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BIGO LIVE-Live Stream, Go Live App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

BIGO LIVE-Live Stream, Go Live app received 171 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using BIGO LIVE-Live Stream, Go Live? Can you share your negative thoughts about bigo live-live stream, go live?

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BIGO LIVE-Live Stream, Go Live for Negative User Reviews

Only been 5 minutes and already thinking of deleting!Downloaded this app thinking… oh this’ll be an interesting social app… Within 5 minutes of being on the app I was contacted by two old men in the USA… calling me “baby” and asking me to be their “Suga-Baby”!!!! What app is this!!!? And if it’s that kind of app… maybe put that in the description when downloading!!! 😡.Version: 5.12.2

Useless scumBigo live is completely waste of them and it is a scum. It double charges accounts without purchasing diamonds. Most of Bigo Live broadcasters are extremely racist sexist and abusive towards others. Also the app keeps going back to he top of the list when you scroll down on iPhone which is also irritating. You will never be able to contact someone if you face troubles. They have got admins in most of the countries but those admins remove the broadcasters ban in return getting cash to do so. There are a lot to mention about Bigo Live and I hope they will read this review and contact me to get more information as I speak multi languages and I personally have seen a lot on here which has made me sick..Version: 4.33.2

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY BEFORE INSTALLHey just let you know that BIGO pays people to talk to you with stock profile pics you can to found in google trying to get as much information of you as possible to collect it and sell it, this app should be illegal they are taking advantage of the people that is not clever enough to notice it, I have proofs of what I’m talking about Listen do not tell no body where are you from what u like they are making a fuk1ng profile of you to sell it and those are not beautiful ladies are ugly fat mans being paid by BIGO, delete this sh1t scam app of our always Big Value iPhone App Store and keep it protected, Apple do ur fuk1ng job now, NOW.Version: 5.8.1

Full of fakes and gold diggers, where’s the real peoplePress on a picture and if your lucky you may get someone who is actually the person in the picture. (Most of the time you end up looking st a blanket on someone’s bed!!!)Then most people want beans as I believe it’s a way of making money??? I want to speak to people from around the world and at my age not to some overinflated ego inspiring actress/model/singer/PT etc wearing a low cut top shaking her chest trying to sell premium snapchat! Where are the real people who just want to chat. I appreciate the developers do well in cutting out nudity etc but can you create a section for real people who just want to chat away from the Golddiggers and fakes!.Version: 4.5.0

Stop pornI don’t like this app because it has some porn in it and kids might want this app but NO they can’t please make some more change into this app because it has so much nudity in it! I really really hope that this changes now!😡.Version: 4.10.0

TERRIBLE ITS LITERALLY DISGUSTINGSo I downloaded bigo live so then adds would stop popping up I decided to try it out And I started getting random followers 3 of them sent me links for dating websites and NUDE people I decided to let it go and try out the app more then I got a message from someone saying “hi I’m olivia” then she asked what my name was I told her and she asked me where I was FROM I obviously told her then she said where about and I told her she THEN ASKED WHAT I DO FOR A LIVING I the worst thing is she turned out to be a FULL AGED WOMAN I searched what this app was and it says it was for p()rn I QUICKLY DELETED THE APP DO NOT TRY THIS APP.Version: 4.39.2

Keep getting banned.They sent me a email to join them and I did it seemed great socialising and getting paid at the same time. However I’m still waiting for my audition before payments can be made. I started using BIGO just exploring it but every time I went live streaming they would kick me out for no reason and wasting my time!!! When no rules in the guidelines were broken..Version: 4.33.2

Do not downloadThis app will ruin your life Once you create an ID you can’t deactivate or delete your account . Lots of harassment of all sorts on this App Also no way to send feedback to bigo support team , keep getting error messages saying “mailbox format error” And no other way to get in touch with these ppl - poor quality app.Version: 4.1.0

Bigo liveAbsolutely vile Iv trued for 5 days to leave a review for this app but obviously never been printed must be for telling the truth about all these scammers who are in it & want you to send money /gifts sat about with either no clothes or hardly any clothes messaging you try get you to check out their nudes & their pay per view websites or other dating type apps which is exactly what this is a glorified prostitution app You can never delete your account either stay well clearly full of scammers & bullies Only giving 1 star as cant give none.Version: 4.35.0

TurfJoined this site/app thinking it would be unique but nope. Despite having rules about pornography that’s doesn’t keep thots and slags coming into the app and showing off as much skin as they can. Also accompanied by these geeky looking beta males. Don’t join this garbage app if you don’t wanna see a bunch of slags getting their toes sucked by other men..Version: 4.1.0

Worst app full of bulliesThis app is the worst ! It’s full of people cussing each other out and specially that BIGO ID Halima88 is the biggest bully that never gets banned! Fat shaming others, posting pictures of other without their consent . That’s illegal.Version: 5.22.0

Brandon Keyz steals moneyBIGO the app could be a great app but they have people like Brandon keyzz stealing people money and not releasing people from agency! I have so many people that would like to become a host on this app but I tell them not to because the app allows people like Brandon keyzz for stealing people money. He also get pages like Ebbimay ID joshnebb back after she talked about chyna504 cancer. He illegally switched the ID names using hackers so that joshnebb would be switched over to a fufu page and therealebbimay ID would be moved to her host page so she could continue to host and get paid and not be suspended for 10 years per her ban! BIGO does nothing about this guy and I will never put another penny onto this app! Please people whatever you do, do not Download this app until this person is removed and the proper steps are followed through for host under his agency that does not follow the rules!.Version: 5.16.1

