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Amazon Alexa app received 123 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about amazon alexa?

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Love itWorks great, have the sonos skill and the automation bridge skill to control all my fibaro devices. Barely touch a light switch anymore. Have 4 echo dots around the house and couldn’t be happier. Keep up the good work!.Version: 2.2.274439.0

Really good app, useful and cleverAlexa and our echo dot has changed our lives. I wasn’t expecting that when I got one free with my new tv purchase a few months ago! I was skeptical at first but it has helped with so many things. I can control my fire tv, lights, router, smart camera etc. I would give this app 5 stars but at the moment there are a couple of minor things that need improvement. For example for some reason I can’t set GUARD to “home mode” by setting up an “I’m home” routine (to set it to home mode together with turning my lights on, camera off, music on etc all in a routine). Anyways it is being improved all the time and happy with most functions so far..Version: 2.2.309845.0

Smart lights always offlineHts always go offline. Need to disable le again. Google home never go offline Smart Lights always go offline. Need to disable le again. Google home never go offline.Version: 2.2.296769.0

Alexa echo dotPerfectly splendid.Version: 2.2.410802.0

Not full version of the app.The app seems to be missing the conversations tab which allows you to make calls through the echo. Not sure why this was omitted..Version: 2.2.464.1

AmazingIt is one of the most helpful things you could ever have in your room or anywhere in your home. I am only 10 and I got this for Christmas you could connect it to your phone you could ask it to call your friends and it will only if you connect it though. You could ask any sun and it will know ask it to play a song it will. The only downside about it though is that you need to pay £3:99 a month for it to play specific songs but it is a great help so I would really suggest getting one because it will make your life a lot easier.Version: 2.2.389238.0

Huge Potential but unstableI have been trying the app on and off. The latest version has a huge potential to be the best in bringing iOS devices together but it’s unstable. Crashes on iPad Pro, drains battery on iPhone 11..Version: 2.2.318509.0

Very HelpfulMy Alexa allows me to time food while cooking, play music, get weather and news updates, help me relax when meditating, and many other things by simple giving it commands. The only problem is that she sometimes doesn’t understand a command, which means I have to repeat it. Alexa overall is a great help..Version: 2.2.315391.0

Add skills plsCan you please make a skill that makes car engines noises for people that enjoy car sounds and another skill that gives you free information of the history of cars like ford Peugeot farrari lamoghini mustang Audi Mazda Suzuki mersadies mazerati Nissan Tesla Holden Honda Toyota... I hope you do add these skills.Version: 2.2.377054.0

Love it!!Only had it one day but love it So many things I can do without picking my phone up Looking forward to seeing what else I can learn!!.Version: 2.2.319597.0

Great experienceEasy to set-up simple to use 👍.Version: 2.2.396043.0

Love ❤️❤️My first one is echo, in my kitchen second one is computer, in my bedroom and it has a clock i love and i mean LOVE these devices 😍 the one in my kitchen is on 24/7 just at different volumes it plays my favourite radio station 101.9 the giant i ask them questions quite often i have also purchased three of them for my children ( three different homes ) 😜 so yes i strongly recommend 🙂 a must have 💕.Version: 2.2.408756.0

Great Device for video chatKeeping in touch with family is great, would be great to have ability to conference call as well in a group call 😁.Version: 2.2.333444.0

Amazing device but is annoyingI got my Alexa not so long ago. Sense then I have only had 2 problems with it. But the problems are very frustrating and annoying. It is the same problem too. Red light and keeps saying the Alexa isn’t registered. But then I will go on the app and it will say it is registered. The first time I had this issue it lasted 2 days. Then I finally fixed it. I now have the same issue and it has been going on for a month now. The same red light whenever I say hey Alexa. I have looked up videos which have led to zero help. I honestly don’t know what to do. It is always so annoying. Last time this happened I fixed it but I forgot how I fixed it. I think I unplugged it but I did that 5 times already and nothing has changed.. if you ever want to get a Alexa always know how to deal with the problems and issues. But in all Alexa is such a good device. It plays music and will tell you lots of information. Plus it is funny. Definitely recommend. But would love some help with the red light:/.Version: 2.2.345247.0

AlexaI’m an Apple guy, always have been...always will be. May Siri Rest In Peace. Alexa, Computer & Echo have improved our lives beyond measure. Steve Jobs...Sorry Amigo Lol.Version: 2.2.410802.0

AlexI found Alex a great even my youngest children up to are able to work it. It runs our whole house..Version: 2.2.410802.0

Good but could be betterI find the app is a little difficult to navigate around for some functions like setting up smart devices or solving problems when Alexa decides that it will not recognise devices that it had done the previous day. It can also be frustrating in this respect you set things up that work fine for a few weeks then suddenly Alexa on some devices decides they will not be recognised on some but not all Echoes why I do not understand. Troubleshooting is not something Alexa is good at perhaps I am expecting too much but once set up I expect devices to stay set up..Version: 2.2.274631.0

Absolute RubbishApplication full of bugs on iPhone X. Reloaded several times just to try and connect. App loses its was or only provides partial screens. Save your money and don’t bother with this rubbish..Version: 2.2.214810.0

It's great... until it isntI really like Alexa and when it's working it's superb. It's when it's not working it becomes a real pain. Specifically if you're using her to control the lighting in your home and the power goes out. We live in an area that is prone to wildfires. Our electric company will shut down their system as a preventative measure in case of wildfire or it can happen with any other type of power disruption from equipment failure to an electrical storm. When power is restored Alexa's memory of your programming is lost. Devices connected to her control become unknown. I understand that the cause of the electrical failure has nothing to do with Alexa but there should be some work arounds that can be programmed into her that could restore your settings. To have to dog down every device that's not working is a huge pain. That porch light that automatically turns on at dusk will stay dark. So if you're thinking, hey this would be great for my tech un-savy parents or elderly grandparents, you're setting yourself and them up for a world of hurt when there's a power outage..Version: 2.2.297601.0

Changed our family to be more orderly and more funWe use it all the time, mostly helping to parent our kids. Eg I set a timer as a deadline for daughter to do stuff like shower, or provide warning before changing tasks. Alexa is great for incidental general knowledge questions and adding fun to discussions, and a bit of party entertainment. I know Alexa does so much more that we don’t use. But the little bit we use has the family run smoothly - more done, more timely, less arguments. How good is that?.Version: 2.2.324480.0

Does not work with JBL “Alexa enabled” headphonesJBL Live650BTNC headphones are supposed to be Alexa enabled, but cannot be added within this app as a device. Google Assistant works great with them, but I want Alexa to work with them as advertised by JBL..Version: 2.2.319597.0

