanted to throw a BRICK at someone she told me the EXACT same thing HAPPENED TO HER! SO PICSART FIX YOUR BUGS PLEASE.Version: 13.5

Annoying sign upWorst app to use. If you don't pay a monthly subscription after any action the add pops up that you should pay the monthly subscription. So annoying especially when you want to just see what an app is like and if you want to keep it. I'm going to delete it 🤦🏽‍♀️.Version: 16.3.3

Waaay too many pop ups now...shouldn’t have to disable WiFiI used to love this app. When I tell you that the features are amazing, that I used it a lot, but now feel it’s truly not worth the headache.., that should tell you A LOT. With their last update it’s CONSTANT pop up ads that interrupt every single feature experience. What’s even worse is that I previously paid for their sticker packs, and was still seeing advertisements even though I was making effort support them. I don’t like the idea of paying a monthly charge for this kind of app when there are free alternatives, equally as good. We shouldn’t have to disable WiFi and data, that is, again, too time consuming and annoying to do each time for a big time social network blogger and poster. There are much more savvy ways to get us to spend in app purchases, and frankly there are several other apps I use that also have unique amazing editing capabilities, and don’t overwhelm with in your face popups the way picsart does, and even better, don’t require a monthly charge. I think there monthly charging rate is too high for photo editing. I hope they fix this in the future, but for right now, it’s literally and “truly” not worth the headache and it will now take you waaaay to long to do even a simple edit. #nowitsbroke #youchanged.Version: 9.37

App keeps crashing!This is a constant annoyance and is driving me up the wall. every time I’m in the middle of editing my photos with stickers, the app gets overwhelmed, begins lagging, then crashes completely. I’ve tried restarting my phone, reinstalling the app, etc, but nothing works. also, when I reinstalled the app, features disappeared completely, like the option to erase stickers so they were concealed behind something. I have an iPhone 6 and none of my other apps have this issue. please fix this bug ☹️.Version: 13.9

I hate itToo many glitches and crashes I can’t edit a photo properly. Pls fix this.Version: 14.1

BE WARNED!! DishonestThe app is great, however I’m having trouble with the company’s dishonesty. The app promoted a 30 day free trial. I’ve had the app before but I’ve had it for many years and I didn’t know if I’d ever had a free trial before, but it didn’t occur to me that that even mattered because it offered me a free trial. I accepted with the plan to pay monthly after the trial was up because I’m low on money this month and am expecting my tax return early next month. MY CARD WAS CHARGED IMMEDIATELY UPON INSTALL OVER $60 FOR AN ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP! No warning was given that I would be charged, I selected FREE 30 DAY TRIAL!! It said I would be charged AFTER THE TRIAL but it charged me IMMEDIATELY! When I reached out to customer service they said it was because I’d already had a free trial so it automatically renewed by membership. I did NOT authorize that and when I asked for a refund they said they can’t do refunds and to contact Apple support. Now I will say, they got back to me very quickly and were polite, but they basically stole over $60 from me and said “oh sorry there’s nothing we can do”. I hope Apple gets back to me ASAP, but I’m very put off by this. SO BE WARNED, IF YOU’VE ALREADY HAD A FREE TRIAL EVEN IF IT WAS YEARS AGO, IT WILL AUTOMATICALLY CHARGE YOU A RENEWAL IF YOU SELECT ANOTHER FREE TRIAL (even if it gives you the option for a free trial), and there will be NO WARNING THAT YOU ARE ABOUT TO BE CHARGED!!!.Version: 16.6.0

BadStarted out as fun but then deleted all of my stickers and wont let me create any new ones so thanks a lot.Version: 14.1.1

I don’t really like the update👉🏼👈🏼So I downloaded pics art a couple months ago and the deleted and then I just re downloaded it, and I see there is a new update... I like the fact you updated don’t get me wrong. But it is very hard to work, like when I press stickers and get one bla bla bla I can’t move it at all or make it bigger. And whenever you touch the screen something will happen ( like something getting erased,drawn on) I just think that the way it was before was much better! Of course I’m not telling you to go back to the old pics art I just prefer old pics art! I would love to see you write back about your opinion on everything, and see what you can do...Bye!🐝🦋✨.Version: 15.9.1