I haaaaate this appThis app has soooo many bugs and glitches, I have had BIGO for over a year and have not been able to go live because of a ban on my account. They requested that I send in my photo ID and also a picture of me holding my ID . I have done this several times on the course of a year and it keeps rejecting it and the ban has yet to be lifted even though I am 31 years old. I finally gave up and tried to delete the account AND BIGO WILL NOT ALLOW ME TO DELETE THE ACCOUNT! It wants me to continue to send my Identification with my personal information LIKE MY ADDRESS AND LICENSE NUMBER AGAIN and that is something I am not comfortable with doing REPEATEDLY ! I’ve sent several emails and sent feedback in regards to this with the same results. This app needs to be deleted, it is a scam to get your personal info and sell it to other scammers. As long as I am not able to delete this app I will continue to write negative reviews until it has been deleted. I’m considering SUING. That one star is a lie I give BIGO NO STARS I will download a better app.Version: 5.5.1

Unhappy with app!This app contradicts a lot that is in their community center. I accidentally selected the wrong pic to post to my bar a few days ago and before I could go to remove it BIGO removed the post and banned me from posting and commenting for 10 yrs!!! I have sent multiple feedbacks and have gotten no help. It was an honest mistake. Then I’m scrolling through my bar and I see other users who have posted half naked pics and I guess it’s ok because they are a Host. I have had the app since august but after almost dying in a car accident at the end of August I just now was able to get back on the app in November and I would like to become a host but I’m very disappointed is how they banned me for a mistake but allow others to do the same thing. Guess I’ll try another live streaming app because this one is not it!.Version: 5.16.1

Banned first day for making broccoliI have heard good things , I thought maybe it would be a good thing to try out . I was live for 45 seconds putting broccoli “food” in a pot . They said I violated terms and permanently banned me from the app , ignored all of my appeals . Now listen , of course I saw the absolute violations taking place all over bigo . Every room was pornographic talk of sexual inter course , racism and hatred spewed almost everywhere . Women dressed super provocative which is not an issue , but BIGO can literally terminate you if they don’t like your face and say you “violated” guidelines . That is what happened to me in 45 seconds , a permanent ban , for cooking broccoli. The most innocent stream , meanwhile you hear super charged sexually abusive language in every room and none of them get a ban . Yes bigo is super discriminatory, maybe borderline racist . I’m really starting to think this now after being banned for cooking broccoli in 45 seconds.Version: 5.0.2

Banned for No Reason!So I held my cereal up on my camera on my live, which supposedly looked like a nugget of cannabis. I got banned straight away permanently. Which means not only did I get wrongfully accused of doing something illegal and did not do, I also cannot access any other accounts on my phone. So which means that I cannot access Bigo whatsoever on my phone. I tried to submit application, yet it was denied. What do I do now?? Fix this PLEASE!!!.Version: 4.24.1

Anonymous’ next mission …Block Russian broadcasters on Tango and Bigo. … ..Version: 5.22.1

Just read...I went on this app almost three years ago, first live I made I racked up 100 old men, telling me I was beautiful and a princess. I didn’t know what was happening since I was 9 years old. please ban anyone who violates a child’s privacy, such as myself. It would’ve been helpful..Version: 4.29.1

Account scamI think it’s bs they don’t have an option to delete your account if you sign up. I curiously went through an app link and installed the app it creepily automatically made an account for me and then before I new it I was overwhelmed with other followers and bots before I could even show a bio of my individuality! It was too much for me so I tried to find out how to delete the account I started but the system said they don’t have that option from the feedback, but I could clear the account info and just leave it....which is unsettling! Considering how easily it is to get hacked on this app so I just changed the information instead and then deleted the app off my phone. Still though feels violating that I have a floating account that links to my google account and I can’t delete it. This is the only way I can actually hopefully get the service to delete my account link. Especially without any consent knowing I got into it without knowing I can’t delete it after making an account seems like a way to scam the number of members into their system. Please assist me with this I feel uncomfortable with this app!.Version: 4.39.2

Unable to change the LocationI would like to live in the country, which is different to my location. However, BIGO doesn't allow me to change my location as before and it is completely inconvenient. I know a number of people, who want to uninstall this app out of their devices as result of location problems. Hopefully, the company will provide this facilities in the future.Version: 3.16.6

TerribleBIGO Live is basically chaturbate but the girls aren’t usually fully nude, and they’re aware of this because the first things you see after logging in and having a LOT of your data collected is beautiful girls wearing very little, sometimes accompanied by a lewd title for the pic. About data collection, it’s really worth reading the terms of service on apps like these as they’re collecting your contact data, other social media info and even your browsing history, including a lot of system specs like which phone you have and how much you have on it. BIGO are aware of the platform they’re running and just don’t care because of the traffic it brings in. Even in the ads and pictures they show cute girls, this app is built to bring in an adult audience, it’s a slightly more clothed cam show app..Version: 4.39.2

Your adThe most sexist and offensive ad more offensive than hustle castle you are using women to click bait men advertisers should lose their jobs over this sexism and always taking advantage over young girls that cute dragon isn’t what it seems..Version: 4.19.3

UmmmHey I just want to say I wish this app was 9 age and over cus that would help for people that look like a toy or little but are adults.Version: 4.37.3

Not greatA lot of people on this app can’t keep their private lives separate from BIGO. There’s so much petty drama and so many nasty people. There’s been reports of people taking their lives or seriously hurting themselves due to bullies, fake people, harassment and general abuse. Please be very careful if joining the app and be extremely careful who you follow and what families you join, there are a few that don’t respect the members and are just using them for money and target hitting..Version: 5.7.3

