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Greenlight Kids & Teen Banking App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Greenlight Kids & Teen Banking app received 26 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Greenlight Kids & Teen Banking? Can you share your negative thoughts about greenlight kids & teen banking?

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Greenlight Kids & Teen Banking for Negative User Reviews

Don’t Get Greenlight!I’ve had this for several months. I want to say so many great things about this app, but a HUGE FATAL FLAW that touches on privacy and other issues is that any other adult you invite to contribute money can see your wallet and they can see yours. I invited my ex-wife, but recently when attempting to add funds, it tried to add them from her bank account. She was charged a bank fee that I’m now having to reimburse her for because I didn’t select my account from the wallet. I shouldn’t see any funding sources when I log in except for my own! I’m what other world or app would this be okay?!? I’ve sent a few requests that this be changed in the app. They continue to take my $4.99 a month and it’s a great app if you’re a single parent but not if others are involved. Greenlight should fix this immediately! I’m an app developer and understand what it takes and it really shouldn’t be difficult. If I’m the one adding a funding source under my login, those funding sources are the only options I should have and not the possibility of using my ex-wife’s bank account to fund the wallet. Very frustrating because it’s a great app and service but I’ll have to find a different solution now..Version: 3.13.1

Worst Customer Service ever! Look into other companies before signing up with Greenlight!Greenlight would be the perfect way to help kids and teens control and save money as well as teach them to be responsible with money at the same time. We got Greenlight debit cards for our 15 and 11 year old boys to start preparing them for spending responsibly, saving and unexpected expenses , etc. I set up the allowance auto funding once a week only for completed chores which is awesome as well. My 11 yr old was at a friends house and went to the store and his card was declined and keep in mind we don’t have restrictions on his card! My son was really embarrassed and actually thought that I didn’t pay his allowance which really hurt me and some of his classmates teased him over the declined sale. This was 3 weeks ago and this issue has not been resolved yet I can’t seem to speak with anyone and no return calls. They state that they have 24/7 customer support! That’s not true at all. At this point I’m frustrated and jut want to close our accounts and be refunded . Greenlight you are wrong for the horrible customer service that you are so proud of!.Version: 5.3.0

No way to change card in parent wallet?I got this card for my daughter, and it was a great way to introduce her into responsible money management. However, my daughter last used her card in March 2020. At the start of lockdown for my area. A couple of months ago I got a message that my daughter’s account was negative $2.50, and that I needed to add money to her account. I can’t figure out why it’s a negative balance since she hasn’t used it in over a year, and Greenlight debits my account every month for the cost of the card. I have tried for 3 months to update my parent wallet with a new card, because I no longer use the card associated with the account. As of today her balance is negative $7.57, and I still can’t change my card to correct it. I guess Greenlight is going to have to go ahead and freeze her account. I will be opening a new account for her at my bank. Great concept, but not worth the cost when other accounts don’t charge monthly fees or hidden fees for lack of use..Version: 4.12.0

Don’t get this unless your extremely controllingThis is one of the worst kid cards by far, It may look cute and helpful but it isn’t. The way it’s set up it’s supposed to help the kid get ready to use a real debit card but it’s completely parental dictatorship. The kid can’t really do anything, the parents do EVERYTHING. On the app you have little areas where the money can go, shop anywhere, shop at the store, any atm, and so on. It’s supposed to help you (the kid) manage your money. But instead of the parents just depositing money into the account and the kids decide or at least have an opinion to decide where the money go they can’t. The parents do and there’s no way the kid can transfer 5$ from the spend anywhere area tab to the use at the store tab because the child has no control of there own money. You would be more in luck just keeping your child’s money in a piggy bank than this. Unless you want your child consistently requesting money as they can’t put money into it at a atm or them asking you if you can stop putting money in the shop anywhere tab and to put half of it into any atm slot. And you have no problem controlling the whole car for them and getting a notification for every time they buy a 5$ fortnight card than go a head. Do you.Version: 3.17.2

