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Calorie Counter PRO MyNetDiary app received 204 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about calorie counter pro mynetdiary?

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Calorie Counter PRO MyNetDiary for Positive User Reviews

Kept me on trackThis app is really good; very informative and encouraging every step of the way; it’s become my obsession and I’ve lost weight too; having tried many mainstream diets and the premium is even better..Version: 8.2

Excellent appI love it. I have shared it with a number of people and they feel the same way. It works. Follow it and it will help you..Version: 8.6

Great app and connects to fitness devicesReally enjoying this app. I always find counting calories helps. I lost 3 kg in 6weeks. It would be good to be able to create regular meals using the available foods (eg bread + butter + peanut butter)..Version: 7.89

Excellent and very helpful appI have used another fitness/tracking app for over 4 years and I decided it was time for a change. This app stood out for its ease of use, uncluttered and friendly user interface and great food database. I am 4 days in now, and the more I use it, the more I like it. You can set it up to remind you regularly for food, exercise or other items, or you can quiet it down and just go with the flow. I really like the degree of customization that this app offers. Highly recommended. PK.Version: 8.49

Does all I need it to do :)This is a really useful bit of kit. It allows me to keep track of nutrients as well as calories, which is great as I'm vegan and on reduced calories. It is easy to use and I love the fact that it links with my PC allowing me to do more complex functions on a full size keyboard if I fancy. The charts and graphs are useful and the Analysis tool really focuses your mind. Money well spent. Highly recommended..Version: 6.68

Highly RecommendedGreat app - follow it & you cannot help but loss weight (lost 10kg in 12 weeks) Only 4 stars because outside US database not as complete - but still very easy to use. Download separate kilojoule to calories app (dozens of free ones out there) for quick conversions..Version: 3.20

Great App!My wife an I started using this app during Lent to help lose some weight. I've lost 16lbs my wife the same. I actually lost 21 but got an infected gall bladder and had to have it removed. So with emergency surgery and recovery of 6-8 weeks I gained back to only 10lbs. lost. But once I recovered, I started losing again and both my wife and I are on track to lose the weight we wanted and keep it off. In my case I'm going to drop 50lbs by the end of this year and 50 more next year. My wife is trying to thin down by 35lbs this year and the same the next. This app is helping us do this! Little by little, calories in, calories out together we work, play, spoil the grandkids, go to church and everything else while we watch how much we eat. We even bought a food scale to help in the process. Thanks to this app we enjoy counting calories and watching the weight go away!! We recommend it to all the people who say, "you've lost weight" "How?".Version: 5.45

Awesome!Makes it easy to manage weight, nutrition, exercise and other health metrics. Combined with my motivation and new, healthy lifestyle choices, it's helping me to get healthy again. Pro and Maximum versions are worth every penny. Beats MyFitnessPal and others hands now. Rich, science-based features for all lifestyles and diets. Crisp, popping interface. Amazing!.Version: 8.65

Amazing app for tracking caloriesLove love it ..Version: 7.34

And...I’m back in the game 🥳I’m in love with this app. I just tried MyFitnessPal for about 6 days and I was so bored with it. My Fitbit versa 2 app and iOS health app on my iPhone 11 did not sync at all. I was very frustrated and sad that I lost 6 days of less than desirable tracking. Not to mention that MyFitnessPal seems expensive for what little it offers in my opinion. That said...this app is beautifully done and all my corresponding apps sync up immediately. I’m in love 🥰 so easy to use and so informative about where you land on your daily target 🎯 you are really going to lose weight with this app at your side. I also want to add that it is visually appealing and overflowing with quality :) I also use BitGym with my Nordictrack treadmill and it recognizes my activity from that app through iOS health app. Impressive :).Version: 7.89

Recording in kilojoules!Seriously good app and the first I've seen to support recording in kilojoules! More features available than most other apps out there in this category. The database for Australian foods is also growing with the help from like minded users. Give it a try, you'll be impressed!.Version: 3.40

Been using app for 8 yearsI love that it has all my history. The food library is great and easy to use. I’ve tested other apps but always come back to this. Ideally I’d love a feature that could predict future loss of you stay on track..Version: 6.87

Great supportThe app is a great support to people watching their weigh or just interested in tracking lifestyle - highly recommended for its ease to use and how intuitive it is. So convenient to check packages via the scanner.Version: 6.50

Great app!Love this app. Easy to use. Been using it for six months and it is helping. My only criticism is that you need to pay for the maximum subscription to allow for daily steps (step bonus feature) to be added to the calorie budget. Can’t justify the cost for that feature as I really don’t need any of the other features that comes with that subscription. But I have worked out some work arounds for my daily step count..Version: 6.75

Plans Made EasyLove using this App as so informative helps you take and keep control of you food intake helping provide the correct calories intake and helps you change them to change you easy to use and makes you in control, would and do recommend this App Calorie counting doesn’t stop you eating what you want it helps you control what your eating and giving you a choice, as long as you stay within your daily calorie budget you can have it so there isn't really any cravings because if you get one if that naughty fits in your calories then you can have it 😊.Version: 6.50

Great appGreat functionality. Well worth the subscription fee. Does what it says. No issues and regularly updated. Good work developers for a high standard app..Version: 8.30

NaturopathWhat a fun and compelling way to assist your weight loss program! It keeps you motivated and honest with yourself! The progress tracking and daily analysis is a great way of keeping score and setting goals..Version: 3.20

Can't live without it!This is a great app, which has helped me lose 3 stone since January. Being able to set targets and check on progress with analysis is invaluable. I have type 2 diabetes and this app helps me maintain a healthy blood glucose level - so much so I'm now considered borderline line non-diabetic!! So motivating, I can't recommend it highly enough..Version: 6.48

Great. AppReally love this app... it keeps me accountable and motivated in my quest to lose weight and be more active!.Version: 5.45

Easy and AccurateCounting calories is a pain in the neck isn’t it?! But, I’ve found that it is one of the most effective methods of losing weight for me. This app makes it easier. I love the graph that shows how far you’ve come and how long you have to go. You can spilt your goals into easier to reach milestones to maintain momentum or plan for events. Also, the analysis which indicates what you should have lost along with you have actually lost accuracy is really accurate. It even takes your exercise into consideration. This app is a lifesaver (literally)..Version: 8.14

Key to weightlossMyNetDiary has helped me lose 22kg in 7 months. I’ve always eaten healthy food but MyNetDiary made me aware of how many extra calories were in snacks, treats and alcohol. Logging daily holds you accountable and actually frees you to eat whatever you want knowing you are working within your calorie budget. I actually enjoy food even more now. The app is super easy to use especially using the barcode scanner. I love the apple symbol (which clearly shows the calories you’ve consumed that day). The app is well maintained with regular improvements, tips & tricks and the ability to send photos of new foods which are then added to their food database. The only thing I don’t like is some of the “contributed” foods from app users are not accurate in calories. I would like to see all contributed foods deleted from the database and for MyNetDiary to only add foods that can be verified by barcodes and photos of nutritional info..Version: 6.87

Best food tracker app!Never written a review before, but I had to take the time for this one. The fact that you can log new foods and that they get incorporated into the app so quickly is absolutely great! The app is well thought through and has a great amount of information imbedded in it. Best and most used app I have on my phone..Version: 6.68

Easiest tracker out there, accurate, works!Been using this for a while, if I write everything down and follow my diet plan I can drop weight consistently, and keep it off without crash dieting and rebound binging. I lost exactly as much weight as this said I would during one month. I love the recipe function! I can put in all the ingredients and the serving size and it will tell me the nutrition and calories. Homemade bread, bean soups, pancakes, lasagna. This is a lifesaver for made from scratch items. Stores the recipe too! I can go back and tweak it or just use it as a recipe card to make it again. This is my go to app for loosing baby weight. I log 500 cal/ day (as exercise) for breast feeding and don't have to worry if I'm over or under eating. Baby grows well while I loose consistently. I love how this keeps track of my dietary fiber and that I can just scan a barcode and it finds the food. Really easy to find my favorite foods once I've logged it once. I upgraded to max and now have my Fitbit linked to my account. Makes you realize how few calories you burn on a lazy day. Keeps me motivated to exercise more and I can eat a bit extra if I was more active that day. Love that I get a more accurate picture of my net calories..Version: 6.74

A great app. It's part of my life now.Many people struggle with staying healthy and this app goes a long way to help you visualize and keep track of what you are eating and how much you are exercising. It has a large library of foods on file and allows you to scan barcodes for popular items and add ones that don't exist in the database. It integrates with fitness devices and Apple Watch which is great for calorie tracking. The watch app is a bit limited but is great for adding items you've eaten in the past. Or just entering straight calories. Since I've started using this to track I've been exercising for 377 days straight and have lost over 65lbs. I've never felt better and I owe a lot to this app. Get it. Stick with it. Fight to be healthy. You won't regret it..Version: 5.45

My net diaryVery good, nice feature integration, good database, brilliant integration to other ecosystem products such as Garmin, strava, iOS health.Version: 5.45

Does almost everythingThis app has got better and better over the 5 years I've been using it. Custom foods, custom meds, custom trackers, photoscan foods, fast response when you submit item photos for inclusion in the database. I only wish it would look at my vitamin intake and suggest food sources to improve it....Version: 6.99

The Best app I have ever used!This app is convienent, fun, affordable, and educational! I used the free version for 2 weeks and fell so in love with it I bought the premium version… the extra charts and break downs are super motivating 👍🏼💗.Version: 8.80

