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Love itOriginally joined wise to use overseas. Trip was canceled due to covid. Now Ive used Wise multiple times to make overseas payments. I know how much I’m paying. I’m more confident using Wise than cards issued or linked to my bank account for Payments in other countries..Version: 7.53

So far the best banking app for multi currencies!Wise is the best banking service for single and or multi currencies with physical and virtual card. Instant transfers, instant conversion between account currency, and the rest. The transfer fee is relatively low. The only negative that I can say is the currency exchange rate to sell back currency is not good. But you still can get it in a few click and seconds in the wise account or transferred into your bank account. I cannot appraise the virtual card option enough! I was hacked 4 times in the past 2 years after using my other cards for online purchases. Wise has the option for a new virtual card that has lots of extra security features. You can delete it than generate a new one with a complete new set of numbers in a second. You can copy card details, account details from screen in the app then paste the info into an other website. … I highly recommend it! Made my travelling and spending my with card much easier and safer! Oh and my favourite feature is I can have one card for all currencies, I can withdraw in the country and abroad. The card detect the currency and it deduct the transaction from the matching currency account! How good is that?! Brilliant! 🙌.Version: 7.63

Wow!! Why can’t my bank be like Wise?WOW… JUST …WOW!!! Having recently bought on an overseas vendor I needed to set up a way to easily pay them for their goods and services. Checking exchange rates and then looking to transfer through my bank, not only were they charging a large fee, but the exchange rate they were using to convert was also highly leveraged in their favour. A quick Google search for the best ways to send money I came across Wise. Some further searches confirmed their validity so I went ahead. Account set up was easy and done in just minutes. Transferring money into my Wise account took just seconds and they’re using the actual exchange rate for my OS payment with just a simple and justifiable fee. I’ve saved over a thousand dollars using Wise instead of my bank (Westpac) on just this one transaction. I’m impressed and will no doubt save thousands each year using Wise for my OS payments. To top it off they’re supplying a business Visa I can use when travelling in over 150 countries and avoid more expensive bank conversion fees. But wait there was more. An extremely simple set up with Xero will make keeping our books as simple as possible too. Why can’t my Bank be like Wise?.Version: 7.39

Superb business with genuinely low transfer rates.I really can’t sing enough praises for this company. I’ve been using TransferWise for a few years to send money overseas as I’m back and forth from the U.K. I was an early adopter of the account as it really is borderless and can save a lot of money. Right this minute, I’m on a bus in Thailand and knowing that I’d need some funds in a few days I set up a transfer to my Thai account. Usually it’s very fast at maybe 3 days on average. Quick and with low fees representing the real exchange rate. This time... 3 minutes! Couldn’t believe it when my phone chimed with the news. Thanks TransferWise. Keep doing what you’re doing..Version: 5.2.2

Blessing after you sign up.Tried this out 3ish months ago. With 2 siblings in Australia. Turns out it’s so much cheaper than paypal. I didn’t trust it at first because of how you need to sign up. But after the initial sign up, money shows the next day. So glad we can finally send money a faster way to family when needed. Highly recommended 👍🏽.Version: 3.11.3

Best app for money transferThis app is the best and easy app to send money all over the world. I get really good exchange rate and the transfer is made very quick. I will suggest this app to everyone who wants to look after there family back home..Version: 6.12.1

Slow transfer, but was ultimately resolvedIn the last few years I had no problems at all transferring many larger amounts than this. Two transfers from the US in earlier April went smoothly in about two days — to 2 separate accounts in Turkey. But then the 3rd transfer took forever and is still in limbo today. The app said on April 19 the money would be transferred (no time mentioned). But the Safari web page on my iPhone said 2 pm local time and then later it said 5 pm that it would be done. The link to my recipient says yet another time — early this morning! I discovered who the culprit was. It was the Turkish bank. They didn’t like one of the words used in my note about the transaction — yet they never contacted the recipient of the money about why they were putting a freeze on the funds. As a result we had to spend another 5 days in the hotel. Trying to close on a property purchase was impossible until we went to one of their branches and explained the transaction. Then they unlocked the funds..Version: 7.16

LifechangerI started off using TransferWise to convert my USD salary into GBP, then sending money to Thailand. On every occasion, bar one, the service and charges were exemplary. On the one occasion the system fell down, the customer care did everything they could to resolve matters as quickly as possible, refunded all charges, gifted me a cash deposit and could not have been more apologetic. You could not ask for more, to err is human and if you do all you can to resolve the issue I have no complaint. I was fortunate enough to be given one of the first 1000 cards for the Borderless account. It is an absolute life changer. I work all over the world, and this card is simply indispensable. I would not hesitate in recommending this service to anyone..Version: 6.14

Amazing!This app was incredible while I was overseas! I visited two countries with different currencies and it was so easy to track and switch money between accounts. The Wise credit card was so helpful and simple to use and the fees for adding money to the card and withdrawing cash (if you exceed the threshold) we’re very low. Highly recommend!.Version: 7.62

Amazing Service, almost perfect appTransferWise is an amazing and super simple service for converting money to different currencies and the borderless account is fantastic for me to receive payments from abroad. I just got my debit MasterCard too and it's a game-changer. No more paying exorbitant fees for paying in different currencies while I'm traveling. The blog is great for getting info on rules and regulations for transfers and payments abroad. One small improvement to the app could be that transfers are displayed under each currency that I hold in my account but it's definitely not a deal-breaker..Version: 4.14

Super easy to useSuper easy to use.Version: 7.80.2

Super efficient, speedy, value for money transfer.Such an easy way to transfer funds between countries. Couldn’t believe how easy it was. I’ve struggled in the past sending funds Internationally due to bank hours and transfer fees. Value for money, speedy, super efficient was to transfer funds ! I’ll be back !.Version: 7.43

Great serviceHello Everyone, I was happy with my first ever transaction and I will definitely recommend everyone to use their app and services. Previously, I used orbit remit and world remit. Both of these money transfers charged me fee and transferred my money to India in 2 days. But transfer wise does not charge a fee and transfer your money within an hour ( for a hassle free experience read their policies and guidelines before trnx) PS: I compared transfer wise rate with OrbitRemit and world remit, result, choose transfer wise. Thanks..Version: 4.14

It’s getting better and betterIn general, please guys don’t stop :) You’re doing great job! I didn’t find other place to give you some feedback so here it goes: - could be handy to add some labels/notes to the money added to the jars. Sometime icon is not enough if you want to have better picture of money flow. - not sure if jars auto sorting by the amount is what I’d like to have. I’d like to decide on the order by myself :) - for sometime now, I’m encountering the issue where when I put the app in the background of iOS and when trying to go back to the app, there are two alerts saying something went wrong, please pull down to refresh. It started happening when I have changed my Wise login. I have to close the app permanently and then open it again. It got a little bit better recently as previously it was even login me out from the account..Version: 7.22

Great app/companyTransferWise is pretty awesome. You see where your money is and the rates compared to other services. Though not always the cheapest, I have a lot more trust here than I do with some other services. Also TransferWise are really fast. I transferred a fair bit of money within 24hrs. Good one 👍.Version: 4.6

Efficiency of TransferWiseI’ve availed TransferWise service for several years now and had great results. Although recently I had an unusually untimely transfer (4 days). In addition I was a bit confused by the overly long estimated time conveyed by TransferWise on a subsequent transfer (6 days) but after submitting the transfer and to my surprise I received the funds in less than two hours, which is about the speed in which I normally receive the funds. I want to clarify my previously poor feedback toward TransferWise. The service I have received is for the most part Great! My only complaint is the recent estimate for the completed transfer. I understand your companies position that it would be better to over estimate the transfer timeframe and deliver the funds earlier than proposed, and I’m trying to wrap my head around that logic because that works great for most people I’m sure. But... in my situation an estimate of 6 days for a Debit/ACH transfer leaves me wanting to initiate my transfer 5 days early, but If the transfer completes in only a few hours it then creates another issue with my billing cycle at my bank and fees. Overall I rate your service as highly recommended. I will just have to cross my fingers and hope the funds arrive as they have in the past. Thank you, Lon.Version: 5.2.2

Great app!I had to send quite a large amount to my son and usually used Paypal so I was quite sceptical about using Transferwise as my son was telling me it was a better rate. I was so scared. I put in his details and when I got to the part when I had to go to my bank to arrange transfer to them separately rather than my son I took a panic attack and cancelled!! The next day I decided after research, to try again and I downloaded the app. I still had to do my bit from here separately but understand it was because my bank wasn’t on their list. The money was taken from my account this end but as it was Friday the weekend meant a delay till Monday so in effect me cancelling put him under pressure because he was moving on Tuesday. However the great thing about the app was I could check every step! Down to every minute “It will arrive in 23 minutes “ then 9 minutes then 2 minutes! It was quite miraculous they had the completion down to the last minute!! Wholly recommended!! At this moment in time the money hasn’t quite reached his actual bank account but we know that the transfer is complete. It’ll hopefully not be long.Version: 4.15

