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Papa's Wingeria HD app received 95 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about papa's wingeria hd?

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βœ“ HolidaysThis game is super fun and I love all of your other games too but this game could use different holidays like most of the rest. Also please make papas pastaria as an app because that one is my favourite..Version: 1.0.4

βœ“ LOVE IT πŸ˜ƒI used to play the computer version all the time but I always had to restart . I also love the mini games after .worth the money..Version: 1.0.2

βœ“ I love this game, but please add Papa's Donuteria!I remember playing that game since Christmas of 2014. This game was fun, but I have never seen those IOS exclusive content before. If only I can play Papa's Donuteria on the iPad, that would be nice Flipline Studios. Anyways, great game. ;).Version: 1.0.3

βœ“ PleaseI love this game. I would love it if you could bring out some of the other one. And also make it a bit cheaper to buy this games..Version: 1.0.3

βœ“ Great love it.I always play this online and love this series and they need to come out with more of them soon. Can't wait to see tacomia hotdogeria and pizzeria.Version: 1.0.0

βœ“ Make moreYou guys should make more of these and put them on the App Store like donuteria pastaria and cupcakeria and hot dogeria tacoria please put them on the App Store I love them P.s. I will buy them.Version: 1.0.1

βœ“ Still great seriesIve always loved these games and this one is no exception. I do wish there was more of them on the app store but i know you guys are working on it. Thanks for making such a fun and addicting game series. Worth the money..Version: 1.0.0

βœ“ Fantastic new papa's gameI have been wanting more of these games and now this has arrived, it's a fab game and I just love playing it. Well worth the money. Please keep the papa games coming.Version: 1.0.1

βœ“ Add more Papas Games & Fix the Bugs!This game is sooooo much fun but you guys should add all the other papas games like pastaria, taco Mia, donuteria, hot dogeria ect. Also I'm getting to the end of day 56? (Or 57,58) and it throws me out of the app to start all over again fix please I won't play it again till there's an update to fix it soooooo yeah otherwise super fun.Version: 1.0.2

βœ“ Is It Broken?!This app is so amazing. My sister and I play it all the time. But I am only on day 5 and it broke. When I place in the order once the build station is finished it freezes. I really want to move one but I can't. I hope you can figure it out. I still love the game though. And sorry if my grammar and spelling is wrong..Version: 1.0.0

βœ“ Papa's Pancakeria (awesomeness)When is Papa's Pancakeria coming out? I've been playing it on my computer because that is the only place to play it but it is sooooo epic. Other than Papa's Cupcakeria, Papa's Pancakeria is my favourite. Please please please please please please please pretty please can someone tell me when it is coming out? It would mean a lot to me to get the app. Thanks a lot! I love Papa Louie games!.Version: 1.0.0

βœ“ Best game everThis is the best game I ever played and you don't need wifi.If you have money on your IPad/iPhone you must get this game it is amazing.Version: 1.0.1

βœ“ Another amazing Papa's game5 out of 5 stars, awesome game :D I'd love to see Hot Doggeria next!.Version: 1.0.1

βœ“ More apps!This app is amazing and so are the others and for sure deserve a five star!! But it would be even better if there was more of these apps on here. I really want the pancakeria on to be on here!! please 😊.Version: 1.0.2

βœ“ Try the game!! It's great!!Papa's wingeria Is one of the best games I have ever played! ( and I have played a lot of games) I love the graphics and all the mini games and it makes you feel like you own the restaurant and the chef!!πŸ—πŸ–πŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ, I think it would be great to and would make flip line studios even more popular if they realised some of the papa's games on the computer on the IPad ( maybe papa's doughnutaria??πŸ˜‚)βœ…βœ….Version: 1.0.2

βœ“ The most awesome gameI love this game I am in rank 5 already.Version: 1.0.2

βœ“ Nice Port to iPadSo far I've come across no issues in this; it plays much like the browser version, and is well-suited to the touch screen. You get a lot of bang for your buck if you enjoy time management games with a lot of replay value, I can't remember if you could make your own worker in the original, but that option- and the updated hair/skin portion of it- were a great touch..Version: 1.0.1