Self accountabilityThis program absolutely works not only to take weight off but to keep it off. It’s simple, really. You record in the program how much you want to weigh by what date, and it gives you a daily calorie budget. You get to add calories for calories earned by exercising. Then you enter every bit of food all day long and weigh yourself every day. If you stay under your calorie budget, you lose weight. A great tool is to enter something BEFORE you eat it to see what that will do to your “bottom line.” You can still eat it — you just see what the result will be. And the program tracks nutrients as well. And if the calorie budget is just too strict for you to maintain, you just adjust your expectations — push your target date out a month, or raise your target weight. I lost 30 pounds during the first year and a half of Covid, starting in October 2021. It’s now February 2023 and the weight is still off. If you use the program, you’re accountable to yourself. It’s simple and powerful..Version: 8.73

Super appI love this app. It really helps me keep on track, it’s easy to use, it’s kept up to date and always being improved. I have the premium version and I think it’s well worth the price..Version: 8.1

So good I switched from My Fitness PalI have used MFP on and off over the years, and to be honest the piaffe and complexity of that app would discourage me from sticking with for tracking. My Net Diary is very different, it is easy to use, fast and well thought out. The information is presented in a way you find the information given totally credible. Also way recipes are handled I am thinking of dropping Paprika3. You can tell someone has thought very carefully about user experience the dashboard is actually meaningful. I love this product so much that I will be buying the premium licence for my wife and myself. I have a question for the developers if they read these, have you guys thought about added support for food allergies? My wife was very recently diagnosed with Celiac Disease and have something built into this app to warm of the presence of gluten would be amazing. ***Update*** This app is so good we went premium. So worth the money..Version: 8.51

Great app!I’ve had diabetes for over 10 years; this app makes it very easy to see the carb count in a meal, and how much of a “carb allowance” you have left in a day (in addition to fat and other things). The tips and tricks are also very helpful, as are the motivational articles. Being able to link the app with my fitness tracker is also very helpful. If you want to, it’ll even help you track your blood sugar. The one feature I’d love to see? Being able to import and edit recipes from websites. I’ve found many low-carb recipes online that I’d love to have in my arsenal - but I have to enter them manually. Right now I do that because my health is important to me ... but I could see a person being turned off this app because they can’t do that. This is why I rated it four stars. Overall the money spent on the premium version has been worth it. It’s helped me make better food choices, and see exactly what I did incorrectly and what choices I could make in the future to avoid mistakes..Version: 7.55

I love this appThis app is brilliant. It’s my go to app for weight loss and tracking. One small thing which I live about it that I hope never goes away, the little food icons for every item you track. Other apps don’t have this, and it makes it so much easier to have a quick look and see what you have been eating. I love how you can add items to the database and easily correct some which have changed over time. Keep up the great work with the app!.Version: 8.34

Brilliant App. Could not recommend more highlyI have been using this App as a pro user for a number of years and I think it’s just brilliant. They are improving it all the time and the Developers have shown a fantastic commitment to its ongoing development. I would like pro users to have access live chat support facility because once or twice a year it would be great to run a question by support that is not answered by the community. Highly recommend the pro App as the additional benefits are amazing..Version: 6.50

It really works but gets boring adding foodIf you follow this app and are honest it is a great stimulators to understand your food intake. Unfortunately it just gets a bit boring adding all your food every day so you can drop off your plan. Would be great if you could just talk to it to add food..Version: 6.63

Easy to use and effectiveI've used this food diary on and off for years. It is easy to use and gets easier as time goes on. The bar scanner is super convenient and I have only discovered two or three food items the scanner did not recognize. You pair this app with an inexpensive digital food scale and you will be able to count calories like a boss! Follow a good eating plan and measure everything and you will get results. I would advise that you set yourself up as a sedentary user no matter what level of activity you do. I am up and moving all the time and was racing bicycles a few years ago. The activity setting will give you a basic metabolic level which is the calorie count you need just to maintain your present weight. The sedentary category will give you the lowest "upper" calorie restriction. That's where you want to start and then limit calories below that. It will work! Last April I was at 184. Now it's September and I am at 165! This app has been a tremendous teacher and watchdog for me. It reminds me to be careful about what I shove in my mouth and shows me the cost of the mindless grazing I used to do. We live in amazing times and this app, while not perfect, has enriched my life and helped me healthy and happy. Get this. Don't cheat! Weigh everything and be patient. Move as much as you can. Don't forget that simple walking is a great thing. Good luck!.Version: 6.77

Great trackerI’ve been using this app for just over three months now to track calorie consumption as part of a weight control program. I find it very useful and it has helped me take back control of my food consumption and give me knowledge of what I’m putting into my body. I also like the statistical graphs as they can show graphically what progress is being made. However as with all data driven products it is only as good as the information we put into it and how accurate that is, so for me the key has been to be accurate and consistent..Version: 6.87

Fabulous Tool !!!It just keeps getting better! This app has been a huge asset I would be lost without it !! I have an ongoing diet issue, and have lost a lot of weight. I am sure that my success was in a huge way because of this app. I have depended on it to keep me on track, and it really does ! I still need to concentrate on maintenance, so will continue the constant use of this app to stay on track. I live an extremely busy life, with an intense professional career. It is so easy to use, the food database is enormous, and is particularly intuitive and easy to use on the fly, so I can rely on it to show me exactly where I stand every day as far as what I have eaten, what else I need to eat, and when I can't eat any more. I could not have kept track without this product. The author keep making updates to make it even better and to give it new features. I have tried a variety of weight management tools. This one is the hands' down winner. The food database is enormous and it is easy to add custom items. To have all the bells and whistles adds some cost, but for those who want a cutting edge tool, more than worth it. I use it constantly - it gives me constant support for what I can or can't eat. Without the constant support/ reinforcement, there are many days I would have exceeded the limits I have set, because it is so easy to miscalculate..Version: 7.36

Best thing everThis app has been the best helper for me with my weight loss. I’ve done weight watchers and Atkins and south beach; none of them have worked for long. But this app teaches me how to eat, when you enter a food/meal it will tell you how much of your daily needs for each nutrient have been met so you know if you have had too many carbs and not enough protein. I also love that you can customize what you see on the home screen and that it has a widget to enter things on the fly. It calculates BMI and notes on your weight loss chart when you’ve reached certain milestones in your weight loss. I also love that when you gain weight back it doesn’t say or mark anything as negative. I lost 50 lbs using this app, then I was hospitalized and on a lot of steroids and ended up gaining back 20; it gave me tips and ideas to get back on track the entire time. It’s just an all around magnificent weight loss app!.Version: 6.50

Exceptional Readability & Usability | ImpactfulHas had a major impact/effect on my pursuit of a healthy eating regime and weight loss & control. Noteworthy too—I appreciate the gentle reminders (nudges) to keep me on track. Many thanks to the MyNetDiary development and continuous improvement teams. Exceptional quality!.Version: 8.31

Great appI love this app, it is very user friendly and it is really helping me get ahold on portion sizes, and how much exercise it actually takes to burn off a chocolate bar for example. My only issues are that the New Zealand data base of food is still limited and I would like to track my sugar intake. Thanks for the great app. :-).Version: 3.40

My net diaryThis is such a great app for keeping tabs on your daily calorie intake, it's so easy and clear and you get such great information and analysis. It is making losing weight so much easier and more fun.Version: 3.40

I love this app!A great app. I've been using it for a few years and it's a now a habit to record what I'm eating - even on the bad days. It helps me keep an eye on any patterns, trigger foods (sweets, crisps etc.) and is also good for checking how healthy a food is before I eat. In turn, this helps towards making better choices and when I do this I feel better. Easy to use, easy to look at your info. Can't recommend it enough..Version: 6.63

Keeps you on trackThis is a great app for making you be accountable for what you eat in the journey of healthy eating and weight loss.Version: 8.35

Best tracker I’ve found to dateI’ve used a number of the diet trackers available on iOS over the years, and there’s always been something or other I’ve hated about them. I’ve used this one for a month now, and after the first few days, I’ve become very comfortable using it. The database is more reliable than MyFitnessPal’s, and the interface more attractive. The PRO version (one time payment) allows you to view net carbs, and is easily modified to accommodate most diet types. What I don’t like: As far as the UI goes, only two things bug me. One is the shortcut names that the app eventually brings up for foods you eat frequently—these names aren’t editable, and often aren’t logical or obvious. I’d prefer to be able to choose my own. The other issue is that nutrients tracked can’t be rearranged. On any given device, only so many columns are shown, and I would like to shift the column order so the things more important to my tracking are always in view. The other reason for taking away one star from an otherwise excellent app: The price tag for Premium is about twice what I feel is reasonable. I’m not against developers getting paid for their work (my entire working career was in tech, as was my spouse’s), and I had no issue paying the flat rate to get the PRO app. I’d like some of the features, but if I paid the Premium price for every app I’d like to subscribe to, I’d quickly be broke. Perhaps an additional paid level with fewer benefits might attract more users?.Version: 7.52

Great basic but even better premium updateThis is the best app for Keto dieters as it allows huge flexibility. Queries are answered quickly, noted and often installed in updates. Very pleased. Even the basic version lasted me well for a few years..Version: 8.83

New AppI have used this app for a while on and off. The first time I used it I lost nearly 3 stone. Unfortunately I went off it and put a stone back on. Currently using again, it works when you stick at it!.Version: 6.77

Simply the bestIf you want to be successful in tracking your calories, your tracking tool has to be easy. No other app makes it as easy and flexible to enter your data as MyNetDiary. I’ve tried a slew of other apps and can honestly say nothing comes close to MyNetDiary. It let’s you enter grams, slices, servings whatever is easiest for you. With this update it has gotten even more flexible. Not only is it easy to use but the presentation of the day’s intake is clear and easy to digest (haha). The number of nutrients it tracks and the integration with the exercise data is second to none. Do yourself a favor and don’t waste your time on the other calorie trackers. Just use MyNetDiary. It’s the best and worth every penny..Version: 8.22

