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Heaven on EarthFrom its glorious handcrafted Hoagies, to its crisp and refreshing iced teas, Wawa has something to please even the most refined palates. Be sure to get there early in the day to enjoy one of their delicious fresh baked pretzels as they are sure to sell out. They have freshly brewed hot coffee, in a variety of roasts, with a station to customize it just the way you like it. You're going to love their coffee so much you're going to want to make it at home, so grab a bag of coffee to take home while you're there. In a rush? Grab one of their many hot sizzli sandwiches or a bite to eat from their to go case. Be sure to download the app to maximize your Wawa experience and get rewarded for everything you're going to enjoy at Wawa!.Version: 3.3.2

Wawa is pretty fantastic!I visit Wawa semi-regularly, and because my daily life takes me back and forth between Philly and the Malvern area, I have five stores that I frequent. If I’m reading the store locator map correctly, I visit stores 97, 125 and 21 near where I live and the stores 205 and 8091 (this new one is super nice!!) near where I work. During other travels, I’ve also visited the stores 270 and 191 on a less frequent basis. I have always had great experiences at all of these stores. The stores are clean, the food is always just how I wanted it, the coffee is perfect and the staff is always friendly, polite and helpful. The only time I was ever sad that my favorite coffee was all out, a staff member noticed and made a new pot just for me and then made sure I got my coffee for free for having to wait. I didn’t mind having to wait at all, especially since it was late afternoon and I was on the way home from work anyway, but getting free coffee for it definitely made my night. I wish now that I could remember which store that was, but all of the ones I visit are pretty awesome. Keep up the good work, Wawa!.Version: 3.5.1

I like it.Not a bad app. I never had any problems with it. The only issue really is that the touch ID feature sometimes is a pain to turn back on when you change your password. Rewards are pretty much the same but who's complaining? It's usually $2 off a shorti or classic or a free fountain drink or any sized coffee. You get a free drink for your birthday I think and the others are things like a free salad from the grab and go case or a free sandwich or wrap from the grab and go. All in all I like it and find myself reloading the app before info in so I can get points and get a reward lol. Sometimes they'll even send you a bonus reward just because. Can't beat free food!.Version: 3.7.20

Love the App!I’ve got to admit, I genuinely love this app, so thanks to the Devs! I recently moved to an area where the closest Wawa is a 2 minute drive, so needless to say, I’m there pretty often. It’s super user friendly and there are a few features on this app that just really do it for me 😌. What I love most about the app is the ability to see all of the SAME options in-app as the ones offered in the store, really making it easy to find what I want to order. As any good consumer app should have, it has a wallet that you can manage your credit cards, gift cards, and store card(s) so I can prepay as I please. That in itself is always a plus. And my final fave is, that it keeps track of all your transactions (provided you had your Wawa rewards card scanned at checkout) so that you can see what items you do and don’t earn points on. The rewards are decent (free stuff, combo deals and $2 off promos) and I like seeing the progress bar as I earn towards my next set of rewards. Only suggestion would be that in the future the app incorporates their new Delivery option so that I don’t have to go to another App like DD..Version: 5.2.4

AppThe app is really good to use as I use it often. The 2 issues are: if you have more than 1 Wawa gift card, you cannot transfer balance form one card to other. It’s easier to close one Wawa gift card & just use one instead of multiples. The other issue: I have the Wawa tag & set up with the app but if you have Rewards, you cannot use it on the tag, only on the app. Same goes with both the app & tag if you select to have curbside pickups. I like checking the locations where there are curbside spots. Hopefully Wawa will fix the “missing” accessibility on both app & tag..Version: 5.6.12

Used To Be A Good AppI used to use this app all the time and it worked well. Since the last several updates it has fallen apart. Problems started with my card balance not updating when I would use or reload it so I never knew what the balance was. This was accompanied by the transactions not updating as well. I contacted them and their best advice was to delete the app and reinstall it. I hadn’t done that yet because I was afraid I’d lose my balance and couldn’t find the old card to be able to re-enter the whole number. Well I found the card today and now it wants me to sign in with my password but it won’t take the password, doesn’t say it’s wrong, but won’t sign me in either. Also the new initial screen (cup of Wawa coffee in the snow- wish I could get one) hangs so long you almost give up waiting. Stop being too fancy for your programmers capabilities and go back to what worked. Royal Farms is starting to look good..Version: 4.2.11

Gift card balance is buggyFirst off I always ask for Wawa gift cards as gifts, so I always have at least two or three at a time in my app. My biggest prob with this rewards app is the gift card balance doesn't update in the app unless I go in and click manage on a card then click the refresh button! I have to do this for each card separately then it finally updates each cards balance. Terribly inefficient. This means every time I walk into the store to buy something at the register the line of people behind me have to wait for me to find a card that actually has a balance on it. Frustrating for me and for them! I understand the balance might not immediately reflect a purchase I just made, but still hasn't updated when I check it a week later??? For the love of God you've had several updates to your app, fix the Gift Card balance bug!.Version: 3.2.2

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