Better off giving your kid a debit cardThe only way to manage your account is thru this useless app which even the most basic options are a struggle to use. No web portal option. Trying to find the record of funding activities into my kid’s account - can’t find it. It only allows to view history of Spending, Giving or Saving. No options to view when they received money. Trying to setup funding was as painful as can be. I setup two sources, checking and debit card. Every time I try to fund from Checking it gives me an immediate error saying that I maxed my daily limit. But I haven’t transferred any money today?? I still don’t understand what the point is of having gone thru the hassle of linking a checking account if I can only move funds from a debit card. What I also don’t understand is why does tell me that I maxed my Daily amount regardless of the amount entered. In one occasion I moved money into my daughter’s account and when she tried using her card it declined. I never received any notification. I had to call support to find out it’s a safety mechanism for fraud prevention and spend 5-10 minutes answering questions to unlock it. Save yourself time and hassle and give your kid a debit card. Much easier to use and manage with mature fraud prevention mechanisms if they use it as a credit card..Version: 4.10.0

Wanna love it 100%… but don’tThe concept of these cards are amazing. My kids love having their own debit cards. They customized their cards, and love being able to spend their own money without needing cash. However, a constant reoccurring problem is that Greenlight will not take money out right away. You can’t see pending transactions, and if it takes a few days to update, the days in between you can still spend the same amount of money. For example, my daughter had $10 on her card, she spent $5 one day, a couple days later she checks her account and has $10, so she buys something for $6. Now she’s overdrawn, but it doesn’t take that money out. You can keep “spending” that remaining $5 until it updates. These accounts won’t ever technically allow your child to go negative, which is great until your kid spends money they thought they had then suddenly the parent owes. Very frustrating to deal with. I’ve also had to deal with my son adding money from my bank account to his own card, there are no passwords, no codes, nothing to keep my children, or anyone else for that matter, from moving money. It’s also not a simple return and put it back on my bank card unless you call. All in all, great idea, there’s great features, I just wish it was closer to an actual bank card..Version: 5.19.0

Not super impressedI downloaded this for my grandchildren and great grandchildren, and I think the concept is great but Im not impressed because I began having issues right away with the first two cards I ordered. Of course, its the weekend so no one is around to assist me. The first two cards I received were crossed somehow. I entered the info on the back of the card and it linked the wrong child, then when I tried to put in the next child's info it wouldn’t accept it. The monthly charge was also unexpected since it doesn’t explain it clearly anywhere when openly the accounts. Customer service was kind the one time I reached them but they didn’t fix the issues with the cards that had already been glitching in their system prior to me receiving them. I would look at the app and the childrens names would be switched and then I’d go back in and they would be fixed. I told them I didn’t want any issues with the cards because of this and they assured me it would be okay once we received the cards but it obviously was not. I will continue with this until I find a free service. This is like paying a yearly fee for a credit card the company is already making money from. This is not a good way to start your children off learning about good financial choices..Version: 3.17.2

Complicated to Activate!After 4 emails back and forth and 3 phone calls, we may finally have a working card. The app makes the process sound easy but it doesn’t tell you that if you and your spouse have a joint banking account, their information must be submitted when initially setting up the account or the account gets frozen with no notification to you. Your card arrives in the mail with simple instructions to activate it in the app. When you try to do so, you get an error message that makes no sense and doesn’t tell you that your account is frozen or why. I then had to email a picture of my husband’s ID, add him to the account, and he was to get a text linking him to the account. After 3 tries he still didn’t receive a text. I call customer support again, go through 10 security questions and the agent says she’s activated the account. Then she sees there’s a freeze on my account so I have to talk to a higher level. Ten more security questions and a long hold time with this person and now I MAY have a working card. Way too much hassle and all along I assume I’ve been paying $5 a month and the money I loaded from my bank account to my parent wallet on the app has been inaccessible to me. I hope it gets better from here!!!.Version: 3.0.3

Great App. Fatal Flaw- no security.I’ve been keeping track of my kids earning and spending with a spreadsheet on my phone, but you can imagine when life gets busy it can be weeks before I update things, and often I would forgot to add items. I was about to open a bunch of child checking accounts for our kids when a friend told me about Greenlight. I downloaded it and set it up and I really like it except for one MAJOR problem. Once you login to the app for the first time there is no password protection. Anyone who might be using your phone can see and move money in and out of you checking account. This is not okay. The chances of someone having my phone with ill intent is small but not zero. Maybe my teenager borrows my phone for something and is tempted to go in and move some money around. This app has direct access to my checking account and debit card, it NEEDS to be password protected. All of my other banking/financial apps use Face ID or a password for security every time I open the app. This app needs that kind of security. A banking app with no security? Otherwise I like everything about it. I hope they can add this feature otherwise I will have to close our account..Version: 3.0.3