βœ“ Great game but...I love this game from experience and I can't wait for the rest of the saga! The only reason I gave this a four out of five was once you get to level 5 the game glitches and it happens every time. I know this app is fairly new but PLEASE fix this ASAP!!!.Version: 1.0.0

βœ“ AmazingThis games is amazing...if u don't know whether u should buy it u should...because it's amazing and they have more updates like, u can hire a server for the dining room.Version: 1.0.2

βœ“ Best game EVER!!!!!Thank you flipline please make more.Version: 1.0.0

βœ“ AwesomeYes!!! I love this game so much like the others. I want to play the new the sushi one omg love that game too.Version: 1.0.4

βœ“ Rly goodFirst it’s good second it’s good third it’s good fourth it’s good fith it’s good.Version: 1.1.0

βœ“ There is a funny feature!So when you serve a customer they eat one of the wings. But, if you don't put any wings on the plate but put the side (let's use celery as example) on and serve the customer, they eat the side (celery for example)! If you don't put and wings or any sides on but just put a sauce dip (let's use ranch dip as example) on and serve the customer, they will eat the sauce dip! Pretty funny! But, they will be mad or disappointed because they don't have wings! This game is great!.Version: 1.0.4

βœ“ Great game!It's a great game and all, but there is a bug when I'm on the fourth day, it kinda freezes when I play it. Can you fix it please?.Version: 1.0.0

βœ“ BEST GAME EVERThis is the best game I have on my device. Whenever I'm bored I'm like WINGERIA/FREEZERIA. Me and my sister argue on who gets to play. I would highly suggest this game. The cost is a fair amount and it is definitely worth it. I would say get this game immediately. I really want all of the rest of the papa games to come out because they are by far the best game you will ever get!.Version: 1.0.2


βœ“ BEST GAME ON APPSTOREAn Amazing game with great features! I love the new dining room, and the new sauces. I also like the new wild customers, they're so unique. Everybody i RECCOMEND getting this game ASAP because u r missing out. Keep up the good work FLIPLINE STUDIOS.Version: 1.0.1

βœ“ My son loves your 5 gamesThanks my son loves Cupcakeria Wingeria Pizzeria Freezeria taco mia.Version: 1.0.4

βœ“ AWESOME glitchOk I LOVE THIS GAME! But I have an iPad and it tells me your "computer" was save your progress right click to settings and but unlimited". What does this mean and for the new update please fix. Because I can't play on a game that won't save my progress😊.Version: 1.0.2

βœ“ I love this game! BUT.......I love this game! It's really fun and it has great gameplay! I alSo love the create your character feature. I love how you can cook the wings, the characters in the game, and the mini games. BUT........I wish that you guys (Papa's games) would introduce the newer papas games to Apple devices. I have all the games, on my ipad that you have out right now. I just wish that you would introduce the games like cupcakeria, past aria, and donuteria. And especially taco Mia. That is my favorite game from you guys! Please introduce other games to our devices! Thank you soo Much!! Please do it soon.Version: 1.0.2

βœ“ LOVE IT But…I love this game so so much its my #2 papa game ever But can you plz add papas hot doggerea plz that is my favorite papa game.Version: 1.0.4

βœ“ Could be betterI've played this game on both the iPad mini and my laptop the one on the iPad mini keeps going off in the middle of the game when I'm making chicken. Can you fix it please?.Version: 1.0.2

βœ“ Papa's WingeriaFab game absolutely FAB.Version: 1.0.1

βœ“ To Go vs HDHey! I love all the papa games! I love how affordable and valuable they are while being fun to play for years!! With that being said there is always room from improvement, you guys always impress with new papa games, keep up the creativity... But for this game in particular! I know the To Go Version has just been added and updated for mobile phones. I was wondering if the HD (tablet) version will get the same update, ie, adding the Holidays? If that’s possible I would really like to know..Version: 1.1.0