Very easy to manage/send money internationallyGreat app, really easy to transfer money internationally. Having the card to spend in the currency you are travelling to is an added bonus! Makes things a lot easier! Only thing I would ask if we could add is alerts/notifications. If this is already possible please let me know how i could turn this on. I’d like to watch certain currencies in order to get better rates before transferring. Thank you!.Version: 7.74

Reliable and trustworthy.I stay overseas and have been using this app over the last few years to make secure transfers to my family back home. Absolutely endorse it for anyone looking for a great secure way to transfer your hard earned money. Low transfer fees, quick and efficient transfers with email confirmations through the journey of the money from sender to receiver. Very reliable and easy with great transfer rates. Thank you to the transfer wise team 🙏🏻..Version: 7.19

Seamless transactionEvery now and then you stumble across the right tool for the job, Wise is the perfect tool for multiple reasons, it has ease of use, confident security and bonus virtual online card payments, an easy recommendation, only down side is not finding this service years ago...Version: 7.51

Good software. Very professionalGood software. Very professional.Version: 7.80.2

I save €40-€60 per month with thisAs a British national living in Europe, with family still living at home, I have a requirement to send money from my euro account to my UK account. If I did this with my bank I would be paying high fees and poor exchange rates. TransferWise frequently saves me €40-€60 per month depending on the amounts I need to send home that month. Transfers are usually within seconds and the most I have needed to wait is around an hour. My only complaint is when I use my mobile banking app the pay using ideal it always redirects me to the website and not the app, small annoyance but you multi task back to the app and the process continues without a hitch. I don't use the bank account feature or the debit card, although I do have both products..Version: 4.19.1

Absolutely amazing.This is a great app and Wise is a fantastic company. I’ve been using their services to send money abroad for around five years. I’ve never encountered any problems or issues, very easy to use, very easy to set up new recipients and currencies, everything is straightforward, easy to set up or change payments, the communication is excellent throughout transactions, I could just keep going on with the list. It is also incredibly fast and cheap to send money to abroad. With my bank it used to take around 4-5 working days for the money to arrive on the other end and each transaction cost me £9.00. With Wise it takes only a mere second and the fee they charging is ridiculously low, usually cost around £1. That was actually the reason why I gave them a go. I’ve came across their advert in social media, read the reviews and decided to give them a chance. I’ve never regretted it. So to the good people who read my review, go ahead download the app and start save money and time on transfers to abroad..Version: 7.9

Very low fees compared to banks!! :DHurray! Finally a company who transfers your international payments with a tiny, fare fee. The international bank transfers used to cost us 25£ each time! Now we’re paying 65cents!! I’m able convert the money inside the app to the currency I want before transferring, with no cost or a tiny fee depending on timing and amount. Such a relief and joy, a company who is fare and decent and don’t just put up costs to extortionate amounts just because they can! The app is also better and easier to use than all other banks I’ve tried. Thank you so much the whole transferwise team and the people who came up with this brilliant idea! : D.Version: 4.26

Fast, efficient, easy, 1000x better than OFX, WUI used OFX twice and if was nothing but problems, slow, multiple verifications required, on and on. Nothing but problems, delays. WesternUnion assumes you’re sending money to a scammer and continuously blocks your transfers, requiring a phone call to verify it’s really you. Completely unusable. Transferwise (now just Wise) is easy to use, just set up your accounts and transfer is fast, often in seconds. Multiple options given to draw money from, use your savings, checking accounts, credit cards, etc. It’s perfect to send money to other countries if you’re sending to a bank account. Best international money transfer service!!!.Version: 7.10

Awesome AppWise is a very convenient and trustworthy platform to transfer and convert currency. Love it..Version: 7.79.1

Clear & ReliableI have been using wise several months now with great success. Any questions are dealt with quickly and efficiently. Not being the most tech savvy I find all instruction and subsequent keying for transfer easy and reliable. No hiccups. Unusual these days..Version: 7.69.1

It worked.At first this was messier than it needed have been. I did as Wise told me to, and somehow the process froze up. I then had the good fortune to speak to Fara at customer service who got things working again. Thank you, Fara. So it’s good now, but Wise needs to look at why I had problems buying currencies from them…and if I created my own difficulties, then I should be told what to do in future. Cheers to all involved..Version: 7.44

Efficiency and economy in financial transfers.I have been using Wise (formerly TransferWise) for a few years to transfer funds between the U.K. and France. The service is simply excellent. Transfers are almost instant. I can initiate a payment from my U.K. account app and within minutes it will appear in my Wise app as an available balance. It then takes just a few seconds to instruct Wise to convert GBP to EUR and send a payment to my French bank account. Things slow down a bit when funds arrive in France as my French bank doesn’t update my account instantly, as U.K. banks do. That is not the fault of Wise, just a feature of regional French banks! Although funds may not show immediately, the inward payment always shows up in the account the next day and as long as I remember to send funds before I need them it isn’t a problem. When I first started to use Wise I used to check exchange rates elsewhere. I soon worked out it was a pointless exercise. Wise don’t shade the rate for profit, they charge a small fee for the transfer and in every case I checked, the Wise transfer fee was less, in some cases considerably less, than other transfer services would have cost. I have no qualms about wholeheartedly recommending Wise to anyone needing to move money..Version: 7.31

Always reliableHave been using it for 2-3 years, sometimes takes a bit longer but that’s always the local banks!! They don’t like the competition!! Would recommend it to anyone, tells you how long, how much it will cost and nearly always within a few hours. If!! The local banks play the game!! My Australian bank takes 9+ hours to receive money but once received by TW it’s a few minutes to be in my account. Uk banks 5mins!! Love it.Version: 4.2.4

The App/service is really, really good!I love TransferWise and the App is fantastic. The only other feature that would make this even more amazing, would be to have a ‘recurring’ frequency option for transactions that need to be made on a regular basis. I am a big fan of TransferWise. Love the app and the service..Version: 5.19.1

SENIOR CITIZEN FRIENDLY APP!Age 77 and a technology babe I was in despair trying to send a large sum to Malaysia in GBP whilst on holiday in Australia! Then TransferWise was suggested. I cannot thank you enough for making it so simple and easy to use. Every line was so straightforward to follow. I just typed in what you asked and voila! In a few seconds it seemed the transaction was completed with emails telling me every step of the process till it reached its destination! Wow. If I can use it...anyone can , believe me. It's too good to be true and something that's been needed for ordinary citizens for years ! THANKYOU ..you've saved my life more than you will ever know. Such a lot was hanging on my transferring these amounts successfully. May you never try to get too technological just for the sake of it as so many companies do as they grow. Keep it simple! There's millions of folk out there who prefer "simple". Thanks again. Best wishes.Version: 3.10.2

Great app, easy to useApp is very intuitive. It has all the information you need to know. I also like the way it is laid out and the multiple ways of adding money to your account. No fuss and no hidden fee so far. The only down side is the app sometimes freezes on the latest IOS. Hopefully the next update will fix it.Version: 5.13

Exceeded expectationsThis is the first time I have ever written a review of an app but I felt like I had to. I don’t think I have ever used an app that does what it says it will to a level that this one does It work seamlessly and massively exceeded expectations. This works so well and is so easy to use. I need to make business payments between Poland, NZ, Australia and the US and this app makes it so straightforward. The costs are very reasonable as well..Version: 7.12

AmazingJust wow.Version: 7.80.2

Shockingly convenient and easyThis is an amazing app for independent consultants. The borderless account is exactly that, borderless. I have client all over. First invoice payment from an Australian corporate client into my borderless account using Australian bank details was just amazingly smooth. I was nervous about the whole thing but, I got paid in AUD to the borderless account, I transferred it to my UK bank account and all of it happened in less than 5 minutes and all on my phone. It’s just lovely!! I accidentally found the account cause of frustration caused by an online bank. I was searching for solution when I came across it. I had opened an online business account, expressly asked if they accept payment from outside the UK and EU, was told yes only for them to tell me later that they can’t accept payment from outside the EU. Got on the internet to find solution - the borderless account was what I found, although was seriously nervous - it worked a treat!! Independent consultant or small business with clients outside the UK or EU - you need this!! Or client paid, I got the money instantly cause it’s in the local curecy and into a local account details - lovely.Version: 4.25.1

Please change the historical currency chartRecently a historical currency chart was introduced on the home page. I have contacted support about this because in my case the chart is set to EUR and I cannot change this. Support said the currency chart is preselected based on my transactions. Well, I think this is bad because I have never used EUR, never sent, received, or converted EUR and don't even have an EUR currency account. I am interested to see USD chart because I transfer and convert USD to my local currency. So I have no idea why the chart selects EUR for me. As a matter of fact initially I did see USD chart being shown but one of the updates has changed this and now it only shows EUR. Please change this so the user can select which currency's chart they would like to see. Having it set to an arbitrary currency is neither helpful nor useful. Thank you..Version: 7.80.1