Great app!Great idea but I do not like paying $60 a year to use this. Took 1 star away for cost and 1 away because I can’t access the money in the parent wallet or transfer it back to my account. This has been great so far for my 3 boys who make money doing their chores. It’s much better than cash and they are learning how to save for specific things and not just spend money so freely. They feel very proud and excited when using their debit cards! Their ages are 12, 11, and 7! We have an account for my 4 year old daughter just to have a place to save birthday money she has and such. It’s easy on us too. They are more willing to do their chores knowing they will be paid for sure a specific amount each Friday! We had no system before this and kept losing track of how much we owed them or how much they spent on something. The only downfall is the $5 charge monthly. $60 a year and I still have to pay the interest on my children’s savings myself. If I only had 1 child I would not pay $5 a month. I also don’t like that I can’t transfer the parent wallet money back to my bank account. There should be a card like Venmo or PayPal for the parent wallet. If Venmo and PayPal can be free, this should be free as well. As soon as I find a different free version of this elsewhere I will go with that! When I first signed up I wasn’t aware that it was only free for 30 days. I found that out when the cards arrived. I’ve never seen the monthly fee advertised so I felt mislead..Version: 3.18.1

Great idea, terrible customer focus, lacking functions, data privacyFor a younger kid this is ok though one could quibble about the monthly fee. But for older kids, I find this service frustrating especially as my 16 year old started to run errands for me. I quickly found there were unadvertised limits not only on his card, but what I could transfer from my own bank account. These were hard limits that couldn’t even be overcome with a call to customer service. Now, as my son is old enough for his own normal account with no fee, I went to close my GL account today. Again, functionality is lacking. I can’t cancel or close my account online. I have to submit a request via a form. This should be fundamental functionality and feels manipulative that it is not available. I am also unable to remove my bank account as a funding source from the system because it requires at least one. Why? This also feels manipulative to customers. This is a privacy nightmare and I have no idea when my “close/cancel request” is taken care of on their end if my bank account is unlinked or removed or what? The monthly subscription should be separate (with the ability to enter a debit/credit card/use Apple subscription) from my bank account as a funding source for use in the functionality of the system. I can change / get a new card easy, but its much more difficult for me to change my actual bank account. I don’t appreciate it being linked to this app without any control to remove it..Version: 4.19.0

SCAM!!!This is not as advertised. You can not allow or block transactions based on merchant or categories until someone has been there or placed order which is basically useless unless you want to block everything. On top of that, during use, the cards were frozen because of fraud alert AND we had funded them with account tied to one of cardholders which support said was fine. It turned out they wanted us to pay them back $100s of dollars that they would then refund back to that account and then we could find it from the person listed as the parent on account and they couldn’t lift fraud alert until that was done. More or less, everything support told us to get us to sign up when we choosing which service to use, turned out to be false. Their website lies as well. We were told there was also no way to get remaining money off account but oddly enough when I was about to file a complaint, the very last time I contacted support to get details on account, they told me to verify some info and they would close account and they could credit money back to card on file. All the sudden I had funds back to checking account within a day. DO NOT USE..Version: 5.16.0

This app has issues along with customer service.I actually have had this app for four months. The first time I used it was great. The card that I was using for funding was gone and canceled. I was unable to establish a new funding source through the app. Had to contact the company through an email and no help from them even if they created in a new slot for it. Then contacted the company about closureOf the account and I’ll refund theRemaining balance on the card. I was told that they do not do that and I had to go back through my bank to recover the amount owed to me. This app has a good theory of how to distribute and track spin alarm on a child’s account. But would not recommend it to other parents. There are bugs in the system and customer service is horrible. I was online for 10 minutes before answering and huge amount of noise in the background. Will not use again and will not recommend it to friends or family. Huge disappointment to my son who would’ve liked to use it. All I can say is this is a warning to those to read the comments closer and maybe the company should give a free trial before charging the price of the app..Version: 3.18.1

