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Pupil Distance PD Measure app received 47 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about pupil distance pd measure?

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Easy and fast tool!Easy instructions and had my measurements in under 10mins! I definitely recommend if u need your pd measurements. No hidden fees or annoying pop-ups. Did the job I wanted it to do and did it fast and easy! 5 out of 5 stars!!!!.Version: 1.3

Should of been a free app.This app should of been free, since you’ll only need to use it once a year if so much. Other than that, it works..Version: 1.2.7

ExcellentVery accurate and easy to use..Version: 1.0

Works Well. Fast. Easy. Painless. Thank you!Fast.Version: 2.0.1

Great App!Very easy to use. Much better than other apps..Version: 1.0

Good... However;Little concerned why you need a credit card as opposed to another sort of card? Other than that, quality!.Version: 1.1

GreatI went to so many eye clinic and they charged $50 for the pupil meter, and I downloaded other apps and doesn't work, this is the one works great!.Version: 1.2

Quick and accurateIf you need to get your PD, this app is pretty easy to use and gives accurate results. Their website is great too. Great job overall!.Version: 1.1

Very very useful appLike its description.Version: 1.2

CleverThis is a clever idea - makes it a lot easier to find the pupil distance. It uses something basically everyone has - a credit card :).Version: 1.1

Very Clever!Thanks a million clever guys! Just saved myself a small fortune not having to pay for another eye test to include the PD as did not ask for one in the previous test few months ago. The app is simplicity itself from start to finish in less than two minutes - literally. Just remember to extend your arm out as far as it can go or use a selfie stick..Version: 1.1

Love itWorks great and is easy to use.Version: 1.1

Accurate, user friendlyI downloaded this App to receive my free pair of glasses!! The PD measurement took minutes to obtain. I found that in store measurements take ages and this method is efficient!! Goodbye overpriced optical shops - hello GlassifyMe !! 🇨🇦😎🤓👓🕶 *has PD ready to order*.Version: 1.0

Easy and AccurateI used this app to measure my PD and found it very easy to use. I peviously tried measuring my PD with a ruler but this app makes life so much easier!.Version: 1.2

Accurate PD measurementObtained accurate PD measurement at fist attempt. Exactly same PD as measured at opticians two days earlier..Version: 1.3

Love it!Easy and accurate. Way better the the $20 my eye doctor wanted to charge me!.Version: 1.3

Loupe while placing guidelinesWhen you’re moving the guides around to center the card and your pupils, there should be a loupe that zooms in on that area so you can see the pixels more closely to ensure that you’re placing the marker as precisely as possible. There is a feature like this on the Mac (in the Preview app, I think), for comparison..Version: 1.2.7

Easy to use and accurateWorks like a charm. Super easy to use -- all you need is your iPhone or iPad camera and a credit card (for scale). Recently went to my optician for new glasses. He insisted on measuring my PD even though I told him I already knew it. His professional equipment gave me the exact same measurement -- to the 1/2 millimeter -- as this app..Version: 1.2.7

NiceI got my PD in under a minute. Super easy...Version: 1.1

Easy to useHopefully this reading will be accurate! I'm ordering glasses online!.Version: 1.2.7

Seems to work...By work I mean seems consistent. Repeated measurements were all within 1mm (1st widest, 2nd/3rd/4th same and 5th .5 wider than 2/3/4 but narrower than the 1st) which I assume is acceptable and this is probably better than holding up a paper ruler..Version: 1.2.7

Not badI had my boyfriend measure my pd a few days ago and he said it was 63 then I asked him a day after to check it again just in case and he still said 63 but then he said 64. I didn’t doubt him but I needed to make sure the measurement was right so I got this app and it said 63.5 which honestly sounds about right. I took 2 different photos and I got the same measurement so I can’t believe the app is pretty accurate c:.Version: 1.2.7

Accuracy is great!Love the app, has made it all the more easier for me to order glasses online! i was tired of going into physical eye doctors, overpaying for frames, but the one thing when eye doctors hand you your Rx prescriptions, they don’t provide you with your pupil distance. Perhaps a way to get you to place your frames order with them? Thank you for developing this app, people think of everything..Version: 1.3