Unfair appThe higher up account managers are for sale! Certain hosts are able to get PERMANENTLY banned pages unbanned by paying admins and account managers. They are also paying those same admins and account managers to ban other pages. The hosts that are getting constant 10 minutes bans while not breaking any rules or regulations are suffering at the hands of those that are paying Bigo staff behind the scenes. This app is a playground for extortion and bullying for those that are willing to grease the palms of the top tier management staff. I have witnessed death threats, homes being shot up, and peoples personal information being exposed all the while, the hosts that are doing it will get a PERMANENT 10 year ban but are back live within days. There is always an excuse from Bigo even when we the people submit VIDEO proof to bigofeedback. I will be reporting this app to the Trevor act and the fcc since Bigo will not take appropriate action against broadcasters who blatantly break the rules..Version: 5.13.0

Gosh. Where to begin.Honestly, where can I begin. I had started writing a long review but I just went to check trustpilot and the reviews there say it all. People leaving good reviews in order to have their accounts reinstated. That should say enough. Also AppStore suggests this app is suitable for 17+!? I would not let my daughter use this app. As soon as you enter you’re bombarded with scantily clad ladies and a Las Vegas like environment. I digress; this wasn’t meant to be long. Simply look at the fake five star reviews on trustpilot to see what kind of company this is. Systemic bullying and taking advantage of women in poor financial positions comes to mind..Version: 5.0.3

Live jasmin for beginnersNo, im not satisfied, its just clickbait and using women to advertise and the developer just writes anything in the ratings because he doesnt care about morals, only his wallet.Version: 4.41.1

Very DiscriminatoryThis app blocks and bans people giving them no reason at all as to why they are ban. People that are spending money get ban some girls get ban for no reason or showing a little cleavage, I’ve also noticed that girls who are half naked from other countries don’t get ban (white) but a black females usually get ban I have recordings of females naked showing they’re private or with legs open with crotch to the camera which bigo considers pornografic content but they never ban those girls or block them? Also many black host get ban just for talking or doing any type of movement. Also bigo feedback is trash there is never a real person answering the messages it’s always an automated message so there is never no real way to get unban from the app they are thieves racist and scammers, rules should apply to EVERYONE ON BIGO JUST LIKE BLACK AMERICAN HOST GET BAN FOR SHOWING A LITTLE THAILAND AND RUSSIA HOST ALSO SHOULD ABIDE RULES. Bigo pleaseee responde to this matter or you are looking to many LAWSUITS FOR DISCRIMINATION OF BLACK HOST..Version: 5.5.2

AppThis app is so annoying because every 2 minutes all I see is girls thinking their hot but their not and it’s getting annoying.Version: 4.20.0

-5 stars ⭐️App is trash don’t even mess with they me kicked me off for ten years because of my religion don’t bother boycott bigo 💪.Version: 5.20.2

ThievesI would not recommend this app to anyone. I was in someone else live when I got banned. First and foremost I was on mute, I was sitting down, and I was fully covered. I believe that banned me so that they would not have to pay me my money. I have invested into this app for them to rob me like I am nothing. What I classify BIGO as is a scan and they hate to pay people that are doing right by the app. ( I completely my hours and my Tier to get paid) I have did numerous feedback and apps and they have it still say something about three days but no respond. I sent a actual picture of what I was wearing. This app is not fair and they rob you for your money. They were also taking my beans from my live data and wallet. I might have to see about suing this company. You y’all knew better y’all would do better. I HIGHLY DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS APP. They are THIEVES..Version: 5.16.1

Big mistake not allowing screen shots or recordingWhile allowing broadcasters to protect their privacy is admirable by not allowing screen recording or screen shots; this actually does more harm than good, it removes the ability to obtain the required evidence to report a broadcasters wrong doing on the platform. Now girls can do what ever they want and never get caught. This type of feature is normally used on adult websites selling adult content to prevent copyright infringement. Unless BIGO is now an XXX adult app, this feature serves no purpose. Furthermore, if left in place, it should be something that is earned for example by broadcasting more or recharging a certain amount. I wrote this message because I saw a broadcaster doing something sexual in nature and I was unable to take screenshots to report them. You have effectively removed moderation and support from the community itself..Version: 5.8.1

Delayed rewards transferI have processed a transfer of rewards to my payoneer account which normally only takes 7 working days however this is not the case, everything else works perfectly fine however this particular process is quite frustrating please look at making this process better for users.Version: 4.7.1

DissatisfiedTerrible app …. I was banned from posting because I told the truth about Putin and his murdering soldiers. When I asked for an explanation, I never heard back from Bigo live 😡😡.Version: 5.20.2

Banned for absolutely no reasonCreated my account and instantly got bombarded by bots asking me to chat, obviously fake accounts, I’d say this app is filled with 90% of fake accounts (all “girls”) that offer nudes and so on. This app said I was banned because I violated their guidelines due to “pornographic” reason. My device is banned so I can’t even make a new account. I think they need to sort this issue out..Version: 5.13.0

Bigo Ban System and Loss of Your MoneyIt’s happened multiple times, the Bigo community buzzing about how the system is unfair. You’ll see in their community guidelines that there is no pornographic material allowed, yet you see half naked women all over the app. The theory is, because these broadcasters make so much money for Bigo, the company lets these bc’s slide by. I have had first-hand experience with this, so I have to agree that it is correct. Bigo has banned many of my broadcaster friends for less than these exposed bc’s, and they never received a refund for the money that they have earned or the purchased diamonds they never gifted. So this is a scam if anything. If you want a platform that isn’t biased based on personal feelings of what breaks their standards, please look elsewhere. This isn’t a good platform to depend on for earning a content creator living. There are alternatives that won’t steal your money and judge you solely on their personal feelings for that day when and/if you are banned. Trust me, it’s only a matter of time before they hijack your account. Then all your hard work will be washed away and you’ll be left with nothing on this platform except an account that floats on their servers. They refuse to delete banned accounts based on security reasons. Does that even make sense?.Version: 5.2.2