Update looks great but less user friendlyWe’ve been Greenlight customers for about a year. We feel the fee is worth the value and convenience it provides us with 3 kids. My frustration is with the app update. It absolutely looks gorgeous, honestly my compliments to the designers, but I think this is a case where design lost sight of what’s important to customers. Before, I could easily see all information I wanted on the dashboard (the balance of each bucket of money for each kid). I’m now having to click 2 or 3 screens deep to see that information. It took me some effort to even find where the “giving” bucket went which is hidden at the bottom of the kids screen. What frustrates me is the lack of customization. Each kid is different. For example, we use “savings” as college savings (and transfer out to 529s every year, a process that has to involve customer service because transfer OUT is conveniently not a feature that was prioritized to build) and “spend” is our kids money. They have goals they want to save their “spend” money for but you can only set a goal in the “savings” bucket. I feel bad saying it because I can tell they must have spent a lot of time and effort on this redesign, but this update is pushing me away as a customer wondering if I can figure out how to do this on my own again..Version: 4.0.2

Card declined 3 times in two days for no reasonThis app is horrible. It takes forever to load and will randomly buffer and then log out meaning if I’m trying to quickly check my balance it ends up taking at least five minutes. That was fine until it became useless as a way to buy things. My parents put $40 on my card (to be spent anywhere), and the card declined on a $12, $5 and $22 charge at 3 separate locations and stores. the first two times, where it said I had the wrong PIN, were fine because I could live without what I was buying, but I’m now stuck at a bus station because I can’t get cash out to pay for fare, as the ATM is saying I have insufficient funds. My dad reset my PIN yesterday, it didn’t work. I reset my PIN yesterday, it didn’t work. We called the number for Greenlight and they “fixed” it; but clearly they didn’t because I have $40 and can’t pull $20 out of an ATM. This kind of malfunction is unacceptable for a service designed for children and minors. It will put minors in danger, with no way to get home or buy food. This service is altogether inconvenient and not dependable and my family cannot keep using it with how many issues we’ve had with it..Version: 3.14.0

ScammersI really wish I could give you guys a 0 star rating but I will settle for the 1 star. I got this card for my kids and it was fine at first until they started receiving gifts from their grandparents. My dad tried to load money to the card for my child but it didn’t go through on our end even though they took the money out of his account, he did receive a refund after threatening to report them. They ended up locking my kids out of their account and said that I must repay every deposit my kids received from their relatives(even though nobody disputed the transaction) all because we didn’t load the money on the card the correct way. I finally got through to customer service and they told me that they locked the card’s because we didn’t load it money on the card as a gift. They told me in order for me to get their cards unlocked I have to repay them over $300 which is what my kids received in all from their grandparents during their time using this card. Why should I have to pay you to unlock my kids accounts for money that was never disputed, by any bank?? Don’t make any sense to me and customer service didn’t make the situation better. I will be reporting you guys because I still have money in my wallet in the account and I can’t access it and my child do as well. Horrible company and I do not recommend anyone use them either. Get it together Greenlight..Version: 5.0.4

Company can’t be bothered to explain anythingUpdate: I have been advised that the hold is because I linked a bank account, instead of a debit card. I am very frustrated because the app strongly encourages linking a bank account—there is no indication that a debit card is necessary (or even preferred). At a bank, I can read disclosures to avoid situations like this. Because Greenlight is not a bank, the only way to find out their rules and preferences is by blindly triggering a hold that takes 1 week to resolve. My wife and kids like the app, so I’ll give it one more chance. I expect that we will not maintain the service for more than a few weeks, considering the poor quality thus far. Still keeping the 1-star rating because the company staff are very unconcerned about any of this—it’s like they have heard these complaints already. 👎👎👎 Company locked kids’ cards because I (the parent account owner) manually transferred money to the wallet. No notification about the lock until a card was declined several hours later. Then a phone call resulted in no explanation, and a vague promise to send an an explanatory email within 4 business days. Company says they’re available to assist 24/7, but they won’t provide any additional information for me. Unless they have a VERY good explanation, I’ll be closing account. I strongly recommend avoiding this awful company and its lack of concern for providing a usable service..Version: 5.16.0