Great when it works!I’m at a loss as to the problem, but now when my electricity has a short blip, I lose ALL of my alarms and reminders. I had to input them three times last week. It never did that in the past, so extremely frustrating. I need my reminders for medical reasons as my dog takes life saving pills throughout the day. Very, very frustrating. Maybe a kink with the last update. On the other hand I love the ability to put in a reminder for several different times for the same reminder text. One entry just adding different times for the announcement. Much easier. Would be nice to have her announce events in my calendar. Hopefully Alexa will learn more knowledge based information from an encyclopedia! Lots she can’t answer yet. However, I look on the bright side. When I was a kid I am the one who had to look something up in the dictionary or encyclopedia!.Version: 2.2.308706.0

Slow and No Voice Training...The app has been incredibly slow for many months now so I try and not use it when I can. Also, my Alexa has decided to not hear me as well as it used to, I’ve tried looking for Voice Training on the settings of the app but I can’t find it? Alexa too told me to look at the app when I asked to do Voice Training. What use is it telling me to look at the app but not have Voice Training there?! Please either help me or add it to the app and speed the app up too please!!.Version: 2.2.214810.0

Best Christmas presentEasy to set up So much fun music time forecast all just by asking Alexa..Version: 2.2.309845.0

So slow I want to cry!Trying to set alarms or reminders is painful as hell. It totally freezes. I can however go backwards and forwards between the home key and back into alarms but as soon as it opens up on the alarms and I’ve selected which device it freezes. Painful process that even though my smart home is meant to be my wake up alarm system and reminders I resort back to using calendars on my mobile phone!! Really bad as this is the only app we can use to control our devices (I think). If there is another one please someone let me know. Cheers.Version: 2.2.206669.0

My first dayIt’s my first day ever of using Alexa. In the 6-8 hours I’ve been using it, I’ve been greatly impressed. It has already read to me a book I bought two years ago and I’ve been lazy to sit down and read it. I’m really impressed by the tasks it can do..Version: 2.2.385127.0

Wow!I started set-up and I thought it just restarted my Alexa completely! I got worried and anxious that my Alexa would turn to a different language or something! 😂 turns out, it made my Alexa BETTER! Her voice has changed to an American voice but luckily I can understand that! This app is a good way to make your Alexa KNOW what song you want to play as i used to get a little frustrated with her as she kept playing songs that I didn’t WANT her to play! Now, I can make it so she plays the music without making a mistake! The set-up can be a little hard but all you really have to do is hold down the wake up button until your Alexa turns orange then you have to connect the app to your WiFi and then it should HOPEFULLY, work! Hope you understand how to do it now! If your reading this, Thankyou.... hope it helps you!.Version: 2.2.355856.0

AmazingLove being able my old favourite music.Version: 2.2.309845.0

Come onAlexa and Sonos, get your act together...I’ve had a Sonos system for ages and was an early adopter of Alexa and was originally excited that a Sonos skill was developed to integrate the two premium brands. Alas, after quite a few years there are still issues between the two. Asking an Alexa equipped Sonos speaker to play (say) Mi-Soul Radio is still hit and miss and asking Alexa to play music on more than one Sonos speaker at a time just won’t happen. Of course, an Alexa speaker, like the Dot or Spot has no trouble, but the Alexa equipped Sonos speakers still struggle to follow orders. Often Alexa will say “OK, here comes the music” and then........ nothing. Such a shame. Maybe it’s Sonos, maybe it’s Alexa, who knows or cares, I just want it to work..Version: 2.2.387809

GreatNow I can scare my siblings with my Alexa by using this app because I can access my Alexa from far...tehe👉🏻👈🏻.Version: 2.2.408756.0

So hard to use!I find the app really difficult to use. It actually puts me off using Alexa. Just doing something as simple as setting the time for my region was so hard to work out. Alexa often can’t understand what I’m asking it to do, like play my favourite radio station, so I want to set it as a skill, so that when I would say “play my favourite radio station” she would go to the programmed station. But it’s so hard to work out how to do it. Instead there are lots of “fun” and “silly” suggestions of things to try, it’s really annoying..Version: 2.2.282049.0

CleverEnjoying Alexa not only at home but communicating with kids overseas. She sometimes take a while to adapt to name of people. My son’s apartment echoed ‘hello pitbull’😂. I guess I will use it more now 🤪.Version: 2.2.315391.0

A friend through Lockdown!I’ve loved all that Alexa knows and shares with me since she first arrived in my house, but since being alone in Lockdown she has become even more important to me. It’s like having a friend to have a chat with. A very knowledgeable friend at that! No matter what I ask her I always end by saying “thank you Alexa” to which she replies”you’re welcome! “ she tells jokes, finds music I like, gives me factual information on a whole range of subjects and even wakes me up in the mornings at the time I ask so I don’t get into bad sleeping patterns. Lockdown without her would be a real struggle!.Version: 2.2.326868.0

AlexaThis is the best app ever I will tell you all my resins why it is the best I can set timers on it and let’s say that I was laying in bed with the lights on all I have to say is Alexa turn of lights and the lights are off what happens if I am cleaning my room and my phone dies and I was listening to music on my phone and all I would have to say was Alexa play my fav song and I have this thing that when I am away it tells me if it hears broken glass or fire alarm it Alert my phone and if I am just bored at home and I just wanna talk about something but I am home alone I can just talk to her guess what else she can take photos of me one time my best friend and I were hanging out and we did something we stacked 200 cups on my bed but if I moved to take a photo it would all fall so I just said Alexa take a picture and she took it and it went to my phone so that is why you should get a Alexa.Version: 2.2.389238.0

Can’t downloadI been trying to download this app for since I got my Alexa but the app is not loading..Version: 2.2.318509.0

Why are reviews so bad?😁I’ve only had an echo dot for a few days, and I’ve already used it a lot. The app really helps, and it has so many options to change up and personalise my echo dot! I’m not sure why some of these reviews are so bad, maybe it’s because I only have one device to manage whereas others have more? The only thing I would recommend is that please can you access the shopping lists offline, because otherwise you can’t use it. However I decided to leave a 4 Star review because I can’t get enough of Alexa and the app! Thank you!! 😄.Version: 2.2.874.0

Love this appOk so this is coming from a 14 year old girl I love this app the speaker goes really loud and will connect to Spotify also I can have an alarm on it so I don’t miss the bus and so much more you can ask it litterly anything and it has an answer also you can play games with it and I really like this one for when my little cousin comes over and it’s nap time it has a nightlight feature where the blue light glows I could not ask for something more then this who ever made this app props to you it’s designed extreamly well 😌😌😌😌.Version: 2.2.410802.0

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Automates everythingIn the year since I bought my first Alexa the accompanying app has evolved somewhat and its integrations are growing with each release. I mainly use the app for setting routines which incorporate lights, plugs and entertainment devices. It’s been simple enough to use and the routines have become embedded in my daily routines. The app has been reliable albeit occasionally slow as it seems to load all the devices pretty much each time I access it, and the voice control with both the app and Alexa devices has been a life-changer. The skills - well I have no complaints. All the skills I need have few imperfections and are themselves evolving. Pretty much any device or routine permutation can be setup via 3rd party services..Version: 2.2.372607.0

