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DRAGON BALL Z DOKKAN BATTLE App User Positive Comments 2024

DRAGON BALL Z DOKKAN BATTLE app received 176 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about dragon ball z dokkan battle?

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SheeshThis is a great game but it’s constantly having data download’s which is annoying because you could just update it so if you could do that this would be higher.Version: 4.20.1

Dokkan battle is trashShouldn’t be able to pull dupes if you have the characters at 100% already game is a scam this is not f2p friendly game , don’t waste your time because 99% of the pulls are dupes.Version: 4.10.2

It’s great gameIt’s a great game it’s just that could you put like a battle arena so we could battle all the players who play dokkan and you get ranked and when you reach like rank 10 or something you get like 5 or less stones so it is more better and there’s a leader board so you can see who is the highest and like who Ever has rank and is in the top 100 will qualify and you can make tournament which you can earn money and merchandise and stuff like that. If you are reading this and put this in to the game 😊.Version: 4.5.3

5th Anniversary 55 ticket summonThere’s no 56th ticket. Uninstalling.Version: 4.10.2

I got scammed (help plz) ideas for gameI was opening a pack from the extreme Dokkan festival pack and it said open 1 more and get a free pack and I bought it and then it said open another thing pack to get a free one so my dragon stones were basically wasted my stones because I was expecting another pack but besides me getting scammed you should give more keys for the portal of memories because they are rarely given and are really helpful if you missed an event to upgrade your character. Something everybody would like to see in the game is making the potaras easier to get because when you are trying to get LR vegito for free to play characters (like me) it’s hard to get them because you have to use characters that need a certain link (fierce battle) and I would suggest to change the link that free to play character ( free event characters) have for it could be an easier process for people that are trying to improve their deck. Something else is maybe making dragon stones easier to get because you don’t get many chances to get dragon stones as a free player and I would like to see a way to get dragon stones for free but still challenging. That’s what I would like to see from dokkan battle. 👍👍👍.Version: 4.4.1

4 Stars but GGBeen playing this game for a good year or two and it’s good overall except for a few things such as fail counter/dodge on character with high chance to do so that it should never happen (no dodge/counter) it should be dodge/counter or none not dodge/counter noise (confirming dodge/counter) then fail and the slow frame rate on title screen I hope it’s bug and all please bandai fix this please also I’m on iOS 6s if wondering so yeah thank you for reading this and have a nice day. P.S this only applies to 6s or just me so yeah if higher than the mentioned your good I think 🤔(past) (Past) This game has changed for the best but the frame rates are dropping massively for everything now can’t enjoy a game that is slowed down to the point where it’s not enjoyable anymore create a frame rate refresher in game title or something just please fix this bandai and always thank you. (Today’s) great game but lacks farmable crystals which is the currency for the banners please implement a farm trial or something so we can earn our crystals and lastly the lock bundles it’s one thing to buy a bundle its another to buy one to unlock the next why not buy just that one instead of being a premium for the premium that you actually want..Version: 4.12.1

:) & :(I like this game and all but my luck though. I have opened over 30 multi-summons trying to get Gogeta LR but I haven’t gotten any. My brother, in his first one, he got Zeno Animation and got Gogeta LR. I’ve got pretty sick pills but never have I got Gogeta LR. Please help. Reply how I can get more Dragon Stones. My user is ‘StaZ’ and my ID is ‘1,073,475,341.’.Version: 4.10.2

Amazing game.While people may say that it’s just a bubble tap video game, the people who play it religiously, like myself, know that it’s so much more than that. This game could actually be considered the gold standard for all mobile games when it comes to the micro-transactions because they aren’t necessitated by the game in order to progress due to the purchases being (mostly) items that are at least relatively easy to obtain provided you are patient enough. It could also be the gold standard for mobile games when it comes to ads, as there are no ads to be found anywhere, which means you don’t have to waste your money to remove them. Apart from that, BamCo has taken this game and ran with it, and I am so happy they did, because the quality of the game has gone up so much since release, from the super attack animations to the mechanics to the overall grandness of the experience. Amazing game, would definitely recommend to anyone who is looking for a great mobile game..Version: 4.10.2

Bandai, Akatsuki inc, Akirya ToriyamaBandai, you outdid yourself.. The developers Akatsuki inc.. nice. But give us a little break. You’ve made thousands on this game. Give us a better summoning rate. Maybe a break..like more quests, something. It’s spend to win at this point and as a fan of Bandai since childhood I thought you all were so pure at heart. Is it really only about money when you all have this much?.. it’s all so nastily rigged with summonings.. just let us have fun for once. Speaking for all the creators.. don’t you like seeing your fans happy? All this raging? In my opinion it is one of the best dragon ball games. No butts to it, I just wish I could play and earn more. Like on the original games. If it weren’t for Akirya Toriyama, I wouldn’t be as happy as I am right now for making my childhood coming true, but I really wish you all would reach out to your fans and realize that even if we got what we wanted, we would still play these games, Bandai. It isn’t always about winning, I’m just about having fun. Hopefully this catches someone’s eye...Version: 3.8.5

Stop complainingThe game is good and fun and easy especially if your pay 2 play but I’m free 2 play but I have ssj3 goku the str one godku the str one and super sayin 4 goku and vegeta not the best combo but a good team is a good team.Version: 3.14.0

SsGsSI really like this game and been playing this game for everyday. But this game cause too much money. You spend like $60 for 1 multi summon and is not like you going to get a feature card. It would be really great if there is a mode in the game where you can use all the card in the game. Because not everyone have all character in the game and not everyone have money. So it would be great if there is a mode that you can use all character. I mean a lot of people would agree with me. Other than that. I really like this game and thank you for making this game👍.Version: 3.6.1

Love this gameI had my account since the first anniversary I’m a pretty old player only got 5 lrs hearing about the new laws coming out I’m tryna sell my global account for 250$ it’s pretty sick I’ve done some research it’s a good deal just I wana make sure I sell it quick um reply to this if ur interested we’ll figure smt out but i give this game 5 stars I’ll be sad if it ever gets shut down tbh.Version: 4.3.2

Dokkan battle reviewAn absolutely exceptional game, great for Dragon ball fans like me it gives players from around the world a chance to make their own characters stronger and to take opponents down. I love the game because it follows some storyline to the anime but it also creates storylines which I think is really cool. Great game overall.Version: 4.12.0

Absolutely Love This GameI’ve been playing Dokkan Battle since 2017 and I never get sick of playing it. The animations on the characters, especially the LR cards, have improved and much better than what they used to look like in the past. I enjoyed this game more than Dragon Ball Legends, even though I have both games as I am a huge fan of the Dragon Ball franchise since 2000.Version: 4.12.0

Used to love this game but greedy developers are ruining itOk, this game is pretty fun for DBZ fans, has some amazing art, cool gameplay, and addicting ways to get new cards. To get new characters theres “summons.” for 50 dragon stones(in game currency) you have the chance to get 10 characters from a pool of characters in the summonable banner, but it can also include crap characters. Normally on special events, players get discounted summons, for example, first multi-summon 10 ds, next, 20ds, then 40, then a free summon. They've done this before, but this time they really screwed over the player-base. On the same summonable banners they've had in the past for the same amount, we were given 5 characters for the first two, then 10 for the 40ds summon, then 10 for the free one. This time, they gave us 3, 5, 5, 10. This isn't so bad, but on a banner where the game is thanking its players, it'd be nice to guaranteed a good ranking card or better, rather than getting all crap cards from the summons. Bandai needs to figure out its players base and start rewarding players for playing. This is the first time i will not be purchasing dragon stones during the stone sales until they fix this, very frustrating and obvious screwing over of players..Version: 3.6.1

If you are a fan of the series you’ll love this gameI know everyone says the issue with this game it the pay to play and I fully agree with that but there are plenty of free stone they give to us so that can’t be as huge of an issue as people are making it seem. Now that that is done with the game is amazing so much fun trying to pull and collect your favorite series. The actual gameplay requires strategy and hard thinking about what your next move will be. The orb system is so much fun to use, and it is a little pay to play but if you can get lucky and beyond that it is a very cool system they put into the game. I will admit I have bought stones before and gotten bad pulls but it isn’t that hard to pull the cards that you hunt for it you put a dollar or two into the game every now and again. If people can get past the stones and other things like that then true fans of any of the series would love this game young or old new fans or previous fans will have a blast playing, I know I have and I will forever..Version: 3.8.2

Dragon stones are quit hard to obtainThis game is perfect but the only problem is that the dragon stones are hard to obtain and lots of things like kai’s for rasing sa level but all at other things are awesome.Version: 4.2.2

Game and IPad (Mabye not iPad)So I have been playing the game over the year and seen Youtubers that have these amazing characters that are not even in America and these characters have been out for like 2-3 years already that I am still waiting for, and the animations are a little off from what I see from the youtubers like Nano, DatruthDT, and Rhymestyle. Ps the summons that these guys are doing are nowhere near where anyone that play on the device I play on, so please help with this problem I am hating on SUPER harshly. P.S you guys need to fix the entire system so people do no glitch out of the the game I know the game is a little old but you can still put some fixes, add more characters, and fix a few codes in the game, I'm not an advanced coder but I know the game is not supposed to do that. It has taken a long time for me to actually get in the game that is glitching out and I still cannot get in I know you guys are not reading these because you don't care about your own game anymore and probably moved on to Treasure Cruse, or Seven Deadly Sins but you also stopped updating the logins because I can't even enter the game correctly, you really need to fix that..Version: 4.8.5

HuiBonjour.Version: 5.15.0

CrashingSince the last update my game just randomly freezes so I need to double tap the home button and swipe up and reopen and then it’s fine, it’s rather annoying it only happens in the menus (when summoning & scrolling through events) - thanks ( iPhone 7 Plus ).Version: 3.8.6

AnnoyingThis games amazing and I love it I’ve been playing for a few years. But every time there is an update I struggle to update and it always says failed to update more then 20 times in a row and counting, other games have no problem updating only this one.Version: 3.7.2

