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Garten of Banban 7 App User Positive Comments 2024

Garten of Banban 7 app received 49 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about garten of banban 7?

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Garten of Banban 7 for Positive User Reviews

GOBB 7Loved the game,but the drone keeps getting yeeted when I accidentally crash into a wall and that was very annoying in the mapping center room thing in the mart after Senogeon,pls fix that Europhic Brothers (Farris &Gheppo).Version: 1.0

It’s alrightIt’s good overall but there is one con, the second jump in bitter giggles chase wouldn’t work so please fix this bug.Version: 1.0

Great but hard…Just can’t get through the mapping area it’s like guessing come on Euphoric bros 😡.Version: 1.0

The jester chase sceneIts really REALLY tight, and the turning on mobile is too slow, AND SOMETIMES THE RAMPS DONY EVEN WORK! Please fix the ramps so it is easier, ALSO SOMETIMES IT LOADS WRONG! And suddenly I can see through the Wall!.Version: 1.0

Flawed but funThis games is laggy and buggy with again bad controls but I had a good time..Version: 1.0

Thank youThank you for making this game it is really great.Version: 1.0

Slow sensitivityThe game is really amazing just one thing, can you guys please changed the sensitivity, ITS SO SLOW, the ones in banban 2 3 4 6 are fine, 3 is the best one in my opinion, but this is, is TO SLOW, I would really appreciate if you can make it faster, thanks 😊.Version: 1.0

2 sir dadadooYou know how some people in games they go out of the map and see monster designs that weren't in the game. This one was out of the map but by like 2 in and why did one of the scepter..Version: 1.0

Garten of banban 7I loved it it was better than chapter 4&6 keep it up euphoric brothers I’m excited for chapter 8 of this series. Make it the same as chapter 7..Version: 1.0

Best banban game ever 😀The game is very good but the bittergeggle chase scene where you try to run to the emergency exit you get stick for no reason please fix it 🙏.Version: 1.0

Great game but one glitchThe part in Garten of Banban 7 when stinger flynn makes you fall asleep it kicks me out of the game and I can’t continue the game.Version: 1.0

Garten of banban 7You are the best YouTubers ever and your merch is great ☺️.Version: 1.0

ForgotSo on my very first play through on this iOS version, I noticed that in the nabnaleena part, the bugs were not there so you forgot that detail. Please add the bugs so the game is more accurate..Version: 1.0

Pls fix thisWhen you make to stingerflin or whatever his name is your game crashes and you can’t go any further In the game.Version: 1.0

I haven’t played and firstI CANT WAIT DUUUUUDE thx for mobile coming so early.Version: 1.0

Great game butAll games are great but same thing will ALL the rest you can’t see the clock fix this.Version: 1.0

IT NEEDS A BRIDGEThe game is good but I can’t seem to Beat the jester part every thing else is good in the maze we could use a bridge.Version: 1.0

AmazingThis game is cool sad and scary all in one.Version: 1.0

Good butWhen I was at the part with the bugs they were not there and I was confused so fix it.Version: 1.0

Good Game butThe game is great definitely Better then The last Chapters But The Mobile Graphics Look Bad euphoric Bros Plz make the Mobile Version Better!!.Version: 1.0

HiCan you fix this? Time when I try to put on my microphone, the audio is messed up. Can you fix this? BUT THIS IS VERY GOOD IN 1 DAY.Version: 1.0

WOW! THIS IS THE BEST BANBAN GAME SO FAR!Euphoric bros if ur reading this thanks you so much for this to be out on iOS super early! I hope you do the same for banban 8 and other banban games to come. Also I’m glad the game isn’t that glitchy or hard. This is a work of art (brushtista would say the same.😉) and it is probably the best banban game so far! It was definitely worth the wait and I hope banban 8 is as good!(or maybe even better).Version: 1.0

Good gameGood game, didn’t have cockroaches and sensitivity could’ve had a setting but I loved it. All of euphoric brothers games are amazing.Version: 1.0

U can’t escape the beginning.Just a note but if u start the game u see the video and stuff u cants use the orange keycard door.Version: 1.0