In general, nice, but it does have many problems.In general, this is a very nice app that combines social media and art. However, it crashes very often and also drains my battery extremely quickly. Just now, my phone was at 100%, and I then attempted to make an edit. The app crashed three times and additionally drained 40% of my battery within 10 minutes. The comments on posts have also not been available to many users, while some users can still use it(for some reason??). I’ve also heard that the remix chat is going to be removed, and I think that removes a lot of the appeal of the app. After all, people use this app to make edits and be a part of a community that shares the same interests. With no comments of remix chat(which is similar to a sort of texting app within picsart), no one will be able to get in contact with anyone else, and we will lose a lot of relationships we built up inside our respective communities. I really hope picsart will soon fix the crashing problems, and rethink its decision to remove the remix chat. I really don’t think that would be a smart move. Thank you for your hard work..Version: 15.4.0

...I reallyyyyy like the app but it dont work anymore and I tried everything..Version: 14.4

HATE ITI can not begin to express how much hatred I have for this app, it break my phone and makes it so unbelievably slow and annoying. This app used to be alright, back in like 2017? And now all they care about is getting their stupid PicsArt gold. I see that goddam add every 2 seconds. I hate this app so so much, no one would understand my hate for it..Version: 12.2

All I’m seeing is blank white screen when I click on the app?I’ve enjoyed this app but there a few problems like this explanation above the title self explanatory and not censored or stopping inappropriate images or words been loaded by users that abuses this app platform for childish or bad behaviour or keyboard warrior alike etc, if you subscribe to this app I don’t know what you are paying for because quality and photoshop is meh for what I see in previews , why can’t you put different prices tiers like executive stickers and frames with filters as one group tier as this amount price (fair price) and don’t have to subscribe because you are buy as pack deal (person can pay by iTunes card or other source of payment) so fourth, you probably profit a bit more than trying to get people to subscribe with meh prices and ok quality media art... whatever also updates are not so fourth coming to fix up stuff ups , I’m hoping that you take this review as constructive criticism not bashing on your app, I kinda like the app but I feel can be better with a lot improvements and good marketing ideas points to draw in creative people to create for whatever reasons like media art or social media making their mundane photos to exciting and fun 🤩 to share at any social media platforms and could recommend to this app for more creative people to download this app, I hope this part of review is helpful. Have a wonderful day 👍.Version: 17.0.3

Near Impossible to cancel SubscriptionThe app itself is very quality and can really take your photos to the next level; however, I only planned to use the free trial to hop on the Album Cover TikTok trend and found it nearly impossible to cancel my subscription before my allotted free trial expires. If you want to pay for a picture editing service I would recommend it, but once you go in it’s very difficult to cancel which is a headache. They ask you to go to your profile and easily cancel, but that’s not the case. You need to go to your profile and then follow a link after you click “Manage Subscriptions”; however, you cannot manage or cancel your subscription in app. When I click the link on my 5 day old iPhone Pro, the link doesn’t load when I have 5G. When I try to follow the link on my Samsung laptop, it makes you download iTunes in order to cancel so I had to go through the extra process of downloading iTunes, setting up and linking my profile, and then going all the way to their website to follow that same link to only have it not work. Feel like they are making it as difficult as possible to cancel your subscription so that you give up on the process in general..Version: 16.5.1

PornographyThere is regularly pornography and graphic chat. Not appropriate for children..Version: 17.0.3

Re: Constant crashesIn response to creator comment: I talked about experiencing frequent crashing with the app. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app numerous times, I’ve also installed the app on a seperate device with varying degrees of success; aka sometimes it won’t crash at all, other times it will crash on and off again. I’m glad to hear you’re working to correct the problem however, bc apart from this issue, I really enjoy using the app. I like how easy to use and understand the UI is, and the vast multitude of options and designs available even for a free user. Overall a very good app, with just a somewhat significant problem. Please for the sake of an otherwise good app, work to fix the issue and best of luck with doing so.Version: 14.6.2

