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TimeTree: Shared Calendar App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

TimeTree: Shared Calendar app received 25 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using TimeTree: Shared Calendar? Can you share your negative thoughts about timetree: shared calendar?

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TimeTree: Shared Calendar for Negative User Reviews

This app is horrible!It worked for the first month. After that it began deleting all of my upcoming and past events. I had my work and schooling scheduled on here. As well as all of my plans with friends and family. Recently it began deleting alli had on the app. Changing times of events and doubling them onto different dates. Until it just deleted everything completely. It now won’t let me renew the dates either. It has just stopped working all together. I’m so unhappy as I thought i had found a great calendar app that works..Version: 12.2.1

Suggestion1- it doesn’t update new events automatically or even manually. You have to add the calendars again every time you add new events to the calendars. For instance, if I accept an invitation on my work calendar, it doesn’t show up on my family calendar on the app. Even though I have already added my work calendar on the family calendar many times before. If I go to the family calendar on the app and click update, it doesn’t work. The only way to get it to work is to re-add the work calendar on the family calendar. This is so frustrating and counterproductive. 2- It’d be better if you keep the calendars selected to be copied in a calendar selected. To elaborate, when you click on “copy events from the OS calendar”, it shows all the calendars deselected, even if you had selected which calendars you want to be copied. If you go back after you select the calendars that you want to copy, you will not see any selected calendars. The issue with that is that you can never confirm which calendars have been selected..Version: 6.3.0

Very disappointed as not iPad Pro friendlyVery disappointed as not iPad pro friendly.Version: 6.0.0

There is no Mac versionThere is no Mac version I can’t track my table on my laptop which is annoying.Version: 12.1.4

JunkThis app sucks.Version: 12.0.3

Could use one more featureMy boyfriend and I have been using this app for a very long time now and it is great. The one thing that it’s missing is a biweekly option for repeating things such as paydays. PLEASE ADD THOS FEATURE!!!.Version: 10.3.1

Concern Regarding Inappropriate Advertising, I have come across instances of material that appears to be sexually explicit, which is inconsistent with the expected content standards for this type of application. I believe maintaining a safe and respectful environment for users is crucial, and such content may be offensive to certain demographics. I kindly request your prompt investigation into this matter and appropriate action to ensure that the app remains a space suitable for users of all ages and preferences..Version: 12.0.8

IPadMauvaise compatibilité avec le iPad :( dommage.Version: 5.1.0

Good but...Have used this calendar app for quite some time now. Worked great initially. But now for some reason I can’t save the times when I’m inputting a new entry. I’ll choose the date then scroll to the time I want to save but the app won’t save the time I’ve selected, instead it selects its own random time and saves that, so I need to do it all over again. Very frustrating especially when you’re in a hurry or you don’t notice the incorrect time has been saved. Have contacted help desk a few times over this “bug” but it persists. It would also be great to have the ability to make the font larger and to have more colour options. Otherwise good app..Version: 7.3.3

Recurring appointmentIt would be great if you could add a fortnightly recurrence.Version: 5.3.0

Tries way too hard.This app has potential. But it is packed with too many “features” to be useful. I have a fairly recent phone and this app constantly crashes, reloads, and out right fails to have current information. Information posted by another user simply doesn’t appear on other users devices. Heaven forbid you have to delete the app for any reason. The last two times this app was deleted it took weeks to re download all the information on the calendar. It was useless until then. Cloud services exist for a reason. The only reason I use this app is because I’m forced to by my job. Stop trying so hard and simplify your app, calendars have never been and never will need to be this difficult. Also, I will never pay for your “premium experience” so stop asking..Version: 9.7.1

Has EVERY FEATURE I need except the critical 1 - Lacks Family Sharing SupportSo, I have been trying this shared calendar app for over a month now because I have a “blended” & multi-generational family living under one roof that needs 1 app to coordinate all our calendars….. this one is great. “Time Tree - Family Shared Calendar” literally has EVERY FEATURE I need except the one absolutely critical feature. The one feature That hits my wallet when it comes to having to have every family member use the same app…. And that critical yet missing feature is, Family Sharing Support. So now if I want the premium plan (which every family member would truly benefit from)…. I have to pay for it on every family members device/account. That’s an awfully big hit to my wallet!!! Time Tree Inc, lease change this. You’d get a glowing 5 start review if you had already included it. But as it is, without the family sharing option, I cannot fully recommend your app to my other friends with families!.Version: 9.4.1

Could be betterAllow to select multiple dates to remove an event all at once that is on numerous days.Version: 11.0.4

Improvements need to be made.There are many pop ups and news posts talking about the introduction of new colors that may be used in the app to label different events. It has been I think two to three months since this change and there is literally nothin I can do to see these colors. I have the basic default colors, which are still pretty, but I want the additional colors that have been introduced!!! Also, PLEASE UPDATE THE iPAD VERSION OF YOUR APP! It is difficult to be productive if I have to turn my head and look at a tiny phone display on my 12.9 inch iPad. I obviously utilize a keyboard for my iPad, so I must turn my head in order for me to fully view the cheap display on here. Please make adjustments because this app truly deserves a 5 star rating. But these changes have not been made for the past couple of months. Please address these problems as soon as you possibly can. I would greatly appreciate it..Version: 6.10.2