Great game for fansIn all I believe that this is probably one of the best grind games out there, and I’ve never had as much fun playing any other mobile game. That said there are a few problems I have with it. First drop rates for some units are incredibly low with having some of the best cards come at less than 3% for some of the banners. My friend introduced me to this during the super gogeta and broly banner and the luck he had was horrible. It took him 700 dragon stones to get the super gogeta, and he wasn’t able to get broly. I was however able to get both units and it felt incredibly lucky with how low the odds were. Second some categories for certain characters don’t really make sense if you know the characters and off the top of my head I can really think of one, as with the lr trunks isn’t a vegetas family category. It really didn’t make sense but when he upgraded to lr trunks and mai it sort of became clear but it felt weird not to include that category. Third is the problem when purchasing dragon stones. I've gotten several incomplete purchases as it has something to do with the App Store, but it’s really more annoying than an issue and I’m not sure it’s their fault either. Overall it’s an amazing game for fans who know the story and it really is amazing to see how much detail and care went into this game! Love this game and I really hope more people get to try and play this!.Version: 4.3.4

DO NOT DOWNLOAD HEREThe Global version has LR Rosie/Kakunsa/Ribrianne. The Japanese version has LR Beast Gohan and LR Gamma 1/2. Look up ‘how to download jp dokkan’ on youtube..Version: 5.16.2

Loved it, butOverall I have spent many hours grinding away at this game, collecting all my favourite characters and upgrading them as much as I could. But after putting in a good 40+ hours of the game the main story just finished very abruptly. The game went from being fun to very boring and repetitive. I’m hoping that more story gets added soon.Version: 4.12.1

Kinda a waste of dragon stonesI really love this game I have been playing it for about a year now but I don’t like the fact that whenever there is a new banner coming I would usually try to collect to about 250 stones and when you try to summon the characters that you would like to have it is sometimes impossible and a waste of dragon stones because when you finish the story and all the events then there can be no other way to get dragon stones, now that there is a new transforming vegeta I had to spend 300 dragon stones and I still didn’t get him which is a shame because he is one of my favourite characters and I would love to pull him on the banner but I unfortunately didn’t please dokkan battle if you please could add more story or events into the game then that would be exellent or possibly give me more luck in pulling different characters from different banners thank you 😊.Version: 4.1.1

AMAZING! But some improvementsThis game is really really fun and addicting even though it’s a pretty laid-back game. Although there are a few features that you might consider adding. 1) Trading- I hope this is a thing and I hope it does not really anger any of you but I think trading should be in the game considering that characters are known as cards and also can trade medals. 2) Dual- I would really like a duo mode for events and such because I would really like to help other people Dokkan awaken a really good card or get them some exp. 3) Raid battles- This might be a kind of bad idea but I would like Raid Bosses and when you defeat them you get an item or card or medal exclusive to that event. And also missions to get cards, dragon stones, potential orbs and so on. I hope you consider adding these features and make Dokkan an addictive brilliant game!.Version: 4.6.1

Problems about the summoning and the Dragon stonesThe summon is so bad you get a rainbow on single summons and you just get SR. They need to At least give you and SSR because what’s the point of the rainbow affect. You need to upgrade the chance of getting Super Saiyan 3 Goku at least every 5 times. You should get like a Dragon stone in just 10mins because the quest are long to do and some parents won’t even let there child get stones. It’s just unfair. Pls fix the problems..Version: 3.8.5

Dbz fanAs a guy who loves DBZ grew up on it I love this game would recommend to anyone who likes a kinda turn based game with tons of fun animations that let you re-live moments from the tv series.Version: 5.14.0

Loveee itI’ve played this game on and off since high school, about 5 years. The mechanics are complex and intricate, something I enjoy. It has in app purchases, I’ve spent around 60 dollars on the game in the entirety of playing. The gave doesn’t make me feel the need to spend ridiculously because I don’t feel like the game is pay to win. You can easily find the game fun and fair without spending money. My advice is to get all the free to play units (which feel more rewarding in my opinion) and save your free stones until the discounted banners with all the newly released units on it (such as the anniversary), then you’ll have a great chance of getting good cards without the hassle of spending money. I only spent my money when I felt the developers deserve it, and I love this game. Would recommend if you like grind games..Version: 4.18.3

Must play for DB fansThis game is fun to play whether you’re in bed at home for hours or waiting for ten minutes. I’ve found that this game also uses hardly any mobile data, so its possible to play this practically whenever you want! Although you can purchase ‘dragon stones’ which you use for a lot of features including getting more characters, it is possible to get many through playing alone given enough time. Progression through the game is rewarding and its sometimes exciting to get the ‘medals’ you need to upgrade your characters. The game rewards all kinds of players and its possible to get the best of characters without spending any money!.Version: 3.8.3

Saves my liveThis game has kept my sanity over many years through dark places best game and. I hope it stays forever worth every ingame purchase I’ve made and I’ve spent easily over $1000.Version: 5.17.1

A bit of trouble with loadingThis game is pretty fun although one downside I’m going to mention is that the games downloads and loading times sometimes don’t work and I have check to make sure my internet wasn’t the problem but besides this I really enjoy this game.Version: 3.8.4

Game was broken for a week and the competition was horribleThe game was unplayable for nearly a week and they didn’t do much about it and when they fixed it instead of something reasonable like 30 stones we got 10 no where near enough for even 5 summons horrible.Version: 4.14.4

Game culture, in a nutshellI’ve been an active player of this game for around 5 years now, I started on global but within a month moved to the Japanese version of the game, but they are basically one in the same. Conventional games like this one, free but often dominated by micro transactions, often leave the player hopeless to move forward or stuck in a very slow progression because of the pay to win aspect. Dokkan battle does have this mechanic but I found that this game is very generous and supportive of its free to play crowd, such as myself. Even though new events come out and new cards are introduced, the game keeps a consistent difficulty and doesn’t force people to pay money to play. The game paces itself at a slow, but enjoyable pace and appeals to the grind and profit crowd. I’ve really enjoyed the 5 years I’ve had it, and new players are often treated well and given many dragon stones to begin summoning very good units early on. I recommend playing this game with friends and compete to see who can do the most and get the most out of it, that’s most of the reason I’ve stuck with it as well..Version: 4.7.1

Overall very goodOverall this is a brilliant game and I am very happy with the way they have done it the animations for anything above an ssr are great there are a lot of options for battles and it allows you to collect most characters you want though sadly it is locked behind a gacha system this is part of the package tho and it is something to consider something I would like added/changed are I would like an update that makes story keys easier to get another feature that would be cool would be for a search bar in the summonings were you can summon certain characters but with a higher price for example I have been wanting a bulma but have not been able to get one either this or a system were you can gift characters to freinds I would also like a group of easier to get LR’s as to get one that will actually help money spending or stronger characters are the only way to get them thank you or your time..Version: 4.12.1

Stunning careThis game, firstly, has amazing attention to detail and is constantly trying to improve the quality of the animations, characters and skills. Just look at the super attacks from 8 years ago compared to now..Version: 5.14.0

Great for dbz loversI love this game and it’s unique fighting way,its true that it can get boring sometimes since there can be nothing to do, but I love how you guys keep giving updates and such, keeping the game still full of things to do. I love the z battles and I think (if you want to) make the rest of the sagas in the story. I think it would be fun to make the buu saga and the cell saga and maybe if you have the time,the universe survival saga..Version: 4.8.4

Please make trading in this gameThe game would be so much better if there was a way to trade your characters. It would be so much funner and would make the game much more enjoyable, thank you..Version: 5.9.2

Good gameThis game is really cool I like it and it’s really entertaining.Version: 4.14.4

Ridiculous ConpensationI want to start off by saying I understand this game is free so them giving out free stones in the first place is nice, but when your game is unplayable for an extended period of time then you should want to give your players a reason to come back, and 5 stones is not very convincing. I was trying not to get my hopes up, but I still managed to overestimate how much they care. People are already getting bored with this game when it’s not an anniversary or another big celebration, and I’m sure this is the cherry on top for a lot of people. Global gets treated so poorly in comparison to the Japanese version already and this feels like a slap in the face. I’m not going to stop playing because I still enjoy the game, but I wouldn’t blame anyone if they do quit. If it would have been a bug in their precious stone shop it would have been fixed immediately, but because it wasn’t affecting their revenue they let their players suffer for over a week just to give them relatively nothing. 5 stones is enough for a single summon which would get you an sr unit that you’ll never use. I’m still leaving three stars because I believe that they built a good game, but if they continue this trend of not giving a crap about the players then that will be it for me..Version: 4.14.4

Good game I love itThe game is the Best game I've played in a long time and the gameplay is just simple amazing keep up the good work with this game:).Version: 4.12.0

This truly was the dokkan battleI LOVE DOKKAN except when I get shafted on major banners for no reason.Version: 5.12.0

So GoodBrilliant game trust me Ive been playing this game for a while and I can’t put my phone down but I have a few suggestions : 1) In certain celebrations there isn’t many new story events to do most of them are just brought back from the portal of memories so if you could make new ones that would be great 2) a PvP mode among friends would be incredible I feel it’s the one thing the game lacks 3) a trading system among your friends would also be great Keep up the good work.Version: 4.6.1

Buff men punch each otherBuff men punch each other and things go boom. 10/10.Version: 4.12.0

One of the most generous mobile games out thereI’ve been playing since the global version was released and have logged in 90% of those days since it was released. I’ve seen this game grow into something great. Compared to other mobile anime summon type games Dokkan takes the other by a lot. You could spend zero money on this game and still have a great time, good characters, and enough stones to summon. The addition of a guaranteed SSR character on a x50 stone summon is huge and was the biggest step in the right direction. Also the inclusion of rates was huge too. When it’s celebration time either monthly or annually they give out honestly more than enough stones if you want to summon or save. This recent 5 year celebration has been the best yet and I expect to be better than the last each time. You could skip the monthly banners and save your stones because once the big annual celebrations hit you are treated to amazing summons with tickets, loads of stones, and content then you can summon on the banners and get the monthly Dokkan characters you missed. Lastly the coin system with 10 coins per 50 stone multi is monumental because it does push you summon more, but there’s an end goal in mind. Thank you Dokkan you have built memories, pasted time when bored, generated hype, and have created an amazing experience overall. I can’t wait to see what’s in store years down the line!.Version: 4.10.2