This user ID FIFA_player will act like he work with bigoThere is this user called his ID is FiFA_player who will disrespect you and tell you lies and say he will make u money and he is admin in bigo and take your card details and take money from you bank when you email bigo help feedback people all they gonna say is bring proof and when u bring proof they gonna say oh we punished the user and yet again he still using the app and saying I work with bigo so bigo most be place where people get scammed and the user says he friend with bigo admin most likely they split the money I will tell you guys don’t download the app as you will lose money and get Notting in return is place where they respect the thief’s.Version: 4.48.2

DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APPI ha downloaded this app and when I was on it I was getting messages of people asking for my cashapp account and I say the next two day’s I get on safari to look up something and it said the iPhone has been hacked and it scared me so I just reseted my phone cause if you reset you phone it’s say that the scammers will not longer have access to you phone and I think that Apple should get rid of this app cause they just scamming people and hacking people’s phones so please telling everyone to not download this app cause they will steal your information and when you try to delete the your account it will not let you and I seen some other reviews that this app is mostly ran by bots so be careful don’t save any of you credit card information in your phone at all or nothing else that’s very important........................ so I repeat do not download this app people hope everyone read this review before y’all think about downloading this app and just to stay on the safe side.Version: 4.43.2

Hate itI hate this app as it has caused major problems in our family, my husband has been messaging lots of females behind my back, most of them are trying to scam him into buying gift cards. He thinks they are his friends. Please take the chat part off this site..Version: 4.38.2

⚠️WARNING⚠️ do NOT download!!!!One Star is being nice. For one of the many problems of this app, it promotes pornography. Second, it completely messed up my phone. It turned the screen green when I was in the app, and when I got done editing a video, my phone said I had a text and made the sound like someone was texting me, but it wouldn’t let me read it! I immediately deleted the app and then reset my phone. (After which I was able to read the text.) Nothing like that has happened since I deleted the app, so I am almost 100% positive that it was this app. Only download this app if you’re ok with your phone crashing and possibly being hacked! Oh, and seeing practically naked people! Again, one Star is being as nice as I could manage. If it let you rate it -1,000 stars I would. DO NOT DOWNLOAD! All it does is take up space on your phone and probably hacks it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.Version: 4.21

Multi guest followBeen using bigo from long time made so many friends down there. There was option of multi guest follow like the where your friends are sitting if they are not there at their own broad. So that you can go there meet friend of friends so that you can know more people but from today you can’t see anyone it’s gone quite boring so that’s why I’m giving one star.Version: 4.34.2

They will steal your moneyI had this app downloaded on my phone. I stopped using it and have not used it in a couple months now. I randomly got all of these charges over $400 on my account within a 5 minute time frame and when I contacted customer service their only response was we don’t authorize charges to your account. I told them I would just file a police report since they can’t help me and asked them if they can help me delete my account. They have not responded since then. Apple told me they can’t refund me. I tried to re download the app so I can try to delete the account myself and now all of a sudden I can’t download it. My boyfriend asked someone on the app about it and they believe they’re scrubbing it off my phone and that’s why I can’t download it. I’m not having trouble downloading any other app. If I could give it 0 stars I would..Version: 5.19.1

Keys 2 Da Streetz Agency is FraudThis is a warning for potential new users do not join this agency you will be stuck the owner will pay to have your page banned and 80% of his agency want to leave and he won’t allow them to. He has people on the inside on BIGO who help him and I myself have reported them numerous times for bullying other hosts. The wellbeing of others is not considered there are some good content creators being held back out of greed and beans. BIGO have now changed the rules so agency owners are liable for what happens with there hosts which is allowing more control to cut there pay which has consistently happened the last two months, storylines being created to bring traffic to there pages and create mess we already witnessed someone from his agency fake being involved in a murder case where his-grieving family had to come on the app to address the rumors. Keys are toxic and get away with breaching too many rules yet remain on the app it’s disgusting.Version: 5.16.2

Bad app in regards to notificationsProbably one of the worst apps ever when it comes to notifications. I have the notifications set to only pop up when either I get a message from a friend or someone I follow goes live but I still get notifications advertising/pushing other channels..Version: 5.1.2

No respect for talent or itselfBigo recruited me to be a contracted broadcaster for the app. I’m a musician and singer and put on quality broadcasts on the app. In my second month working with them I hit the targeted 30hrs according to the time log within the app. They pay contracted broadcasters a base salary plus bonuses depending how many gifts you receive. Well, when it came time to pay me for the 2nd month they only paid me 1/2 the salary saying that I hadn’t met my hours. The agent I was working with went in to check and found out that I was 17 seconds short of a full 30hrs. I want to mention here that anytime you go over 2hrs in a broadcast day it doesn’t count. And on numerous occasions that month I had broadcasted for longer than the 2hrs. My agent agreed with me that Bigo should still pay me in full especially since it still said on their time log that I had fulfilled the requirement and that’s what any normal person would go off of. Bigo refused and I think it’s terrible business to treat your talented broadcasters/employees like that. I worked hard to put on a quality broadcast - none of the cam girl bs that this app is now known for. It’s almost a year later since I wasn’t paid but this still sits so wrong with me that I had to share my experience and warn other talented content creators to stay away from Bigo. They don’t respect you or even their own platform and it’s data..Version: 4.28.2

Not happyUseless app, no option to delete or deactivate account Completely pointless and the worst app I’ve ever downloaded DONT WASTE YOUR TIME.Version: 3.16.6

I don’t like itI was live a got band for nothing I was recording with no villonts I was wearing a dressing gown gezzz.Version: 5.8.0