Moving money made simpleThis app is just incredible. Having to transfer money between the UK, NZ and Hong Kong on a regular basis always used to be a pain - and expensive too. Now, with a cross border account, I’m able to easily move money between three countries to where I need it the most - no delays and no crazy bank fees. I always feel like I’m getting the best deal, and love the simplicity of it all. Great work! Now all I need is an option for a physical card in NZ, so I can make my money work harder for me. Thanks!!.Version: 4.14

Easy to useI like it.Version: 7.80

Excellent app well designedA complete satisfaction in terms of client peace of mind as one is always aware of the transactions and at times the amount is credited way before it is actually shown as to be received which is a very positive thing.. All in all a great experience and i think this service will be in much more demand and will be appreciated much more in the gulf countries where people need to hold money in local as well as their home currencies and even in cases like mine where parents need to send money for education to their kids in US dollars.. an excellent option.. keep up the good work guys.. you Rock.. ( apologies for my earlier misdirected remarks as i misunderstood the dynamics of the service being new to me) :).Version: 7.70

Brilliant!I’ve used Wise now for over 5 years and have never had a bad experience. Their team have contacted before asking how I utilise their app and listens to my ideas on features, which have now been integrated into their service. Fantastic!.Version: 7.68

Almost PerfectSuper easy to use (once recipients are loaded), reliable, and cost effective. My only complaints are: it’s next to impossible to contact admin with ?’s or concerns, and there’s no option to write or view notes on each transfer. I use this for business and would love a space to make a note on each transfer. Please add this in next update..Version: 7.28

Just keeps getting better and faster!My son goes to to uni in Scotland and I need to regularly send money to him from the States. This service is awesome. I've been using it for about a year and a half and transfers used to take about three days to complete which was quite acceptable but recently they are just taking about 8-12 hours to complete which it wonderful. Thanks so much for the best money transfer service out there!! Some people claim Bitcoin is better for such money transfers. I totally disagree. TransferWise shows you exactly how much it costs and the other side gets exactly the amount you wanted to send. The small service charge is cheap for the peace of mind you have. Also transfers can be easily proved to the IRS if needed and since I'm transferring money for legitimate reasons from legitimate sources, this is a big plus..Version: 3.10

Amazing serviceBest bank ever. The card is accepted everywhere, and they have great exchange rates.Version: 7.80.2

Excellent value for money transfer appAlthough somewhat clunky in parts, this app is well worthwhile considering for anyone travelling abroad as it enables you to transfer money at mid-market rates and get the best conversion rate ever, when using a Borderless Account. Only 4 stars as transfer into the account took 24 hours and the bank couldn’t advise me what had happened to my money in that time period-rather scary when it’s thousands of pounds! Also there appears to be 2 account numbers-which-as the help desk eventually explained to me, he agreed could be confusing! You get one account number to set up the account and which acts as the main one when the account is set up, then another one appears to overwrite this when set up. This number can be used for direct transfers from your bank, if you don’t wish to add the money using the + icon in the app itself, which is the usual way of adding money in the TransferWise account. The account enables you to convert foreign currency back into pounds as well at the end of your trip, again at Mid market rates. There is a small fee, but it’s well worth it..Version: 4.15

SuperВсе чітко. Молодці. Відкрийте кредитні ліміти ще.Version: 7.80

Fast, Accurate, and Inexpensive TransfersI've been using TransferWise for several months now, sending funds from the US to New Zealand and Thailand. They have always sent the correct amount - received sometimes in mere minutes. On total cost (fee plus exchange rate) they've consistently beaten every other transfer agency I've checked. They're the best I've found, and I'm staying with them..Version: 5.43

Complete within 30 minutes or the rate changesExcellent app, easy to use and self explanatory. I’ve used Transferwise twice now and they are a lot cheaper than using your bank. The 24 hour guaranteed rate is fixed, however, if you get stuck on a section of the transfer for more than 30 minutes (like if your bank delay sending money for 6 hours because they want proof of identity, two copies of your signature, a dna test and your complete family tree dating back to 1665...yes you Co-operative Bank UK) the rate will change to whatever the average rate is when Transferwise receive the money..Version: 4.10

Fast and cheap transfer servicesThis would be the fast and cheapest transfer services as of the moment. I hope it would remain as is for a long time..Version: 7.67

User FriendlyEasy to use, very competitive rates and low fees. Using Wise has saved me mucho dollars..Version: 7.80

Excellent serviceExcellent service. User friendly structure, Wise has great integration with banks. Which makes everything easy. Once you integrated your wise account with your bank everything is so smooth..Version: 7.80.2

The best in businessI have been sending money to my family back home every month for the last 13 years and have used multiple options and apps. This is by far the best app in terms of user experience, simplicity and the best part is the exchange rate. Top notch!.Version: 7.75

Love it!!!Simply amazing! I just love how easy and intuitive it is and that transfers happen in seconds.Version: 7.80

Get Wise 100%Wise is the ONLY way to transfer $$ abroad, pay for international purchases & spend with ease (& low fees) while traveling. After losing hundreds to PayPal & banks over the years, I’m now a Wise loyalist. Highly recommend..Version: 7.48.1

ReliableHave used TransferWise many times and on each occasion, sending money has been simple and quick! There is a limit to how much you can send and that works out fine. With other Remit Apps if you send over $10k AUS you can get caught up with filling a ton of forms for security purposes and your money can be tied up for a week! Also if you need support TransferWise is quick to get in touch with you. No, doubt TW is a touch more expensive than a couple of Remit Apps I use but if you want to make sure your money gets to the other persons account then TW is reliable!.Version: 4.8.1

Game ChangerI’ve been using Wise since 2018, and it has been my most convenient app to transfer money back home. Ever since they started offering accounts in different currencies with a unique debit card, it has changed the way I travel..Version: 7.80

Quick and easy money transfer US-BrazilI usually transfer money from my bank account here in the US to my bank in Brazil via a wire transfer through my regular bank here. The problem? Hefty fees, often crazy conversion rates, and about a week of waiting until my money arrives there. TransferWise seemed too good to be true, but I downloaded it anyway to try it out, setup everything and transferred some money to my account in Brazil to see how it would work. It was exactly as promised. They told me the exact fees upfront (waaaaaay cheaper than my bank’s wire transfer) as well the conversion rate. In less than 24 hours the money landed at my account in Brazil, with them keeping me informed of every new step along the way. Terrific service. Bye bye bank’s wire transfers. Hello TransferWise!.Version: 3.4.1

Transferring money in China is awesomeI used to have to go to a atm to transfer money and it was nothing but a headache and expensive. Also since the banking issue here in China actually finding a bank that cash is near impossible sometimes making it hard to live. Then I accidentally found this app……… and I love it. It’s easy to use, fast and simple. It allows me to transfer money to my Chinese account is simple and very cheap compared to my earlier ways. It’s easier than my international transfer account with my bank. It allows me to pay Alipay, WeChat etc and that is amazing. Thank you guys. Keep up the good work!!.Version: 7.70

AmazingHave just transferred some NZ dollars out of our personal everyday account domiciled in NZ to my TransferWise account followed by conversion of this at an extraordinary good rate to GB pounds. All done within a very short time while sitting on a couch at my son’s place in England. Simple, stress free and superb. Thanks TransferWise as Tina Turner would sing “simply the best, better than all the rest”. Peter M.Version: 4.24

Amazing and cheat feeCheaper than you own bank.Version: 7.80

Quick and easyI’ve used the app 6 times over the last 5 months the send money from the US to Thailand. 5 of the 6 times the money was sent within hours of them notifying me they had transferred the money to my account. On the 6th time there was a delay of about 24 hours which is still quite fast. I would like to add that the notification/receipt they send is based on their bank setting up the transfer. However, that bank my still take some time to actually transfer the money. In my case the first 5 transfers happened within an hour or so of the notifications being sent. The delay on the 6th transfer had me initially concerned. I contacted my bank and the transferring bank and both said the transfer could take up to 7 days based on the banks policies. If you don’t see the money right away after you get the notification/receipt it might take a day or two for the transfer to complete. Best regards..Version: 5.2

Money transfer internationallyMoving money around usually brings with it a list of difficulties that you couldn’t appreciate until you were neck deep into the transaction. It seems that the easier they are the more expensive they get. Wise has made a real effort to cut away a lot of difficulty and the cost of transferring money to another country. They are very upfront and transparent about their fee’s and offer a selection of options to complete your transaction. Believe me, I looked into quite a few different companies and although Wise wasn’t the least expensive they were pretty close. There were a few things that made them worth the price, which turned out to be less than I expected. You probably want to ask me what the one thing was that led me to write this positive review? It was when the recipient told me that they received the money almost three days before the approximate delivery date. I was completely satisfied with my experience with Wise and I think you will be too..Version: 7.54