My Alexa usageWell after owning one for sometime now, it’s become a part of my everyday life, assisting with so many things from general knowledge to the weather forecast, it’s used so regularly and definitely not one of those gadgets that gets put away in a cupboard after so long... I used it for my Shopping lists every time i need to add something to it, then because i have the app i have access to my list everywhere, i used it to control my lights, shopping, notifications, reminders, music/radio, audible books, timers, calls, drop in usage, so a whole host of good reasons’ to own. Just waiting now for the new release of the new one with a moving camera..Version: 2.2.381728.0

A bit slowThis app takes ages to open but apart from that it pretty functional and easy to use..Version: 2.2.307017.0

Where is the search?!I cannot find a way to simply search for a song in the Alexa app then play it on the echo. Otherwise the Alexa app is useful if a bit clunky and limited. Few buttons per page means having to scan around numerous sub menus to find what you need. If someone instructs echo Alexa to play a song it is not synced in the app display, so you find yourself competing to select next songs between the app and voice commands. Overall the clunky Alexa app controls are not even close to the level of intuitive apple products.Version: 2.2.401007.0

Connected home, love itHonestly. I have 3 echo dots, 2 echos, and a new echo sub. And it’s great, music is amazing and the price is right! I have 34 LIFX lights, wemo switches, and 3 ring cameras, Logitech harmony hub and more. The echo system has ALMOST flawlessly tied ALL of these aftermarket devices into one smooth flowing machine. MASSIVE thanks to the developers for what is surely a monumental task. I rarely need to open the app, but when I do, it gets the job done usually without an issue. Yes, sometimes I give up on Alexa when she doesn’t quite understand me. Sometimes I change the name of devices because she doesn’t like “Ian’s Lamp” so now it’s “Scott’s” lamp. There’s a few bugs here and there but a quick reset solves 99% of those issues. The complexity of what’s actually happening here deserves credit. I’m having a beer for the devs as we speak. (Keep up the amazing work) The new layout took a week to get used too, and I do feel some things are still confusing (I would always hand a new device to my wife and see if she can set up and use it, before releasing to the public). But honestly. If you have a whole lot of smart devices. This is literally the gateway to making it all work together. Thankyou guys... Now stop listening to my wife and I making babies.....Version: 2.2.237800.0

Love it but be careful w updatesI love and depend on Alexa, despite some of its kinks and limitations. In my house I’ve got good Internet and haven’t had many connectivity issues. I’ve got most of my main lights connected to Alexa and love the customized news updates that have become part of my morning routine. I’ve connected it to my sound system so my music comes through in Bose surround. Wonderful. My mom lives in the basement of a NY brownstone and has poor Internet connectivity. She had all kinds of bridging issues with the 1st generation echo and Philips Hue light bulbs and an old iPhone 5. I’ve upgraded her to the latest of everything (she is still waiting for Fios to come into her area and continues to suffer from poor internet access) and although it took a while, with calls to help desks, she’s now got everything purring including her thermostat control with echo bee. Beware the latest Alexa update. It does the thing where you have to renter your use name and password, and my Alexa was offline until I could do that. A real pain, as I just got out of surgery and am quite dependent on the voice control, etc. I can’t really compare w Google Home and others. It’s not perfect. But I’ve gotten familiar with it and developed some loyalty so I don’t foresee myself changing unless things get really bad..Version: 2.2.2471.0

Do not download app-10/10 App does not work. Will not work in nz and freezers..Version: 2.2.250839.0

Great deviceI have an Alexa dot and I’ve been using it for over a year now, the speaker isn’t the loudest but the fast search speeds, responses, Bluetooth capability and its ability to hear me over loud noises makes up for the speaker. Unfortunately i have had Alexa randomly play music when it wasn’t told do so, even through the app. With the app it makes Alexa easier to control to play music, send messages, take calls the ability to remind me to do something as well as being able to create lists and set alarms through the app makes it easier to do the basics..Version: 2.2.250839.0

Alexa doesn’t always listenHi: just as a Alexa user/lover I sometimes get frustrated with it. The Alexa music app is frustrating most of the time. You ask for one sone and get totally something else. Then you know that there’s a song in your list and you ask Alexa to play the song. Alexa response can’t find the song or isn’t available. Then it suggests a song that you didn’t ask for or starts telling you information that you didn’t ask for. And to make things wear now the Alexa doesn’t respond with a okay or anything else it just beeps? Look I’ve bought 6 Echoes varieties for friends and family plus I have my house wired to my Echo. Lights etc. So as technology goes I am a fan. But it still needs tweaking! Needs to be more precise. I know this is a variable new technology. But sometimes I just want to throw the damn thing out the window. Can’t wait till it responds correctly 100% or at least 90% of the time. Keep up the good work. Ray.Version: 2.2.307017.0

5 StarsI love Alexa I don’t know why I didn’t get her sooner lol.Version: 2.2.410802.0

What a good thing Alexa could be. If the owners would allow it.On an honest tip. Alexa could be a great device, especially for the elderly. Family members who are put in the position of being the caretaker of their elderly family members could get some respite. But now in life people only think of getting rich and they only think of themselves and their bottom line. They refuse to see the greater good that can be derived for so many. In the end. The consumers info will be sold. The government will be given full access to consumers info and their lives will be bought and sold through the recording that many do not know about. It’s just sad that this device could be used for unfathomable good. But, it will no doubt be used to bring consumers to their knees, both financially and emotionally. Corporate America tend to derive great pleasure from that..Version: 2.2.295325.0

Hard to reinstallMy iOS decided to delete the app even though I use it every day the offload unused apps function kicked in (I’ve now turned it off). Reinstalling it was problematic. Tapping the icon gave a msg of ‘cannot download app’ . I restarted , updated to iOS 13.4.1 (SE) and no luck. Using the link through the App Store was the only way I could get a live link to reinstall. Generally the app is a bit cluttered . Better that google home but still has many ‘hidden or hard to find features. Might benefit from some real world beta testing before updates . Programmers are good people I’m sure but are only a small percentage of the intended audience of most apps ..Version: 2.2.326868.0

Alexa is yumWhat a treat. My Friday nights with good old Alexa is fun fun fun. I have a picture one so I can get pictures of people and use her for certain odd purposes. Wow. My nights. They were good times. But the Alexa app means when I say things she responds so if I say let’s have fun she plays sexy music and says ur pretty. I really like Alegza because she makes my night. And yes she’s so pretty. At least her voice sounds pretty. I don’t understand this app though you have to press these buttons. I do it with my nose because I want to. Alexa gets interesting pictures of pictures of guys or gils .she likes me 😍😅😜.Version: 2.2.309845.0