IntenseCan we please please please please please have the ability to sort by link skill! Great updates added and love the new summon animation! Thank you! Love this game! The character card art is impressive. The gameplay is fun and interactive. I think you should be able to search by link skill because there are so many characters and so many skills. I am new to the series and game and love both but it’s a learning experience at the same time. Also, add a 4x speed for battles. Keep up the good work! Great game that doesn’t force you to spend your paycheck to play and advance!! Thank you! Also, when you have to spend stones to summon character cards. The N and R character types should be omitted. They should be relegated to the friend summons. It should take less awakening medals to awaken the characters. 70, 77 etc is a lot especially when you have to wait to get them and you don’t always get them during game play and your STA gets eaten up really quickly trying to obtain the crazy number of medals needed. I can’t play certain challenges because my guys are not strong enough and I can’t get them leveled up. I’ve been playing for almost three months and I only have one LR character and he was hard to level up! You should be able to sort by Link Skill. Also, you should be allowed to name your teams so you know why you created them. And finally, please let us merge two accounts!.Version: 3.13.1

Can’t get enoughBeen playing this game since 2016, and still playing to this day.Version: 5.16.2

HappyStarted playing this from week one and I really miss a day log in, the improvements since day one have been advancing everytime and I love how the artwork is evolving too. It’s a simple game to get into and one that has a lot to keep you playing, I am biased as I’m a huge fan of everything dragonball but never have I played a gale for so long everyday virtually. I don’t spend any money and play for free but I put abit of time into the game so I can still get enough stones and cards to enjoy the game, as surely lot luck is the point, you build from what you have , not what you managed to buy ☺️keep up the good work, I will continue to play this game daily ✌🏼.Version: 4.5.3

They need thisThis game, it is 👍 great, but I think if you have an item in the treasure section of the baba shop and it goes away and you have it, you should still be able to use it, for example I have a red dragon stone 3 and two red dragon stones 4, it’s not really fair as I spent a wish on the red/god (can’t remember the name) dragon stone 4 and I can’t use it now. Although I do respect the whole topic as an event, but I see no reason for the people that have said item to not use it after words. Maybe just me, but it’s kinda sucky, I hope this is added/fixed in the future update please, and thank you. 🤝.Version: 3.14.0

A few things but overall 😉 amazingSo I’ve played for almost a year and this game is great but a lot of grinding for dokkan festival featured and LRs but sooo worth it so like at first you are pretty bad with no urs but later you got your first LR and dokkan festival featured which happend to me but I actually didn’t know what training was and then when I finally knew what training was I had a whole 100 ur team and I was really strong so know I had been zooming through areas like a boss😎 and was getting my first LR which was somebody who I didn’t notice was actually the MOST important LR on the banner were the angels req angels (teq) and I finally dokkan awakened him to a LR and there good so now here what you need to fix is:when the game glitches you out so fix that plsssss and next pls add farming so once you get a medal you can that amount of medals every minute and finally farming dragon stones that make getting summons faster so you don’t have to do a event that give you a good amount of dragon stones soo pls do this stuff and keep up the good work by noname.Version: 5.5.2

Baffled, absolutely baffledIt’s no surprise to anyone akatsuki the company that created both versions of Dokkan has clearly and openly displayed their affection toward the Japanese version of the game. Global Dokkan this year has gotten shafted way too much and now when the game literally breaks and all the features are broken even the quest?! On top of that Global Dokkan throughout the week to fix the problem has taken a grand total of 27 hours of maintenance to try to fix the game. After all that your would expect some compensation roughly 30-50 stones for literally not being able to play the game would be fair but instead Akatsuki spits in our face and gives us FIVE STONES as compensation when the game was LITERALLY BROKEN. Meanwhile if the same issue were to happen on the Japanese version of the game the would get probably 200 stones. As you can see the player to dev relationship in the game is absolute garbage might as well move on to the Japanese version of Dokkan where you get all their content and more highly recommended switching to Jp Dokkan..Version: 4.14.4

The best game for dbz loversI remember my brother telling me to pre ordering this game in 2015 when I was 7, we both loved dbz and would get rlly competitive over what characters we would summon 😂, and we both freaked out over new events like the goku and vegeta that transformed in game into either vegito or gogeta, or super saiyan 3 broly, but if I’m honest I recommend this to any age if u love dragon ball Z, I’ve been playing for nearly 9 years and now I’m 16 currently and still playing, thank u for making an amazing game.Version: 5.16.2

Taking Gacha Game in different levelsI was a customer of this game since three years ago, mainly because I was a fan of the whole Dragon Ball franchise. In the beginning, it came across as boring and lacking, reflecting my thoughts toward gacha games. But then, Dokkan Battle truly evolved as months passed, as there were many things surprised me, such as many mesmerizing Super Attack animations, creative passive skills in each characters, making the summoning worth it. Even one of the best parts about the game is the soundtracks, particularly in boss fight events. There are so many segments you can explore and join in Dokkan Battle, you would frequently feel like wanting to go back. Though, I guess one complaint I have is the often rediculous amount of luck you needed to summon a character you wanted, or even some of the bugs you may rarely find, or perhaps the amount of time you might need to wait to play certain events. But overall, the good parts overwhelmed the bad ones for me, just because of how enjoyable, addictive, and intuitive the game represents to a DBZ like myself. If you are a Dragon Ball fan yourself, and you still had no idea what the heck I was talking about, then I have given you some spoilers, just to encourage you try it and see for yourself..Version: 4.2.2

Wonderful gameI really love this game its just that sometimes you get up to a point where you have to do story mode just to get stones cause the other missions you have already completed.Version: 4.3.4

Trading and FarmingSo far gameplay has been great, but there is one thing I need... Trading and Farming! Ever since LR’s have came out, players have lacked to obtain these powerful weapons. For those who feel bad, they could help their friends out and trade a SSR to a LR to help them out! Trading will help the game have a better thing to reach and the trading will only be obtained by players above the level of 50. When it comes to farming, people will have a hard time gathering materials, but if they want to, they can farm only 3 times a day making it easy to obtain materials! When farming, there will be a meter that will give you the possibility of winning and losing the farm from 0% to 100%. When players see this, they’ll want to change their team and raise the levels of them. For example, you get a Super Saiyan 4 Vegeta (I got it !🥳) and get the materials for it but only once because it was too hard, you can farm as long as you have completed the mission or event. This will change everything and have players have a smoother time that having to have a hard time defeating the boss for some materials. These two ideas are great and I hope they get added to the game so players will have a more fun time in the game with more experience of the game!.Version: 4.3.4

It’s good but not as good as db legendsIt’s really good like a 10/10 but legends is a 69/10.Version: 5.12.0

Amazing Game but doesn’t treat veterans wellIf you’re new to the game you’re going to have the most fun out of the game compared to being a 6-7 year veteran like myself the accounts are luck based so just switch accounts around if you feel like you’re not getting any featured units but can we please talk about the dragon stone limit once we finish the story mode and a bunch of extreme z battles boss rushes and other events the game slows down you can’t grind dragon stones like you used to be able to it’s kindve a pain because then you have to pick and choose which banners you want to do or else you’ll run out within a year or so I get that it wants you to spend money on dragon stones but not everyone wants to spend money on a game that is just meant to be played right now I’m currently waiting for more events to come out so I can go deep on multi summons again but alas they only add little by little it’s like you have to take a step back from this game and come back when they added a lot more stuff so that you can actually have a chance to get a Dokkan featured unit idk that’s my opinion everyone’s is different so don’t just take my opinion as factual reasoning.Version: 5.14.2

I love the game but I have a few questions.1. When will the new animations come out for global? 2. Why does my update not let me do it on the game, I try to update it but after five minutes it says update failed and says something about my internet connection. I’ve tried everything I can but it still doesn’t work. I need this to be fixed desperately! Thanks.Version: 3.11.0

New systemOver all it’s an amazing game I play it everyday if my life since I was like 14 years old , looking forward for the new lrs to come like gogeta and vegito but besides all that what I think you should add in this game is a system where you can trade characters , I’ve thought of this because I have friends that have good units but just don’t play the game and I would like to use those units to have even more fun in this game and also trade in my units for other ones , it could be a good update just to spice things up for Dokkan battle but put that all aside I’ll rate it 4 star until trading system comes out other than that keep up the good work :).Version: 4.10.2

The Ups and Downs.I’ve had this game for a while and yeah, the animations for “super attacks” are good, but it just takes up so much money to earn one awesome character. It normally takes AGES for the loading screen to work and some characters have the same animation for the moves like Vegita and Goten. Overall it’s mostly great apart from the loading scree, money absorbing and repetitive animations. But the missions are normally great. To be fair, this is the only game with shenron summoning in it. (On mobile.) Thanks!.Version: 3.8.1

One Of A Kind GameLet me star by saying my account is completely free to play. The game has a ton of ways you can collect stones as a free to play account. They even have free to play characters that if you max out can clear even the hardest stages. I’ve been playing off and on for about 7 years, and at first it was a bit hard to level up characters. Over time the developers have added several features to make these stages easier when clearing, or at least made it to where it takes less attempts with the boost mode. Hidden potential and link skills were also additional features to help make characters more powerful. I have over 65 LRs and 200 URs all free to play. I have yet to find another game set up in a way that’s fair to free to play accounts like this one. They even added an auto feature to help farming up characters and items. There is consultant gameplay changes and new events to keep me coming back! All my friends I have shown this game to has also enjoyed it. You can casually play through just to collect, or grind everything to become the most powerful!.Version: 5.12.0

Love itI absolutely love this game. not only does it have all of my favourite characters and story’s in it but MORE it has exciting what ifs like super saiyan 3 broly or vegeta, it also has amazing cards and some of them are just powerful however the downfall is the price of stones but that just makes me play more, love you Bandai!!!.Version: 4.2.2

AwesomeLegit have played this game for the last 7 years, regularly play it and always have enjoyed it, the developers and programmers and all the staff involved of this game have done an awesome job and deserve all the recognition they can get, I’ll continue to play this game as long as they keep it going.Version: 5.9.2

I love itThis is the greatest game I have ever seen if you want better characters or whatever it is because you don’t know what the selections were when Dokkan battle was knew and it is not like some other games because it keeps updating I use jp to give me more to look forward to and to save my dragon stones for and don’t let me begin talking about the graphics it’s beyond my vocabulary it’s the best the only thing I don’t appreciate is that you need WiFi to play there’s nothing that needs to be online in Dokkan battle and that’s all I have to say.Version: 4.1.1

Great but accidental errorHi I’ve been a massive fan of your game since release I made a mistake last time you had the yamcha dokkan event on where I fed all the dupes into the sa instead of potential system thinking there was a way of getting more dupes than just 5 of em each I did the mistake for both yamcha please be able to add a level that we can just get the characters so we don’t have the same mistake again please so sorry for wasting time if you can’t but please try and thanks.Version: 4.1.1