Five star app; 4 star serviceThe app itself is very easy to use. I work in international development and I’m normally paid in US dollars. Once I’m paid, TransferWise allows me to hold that money as long as I need in a virtual account in New York. That way I can wait for a day when there is a favourable currency fluctuation. Then I send the money back to my bank in the UK for a ridiculously low fee. The whole process of converting and transferring money takes me about 60 seconds (once the bank details are all set up). Typically my UK bank sends me an SMS to say the money arrived 1-3 minutes later. So why not 5 stars? Simply because while you can transfer into 28 currencies, you can only send a wire transfer to TransferWise from a limited number of countries. I had USD from work in Cambodia, and I couldn’t seem to use TransferWise. Maybe it’s due to money laundering regulations, or perhaps it’s a technical issue. If you’re transferring money to/from US or Europe, count it as 5 stars. Otherwise check which countries you can use it in both directions..Version: 4.12.1

Easy peasyMy son had UK money and he sent it to my TransferWise account and within minutes I had transferred it to his NZ account. Have no idea why I received his money in minutes but it took a lot longer for him to receive the NZ dollars but doing it all was really simple..Version: 5.5

So convenientVery easy to use . Quick and intuitive considering the complexity and options..Version: 7.80.2

A fair go for everyoneWe discovered Wise (TransferWise) a number of years ago to avoid massive conversion rates when travelling overseas. They provide the mid-market rate and a small fee to make the exchange. The banks rate is generally 4% below the mid-market rate, and then during the exchange they charge 8% of the amount changed. On one trip to the UK I had to move an additional £500 (GBP). When I compared the rate to what I would have paid via my bank, I saved £72 (GBP). The banks like you to think that they’re helping their customers when they’re helping themselves. I now use wise for all international conversions, including all online purchases in GBP, EUR, or USD. They show all the exact charges which are very small. They even explain on their website the best way to use your card when travelling to avoid additional fees and charges. I highly recommend them to anyone; traveller or not. Keep up the good work folks..Version: 7.31

Great transfer methodSo fast and easy and the fees are super low compared to other money transfer softwares. I wish I didn’t need people’s addresses all the time but it’s the sacrifice we make for the ease of use..Version: 7.76

A+++By far the one of the best (if not the best) apps I've ever used. Not only is the service they provide second to none, the user-friendly nature of the app vs conventional banks is a no-contest. I will be using TransferWise for the near forseable future and cannot wait to watch them change the way we move money. Highly recommend!.Version: 5.2.2

App works well, needs a couple featuresI have very few complaints with TransferWise and this app. It generally works as advertised and I have used it for a number of months now with few problems. One glitch is TransferWise’s interface with banks (U.S., at least), which sometimes does not recognize your account has been verified and asks to reverify it by confirming a couple of micro-deposits - a process which can take several days. However, if you cancel the transfer which prompted the request to reverify, then try it again, this has always resulted in a successful transfer on the second attempt for me. Both the app and desktop version of TransferWise also have trouble sometimes dealing with verification questions used by many banks. One additional feature which would be useful for the app (essential, in my opinion, for a 5-star rating) is the ability to download a pdf receipt for a transfer, showing all relevant account information and date/time of the transfer events, as you can from the desktop web site. Despite the above issues, I’m satisfied with my experience and TransferWise is an excellent alternative to international bank wires, especially for smaller amounts..Version: 4.15

My Defacto For TravelI won’t use anything else moving forward as Wise has me covered. I can fund multiple currencies with instant bank transfers so funds are available in less than 5 mins. Wise also issues a physical debit card that I can use to withdraw cash locally as well as integrate through Apple Pay for PayWave enabled terminals. Every time I transact from one of my currencies I am instantly advised of the transaction amount and remaining foreign currency balance. All of this at forex broker rates for currency exchange absolutely blowing the banks out of the water. Absolutely recommended - indispensable travel application for me..Version: 7.64

Absolutely Brilliant.There’s not much to not like about WISE. No hassle, dead easy to use app. The convenience of transactions compared to regular banks is just phenomenal. I love that I don’t need to wait for OTPs to come or lock me out of my account when I’m travelling abroad which then is a massive hassle to get in touch with for customer service. Everything with wise can be handled through the app. Check ur PIN number if you forgotten it, freeze ur card for safekeeping. And now they’ve added Assets! Store your money while earning interests! Why not! Of course risks are involved when investing in stocks but I see the investment choice they added to be a great one for the long run. Absolutely highly recommended. Hope they maintain the quality with more new features being added in the future..Version: 7.27

Great appGreat app with great rates..Version: 7.80.2

These guys are greatI live in NZ but from the U.K. still with active accounts and friends and family there. I used TransferWise to book and pay for half my wedding on the other side of the world from London, and now I regularly send money back to keep on top of buying gifts etc when it’s time and pay bills and can’t fault the service. Never have. As fast as immediate sometimes, super easy, I can’t speak highly enough of them and don’t know what I’d have done without them!.Version: 3.10.3

Borderless transfer does not workThe latest update says it works for borderless account but that’s not the case for me. I contacted the support email, they said it “sometimes” doesn’t work. I’ve tried many times in last few days, but it consistently fails, no “sometimes” about it. Meantime I’ve lost more than $100 because of a decline in FX rate..... more than the purported saving in bank fees. In short, don’t try to use this app if you want to lock the rate, which is one of the few benefits anyway of the “borderless” account ( which is also not really so “borderless” as described by the way). Also the app appears to have no link to live chat..Version: 3.5

Best transfer service everIn many occasion, I’ve tried to send money to relative in Brazil... sometimes successfully but mostly not or long delays... I’ve heard about this from an employee of another company ( competitor) as they could see how desperate I was to find a solution. So I decided to give it a try. Originally they said money was going to be there in 2 days, so I tracked it many time a day with the app ( very easy) and less than 2 days later money was on my relative bank account... what a relief... if I had doubt before, based on my past experience with others ( bank, WU, money gram), now I’m convince... and I’m not talking about saving... this is another very positive element... we get better guaranteed rates and less fees... what can you ask more..... Great tool to have.Version: 4.0.4

Tremendous sending money AppBefore i sending money to my country,i was donwload several apps to compare the currency exchange rate n the fees. Then After all Transfer Wise has so much better one than others . N here i am still with wise.Version: 7.20

Amazing , simple , efficient & friendlySo, I’ve been looking for an easier way to transfer my funds from my Canadian account over to my US bank account. I some how stumbled across this app and my god, was it such a quick and painless transfer , it costed me around 41 CAD to get 30 USD , which is amazing, money saver for sure, and it only took a few business days! I also ended up messing up my bank details, which I contact the customer support via email, and they switched the information for me THAT DAY! I’m literally not joking when I say that this app is a life saver, thank you SO much for the easy transfer , and I will be sure to refer as many people to this app if they are in a pickle about transferring money over seas. Once again, thank you so very much TransferWISE 😍.Version: 3.4.1

I’m getting rid of my SH—t ANZ bankI can’t believe I stayed 10 years with this sh bank , All those trans fees and long hours waiting on phones. I informed them I’m overseas and they locked my bank card. I couldn’t use it. To top it all I damaged my phone in a watering trip, My holiday have been hell , trying to download their sh.. t mobile app. If it was t for wise , I would have been in the street with my 2 kids. 10/10.Version: 7.39

Great once it is set upIt took me a month or so to successfully set up an account. Customer service was helpful to work through the issues I had. Once that was finally completed the app works great. Today I was able to upload money from my checking account, convert it to another currency, and initiate a transfer to the recipient in a matter of minutes. Literally less than 5 minutes. The fees were less than a wire transfer from my bank which would have taken at least two days to complete… and no fees or poor exchange rate by the receiving bank. No guessing about how much the recipient would receive..Version: 7.56

Great service and AppThe Transferwise service is one of the easiest and most cost effective means of transferring money to internationally. I would recommend it to anyone who is wanting to transfer small to medium amounts of money to accounts in other countries.Version: 7.46

SolidWorks great, of course has fees but does the job for transferring my CAD to GDP.Version: 7.80

Excellent serviceI have been using TransferWise every month for overseas bill payment and they always provide me excellent service! The exchange rate is very competitive, the transfer is made easy and quick, and when I had to reach out for any kind of request/issue, they gave me prompt reply with solutions. But what actually encouraged me to write this review is for what happened last week. By mistake, I had transferred more than I intended to, and didn’t even notice. 2 days later, I’ve received an unexpected deposit and found out it was the difference for what I’ve paid for. I know it might sound that it’s something any decent human being would do, but they’ve done it so honestly and smoothly that I felt very valued as a client and had to share my satisfaction with their service. Thank you for this incredible service and keep up the beautiful work! ✨.Version: 5.19.1