βœ“ Terrificgame124One of my top 5 favourite games!!! Good JobπŸ˜€.Version: 1.0.1

βœ“ Excellent Work !I find myself with this game almost every spare hour of the day, just like the other games by flipline studios ! Wingeria is my favourite out of the three as it includes all new customisations and slightly different gameplay. If you don't have this game you should buy it now and see why I love playing it. Good job guys, I'm looking forward to see what other games you release to the AppStore πŸ˜‹.Version: 1.0.1

βœ“ DifferenceIs there a difference between these games and the β€œto go!” Games? Love this one though.Version: 1.1.0

βœ“ I love this gameI love all the flip line games! I've played papas pizzeria since it first came out as a big fish game! Love it.Version: 1.0.4

βœ“ Great company but...Great company but you guys should really make a pizzeria hd, wingeria to go, and and hd/to go for all other papa's resteraunt games. P.S. When papa's cheeseria comes out, please do a papa's cheeseria hd/to go..Version: 1.0.2

βœ“ Yummy!This is a delicious game (haha!) It is like the computer version but updated a lot. In this version you have a wingeria restaurant and a waiter, you can name and design you player AND waiter,also it is so much easier to play it with your finger than a computer mouse! Basically what I am saying is that it is defiantly worth your money!!!.Version: 1.0.2

βœ“ AWESOME!I love this game so much I play it every day it's so fun and addictive.Version: 1.0.1

βœ“ OutstandingThis game is awesome so far. A few things could be changed but I love it. The picture for the app however is amazing. Very detailed Mandi! Keep up the great work!.Version: 1.0.0

βœ“ OkYou to add more days and stuff.Version: 1.1.0

βœ“ Good port of the gameIt is awesome every way.Version: 1.0.4

βœ“ Best game ever!!I love this game! Please make papa's pizzaria available for the iPad please..Version: 1.0.2

βœ“ Amazing!Such a great game!!! Definitely worth your money. My only wish is that they made Papa's Wingeria for phones, otherwise it is super good!!.Version: 1.0.2

βœ“ Minor bugThis game has to be one of the best apps the studio has ever made! After playing the other two, this one is the best so far. However, there is a very minor bug that is driving me crazy. Apparently the customers menu still lists "Sundaes Ordered" from Freezeria. Please fix. After playing Minecraft, a bug like that just drives one nuts..Version: 1.0.0

βœ“ Great game!I love this game it’s so fun how you get to make all different flavours of chicken wings! I would really love it if you could make papas susheria, cheeseria and donuteria all in HD because I prefer it over the to go version.Version: 1.1.0

βœ“ I love the WingeriaπŸ’•I love All the Papas game this one is my favorite cuz I love wings tooπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.Version: 1.0.4

βœ“ Great game... In need of updates.I love this game even more, if possible, than the computer version. However, there are many elements missing that hadn't existed when this came out, such as specials and the sticker book. An update to introduce these elements would be welcomed..Version: 1.0.3

βœ“ GreatThis game is very good I highly recommend getting this game.Version: 1.0.4

βœ“ πŸ‘ŒπŸ½πŸ‘ŒπŸ½Hi, my name is Alex Mockler. I love playing your games because they keep me entertained. One thing that I think you could try is making it so that it becomes multiplayer so then you would have one person frying, one person taking orders, one person giving food and so on. It's obviously up to you but I have lots of friends who love the game as well. Thank You.Version: 1.0.2

βœ“ Good butI love this addicting game but the problem is you have very little feathers added and can you make the kitchen look idk better? The looks start to get really boring:( pls change thx.Version: 1.0.4

βœ“ Great!I love this game but could you guys PLEASE hotdogeria THAT WOULD BE A 5 star from me!!.Version: 1.0.4

βœ“ Great game!!Love the game, but needs more of it, i know it takes awhile but its worth the wait (Please add The taco one 😍😍😍.Version: 1.0.2