The automatic feature is amazingNo more fiddling with measurements with a credit card. It locks onto your pupils in seconds Optometrists won’t give a pupil distance because they claim that it would depend upon the frame and lens you get. Sound like BS. The amount of space between your eyeballs is a constant. They are just trying to get you to buy glasses on their place, at a cost of 4 to 6 times that of the online vendors..Version: 2.0.1

Pretty easyWorks well.Version: 1.1

Useful for online purchase of glassesThis is useful if you want to buy your specs online and need pupil distance..Version: 1.1

Quick and easyPretty easy to use. Got my PD fairly quickly..Version: 1.0

Dead easy to useFollow the instructions. It's that simple..Version: 1.2

Easy and hassle freeDidn't have The pd on my prescription so downloaded this app as you need the pd to order lenses will now save ££ sending my own frames to get top quality lenses fitted.Version: 1.1

Easier than it should beYou'd think with how much of a hassle it is to get someone to give you your PD measurement that an app like this couldn't work. I measured my PD 10 times and went with the average. Glasses are as good as anything I've bought in store. Would recommend to anyone who wants to buy glasses online. I would echo complaints about dragging the cross hairs. It's a bit finicky. A directional pad would be nice to get it centered with less hassle. Still 5 stars because I didn't have to leave my desk..Version: 1.2.7

Exact et précis!Je connais déjà mon écart pupillaire et l’application me l’a donnée précisément. Il servira maintenant à toute ma famille. Bravo!.Version: 1.3

Nice appCool app, quick and easy to use..Version: 1.1

Very accurateProvided very accurate results so I could buy glasses online..Version: 1.2.4

EasyNeeded something quick to order my glasses thank goodness I found this. It was very simple to use, sounds like a few people have had a hard time with this app but I don’t understand why it’s pretty easy to take a selfie..Version: 2.0.1

Great when worked!Worked great when first installed, now freezes at 0% and does not read anymore on iphone x after first day of using?.Version: 2.0.1

It worksOnce I got the hang of it I got the same pd measurement.Version: 1.2.7

Value buy given optionsI found any website that allows you to use web cam or device will lure you in with their measuring tool, only to hit a paywall or find you need to order. For $2.99, and especially if there are a few family members it's worth it. If you don't get fitted for frames at your exam you likely don't have your PD. I want the value of online frames, so need the PD. I took my measurement twice for both assurance and experienced drawback with tool: when aligning the target over your eyes...you drag it with your finger which makes it VERY difficult to see if your are centered because your finger controlling the target is over the eye. Developer feedback: make the targets have a control pad (4 directional arrows or what ever can be done) so that you can move the target without covering the eye!.Version: 1.2.7

Impressed!It measured my PD the exact same as what my optometrist office measured it!.Version: 1.2.7

Why won’t the Dr give me my PD?If it’s this easy why do the doctors give you a hard time about getting this reading... they don’t want you to buy glasses online because they won’t get a commission on the glasses they sell! I love this app!.Version: 1.3

Quick and easyGreat App Super quick and much cheaper then stores..Version: 1.0

AccurateMatched the professional measurement exactly..Version: 1.2.7

So easy to use!My opticians were being a bit fishy about providing this measurement - so it's great that there is an easy accurate way of measuring it myself..Version: 1.2

Fair & Simple, What❗️This was refreshing to find a app that does what it says and no ads❗️WOW imagine that, and the price is fair and simple to use. This is like one of the select few reviews I made and I don’t like to write reviews unless they are Awesome or just a complete rip-off😊✅ty so much AWESOME JOB A++++++++++.Version: 2.0.1

Works For MeI actually know my PD and although it was off by 0.5...it's not a big deal because who knows if the first measurement wasn't the one off. Surprisingly it's accurate as possible..Version: 1.2

Excellent, works as advertisedI got this app to measure somebody else’s PD but used it first on myself and it came exactly as my prescription says.Version: 1.2.7

Brilliant!Quick, simple, painless! The app is easy to use and so helpful- especially if you're like me and skip the retail stores for the better deals online. Their website is great, too- ordered my first pair with these guys. Looks promising!.Version: 1.0

Great app!It actually works very well. I'm happy!.Version: 1.1

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