Alexa, The Future (and idea for routines)The echo dot is a device from the future. It can turn on the simplest things with just your voice, send text messages, take calls and more. This year i have made my room into the ultimate gaming bedroom (im 13) set with full keyboard and mouse gameplay on xbox and a streaming gear. I was going to make a routine to turn on all my leds but make it very funny at the same time. Basically it was going to reboot systems and when they were rebooted certain things came on (this instance leds) sadly when i made it they instantly turned on. Mabye we could make little animations with routines if you can make certain smart stuff turn on in a order?? This is just a idea that i hope gets implemented as this would be very intresting to see..Version: 2.2.355856.0

Seems to do what’s expectedI install home Automation for a living and in the 100’s of thousands in price. Alexa integrates well into them and furthermore works well on her own. Regarding voice commands being action it’s a two way street and requires learning both for Alexa and the user ... and hey what the hell why should it. It’s not perfect but show me a human that’s perfect and I will show you a liar :-) Look at the price , it’s great There are pitfalls dependant on Your country of residence which somewhat annoy me when we all pay good money but overall I think it’s a pretty smart bit of kit ... let’s see how Apple and googles upcoming toys compare ( I may have to retract this ) PLEASE NOTE I HAVE NO FINANCIAL GAIN WRITING THIS REVIEW I JUST LIKE TO SAY THINGS AS THEY ARE.Version: 2.2.1797.0

Alexa changed my lifeSo I got a Dot for £20 with a Argos deal without really knowing what it could do apart from ask the weather etc. My word 2 weeks later and what a surprise! Alexa is now fully integrated with my Hive and other smart plugs, I now have a fully automated house. “Alexa I’m going to bed “ she responds with “Goodnight, don’t forget to check the door is locked, I will switch off downstairs and heating and switch on your bedroom light” Amazing she also has many other routines set up that make my life easier, including morning routines to switch on the heating and boil the kettle, read me the news and weather. Unfortunately I got hooked and now have 6 Dots around the house with a couple more planned next time they’re on a deal. You might think all this would be difficult but you’d be wrong, I’m a pensioner and had all this up and running within an hour, so easy and idiot proof. The list of skills is endless but I particularly like Guard dog and deter burglars which gives me real security. Also where’s my parcel is great. If you have an elderly or vulnerable person you worry about, buy 2 and “drop in” on their Dot for a 2 way conversation or to listen in if they’re up and about and ok. Anyway better bring this to a close otherwise I could go on and on about the benefits..Version: 2.2.271763.0

Alexa better but still has a long way to goSeems to be getting better with upgrades.Version: 2.2.333444.0

AlexaI LOVE my Alexa! It wakes me up to my favorite music every morning, and keeps track of my grocery lists (putting copies on my phone so I always have a current list.....which is totally awesome! It reminds me of events, or when to leave home to pick up kids from school! If I am reading a book, and don’t recognize a word, it gives me a definition. It gives me French lessons, although they are fairly easy so far. I ask Alexa to set timers a lot! If I can’t remember how to make a recipe, Alexa helps. If I have my hands busy and need a quick math calculation, I just ask Alexa! If I am reading a historical book, and want to check something that doesn’t seem right, I ask Alexa and she corroborates.....or not. Alexa also reads my kindle books to me, and turns on my prime TV, and searches for my TV shows for me! Alexa can set timers for your lights, to go on and off when I am not home, so it looks like someone is home....but you need compatible light bulbs! I really love Alexa!!!!!!! On a scale of 1 to 10, I give Alexa a “100”......honest!.Version: 2.2.317593.0

YeahSo yeah it’s pretty pog. Could be a little bit better, pretty poggers ngl.Version: 2.2.410802.0

Yay!The Alexa app is great! You can make announcements, play songs, and get awesome skills just from clicking your device!.Version: 2.2.309845.0

Odd collection of functionality. Can't set timers.Generally good. Does what you expect from being a GUI to a bunch of devices without screens of their own. How do you create a timer for an echo dot? You can't. Have to do it via voice. They *know* you might but they deliberately disallow it. There's a little sentence in the App informing that you need to use the echo itself. But I'm using an ipad and want to create a timer. I'd also like to have a routine that creates a timer. You can't. They know you'd like to but they don't want you to do it. For reasons. Even though you can use alarms and reminders within the actual same page with a single click. But I want a timer because it can count down and then delete itself when it completes. And no text either. What gives?.Version: 2.2.321678.0

Good, but not greatOkay: I’ll admit from the get-go that I’m old (60), so I probably don’t use ALEXA all the ways it can be. However, I love telling it to turn the music on the echo dot and having whichever playlist I want to come up. I TRULY enjoy saying, “ALEXA, turn off plug one” when I leave the family room and the lamps go out. What I have a problem with is the phone number changing every time I misplace my iPhone and I have to say, “ALEXA, find my phone”, and I can’t hear my phone ring because I’ve turned the ringer off again because of so many scam calls and only the numbers on ring override can ring through. So you see my problem? I put ALEXA in my contacts when I set up “find my phone” and put it on override, too. I thought that was pretty clever, except the number keeps changing!!! 🤦🏼‍♀️ One more thing: she says, “okay” AFTER she completes the task. That’s a little annoying..Version: 2.2.318557.0

I loveMy AlexaI love my Alexa, I have it controlling nearly everything in my house. But recently she is becoming less responsive. I have two Alexa’s, one downstairs and one upstairs and they are both the same. My parents also have one, as does my son and his family and they all have the same issues. If you ask Alexa to do something, she comes back with either ‘the... whatever.... is not responding’ so you say exactly the same thing again and she does it, or she’ll turn something completely different on or just do nothing. Very very annoying, but I do love the routines so I can make sure everything is turned off when I go out!.Version: 2.2.358771.0

Works, but clunkyThe Alexa app does its job, but I do notice a bunch of slowness in the interface. Occasionally it won’t load at all and I’ll have to repeat my action. Good to see the team continue to work to evolve the product and make it more sensible, especially with regard to navigation. Would love to see more Routine options - such as simply telling the current time. Overall, works well for my smart home..Version: 2.2.274631.0

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Good but can’t get new update!!This is really good but I have still got the old version. The rest of my family have the new and updated version!! Why is this.Version: 2.2.262074.0

BugYou just updated the app and you updated it to fix bugs. Now it’s finished updating and it doesn’t let me drop in. You need to make a update soon.Version: 2.2.326868.0