Good but game crashWhen I die my game crashes.Version: 1.0

Best game yetBy the way it’s so good some parts where kinda glitched but the rest awesome.Version: 1.0

FixWhen I jump in the jester chase I keep falling it’s not possible pls fix.Version: 1.0

Can’t even beat the game.Because of the lack of a sensitivity option, I can’t beat Bittergiggles chase. Fix this..Version: 1.0

Get this gameMy pc was not working but when I saw it was on mobile I was so happy I got the game. W game get it now..Version: 1.0

Good gameThe game is very good but there are a couple of issues to the game..Version: 1.0

AMAZING! 🤩This game is… The best horror game ever imo it has so many cool puzzles to solve and it definitely has the best ending yet. I can’t wait for number 8 where we could meet brushista but I have a feeling maybe in number 9 brushista could be the main character instead of her/he being in number 8. I loved how we got to visit a Theater that was so cool. Best game yet crazy twist at the ending where the blue banban is the og banban and the the red banban is part of a different family the mutant family. But it was amazing also I finished it all. Looking forward to the 8th part of the series!.Version: 1.0

I can’t self fly the droneWhen I click the button to move the drone in any direction it barely moves pls fix this. But anyway this is the BEST in the series. I’m excited for 8.Version: 1.0

I can’t beat the bitter giggle chaseThe sensitivity is not good and not the best you can see a lot of behind the scenes definitely prefer pc version.Version: 1.0

SO FUNThis is probably the scariest and hardest in the series but I’m all for it! It was completely worth it and even though I haven’t finished it quite yet it is still fun..Version: 1.0

Jumping and sensitivity problemDuring the bittergiggle chase I can never get pass it because there is very slow sensitivity and the jumping won’t work sometimes and whereof toadster part I can’t go on him when it says I’ll catch you but other than that it’s good.Version: 1.0

Garten of banban 7This iOS version is great and cool keep up the mobile support.Version: 1.0

WOWSecond best game..Version: 1.0

WOWIt is crazy how it didn’t take super long to get Garten of banban on mobile.Version: 1.0

AMAZING GAME!!!!!!!Definitely the BEST Garten of BanBan game yet!!!.Version: 1.0

Best one yetThis game is a step up from every BanBan game I’ve played. This game was fun but Bittergiggle’s chance was really hard..Version: 1.0

It’s great but glitchyIn the workshop, my drone isn’t co-operating and it glitched to the mapping center and I wasn’t there...Version: 1.0

Amazing gameSo this game is very good for people who like horror the graphics and every thing is amazing just the only thing is that the part were there’s a tv and there’s characters on the floor with buttons after that part were the weird looking thing comes in I just can’t get past that part it’s to dark and when I use my drone to hit the buttons the weird looking thing just gets so close to me and jump scares me if I’m idk if I’m doing somthing wrong but anyways good game.Version: 1.0

Best chapter yetI’ve been a fan since chapter 3 trailer and I can really tell the graphics and storyline becoming better. I love all the ost but I’m mainly into the action full ones..Version: 1.0

OMG GREAT GAMEBanban is fake!.Version: 1.0

AWSOME!I play all of the garten of banban games! And the part where bittergiggle chases you it was really hard to beet. But i finished the game, and the twist at the end is just WOW! Hope garten of banban 8 is as good as the other ones! But otherwise pretty awesome game!.Version: 1.0

Hello?Ok, so this is annoying, I’ve never wrote a report to this series so in the bittergiggle chase, the player gets stuck on the emergency exit or I start running and in .5 seconds bittergiggle kills the player, but anyhoo, this game is 🥽🕶️👓 AMAZING..Version: 1.0

Kinda riggedSo Iv been at the bitter giggle chase for 2 days and when I jump at the last on before I make it I miss it by 1 centimeter.Version: 1.0

Good, but we need something.Garten of Banban 7 is super fun, although. The jester chase is basically impossible without a sensitivity option in the settings. Add one please. I can’t get past..Version: 1.0

Good game!Garten of banban obviously is my favourite game but please could u fix the drone viewing feature as it’s a bit hard to control.Version: 1.0

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