Amazing and Easy to use but..So the 3 stars is 5 for the actual functionality of the app. It is good, it does work. For all intensive purposes it is a photo editing app that works quite well. I was around before the premium membership and I enjoyed it far more. The ads are whatever I am used to it with free apps. What does bother me though is the new premium membership. Look I understand that you all worked hard on this app and that money is a thing people want. However this is a photo editing app, there is NO NEED to have to pay a MONTHLY membership for photo editing. You know what else charges monthly membership? Netflix, disney +, the ENTIRE adobe creative suite package, and many more services that offer way more than this app. Pay $5.99 a MONTH just for a few filters and no advertisements? That’s ridiculous. I wont pay for it and being bombarded every 5 seconds by and ad telling me to “go premium” is starting to annoy me. I used to recommend this app but now I can’t because I would feel like I am telling people to get the membership and I don’t think it’s worth it. Other apps have the exact same package of filters and editing tools with no ads for a ONE TIME payment. They do this for a reason because it’s a lot easier to convince 20 people to pay a $4.99 one time fee than a reoccurring payment every month. That’s my suggestion throw out this premium monthly plan and just make it a one time payment. I’d actually buy that..Version: 13.7

A little faultyThe filters on this app only get better and I love it. I love the features such as remove and clone and the fact that you can add photos to photos or fit photos into a larger background. However, the app constantly closes itself in the midst of me editing and then when I open it - it doesn’t open where I left off. It either starts fresh or resumes from a previous project. It also does not save the edits that well. For example, I have been addicted to the ‘GRNG’ filter lately but when I save the edit to my phone, the saved image will have a smooth finish when actually, the filter has a lot of noise to it which should have more of a fussy finish on the picture. So I’m left taking a screenshot of the edit on Picsart and then cropping it. No doubt I’ll still be using the app but the crashes have been too frequent so I had to say something..Version: 16.4.1

Something is “up” with this app SCAMI used to love PicsArt but after my experience yesterday, I think it’s a scam. I re-downloaded it after missing the collage feature that I enjoyed so much. After doing some basic edits on photos from my own library, I tried to save and couldn’t go further until I hit a “Free Trial” button. I tried many times to avoid hitting any button at all costs...I had already done a free trial years ago and obviously didn’t want to pay for a subscription. As I am trying to exit out, I suddenly get a notification saying “Thank you for your purchase”!!! Are you f’ing kidding me? I immediately try going into my itunes account to see my activity and PicsArt charged me $59!!! Not only that, but my ipad started to freeze up suddenly. Not 2 mins. later I was on the phone with Apple Support and they cancelled the charge for me after I explained what happened...They were concerned about the ipad freezing (I gave the Rep access to my screen so she could see what was happening) and she advised me to file a claim against PicsArt with Apple and to delete the app immediately. I am shocked because this used to be a reputable app...I don’t know what happened to it...Greed? Did a new company take over? I never leave feedback, but I don’t want this to happen to someone else. Be warned....Version: 12.4

Decent App, but problem.I have been using PicsArt for a couple of years now, and it has been a great editing app for getting assignments done creatively, taking edit requests from friends etc. I have come across an issue that has occurred to me for about a week. Usually the app runs fine but now whenever It try to put stickers on, the app randomly crashes so I can’t put any stickers on. (Yes, I have updated the app) But nothing seems to work. If someone could get back to be about this, that would be great. Cheers..Version: 12.9

Impossible to useThis app has many useful features that are creative and ease to use. Of course, you can only use those if the app actually works. Which it doesn’t 99% of the time. I’ve lost hours of work on something because the app constantly freezes and crashes. I save my work all the time, and it even says “auto save” in the corner, which one would assume means that the piece automatically saves. It does not. If you leave the app for even a split second, your picture is immediately trashed and all your work is gone. Sometimes the app crashes in the middle of working on something, so your work is completely gone for no reason other than a glitchy app. The drawing feature is the worst for this. The tool always drags two inches behind where ever you’re trying to draw, the tools are extremely limited, and GOD FORBID you try to use the undo tool. If you even TRY to undo something, the entire app promptly freezes, and the last three steps you’ve done disappear instead of one. I’ve tried different styluses, with and without WiFi, nothing makes it any more bearable. This app is perfect for you if you just wanna add a quick filter to a photo, but for anything that lasts more than 30 seconds, I suggest something else..Version: 14.3.1

Wont do anything unless you subscribeHi my name’s Moonrose PicsArt is @0xnightrosex0 I tried to post my stuff but I had to sub Please fix this I will be happy.Version: 17.0.3