Big NO LiveApart from the bots that try to get you to fall down viral, rabbit hole traps from identical message URL links, ‘Sugar Baby’ requests and offers, being left on read, and the God complex Catfishing from Nigeria. You meet a few wives who want to cheat on their husbands, all and all you talk to something- and if not someone, maybe..Version: 4.46.2

GaylordsI hate your ads.Version: 4.37.4

Waste of timeModerators are going overboard with the banning. People are getting banned for the sake of being banned, not because they were doing anything that goes against the broadcast rules. Moderators need to chill out. Was a good app until about a month ago. Now it’s not worth having.....Version: 4.34.2

Need helpI did have an account. And still do. I need help as I showed a TikTok video but wasn’t put in the rules so I have no acknowledgement on what was right or wrong. I feel I should be given a chance as I’m just trying to make something of myself. All I need is a chance. I didn’t have the account long either. I would never do anything to violate the rules..Version: 4.33.2

Can’t delete account?It’s impossible to delete ones account with this app! 🤬🤬.Version: 4.18.0

I got banned on my first liveBigo on my first every live three minutes in my live o got banned for no reason on my other phone can you guys please bring back my account.Version: 5.21.2

Banned for nothing????I just downloaded it and when I tried to go live (gaming) I got suspended for 10 mins and I wasn’t even live for a minute… and then I tried to go back into the app and suddenly I’m banned??? This all happened in the timespan of 20mins max. Never again.Version: 5.20.1

It’s ridiculousFor no reason you punish and couldn’t upload pictures anymore so I deleted all my stuff and logout I was going to delete my account but couldn’t find any option to do so but I delete the app haha And will never use it again.Version: 4.41.0

Indian and Bangladeshi BIGO ADMINSIndian Bigo admins and Bangladeshi Bigo admins along with some top Bangladeshi agencies willingly encourages few Bigo groups/families to harass and abuse ordinary hosts, viewers and supporters on open broadcast. Hateful contents and discussion over live broadcast although reported over hundreds of times are left unresolved and there by encouraging them more and more. These abusers team up with big BD contributors and TOP Bangladeshi AGENCIES under Indian administration’s protection to keep doing whatever they can..Version: 5.4.1

WeirdThis app is full of perverts. I went through multiple live to see suggestive comments. I saw multiple people making suggestive actions such as twerking and on one occasion nudity. I am completely disgusted by some of the people allowed on this app. This is purely getting a two star review for the other users who don’t talk about finding sugar daddy’s and use the app to connect with friends, and or show talent..Version: 4.13.0

Um?!My wifi connection is fine up until I go live for about 5 minutes or so, maybe not even that long and it disconnects! This has only started to happen now after I’ve had no problem before..Version: 4.2.2

Really Bigo?I gave the app three stars because you can meet some great people on here, and have some fun. However, the constant display of favoritism and lack of accountability on Bigo’s side is ridiculous. I got banned for eating essentially. And then they banned me permanently and then they gave me my account back. Bigo will cater to girls who make them money, to people who will make them money. So if you are a smaller account, they can block you and not think twice about it. Bigo always says that they will pay more attention but they don’t. Girls continue to be half naked, just for beans. 🤷🏾‍♀️. But someone will be banned if they’re just chilling and talking. Bigo should do better. It also takes a long time to report anyone like kids or even the girls who shouldn’t be doing anything ...Version: 4.17.2

Feedback systemIt’s absolutely horrible! It doesn’t accept screenshots done through the iPhone itself because they are “over 2mb” and you can’t use the app to screenshot a great deal of things going on in the app The feedback doesn’t produce ticket numbers for you to refer to an earlier ticket you submitted The character limit is annoying as hell both on feedbacks and reply to feedbacks and you can only send 1 reply to a feedback which is also annoying and limiting.Version: 4.21.1

Help Help Help Emaling y’all is not WorkingI don’t know what is going on I have emailed and emailed and emailed no response my account was hacked the first two weeks I was on here 238 beans and 2168 diamonds disappeared from my account no one has contacted me yet I have several screenshots of the I.d. # that hacked me I emailed those to y’all also that’s one issue........ Over Charging This app has been over charging my bank account and taking my money and not giving me my diamonds then when I requested a refund y’all declined it knowing y’all didn’t give me my diamonds I have several $1.09 unauthorized charges on my account from this app I also converted 800 beans over for diamonds twice in one night and never received the first set of diamonds... Can Some One Please Contact Me back emailing is not working I just want all my over charged back and my missing diamonds and beans I enjoy the app but I can’t continue to go forward till these issues are resolved I have spent a lot of money on this app over $500 the way to do it is to make sure your costumers who contributing to this app are well taking care of I just wants what belongs to me so I can finish enjoying the app I can’t enjoy it if y’all taking my money P.S Is there a contact number I can call? Thank’s advance 🤦🏾‍♀️... Responding to Travis i been emailed everything y’all app requested me to do in your policy and still no help I need to talk to some seriously are im going to take legal action.Version: 4.37.4

Nigerian Region reviewDear Bigo, I am writing as a concerned user of your platform. There have been many recent developments to pay scale of official hosts in the Nigerian region that are now unfair wages. The amounts to recharge and achieve targets become more difficult, while the pay scale continually lowers and this is not fair. The new salaries are communicated almost with no advance notice and have heavy impact across the platform. Official Hosts in the Nigerian region bear a very heavy burden to provide premium content and entertainment to the application, but are constantly shorted on the receiving end. Additionally, the 20% cross-region support has been an additional strain on many hosts that also seems unfair as our recharge currencies are the same. As these concerns become increasingly more impactful and concerning, I am challenged to seek alternative measures of the Bigo Platform until the pay scale and recent policy changes have been reviewed and made fair.Version: 5.19.3