BrilliantFor a free app this is great. It has been an amazing tool to help lose weight. No fad diets, no starving yourself, just good old move more eat less and it works! As long as you put your accurate height, weight etc it does the rest, all you have to do is choose where to ‘spend’ your calories. You can also add any calories you burn that day onto your daily allowance so you can plan for a calorie treat. All in all a great app.Version: 8.19

The best app on my phone‼️By far this is the most useful app on my phone. Well worth the investment for my health. The information and insights this app provides makes it really easy to see what your food choices are providing by way of nutrition etc..Version: 8.8

Solid tracking toolI used this app to help me lose 30 pounds over the past year. It has many wonderful features. I have compared it with other apps and found it to be fairly comprehensive. My two disappointments with it are: first, it does not learn your metabolic rate. That means that if you consume fewer calories and maintain a weight, it does not learn what your body is doing. This seems like the most important and hopeful aspect of an app like this Lowercase and I would withhold a five star rating until it can do this. Second it does not integrate GPS tracking of runs and hikes and bike rides that I find essential in other apps such as map my fitness. On the plus side, I very much like the measurements tracking. This is a much healthier way to track progress toward fitness and weight goals then simply measuring your bodyweight..Version: 6.68

FantasticI have been using this app since 2014, it is amazing & is constantly being updated. Well done for the latest addition of weekly meal plans… even more fabulous. Well done.Version: 8.29

Tracking non essential foodsGreat to keep track of food intake, keeps you honest particularly for tracking the non essential foods and realising how many calories they add up to during the day!.Version: 6.64

Support in my pocketI have to say this app has been like a friend. I dip in and out of it. When I'm motivated and focused on getting fit I find this an ideal companion! Typing in the the food I've consumed helps me eat a more balanced diet. The app offers advice without telling you what to do in a condescending way. It also encourages me to exercise more as I get to see that I'm burning the calories that allow me to treat myself here and there - if that makes sense? It works for me and over the past 2-3 years I've easily lost around 2-3 stone. (I was carrying lots of baby weight). I recommend it to all my friends..Version: 6.64

Love this app!I'm a long time user (since Jun '10) and this app is helpful to keep me focused on my goal. Update: 1 yr + and I'm down 80+ pounds and 110+ pounds from my lifetime high! Praise God, what a Blessing‼️🖖🏼 My Net Diary has been a big part of my progress and continues to be my main tool for monitoring food intake, budgeting calories, and tracking fat, water, and exercise. I'm very close to my goal to weigh <200 pounds, which I haven't seen since HS!! My wife thinks I look too skinny but, when you've been overweight all your life, too skinny sounds silly like 'too much 💰'. Now that I'm close to achieving my goal and maintenance is on the horizon, I plan to upgrade My Net Diary from Pro to Maximum. I plan to monitor new aspects, like; BP, cholesterol, nutrients, and others key areas that come with the upgrade. For the record... I'm 55, 6'3" and this post is Sept '17..Version: 6.63

Great results from a great appThis app has been an invaluable tool as part of my fitness/health regime. It is the bricks and mortar when it comes to building your ideal body..Version: 5.45

Highly recommendedIts an extraordinarily effective way to reduce calorie intake while ensuring optimal nutrition. And to manage calories burned and exercise in general - esp if you link with a fotness tracker. I bought the app many years ago when it was something like $3.89 and got the Pro version. And very easy to use. Only gripe now is the logging a food is a 2-step process which seems unnecessary. Also i used to be able to estimate the overall calories in a meal (esp if i went out and didnt know actual ingredients). Now i cant do that. I just find a food and adjust the amount to suit the calories i estimate i ate. Very annoying regressive change..Version: 7.49

Adjust “steps”??Really LOVE the app... using this to keep track of calories AND workouts, my husband lost 60lbs (sixty!) in 8 months, while i lost 20. as a person who exercises EVERY day (seriously, we walk 5.5 miles at least 5 days a week, i jog, do yoga, and we use a stationary bike when weather is bad) i’m obsessive about keeping track of calories burned. i also like to keep track of steps... alas, while it *was* possible to adjust steps when doing an activity not measured via my apple watch, that option is no longer available. D’OH!! (and, yes, i signed up for the membership... which suddenly feels like $59 down the sweaty drain) any chance you can fix this little issue?? it would be greatly appreciated by me, i’m guessing others might be happier, too! :).Version: 6.87

Best health appI love this app. I've been using it to track weight, exercise and nutrients for 9 months now and it has transformed the way I eat. For example, I had no idea my diet was low in calcium until I started using the food tracker on this app. If you want to lose weight or track exercise, or just ensure your diet is nutritionally sound, I heartily recommend that tool. It is invaluable..Version: 4.45

It works!Great little app, much better deal then the weightwatchers setup. A few improvements would help though - kJ option not just calories; standardised entry of values per 100g for all contributed foods; being able to edit/delete custom foods (there are a couple that I created all wrong that I can't change now); being able to check the ingredients that make up saved recipes. Overall I am pretty happy with it (& steadily losing weight)..Version: 3.20

The best appI've been using this app for over 3 months and I just love it. The layout is a lot simpler and easier to see then MyFitnessPal. Just a quick look and I know how many calories I still can eat. Most foods I can find, if not, I can create one easily. Easy to add the exercises too. Also I love the little sliding man that shows my progress. 5* and for me far better than any similar app :).Version: 5.45

Helping keep me honest!Awesome tool. Simple to use, never filled out the paper my trainer gave me but as this is on my phone and with me 24/7 it is easy and takes less than 20 secs per meal to record as it saves my usual foods/favourites..Version: 3.20

Love itI love this app it’s so easy to use, especially love that you can put your target weight and date in and it calculates how many calories you should eat per day to meet your target, I didn’t realise how many calories I was actually consuming in a day!.Version: 7.81

Life changingThis is the longest review I’ve ever written, and that should tell you that of the 100 apps on my phone this is my favorite s d the most impactful to my life. Several years ago I lost 65 lbs and got down to 290 lbs from 355 lbs. I plateaus and maintained that weight. I started 2020 at 290 lbs and when the pandemic hit I started cooking all my meals at home and noticed a 5 lb loss so I decided to get serious about my nutrition tracking. I used MyNetDiary to track all my meals and snacks and set weight loss goal of 1.5 lbs per month. I used a mixture of the recipes on the app with others I already had and I could see a steady decrease in my weight. I loved that I could track all my nutrients and noticed some deficiencies I corrected like adding low sodium vegetable juice to up my potassium intake. Today I weigh 248 lbs. I have not been at this weight for 30 years and with MyNetDiary’s help I’ve lost over 100 lbs. My waist has gone from 54” to 44” and my A1C dropped from a 7.2 to a 5.5, and my endocrinologist told me I’m her star patient. Thank you! This app holds me accountable. My motto is if you nibble it you scribble it, or in this case if you bite it you type it. The only way to be successful is to be accountable to yourself and this app gives you the data that provides the cold hard truth..Version: 8.43

Happy, slim bunny.I LOVE My Net Diary! A few years ago it helped me lose 25lbs really easily. If I go off course and put a few lbs back on I just start it up again and I'm back on track. It's even quite fun! My only gripe is that we Brits tend to think in stones and pounds so we have to convert to pounds only (or Kgs). But overall it works for me and I'm a happy, slim bunny..Version: 5.45

Works very wellPro: Can use ml or oz. Can remember common meals. Adjusts calorie intake numbers for work out days. Con: Doesn't sync with Ihealth app. I have tried to update the nutrition for a food multiple times and gotten no response..Version: 8.24

ExcellentHave lost 25kg using this app! Still going. It's so easy to use, understand and utilize in my daily life. It's the best weight loss app I've found. And it keeps getting better. Just wish the barcode link and photo search stuff worked in new Zealand. Would save heaps of time when you on the run Love it!!!.Version: 3.50

Love it!Easy to use, could not ask for anything more! Weight is dropping off and I feel healthier than ever!.Version: 3.40

Love this app!!!I’ve been using this app off and on since 2014. It’s fantastic tool to keep track of what you eat and help motivate to make healthier choices and stay within the weight I’m looking for..Version: 8.36

Wonderful app!Overall, this is definitely a 5-star app. The usability and polish of this app is great. They have it well laid out and I really like how your main “home screen” in the app is highly customizable to whatever things you prefer to track. The app also allows you store recipes in the app for easier tracking when you eat similar things regularly. One thing that could make this app over the top for paid pro clients could be to allow you to click on which “recipes” or foods you’d like to add for the week and then have it tally it all and create you a grocery list. This would then be an all-encompassing app that really gets buy-in and frequent use from its users, while also creating additional benefits of paying for the upgraded version. (Would also set you even further apart from apps like MyFitness Pal). Definitely recommend..Version: 7.99

Karen, NZLove the analysis it gives. Getting me back on track and losing weight. Not always easy to find equivalents of USA products tho. Kilojoules would be easier. Would also like to be able to edit my own additions to product list or delete saved products..Version: 3.40

Updated ReviewBefore I review this app, for the umpteenth time, I just want to say that I’ve knocked off a star ONLY for the price. This really is a very good app. It is updated regularly and has been around for YEARS. I just want to Thank each and every person involved in creating and maintaining this app! With all the updates and changes that come, basically EVERY week, I know that it must be a ton of work to maintain and improve. I’m so glad the money I’ve invested into this app, over the years, hasn’t gone to waste! After all these YEARS, this app is still FULLY operational, continually updated and improved at every chance. Thank You So Much for all your hard work! ***Updated Review:*** The subscription makes the app WAYYYYY better to use. The regular price to subscribe for the year is $80+ CAD dollars (if I remember correctly). They do have sales throughout the year, so if it’s out of your price range, then take advantage of the sale price. You’ll get the best value, in my opinion, as it can be up to 50%-75% off. As I CANNOT afford the $80 plus/a year; that’s almost as much as I pay for Netflix! In my honest opinion, it’s quite costly for me. With everything else these days requiring a subscription, this app, unfortunately, is low on my subscription list and one where I’d have to opt out. There are many other good apps out there that provide just as much at an affordable cost, but I really love and have become accustomed to the MyNetDiary interface. Plus they are always improving it. It’s been around for years so I know it won’t become obsolete 🤞🏽. When you lose the subscription you lose the ability to change the values of nutrients etc. so if you subscribe or have a free trial, you should set your requirements for the long term. I will only renew my subscription when there is a massive sale. I’m a creature of habit and I’ve come to terms that I MAY have to look for a new app or use this one without subscription features; and that’s okay 😂..Version: 8.2

