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Sling: Live TV, Shows & Movies Positive Reviews

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Sling: Live TV, Shows & Movies App User Positive Comments 2022

Sling: Live TV, Shows & Movies app received 8 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about sling: live tv, shows & movies?

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Sling: Live TV, Shows & Movies for Positive User Reviews

VERY HappyOh my gosh ...when SlING first came out I wasn’t very happy, I told em an I canceled ...then sometime later they actually sent me an invite to give em a try again & I did an I was impressed😬 I been back for a while, but didn’t realize I hadn’t updated my review/comment & I feel bad...cuz they have grown WONDERFUL, I have ZERO complaints! for an App they have a good TV an movie selection that changes & rotates, yes there r some commercials but I don’t mind ...SLING is not the big name cable company (thank god🙄), & if ya can afford THEM then more power to ya, I can’t, I love the History Channel an I can access w/ SLING that’s my big happy...also their viewing selection is a nice buffet it’s great for me also an included w/ price is “💯” hours of record time I LOVE IT the whole “30 buck” pkg is perfect for me, disabled, SSI, an all I have to view on is an’s GREAT and even better I HAVE NO COMPLAINTS😂 SO Thank You SLING PS I have Apple iPhone an iPad I have ZERO connection problems Apple has Sling app for iPad an that’s shared to my iPhone ..once in awhile the only problems I ever have has been w/ Cox WiFi that I been stuck having to use an that’s been once in awhile I tex em they fix it.Version: 6.2.3

Great Service!So far, my family and I are really enjoying this service. In my line of work, there can be times where there is absolutely no work and so I have the time to watch a show or two. While there are a few glitches while watching, I hardly ever come across these issues. For what it is as a whole, I couldn’t be happier with this service. I know there are a bunch of negative reviews, but honestly I think there might be something wrong on their end of the spectrum. As with any company there is always room for improvement on quality. Besides the rare glitch that I have noticed, I have no issue with this service as I have had with certain cable companies that charge the hell out of their customers. We don’t even have upgrade channels and still paying almost $200 a month. Keep up the good work Sling..Version: 5.3.0

$110 in monthly saving from previous providerI tried sling a little over a year ago and originally didn’t like it because they didn’t have the current sports package they do now. So glad I gave it a second chance I pay $130 less a month then what I was paying with direct tv and have access to game being aired across the country no black outs or bs like that. I had to pay and extra $20 buck a month to get unlimited wireless internet so I guess it really only saves me $110 a moth... haha I don’t pay extra for NFL red zone and have access to the largest archive of tv shows when I want to watch a rerun than any other app or service available. I have a HBO and Netflix subscription but recently realized I Don’t need Netflix and am over game of thrones so I’ll be canceling both after this month. I honestly couldn’t be happier..Version: 5.10.2

I was referred & Now I referIt goes off on me but I believe it’s my device NOT sling! The one thing I wish they had in their settings would be sleep mode, shut off after 2hrs of inactivity, 4hrs of inactivity or Never! Like the light/screen on your phone. That’s only a suggestion, not an issue! Personally, The biggest selling point for me was how affordable it was. Sadly, once they started becoming well known & used, They raised the price! Even for current & loyal customers which has swayed my feelings a bit! If not by much Depending on the company, area etc, Its still cheaper than most cable companies & it’s live as if it were cable. I was referred to sling & I used to refer & tell everyone about it. I haven’t referred it as much since they raised the price tho bc that’s what made it stand out, Basically the same as cable tv for a portion of the price....Version: 5.15.14

Cable my whole life, a great switch!I really love Sling. I hated cable because I didn’t get the shows I wanted without paying more money. I don’t want sports so I can select not having that package and costing more when basic cable packages usually included a majority sports. I love being able to have my reality tv shows for only $5 more a month. That’s well worth it when cable was $20+ for nearly not as many channels. I also like I can stop and start this subscription easier than cable. I’m in my 20s and have months where I’m barely at home or I’m at home constantly. Being able to start and stop without hassle is the best. I also like being able to watch all my shows in one place instead of jumping from app to app like cable companies often require. One thing I would like to see is a more refined search, kind of like categories on Netflix. The On Demand section, but with a little more defined categories that show ALL the available on demand movies or shows, not in the categories Sling creates..Version: 5.15.16

Works fairly wellI just recently switched to sling TV from DIRECTV in order to save cost every month. The one thing I will say is that when playing back episodes on A&E the screen tends to freeze and the video stops playing all the audio continues this happens a lot I have to restart the app to get it to come back I reinstalled the app a few times as well but it still happening not sure if it’s the one episode or if it’s a continuous issue I will update for sure but the developer may need to look at their on-demand video playback. The other thing that’s a little frustrating is that I can’t use my sling login on A&E to watch videos on their app since their app has no problems. I’m guessing more so this is a cable company contract a conundrum then something that sling has control over but it would be nice if I could use my sling cable subscription to login to all of the channels apps as well just like I used to with DIRECTV. I will also say that slings mobile app is much better than DIRECTV which has got to be one of the worst in the business.Version: 5.7.0

Heads up Sling has got to do better.There is some glitches on this app the channels where you can watch things on demand like a series would say season 2 with 8 episodes only to click on it and it not be that. Not the first time it has happened. Then on live tv it will say one thing is on only for it to be something else other than what it is. This app takes 30 bucks off my debit card monthly why should I as a customer have these issues? Yea it’s a lot cheaper than cable but if I did decide to switch to cable tv I wouldn’t have this issue. Also another thing I been having this app now for over 6 months update the on demand options. The same thing is on their from when I first got this app. Do the creator of sling even watch sling to know that these issues are there?.Version: 5.12.1

Cut the cord with sling saving $100 a monthI have sling blue for $25 a month it allows 3 screens simultaneously and is not ip linked(you can stream away from home). I recently convinced my parents to ditch cable and sling is a great substitute for us. The only downside is it lags when streamed via chromecast (I have a gen 1 chromecast so that could be why) otherwise playback via iPhones/iPads is great as well as on the Xbox one s my family’s main media hub. I would like there to be a way to continuously stream episodes but I get that they are trying to not strain their servers with unattended streams (It would be nice for this to be fixed but it likely isn’t going to happen). I’m happy with this service DISH is definitely on the right track with sling hopefully it remains as affordable as it is now! I am trying to get my family and friends to use streaming services like this to gut their cable bill with sling and a OTA antenna you can easily save $1,200-1,800 a year put that money to good use elsewhere..Version: 5.3.0

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