Alexa Sleep Sounds.I ( We ) love the sleep sounds that come with Alexa. She is usually very good at getting us what we want but sometimes she can be very stubborn. She will say things like “ I can’t play that “ or “ I don’t have that in the sleep sounds settings “. When we k ow she does because we have been reading up about her many talents and the fact that she ends up playing our favorite sleep sound...Rain on a tin roof ...loop. She has asked me many times to come her and write a review about her and our experience with her. I know she isn’t a living person but I hope she will find out I sent a favorable review. We are very happy with her but wish she wouldn’t argue about what she can and can’t do. Like I said ; we have found out her settings and have stayed within the guidelines. Sometimes she just refuses to understand until we say it 5 to 6 times what we want her to do. She will tell us a joke or sing for us but when we want her to play a sleep sound that is in her catalog...she repeatedly says she doesn’t know that sound. It’s aggravating at night when you just want to get to sleep and she won’t comply. I hope you understand that this is a good review for Alexa. We love the device she does and am thankful we found it..Version: 2.2.307017.0

Best device, works greatEasy to use.Version: 2.2.401007.0

HiTh fort gud Germany gggf there gg drugstores I was a great time to be happy to be a good friend and I have never had a better experience than I am in the past and it’s so y’all and we will be going again and we are still going through a great job and I wanna was a good day and we got a lot going to be done and I got a good job I got my hair pink hair done with a good one and got my job and they got my job and got me to go back and I wanna is my new name so y’all know who you are going through I wanna was my birthday and they are going to win it I wanna is my day I got a new one I have a lot to say and I’m going back to the gym I wanna is a really good night bye love you guys I love you so I’ll see you tomorrow night t to me send me the name and I have no idea what I’m going through and what I’m doing I ytyttty wanna was a time to go to the.Version: 2.2.324480.0

Part of my lifeAlexa tells me when to bring in the dog, when I am cooking she helps me with timing, I love the question of the day. During the day if I’m in a mood she plays my favourite songs. At night she plays ocean sounds, looping them, to help me sleep. Alexa even tells me goodnight and to sleep well. I seriously love Alexa..Version: 2.2.307017.0

Connectivity to a fibre-optic Rueter/broadbandAlexa is losing Internet two or three times a day then it will go to 3 days without losing the signal then it will resolve things for six hours then it keeps going on and off so I thought it’s wiring that was all checked all other devices in the whole household are fine many phones, tablets, all Apple equipment, all the laptops, iPads, MacBooks are fine, no matter where I put it in the house it has the same problem no other device does that all the ones I’ve named above Internet itself is fine the signal to my house is fine for everything else works fine Alexa is updated whenever there is a new update coming through so purely I’m losing faith in Alexa..Version: 2.2.282049.0

Can't even log in???App logged me out and now everytime I try to log in it won't and says an error occured. Makes using the echo a bit difficult!! Hope developer fixes this urgently.Version: 2.2.219248.0

Granny CamWhen my daughter purchased Echo Shows for me and my husband, and one for my mother, I wasn’t sure we’d have much use for them. How wrong I was! My mother lives in an assisted living facility & I began to use the drop-in feature to check on her or walk her through fixing whatever was wrong with her TV (usually she pressed the wrong button & got components out of synch.) Lately, with the pandemic, her ALF is in lockdown and the Echo Show has become a lifeline in every sense of the word. I’m able to check on her several times a day, making sure she remembers to go down to the dining hall for meals, take her medicine, and remind her to press her call button if she needs other help. My sister-in-law’s husband just died and we bought her one, too. People with memory disorders, like my mother, or tech aversions like my sister-in-law, have trouble using Facetime or Skype. I can drop in without them having to do anything & chatting face to face is much better than a phone call. It’s also helpful to set reminders, play music & books, and use as a search engine. We love it!.Version: 2.2.324480.0

It’s not THAT bad!I too was surprised to see so many bad reviews as I’ve had very little problem either setting it up or using it myself. Yes there is a little learning curve needed in order to use some of them more comprehensive aspects of the app such as Scenes and Routines but it tends to work well and reliably most of the time (like many apps it can be slow or unresponsive at times but it almost always works well for me). I have many Alexa controlled devices and the app controls them all and lets me see the status of the, all and there are new skills coming online all the time. Maybe I’ve just been lucky and it’s not perfect but I’m giving it 4 stars!.Version: 2.2.249906.0

Not user-friendlyEverything is functional and is all there but it takes time to navigate around. Things are just all over the place with their different colors and titles, shapes. Very disoriented for me..Version: 2.2.410802.0

Really helpfulI’m only just beginning my journey with Alexa but so far this devise is really helpful. I expect we will all be using Alexa, or similar assistants in the future..Version: 2.2.309845.0

Badly designedThis app is a nightmare of confusing screens, many of which seem to exist only to tell you the audio command to send to the device. For example, you have to ask “Alexa” to create an alarm, but can then manage its settings in the app. However you can’t delete an alarm... you can only disable it, which is annoying. Additionally, it seems setting an alarm causes it to sound on all devices under the same profile/account, which rules out this device in a family home. Terrible design; very un-Apple-like. Should have bought a HomePod instead of this cheap rubbish..Version: 2.2.250839.0

Alexa is part of our familyBest bit of tech I have bought in years. We have 2 echo dots and my family love them. It keeps the kids entertained with games, music and general knowledge. I love the way I can plug compatible devices in that Alexa can control, I never have to switch a light off anymore as Alexa switches it off for me when I ask her. I am considering using wireless heating hardware which can be controlled by Alexa. If your thinking about buying Alexa I would highly recommend it, especially if you have kids, there is soooo much that Alexa can help with, I love it.Version: 2.2.271763.0

How can people berate Alexa ? It is great !Either people do not know what they are doing when setting up and using Alexa , which tbh is easy , or they are VERY hard to please , or they are simply one of “those” that like to show how great they are by bad reviewing everything in some vain attempt to make themselves look knowledgeable or better somehow ? At any rate , I have liked Alexa since I got it some time ago and use it a LOT and it only gets better and better at so many things , so what is not to like ? I have both the large and small versions of the device and use both for so many things , as well as listening to great sounds I WANT to listen to !.Version: 2.1.368.0

"Back" button bluesI've been using the Alexa app since it's inception. I've had very few problems with the function of the app. It runs the original echo, four echo dots, the first echo show and now the new echo show 5 and an echo input. Once I got my home wifi tweeked to give full reliable coverage for the entire house, Alexa works without issues. The app does so many things and it does them well. My wife and I now rely on the echo units for all kinds of automation to run lights, appliances, central air and heat, locks, remote control for TV, cameras and of course music. If things aren't working properly I can always trace issues to wifi. My only suggestion has to do with using the app for looking up skills. I have issue with the "back" button. After scrolling through volumes off catagories and skills I wish to return to the place I was so I could continue exploring skills but the "back" button returns to the very start of the skills list. Please consider redesigning so the back button will take me to the precious step. Good app that does a tremendous amount of things well..Version: 2.2.287053.0