It's like having a nutritionist with you all the timeI love this app! It is so easy to use, detailed and thorough and really helps me to mentally keep on track with what I am eating. The analysis reports are awesome and helps you to adjust your foods to make sure you include the various needs of you body. Can't recommend it enough. Seriously considering an upgrade even!.Version: 3.50

Brilliant app with many features!I love this app! Been using it now for months and it's really helping to keep me on track. I record everything and it's incredibly useful to see the analysis given. Access to a dietician is a great benefit and I've taken onboard advice which has made a difference. I've used other apps (and spent a fortune in the process) and this is by far the best 👌.Version: 5.45

Great appLove the improvements the app has made Over the years. I have used it consistently to reach my goals as they change. My only suggestion for the app would be the option to weigh in using Lbs but still be able to enter foods in metric. I think a lot of Canadian users would prefer this option 🇨🇦.Version: 8.21

Deserves ALL of 5 starsThis app is the best calorie counter out FULL STOP. So many features and backed up by absolutely awesome support service you can’t go wrong. Barcode scanner info is fantastic A. VERY happy maximum purchaser.Version: 5.45

A Great AppEasy to use, barcode scanning is a great feature, love the automatic listing of favourite foods and meals and it is effective in keeping on track to lose weight..Version: 6.68

Pretty goodI'm rather happy with this app. I'm from New Zealand and it has a large number of 'local' items in the database without even needing an Internet connection, which is a plus when at work. I've had a few problems with my calories needed changing randomly due to my weekly weight loss target changing without me editing it. Other than that, I'm very happy with the app!.Version: 3.60

Love thisThis app has helped me lose 5% of my body weight so far. Keeping track of your calories, water and exercise is tremendously helpful. I like the passcode feature (don’t really need anyone seeing my stats lol) and being able to use the camera to scan barcodes for nutritional info. I pay extra monthly, for premium features. I like being able to keep track of the nutrients I’m taking in and what I might lack. The downside (please improve on this developers) is some of the foods listed have the incorrect calorie values and wrong nutritional information. Those are the two most important features that I find very valuable in helping me maintain a healthy lifestyle. Overall, this is a wonderful app for keeping a healthy lifestyle..Version: 5.45

Fantastic App!I use this app everyday and you can’t hide from what you put in your mouth! It allows many customisations to suit your goals and type of diet. It’s the only way I can stay on track. Very useful and effective. Recommended!.Version: 6.87

Brilliant little appI use MyNetDiary max daily to monitor food calories, nutrition and my weight and after trying a few of the apps on offer find it is the best if the bunch. The ability to take pictures of packaging for inclusion in the database is a key feature for me. Highly recommend..Version: 6.86

Helpful...BUTI am using this app a lot to track calories and exercise. However, I just realized that even with PAYING for the app, I cannot customize my fat, protein and carbs for the day. What the heck?! That should not be a premium feature. I can get free apps that I can customize my macros on, I certainly shouldn't have to go between two apps to accomplish this. I think a lot of people are like myself and rarely buy apps. I did purchase this one and this one aspect alone kind of makes it a bust. On the pro side I do think it's a very helpful app and I've enjoyed using the interface. It's very easy to figure out. I like the graphs and reports. It's really just that one feature that isn't included that is really annoying because I'm working with a certified personal trainer and would like to use what she's given me as far as nutrition goals..Version: 5.45

Excellent app!This program does it all - keeps track easily of every calorie I eat with all the nutritional information at my fingertips. I love that I can enter any amount of food and this app figures out all the calories, sodium, protein, etc., instantly, no matter how odd the measurement. It is worth every penny of the cost of the Pro version. I have lost 30 pounds over the last two years using this app and have improved my level of health with being able to plan the low sodium, low calorie, gluten free, low purine diet I need. Hoorays for this app! P.S. Now a year later I have lost another ten pounds. I honestly log every food I eat even when I lose my focus and binge. Studying the record of those binges helps me figure out ways to avoid them..Version: 8.19

Best appThis is by far the easiest way to track on the go, been using it for 2 years and lost 20 kg, but best of all I have been at goal weight for 15 months now, so it works, even for holidays, special occasions and while on a cruise. Love this app. It has changed my life..Version: 4.13

A great app to lose weightLove the functionality of this app..Version: 8.73

NiceNice.Version: 8.63

Really awesome applicationHelped me get back on track with my weight loss. Would be really good if energy amounts were in kilo joules. I have also found it interesting as to what is in the food we eat..Version: 3.20

A very useful appThis is a very useful and effective app for dieting. There are many features in the free version but the premium version looks a bit steep in price considering one has to pay yearly. That said, this is probably one of the best apps of its type and well worth having..Version: 7.85

The only one for meAnd the only time I have lost weight consistently (have lapsed but back on track). What I’ve always liked about this app is the principle used is just simple... eat consistently a bit less than you need and you will lose weight. Forget faddy nonsense and starvation diets (the app won’t even try to suggest how you could lose a stone (14 lbs) in a week)... just keep below your budget as much as you can and within reason eat what you want... fancy a cream bun? Go ahead but you will see your budget dwindle of course.... but don’t feel guilty about a biscuit.. the best reassurance article I’ve read on their site is ‘we all need snacks’ ... too true😀. The database is full of entries and the interface has been well thought by the developers 👏and I’ve noticed how the UK entries are even more comprehensive nowadays. Just stick at it. The free version is good but if you exercise paying for a sub is worth it so you can link it to other devices ... and you quickly realise how pointless exercise is on its own unless you are running five miles a day. No, you just need to keep an eye on the calories which is what this app does so well..Version: 8.8

Weight Loss!MyNetDiary has helped me to work towards and achieve my weight loss goals. The food library has most foods and along with remembering what you've eaten in the past is quick and easy to use..Version: 4.82

Much more aware of what I’m ACTUALLY eatingI wanted to lose weight, and knew I could improve my diet, not just reduce how much I ate. This app has helped me be more aware of what I am eating, and what I was not eating but should be..Version: 8.29

My Net Diary2nd Jan 2024, still using this excellent app. Excellent app with guidance on what foods are best to reach your goals, scan foods at supermarkets, charts which show your progress, A real incentive. Persevere with input as it is worth the effort..Version: 8.72

Simple but powerful...Except for some reason the barcode scanner doesn't want to work (is this a Uk thing?). Otherwise this is a detailed app that is informative and in a somewhat masochistic way fun. Since first reviewing I've decided to re-review and give this 5 stars. So easy. I've lost 10kg in 3 months with the help of this app. Thanks!.Version: 5.45

Tool that really worksAbsolutely brilliant application! It already helped me to lose 10kg, and now I am using it to maintain this weight. It is very easy to use and is pretty smart in helping me to keep track with consumed calories. It can be used as long we are trying to keep our weight under control 😎.Version: 5.45

Great for trackingI've found this to be one of the best apps for tracking. As a Canadian I love that is has most Canadian grocery store brands in app..Version: 8.60

One of the best apps I possessI downloaded this app about 8 months ago and I have lost over 2 stones in weight as a result of using it. I have found it to be brilliant and the best aid I could have purchased. The database of foods is enormous and once you get used to logging your calorie intake, then the app does the rest of the work for you. I can not recommend this enough. It has helped me enormously..Version: 7.00

Knowledge is power... And weight lossGreat app that helps educate you on just how bad for you some foods are (I found some foods I thought were healthy for me were actually terrible for you!) Hard not to lose weight if you use this app to help you track your daily intake and be honest with what you enter. Only 4 stars because it's database is less extensive for outside US use..Version: 3.20

Pretty useful toolOverall this is probably the app that I use the most on a day to day basis. As another reviewer has said some of the nutritional advice is a little outdated, but my only gripe is the physical activity log. I would like to be able to enter in data like the climb or descent of a bike ride or the hill I hiked up, but this is just a personal thing. Definitely a good app..Version: 4.22

ReviewGreat tool, easy to use, excellent way to get all the info I need and check my progress. Only been a week though so the rest is up to me. I'd rather see simple listings rather than brand named foods which are only specific to particular country..Version: 3.40

Losing weight!This is truly helping me lose weight and realize how wrong all my bad eating habits were. I've lost 15lbs in 1-1/2 weeks!.Version: 8.52

User FriendlyIt’s pretty straight forward. It has many features along with reminders stores previous meals and integrates with your mobile device. So easy to understand making it User Friendly.Version: 8.36

Great calorie counterI always was confused when it came to calories but this app has helped me count and maintain my calories for weight loss. The net support is great to access away from home and at work..Version: 3.53

Looks weird! Ends up the perfect health app!This app is off on marketing with a weird name like MyNetDiary and looking like it can change your life. You’ll consistently benefit from this app. I tried MyFitnessPal and everything because I am a high tech female. I kept coming back to this app. It’s loaded with features like barcode scanners your products from the store etc. it’s how it’s designed that makes healthy eating sustainable. All other apps, I would stop using when the “new” feeling wore off. When your motivation dies down, this is the only app consistently still being used. They didn’t keep it flexible. The only thing I’d change is adding more functionality to the iWatch. They could improve their social personal blog functions. I have consistently chosen this app for years. I finally wrote a review!.Version: 8.38