Simple and easy to use.The Wise app makes it easy to transfer money to friends overseas. While it seems to have some scaling issues on the iPad Pro 2021 (base model, not the 12.7” one) and can be glitchy if you rotate the device to landscape while you’re viewing a transaction, it’s very handy. The services Wise offers are also great, and the fact that they’re honest about them is a cherry on top of the cake. Definitely easier to use than website version on iOS mobile devices..Version: 7.68

Wise Card for TravelMy brother told me about Wise as he had used it in the UK. I signed up and received the physical card very quickly. I added money from my Canadian Bank account and converted some of it to Euro and some to Swiss Francs. My wife used the physical card and I used the iPhone wallet version as we travelled through the Netherland, France, Germany and Switzerland. It worked flawlessly ! We ended up needing more physical cash than we had brought as the Christmas Markets we were attending primarily require cash. So we twice took money out at German bank machines using the wise card, it was so easy. We guessed pretty well on the amounts we needed and as we moved from the Euro zone to Switzerland, I just converted the remaining Euros to Francs and then upon returning home converted the Francs to Canadian again. My Tim Hortons runs are now covered for a couple of weeks ! All for less fees and a whole lot easier management than using my actual bank Visa or carrying extra cash to avoid conversion fees. I’m going to be using this card a lot !.Version: 7.80.1

You will not regret choosing wise!Very good price and very fast and easy to use to!!! very convenient to use:) I will recommend friends and family to use! You will not regret choosing wise!!!.Version: 7.79.1

Incredible functionality and savings.Here in Canada the big banks have an oligopoly. Nice to have lower cost, simple choices for currency exchange, saving and spending for international travel. Amazing..Version: 7.80.2

Highly recommend!!I have been using TransferWise for over 4 years now. Their service is flawless and allows the flexibility to wait for improvements in exchange rates before you execute your transfer. I have saved a lot of money in bank fees and exchange rates with always timely delivery and not a single transaction issue. I had to go into their office in person when i first started using the service. Not sure if this is still required. App itself can be improved a bit - but it delivers..Version: 5.28

Extremely SatisfiedEspecially attract with your application Interface. A simple and tidy as customer wants to deal with such apps. You did it great and may achieve well in future. I’ve gone through many apps for remit purpose but More then all this is completely beyond. That’s what i’ve experienced..Version: 4.20

International transferHighly recommend this app, ease of use to transfer cash internationally with the best exchange rates..Version: 7.80.2

Very useful appSo far I’ve used it several times to transfer money and now and then to freeze and unfreeze my credit card. Generally very nice to use. It did get confused on one transfer when I transferred £10 to test the target account and then transferred a larger amount when I’d confirmed that the transfer got to the right place. In the app the smaller transfer was displayed in place of the larger one. The next day it had resolved and the transfer was successful. Also, the app said that transfers (to South America) would takes several days, but in practice they happened much quicker, even less than one day. A nice feature is that you can create a virtual credit card that can be used safely and discarded when no longer wanted..Version: 7.6

Great service!!!Good app for travelling as can add unlimited virtual debit cards and set up numerous foreign currency accounts (no forex rate rip offs either, they give you the best rate they can). Debit cards can be added to Apple Pay as well, haven’t seen any fees on international transactions yet. Adding money is easy but make sure it comes from your own account as they have strict anti money laundering systems in place (can also fund via Apple Pay with a tiny fee). Highly recommend! 5/5.Version: 7.37.1

Fast, Safe and fantastic low ratesI was super impressed with transfer wise I saved so much money on what fees and rates I would of been charged through international transfer with banks. I actually couldn’t believe how quick everything was and it’s great you get a locked in dollar rate.Version: 5.22

Fast, easy, reliable! 👌👌🤑Can't ask for anything more.... I have been wanting to have this kind of fast & hassle free service for ages!!! My other traditional banks would charge me a bomb on initiating transfer from my source country and the destination as well; even not give competitive rates day in day out. There are other remittance services and apps similar to TransferWise, but this one has been giving me the best rates since a long time. I also had some issue in past and the customer service agent were helpful to solve the query and get my money back to original account within few hours without any fuss..Version: 6.10

Cheap, quick and convenient for international transfersI have family that live abroad so I regularly have to send money internationally. Before I discovered wise (TransferWise at the time) I used my bank which gave me a poor exchange rate, charged high fees and sometimes it could take up to a week for the recipient to receive the money. With wise I can send money internationally at the actual exchange rate with clearly laid out low fees, and the money is received either on the same day or the next depending on the time of day I send the money, due to the recipient being several hours ahead in my case. If you need to send money abroad either on a one off or regularly, I couldn't recommend this service more highly!.Version: 7.8

I Fear Technology controlling my Money BUT, this is awesomeLike most over 50 year olds, money in your hand is real - Yes so being concerned over technology controls of finance is NOT second nature. My son moved ALL his money from Australia to UK using this APP! I was concerned BUT I have since used it 3 times now with the Last LumpSUM causing a Large Lump in my throat. I'm in awe that I booked the transfer on Friday afternoon after work Aus time, and have just had the completion into my UK Bank at 02:34 Aus Monday morning. Yes was up waiting, with lump unfounded, can not feel so satisfied with such an easy Click of buttons. Thank you TransferWise for saving me from slow banks over charging fees at poor exchange rates. Don't give them your hard earned Dosh!.Version: 3.3

Excellent if you have bank accounts in different currenciesI’ll speak solely with what I have used Wise for. In my case, I found this app looking for an efficient method to transfer money between my USD and EUR accounts. I live in Spain, but I used to live in the US. I constantly need to transfer USD to EUR for my everyday expenditures here in Spain, but I also need to transfer EUR to USD because of stuff that I still pay with my US credit cards. Wise has been my solution for that. And how magnificent has it been. The interface is great and easy to understand. The pairing with my Bank Accounts was fast and easy. It remembers the previous transactions that I’ve made in case I want to repeat the same amounts, I can do it with just 2 taps. And it ALWAYS gives me the best rates. I often check the current official price of USD to EUR (or viceversa), and Wise’s exchange rate is always extremely close to it. Which is great. It means you save more money. I’ve also had to contact Customer Support once in the 6 months I’ve used Wise, and my experience was great. I really have no complaints in regards to the customer service experience. I called with a problem, and they gave me a solution on the spot in just 15 minutes. Good stuff! I’m very much looking forward to recommend and keep using Wise for currency exchange between my accounts in the foreseeable future! If what you were looking for is a service that allows you to do exactly this, then look no further 👍🏼.Version: 7.1.1

Getting a Wise account + leaving uk 4 Bali= genius me!Totally delighted with everything Wise delivers. So easy to use, best currency changing rates and the lowest fees you will get, you are in control every step of the way. It’s the Apple of the banking world, foolproof, efficient and trustworthy. Sorry but can’t say those things about my current account provider with whom I’ve been for 30 years. If plan to travel or your kids are abroad, get wise (pun 100% intended), transferring money abroad takes less than a minute. It took almost a week through my hugely well known bank!.Version: 7.80.2

Outstanding money transfer experience.If you’re not using Wise to transfer money internationally then you should be. I spent years using my Aus bank to transfer money to Spain and it was an expensive exercise. Wise is by far the cheapest way I have found to send money overseas. It only costs about $1.50 and I get a better exchange rate than my bank. Wish I’d done it earlier but I was a bit worried the money wouldn’t get there!!! Every time within 2 days and sometimes as quickly as an hour or two depending on the day of the week. Great service!.Version: 7.37.1

Never use banks or WU again.I have been using Transferwise for about 12 months now. It’s easy and most of the transfers are received next day. My tip is to use bank transfers to send your money to Transferwise. Credit cards incur higher fees. Don’t use POLI as it’s not secure. Great app if used wisely. My mate just opened a Thai bank. He now transfers his weekly pension from his Australian bank for $7. He was being slugged about $30 a week by his money grabbing bank. He thanks me every day for introducing him TransferWise..Version: 4.14

The best money transfer app that I have ever used!!!!!!I want to take my time and appreciate how much I love this money transfer app. Not only the process is super fast, but the fee is also very affordable as well as easy and quick for the recipient to receive the money. At first, I doubted this app might end up as the same as others like Xoom, Remitly, Paypal, Moneygram, Western Union, etc. because those were not good and it turned out to be very annoying and difficult to transfer money to someone. However, this specific app surprised me when I started to try this and I really loved how fast and easy to use. I have had nothing to complain about TransferWise so far and I hope that it’s still doing a good job. Highly recommend!!!!.Version: 5.34