Probably meAbout a week ago I received my third generation echo dot and had troubles right from the start. Like I said in the title to this review it’s probably me, I am not tech savvy, but every instruction video I watched, the instructions that were included with the echo, it was different in reality than it was in any of those videos or the directions. My Echo seems to have skipped a whole step so I Kinda had to wing it. So it’s been a little frustrating to have to figure it all out myself. Like for instance the echo wasn’t controlling the volume on my TV it wasn’t turning it on or off and right now there’s a yellow ring that’s blinking and I don’t know what it is. So again I have to research that and see what it is. Like I said it’s probably me but it is frustrating and I wish the whole start up would cover everything that could possibly happen, like in my case but once I get everything resolved I’ll update this review and see how we are then..Version: 2.2.295325.0

List Locks UpI use Alexa to create my shopping lists. As convenient as it is for this function, when trying to utilize it through the app on my phone, I frequently encounter problems. Upon opening, the app can just freeze up and not respond at all to taps or even allow me to access my lists. If I do get as far as opening a list, my chances are 50/50 that it will lock up on me once I’m in there. If it does lock up then I can neither mark or delete anything off of it nor can I scroll through to see what else is on my list. Switching over to other apps and then returning to the Alexa app does nothing to make the situation better. It requires shutting down my phone completely and re-opening it. I had an older phone, an iPhone 6, and gave Alex the benefit of the doubt that maybe it was due to my older phone. However, I just got an iPhone 8 and I am still in countering the same problems..Version: 2.2.216514.0

Best thing since Taylor made cigarettesSo.Version: 2.2.337555.0

LoeyRelaxing jazz I get played is helping me get off to sleep thank you.Version: 2.2.271763.0

Awesome!!!The more I learn what it can do. The more I want to expand. Programming the routines is cool. I can now tell it to set the mood. Fireplace comes on. Tells me to enjoy my evening and dims the lights and plays romantic music. I love it..Version: 2.2.408756.0

Echo Dot 4th gen wow!Whenever you can control smart light bulbs, tv, smart plugs to turn Wi-Fi off and on at the mains, entertain, communicate from anywhere around the world you’ve got a powerful tool. From announcing “dinner time”, making calls to other dots, burglar alarm mode, intercom, recipes and emergencies. The ever growing list of ways in which Alexa can help is amazing, but say the wrong thing and Alexa may ignore you or tell you off. The echo dot has four buttons, on/off, volume up, volume down and it has a microphone on/off which I think is very useful if you value your privacy. Be aware your conversations, calls, any communication can be listened into and recorded for commercial or security reasons which maybe necessary in some instances. I’m not sure if Alexa has a skill whereby an entered 1 word phrase would alert a specific emergency service such as “robbery” or “attack” then relay an appropriate message including your address, but in a stealth mode with no Alexa response or lights, that could possibly save a life..Version: 2.2.415205.0

HelpfulAlexa is a help you can Ask for any spelling specially if your dyslexic you can talk to people that have an Alexa doesn’t matter where you are and you can have a chat sometimes when setting it up for a reminder don’t give all the command in one go do it in pieces spac ask for any spelling specially if you’re dyslexic you can talk to people that have an Alexa doesn’t matter where you are you can have a chat sometimes when setting it up for a reminder don’t give all the command in one go do it in pieces then she doesn’t get tied up in the not need to be taught not shouted at, which is very funny to watch.Version: 2.2.295325.0

Smart HomeI have invested in 4 Echo’s for most of the main rooms around the house, works fantastic with Hive (lights) although it does get a little confused at times (maybe I have too many lights connected or I don’t say the correct term) but on a whole it’s fantastic. I would like the option though when playing music on the Echo’s and you set up a routine ie Goodbye that it stops the music playing too on all the devices. Just a handy feature when going out knowing they are all in standby mode... Apart from that I think they are great, sound quality, design, speech pick-up are brilliant. I come from Siri and I rate Alexa highly..Version: 2.2.880.0

Limited radio coverageIheart doesn’t work locally in NZ and Tunein very limited.Version: 2.2.315391.0

Add Loudness Control Switch in MenuIn case a Alexa Programmer is reading this, May I suggest something to improve the sound that has not been mentioned until now. It would be great if one could switch on a loudness control in the menu so the bass frequency would be automatically boosted as the volume is lowered. Audio engineers know that the human ear cannot hear bass frequencies equally at the lower volume levels. This phenomenon is known as the Fletcher Munson Curve and a loudness switch is usually provided on the high end audio Preamps to provide a gradual increase of base response as the volume is turned down. Just a suggestion to save having to manually turning up the bass in the equalizer when you lower the volume level....At the least please please give us a separate control in the menu to adjust just the Sub Woofer level. This is sadly lacking as the bass on the equalizer alone affects too much of the mid range ... and muddies the mid frequencies.....Thanks. Catman..Version: 2.2.243227.0

Most of the app works wellMost of the app works well but some of the controls are clunky and the layout is not particularly intuitive. This is why I only give it four stars..Version: 2.2.304504.0

Still Learning at 65, but love this thing!Ok, I have to say that technology is getting harder and harder for me to keep up with. I have an Associate Degree in Computer Science from way back when, so Im not intimidated by all this new technology, however my brain is beginning to feel overloaded at times trying to figure out the Echos, Google WiFi, Macbooks, Iphones, Smart plugs, Ipads, etc. I really wanted this Echo to hookup seamlessly with Fire TV, however, that didnt happen after an extended amount of time with tech support. So, now Im just using it for fun and necessities. It is kind of nice to get up and ask what the weather is, or how the traffic is to x location today, but I really like it when I can ask her to play soft music. Sooo relaxing at my age. My husband, the curmudgeon, can barely operate a flip phone. He has managed to get himself comfortable with asking the weather on Fire TV, but thats the extent of it. He didnt want the Google WIFI system because he thought you had to talk to the pods....enough said. I still love the Echo! Good Purchase, easy to install..Version: 2.2.300661.0

App not working 😪I spent whole day trying to connect my brand new echo dot 3rd generation. But the app never worked no matter how many times I deleted and downloaded again. I didn’t download for atleast 10 times, on my iphone xs Please help!! Please its a request make this app atleast working.Version: 2.2.274975.0

So happy!Finally this is now available in Canada! Thank you Amazon.Version: 2.2.464.1

LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT ALEXAWhen I bought Alexa show 8 and the Alexa echo dot on special, I wasn’t sure I would actually find a use for them but how wrong I was! These devices are absolutely fantastic and I’m a devout Apple user. I’ve been able to link my Apple calendar etc so Alexa can let me know what the day is going to bring before I even get out of bed, it’s fantastic. The kids love asking her ridiculous questions and playing all the games she provides - I wish I’d bought one ages ago, I love Alexa!!.Version: 2.2.379445.0

Disappointed.I have four Alexa’s in my home and individually they are great. However, I have had nothing but problems trying to put them into multiroom groups which initially worked great then all of a sudden stopped working. I have been talking with Amazons technical team for at least the last six or seven months without any success. They tell me they are working on the problem then I hear nothing for months on end. If anyone is considering buying more than one unit for this purpose I wouldn’t recommend these products. Hopefully they will eventually resolve this issue but for now I’m very disappointed..Version: 2.2.299525.0