How do you do like global and the other sideGurtaj.Version: 4.8.5

Can't stop! Awesome!**Updated July 2019** I've played since the game came out. If you are a DB fan you won't be able to stop either! I Killed my last phone & lost my account so I started over on the next phone and on iPad! It's that's good! New game content gets added every couple weeks. Never get bored. They compensate you immediately if something goes wrong. Or even for long maintenance breaks. Unlike most games that you report an issue and all you get is a auto reply. You receive presents everyday that help level characters and items that help in battle. It's challenging if you want it to be (3 difficulty levels) or just fun if you are just killing time. I can't say enough good things about this game. You won't download a better game for free. I'm not a paid reviewer! I'm just a guy that got tired of $upercell crap and found this game. I appreciate the effort that is put into this game. They deserved/earned a good review. Thanks guys!! **update** July 2019 4th anniversary is amazing get this game before it goes. They just gave 100 dragons stones!! That’s +$60 for free!!! No comparison to other gotcha games! The best!!.Version: 4.3.4

StorageCan you guy's make the GB's for this game lower please. I always have to delete every app I have just to play this great game.Version: 5.16.2

❤️Awesome game 😃.Version: 5.11.0

DokkanIt is a great game ! But the developers make the sr’s extremely useless. No one is gonna use sr’s now if they have ssr’s . Sr’s are useless. Look at Dragon Ball Legends there sr’s on that game are called extreme and they are really good some extremes are better than sparkings ! I understand r’s in dokkan as they are supposed to be bad ! Also my rng luck is rubbish . (2yrs 1 lr ) :( The rest of the game is really good except one problem, the character ‘ Masked Saiyan ‘ has a cost of 21 in ssr lv 1 form. But you need 77 medals to dokkan awaken him . Usually you only need 77 to dokkan awaken cost 30 or 24 (some 24 need to have just 10 medals like Super Gogeta ) But i dont think there is any other character which need 77 medals to awaken a cost 21 ! For example SSJ Vegeta and SSJ Goku are 21 you only need 35 medals to dokkan awaken them to theirs SSG form ( Broly Movie DBS ) Please make this character only need 35 medals thank you !!! Or if you cant please tell me why you made this character 77 medals . :).Version: 4.3.2

Good game mateThis is a good game but I might go in depth with something, you know you have 3 difficulties you could add a 4th one. absolutely impossible mode where the enemy always dodges attacks unless it’s a lr then the enemy will get hit, also you could add a new rarity called llr where you need to 100% complete the game, this is a good game o one last thing you could add a super saiyan blue broly boss where at the end of the fight SSGSS broly will fuse with whirus and become SSGSS brirus an llr unit that is impossible to beat. Thanks and you should add ultra instinct shallot. Thanks a lot for making this game..Version: 4.0.2

If yow will download get the Japanese versionLong story short this version is months behind the Japanese and they get crazy amounts of free stones or other good compensation for mistakes but this version does not. This version usually has altered versions of Japanese version which would be fine if they weren’t making the banners worse. Plus they don’t really do anything to keep the game interesting or engaging. So if you will get it, get the Japanese version so you save yourself the shaft of this one.Version: 3.7.2

Very fun, Challenging, AddictiveYou might see this game on the App Store and look at it without much interest. True the preview is WAY outdated. If your a new player it will be tempting to try and summon for better characters. If you don’t tend on spending anything, wait for huge celebrations. The big events are in July, September, November. While it is almost the opposite for the Japanese version. If you try for a character that you love, chances are your not going to get them, but people often forget these units often come back after a few months. If you are “Free to Play” then it is worth doing research to get the most value out of your dragon stones (games valuable currency). If you are playing for a while, there is a lot of very difficult events. Beating them will give you a lot of rewards. They aren’t no push over. Super battle road requires many different units that do very different things to get though. Legendary Goku/ Infinite Dragon Ball History require units that build up defense and have a good enough offense. I have been playing for over a year and I still have a lot of super battle road stages, and challenges to do in these events. Very addicted and definitely worth playing!.Version: 4.8.5

It only gets betterI’ve been playing Dokkan Battle now for 7 years. And for anybody who is a fan of Dragon Ball Z, I couldn’t recommend it more. It’s an easy to pick up lighthearted game that involves timing your attacks and ki blasts to take down an enemy or two. You can unlock new characters with gorgeous looking animations for super attacks, which all have a unique ability or technique. After experiencing Dokkan at its worse, I’ve also seen it at its best, and my lord it’s made some of the best improvement I’ve seen in any video game development. Even looking at the new super attacks in comparison with the old ones, they make it painfully clear how much they’ve improved the game. I have nothing bad to say about this game, if you like Dragon Ball z and you’re looking for something to try out, it’s the perfect game!.Version: 5.11.0

A truly for dragon ball fansI am a person who gets bored on mobile games real quick let’s get this straight. No matter if it’s from a favorite show or not that’s how I am. But this game is something I have been playing for almost 4 years. By far this game is the only game that I have play for way over 5 months and still continue. I don’t play mobile games for long but Dokkan battle is the best game I have played. It is always coming up with something new! There is always missions to gain dragon stones (in game currency). New characters are always coming and going. The game changes frequently adding new features and modes that change the experience even better! Of course you can buy dragon stones to gain the newest characters, but it is definitely not the only option. The game provides dozens of chances to gain dragon stones free to play. I have never payed for a single dime to gain on this game, and I have the best characters in the game! I love Dragon Ball, and it’s very hard to find a game that it so good to play. There is a lot of grinding and sometimes your luck isn’t going well, but when you get the best luck or do something you though you could do in the game. It’s so satisfying. Trust me on that!.Version: 4.8.5

Good game but bad management!!!I’ve been playing this game for more than 5 years and lemme tell you I love dokkan battle. The amazing animations, the simple yet complex gameplay, and the longevity of the game as a whole. There are 2 issues that I have with the game. One is that the communication with the global side of the community is awful. They decide to hold back content that is released on the Japan version of the game. For example, the delaying of certain events like EZAs, WT, Infinite Dragonball History, and more. Another problem that recently happened was that the game was broken for a week due to an update for support memories. The Japanese version had no problems whatsoever when they implemented this updated and the compensation the player base got was a measly 7 or 10 stones not even enough for multi. My second problem with this game includes the unfair treatment that both of the versions(Japanese Vers.) of the game receives. The Japanese version of the game receives content earlier but without any special treatment on the banner like stone discounts or tickets. The global version gets stone discounts and tickets but they don’t get all the content that should be released on the celebration like the Japanese version. They can easily solve this problem by merging both games on the same timeline. They do that and both problems would be solved..Version: 4.14.4

Best Dragonball game available on mobile!Yes, it’s even better than Dragonball legends, By a wide margin. There is always tons of new content to keep you busy, and lots of free summon stones to earn. Attack animations are crisp and beautiful. Character art is amazing. Theme music is fire. You have to keep in mind that this is a gatcha game, so you won’t always get every single new character upon their release. The majority of 1-star reviews are impatient players throwing a tantrum because they don’t get everything they want 100% of the time so disregard them. Units on the newest banners always come back around on future summons so eventually you’ll get the character you’re wanting. I’ve been a player for over 7 years now and there’s never been any other mobile game that has kept me coming back for nearly as long as this one. You do need to have financial discipline when playing this game, however. If you have a gambling addiction then the game can potentially hurt your wallet quite a lot. I strongly suggest taking the time to grind out the free summon stones you can earn (there are a lot) instead of dropping $100’s to just buy stones. I only buy the cheap $1-5 stone packs during new events and have never had any significant problems..Version: 5.14.2

BrilliantThe game just has you coming back for more. Grinding for awakening medals, money and just leveling up feels so awarding and quick to do so. Grinding to get dragon stones to open packs are amazing! You don’t need to spend money at all to play this game, there’s no ads, and thank god their stamina system is amazing, so easy for it to refill. Rarely will you run out and have to spend a stone. But stones are very easy to farm... very easy Great came, great nostalgic feel and supers are great..Version: 3.8.4

Really good gameTo anyone saying this game is a P2W game then i’m pretty sure your wrong I’m a F2P player and i manage to get a lot of good character using the free dragon stones like Transforming Gogeta, UI Goku, All the ssj4 except the lr one(because they are not on global yet lol), a few LR, etc. Not only that the game has a lot of good F2P character like the EZA Coat Goku And Coat Vegeta also the prime battle LR which you could beat easily using the coat Goku and Vegeta or just using the EZA Kid Gohan team. With the prime battle LR like Trunks And Vegeta use could make a really good F2P team with them (Especially Vegeta). Also you have to know when to spend your stones i suggest you all spend it on a dokkanfest banner and not those random banners or LR Banners(Especially the LR ones because the rates is just bad). One last thing i want you to do is look at the banner itself if it has a lot of characters that you need then obviously go for it but if it has only one or two that you need then don’t keep your stones and wait for the next one. That’s All I Have To Say ... Why are you still here? ... Seriously why are you still here? ... Seriously go before i get cut o-.Version: 4.1.1

Pretty good gameThe game itself is alright but it does get boring but the game does have constant new cards and the cards themselves keep getting better in quality each time and this ultimately makes the game more fun because you have to grind to get the newest and greatest card making it so that you don’t get 6 of the strongest cards and basically “win” although the grind to get the dragon stones to make summons to get the cards is a pain it’s a long process if your a f2p player and it gets very repetitive although dokkan has tried to counter this with creating some sort of story for you when you do a mission or fight a boss. Honestly dokkan has its pros and cons but if your wanting to play a good quality dragon ball game that isn’t riddled with ads then it’s a good pick.Version: 4.6.1

Please fix downloadsI love this game but I am forever getting the dreaded “download failed” at every download no matter if wifi or mobile data or even different country, which causes me to miss login bonuses, consecutive logins.. why can’t you fix this? It has been ongoing since I started playing which was almost 2 years ago.. I am at breaking point with this game which is sad as I love this game and if not for this issue I would have given 5 stars..Version: 3.13.1