Part of every day.MyNetDiary allows me to track my micro and macronutrients. It is not easy to get all the essentials from food alone and MyNetDiary shows me when and where I need to supplement. It is very important to me. The data base is comprehensive and the app is user friendly..Version: 8.38

The Best Rabbit Hole I’ve ever went down!For someone like me, this app provides me with all the detailed data that I need to learn what is making me feel the way I do. After learning about how deficient I was in Vitamin D and how I felt just three days after starting a D3 supplement daily. I was absolutely blown away. I’m 47 and I felt 60! I started Keto and tracking my steps and exercise with iPhone and Apple Watch. MyNetDiary was the top app suggestion by the apple health app. I NEVER get paid apps but I bought this one. I was not disappointed at all. The app alone is super informative and useful. Also I would never consider subscribing to “Premium” services. BUT as of the time of writing this review, I am 4 days into my week trial and I have already decided to go with the yearly subscription. I started my Journey at 411lbs, constantly taking pain relievers and copious amounts of Caffeine for energy and joint and muscle pain. 1 1/2 Months later I’m down to 385lbs and have virtually stopped taking Ibuprofen. This app and service is THE best tool in my arsenal for my health. Once you set it up for your Fueling Habits “Diet”, (I hate the word diet), You will be amazed at what you can accomplish with the knowledge of what is going into your “machine”and how it affects your body and mindset. I also NEVER Write reviews so this “essay” is also a testament to how freakin awesome MyNetDiary is. Have a great day and do whatever it takes to feel awesome!.Version: 8.79

Never thought ironing would appeal but...What a fantastic app. A real must-have for anyone who finds it hard to stay on track when dieting. It is easy to use with clear graphs, can be customised for your own recipes and is incredibly motivational. Since I realised how many calories I could burn off doing housework our home has never been tidier lol! Seriously though, this is a fab app and well worth the money..Version: 6.68

Great appI find this app easy to use and love how it syncs between the iPhone app and the website - I access it from all my devices which adds to the convenience..Version: 3.60

Awesome appAbsolutely love the app, but with the latest update you’ve taken away where the app tells you it’s fault, weekly and monthly prediction for weight loss. Could we please have that back. Edit: thank you so much for your reply ☺️ Also just want to say I love how you have the option of buying the pro version as I don’t want to pay for a yearly subscription. I really love the features that I got with the upgrade..Version: 6.44

Great updates, frustrating UII’ve returned to this app after many years of not tracking calories. This updates to the look and functionality of the app are great, but the design of one aspect of the user interface are really frustrating... the arrows that take you back to the daily calorie overview (dashboard) and to the previous day are vertically stacked and right next to each other. Once you switch to a previous day, the app stays on that day, and I often find that I have entered today’s items on a previous day. If you are entering items for a preset meal block (breakfast, lunch, dinner) every entry for that block receives the same time stamp - even if entered days later. So, it is very difficult to diagnose and correct a mistake. There does not seem to be a way to lock entries for previous days, or even a simple warning that you are doing so. I would love to give this app 5 stars, but with such a frustrating and easily fixed problem unfortunately it looses a star from me..Version: 7.03

Best nutrition app availableI’ve been using My Net Diary for about 5 years to track nutrients and calories. I tried MyFitnessPal and several other apps before I found this one, but found the ads on most annoying and the apps mainly focusing on weight loss. My Net Dairy is by far the most comprehensive nutrient tracker if you want to see more than carb, protein, and fat breakdown. It lets me customize the dashboard for any nutrients I want (I like to track my potassium and Vitamin K intake on the dashboard since those seem to be good indicators of how many vegetables and greens I eat) and also lets me easily see all the detail I need. It also lets me track water intake and syncs with my Fitbit. I can add customized foods and recipes as needed, copy recent meals and pick from frequent foods. With each update, this app just keeps getting better!.Version: 6.77

Better than myfitnesspalUpdate: my original review had only one complaint and now it has been addressed. I am beyond happy with this feature and has been making a world of difference for my hubby and me. I cannot wait to see what other amazing features are coming. I really love this app. My favorite feature is being able to see my week’s summary including a pdf of all my logged foods, macro and micro nutrients. My only request is that please have a way to share my recipes with a friend. My husband likes to log his food as well but I do all the cooking. I wish there was a way that if I input all of the ingredients on my app that I could share that with him so I don’t have to do it all over again on his phone. I know that he can do quick calories but that won’t track his macros..Version: 6.84

Awesome tool for losing weightI love this App, it makes losing weight so easy!!! No diets, no fads just calories in and calories out. I have gone from 90kg to 81kg since January by just knowing how many calories I need to eat and how many calories are in foods, it's that easy!!!!!.Version: 3.40

Great App for tracking your daily food intake.I really enjoy using MyNetDiary. It allows one to easily track foods they are eating and measures what was eaten in coordination with the goal the user sets. The app is full of features which provide detailed nutrition data, including carb intake and daily details of nutrients by food, meal and totals of them for each day. The app also displays data from other health apps for things such as the numbers of steps taken, weight and other data. The app allows users to enter other data and has an exceptional scanner that provides easy entry of foods to be eaten in addition to manually enter them. You can move or copy foods from one day to another, mark favorites and provides suggestions of possible foods as the user enters the foods they are eating. The app monitors a users’ sodium intake and provides other informative charts, the ability to compile the data in a report for the user and others and much more. There is access to a library of articles on weight planning, calories and nutrients. This is an excellent, versatile and very user friendly way to keep track of ones intake of food and drink..Version: 6.57

Love my net diaryHas to be my favorite App, makes losing weight easy, really makes you think about what you eat and make good decisions, definitely worth getting!!.Version: 3.40

Cannot amend recipesIt seems recipes using the ‘add ingredients to meal’ function cannot be amended. There is no screen to show details of the recipe as there is when the whole recipe is added as one item. Very frustrating as I don’t want to have to create a new recipe that is essentially identical. Please bring the option back to amend this type of recipe. Otherwise this is a mostly great app..Version: 6.43

A lot betterThis app has improved a lot since I last used it... The only thing that stops me giving it 5 stars is that it doesn’t enough Australian food content in the search database ...for example..our hamburgers are not just bun and includes the condiments like lettuce, tomato, onion, beetroot...and sometimes...THE WORKS.Version: 8.2

Best Nutrition Tracking AppI had 2 goals: to lose weight and to make sure as a vegan that I was getting the nutrients I need in the process. This app tracks calories, macronutrients, and you can set it to track other things such as fiber, sugar, vitamins, etc. It is easy to use, and it has just about every food brand and restaurant in its database already so there’s very little you have to input. You can scan the barcode of packaged food or just search. It is completely customizable, keeps track of your goals, progress, readjusts your recommended calories as needed. It syncs with my Apple Watch and other fitness trackers to keep track of steps and exercise, and my watch reminds me to log my meals. I recommend paying for the pro version, as the upgrades are very helpful but try the free one first to get a feel for it. It also suggests articles to read as you learn about nutrition, that explain the numbers it gives you. I had no idea a “diet” app could be this good! 5 enthusiastic stars!.Version: 7.88

Works for meI’m not too focused on my weight but it’s good to track it. But I’m focused on healthy eating and good nutrition and this app is great for that. It’s is a great weight reduction tool but it’s just not my biggest issue..Version: 8.80

Keeps you on track to achieve your goalsThis app is robust in its breadth and depth of resources including recipes and content about the different diets and foods. It is a perfect tool to track everything you put in your body so you can evaluate what is working and not working every single day..Version: 8.36

My net diary proThis app has helped my lose over 10 stones It is fantastic well worth paying for the pro version but I didn’t want to pay a monthly amount for the max I would recommend this app to anyone wishing to lose weight.Version: 6.77

Was goodWas a good app but now ads for the subscription service are everywhere, this was not a free app to start with and now being nagged for even more money. Not happy and I am not going to sign up for the subscription service so knock it off. Oh yeah and you have to give it one star just to post how much this app has now gone downhill Edit I still regret updating the app but after much digging around in settings have found out how to return some of the tabs back to the dashboard. I still think it was better before the recent changes but it is not as bad as I first feared so am increasing my rating to 3 stars. 2nd Edit After being diagnosed type 2 diabetes, I changed to the MyNetDiary diabetes version, I have tried a few apps now but always come back to this one, I have given a couple of harsh reviews in the past but to be honest maybe I have been over critical, the app is rock solid stable and support is really good, it has now become one of my go to apps for tracking foods etc. Am still not a fan of the subscription model but overall the app and support is second to none..Version: 7.99

Great Tracking and BeautifulI have used this app off and on since 2010. Overall I have found it to be a fantastic experience. As a healthcare provider I appreciate that it doesn’t have crowd sourced junk data in the app. The food library is sufficiently large although I do occasionally find a food that isn’t listed. Tracking is pretty easy with the barcode scanner, search by text, etc. I like being able to create a recipe but this feature isn't as easy as some other apps I have used (sure would like to see ability to copy paste a whole list of ingredients into the search as I frequently modify web recipes to make them healthier). Overall this app is beautiful to look at, sufficiently easy to track foods and offers a lot of options and great info from dietitians that other apps do not. Get it! You won’t be sorry..Version: 8.62

My net diaryFinally an app that tells me everything I need to know, instantly! Works great no matter what diet your on or if you just want to keep an accurate food diary. Great App, convenient, keeps me on track when I get the urge to indulge..Version: 6.48

Weight control is so easyThis app Is easy to use and tracks diet and energy output beautifully! Wish this was available years ago!.Version: 3.50

Amazing motivatorThis app is so comprehensive in its analysis - providing of course you have logged accurately. It keeps weight loss and healthy living on track with an easy to use app, great synchronisation across devices, and constant updates improving it even more..Version: 7.53

Eats Noom for LunchThis is a great ap. Very economical and feature rich. Easy to use. I’ve been using for 5 years and it works..Version: 8.62