Awesome!I can not praise TransferWise and their AP more and no this is not a fake review. I have been trying to transfer money from Europe to the US for months without any success with regular banks who blamed each other for the problems and would not work with us to find out why the transfer was not working. TransferWise worked the first time and moving funds from one currency to another was so easy. There are fees but the exchange rate with TransferWise is much better than any traditional bank will give you. Every time I sent a question to TransferWise they responded very quickly and also have fast service when you call them as well. The AP is well designed, does not freeze or crash. If you need to work with funds in multiple currencies TransferWise is the way to go..Version: 5.29

Great customer serviceDue to some miscommunication with the people in the other country, my money didn’t come through. And then I was a big slacker and waited about half a year to investigate. But once I contacted customer service at Wise, they responded quickly with very clear instructions. Once I presented the documents, they found my money and got it to me quickly with no issues or hassle. Honestly, some of the best customer service I’ve ever experienced. Also it’s pretty easy to do the transfers yourself on the app if you don’t miscommunicate with your people. I highly recommend this service. It’s fast and affordable and the staff is very kind and helpful. Shout out to my main rep Ataro, who was very prompt and kind. The other staff was good too..Version: 7.68

TransferWise is incredible!My whole TransferWise experience has been excellent. The fees are really fair - 0.35% compared to PayPal’s 5%, the app is easy to use and setting up accounts in multiple currencies was straightforward. I withdrew money from my GBP account to my regular Australian bank account and received the funds in about eight hours. The exchange rate was almost identical to the representative rate. Incredibly fair! I would recommend TransferWise to anyone needing to move money around the world..Version: 6.16

Great app for sending money OSStop letting Banks rip you off. Wise charge a fee (that looks a lot) but uses the current exchange rate which puts more money in your pocket. The app allows you to follow the “money” as it moves through Wise. Customer service is excellent providing explanations and help with any issues..Version: 7.69.1

Secure, User friendly, competitiveThe conversion rates offered, the variety of transfer options offered allow the sender to decide the cheapest transfer option to wire money as long as the money does not have to be credited in the destination account immediately! I’ve had smooth experiences so far and I have shifted to TransferWise from Western Union after multiple glitches in their system not creating a ticket for my transaction causing me headaches and delays! I’m usually not in a hurry to credit money by a deadline so I’m willing to wait 2 days and I recommend TransferWise..Version: 4.16

BEWARE!Yes I’ve saved a lot of money on transfers and overseas spending. However I’ve been a victim of fraud and WISE appears to not have adequate systems in place to ensure security. Subsequently I have lost far more in one moment than all those savings combined. Be aware that unlike Banks, Wise does NOT have 24/7 fraud or customer support available. The scammers know this and cleverly work outside of Wise’s office hours. Also be aware that Wise’s 2 step security verification process will not secure your money. You are supposed to receive an in App notification asking “is this you” if an external attempt is made to log in to your account, this did not happen. And finally “contact us” and any local contact numbers are oddly NOT available in the App. Within the App you hit help or contact and this opens a browser that you need to login to your wise account on The problem here is that if your account is compromised you cannot access it and therefore cannot access the help or contact pages. This seems like a ridiculous system, WISE, sort this out! Users need immediate and clear contact information when it is needed most right there in the App. We’re awaiting the outcome of the investigation and hopefully will eventually see our $4000 returned..Version: 7.57

FantasticI love Wise and have been using this service for years now! I live abroad and it’s so handy to be able to transfer money easily between my overseas banks. The app is a visual delight, too — the UX is sleek and smart. I enjoy the whole Wise experience..Version: 7.36.1

1st time ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️As of today,It is my first time to send money overseas and my experience was impressive. As quick as 2 hours the money was already in the bank. I hope this wont never change. Great job Wise! Very reliable and fast! Deserved a 5-star rate.⭐️.Version: 7.64

Invaluable Tool for Anyone Moving Money InternationallyI waited for nearly 6 months before writing this review to be sure I was 100% satisfied with Transferwise. I move money from London to Mexico, and from London to USA on a monthly basis. I’m a remote worker who lives between Mexico and the US but work for a London-based company and therefore am paid from London. I use Transferwise (and the London-based account that I’ve setup via Transferwise) to accept my direct deposit and then move my money to my accounts in Mexico or the US, depending on where I am at any given time. This app works rather flawlessly and it has insanely fast times - faster than a normal bank-to-bank transfer at a very, VERY reasonable cost. This app allows me to send money to any of my accounts to ensure I have money to spend, money in savings, and money in other accounts which I use for bill-pay. This is an excellent tool that I cannot recommend enough. I’ve had no problems whatsoever and when I called customer service once to inquire about certain types of transfers, they were extremely transparent and down-to-earth. If you need to transfer money between countries - whether to yourself or others, this is a must-have app. Thanks again, your service is cost-effective and highly valuable to me. A great tool that I cannot say enough about..Version: 4.0.0

First Rate App and CompanyThe app is so simple and hassle free to use I can’t understand why leading banks can’t even get close to it when it comes to efficiency. As far as the company itself Wise takes a lot of beating, it is so much simpler for a businesses say to day needs there is no way that I could even begin to describe it. Compared to High Street banks it is so efficient I’m amazed more people don’t move across to Wise plus the international transfers save a fortune. When you factor in the benefits of the debit card which is economical to use worldwide plus everything being so easy to access and with transactions confirmed by email I can only give Wise 10 out of 10..Version: 7.54

Convenient and ease of useWe are so happy with the Wise account. We are able to transfer immediately and receive in many different denominations. The app is very easy to use. We recommend the Wise transfer system..Version: 7.80.2

My favourite app ever. Lifesaver!I really love this app. I have used in for 4 (?) years now and I’m really happy with it. I’m overseas now and it’s made everything so much easier. Thank you guys for all that you do. Only annoying thing was the process it took to get my address changed on the account, but I get it, it’s extremely important for security. Thanks Wise! 🥹.Version: 7.80

Great ServiceI've been with Wise (formerly Transferwise) since 2015 and I never have any issues with sending my remittance overseas. Customer service is excellent. This is so far the most trustworthy app for sending money anywhere in the world. They also got the highest exchange rates and will give you the comparison from all other remittance app. Well done Wise! 🙌🙏.Version: 7.21.1

Gazab app ❤️It’s really fast … and it’s very safe I’ve been using this app to send money to India using my credit card. Never had any problems involving a single dollar dispute. Live this app ❤️..Version: 7.81

FAST!!!I have never write a review on Appstore but this app surprised me :) The transfer was fast as it took me a day to transfer the money from my bank account, but Wise transfered it to the recipient immediately once they received my money in the evening. Plus, COMPETITIVE and CONSTANTLY-UPDATED RATE is another pro. The only downside is fairly high transfer fee if you transfer high amount of money. Overall still one of the best I have ever used!!!.Version: 7.72.2

Very Satisfied CustomerVery impressive speed, efficiency and security..Version: 7.80.2

AMAZINGGreat App. I love how simple and easy the steps are to everything and the amount it costs to send money along with the speed of the transfer.Version: 7.80

Most useful app ever!As a designer with clients in various countries, I couldn’t live without Wise now. It makes accepting payment from my clients so much easier and the fees are so much more reasonable than the banks. Payment is always quick and sent to my bank super fast, and it also links up with my invoicing software which is just amazing. This is an essential app for any business who works with clients overseas, cannot recommend enough..Version: 7.26.1

Good app but Not As Intuitive for US CustomersCurrently I am using this account for personal finances, not business. First of all, let me say that I, as a US customer, love having the ability to have an account where I can convert USD to GBP & Euros. AND to now have a debit card for traveling is fantastic. My husband & I are planning to move to the UK part time in retirement and using Wise will provide me the ability to manage our finances wherever we are. Maybe it’s just me, but I think that because this app is designed by UK banking, the app is not as intuitive as my regular US banking app. For some reason, it’s difficult to navigate and find the transaction that i want to make even if I’ve done it before. I find myself going to the help section a lot. In addition, there is no way to create a joint account- I am able to add my husband as a “helper” but he doesn’t have full joint privileges. He will have full inheritance rites and the ability to use the account, however, I’m not certain what his limits in using the account are. I had to contact Wise Banking through the help number and they e-mail the form & directions because actual signatures are required - which is fine as these are regulatory safety steps. I do highly recommend Wise and Wise was recommended to me my dear friend in the UK. I’m sure I will learn how to negotiate the app better with time..Version: 7.71

Made a “Wise” decisionI have been using wise for nearly 4 years now. I started using it as a student when I came to Australia. I’ve tried multiple platforms before wise but none of them were neither simple nor easy. I used their card to make payments when I travelled to other countries and most of the times it works without any issues. It only failed a multiple times where the eftpos didn’t recognise the card so beware of that. Carry cash with you when travelling to different countries. Apart from that, sending and receiving money is lightening quick. Sometimes it may take a while if the receiver is new. One time I entered the bank number wrong and it took a couple days for the money to credit back. Overall, it’s a great product. And one of the best platforms with least charges out there..Version: 7.80