How did I get banned?!All I did was log in then after 3 seconds I got banned. HOW!?.Version: 5.7.1

Salary reduceDear Bigo, I am writing as a concerned user of your platform. There have been many recent developments to pay scale of official hosts in the Nigerian region that are now unfair wages. The amounts to recharge and achieve targets become more difficult, while the pay scale continually lowers and this is not fair. The new salaries are communicated almost with no advance notice and have heavy impact across the platform. Official Hosts in the Nigerian region bear a very heavy burden to provide premium content and entertainment to the application, but are constantly shorted on the receiving end. Additionally, the 20% cross-region support has been an additional strain on many hosts that also seems unfair as our recharge currencies are the same. As these concerns become increasingly more impactful and concerning, I am challenged to seek alternative measures of the Bigo Platform until the pay scale and recent policy changes have been reviewed and made fair.Version: 5.19.3

GrossThis app is a dating app cause when I open it random girls say he cutie I’ll be wating here for you Like STOP THIS.Version: 4.45.0

Bring Back Ludo to the ios bigoI do love the app but everyone on the ios has lost interest due to having one stupid game which no one will play on the ios bigo i want ludo and the other games back to ios bigo seriously bigo pull your finger out and do something ios users want they're ludo back 😡😡😡.Version: 4.31.1

BadThis is nearly plagiarism of TikTok, not to mention 90% of the clips/streams/videos i see here have worse quality than TikTok..Version: 4.36.2

Your Down fallsTbvh, i think your app is getting ridiculous with its rules becoming much more harsher that it pushes people away! Especially when it comes to hosting and white listing you’s need to bring back white listing and settle down on rules cause your losing people.Version: 5.19.1

Awesome experience !!First experience was a positive one !!.Version: 4.15.1

DisappointedIm very upset I’ve had Bigo for over a year now and my account was banned class A for pornographic content I never get on my live and show anything like that nor do I twerk like they allow the rest of the whorish females to do bigo is very bias with whom they choose to ban they will let certain women get on and dance and dress in underwear and a bra and not ban them but let me or any colored female do that our account will be permanently banned im so angry that they banned me for something I never did I’ve been reported by haters and gotten banned for that as well it’s not right BIGO STOP ALLOWING CERTAIN PEOPLE TO GO AGAINST BIGO RULES AND THEN BANNING OTHERS FOR EITHER NO REASON OR BECAUSE RHEY ARENT A STAR lll or have 500k followers the rules should apply to everyone not just some smh i messaged you guys and no reply I want my account unbanned anyone who knows me on there knows I do not get on and show inappropriate things all I do is sing !!!.Version: 4.20.2

WORST APP EVER!!!Nobody is monitoring the reports!!! Anyone can report anyone for anything and everything and get you kicked off or banned out of jealousy or just for the fun of it. Girls can wear a snow suit and only their nose showing and get banned for pornography. “Oh your pretty, report. Oh you have a lot of beans, report. Oh your competition, report. I don’t like your hair color, report. You’re wearing too much clothing, report. I don’t like your music, report. You didn’t say hi to me, report. I’m gonna go report everybody so more viewers for me, report. I’m jealous and insecure, report”. People are getting banned for nothing!!! There needs to be proof of these reports and the reports getting checked before banning innocent people over and over again for NOTHING! This is how you lose customers and audiences. I’m over it. Many people I’ve talked to are over it. Its not fun anymore. I’m just waiting for someone else to make a better app with proper monitoring and so are plenty of the popular Bigo people that are getting banned for basically just breathing. RIP BIGO.Version: 4.34.0

Zero SafetyNot safe at all people abusing sexually assaulting & harassing by inbox sometimes with voice messages & using your pictures & writing bad things on it , people make fake accounts using your DP & name on it & abusing & spreading myth even emailed to the Bigo but never get a single reply from the team . Sending lots of reports with sharing abusive inbox chat . But seems they don’t care ....Version: 5.0.3

Could be better !It’s a good app but I don’t think it right when everyone on here like to show more nudity they get kicked out if they like to show everything and enjoy adult fun they should, if they don’t like the other person they should make there own suggestions and block them!.Version: 5.21.2

Bean rewards not accurateI have joined BIGO for about 3 months and quite active participating. However, the bean reward is not accurate. I was told if I join the admin live for more than 30 mins I will be rewarded 300 beans. I have done that twice and expected 600 beans rewarded. But none. Contacted admin she simply said that I am not in the rewarding list. I am not sure if that is system recording issue or management issue. But it puts you down as you have been expecting the bean reward..Version: 5.0.3

Pros and consThis app is great to meet new people and network but it also has a bad side to it. The in app purchases can become addictive and their is no benefit to them to you personally. Also the fact there is so many bot accounts on the app that are trying to scam you out of money is crazy. I lost a lot of money from this so I’ve deleted the app to protect myself.Version: 4.43.2

10 yr banUsers are paying beans to high level hosts and admins to block broadcasters who they personally do not like. Today I got a 10 year ban for simply showing cough medicine purchased in every UK shop on camera whilst wearing a mask as instructed by the UK Government. My device is completely blocked, not only did I get a ban but 15 other users on BIGO including others drinking a glass of water, another one for eating candy, another one who was shouting, another who was showing users the beautiful sea. One particular broadcaster who was banned for drinking water has spent £850 since December 2020 on beans they will now contact their bank and commence a MasterCard Refund. BIGO you have corrupt staff who are banning members for beans. Everyone knows if you get a 10 yr ban there is absolutely no way it will ever be reversed under appeal. BIGO is corrupt stay away..Version: 5.0.2