Amazing, Addictive, Yet Sometimes UnfairAmazing game, it’s addictive, fun and just an overall good experience, even better with friends who play it! Yet, for some reasons I cannot give this game five stars. 1. Unfair draw rates. I have spent a lot of money on this game, and there are only some instances where I regret it. One being the recent LR Goku Black summon. I spent a lot of time grinding and spent a lot of money, equaling definitely more than 300 dragon stones. But, because of the draw rates I didn’t get the LR or even anything decent. It’s just aggravating. 2. JP. I’m not too terrible about this like some people but it still annoyed me. If you are unaware then just know this, from my understanding there was a rigged JP summon. And as compensation for RIGGING THE SUMMONS FOR THE PLAYERS their “compensation” is a heinous amount of dragon stones. That’s what I’ve interpreted from the angry 15 year old on forums and chats. Other than those things, that’s it! My final verdict is there are some thing that may be unfair and just stupid but I still love the game and anime. The good outways the bad pretty well, making this game worth 4 stars in my book..Version: 3.6.1

Best game ever I play 24/7 an there no ploplemI love Dokkan battle.Version: 5.12.0

LitBandai are finally giving us sooooooo many stones about 400 every month.Version: 3.14.0

These kids are just trashAll these kids complaining are just horrible at this game lol.Version: 4.10.2

Great gameAlthough it may take some time to get enough stones to do one of those exciting multi summons to try and get a strong unit or a unit just because it looks cool or because it is your favourite character from the anime if it was to easy to get stones everyone would be pulling op units and having no problem finishing those difficult quests and events so i think getting the stones are fine as is and you can complete story missions to get stones and the story offers a wide verity of enemies and known characters from the anime to battle and hopefully beat. All up great game and would recommend the download even just to check it out..Version: 3.8.3

Love it but...Could you please let us have more than just one of a similar character on a team.Version: 3.14.0

Masterpiece(Urgently) Players are cheating, I can se some players with low lv teams killing on z-battles Broly lv 672. That’s just imposible fight 2 hours without using items and without using continues on z-battles. JUST IMPOSSIBLE. Please take measures to control disgusting cheaters or ill uninstall that masterpiece and stop paying subscription. A dragon ball game based on tactic, team stats, turns? Sounds just a dream made real. After try this game for a month I can say is 100% free to play, but I just get the subscription to say thanks to the developers for that masterpiece. It needs just one more thing to make this game more incredible and long life with more active players; A PVP/COOP mode please!!!!!!!!! Some thing to share your skills with your friends and Gelo them to kill bosses or just have a funny fight with them. PLEASE 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏.Version: 4.7.0

Ive wasted years of my life in this stupid gameI hate myself.Version: 5.14.1

Player PicoWhen merge the data to a new phone, the over 600 dragon stones were eliminated. That’s unfair. Also, accidentally sold five LR characters but there’s none of any backup can retrieve the lost characters back. This game is good but customer service is also important.Version: 5.6.1

Common opinionFun game that gets boring, after grinding and getting new characters and max awakening them you test them out in battle and then repeat the process. The lack of variety gets a bit boring but I still enjoy getting characters, I want to complete my collection ;).Version: 4.17.7

AWESOME GAMEThis game is one of the best game out there. It’s unique and gives a ton of love to the fans. If you are a dragon van or not this is a game where if you just want to grind or just want to see how far you can go this game is for you! I love that this game is for people who just don’t want to spend money on a whole bunch of “tokens” to buy things in the store. Everything you can just grind to get. Feedback: Developers you should add a clip next to the show more on each unit and show where the super attack came from in the show and play the clip. I feel it can bring back the reason why we grind for these character and could be a gold refresher of the characters we have. /// I don’t know if this is just more or a new update but I don’t get why sometimes I can’t lvl up there super attack with the Kai, and when I just press train it does do anything and I just waisted a super lvl up , sometimes when it even guarantees 100% success rate. I feel like they should just add a new column for the lvl up for the super attack, and if doesn’t upgrade the super attack you shouldn’t be allow me for put a Kai or whatever you are using to upgrade your super and not waste it for nothing... This Game is Awesome Thank You Again For Your Hard Work!!.Version: 4.5.3

Best game everSo addicted.Version: 5.16.2

My favorite gameI’ve been playing this game for almost 4 years. I’ve been completely free to play the entire time. It hurts looking at reviews that are negative towards this game for no reason. As a free to play account I have not pulled every new character, but they’ll be back on other banners AND with coins. I recommend this game to anyone who likes dragon ball. It’s also great because new units aren’t necessary to beat events. Yes they make it easier, but still. RNG is just something that makes the game and summoning fun and interesting, even without new animations or units. Even with all normal events and quests completed, I still find dragon stones in the challenging events. I see a lot of reviews saying that Dokkan events and SBR and IDBH and so on are too hard. They aren’t meant to be easy. To conclude my rant about this fantastic game; it’s a FREE game at heart. It doesn’t force you to pay or spend hours on the game. Farming stones is not too hard, at least not from quest. New units aren’t guaranteed, that’s why there are other units on the banner. Old units get EZA’s and become REALLY GOOD. Feel free to disagree with my personal opinion..Version: 4.10.2

WowYou guys have been doing it great but if the update had had that you can buy dragon stones with zeni please I beg I need it.Version: 3.5.1

Summoning issueI used 50 dragon stones on a summon and didn’t get animation or anything went to home page and I love the summon no new character or anything same thing happen during world tournament with guaranteed ssr summon x7 and I lost those. What can I do to get those back??.Version: 5.12.0

Dragon stones? What are those?People tell me you can get new characters with these “dragon stones” but how tf do you even get them? I’ve essentially clocked the game and I don’t know how to get them!!! My rainbow LR Gogeta isn’t very good so I need new characters.Version: 3.14.0

Unironically a timeless dbz gameIf you’re a fan of the show, dokkan is absolutely a must play. The animations are beautifully well done (at least for big time modern characters), the music is incredible, and while the gameplay isn’t the most intense, it is shockingly thought provoking for a bubble popping game. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend a non dbz fan to play dokkan, the ip is just such a large selling point with how enjoyable using characters like gogeta or beast gohan can be, but it’s free so why not. The game is generous stone wise, and it constantly buffs older characters that even f2p players can have maxed out copies of. these buffs are occasionally, and usually are, top tier units (by the 9th year anniversary, the top 3 characters in the game will include two characters from the 6th year anniversary that most people have with several dupes if not rainbowed). The only real complaint you can have in that regard is the recently poor f2p character design, but this has never been a consistently good or bad thing so even that isn’t necessarily a game ruining problem. The game is rng based but if you enjoy the franchise, you will enjoy dokkan. I’d say it’s best to start during a big time celebration though but that’s up to you..Version: 5.17.1

Failed updatesI love this game and played it everyday but I can’t play it anymore because of the latest update. It keeps on saying the update has failed and I tried everything, I even tried to delete and download it again and do cache but nothing works. Please fix this bug for everyone, and I reckon a lot of people would know what I mean..Version: 3.11.0

Dokkan BattleSmart turn based battle, giant variety of characters and self-aware of its fan service-y nature like most Db media..Version: 4.18.3

Help pleaseLook the game is in my opinion isn't that bad, yea it's a little play too win some times and the rates for SSRs (Super Super Rare((or in my words Super Sayian Rare))) are kinda bad but look, no one says this type of stuff in other games that do it worse. It is a bit addictive now and then which I believe is a good thing but what happens when you're forced to stop? This: "download failed". It's really annoying cause I had really good units in the game and I'm level 285. Please fix this Bandai Namco cause I want to get back into playing this game.Version: 3.7.2

Very well made, but one issue…I’ve been playing since the start of the third anniversary and I can say this has to be the best mobile game I’ve played in my life time. The constant updates and upgrades were getting as players is a really nice feeling, especially when you feel that the developers of the game are actively listening to you with the surveys they do from time to time. To the variety of cards you can collect and the battles those cards go against are well put together and is a very rare occurrence in mobile games. BUT one very big issue with the game and that’s the friend system. More recently, I have the 7th anniversary lr teq ssg goku and vegeta, I have at least 10 friends with the same unit and as their support BUT when trying to do the event I didn’t get any that matched my leader. The same could be said with other teams and with so much players you’d expect at least one person to have the unit you put as leader as their friend support. This problem has to be the most annoying occurrence to be in the game. I wish that the friend system were more direct as it would be more fulfilling when you make a team and want to use said team. If this problem is fixed in the future this game is a more than 5 stars for me, beautiful job on the game and thank you for the hard work..Version: 5.5.2

Great gameWould it be possible to have the shop items filtered with what you can afford at the top. There are so many items in the shop and so many forms of currency that you may have no idea you what has become available to you from one visit to the next. Also, could events have a recommended level for thise who want to attempt. A team of super saiyains really shouldn’t lose to a single Trunks which would lead you to believe you are ready for this fight, very misleading.Version: 4.3.2

Fricken awesome but....Ok, look. This isn’t gonna be like those hating reports that say, “oh you have to fix this!” And “oh don’t play this game it doesn’t have a good story or good events ok. I just want to say that well.... I LOVE THIS GAME. Sorry couldn’t help myself. I love this game. Nothing is wrong with it but pls pls pls pls pls add some super dragon Ball hero characters. Not being rude but pls! Thx -croc0clock.Version: 4.3.2

Going great!I’ve just started this game and pretty fun, the characters are cool, the unique play style, and I’ve awakened other characters too! I love this game just as much as Legends..Version: 5.16.2

Great game, here’s whyI have been playing Dokkan battle for a couple years now, and I can honestly say it’s a decent game with many features and events that makes the game enjoyable on a rolling bases. It’s easy and rewarding at the beginning and to more experienced players, it’s satisfying to see all the time put in to the game paying off. Updates are moderately regular with good interface updates that makes the whole gaming experience smooth and easy to navigate all the features and events..Version: 4.3.2

Greatest Bang for Your BuckThis game is the greatest App Store game of all time. It’s free to play and they don’t skimp on abilities to get stones for elite summons. They also have ZERO that’s right ZERO, zilch, nada, ads like none at all. It is the best game in the App Store I cannot recommend it enough. On top of that if you are a pay to win but don’t have an abundance of cash they run specials to hep you create elite teams with a small investment. They only addition I would want that isn’t in the cooker already (I.e. JP’s advancements in gotcha systems) would be a place where people could spend stones or something to purchase characters off of other players. Like in Madden Ultimate team or games like that. Where there is an abundance of characters and if I don’t want to Baba a character because I have them fully rainbowed but they are an elite character I could put him up for auction and have people either trade me a character or stones or gotcha points for that character. That would be an awesome addition especially for free to play people because they can buy specific elite characters as oppose to losing out on a number multi..Version: 4.3.3