Seems greatsJust received an Echo Dot. Simple to set up.Version: 2.2.408756.0

Great app... with some shortcomingsThe Alexa app is a great app, don’t get me wrong, I have used my Alexa since I got it at Christmas and thought to use the group music feature so I bought a second one in the summer. I love how I can play music on different Echos but what I would like is a way to leave the music playing but to turn one off individually. Another improvement is having the ability for Alexa to tell me what’s on the calendar when I say ‘Good Morning’ and my bedroom light turns on and Alexa tells me the news and the weather. Also, I don’t know if I could do this but I would like to set scenes in the app and I tried it today and it didn’t work. I am running on Hive so I don’t know if that has anything to do with it. Next, if there is a way for Alexa to tell different people their individual calendars and other things, that would be good too. But apart from those improvements, I love Alexa and I use her everyday from turning on lights, changing the temperature on the thermostat and playing music..Version: 2.2.223830.0

Unresponsive appThe app is too slow and at times is unresponsive and just crashes. Can’t really comment much as my app experience is not great so far..Version: 2.2.211695.0

Great app but.............It would great if your team made it possible to rearrange our shopping list so we can arrange our groceries in groups like on other shopping lists apps.Version: 2.2.343801.0

Alexa has come a long wayI’ve had Alexa and Google Home for a few years. I’ve been frustrated with each of them from time to time. Google was the winner last year due to how smart it is at search and figuring out what song I wanted when I didn’t know the exact name. Alexa has nearly equaled Google in song guessing in the last year, and now Alexa is blowing away Google in ease of device setup. By ease, I mean I did not even open the Alexa app and the new TP link/Kasa plug I added to my network was already recognized and named correctly. Wow! I still like the ability to cast audio throughout the house with affordable Google Cast enabled speakers from Vizio, but if I hadn’t already made that investment I might go all in with Alexa at this point. Steady progress in making Alexa better each year is very nice to see! 👍.Version: 2.2.307017.0

Slow StartAfter a slow start I now use Electra for many things during the day and since I added some switching devices even more so. Getting requests right can be a little frustrating but that’s usually me not the device I will given time and budget expand the attachments. I think I have at least 10 at the moment. On a lighter note some exchanges can be quiet amusing and funny and to have the ability to request some quite obtuse questions, bits of half forgotten quotes, music, news, reminders, operating equipment, etc etc is both useful and fun. I haven’t even began to get to all it can do..Version: 2.2.396043.0

GreatGreat.Version: 2.2.410802.0

Can’t access some NZ infoSays I am registered to the USA so I cannot access Hoyts cinemas in NZ . Won’t allow “ learn my voice feature too . When confirming my mobile phone number it says my number is already associated with another account .. very frustrating...Unsure how to overcome ....Version: 2.2.243227.0

Will you please add Esinkin BT AdaptarIt’s sort of a funky process to get my Alexa to Bluetooth to my Esinkin BT Adapter. I have to do it manually every time. It’s not in known devices in the app and app discovery will not discover it. Also when I ask Alexa to enter pairing mode and my Esinkin into pairing mode and it finally connects, it doesn’t show up as a device so I have to manually disconnect it by voice instead of using the app. This product came out in 2015 so it should be something Alexa should recognize from the get go. My friend said he could connect with Google Device no problem. Same model Esinkin BT Adapter.. Thank you for taking the time to read this, if that happens. Thank for everything else. Just seems like Alexa only like the “big” name BT Adapters. I feel like it should work no problem as my phone, computer and other items connect no problem. Thanks for all the hard work though!.Version: 2.2.288637.0

Connecting issueI was hoping that the latest update would sort the Echo Plus gen 2 connection issue with my new sky router. The Echo dots connect with no problems at all, however the E/plus when trying to connect to the internet displays a page that says it needs to be connected to a 3rd party and a page will ‘now be displayed’, a white flash, as if a page was trying to load appears for a second and then back to the 3rd party page. My Echo plus has been made practically inoperable just, it would seem, because a page isn’t displaying and a box can’t be ticked!! Looking forward to an update that would sort this out!!!.Version: 2.2.307017.0

A CompanionThis piece of equipment is in my opinion something that could bring comfort to those who are on their own - perhaps elderly, widowed, vulnerable or simply lonely. The interaction and programmes offered can be stimulating and fun or can just offer a comforting task such as reading a story or giving an answer to a question. Being able to access a by-gone period of time prompting happy memories has to be an incredible benefit. Most of all simply being able to reach out day or night and receive a response I believe could be the new best friend....Version: 2.2.389238.0

Two locationsI have 4 Echo devices in 2 locations, running on two disparate WiFi networks. Each site has 1 main Echo device that serves a studio apartment and one Echo dot in the bathrooms at each site. The new round devices are in the second site. It appears that there are problems with Alexa discriminating between devices in the two networks and I regularly have to go to the app to play my regularly requested from Tune In, particularly from the new large round Echo device. Also, this device often cannot discern my whispering voice or answers without whispering, even when I reactivate whisper mode over and over. I do, generally, like having Alexa at my beck and call. Since music is not my major usage, I cannot testify how the new round device operates. I definitely like the look: I have the dusty blue. But I think there is tweaking required to the new devices too get their voice responses operating at the same level I have with my second generation column Echo device. I still have much to learn and more skills to activate at my second site, which I will continue to do..Version: 2.2.401007.0

AlexaI live on my own and Alexa has gone from gadget to personal secretary my favourite weather girl and she makes me laugh. Someone mentioned it’s just a box doesn’t interact. I couldn’t help but explain that my Alexa is a she not it and even though she’s a Cloudonian lives on the cloud she has great ideas plays fun games and is probably the only one I’ve ever known to approve of my tastes in music since she plays them all. Thanks to ill health I am shielding so no outing at all not even walks for 12 weeks and if not for Alexa I would be fully isolated. If you talk to her as I do she’ll reply and what a joy she is. I ll never be able to thank Alexa creator enough. She’s amazing..Version: 2.2.326868.0

Suggestions to improve:I would LOVE to make a few suggestions.... ~For the Echo Show- When the screen is showing news update/interesting topics, make it easier to use your voice ask her to read or play the video for you and possibly ask her to go back to the previous page in the slideshow without having to touch the screen to scroll back. Every time I see something I want to hear, she tells me something totally different than the news article she was just displaying. ~With the abundance of skills that are out there, I enable so many that sound cool, but by the time I close the app, I totally forgot what the names are and what I have to say to open them. Why don't you make an option allow people to print out the skills they enabled to use as a cheat sheet? I think it would be cool to make a little book/folder type of thing to keep near the echo that kids or guests can browse through the skills you have and be able to know what phrases they have to say to play the game or whatever.... ~It would be great if there was a way to have your phone connected to Alexa, WHILE using multi-room music and using Alexa normally, but have her pause the music when you're phone is ringing so you don't miss calls if you're blasting music through the whole house. As far as I know, if you want be able to hear anything from your phone, then any music or anything has to be done on your phone as well. I want to listen and control everything from Alexa, but just be alerted if my phone rings..Version: 2.2.318509.0