WHYYYY?They took my money, didn’t get the diamonds now it’s 3 weeks still nothing and now I’m told that my account is abnormal and balance has been frozen, I can’t gift anyone nor exchange anything. Update: my account is unfrozen but they are not replying regarding the money issue. I appealed about this earlier. I have appealed about other things, they replied and solved the issue after 3-4days except this particular issue (money)..Version: 5.7.3

WowI have never seen so many money hungry girls in my life I set up my account and install got messages “join my porno livestream” or “do you want to have sex” like cmon this is the breeding ground for sluts.Version: 4.46.0

It’s not good because you’re bad people in suburbia good people but you knowI I think that the app should be for adults only not for kids.Version: 5.20.0

This is pretty much an adult appThe app is great! 90% of the people on here are horrible! You pretty much have people showing body parts and not getting banned, people trying to get people to send money then they kick and block you as soon as you talk again! This app could be great if they didn’t promote half naked girls with there body parts falling out to make money! It also seems like they let things slide when the person makes them money! Apple should probably remove this app if not for the material then for the streaming of copyrighted PPV’s that the mods just let happen! I have meant a few really awesome people that really enjoy conversations but they dont make the developers money because they refuse to dress in less and shake their body parts around! This app is attracting the wrong crowd of people that are viewing and are only there to ask people to show them things! No matter how many times you report them they are still there asking for things!! Bigo needs to start steering away from half naked people and put more effort into helping the true streamers that want meaningful conversations succeed!.Version: 4.16.0

I keep getting banned for NO REASONIm starting to hate this app because it keeps banning me without telling me why its pissing me off because im hosting and i can do anything about it, can you like make it more specific when u ban someone and tell us the reason instead of just banning for NO REASON !!!!!.Version: 5.10.4

Awful updateIf you want to make this app Good in the UK maybe get some admins who work in the UK and understand what is going on. Admin staff are awful there no good if you need help. I know I have applied to be admin and they say they don’t need any. Well right smash that’s a lie as no one can get a hold of staff and when they do they are useless..Version: 4.21.1

Awful awful appTerrible terrible app that basically helps women scam money out of lonely guys. No nudity involved but very suggestive instead. Crazy that this is acceptable in 2021. The messages it sends to youngster about self worth is incredibly poor. It also stream copyrighted films non stop that is illegal but BIGO doesn’t care they are too busy raking in the cash. If your child goes on this app be very very worried..Version: 5.6.4

I got banned for no reasonHi, I was banned from this app because apparently i broke the guidelines on a live stream they said i was blocked cause my elbow got caught on my t shirt a lifted it up so u could see be stomach but i didnt notice do i stood up to get a drink and then my live was ended by bigo so i am very disappointed that i am banned and even more disappointed that girls are treated completely different to the boys on this app cause the boys on this app had there t shirts off and they are mot banned so there for i should not be banned because my elbow got caught on my shirt I WANT A RESPONSE.Version: 4.21

Not safe for kids!This app promotes inappropriate dancing from minors (primarily girls) and the only people use this app are them and old perverted SICK men that hit on juvenile kids. This app should have AGE RESTRICTIONS or BE REMOVED ENTIRELY. This app makes me sick!! How apple could allow this app to be DIRECTED TO CHILDREN!!!! Apples sick, the developer of this app is clearly the sickest and the old perverted scum bags that use this PUTRID APP.Version: 3.10.1

This app is terribleMe and my cousin did a live stream on this app and we were so excited for it, so we went on to live stream and started, after 5 minutes we had 116 people watching which was cool at the start , this person commented your cute to me which I thought was a bit out of order so another person told me this app wasn't safe but I thought is was fine so we carried on and someone else said your cute baby to my cousin which was so out of order and everyone on there was acting very abnormal and we are so disgusted at the world we live in . Please be careful ..Version: 4.4.2

BigoGarbage app, just a bunch of women begging for money....Version: 4.17.2

Totally EnjoyableSolid app to watch as well as share different talents across the globe, except for one thing....PLEASE develop Bigo live connector for Mac aswell please🙏.Version: 5.0.2

Step up and make it for kidsI don’t know why you can’t make a kids mode, you really need to step up. Stop making an app for adults. Nothing is going to work for kids these days, just make it for kids and stop asking for ID’s. I will report you if stop asking people to take photos of their ID’s🤦😡 not impressed STEP UP!!.Version: 4.41.1

Bullying and death threatsI recently come off this app due to being threatened I reported to bigo also sent them video of the host making the threats and nothing has been done about it I’ve spend over £300 on this app! Bigo sort it out and remove the people who are causing the issues.Version: 5.6.4

So many notificationsI downloaded this for one person who streams on here and haven’t followed anyone else. Every 30 minutes-hour, I’m getting notifications from here that are set up to look like a dating service or something. “I’m three miles away, let’s meet!” “come back I miss you” “play with me ;)” etc from women’s names and it’s so creepy. I’m so close to deleting the app because of this. Please sort this out..Version: 4.44.5

On the fenceI haven’t been on the app too long still going to different lives an seeing how it works checking different types of content but right now im stuck on 2 stars because ive seen nothing but hate amongst host an broadcasters people taking the drama on the app and taking it to peoples door step when i first got on everything seemed great they way people gift how the families an agency’s work an as i got a little deeper in i’m just very shocked at how everything is going so far broadcasters saying they want to hurt themselves online people sending CPS to peoples houses people meeting to fight off the app i was thinking about doing some content with my brothers but as of right now i don’t want them anyway near this app i’ll continue to watch an gift as i can i’m sure it’s not all bad maybe i’m just not looking at the right people will update soon maybe in about 3 months.Version: 5.8.0