Rearranging memosI used to love using TimeTree, especially for the memo feature and how I could rearrange the memos so that I could see them from most to least important. Now I am forced to keep them in chronological order which is unreasonable and inconvenient. I use it to organize my work schedule since I can breakdown my day more conveniently without giving time notifications to my friend on our shared calendar. With our other existing memos, I am no longer able to just edit the days that I’ve been using and cannot see more important memos from earlier this year. I would like to be able to keep track of my checklist for games played for a team I follow and not have to delete all my other memos and redeleting them until they’re in the right order. I am very frustrated with this update and considering moving to another app that doesn’t keep changing its interface with updates, as this is the third update I’ve had issues with..Version: 10.1.1

Love the app but ….TimeTree is absolutely invaluable now for us as a family but there are a couple of issues that I have not been able to resolve …. - daughter lost her phone and there does not seem to be any way that her original access to the calendars could be re-enabled, had to invite her again to the calendar so now have 2 entries for her - does not appear to be any way to remove people from calendars - if you have a personal / single access calendar make sure you have another account on there else you could lose complete access if you lose your phone - looked at moving to the Premium option but no family sharing option and also doesn’t seem to resolve the problems above ☹️.Version: 11.3.3

Amazing but bugs need to be fixedI love this app, honestly it’s great and so easy to organise. Recently, the app is super slow and very unresponsive, it’s become hard to add in events to TimeTree and I find that I end up not using it. I just ran an update and it’s still slow so I hope in future updates the bugs will be fixed. Other then that, I highly recommend, specially when you have a shared calendar..Version: 10.3.1

Terrible appTerrible app - all my events would shuffle around on to different days on their own..Version: 8.2.2

OkGreat but sometimes if you put a new event in it doesn’t always show.Version: 4.8.0

Remember the 90s when you had to manually enter your contacts into a new phone?For the past year I’ve been TimeTree as my main calendar app, diligently filling in all available fields and adapting to a paperless way of life. Everything was brilliant until business picked up to the point where I needed help managing my time, client relationships, family schedules and more. So I downloaded an app which keeps your business and personal life organised by connecting and analysing all your productivity apps and habit history. You can imagine my dismay then, at discovering that whilst TimeTree will happily IMPORT data from just about any other app, it’s a one way street and DOES NOT SUPPORT syncing or exporting its data AT ALL. According to their help page, the only way I can do this is by manually copying and pasting every single entry, one by one. It also says there’s no print option so you have to first take a screen grab, then print as an image. It’s safe to say TimeTree have made any kind of data export/outward syncing as difficult as possible. Utterly archaic in a digitally connected world. So I’m jumping ship NOW and will just have to spend hours copying hundreds of entries, memos, notes and contact info ONE BY TEDIOUS ONE into a more friendly app..Version: 7.10.0

One off paymentCan you guys have one off payment.Version: 9.3.1

Too much to loadAfter a while of using the calendar you will find that it will not serve the purpose it once did. I’ve used this calendar for 2 years and now on my third year I got a new phone and the app has been taking 4 entire days to load the calendar. It is actually still loading as we speak. Im not able to add and edit new events until all the old one load. With repeating events with no end date the app seems to find that it can’t stop loading events. So now I can’t edit new events I add, it’s lagging like crazy and now I’m on the search for a new app. This is really only good for those who aren’t busy or just planning vacation. I even bought the update to see if it will work better but now I’m $40 short and nothing seemed to be upgraded other than the ads missing which isn’t worth the money..Version: 10.2.5

Family calendar, but can’t make kid profiles without email addressBeautiful interface and seemed to have everything I was looking for to keep track of my family’s events. Unfortunately, this is aimed for groups where all users have an email address to join the calendar. I can’t make a profile for my young kids to assign events on the calendar for them. Even on the app’s FAQ their suggestion is to use another one of your own email addresses and to log in and out between your emails. 🙄 nope. I have 3 kids I’d have to do that with. Other apps have the option of making kid profiles under the admins, I don’t see why this one can’t. It’s a shame, as this one would probably work best for me otherwise. The hunt for the right app for me continues..Version: 9.2.0

Serious privacy issueI have used this app for more than a year to share a calendar with my wife for family events. Worked great so would have given it 5 stars until I realised there is a serious privacy issue. I have linked my outlook calendar so my personal events would also show on the TimeTree calendar. I did not mind that my wife could see them. However, I then tried to unlink it and it does not work. Tried all the instructions and none of them works. More worryingly, I went into the phone settings to remove access to my calendar and it still shows all the events. I cannot remove people from the TimeTree calendar I created and cannot delete the calendar. As such, if I did not want to share my personal events with someone that has access to the TimeTree calendar, then unless they remove themselves from the TimeTree calendar, they will always see my personal events. Of course I could delete all my events on my outlook but I do not want to do this. Bottom line, do not link any external calendars on this app and you will be fine..Version: 11.0.0

Mauvais changementJe n’aime pas le nouveau changement concernant la façon de mettre les heures du début et de fin.Version: 11.2.0

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