Stop looking for a diet/calorie counting app. This is THE ONE!Update 6 January, 2022. I’ve had a couple of questions that weren’t addressed in their extensive help and video files and tutorials so I contacted support. They got back to me quicker than I’m used to with the help I needed. Huge Kudos for that. I am so impressed with this app and the after purchase service that I subscribed to the Premium service. Great value. I've only been using this app for a week and I'm blown away by the overall experience. I wasn't looking for a food recording app because I already have one; but after reading "The Diet Fix" book, the author's favourite app choice is this one, so I thought I'd give it a try. Delighted that I did. This is app so much better than what I was using. Is it easy to use? Relatively speaking yes and at this point the non subscription "Pro" version does everything I need. There's an old saying that the data out is only as good as the data in. I have been religiously adding my foods and the outgoing results are illuminating, and iCloud syncs beautifully between the phone and iPad. When searching the food database, I rarely come up empty. In fact, the other app I was using sometimes did not give results for Canadian items. This app does much better in that regard. Another nice touch is the short tutorial videos to help you along. In conclusion this was well worth the $7 Canadian dollars..Version: 8.30

Superb!!Really helping me to keep track and lose weight easily. Without feeling like I'm dieting. Great features. Why would anyone join weight watchers when you have this app available which is fantastic..Version: 6.87

Great appHas helped me more than any other app. Easy to use, simple, helps me to stick to my plan much better than other apps. Good job..Version: 6.68

It does everything... REALLY well!I’ve been using MyNetDiary almost every day for about 9 years. Seeing my weight graph is an eye-opener... especially the downward slope of my recent 20kg loss which I couldn’t have done without MND. I didn’t mind when it went to a subscription-based model, and it irks me to see other reviewers complaining about it. Every month or so I find new features, new insights and more ways to adapt MND into my lifestyle. With it, I will stay healthy and happy. Keep up the great work MND, you’ve got a user for life in me!.Version: 7.36

GoodExcellente application , Des progrès à coup sur. 😃.Version: 8.80

Highly recommendedI love all the functionality -- it gives lots of different options so I can tailor it to what I need -- I've learnt so much about how my diet, health needs and exercise programme work together. Great app for tracking progress and staying motivated.Version: 3.60

Best food tracker app out thereTons of features, easy to use, constantly adding new (even if small features). Couple features more I would like to see but maybe I just haven’t seen the setting yet. Great app.Version: 8.80

Max Features PriceI agree with Beast05 review. 8.99 is too unnecessary for the Max Features prices. I expected to be see some of them in pro version. Also for barcode scanning function is not good enough. Sometimes barcode is partially damaged and camera cant detect the actual barcode. It is good to be a manual entry section for barcode number. If camera can’t see it, at least I can write the barcode number and get the result. Better than the entering all nutrients manually. For my daily limit dashboard and and my weekly analysis should not be on the Max feature. There are other tools in market already does it. I understand that some features has a uniq case to be paid for in Max version such as diabetes. However some simple stuff should have already included in pro version..Version: 6.57

Best Nutrition App AvailableHave used several apps over the years (Arise, Fat Secret, My Fitness Pal) and this one beats them all. Comprehensive, informative, easy to use and well integrated with other fitness apps. Your search is over..Version: 8.34

LBI like the changes to the pro version but my overall assessment remains the same. I should be able to customize sodium, carbs, cholesterol, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sugar, etc. per meal or daily totals amount that I want to consume I agree with Helpful......But. I have been using this app on n off for several months. Overall I like this app but continue to use my old app for tracking personal nutrients, i.e. sodium, sugar, etc. consumed and remainder. Because the pro version of this app doesn’t allow u to personalize daily nutrient limits. I like that it has an Apple Watch app and it sends data to Apple Health app. It is easy to add food items. Unfortunately I haven’t figured out how to add a food item that I did not consumed but will consume at a later date. My old app which I continue to use is very easy to do. This issue has made loading food items I consume rarely very tedious. It is one of the reasons I haven’t switched over to this app n continue to enter foods into two apps which is time consuming. I live on a fixed income and $8.99 per month just to track nutrients isn’t cost effective. I personally think it should have been included in the pro version upgrade. Especially since Free and cheaper apps include this feature. There are a lot of features I didn’t want and will never use but got with the pro upgrade..Version: 6.42

Worth it....It's a good app, it's just difficult to include some meals when you don't know specific details... But overall I would recommend just to get you thinking about what you put in your mouth.....Version: 4.13

Best App Ever!I am 60 years old and been struggling for so long trying to find an app that can help and guide me along my Keto weight loss journey. I have chosen the Keto lifestyle because I feel so much better and have less brainfog and hunger but I never could loose any weight on it. That was until I downloaded this app. I have lost 10 lbs the first week using this and following the guidlines. I can’t tell you how happy I am. I was a day away from making an appointment with a local bariatric surgeon. I already had a name, address and phone number and had done all the research. I have previously had so many surgeries I didn’t want to have another. I believe I am on the right track now, I see hope. I can’t thank the folks at MyNetDiary enough for all your hard work into this app. I paid for the pro version the day I downloaded this because I knew what I saw in this I saw in no other. Thank you so much..Version: 8.45

Great appAugust 2017 update, still the best app, and I now also use it to track my fasting mimicking diet FMD (Dr Valtor Longo) I just adjust the fat/carb ranges temporarily for the 5 day fast, works a treat 😊 Great app, works really well. Best food/exercise diary I have tried. Very good range of food items as well. Metric functionality is not quite finished throughout app but developer has said they are working on this, not a real issue just inconvenient sometimes. I have lost 4kg since I purchased app & on track to lose remaining 4kg. Happy customer :-).Version: 5.45

Diet, exercise and NetDiaryPro - all you need for weight loss!I have been tracking for 3 months and have lost 10kg and counting! The weekly analysis tool is handy as are the charts and the ease in which you can modify your plan targets. Highly recommended for anyone serious about losing weight..Version: 3.50

Easy to use and full-featured, but nutritionally incorrectThe app is excellent for tracking calories. I have no complaints about it on that front. However, I find its nutritional guidelines worse than useless - in fact, flat-out wrong and outdated. The focus on reducing fats and sodium, and the association of cholesterol intake with levels of harmful LDL cholesterol are good examples. Overall, a very good, useful app..Version: 4.22

Great little app!Great little app! Helps you think about food choices because you can easily see how it affects your daily budget..Version: 7.20

Easy functional fun and successfulBrilliant App helping me to get to know eating patterns and behaviours which I can reflect on and change my eating habits my way. Great chats, great lists of exercises and activities, easy barcode scanner. Feels like having a little friend helping me not a big stick!!! Highly recommended 😀.Version: 5.45

Eating Control for an addictIt’s harder being a food addict than other forms, as you can’t just abstain from food. You need to continually monitor you food intake. Even during bad periods. This app helps as there are many instances of comfort foods stored in the apps foods and meals to use to get a handle on your calorie count. Even if your not always eating a balanced diet. This helps provide a measure of intake you don’t get when you finish dieting to your ideal weight. It’s a habit I intend to continue..Version: 8.5

Best I’ve TestedI have tested every calorie tracking app recommended under Apple Health for tracking calories and steps. Several calorie tracking apps only use the iPhone motion sensor for tracking steps and doesn’t read steps from Apple Health. MyNetDiary does, which works since I have a non-standard step tracker that works great. So many apps don’t get the user experience. MyNetDiary does. I have to say, the barcode scanner works great. I love that I can customize the dashboard. I like that I can set limits for the nutrients that I want to track. This app has a lot of features and I would never go back to any of the other apps that I’ve tested. This app is my new companion. I’m not dieting, I’m maintaining a lifestyle change. Just like you should always track your financial budget, you should always track your caloric intake. Too easy to wander out of control if you aren’t paying attention..Version: 6.99

Really pleased with this appGreat app. Use it all the time. But +RIDICULOUSLY+ hard to update your own personal plan from an iphone. It is possible but not at all intuitive or easy. My trainer gives me updated macros to follow. I need to set aside 30 minutes and a heap of googling to do the change..Version: 8.38

Absolutely the best food diary on the App Store.I’ve been using My Net Diary for more than five years. Couldn’t live without it..Version: 8.83

Fantastic ToolI’ve been using this great app for 5 years. It serves its purpose seamlessly and offers so much info..Version: 8.6

My Net Diary food BuddyMy Net Diary has become my food buddy. It helps me keep track of what I eat. Started Keto Diet and it gives me a day to day view of what I have eaten and when along with my day to day weight Con, can't share custom entered recepies with my friends and family.Version: 5.45

Love itReally easy to use, like the food icons, like the fact if you don’t find an item you just take a picture and send it to the developer and in 1-2 days your item/food will be ready to use with all the macros. Note to developers: continue to polish and keep the apps updated cause it’s better every update and you can see you always put effort in the apps. Highly recommended 10/10.Version: 8.66

Great appThis app is enabling a seamless focus on my calorific intake that I’ve not been able to do previously. The meals are easy to make and are already an improvement on my cooking. I’ve also started adding voice logging to input meals. My weight has come down (unclear yet if this is because of improved accuracy) but I can now see my toes 😝..Version: 8.57

Great App to help you lose weightThe app is a great way to log your intake calories and to help you lose weight. I paid for the Pro version and could not be happier with my investment! Thanks to the team developing it, awesome job!.Version: 6.68

Love it!! Best app everI just recently started using this app.... I love it... The app is easy to use.Version: 8.12

Best Tracker!Simple to use, yet has all the advanced features I was looking for (scanning, recipes/ custom meals, nutrient tracking) and works well across all different devices..Version: 8.31