I hate this appIt used to work very well and i would use it for editing photos and now it keeps glitching and saying that there is a network error even though my wifi works perfectly fine. i deleted the app and got it back now i cant sign in. dont download this app..Version: 14.4

Crashing and unable to be usedI absolutely loveee this app but just recently have found that I can not edit or add stickers without the app crashing midway. I have tried redownloading the app and clearing space, much more. I hope this is something that can be resolved as it is a wonderful handy app..Version: 16.1.1

Strange beepingThis app is pretty fun to make memes and edits on,but I have a question. Why does my phone randomly beep whenever I use your app. I keep on installing and uninstalling this app due to it and I’m too afraid to get hacked due to me getting a new iPhone..Version: 12.0

Um....I means it’s cool and all but there’s this glitch I can’t go into PicsArt in messages so that means I can’t send PicsArt stickers. Every time I tap it on messages it says unable to load. Please fix this..Version: 14.9.2

Glitching when I use itEvery time I go in I’m at the last step and the app closes and I’m really upset.. looking into another app.Version: 14.4

Deleted and it still tried to charge meHaha just glad nothin can be taken out of a bank account with nothing in it and no overdraft!.Version: 11.5

Keeps crashing when paid for full yearI used to love this app when using it for free. I used it quite a lot so decided to pay for a full year to get all the premium stuff. Well I wish I hadn’t bothered as it keeps crashing! I’ve contacted support who just told me to delete the app and then re install it which I have done, and by doing this have lost all my stickers and work that I had made! Am really not happy about that! And even though I’ve done as they’ve suggested it’s still crashing every day!! It’s really annoying me! What a complete waste of money!! I do not recommend people to pay for this! What’s the point in having to keep uninstalling it to re install and still be faced with the same problems! It still keeps crashing! I feel totally ripped off! I’ve cancelled my subscription and will not be paying for this again!.Version: 12.7.1

Nice but weirdIt’s a good app totally recommend, but for some reason it keeps crashing, and whenever I save something it just disappears. Hopefully it can be better soon..Version: 13.8

Connection Failure?This app is absolutely amazing and I love the sticker features it has. But when I attempt to create an account it tells me that my user can not be found even though I have not yet made an account. So I press skip to go straight to editing my pictures, and like I said I enjoy the sticker feature, but it continues to tell me that there is something wrong with my WiFi which is not true. It won’t connect to my phone or let me create a new account, I’ve tried connecting it with my Facebook, Snapchat and my apple account but it still tells me that none of these accounts are registered but they wouldn’t be anyway since I haven’t tried to create an account with these. It’d be a real shame to miss out on this app because the features are amazing. And yes I have deleted the app and downloaded it again to see if that would fix the problem and it did not. Please help!.Version: 14.4

Amazing app but...I got this app because I just wanted to edit pictures and I didn’t realize that you could share pictures and that makes it better but I also didn’t realize that I would get bombarded with premium ads EVERY SINGLE TIME I ENTERED THE APP and every time I tried to post something and that it would send me back home when I try to post a picture. Also, whenever I entered the app it would want me to explore certain things, and I did that, but the next day, when I enter the app, it pops up again and the next day again etc. I love the pictures I edited but it’s just so glitchy and it says that there is no connection when I have a data plan, WiFi, and connection. And when I was editing my very first picture of my BFF and I that I wanted to send to my BFF, it didn’t let me share it, it just went straight to home. Look, I know you want money, but no one is going to do premium if it is $8.99 a month. That’s just straight up RIDICULOUS! I’m not paying that much just to edit some pictures. Instead, it should be $8.99 for the whole price, people shouldn’t have to pay $8.99 a month they should only have to pay $8.99 once. And besides, what’s the whole point of premium when it’s just a photo editing app? Again, I love the app but just too many premium ads and it just sends me home and it says I don’t have connection when I have a data plan, WiFi, and connection..Version: 14.4

Decent to use, but...Wish there was a way to hide things I'm not interested in on the app, like hashtags or content regarding people I don't want to follow. Other than that I like using it for edits.Version: 16.3.1

Great, until the latest update.Since the latest update the app has been slow and glitching constantly. Also, my stickers won’t load? Although I have collected 200+ over the years, I am only able to access around 30. I have never had the” gold” version, so I know the stickers are available to me as none have a padlock. Similarly, the layout changed suddenly one morning to the stickers tab page...however then changed back quickly? I’m still unable to access all of my collected and saved stickers, and I don’t want to loose them. If you want this app, possible wait until the bugs are fixed as you may loose your stickers..Version: 16.1.0