βœ“ Best game ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!πŸ˜„I love,love,love,love the game very entertaining.Best game ever everyone should play it.πŸ˜€πŸ­πŸ‘―πŸ’—πŸ’πŸ’—πŸ’πŸ’—πŸ˜.Version: 1.0.2

βœ“ WHY IS THERE NO SPECIAL?Where is the Today’s Special?.Version: 1.1.0

βœ“ I LOVE THIS GAME!!!I always used to play this on the computer when I was younger and now I can always have it with me! It was also a lifesaver at getting me thorough a 14hr flight!! Will forever be my favourite papas game :D.Version: 1.1.0

βœ“ Well doneJust like the computer game but better.Version: 1.0.2


βœ“ Absolutely AmazingOne of the best iOS games and incredibly addicting. My only advice is to let us draw our own characters so we can get them how we want. Also maybe we could have the ability to add emojis into our names, other wise this game is the best on the iOS store..Version: 1.0.2

βœ“ What's nextI love the game but some times it glitches me out. What papas game is coming next?.Version: 1.0.2

βœ“ So addictingI've played this for hours I bought all the upgrades and posters and I have 600 useless dollars and 38 days tooken In.Version: 1.0.1

βœ“ Totally addictive and exciting!I ❀️ this game so much! It is really fun and the graphics are great! I love the fact that you hire waiters! I also find this game really thereputic 😊 i wish apple would add more papa games, like cupcakeria or cheeseria!.Version: 1.0.2

βœ“ Great GameThis is such a fun fun game but on the computer they have all the papa's... Games and my favorite ones are the speggitii and donuts ones but what I say is if they are going to have the papa's... Games on iPads... Then they should have all of the papa's... Games.Version: 1.0.2

βœ“ AmazingBest app ever it is awesome I am loving it so good.Version: 1.0.2

βœ“ Best gameThis game is the BEST!!!!!!.Version: 1.0.1

βœ“ Almost perfectI don't have a lot of complaints it's just that I had to delete the game like 4 times and the reason for this is because a message kept popping up saying "Your progress can not be saved". At first I ignored it, but then it wouldn't let me go past a certain rank. So anyone who is thinking about getting this game, BEWARE of the message.Version: 1.0.2

βœ“ GoodReally good app.Version: 1.0.1

βœ“ Please Read!Okay so I love all the cooking Papa Louie games, I play them all on my computer. I am so happy that they are mobile now, and I have purchased all of them on my iPad mini + my iPhone. Please add all of the other Papa Louie cooking games on the App Store!! And why did you make it so the Pizzeria is only on iPhone?.Version: 1.0.2

βœ“ The Dining Room is glitching!This game is fun don't get me wrong! But now every time I take an order or give the food to the customer in the Dining Room, it takes like two minutes every single time! It is making my waiting score go down the drain! Fix this bug!.Version: 1.0.1

βœ“ Great butI love all of the papa games but you should add more of the other ones on Apple products it would be awesome.Version: 1.0.2

βœ“ Better than computer version!I love everything about this game and the only thing bad is that it is way too addictive!.Version: 1.0.2

βœ“ Love these gamesI think these games are brilliant, plenty of tasks, things to collect and really addictive. Please, please bring us cupcake and hotdog versions soon!.Version: 1.0.2

βœ“ A great way to procrastinateI love Papa's Arcade Games. I started playing on the PC when it was just Papa's Pizzeria. Great fun. I love they variety that Flipline has come out with. I would love to see the other Papa's Arcade Games come to iPad and iPhone. I love the pancakeria, I wish it was on mobile. I also thing a Barista version, where we make different coffee drinks would be a great addition to the arcade..Version: 1.0.2

βœ“ ❀️❀️Best game ever☺️😍😭 please make papa's pizzaria too❀️.Version: 1.0.2

βœ“ Such a great appI love this app and really can't complain about it. Wish there were more clothes and store designs. It would be nice to have more customers besides. Wish there was all the Papa's games too!.Version: 1.0.3

βœ“ OkayIts okay, you can play it on the computer for free. So i wouldn't bother paying.Version: 1.0.4