Hard to beat for responsible trackingI’ve reached my goal weight plus some and now need to maintain my weight, keeping some reserves in place to manage a health issue. So I was wondering whether to replace this app since I’ve only been using it to track activity and I’m fed up with being encouraged to upgrade to a more expensive version. But I’ve decided I’ll stick. Alternatives I looked at are more gung-ho and MyNetDiary has a maintenance mode, unlike, for example, the NHS app. It never flogs one approach over another, instead providing links to sensible and open-minded advice. The calorie counter is fantastic and quick to use; I’m going to use it to check now and then that I’m getting enough calories - it’s calculated my maintenance level for me. The activity logger includes everything you could think of, from spinning to ironing. Yes. It’s excellent. Glad I had another look at it..Version: 8.5

1L1Love this app.Have gone back to other apps including point counter apps, always come back to this one. The only thing that could improve it would be if allowed a calorie allowance like 1200-1300 calories or 1300-1400 calories instead of just a strict 1300 calories or a strict 1400 calories..Version: 8.80

Long time userI have been using MyNetDiary for a number of years off and on. Whenever I use it I hit the goals I set for myself. That is the key point of the app for me. It has become more user friendly and useful as the updates have come. I have found it to be a great app..Version: 6.87

Best overall app of its kind!This app has improved so much over the last couple of years that I barely recognize it. It is the best app of its kind that I’ve found by far!.Version: 8.36

My net diaryLove love love this app! It’s like having a little coach. I check in every morning and do what I have to do. Once you get your head around what to eat and what to stay away from- high calorie foods- it’s easy!! Buy it and JUST DO IT!.Version: 6.44

No offline, no 2-way Apple Health syncFollowing developer response, I can confirm it is wrong. I absolutely cannot enter food from my favourites when I'm offline (underground, with no reception). I tried! It does not work. Also, this app absolutely does not read data from the Apple Health app. I tried adding a workout through my Apple Watch, which registered in Apple Health, but MyNetDiary does not pick it up. Perhaps the developers should test the functionality before releasing... Original review: You can't enter food that's regularly used when you're offline (e.g. on the tube, or if you don't have mobile reception)... Why?! Also, writes data to the Apple Health app, but doesn't read it! If I log exercise in another app (eg. Strava) that saves to the Health app, MyNetDiary doesn't pick it up. Pretty useless for a complete picture of your health! Another possible area for improvement are the charts and the BMI/BMR reporting (make that a stand-alone page as well, possibly as a current status page).Version: 6.77

Still the best!Excellent -It is one of the best overall calorie counter I've used - good food data base plus much easy functionality including adding nutritional information for you via taking a photo for foods that are not in the data base. Works great with Apple Health syncing exercise, steps, calories, weight etc. Even has an Apple Watch app! More privacy settings than other calorie counters, information is certified encrypted on their servers thats important to me. Responsive support and great timely updates. More accurate breakdown of nutrition and vitamins and health breakdowns that Mynetdiary offers is absolutely worth it for me. I'm thoroughly impressed and have been for the long time I've been using it now to help get to and maintain my weight goals..Version: 5.45

JUST WHAT I NEEDED!!!I've been 'assuming' that the calories I eat are correct by ' my reckoning' NOT SO!!! I can now find EVERY food I am eating on my own diet and 'write' it down in this amazing app I walk my dog and that gets entered by me. Great information and so easy THANK YOU!!! At last . My willpower and an incentive of having something logical for once that works They say writing things down during trying to lose weight helps. Well this really is...... First week I've lost 8 pounds and thrilled I have a record of it!!! I’ve gone away from ‘dieting’ but always come back. With this app I can pick up where I left off last time. AMAZING!.Version: 7.34

App gets better and better!I’ve been using this wonderful app since 2011! It was great to begin with if only a little clunky in places. Well, they have steadily improved it with each update! Everything runs smooth and there’s greater and greater functionality every time. Not only do the actual tracking functions work very well and intuitively, the wealth of health and fitness information provided is really impressive and useful. It feels very well thought out and based on nothing more than sound science and proven methods and tactics to either lose, gain or maintain a healthy body composition. Which reminds me of another great thing about this app: it is so flexible in terms of what purposes it serves to each individual. You can use it strictly to track your nutrition, your weight, fitness, special dietary needs, your body composition and circumference measurements, or any combination of these. Or, you can use the incredibly detailed information pages to learn, if you are just starting your nutrition and/or fitness journey. There’s definitely something for everyone here. Get the app, already!.Version: 6.68

Easy to use!I am halfway through a 15 pound weight loss that will bring me back into the “normal” weight category. I honestly would not have been able to do it without this app. The functionality is fantastic. In earlier iterations of the app, the recipe – creating ability was a bit harder to use, but they’ve streamlined it. You can now edit the recipe anytime you bring it back up, so if you’re a home cook like me, you can vary your recipe each time you make it without worrying about having to fudge the calorie content of each portion. I am also excited that they are working on minimizing the frequency with which packaged foods pop up at the top, making basic foods more accessible to enter. It just keeps getting better and better with time. 10 stars if I had my way! Thank you for such a great app!.Version: 6.48

Love it.Great app. It has totally changed the way my wife and I eat, through the food check, we have binned a lot of the foods we have eaten for years, and replaced them with brands that have lesser cals fats and salt, we both now eat a far better balanced diet, and what I like most of all is it's educational, we have learnt a lot about foods and areas we have been lacking, such as iron and vit c so with some small adjustments and adding in a few extra foods we have improved in these areas. Great app I would highly recommend to everyone sports peeps or just everyday peeps wanting to improve there diet..Version: 5.45

Number #1Easiest food tracker calculator with the benefit of seeing if your eating to much or to low of CARBS-FAT-PROTEIN AND TELLS YOU YOUR MICRO-Nutrients I’ve been paying a Nutritionist $100 a month for her to tell me what this app was telling me for $5 Donatos a Month Beautiful recipes for Diabetics -KETO-Low Carbs You will understand what I mean by Getting the Colourful App which you can adjust from Dark mode or Bright mode.Version: 8.80

Awesome app! Better than MFP!I have so many good things I could say about this app but I'd end up writing a novel on it. I've been a long time MFP user but no more. Love the user interface of this app. Layout is easy to follow and finding things was a cinch. It syncs with Apple HealthKit. I just love that it has the Apple Watch app as well and you can log on the fly as needed. This is a huge plus here. The exercise tracking portion was a little confusing but I figured that out. It was just user error. Maybe consider combining the gps app into this one so its all in one location. Just my opinion. So far no issues and everything syncs just fine. I even sync'd my Withings scale to it and that's another plus. I like keeping data all in one centralized app and this app pretty much does that. I ended up deleting 3 or 4 other apps since this takes their place. Big kudos for the diabetic addition. The recent update is fantastic and the layouts are very user friendly. This app is worth it. Keep up the great work devs!!.Version: 7.28

Extremely helpfulI have been using this app since 2013, for two diets, and it helped me lose 34 lbs. It is extremely useful. It has a surprisingly large library of supermarket products that can be scanned. There is a good amount of restaurant data too, and plenty of contributed data to give a ballpark for food that is not in the database. The search for food could use improvement because the order of words will matter - search for chicken souvlaki by plaka is not going to return the same result as plaka chicken souvlaki (it ain't google). I miss having a couple of features like unit conversion (kg-lb) and totals of daily nutrients (amount of daily carbs, for example). Also be aware that when switching between the free and the paid app the data does not get transferred, so it will have to be entered again. It would also be great to have a few extra reports like correlation between calories consumed and weight loss. That said, I recommend the app as a great way to lose or maintain weight and spot problem foods that are stalling weight loss. Also on those discouraging days it is great to look at the graphs and see how far I have come, and project future weight to a target date..Version: 5.45

Dieting for the OCDThe extensive and growing database if reference foods make tracking all input perfectly easy. The analysis and suggestions are helpful and the daily tracking and graphs help things stay on track..Version: 3.60

HelpfulVery professional tool. Accurate and helpful. Helped me lose almost 18kg over eight weeks. Would like to see better goal setting with maybe bmi/est body fat shown for the goal weight. Great support for local foods, and easy to add own in any case..Version: 3.50

Mynetdiary best app everReally helps to stick to the diet and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Easy to use too.Version: 8.57

Awesome app. Buy it.Easy to use. I highly recommend this app. It can be used for simply following carbs or the latest fad diet, or for tracking specific nutrients. I check my numbers 24/7, and adjust for what I'm lacking (fiber, protein, calcium, etc.) or back off of what I have too much of (calories, salt, fat). It's a real eye opener when I get such accurate data. I can monitor the days when I have enough in my diet and supplement only when I need it. Its brilliant that the nutrition info is laid out in the exact format as all our food packaging. Two improvements: 1. It should follow the 1 to 100 NuVal (Nutritional Value) system of rating foods (rather than their confusing -5 to +5). 2. It should take multiple users. I would love to track my children's food to get accurate info about the nutrients they are getting. Update: when I use this app I loose weight. When I don't I gain. I joined weight watchers for an experiment, but used this app instead because I hated theirs so much..Version: 5.45

It's everything I need. :)I've only had this app for two days & love it - well worth the purchase price. The best aspects for me is that it captures and records progress against my setting for daily proportion % of carb, protein & fat intake, has a journal to record my thoughts and best of all, the foods I eat here in NZ are already in the food database. Great work MyNetDiary team. :).Version: 3.60

Best app everHands down best app out there.... Biggest food data base, easiest to use, created by professionals... And for 60 per year go pro.... Indispensable tool for health!.Version: 8.31

Tracking on pointI use this app in conjunction with my iwatch and I have accurately tracked my weight loss journey and have metrics to look back on to tally my success. I recommend this app to anyone who is serious about dietary tracking and interested in finding out what it is that you’re eating that may be hindering your weight loss success..Version: 6.68