I adore this app, but the CRASHING!!!Well, I’m just gonna say right off: I love this app. It has such a variety of everything for editing and you can seriously make some awesome creations on this app. But the worst part is, once you’ve made something with multiple layers of stickers, filtering, drawings, photos, etc., it completely freezes and crashes. I’ve lost so, SO many projects because of this app crashing. I love to edit photos and make wild aesthetic edits with them, but I also love to layer and continuously add things, which the app can’t handle. After about later 25, if you hit the undo arrow, it’ll load for 15+ minutes and evidently most likely crash. My phone has lots of storage so I know that it’s the app crashing. I’ve had to just start taking screenshots of my progress every once in awhile in case it crashes I still have a save point (I can’t save it because I’m still layering and moving things around). Overall, I use the sticker feature more out of anything. I love how people can upload their own stickers and such and you can share yours. It’s a great way to share creativity and really helpful to make cool photos edits. But the app just can’t handle the excessive layering that I’m trying to do. I haven’t heard of any other app that can do this much and NOT give me an annoying watermark on my photo. I’m not sure how fixable this issue is but if it is, I would be over the moon and definitely change my rating to five stars. Thank you..Version: 14.4

It’s a great app but...This app is awesome. it is so much fun and i have made some good internet friends. i do have a couple things i am annoyed with about this app though. first off- the premium thing comes up every single time i open the app, every time i make something, it has really got on my nerves. maybe you could put that in some setting thing. so it doesn’t come up every time. i hate it so much. if i haven’t bought it already i don’t think i’m gonna now-but that’s why i think you should put it in some setting thing, so if somebody does want to buy it they can go there but some people don’t and it comes up EVERYWHERE. second off- the community guidelines; i understand there are children on this app but if i say something besides “oh that’s cool” or “so are you” and don’t make it specific it says it violates community guidelines. i go back and try to change a few words i think could do it but it’s still violating. it doesn’t even tell me what to change or how i’m violating. it’s very annoying. maybe you could show what words or things are violating because i try to comment and i can’t because of all the violations. besides those- this app is great so far! thank you for your time and i hope you can read this!.Version: 16.3.3

My review on PicsartPrevious: This is one of my favourite apps and I love it! But this app has app has lots of problems. One of the main ones is that it keeps on showing up get pics art gold, and I can't afford to get it and anyway I already paid for the app so why should I pay £9.99 for some more editing software? Another bad thing about his app is accounts. This is bad because some people don't want to have accounts and if you not you then you just press skip but when you keep on going into the app without and account then the skip button disappears so you can't get into the app and you just have to delete it which is really annoying. Please fix this. Pics art was a waste of my money and I don't think you should get it. Now: Thank you Pics art for fixing this issue now I would give your app a five star review <3.Version: 15.2.0

HelpHey, so I’ve tried reaching out to you before but you haven’t been able to contact back.. if you see this please contact ASAP. Ty. My PicsArt keeps saying “in alive argument” whenever I try to log into my acc.. recently I deleted and reinstalled PicsArt cause it was saying “network error” now I cannot get back into my acc. See this wouldn’t be an issues for the time being but it hasn’t been working for months now. I’ve asked other people including family members and they have said there’s is working fine. I’m not entirely sure what’s gone wrong with my PicsArt I’m just hoping my acc is still there. Like I said if you could respond and hopefully fix the issues that would be greatly appreciated .. over all I’ve had this app for years now and it’s been one of the best picture/ video editing apps I’ve used.. I love this app and it’s kinda annoying when you can’t even log in.. I can’t even make a new account nor log into an old one.. I'm kinda just stuck.. I’ve deleted and reinstalled this app many times but have gotten the same results.. ty.Version: 15.8.1