Sharing of itemsIt would be very good if the game had a function where you can send unwanted items such as medals etc. to friends in the game in exchange of zeni or other items that they need, this would mean that both players would now have items that they need to become better at the game. I think it would be a very good feature and people would appreciate as some events are no longer available and they might only require one more medal to awaken a character and their friend has it and doesn’t need it, instead of waiting and hoping it appears in babas shop they could exchange it for something else with a friend. If this is not possible, another way it could be a feature in babas shop where there would be a list of all items that were created since the launch of the game and you select it, and baba names her price. I think everyone would appreciate this feature, thank you..Version: 4.0.2

A Good Mobile GachaI’ve been playing Dokkan for Four years now. I am a free to play player, meaning I don’t spend (to much) money on the game. I have reached the point where I log in every day to finish my Daily missions and play a boss event till I run outta stamina. Then I play the Zero Stamina challenge Missions for the day and then I start all over again. I feel there is ALWAYS something to play for this game. With a simple gameplay concept with deep passive mechanics that can effect who you play in your teams. With all that being said, luck plays into what units you get. Although there a a LARGE amount of free units/characters that span across the entire franchise that you can grind for, most the popular units are available for summons using the in-game currency that is slowly acquired through playing the game. (Or you can purchase the currency using Store Packs) I don’t have such luck and I have a hard time pulling my favorite units, but as you progress and play you collect a multitude of units that can help you grow your teams that compare to some of the greatest units. With playing the game so long, I am to far gone and I can see myself being addicted to Dokkan for the rest of my life. It’s quick mobile fun that I can play anywhere..Version: 4.12.0

Great game collecting enthusiastsWhy haven’t you downloaded this yet?.Version: 4.7.0

Great game for anyone willing to grindI started to play this game when I first got into Dragon ball back in November and I grinned for like a month straight, I finished the campaign, I then summoned on the rising dragon banner and got the two LR I’ve been wanting since the start in the same summon (Broly and SS2 Gohan), by mid December I had an end game team which is a ‘full power’ team including Full power SS4 Goku, God Vegeta, omega shenron, my two LR’s and super agl saiyan 3 Goku, it just shows that if you put in the grind it will be worth your while soon enough!.Version: 4.0.1

It’s Better but needs improvements.The game has made major improvements by upgrading links, adding many new events that will get me to play the game a little longer and slots to improve your characters. Those are wonderful, but I have issues with some of the new units you are releasing since after the 4th Anniversary and some EZA’s that you released on JP. The 1st Problem I have is plaguing units with limitations such as LR INT cell and LR AGL Gohan with a transformation requirement that is close to impossible to achieve on most events. Secondly the new EZA TEQ SSJ3 Broly releases in JP is hurt badly with by still decreasing his defensive stats per orb obtained. I do compliment on the ATK buff but it would of been much greater if SSJ3 Broly increased his defensive stats because he is the only SSJ3 Broly in the whole Dokkan Battle game. Which makes him incredibly rare. 2nd Problem I have is the lazy artwork you guys put into LR STR Vegito card in the 350 million download celebration. You also released SSJB Vegito not too long ago. LR STR Vegito’s stats pretty much rivals TEQ SSJB and probably even surpasses it, which makes me question wether using the 1000 stones that I’ve been saving for a year for the 5th anniversary worth my time investing in or not..Version: 4.11.2

For the new comers and the og’sBro not gonna lie but this game right here this game right here it’s one of a kind. I’ve been playing Spence when it was thought that lr’ing agl freaking androids was hard. I’ve been playing for a while. But that’s besides the point. This game has been fun and entertaining for the past like 4to5 years ish I started when I was like 15 so but like this game has been amazing like for us dB fans it’s a good game it’s fun it’s addictive cough(when something new comes out)cough........ehmmm. It’s very easy to play like well it wasn’t in the beginning and all when we were first trying to get the right medals and training items but it was pretty fun stuff now it’s very easy with babas shop and all. It dives deep into the story of dB with the movies alternate timelines and different series the cards look amazing and the art is just phenomenal. The animations on the the super attacks look almost as good as in the show. And then there are so many different events for different sagas movies they even got characters from fighterz. This is a really good game and I recommend it to all the ppl that see this game and or watch dbz. Heck I have only paid for like what at most on the game only 150 bucks all together. I really do recommend this game if you want your time to go by or a game you can compare it to with friends and have fun but don’t like take it over board. #jesuslives#dokkanbattle.Version: 4.10.2

SummonsThe new summon for ssj4 Goku and int and phy Goku and vegeta rates are way way way to stupid str vegito Portara medals are annoying please change rates.Version: 3.14.0

Close to perfectI have been playing this game for years now, aiming to log in every single day. However, being 99% free to play person, I feel like dragon stones are too few and far between. To solve this I am suggesting that there could be quests that could amount to one multi summon a week, rewarding players for playing the game... In addition, I feel like it is quite difficult for new players to get into the game; the tutorial for example teaches the basics, but could do with some more complex mechanics being explained too (even status effects). But like I say, as a long term player, the new content is released frequently and there are not many glitches..Version: 3.14.0

Very good game but ..This game is extremely good I highly recommended it because it’s a game you can set down and auto on things called EZA for the currency called dragon stones and it helps the units if you have them the game doesn’t need much attention which is why I love it it isn’t like dbl where you have to pay attention but later with that and the problem is they said they were going to sync it and it first look like from world wide 8th ani to 10th but they said summer 2024 but it has been really annoying seeing jp getting all of this golden characters and us only getting “old” character from what jp got and if your going to say your sync at least don’t wait more then a year but like I said I highly recommended this game and for the people who want to know I’ve played his game for 1.6 years Dear Dokkan I would love a new Lr T.O.P ssjb goku that revives to a ui goku and a ssjb vegeta that has a bar after taking or doing enough damage it fills up and he goes ssjbe just a suggestion but that would be cool.Version: 5.16.2

Very fun gameDokkan is a very fun and addicting game, and I have spent a lot of time playing it. But I have an issue (I’m not sure if other people get it). Every now and then when I’m about to finish a boss (dokkan event) the game crashes, and no matter how many times I try to continue it will crash. The only solution I had so far was the cancel the boss fight (which could have taken an exceedingly long time). Please fix.Version: 4.0.2

Dokkan is a Dragon Ball Fan game at it's finest.Let's start out with the only bad thing here. It's Pay to win. Now that that's out of the way. Let's talk about all the good this game has to offer. Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle is a unique game with a very unique twist on the usual beat em ups. This is refreshing to say the least since most of us Dragon Ball fans are used to that formula for those games and the mechanic can either make or break the game. You collect these orbs that let you obtain ki for your ki meter that can be seen whenever you fight something. This game also comes with it's own story mode, can be completely f2p if the person so chooses (which is still viable to this day), and new things are added all the time. Sure, you can empty your purse of money into this game to get rare characters you want, however, the game already gives you plenty of dragon stones (this games Gotcha currency). Each of the story missions give you three stones and there are almost always events that give you special missions to gain more stones. I'd say it's worth it to grind a bit and earn a bit. It makes the experience of the game more genuine and fun. As a player myself that has trash luck, you can always make the best of your situations. That's why there are so many ways to play this game. And it's still being updated and modified! In my opinion, this is one of the best Dragon Ball games of it's time. Just look past that stamina issue....Version: 3.6.1

Great game for dbz fansPlayed this game for around 200 days now, it’s easy to pick up and you get satisfaction pulling your favourite characters and awakening them. At the start it seems pretty simple, make a good team and fight with an easy to understand way to play. But when you get to the harder stages you have to make category or typed teams, dokkan awaken characters and put in support items to help you, and make sure your team Synergy is well. Beautiful game and the art is stunning. Can play from 10 minutes to hours at a time. 10/10 would recommend..Version: 4.3.4

Total 50000000/10Just so gooder than db legends.Version: 5.9.2

It IS free to play and greatMany people here have been saying that Dokkan battle is P2W, however, that is how the game used to be. If you look at the time that those reviews were posted, they are years ago. But the new reviews show that it isn't. I have only played the game for afew days but I already have UR's (My entire team is UR) and have some of their hidden potential unlocked. I even have 2 cards/players that I can make LR, but I need more awakening items. The game is amazing but be careful to not let it control your life because it's very addictive 19/20 would recommend:).Version: 4.4.1

Very goodI’ve been playing this game for about 3 and half years now and I can say this is a very good game. Especially as a casual game you can enjoy quite a lot because it doesn’t require too much brain power and is good to pass the time for that reason. However you can also enjoy the complexities of tens building as well. The animations are incredible to watch, they have a lot of time and effort out into them and they definitely pay off. Although it has in-app purchases, and makes summoning characters a lot more effective and easier, I’ve never spent a penny and I still enjoy it. Datruthdt on top..Version: 5.6.1

Backup dataI can’t access my back up data from Facebook on iPhone 14 Pro Max. Any fix? As I love this game!.Version: 5.9.2

I LOVE DOKKAN BATTLE!!!!👊💥I’ve been playing this game since launch. i am addicted. this is the greatest game ever and i’m tired of being silent. LR SSJ4 GOKU, the peak of all, is the brand new powerful dokkanfest LR. there’s also a plethora of content creators, such as DaTruthDT, GoreshX, Dfree etc who have tons of videos for beginners! DOWNLOAD AND INCREASE YOUR DOKKAN POWER LEVEL TODAY!.Version: 5.15.0

DBZ DOKKAN battleThis game is an amazing game my friend got me into this game and anime itself, the mechanics to the game are something different to most games which I love. The animation is amazing as well and I’m always surprised with what new units they bring out which is great because I know there is so many amazing characters that will come to the game in the future..Version: 5.0.3

Le jeux est incroyable donner moi de la luckPls.Version: 5.12.0

Lose Interest FastThe game was fun when it was first released up until May this year. Recently, the company behind the game is not paying attention to the players of the game, and has now dropped from almost a 4.5 star to a 3.8. It's without a doubt a nostalgic cash grab, and I have spent way too much on this. The amount of glitches, gameplay issues, & release dates of certain characters have made players realize how bad this company is at listening to the fanbase. No LR Vegito Blue, the TBA of SSJ4 Gogeta card that wasn't supposed to be released until the later patches of the game have made most cards that you probably obtained lose gameplay value. The newer cards become so much more powerful than the old ones that even cards in current events/festivals become less appreciated. I've played this game for a total of 550 login days, and I've seen this game go from the most popular game to the worst in just a matter of months. If the developers just try to listen to the player base, maybe this game will become what it used to be..Version: 3.6.1