So much better than MyFitness pal!!A while ago, I started using MyFitnessPal as my first calorie counter app and don’t get me wrong it’s a great app, but it fueled my eating disorder I was recently diagnosed with. That app gave me negative negative reminders if I went over my “carb limit” or my “fat limit” and I couldn’t type in the fact I was 13 so I had to put 18 years old so it gave me false information anyway. I got so obsessed with that app that It was unhealthy it would make me feel so guilty about eating carbs, fat, etc. My moms friend introduced me to this app and I thought it was going to be exactly the same as my fitness pal but it’s so much better and really promotes so much more healthier habits. First of all, it gives you more calories to work with, it lets you customize what you want to track, and it tells you the actual nutrients and a grade for the food so you can feel good about what you eat. Love this so much because it doesn’t trigger my eating disorder and even though recovering from ED you really shouldn’t count your calories but I’m only counting them just to make sure I eat well and enough :))) ❤️.Version: 6.64

Good App to keep you weight loss on track!I like the analysis and the diet tips, the only problem is the food database isn’t as extensive as other rival apps, but at least it doesn’t ask for your personal data for use for 3rd party affiliates like My Fitness Pal..Version: 6.68

At lastAfter tears of trying to lose weight at last a programme that gets results. Been using the app and the tools and have lost half a stone in 5 weeks don’t feel pressured or stressed as I can eat whatever just need to be aware of calorie content it has been a real eye opener ..Version: 8.55

Lost 12 kilos so far, 10 to goThis app may have saved my life. Have tried lots of stuff, this - and calorie counting - works, and I can see myself continuing using this for the rest of my life if necessary. Also - keeps getting better..Version: 6.57

MynetDiaryI lost 10kg (62kg to 52 kg) body weight and 9% body fat rate (29% to 20%) while I kept the record in MynetDiary for 1 1/2 years. Great app- with full of practical and useful features and tips for dieters, it kept me motivated. Would recommend to all!.Version: 3.50

AwesomeLove this App, been a big part of loosing lots of weight..Version: 5.45

Fantastic AppI find this the best way to lose weight and keep track of nutrition , easy to use and the dashboard gives a great view of your daily diet..Version: 8.55

Fabulous AppThis app is great and now even better after the latest updates. I love that scanned and searched foods now have pictures as well as all the nutrients in the food. The blogs and articles available for support are great and filled with the latest information and it is so easy to log foods and navigate the site. Recipes are easy to enter and it is a simple task to add and custom foods from their nutritional panels should they not scan. Thank you for a good app.Version: 7.30

Great app! Could use a few tweaks for keto.I’ve been on the Keto Diet for nearly 4+ months and have tried several low carb, keto specific apps as well as MFP. The UI of MyNetDiary takes the cake. This app makes it incredibly easy to log food, copy from a previous day’s meal (which I do for leftovers at least three days a week), and remembers my frequent portions of a food with one-tap selection. Using Trackers I can log ketone readings, and everything is one place. There are a few features in the other apps that, if added, would make this one perfect for keto dieters. The option to select macro percentages calculated on the dashboard with Net Carbs vs Total Carbs, and being able to see that same macro view at the individual meal level. I’ve grown accustomed to seeing it on a wheel, and like that view, but even just having F/P/NC percentages as I build and plan my meals in advance is incredibly helpful..Version: 6.75

So simpleI could never keep a food diary but this makes it really easy and helps keep you on track..Version: 6.67

Best. Helped me lose over 10 kgLooked at all competitors & decided on this for combination of functionality & design. The single most important element of a very successful weight loss campaIgn. Highly recommended..Version: 3.60

So many helpful features.I love this app to bits. It is worth every dime of my repeating subscription. I’ve been using it for three years (I think?) & every time I decide I’d like to do a thing or know a thing, I discover the developers have already built the functionality into the app. It handles all the portion math with no effort required of my own brain, the recipes are easy to shop for & to make & I love how much you can customize the dashboard—from Cliff’s Notes to Encyclopedic. Oh yeah.... it also helped me lose 38 pounds of weight I’d gained on anti-depressant meds :-) I still use the app daily to make sure I don’t gain any of it back. Nice work, guys!.Version: 8.25

It works!I’ve lost over 20 pounds, there were a lot of factors, but I don’t think I could have done it without this app. I always thought that the calorie intake/weight loss mathematics must be too complicated of a system to work as simply as it did. Turns out that was me wanting to stay in denial about needing less calories than I wanted. I eat whatever I want, I just count it. I definitely make wiser choices in general, and have had a needed attitude adjustment about portion size. I feel and look so much better! I chose to pick the calorie needs if I was my ideal weight and was sedentary, about 1700/day. That was sustainable long enough to see awesome results and provided the practice of long term habits I will keep. Now when I ‘relax‘ and don’t count, I still come pretty close to less than 2000 calories most days. I can’t imagine not having this app!!.Version: 6.87

Great AppA very useful tool for those who genuinely want to loose weight. I have used it now for some 8 years, as required, and always found it to be the successful way to genuine weight loss. The help line is exceptional, with helpful staff assisting with helpful advice. There are a lot of diet plans out there, but for genuine weight loss and till maintaining healthy eating, MyNet Diet in the one..Version: 7.81

Very helpful App for tracking purposes!Inspires me to stick to an exercise and food intake plan. Has definitely aided in a greater understanding of calories versus exercise. I have been successful losing pounds!.Version: 8.41

Like this oneThis is so easy to use and includes lots of functionality!.Version: 8.2

I love this appI use this app every day. It makes you realise just how many calories you are having. Nearly everything is in there & if it isn't you can add it. The recipe function is also very useful. Also good to see what you are burning with exercise..Version: 6.50

Love how easy it is to use;I give my net diary 5 stars it is like Having your own Personal dietician With added friends.Version: 8.55

It really works!I put a little bit of weight on recently, so when I got back from my summer holiday I returned to the app to help me shift 7lbs. Wow! It has seriously been improved since I last used it! Have already lost the weight I needed to, but will keep using the app to monitor my food intake and make sure it stays off. Love the new calendar option to select any past day to copy a meal. Great app!.Version: 6.77

Awesome!!!!It's just does everything you want it to do. Love the history of weight it keeps for example. Reliable also..Version: 7.91

Great app!!I worked in a surgical intensive care unit where we also take care of bariatric patients ( gastric bypass or sleeve , "stomach stapling"). It's sad to see these people go through major, potentially dangerous surgery to accomplish what can be done just using the app to track intake. There is no magic! Burn more than you consume ...even the surgery won't work ( and usually doesn't ) if you don't stick to that simple rule. I introduced a friend to the app, and she was shocked to realize how many calories she was actually taking in over what she should be. She quickly lost 8 lbs and has kept it off. Anytime I gain a few pounds, like vacation or if I’ve been too busy to work out, I hop right back on the app and take them off. And even when I’m not logging day to day, I use it to check calorie content before I choose what I eat!.Version: 6.57

Best I’ve foundI’ve used this app for years. Even in Australia, nothing else has come close and I happily pay for the premium version. Easy to use, syncs with other apps including my Fitbit and customisable..Version: 7.02

J’adorerais s’il était en français!Ça m’aide beaucoup à avoir une bonne hygiène alimentaire et à m’empêcher de grossir!.Version: 8.38

SuperbThis is an excellent app. I've tried plenty of others & this is the best by far. It'll probably extend my life by 10 years by helping me to stay healthy..Version: 6.77

Pros and cons but overall highly recommendThe Pros - 1) Clean, easy to use interface, 2) accurate Info, 3) developer is responsive 4) updates are consistent. CONS- 1) I don’t mind paying something for all the Pros I listed, but the annual subscription at full price is expensive. 2) sales/deals never offered even to long term users. I don’t mind paying full price every so often but knowing they will never offer a sale or a BOGO at some point is a letdown 3) Referral option seems to have disappeared. 4) Poor Social component. The current community page is clumsy & confusing. Love what Fitbit and MFP are doing. Hopefully there will be improvement here. Overall this is really a great app and while I do have suggestions for improvement I do recommend!.Version: 7.53

Helpful but...Really like this app. Mostly it is simple and straightforward. I find the support and ability to ask questions not easy to find. Often the barcode brings up an item and the calories etc are quite different and it isn’t easy to feed this back..Version: 7.20

Very good app indeed!Very user-friendly and motivational even for a somewhat unenthusiastic dieter like me! Easy to keep track of what you’re eating - camera/scanner is great for barcoded food - and really encouraging to see your weight coming down..Version: 6.50

Absolute game changer for weight lossI was told I needed to lose weight to avoid the risk of developing diabetes. I had been pretty overweight for 25 years with BMI of 30 . Have tried all usual diets but really what is needed is a lifestyle change. One of my daughters recommended MyNetDiary . It was a huge success from the get go. Easy to add foods, weight, link with exercise apps. In 4 months have lost 34lbs BMI 24 Love being able to track nutrition and it’s pretty cheap for paid version..Version: 8.43

Brilliant!!!This app has helped me lose 100 pounds (51.5 kgs to be exact). Information is power! Good luck and make the right choices now, this instant - tomorrow is the mirage in the never ending cesspool of misery when it comes to weight-loss!.Version: 3.20

Highly educational and recommendedPacked full of logical features, easy to use interface and extensive database (even if a bit limited in NZ but it's not hard to add foods) love the option of not calorie tracking and just using as a diary- just don't enter the calorie amount. The analysis and bottom line is amazing and keeps me right on track and doesn't emphasize just calories in - which is great for those with active lifestyles. Would be easier if it could work in 100g lots and in Kjs and mgs ect for common and uncommon nutrients as they are not always in % form on NZ packaging. Also need to list full name of food not just search terms. A useful feature would be recipie analysis- rather than per serve enter whole amounts and then divide into serves- have been caught more than once thinking I have eaten a whole recipe made for four!.Version: 3.20

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