What a JokeWhat happened to all the free options y’all had for the users who dont want to pay a $55 yearly subscription? You can’t even get the “free” three day trial without agreeing to the yearly subscription which you will be charged immediately after those three days. I use to use PicsArt for applying fonts to my edits, but I can’t even do that anymore because they’ve taken most of the free ones out and now made them to where you have to pay to use them. I can’t even save a picture anymore without getting pushed into a subscription that’s a waste of money in my opinion. Picsart even has ads so you tell me why they are charging $55 plus tax a year for editing pictures. It’s not like y’all are Adobe photoshop 🤷🏼‍♀️ I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen apps with great concepts change from benefitting the people and creating a community to becoming money hungry. Quidd, being one of them. I use to really love this app, but it’s becoming more and more difficult to be able to edit pictures on this app without paying $55 a year to USE things that were ONCE FREE. Y’all aren’t getting a dime out a broke college student. Try again. If spending $55 for a subscription is a few pennies to you then go for it, but you might as well just download adobe photoshop..Version: 12.1

Terrible!Hello, I am Nicci Johnston picsart user @niccijohto I have only used my free gold membership 3 day subscription for what must have been no longer than 5 hours and cancelled it went back to re-get my 3 day trial and was charged for a whole year can you please do something about this I do not have very big income and can not afford this mistake in any manner! Thank you !.Version: 11.8

Charged incorrectlySo I opted for a 3 day trial of the understanding that I could have the app for $7.99 a month or pay for a year up front at a bulk price. Well. I definitely was lead to believe if I stayed I would be charged 7.99 a month or if I acted could purchase a year up front. I feel like by not using a 2 option opt in system that a great product is going to run into a lot of unnecessary negative customer satisfaction scenarios that cost them more man hours than making sure in a very simple way that customers understand what they will be charged. I have good faith that the company will resolve my issue and charge me properly however I have to say that even a great product needs great CS behind it. I’m not impressed so far and really hope the company refunds everything I paid other than the first month. I can say for a fact I will probably use the app for more than a year. It’s just that I prefer that if I agree to a certain amount to pay at certain moment that I’m charged that amount and nothing more. Anything else just seems shady and causes me to disengage with a brand entirely..Version: 11.3

CrashesThis app is actually my favourite for editing, I love all the stickers and filters,, but it crashes a LOT. I’d say every two edits I do it crashes. Especially if it’s something like ‘skin tone’ which automatically edits the whole picture. It just dies and delete anything I’ve done. I just make sure to screen shot it a lot when I’m working. Also the amount of ads are insane. I see six different pop-ups through out one edit..Version: 10.8.1

Bad advertizingThey charged me for a year for 82$... but clicked on it because They said I could try it for free for 3 days and cancel if i wanted to but no free days....Version: 14.2

Do not get itThis used to be my favourite editing app, I’ve had it years before any of this “PicsArt Gold” I was okay with it at first as I understand that they need to make money, but when it’s pushed in your face 24/7 and now you can’t even screenshot photos without an ugly watermark, which you have to pay £59 to get rid of? I’m not paying that, I just run a small fan account for fun but I guess I’ll have to find a better app now (which shouldn’t be hard). As well as that, you can’t access anything offline anymore, before on long journeys I’d edit stuff offline so I know you’ve purposely done it so you have to be connected to the internet (which wastes data) just so you can get me to buy your stupid PicsArt Gold, it’s an okay app for editing I just wish it wasn’t so money thirsty, if the company had any care for the users who don’t pay, they’d reply and address some of the issues, I’ll guess we’ll wait and see.Version: 11.6

Still a GlitchI saw a review of someone saying that when they went on picsart there was certain things that would glitch for them. That review was about a year ago and the creator had responded saying they were going to try and fix. I still have this issue and it glitches every time I use it. I love this app and give it a very good review if the glitch was fixed. Please fix this glitch.Version: 16.8.1

Irritating BugThere’s been an issue with mostly all the ads. After the ad plays and I go to exit out of it, the screen goes grey and I’m unable to access and edit the photo I’ve selected. It’s very annoying and makes the app unusable. PicsArt has always worked well in the past and I’m not sure why this issue has popped up. Please fix this quickly so I can go back to using your app..Version: 13.7