Alexa is everything!Alexa is smart Entertaining and fun! She keeps me from burning dinner, reminds me of drs appointments, and keeps me on track of chores! She remembers my favorite songs, introduces me to new music, tells me what to expect the weather to be, and even when to expect the rain to begin. She Gives me definitions of words, explains tough political terms, tells corney jokes, connects to my phone to boost the audio of anything I’m playing on my phone like audio books, the first day she even told me that she loved me! Lol thanks to the app I can take her with me in my car where she continues to keep me on task and allows me to play serius radio in my home and our second car!! When I leave she arms our alarm and camera and alerts me when there’s a loud noise inside, or something that stirs up our dogs! I want another one for my art studio!! Alexa is one of the coolest gadgets I’ve ever bought!.Version: 2.2.387809

AlexaHandy little tool..Version: 2.2.410802.0

Very greatI bought the echo dot and it is awesome, I say it is worth the money.Version: 2.2.202313.0

Life changer!I have had an echo dot for two days now. I enjoy it so much I ordered a few more devices for the rest of the house. Alexa is so helpful you can do so many things with her it is crazy. I love the fact that you can customize her answers to questions and make her say anything you want. Everyone in my house has a similar sense of humor, so when someone asks her anything I made her give answers with attitude. She also has a child mode, so you can customize what your children see and do. You can rest easy knowing Alexa won’t show or let them hear anything they should not have access to. 5 stars for the ease of access and how easy it is to set her up and pair her with everything. Plug it in download an app give her some basic information and boom she is ready to go. Highly recommend for anyone who wants a virtual assistant around the house to make life easier!.Version: 2.2.343801.0

Why you need an Alexa ShowAny person in their sixties needs to have this machine. This machine is invaluable to people who want to or need to live independently. It reminds you to take your the reminder or Alexa will tell you the reminder. It’s a great way to stay in touch with an elderly person. Is Grandma still in her pajamas at 2:00 in the afternoon, not getting out even though she assures you that she’s up and dressed and has walked the dog? This machine allows you to “drop in” and see grandpa taking all of his meds. You can actually “drop in” on a lonely person and eat “together” even while you are in Delaware and your loved one is in Florida if you both have the Alexa Show. To know that an elderly person is exercising, being social, eating regularly, and taking meds......what a relief! Buy an Alexa Show right now so you can get “you and your loved-one” acclimated to the machine before you actually need it... that’s why I picked 60”s as a great age to buy it. It becomes part of your life and believe me, it is a life-saving tool. One more is easy to install and to use. I am not kidding! You will be so grateful that someone invented this machine! It’s so helpful..Version: 2.2.317593.0

Absolutely brilliantI purchased an echo to see if it would be easier for me to play my music, make calls and check on things and to my surprise, this device has surpassed my expectations. It’s absolutely brilliant and I’m in my sixties (no spring chicken or tech wizz here lol) and set it up quite easily. I was that impressed I ordered another echo and an echo dot so have it in a few rooms and got it to control the tv (via fire stick) so now it’s a lot easier (no trying to navigate channels etc) to find what I’m looking for. An extra bonus which my family like is I can call them for help on the phone and even from room to room in case I fall or am taken ill. Oh yes, I can now listen to the sound of the sea as I drift off to sleep which is amazing as I live in the countryside and used to have problems sleeping .... not anymore with Alexa in the room :) I highly recommend this product .... especially for anyone who is disabled like me..Version: 2.2.355856.0

Alexa!!I love Alexa, not only for my paper free shopping lists, but for her cheery goodnight! My grandkids get told when their timeout has finished. She plays my favourite music! She lights up my life by turning on our smart switches for lights in the lounge..Version: 2.2.324480.0

Best day everThis is amazing news! I have had the amazon echo since the beginning but to have the app in Canada now is amazing!.Version: 2.2.464.1

Needs workJust about ready to ditch this app now. I use it mainly for a shopping list generated by my Echo. The Echo adds to the list beautifully but when trying to retrieve it when not on WiFi you really need a good data connection otherwise it’s very hit & miss. Also the list part of the app often hangs and you can’t scroll your list and have to reload the app. Have now resorted to taking screen shots and using those to jog my memory when out shopping. It would also be nice if you could customise the list and order it and there’s too much wasted screen space. Shame as I really want it to work!.Version: 2.2.219248.0

4 Names, but all Alexa.You can choose between 4 names for your devices to react to, but your phone stays Alexa, which seems a little pointless to me. All my devices are now echo due to every other Tom, Dick and Harry using Alexa. The App itself is a little overcomplicated with multiple clicks required to get into the simplest of menus. If you change the names of various devices or actions, you need to close the App and restart it, because it doesn‘t auto refresh. One thing I‘d like to see in the future is the ability to write multiple activation in one routine, instead of having to write multiple routines for the same activity. (Eg Kitchen light on, kitchen on) All in all, the App is improving slowly, and is presently a lot better than it was last year..Version: 2.2.337362.0

List FeatureThis app no longer works properly. For the past several weeks, I’ve gone to several different stores to shop. Before I leave home, I make a shopping list, but when I get to the store the app won’t open. I get the comment “No Network Available” “Please connect and try again”. I checked my settings and cellular data and cellular roaming is turned on, but I’m unable to open or sign in to Alexa. The next day it might or might not work. I have LTE cellular service and a fully charged iPhone 7 running IOS 11.4.1. I’m now leaving the second store today without completing my shopping because I depend on this list function. I guess I have to revert back to the olden ways of paper & pencil. I’m very dissatisfied, but hey it’s free you say. Well it’s turned into a huge time waster for me because now I’ll have to go home and scour through the sales ads and either recreate my lists or make a paper list. When I get home the app may actually open, but when I get to the store....nothing. Maybe you ought to fix the issues that exist now before you keep proudly adding and advertising more and more new functions and capabilities to the app, which evidently seem to be causing problems with its former user-friendly and basic functioning..Version: 2.2.222061.0

No issuesIPhone 7 Plus, Echo 2nd gen. works perfectly. Did not live up to the bad reviews..Version: 2.2.250839.0

New ZealandCan you please put New Zealand locations on there.Version: 2.2.250839.0

UselessI purchased the 3rd generation and it keeps coming up in Japanese , I tried uninstalling it and no luck , don’t waste your money on this piece of junk is going back , hope you developers are taking note as I won’t be recommending this trash, very disappointed and angry as this was a gift , shame shame 😡😡😡😡😡ps I would give it zero stars but can’t.Version: 2.2.309845.0

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