Everything was fine in the beginningUntil my funding source (debit card) expired So I ordered a new debit card shortly after with the same card number and same name but it had a different ccv and expiry date. (A NEW DEBIT CARD) this app won’t accept it and Im not giving Greenlight my bank account number or a credit card number. Your app doesn’t recognize that my card is new and valid so your app says I have to contact customer service. Your app is broken. Also last month I tried to cancel my account. I “signed the form” and after a few days a customer service rep emailed me back saying that I had to add a funding source to the app so that they could refund my remaining money back to me ~$4. I couldn’t enter in my debit card and I didn’t want to go through the hassle of entering in my bank account for four dollars. (idk why they couldn’t just cut me a check?) PLUS you have to add $20 or more to reload, which I didn’t have at the time so I did not respond and they emailed me saying that “this issue has been resolved or ticket closed” so I’m like cool account closed…NO now they charged me my monthly fee instead of canceling and I assume they will just keep doing that until I owe them big time. Guess I gotta give them my bank info so they can STOP CHARGING ME A FEE AND CLOSE MY ACCOUNT Don’t do Greenlight - BROKEN APP/HASSLE TO CANCEL/FEES..Version: 4.31.0

RudeHi me and my mom and sister Trying to get this app and like we installed it right and so then him he told us to sign and we were signing in and then it says verification that you live there. That means that I am legal because I am Mexican and he they said that I couldn’t do it because I’m not illegally from here so they can’t give me money and then I was like super sad because I didn’t even get to try the app and so I said I was like this is so rude. Why would it not let how do they not know that people immigrants live near USA and they don’t have papers? I’m about to get my papers, but still like can you be a little fair to you know Hispanic people cause it’s funny people would love to give their money you know that Sunday is that when you give your child money but these days it’s mostly debit card you know not in credit not money or cash. Nothing of that so they should definitely add some thing about Hispanics you know to like let them be in this, even though they’re not from here because they still try to do their best with their family please update it. I will change my review once you fixed it because I really would’ve loved to try this app. Thank you for reading and I hope y’all answer me. Can y’all still like change it.Version: 5.18.0

They stole my moneyThis company is fraudulent and a scam. Please be aware they will steal your money. They also have very uneducated employees who will lie and tell you different things just to get you off the phone. I sent $2000 from my bank account to fund my parent account when it did not show up a week later and was taken out of my bank account. I was very concerned. The first person that I spoke to told me that my bank account was not linked. Therefore, that was the problem. This was not the case, since my bank account was linked, and the money was transferred out. my bank confirmed it. The next person that I spoke to told me that the debit limit was too high and that’s why the money never showed up in Greenlight but that in 10 days it would go back into my bank account. This also was not true. She tried to hang up on me, but I asked to speak to her superior, after an hour hold. I finally spoke with someone who said she was the highest level. She told me she did not know what was happening, but thanks maybe the money will show up in a few days. This is very scary and this company appears to be fraudulent. Please do not use this account..Version: 5.30.0

Great concept, but too many limitationsI heard great things about Greenlight from other moms. I was looking for an option where I could quickly transfer money to my kids, teach them how to be financially responsible, and allow them to have some freedom. However, I wish I had done more research. My kids are 15 & 17. The 17 year old has a job and his paycheck is direct deposited into Greenlight. BIG MISTAKE! He pays for half of his car payment & insurance (teaching financial responsibility, right!?), but I can’t get his monthly payment back to my finding source. Parents are limited to the amount of $ that can be transferred back to the parent funding source. I’m making the full payment and his money sits in my parent wallet. Absurd! You can’t attach Apple Cash or Venmo for a transfer. I was told “we can refund the money to you by check. This will take 2-3 weeks.” 2-3 weeks? Absurd. No one should have to wait weeks for their money. I was then told I could open a Greenlight Family Cash Card. No thanks. I have a credit card with fantastic benefits & rewards. Greenlight really needs to figure out a better plan for 16-17 year olds who have a job to have access to their money. Let parents decide what they can & can’t do using the restrictions they can turn on or off. Allow the teen to pay the parent and the parent can access the money however they wish. Parents are adults. There are other money management cards out there that have better options. Do your research!.Version: 5.19.0

Lawsuit waiting to happenI’m legally 18, still in high school but I no longer live with or have any contact with my parents due to an abusive situation with years of CPS records. Greenlight support can’t do anything to remove them as guardians on the account to give me control. I have emails of my pay stub proving that I earned all the money on the account and I was never given allowance so none of the money was from them. Greenlight is in no way responsible for my delt-hand in life however any credit union or bank I’ve talked to automatically hands controls over to a child as soon as they turn 18 if it’s in their name. I believe they should have someway to manage a situation like this the way any other bank would and for these reasons I have found it frustrating and unreliable. All the money I had so far scraped together to get myself through college to build a stable life for myself is now unaccessible. I have all the documentation I would need to take my parents to court but unfortunately no funds. There are many wonderful reliable parents out there and this app is great for them but there’s no insurance or help for anyone who is or has been in an unreliable environment. I am fortunate to even have a place to stay for now..Version: 5.4.0