Crashes and loss of workI love using this app for my projects as there isn’t an annoying watermark and easy to use, but lately everything keeps crashing and causes my work to disappear which makes it feel disheartening and frustrating to work on anything. I’ve deleted the app, redownloaded, updated it, offloaded the app, and even tried making a new acc however it seems like things just got worse bc now it crashes mid project causing all my work to disappear. Once it even disappeared AFTER I saved it, I was afraid of another crash happening since I had many layers on the project so I decided to save it half way and then work on it again but when I went to my camera roll it was completely gone it didn’t even show up in the “my projects” section. I’ve tried every possible solution picsart has suggested and nothing works it just seems to get worse as time goes on and I’m beginning to lose hope. I really don’t want to tho because before all of this happened the app was great and still is it’s just these technical issues are extremely annoying.Version: 15.2.3

Picsart has seriously gone downhill.I fully understand the use of ads and the benefits, but every single time i open the app i’m met with a 30 second ad, in which i am unable to skip. since the top half of my phone screen does not work, i can’t exit the ad- so i close the app. opening the app again, i am met with the same, unskippable ad that haunts my dreams. i remember in 2017, when the only ad was a picsart promotion one. today it really makes me want to uninstall the app as its too much hassle now...Version: 16.3.3

Bad but goodIt’s Terrible. There was suicidal talk, bad suicidal talk. I do love creating things but there should be something like a private button and people can’t comment then. This would make your account private and people will feel safer. I kept reporting images that weren’t appropriate but nothing was done. I ended up just blocking the user. It wasn’t following the guidelines of PicsArt! I had to delete it but it’s kinda not fair. Make this app a welcoming place for all and if people report something delete the post!!! Also make your guidelines stricter, and also, look at the comments people send. I was trying to post a comment about my dog when I posted a pic of her and that wasn’t ok but have you seen people’s comments? No? Well go and look at them. There is A LOT of swearing especially on your posts. Please fix this soon. I want it safer not just for me but for everyone..Version: 16.3.3

3 day trial ..(not so free trial)3 day trial ...then the app redraws money from your account..Version: 14.4

These ads need to be fixedEvery time i open the app i keep getting this h&m ad which you can interact with but the x button never shows up so i have to continuously close the app to go back without an ad, but the same ad pops up and the ads are very inconvenient when i’m trying to work on my photoshopping, the app is overall very good to work on and edit with but i can’t do anything if ads keep appearing on my screen with no way to close them..Version: 15.7.4

This app is amazing but..I’ve used this app for about 4 months and I loved it because of all the cool features and everything but now whenever I use it, the app just crashes while I’m making an edit and it’s very frustrating since it takes me a while to make a perfect edit and then all my work is gone and then when I try again, it just keeps crashing over and over again and I’ve never been able to finish an edit. I have an editing account on Instagram and my followers are wondering why I haven’t posted in a while and it’s because I haven’t been able to make an edit so please fix this issue. I’m pretty sure it’s not my devices that are the problem since all my other apps work fine! Thank you :).Version: 13.7

Used to be great. Still could be, but probably won't.This app was a great place for editing photos quickly and decently. I never used the app to make my photos look nicer, I only used it to make funny edits, but it still worked very well. Suddenly, when I try to use simple tools, such as the text tool, I cannot apply the changes unless I pay for an incredibly expensive subscription that doesn't match the quality of the service. I would be happy to pay one MAYBE two dollars for the app, but this subscription service is too far. It's something like $4.99/mo, ~$50/yr, which is absolutely exorbitant. On top of this, it is never made clear to the user which tools are for "premium" members and which are baseline, and it's seemingly random. Sometimes it won't even let me click the "done" button without a subscription. I think I might be a lot happier with the app if the subscription services were labelled and concrete, so that I could work around them or use a different app for that portion of the edit. TL;DR: Use a different app if you don't constantly want to be hit by paywalls which render most of the app unpredictably unusable. Developers, I think it would be a better move to make the current picsart into "picsart lite" and make a paid app into the regular picsart..Version: 14.8.2

Subscription fee!?I can’t believe you have to pay to have this. I can understand a one off fee for it. Or maybe buying special effects. But seriously. Says it’s free to download and then is all like jokes, you gotta subscribe to use it. It’s a trap..Version: 11.4

Why should I report an issue with Picsart Photo & Video Editor?

  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Picsart Photo & Video Editor to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Picsart Photo & Video Editor customer and are running into a problem, might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Picsart Photo & Video Editor.

Is Picsart Photo & Video Editor not working?

Picsart Photo & Video Editor works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Picsart Photo & Video Editor.

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