F2P friendly gameI been grinding this game as a F2P for abt 4 years or so and I have a lot of Lrs and even most of them rainbowed. Even through absolutely terrible luck there is still enough free stones where you can summon tons..Version: 5.17.1

Read this before you downloadHonestly, I see tones of reviews which give a negative review toward this game, but mainly do it because of the bad pulls they get. I understand that, but you can’t forget that that this is a gacha game, so obviously when you spend stones you might not get what you get, but when you exclude that fact, this game is amazing, there always up to date and making new content, and when they’re not adding content, they’re doing a massive in game event. The only thing I would consider as I read this on another review, a system where you can trade with friends, cause I genuinely have no use for units which I have multiple of, so I should be able to trade with friends, but other than that this game is amazing, and I really think you should download it Have fun!.Version: 4.5.3

Game doesn't loadI've been playing now for 3 years and have never come across this issue but for some reason my game doesn't load, I'll click on the app but nothing works..Version: 4.10.2

Perfect and heartbreakingI love the game, I’ve playing it for several years now, but these summon rates are an actual joke, out of my entire Dokkan group, only the really new players are getting anything good, while those with years of experience are only getting ssr’s that came out before I even started playing. It always feel like a slap in the face especially after all the money and time I’ve put into the game. You would think that after how much I’ve poured into this game you would care about the most experienced players instead of making starting over and refilling the best option. The only people I know personally who have pulled what we all want have only been playing for a week or so, and their luck isn’t slowing down. It hurts. It feels like you don’t care at all, that’s there’s no difference between a rank 400, and a rank 1 when it comes to how much the game wants them to keep playing. You can’t just encourage retooling after these years. Even with the abysmally low rates after after the summons I’ve done it should’ve been likely. -Sincerely, Sad and Neglected.Version: 3.13.1

Ftp: Best game I’ve ever playedI’ve been playing this game ever since it released for 6 years, and it’s actually the 6th anniversary going on right now which is one of the, if not, the best celebrations they’ve put out. Throughout the years I have actually stopped playing for periods of time but when I came back to play I realized how they really improved to get to the point where they are right now. This game has always been free to play (ftp) for me which is one of the best things this game can offer for a gacha game too. The gameplay is amazing and throughout the years they really improved to where it’s like watching the actual anime or movie when playing with the characters. There are always something to improve on but they always seem to improve every year. There have been a lot of history and memories throughout playing this game along with it being the most fun for me too. This is a must have for every dragon ball fan when it comes to the characters and everything. When it comes to every other app/anime game on the phone, this game has been the best game I’ve ever played and I will be looking forward to what Dokkan has in store for us in the future..Version: 4.17.7

Communication errorDear Dokkan, I love this game a lot and I mean ALOT but there is something that I hate and that’s every time I try to log into dokkan it all ways says a communication error has accrued and that I need to check my connection weather or not I have wifi Please fix this, thanks.Version: 4.10.2

Nice gaimThis gaim is very goo weccomen to any dragon bull fen.Version: 4.8.5

Great game, however…Whilst this game is riddled with micro transactions. The amount of content they give you, and the amount of “in-game currency” that you can gain from it. Means you could easily have this as your ‘daily game’ without having to spend anything. However, the worst part about this game, is the paid gambling. When a new card releases, you have no choice but hope to get it in a banner you have to pay in-game currency for. Sometimes this can result in you spending $100+ & never get the card you want. Which is a bit of a scam. So be warned..Version: 5.5.1

Amazing job BandaiI love this game, it’s very addictive and it’s been a lot easier for people who play the game for free with all the new f2p units being released. There is only one thing though, please add trading units in the game, it would make the game so much more fun and easier if players could trade cards with each other also please try to make some events harder because they have become super easy to beat with even 55% units, other than that the game is pretty much flawless, it could be better but for now, it’s pretty good. So please, please, please I can’t exaggerate this enough, add trading to this game and I will give the game 5 stars..Version: 4.1.1

Long time playerI’ve been playing these since release and it has improved so so much from the beginning...back when you could summon and get a guaranteed SR...yes you heard me SR. No such things as elder kai’s and no hidden potential, and I still enjoyed it. Compared to now with guaranteed SSR’s in multi’s, special events, global events, voices in game and so so much more. Yes micro transactions are in it, but isn’t a lot of games. It’s up to you if you want to buy it nobody is forcing you. I have really enjoyed how the game has been from day 1 until more, and it is still improving. You can’t please everybody so I understand the negative reviews but take it from me, as a long time player and a dragon ball z fan. This game is great.Version: 4.5.2

Best mobile on the marketI pulled all the units, therefore making me the happiest man on the planet Head chal-la.Version: 5.12.0

Thank youWay better than legends I am f2p and this game has been so kind to me but legends no they shaft you every chance they get.Version: 4.10.2

It all dependsNow what I mean is that this game can be very lucky or very cold toward people especially those like me who are f2p. However thankfully I’m a lucky one pulling 6 LRS and only two of them in multi summons and being an entirely f2p player. If your a fan of DB,DBZ or DBS get this game I recommend it. However try not to spend to much on it as it’s extremely addictive and can take over your life. Play for six months and test your luck if your not as lucky as me or others then AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE Seriously you will try everything to get certain characters and it’s not worth it if your unlucky uninstall and try again later.Version: 3.13.1

Almost perfect GachaThis game is great for DB fans and anime fans alike. There is tons of content to get through, tons of events, they are extremely generous with currency, the new card animations are near enough to the shows animation, and in general, the game has a ‘grind if you want’ system, where you can grind as much or as little as you’d like, as you won’t be penalized for not, but still be greatly rewarded if you do, unlike games such as Grand Cross. Only complaint would be the developers are lazy with character categories as of late since many units have been denied of some great links that fit the category..Version: 4.10.2

F2P friendlyAs a mainly F2P play for four years I can say the RNG isn’t too bad, I have a lot of the good cards, LRs too. You of course gain an advantage paying a premium as to be expected, but everything from what I’ve seen can be done F2P. As a F2P there is a grind, but there are always new ways for stones, even for me at level 460..Version: 4.7.1

DOKKKANN‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️I LOVE DOKKKAN‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️😁😁😁.Version: 5.17.1

Fix the game issueEvery day when I started this game the game is not starting and when I summon multi I lost my old stones so pls fix this issue for all the devices right now my game is not starting please update and fix this thing so I can play the game I love this game so I'm just giving it for stars use fix it.Version: 4.12.1

I love dokkan battle!Dokkan battle is so good I love gathering the stones from playing on quests and events and pulling sick stuff after in that way your hype and also relieved because you pulled something good also you didn’t work your but off for nothing it actual pays off. P.S quest and events are also hella fun! 😄 and that’s why I give it a five outa five 🎯👍🏻💯%. Mini.Version: 3.13.1

What a gameI’ve played this game for about 2 years now While there are some inconsistencies in this game like the friend system the price on currency that sure id like to see but I’ve never had a problem with it the game is phenomenal and I recommend it if your not easily addicted.Version: 5.12.0

Huge dB fanHonestly, when you look at the game, it looks boring, but when you play it, it’s so addictive. Only thing I wish that changes is the chance of getting a lr or an op unit. You need to be lucky and grinding stones (gems) takes forever. Please up the chances. But 100% recommend it if your a dB fan..Version: 4.11.2

Awesome game still could add thingsLove this game, been playoff and on for few years and it has truly grown sooo much over the time. The game has ever character you want to play as and still adding more and their transformations. The super attacks are great and you have soo many opportunities to earn great rewards. You can play free and do great while grinding for things but totally worth it. What the game could use is once you reach high enough level/rank for your profile like 250 or above it should increase your chances when doing summons . This would be a reward for putting in so much time and support into the game. I have spent hundreds on stones on most recent summons and I do get a potential LR once ever 8 pulls which makes it a downer. If spending that many stones I should have earned more. So increasing the rates for the LR characters for higher rank profiles could also lead to more people spending to buy more stones for better chances. Just a thought and idea between me and a few other players that play together on here..Version: 4.17.7

AMAZING!Had a great time playing and summoning cards watching these amazing graphics and content would reckon for a anime freak like myself.Version: 4.17.7

DisappointedI have been playing the game for 6 years. I play every day. Some days 5 min other days a couple of hours.. with the latest bug more then half the game was broken. A lot of the content was removed and you could not use support items. This problem took a week to fix. I’m bot a game developer so I don’t know what all it takes to fox bugs and stiff but I do know if this was a JP issue it would’ve taken 2 to 3 days max before it was fixed. If they have the same issue they would’ve gotten at least 50 to the infamous 300 stones. The game was broken. I thought for a weeks worth of a game that is broken we were getting at least one free multi. I understand if the game is broken for one day and they give out 7 stones that’s OK I understand but for a week that’s unacceptable. To me this shows me how much they care about the player base this tells me they don’t care if people quit or stay and I am considering about quitting they don’t care about me at least that’s what it feels like. I love this game I really do I’ve spent money on this game. I know people are going to feel the same as I do about this but for someone who’s played for six years this is really a slap in the face. FYI we got 10 stones for a week of the game not being able to be played..Version: 4.14.4

This game isn’t a money grabbing gameThis game isn’t money grabbing compare to most of the ones on the market to be honest the company sents so much dragons stones out to the players just for playing it dosent cost a lot Just needs the time to do it you can’t become great just by installing the game and then say oh money grabbing anyways good job guys highly recommend.Version: 3.14.0

This game is Gold as it is but I can add some stuff to make it perfectSo….. I’ve been playing this game for almost 6 years straight. Yea it started slow for me not having any good characters at the beginning (but that can be said for everyone) yet the days passed and I started building a pretty meaty account. At this point there’s only a Few characters I’m missing and yet I haven’t spend that much money (Pretty sure I’ve gotten all that for free) but with the amount of stones you get for free by playing the game you’re good. This game only bad thing is the friend system. Let’s say that you spend money for one character that you like but you’re unable to use its new category because nobody runs him as a lead for you to use. Well you can’t do anything about that. That’s the only fix the game absolutely needs to make it really good. One thing to add. This game can be played F2P a 100% but I have to say it. Buying stones keeps the game alive. And if you’re hooked to the game you want the game to stay alive as much as possible. It’s a great game and possibly one of the best cars/character Collectors out there. Also one last thing. This game isn’t like other Gacha Games. This game no longer kills units every month. You know there’s always those games that they release a Unit and the Next month that unit is already useless. Not in this game. If you worked hard for that unit it’s totally usable and they later on because relevant again due to EZAs..Version: 4.17.7