FantasticSeriously, you guys are incredible. I’ve tried maaaany a transfer service as have a lot of other expats and international business’ and TransferWise is by far the best I’ve found, with the gap increasing with every update. including in terms of ease, speed (dependant on payment method), and fees. For whatever reason this is the only app where I read the update notes rather than just “update all” jut to see what features you’re working on and if you are actually listening to your customers. Would be nice to enter who referred you though even after signing up. I have referred upwards of a dozen ppl who no use the service regularly however of course not all of them are savvy enough to enter the referral info. For those that don’t use the app, the referral bonuses are really quite good. I’m yet to be let down. Keep it up..Version: 4.21.1

Easy to use and cheaper than banksYou are in control- pay someone, convert , monitor rates ( download another app), better rate than banks. Regret carrying currency of 3 countries when i could have just used one card andconvert as i go..Version: 7.54

Outstanding app that meets a commercial gapThis app/system was referred to me by a friend to regularly transfer some money to an Indonesian family. My bank(s) required a fee that was 60% of the given amount as well as unknown amount/fee from Intermediary bank... this was not viable! TransferWise offers transfer at 2% of given amount with a tracking/monitoring system that provides assurance. 1 day transfer compared to 7-10 working days. Outstanding responsiveness, ease of use & versatility. Congratulations on keeping it real & accessible to everyone! Mark.Version: 5.20

Super wasy, fast and reasonable fees. App payment options don't show feesI tried to switch because of an offer for another app. After my sign up experience and talking to the competion's contact centre I say screw the bonus credit and stick to TransferWise. Once setup it is so quick to select the recipient and payment method. And the money is on the way. Even with a better rate at the competition I'm not changing (yet). Money always arrived earlier than predicted, eg 1day instead of 2. Edit: disappointed when I used the app for my last transfer. The payment options were different than the ones in the web version. It doesn't warn you which one will incur fees. Thinking "cool I can use my credit card and pay via my apple wallet" it actually charged me fees twice. I was charged $25 by my bank and almost $7 by TransferWise. Very disappointed to say the least..Version: 3.4

Great appI use this application to pay my rent in Europe. I am currently living abroad with my family and we have to convert the American dollar to euro. The conversion does it really fast and it uses the current market of the day. Not only does it convert the euro it does all other currencies throughout Europe very easy and fast like converting it to a different bank on the same app. Sometimes when I pay my rent the transfer will take about four business days to clear my bank sometimes it will do it the same day. You can load up currency into euro and keep it there and pay quickly that way I just transfer when I need to depending on if we go vacation to a certain country then I will transfer money to that currency. You can do three ATM withdrawals a month for free. Rad job credit wise!!!!.Version: 7.69.1

Amazing app, great serviceAn amazing app and service - initially started using pre-COVID-19 for travelling overseas, but it even comes in handy day-to-day. Apple Pay integration, virtual cards, and an easy way to lock in some overseas currencies (at a great rate!) for when the world opens up again!.Version: 7.11

Happy userI love the multiplicity of currency. Yeah there could be delays sometimes, but that’s how they make their money. Just understand that you have to be patient when you transfer money. There are no set time frame for the transfer to go through, while they speculate, it may take longer/shorter time for the transfer to go through, but they will always update you. I have used TransferWise several times, I have only once queried a transfer, then I got an automated email that it will take up to 2 days to get a reply, but About an hour later I got a reply explaining how it works. So don’t always take the automated estimate as the yardstick to measure the timing, if the purpose for the transfer is not that urgent, be pretty sure that you can rely on them. The exchange is pretty close to what you get on google and currency converter, Low transfer fees, you can already tell exactly what the recipient gets, the app is easy to use. I will add the remaining star pretty soon when you treat me as VIP. Lol😂👍🏾.Version: 5.38

Reliable, easy and cheap as chipsI’ve been using TransferWise for the last few years to send money home for student loan repayments and holidays. It’s saved me so much money compared to using my bank (which I did for the first couple of times. Never again!) In terms of the app itself, I think it’s really well thought out. It’s got a nice UI, and the fact that I can sign in and make a transfer in the space of two minutes makes it a no brainer..Version: 6.2

Best way to send money abroad!Fast, reliable, good exchange rate..Version: 7.80

Cheap fees!! 😍Loving everything about this app! Kinda regret getting myself a travel card from my bank when I could’ve just use this app! 🥰 and they also send you a card after they have verified you so totally awesome stuff T.W!.Version: 5.29

Brilliant app, reliable serviceI’m a freelancer based in the U.K., and sometimes work for EU-based clients. It’s been great to be able to be paid in Euros, straight into my Wise account, thus avoiding any worry about exchange rates and bank fees. Even better, I just spent a month travelling around Southern Europe, and was able to spend Euros directly from my Wise account - using their super convenient cash card. Those Euros had never needed to be converted into pounds, and so we didn’t have to worry at all about the recent crash in the exchange rate. The app provides a really helpful running report on how the card has been used, making budgeting really easy. It’s all worked perfectly and been completely reliable. I fully recommend it..Version: 7.74

Cant use money from account for transfer unless app re-launchUse case: User initiates a transfer. At payment discovers he does not have the required balance in his transferwise account. So the user transfers the money while transferwise app is kept open [you’re already guessing what happens]. The user finds the unfinished transfer in his list but seems like the payment option to use his transferwise balance is still disabled. The user normally panics because he just transferred tons of money to transferwise account and maybe for some reasons this feature is disabled for his region or whatever. The user quickly understands that transferring the money back to its source cost some fees on transferwise so he is even more upset. Luckily the user has some software development knowledge and gets the brilliant idea “hmm, maybe just the state of the payment methods does not get updated, let’s try relaunching the app and if it does not work let’s hope hope we should not recreate that transfer with all its complicated details {don’t get the wrong IBAN and reference} “. Relaunches app and celebrates as the option is now enabled. Let’s avoid the users panic and stress (;.Version: 4.23

Easy, fast and the best rateEasy, fast and the best rate as i compared vs banks and exchange stores. I always trust Wise to save me money and using it always. Thanks Wise for being so generous and trustworthy..Version: 7.79.1

So simple to use and funds arrived instantlyFirst time I have used this service, at first tried to use in in conjunction with my HSBC account total nightmare, every time I entered the last four digits of the recipient bank followed by the amount of transfer, it was rejected, so i opted for the manual payment option and it was a breeze. I would highly recommend this service firstly for its ease of use and secondly for the speed of transfer of funds. No sooner had I entered the details of Wise into my HSBC as a transfer amount the confirmation of the send of the funds by Wise came and I checked the receiving bank and bingo it was sitting in the account. Lastly their fee for this service was extremely reasonable. I would highly recommend this service to anyone.Version: 7.46

Easier than doing transactions onlineApprehensive about using this app to start with as has no previous experience of this company. Made a couple of mistakes early on by using default transfer method on the app, then using cheaper actual method of delivering the payment to TransferWise. Also when making a payment in a foreign currency, did not immediately realise I could enter the actual amount to be paid in foreign currency and it would work back to the actu GBP amount I needed to fund that foreign currency payment. ( I thought I could only enter a lot of different values in the originating currency until I finally found the amount the right amount to generate the required foreign currency value).Version: 4.20

Fast and huge savings! Best app ever!Setting up accounts in many currencies was automatic, set up in seconds! Loved the fact that I didn’t need to have all the frills of an account that are normally needed in the big banks too like a social security number in the US. It was able to borough my identify almost straight away too so I had many accounts ready in many currencies. Sending money into my account from my normal bank took a few hours the first time so done faster than ANY bank I have ever banked with and many days faster than sending money internationally! Also WAY cheaper than PayPal or Western Union. I highly recommend this app!.Version: 4.17

Straightforward transfer process that works!I’ve used this App for transfers and used the card in many different currencies - no problems and able to use contactless facility wherever available. Charges are low and acceptable. Worked brilliantly in Australia, Singapore and New Zealand...never used my (UK) credit card once and the T/Wise card was universally accepted for payments for all kinds of amounts. Top up transfers were easy over WiFi or data. Finally, I really appreciated the instant Notification to my mobile advising confirmation of the amount just spent and the balance remaining on the card..Version: 7.78

Awesome app!Takes very little knowledge to use this information and perfect your people..Version: 7.80.2

Does what it shouldThe app is generally easy to use, efficient, and the service is cheap and works well. I wish I could copy the transfer amount directly from the app screen to put into my banking app though..Version: 7.80.2

Quick, simple, efficient.This app is heaven sent. Forget PayPal, this apps fees are minimal, the money gets there within hours. I’m so happy this app was recommended to me. I used to send money home with ridiculous fees and now i pay $1 - $2. Absolute win. I’m very happy and will recommend to everyone I know!.Version: 7.27