Write up needs to changeI have used this card for my three kids for quite a while. For the most part, I like it. There is one area that is NOT true on the write up - as I search for a new card. The write up says “the kid can’t charge if they don’t have the money” - or something like that. NOT true. Just today, the kids account was overdrawn and pulled from the parents account. I don’t care about the $21, the money was there - it’s just teaching the kid it’s ok to spend more than what you have. I called customer service and they told me that if the spend anywhere is used, it will pull the overdraft from the parents account. If not enough there- it then pulls from the funding account on file. I want my kid to get denied and have to contact me if he needs more money. He needs to learn to budget. This card is not doing this AND the write up is WRONG. Don’t believe it if this is important to you. Customer service said I could set specific limits on different stores for spend anywhere;however, I want him to have the ability to spend his money wherever he wants - but only the amount he has available. Very frustrated and not hacked off that they didn’t keep to what they had stated. Normally I’d give a good star rating. Based on the aspect they don’t do as I thought and just confirmed in their write up, I lowered the rank quite a bit. Hate not being told how things are really handled..Version: 4.4.0

Overrated & Bad Customer ServiceThe Greenlight card has a good idea behind it but compared to other teen banking apps it easily loses. I got the Greenlight card a few years ago and recently closed my account because even though it says you can withdraw money with an ATM it never let me do that, I have tried 3 different ATMs and none of them worked. There is also no way to deposit cash in to the account, and there is no way to send money with Apple Pay or Google Pay etc. you can only use Apple Pay or Google Pay to buy stuff, plus you can’t do any bank transfers or send money with Cash App, Venmo etc. Also I have to mention they have the worst customer service, when I closed my account I had money remaining in it so they said they would send the money back to the funding source linked within 7 bussiness days and they only sent $8 out of $148 so and I’m stilm trying to get a hold of them so I can get my money. If you want to get a debit card for teens I recommend Step Mobile which is actually free compared to the monthly fees of Greenlight and it has all the things that I mentioned that Greenlight doesn’t have..Version: 4.32.0

Do not do it!This company has fraudulently charged my bank every week with unidentifiable charges in 20$. After removing my card from the app. It still charged money from my account and then calling the costumer help line which is in India they were unable to help get my money back. I shut Down The account and got a confirmation number of my deleted account and it still pulled money from my bank. I then had to call and report my card has lost with fraudulent charges they still try to pull out $20 after I canceled my card. After being on the phone with a fraudulent Department of my bank for an hour coming over the charges we found over 220 fraudulent charges that green light had stolen from us. Do yourself a favor don’t even bother. You will get no assistance if you need it you will have no way of getting your money back or even knowing where your money went through this terrible awful horrible money stealing app if I could give it zero stars I would. After sending an email to the company address still hearing nothing back I know they will never fess up to the fraudulent charges thank God my bank was able to get it all back. good luck to you and your fight and getting your money back..Version: 4.17.1

Technical problems leave kids strandedThe technical glitches with this app outweigh its benefits. The bank information saved to the parent account to fund the kids’ accounts has to be re-entered nearly every time I try to fund the card. I’ve tried to transfer money for a kid out-of-town and been unable to do so because the funding won’t work. The bank info is there - you can see a portion of it, but the “help” response is to delete it and re-enter it. Unless you walk around with your bank account number memorized, this isn’t a fix. The kid is stranded and you’re stuck fussing with the account numbers late at night when you get to where you have them saved. Just save yourself the time and money and give them a debit card tied to your checking account. As a follow-up - I called the customer service line in the developer’s response and was told someone would call me back with a fix. Also received an email from Tristan asking if he could call me. I said yes, if he could provide a fix for having to re-enter account information every time I want to transfer money, if I have to re-enter each time I would need to cancel. I did. It get a call, but Five minutes later, my kids’ cards were canceled! I guess that speaks to the app’s abilities and customer service..Version: 4.7.0

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