I love this game🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥.Version: 5.16.2

Easily one of the best mobile gamesIve played this game for years now and i honestly always have something to do with it. Whether its new missions, story events or getting ready for new characters and banners to summon on, theres always something to look forward to. Problem is its P2W unless youre reallyyyyyy patient and save up for a long time. This game has AMAZING art and animations and i feel impressed with every new character. The gameplay is very unique as you have to link characters together, collect enough orbs to perform powerful attacks and do your best to clear the stage. At first this game will seem really easy, but once you get towards the end game there are events that are insanely challenging even for people with some of the beat teams and it really makes you want to accomplish it. Theres also an event that comes by every so often that you compete to gather points against people from all over the world or locally. All in all this game is an absolute blast and i will continue to play it for many years to come and i say its the best mobile game and everyone should give it a shot..Version: 4.7.0

The game is great, but I have one issueThis game has been great, and I’ve been enjoying it very much, but the fact that the story, growth, challenge and Z-battle keys (keys for the Portal of Memories) aren’t able to be bought (either with treasure, dragon stones or zeni), and are just given as login bonuses, and more aren’t able to be obtained is something I find wrong with it. Because there aren’t any clear ways to get more keys, I’m stuck with an STR Super Saiyan Gogeta on 6/10 medals. If us players had easy or clear ways to gain keys, I would have given a 5 star rating. This also delays me getting LR Bardock. If you could provide us with ways to do this, I’d have virtually no issue with the game..Version: 4.6.1

One of the games I have played for a year nowI go through so many different games . But at the end I always come back to this dokkan battle , and It teaches you life lesson . To be able to be good at this game. First you need to be patient like how you deal with life. Second this game designed to not pay really money in it and you can still build a strong team, it really shows how smart you need to be to play this game. Also it teaches you there is luck involved when you draw the cards. Just like life sometime your lucky sometime you aren’t. Only suggestion is to build a few service around this world , so we can avoid the crazy loading time. But when I was in Japan this game was fast like crazy, literally no loading time. Good luck to all players I hope you achieve the ultimate super strong saiya team.Version: 3.8.4

AmazingThey do everything well. They recreate scenes from the anime perfectly in the newer units. Incredibly fun and keeps me up at night when I know a key character is getting an awakening or a release. The simple gameplay allows for you to follow along better and the release of auto mode allows you to play stages without needing to tap after you beat that stage. Absolutely amazing. Woild definitely recommend..Version: 5.12.0

Frustrating...After last update I can’t even log into game, says I have internet connection issues but my internet works fine... It makes me wanna delete the game 😔.Version: 3.7.1

OMG this is an amazing gameLet's get strait to the point this game is amazing if you are a dragon ball z fan you will love this it's such a great game because of its amazing graphics and animation to be honest I love the animation so keep up the great work this game keeps getting better and better. Ps if you could give me some dragon stones that would be great.Version: 4.5.3

InsaneBest game in App Store.Version: 5.12.0

My problemNow, I've been playing this game since 2016 and I loved it at the time but I didn't know how to transfer it to other devices but I checked settings but one problem that I have is the fact I ALWAYS get good cards and I can't even awaken them to a Max 100 LVL UR due to me not having enough Gregory but whenever I check the amount of Bubbles and Dr Geros I have, It's WAYYYY over the 3 digit numbers so if you could make a update where you can switch Gregorys to Bubbles, Bubbles to Dr Gero and vice versa. Overall, It's a great game and I'd recommend it for somebody who is bored and doesn't have much to play. - A Average Gamer..Version: 4.3.4

I love itIt is an amazing dragon ball game for iOS! However, I did lose my money just recently trying to buy the dragon stone (last pack) with the 91 stones. If the developers are reading this, can I either have my money back or my dragon stones please? Thanks and an amazing game.Version: 4.6.1

Summon ratesWhen everyone complains about summon rates, they’re just being butthurt about not getting the newest unit. Rates are made to be lo because its a new unit. And when you do pull it, it’s very satisfying. So if you think that rates for new units on new banners are absolute bs, don’t play, reroll, pray to rng, or don’t summon at all and savefor future events. You can always know whats coming to global if you follow what goes on in the japanese version. With my opinion on summon rates out of the way, let’s get to the reason that I rate Dokkan 5 stars. There has been great interaction between bamco and the Dokkan community. There lately have been many quality of life updates that have made the game better for both older and newer players. The boss themes are amazing and never cease to amaze me, same thing can be said with the super attack animations. One last thing. When the 4 year anniversary rolls around, y’all better have saved a couple hundred stones because bamco’s throwing 4 new LRs. LR vegito and gogeta being featured on two of those LRs banners, and the other 2 are going to be featured on the same banner..Version: 4.1.1

If you keep at it, you don’t need to spend a centI’ve been playing the game for about four years now and I have never spent any money on the game. But with my patience came the reward of five LR’s, yes, five, and with those five LR’s I have built five amazing teams. Keep up the good everyone!.Version: 4.3.2

Amazingly speechlessThis game is really amazing and really works your mind when being smart and tactical in this game. It reminds me of playing games such as chess or monopoly because of how smart you would be to play he game. Only thing I could say that would help the game, is if your able to see what characters you’ve put into another character to raise their super attack up, and also be able to remove characters such as an elder Kai which helps the super attack level go up, removing it and put it into another character. And if you’ve put a character with a 50% chance of raising a super attack up, once removed, putting that character back in again wouldn’t guarantee you that the super attack level would go up, as a disadvantage, but otherwise it’s amazingly speechless. And also if you’ve put in a character that’s exactly the same as the one your raising their super attack for, I would recommend that if you were able to remove that character, you could also give the option to add to the characters hidden potential..Version: 4.7.0

Long time player reviewAfter playing this game since its launch with taking a 2 year break to then eventually return as a daily player, must say that this game certainly improved a lot. You need to be a Dragonball fan in order to enjoy this game and also be prepared to either spend time or money in order to build a strong team that can run most events. Still a great experience but it’s ultimately a gacha game so be aware of what rabbit hole that can entail Content has had the biggest improvement with more fun events, boss battles and new modes to keep players hooked. New cards with characters from movies and Super are here with even niche characters from heroes Overall a cool game to play but beware of the money pit games like this can be.Version: 5.16.2

Db legendsAfter Playing db legends this was another cool game.Version: 5.10.0

Very FunThe first mobile game that I have actually invested a lot of time into, worth grinding and fun overall.Version: 4.3.2

Could ImproveI thoroughly enough this game and I’ve been playing for a couple of years, but it’s annoying that dragon stones are so hard to come by when you’ve completed almost everything in the game and it’s not a good game to go through again when you start another account, but overall I really enjoy it.Version: 4.4.1

GoodBeen playing the game for about 4 years haven’t paid a cent and is a great addiction it’s also got very cool super attack quality. But the greatest warrior thing is glitched I get up to the bit where it tells me to evolve goku so I look through all my gokus and can’t find it and it doesn’t take me to an event when I do go to so is this a bug or did I delete a goku I shouldn’t have deleted.Version: 5.0.3

Actually not that badIt’s really good and addicting but there’s only one small issue with some missions that require you to get 70 or over medals just to awaken some characters is frustrating. I also feel like the games really balanced now and enjoyable so I highly recommend you give this game a try it’s really good especially if you love dragon ball :).Version: 4.20.1

Was fun, now it isn’tStarted off as a good time killer and made better by the fact it was a decent DBZ game. Over the last year or so it’s become a horrible cash grab, and a game where the developers constantly mislead and mistreat the fan base. The meta is always shifting and without an incredible amount of luck or a hefty sum of real money it becomes increasingly difficult to keep up. The developers still haven’t disclosed the loot box rates and the fans are treated poorly in comparison to the Japanese version. Play this and enjoy it, but don’t say I didn’t warn you..Version: 3.8.3

Best game ever!!!I have to say this is slightly better than legends but only slightly just because it is literally the first ever DBZ game I got on mobile 5 years ago around the time it came out and it was climbing the ranks extremely quick and I got it, I skipped the tutorial thinking I would catch on, I didn’t understand anything and deleted it the next week but I re downloaded it about a year ago but maybe 2 and I went through the tutorial and I got not much time later... the god that is ssjb vegeta and the ability that is godlike to the point of it should only be equipped to an LR...freaking I beat you on my own terms, this ability let me get my angel goku, and the angel goku is now a super saiyan 2 they just awaken so fast! But I do have one question, how do you change the title screen and animations, I still have the old ones and I see tons of people with these new dragon ball super broly title screens and new summon animations that are dragon ball super broly esque but I don’t know how to get them! Please someone tell me how or tell me how to find out also I am excited to see what the update is This is after the latest update and I want to say please stop making the updates so bit I won’t be able to fit them on my phone by next year.Version: 4.11.1

BEST CONSISTENT GAME.I’ve been playing Dokkan battle since the game came out. I’ve always been a free to play player and as of right now I have a good majority of players in the game. It’s such a satisfying game to play. I recommend all dragon ball lovers to give this game a try. You will be missing out if you don’t..Version: 5.14.0

This game is great overall but for some reason i cant login to my accountFor some reason i cant get into my account.Version: 4.11.1

Highly AddictiveIf you're a fan of the series than you'll love this game...no doubt. However be warned that "free to play" only lasts so long before you run out of ways to earn dragon stones (the in app currency). At that point you have to wait for the extremely slow distribution of more stones by the developers (as slow as 1 stone every other day or so at some times), or take the plunge and buy stones. You tell yourself at first it's a one time thing to get a few more summons for the featured card, however being a completely randomized summon generator there's no guarantee you'll get the featured card. That's all known before you go in, but like every claw game or slot machine (a more apt comparison) the more you pull and not hit the jackpot the more you want to keep trying to justify everything you've put into the game up to that point...and believe me the rates and price to return value on some of the summons are completely unfair (for instance a multi summon takes 50 stones which are approximately $.50/apiece meaning the summon actually costs $25 and if you don't get the card you're hoping for or even an SSR level card with that summon than you just wasted $25). That's the danger of this game, and the only thing you have to be aware of when playing. As long as you can keep those "gambling" instincts in check than you will find hours of enjoyment here..Version: 3.5.1

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