βœ“ Great great greatThis s is a great game I would like to see the cheeseria made into a game though so if flip line studios could do that I would be forever great full because it's my favourite one.Version: 1.0.4

βœ“ GreatJust like the web game.Version: 1.0.0

βœ“ Love this game!I’ve always played this game for free on the computer and I was so happy to find out that they were selling it on the app store ! Now me and my niece plays this game a lot we both love it great game ! 😁❀️.Version: 1.1.0

βœ“ Extra ChargeThe game is good but when I bought it, I realized extra money was taken out of my account besides the $2.99 for the app..Version: 1.0.4

βœ“ The best yet from the companyAwesome app..Version: 1.0.1

βœ“ HotdogeriaI love the Wingeria game but I like the Hotdogeria even better! But I can’t find any websites that have that game available with the adobe flash, so I really would like it if you added the Hotdogeria game on the App Store!.Version: 1.0.4

βœ“ My #1 fave game!I've been playing this game since it first came out in PC. I've been waiting forever to play it in my iPad. Then finally iOS got it. I didn't even think twice to pay for this game. After playing it in my iPad, I was not disappointed! I played it like there is no tomorrow. Now I want to play more of my flipline favorite games, such as PAPA'S PASTARIA, PAPA'S HOT DOGGERIA, AND PAPA'S TACO MIA, PAPA'S CUPCAKERIA! I've been waiting forever for these games to come out. Hopefully they'll have it soon!.Version: 1.0.2

βœ“ Best Papa’s GamePapa’s Wingeria is undoubtably the best game in the β€œPapa’s _____” franchise. After unlocking all sauces, meats, and sides, it does start to lose some flair and excitement, but having a new customer every 2-3 days makes it worthwhile. Decorating the restaurant and your characters are fun too, and the Foodini minigames are enjoyable. Good job Flipline!.Version: 1.0.4

βœ“ Good with a Glitch...I luv all the games, they all rock!! But one small teennnny little glitch. When I unlocked Kahuna, he always ordered Boneless wings. And I would put the boneless wings in the fryer. for some reason, they come out as the normal wings you start with..Version: 1.0.2

βœ“ Great Game But....I finished this game and got all gold customers, but I saw the Wingeria To Go! sneak peeks, and I wish this game has holidays like Wingeria To Go! which is coming soon, but oh well..Version: 1.1.0

βœ“ Bug?I'm using the iPad Air and currently on day 5. After completing the order for the 3rd customer, the game freezes so I'm unable to advance to finishing the rest of day 5. I've restarted multiple times, but the game continues to freeze after attempting to deliver the dish out to the 3rd customer. Awesome game so far up until that for me. Please take a look at it..Version: 1.0.0

βœ“ Top 6 games in order I want!1.papa's donuteria 2.papa's Hot dogeria 3.papa's tacoria 4.papa's pancakeria 5.papa's cupcakeria 6.papa's pasteria Wish: I wish that all the games had costomizable characters!.Version: 1.0.2

βœ“ AddictedI love this game. Actually I love all the Flipline Studio games..Version: 1.0.4

βœ“ I’m having much fun on this game and I’m on day 63=0.Version: 1.1.0

βœ“ Bug I hopeThe game plays wonderful until day 5. On day 5 on the 3rd order my game freezes and I can not continue playing. I've tried several times but I can not advance. But otherwise I'm loving this game..Version: 1.0.0

βœ“ PLEASE MAKE MORE!!!!I would really like you guys to make the taco Mia one next! And maybe add the thing where you can make your own guy!!! PLZZZZZZZZZ.Version: 1.0.1

βœ“ Love it, but...I love the game it’s addictive however I also have papas tacoria the one that has holidays and new meats and stickers. This wingeria game is specifically for iPad however I know the game would be a lot more entertaining if you added the features it has on wingeria to go and tacoria. I hope you take it into consideration so there wouldn’t be the same old wings with the same old customers and have a lot more excitement with the constant change the seasonal stuff brings..Version: 1.1.0

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