Massive saving over banksIf you want to transfer money abroad into another currency, this app is is a huge saving over bank rates and far quicker too as banks take days. I’ve used it a few times and it’s easy to set up and use and so convenient being able to do this on your iPhone. If you transfer from your bank account to TransferWise (they give you the details as you complete your transfer) it will save you the usage fee that say Apple Pay charges moving the money from your bank to TransferWise. That said Apple Pay charged less than £1.50 on a £700 transfer. My only complaint is that you don’t seem to be able to choose the final transfer amount the recipient receives to include all charges (eg Apple Pay). It works as expected for TransferWise charges, but not for the third party charges. I had to fiddle with my send amount in an attempt to make sure the recipient received the full amount requested. In the end I failed, but only by a few pence. However that could be the difference between a happy and unhappy recipient or a feeling you sent more than was required..Version: 3.5.1

It worksI have used the app for the last twelve months and only once has it taken more than 24 hours, that is quite impressive. It seems to be updated every week though I have never noticed any major change in use, overall easy to use, I like. December 2019 Still continues to be my preferred method to transfer funds every month , it works. June 2020 has continued to work without problems. October 2021, still using the app., it works and has now got amazingly fast between Australia and Thailand. March 2022, still using app. it’s now extremely fast between Australia and Thailand, transfers usually take less than two minutes even on weekends..Version: 7.48.1

Clean app, nice dark modeStill a few glitches to iron out, for example: the app notified that a payment could not be processed with a big red cross ❌but then I received an email saying it did in fact go through successfully ✅. Little stuff like that. Otherwise it’s good. Dark mode is excellent, and the app is v easy to use. The option to use WhatsApp to verify my phone number was a huge boon when logging in from overseas..Version: 7.80

Not only Transfers but a Contactless Debit card as well!This app is so easy to use! A simple legible menu with easy instructions, - just take ten minutes to go through everything. I load it up with GBP at any time, then depending which country I’m in or passing through, I simply convert online in 20 seconds to the relevant currency the amount I need, and I can then use it as a Contactless debit card free of further charges. Added to Apple Wallet on my phone, I don’t even need the physical card, and can go over the usual contactless limit, subject to the seller’s card-reader limit. Total conversion costs are usually below 1% for any amount, which is very hard to beat. Well done TransferWise!.Version: 5.25.1

Love this app!So I do sell a lot of Digital Goods Sales online via Discord, and it goes directly into my PayPal, but because I’m in NZ, it takes 7-10 days for my money to show up in my bank account. With this app, I’m able to have it sent to my USA TransferWise within a day, and can spend my money immediately because I have a card. I love that I pay low fees for international payments directly to friends and families accounts, and that conversion rates are always competitive. I couldn’t ask for anything better..Version: 5.26

Fast and accurateFast and accurate.Version: 7.80

Excellent way to transfer and great exchange rateI live in Australia and work for a US company. They pay me via pay pal in US. I transfer the US$ straight to my TransferWise account and I get a much better exchange rate through this app. Also great staff who talked me through how to set up various currency accounts, which was handy when I thought I was going on an overseas trip this year because you can get a debit card directly linked which can be used in different countries. Hopefully I will get to use the travel card soon. I had highly recommend and happy to help anyone that needs to set it up..Version: 5.38

Cheapest fastest easiest way to transfer international fundsAs an expat for 20+ years I’ve always had to wire money around the globe. Banks charge far too much and are slow. Transferwise is by far the best method I’ve found. Quick and secure and works with most curriences. Highly recommended..Version: 3.5.1

Best FX App for private or businessI’ve used Wise for several years now and the App is easy to use, covers all the currencies I need and offers both mobile use and a debit card. I’ve tried several other Apps but these are all connected to either a Bank , financial institution, credit card or a travel company. Wise has excellent FX rates, easy to use and transactions are almost instant. I’ve started to also use for business. Great App..Version: 7.71

I use Wise monthly if not moreThis IS THE best and only way to send money overseas to my family without getting ripped off by the banks and other means ie: banks, western union, etc. Exchange rates are the best, fees are the lowest, You pay less, Your family gets more. I love you guys for creating this as after 20 + years of transferring money overseas it is Heaven sent. Many friends use it and I tell all people in my situation to use it, overseas company’s use it to pay saleries to their employees. BRILLIANT, This Is the answer you have been looking for for decades..Version: 7.39

Extremely fastI have been using XE money transfer to Australia and this took a couple of days! I recently signed up to TransferWise and the transfer times have been reduced to a few hours, brilliant! Also very competitive rates. I am looking forward to trying the “Hello World” travel card.Version: 5.8

Better exchange rates and cheaper fees.I first started using TransferWise a year ago and the experience was ok to say the least. It was difficult to setup a recipient’s account number (my bank is in Mexico, it will be different for your country) and it asked for all kinds of numbers. I finally gave up and stopped using the app. A year later I decided to give it another try and I couldn’t be happier with the experience. I was able to setup the account with a single number. The money was deposited sooner than the original estimated 3 days. I have compared this service to a few others and this is by far the best and cheapest way to send money overseas. I’ve already saved about 25 USD in my first 2 transactions. It might not seem like a lot but over time it does make a difference. The app is so much fun to use, I love that I can use Apple Pay to send money and I only see what I need to see, no more, no less. One thing to keep in mind is that money doesn’t get to your account right away, that’s not an issue for me. If you’re having emergency you may want to use a different service. Again, this will depend on which country you’re sending money to. Kudos to you guys for making TransferWise such a joy to use..Version: 3.5.3

AmazingHalf of my family lives in Switzerland so as banking services leapt ahead with technology, it was frustrating to see international money transfers stay in the 1990s during the Age of Venmo. $35 wire transfer fees? No thanks. Visiting a branch? Yeah, how about no. Paying crazy fees for currency conversion when sending money? Outrageous. Downloaded Wise and holy cow, my wishes were granted. It’s easy! It saves your info. The transfers are fast. It notifies you all along the process. The fees are a fraction of my old wire transfer days… usually under $10. It was actually so easy that I legit thought I was doing something wrong and sent a small amount as a test and was surprised it actually showed up. Since then, I’ve transferred to various accounts for my family overseas in small amounts and larger amounts and it’s never been anything besides great..Version: 7.25

THE BEST APP EVERI read through posts about many peoples experiences and came across TRANSFER WISE I can honestly say it is the best app ever and I use this app to transfer funds thorough to AUSTRALIA. Would highly recommend this app to everyone who is wanting to send money overseas. Quicker than banks and cheaper than an transfer agency out there..Version: 4.16

Excellent Tool to Eliminate Bank FeesAs a regular remitter, TransferWise takes care of two common grievances: fees and, if needed, communication with the wire transfer back-office. Using TransferWise, neither delivering nor receiving bank charges a fee. This is particularly valuable when dealing with a small bank that uses a bigger bank as an intermediary. Typically, the small bank offers you - the customer - all kind of free services, but the bigger intermediary bank, which doesn't know or care about you, slams you with fees. TransferWise is both sending and receiving "financial institution" and eliminates the bank fee nonsense. My saving per transfer (not counting the exchange rate) is a whopping 93%. If there is a problem, one can speak with a service rep - in effect someone in the wire back-office - which is impossible in the banking world..Version: 4.14

Service 10/100Service super efficaces Satisfaction 100/100 Transfert super rapide Facile à utiliser 5⭐️.Version: 7.80.2

Simply worksExcellent app that has made funds transfer easy.. perhaps too easy! Just mind that you are clear about the source of funds. I had a balance in my Wise account which I wanted to use for a repeat transfer. The screen for selecting source of funds wasn’t clear (to me). I thought it was asking for a payment method for the transfer fee, not the full balance!! I was able to cancel the transaction quickly. It would help if the balance was presented first right at the top of the list. Anyway as long as you are paying attention this is a great app and I was able to compete my repeat transfer in seconds!!.Version: 7.31

Best money transfer app and A+ business practicesI use this for my US business to pay non-US vendors plus to send money to my non-US fiance and it is by far the best. Fast transfers and great rates. And the verification process isn't torture like for many other financial services platforms. How great are they? You can check to see how their rates compare before transferring. Before my last transfer to my fiance they show me Xoom actually has a better rate and up front say "Hey we like to be honest and right now it seems you can get a better rate elsewhere." I almost just finished the transfer with them on principle, but I happened to already have Xoom set up and had been wanting to try them out. Process was easy with them and i deed I was saving like $40. Cut to a few days later the morning my Xoom transfer was supposed to hit. I get an email from Xoom saying compliance flagged this transaction and cancelled it. Email so-and-so if I've think it's in error. No explanation. No we need to validate XYZ. Horrible customer service. So I pop back over to Transferwire, enter in the transaction and my fiance gets the money SAME DAY. I was blown away. These guys rock. I'll never use any play from again regardless of rates..Version: 4.24.2

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