Customer service needs to step upWe spend so much money into this app and what do we get instead is the slowest customer service than the local dmv in our area! You will only get fast replies if we achieve the svip requirements for one month and let’s say we don’t have it the next month we have to email them at the feedback and they almost never reply or when they reply it’s mostly unrelated to the topic/issue or they will be forwarding you to another department, another thing I dislike the most is how different region have some svip features and some don’t!? We are in US why can’t we have the same features as other countries when they have what we have and they have probably more features than us! Really really disappointed in the customer service! Would not recommend spending even 1 cent on this app! All they care about it the purchases and how much money we spend that’s all! If you guys are getting our money we should be getting the service as well!.Version: 4.43.0

😡WHY CAN’T I EXCHANGE MY BEANS???.Version: 4.9.1

Terrible appI got banned for no reason. Guys do NOT install this app. Trust me. Horrible app. I was doing a live and my dog was scratching the door because he wanted to come in. Then when I opened the door for him, I got kicked from the live and I decided not to make lives for now. Then, once I was scrolling through the lives, suddenly I got banned for seriously violating the Bigo live rules. When I requested to get unbanned, it showed me I will be unbanned in 10 years. 10 YEARS. I kept on trying to sign up but sadly, it kept on saying: “Sorry, your account got banned.” Literally. PLS DO NOT INSTALL THIS APP. Whoever created this app is a total idiot. Horrible app..Version: 5.18.0

Horrible - heartless peopleAll this app cares about is money i have been on this app for 4 months it’s been great up till this point , i did a stream about my dogs going to the park on father’s day and my dog passed away unexpectedly a day later , and we didn’t get a chance to say good bye i have begged bigo for some clips, screen shots , the first 30 mins of my stream i offered to not receive my pay, i have offered not to be a “host” anymore i have offered to sign a contract not to post it to any social media and they refused all of it we never got a chance to say goodbye and i wanted his last happy day.Version: 4.37.0

Poor customer serviceI have sent a feedback about why my friends’ account have Greedy Bigo but mine doesn’t. Its been a week or so and still haven’t heard back..Version: 4.36.0

NoNo just no, they send you links and if you click them it shows you pics of naked women. Very offensive to women.Version: 5.5.0

Good app just one problemHello I love this app the people are always so good and fun to talk to. My accounts are always getting banned from live-streaming because I have Progeria ( I look younger than I am). Is there any way I could stop getting banned? Kind Regards, James.Version: 4.4.1

Mixed feelingsI was brought onto this app by a good friend online. I’ve easily got addicted to this and enjoyed it. I’ve met some wonderful people on here and it was well worth the download. However, there are a bunch of people who are just diamond and gift hungry and give so much attitude and disrespect to those who can’t or choose not to gift. Some won’t even talk to you until you gift even if you just want to chat and are respectful. I’ve been kicked or blocked by those people because I didn’t want to or couldn’t gift and some of those streamers really don’t deserve it. I reported and posted about them but no action. So my rating is average. Some great people who will be kind no matter what and then some not so great people who are just bad for the app..Version: 4.39.1

GamesNot able to play games with this new version.Version: 4.8.2

The most offensive app i ever downloaded.I’ve never been so offended and disappointed by an application until now. When first discovered this app I was excited to try it I thought it seemed cool. I was wrong. I started a live one time and LITERALLY 5 seconds later i got kicked out from my own account and got PERMANENTLY BANNED ! I was sooo confused. I was dressed normally and I didn’t break any restrictions, I couldn’t have anyways it was only 5 SECONDS ! I really appreciate an app that is strict with its policies and restrictions and cares protecting it users. But THIS is outrageous, to get for “pornagraphic or inappropriate content” after only 5 SECOND of live streaming ( and i repeat i was dressed normally in my pjs, wasn’t revealing) doesn’t make sense and it is VERY offensive and INJUSTICE. I am very disappointed, i shall delete my account and never try this one again and i do not recommend it. Be careful of even smiling it could be inappropriate and gets you banned lol.Version: 4.36.1

I got banned from my live for doing nothingI was live streaming and i did nothing Inappropriate and they ban my live??! Not recommended on my opinion so im gonna delete it ..Version: 4.43.2

1 STARThis app is so bad if anyone wants to install this app I recomend you dont install it not cos its a bad app its only coz you find people abusive and an absolutely trash on here hate this app so much and its so addicting too WARNING DON'T INSTALL PLEASE.Version: 4.40.1

Probably amazing for many.So, I’m impressed with how relentlessly this app diversely seeks to cultivate engagement and interaction. I’ve never seen anything like it. In the few times I’ve tried using it..man...there was SO MUCH going on..like..personally I found this app to be, by FAR, the most annoying app I’ve ever used or seen. This app sent me notifications WAY too often, interfering with games I was playing - I HATED that!!! Like, LEAVE ME ALONE!! Obviously, I can adjust my notifications and did. When using the app, it’s like, here, try this, try this, do you want to do this, do this, do this, here are some free whatevers - use them like this, do you want to use some whatevers now?, here are some more things, follow this person, this person says hello - do you want to follow them or send them something, etc, etc, etc!!! WOW - WAY too much!! To be fair, this app/service is probably a dream come true for certain tastes. I’d prefer to not leave any stars, because I don’t want to affect their rating. 3 stars is more than I really feel, but I might feel differently if I was accustomed to its carnival of stimuli and, as I said, I don’t think they really DESERVE a low score for being so over the top with engagement fodder. So, there’s my perspective. Not for me, but I’m impressed..Version: 5.0.2

This app is disgustingWhen I first seen the ad I thought it was just a live streaming app so I downloaded it, NOPE it’s literally just females streaming their bodies I found this very disrespectful to all females this should not be allowed at all!!.Version: 4.42.1

Too many bots/only fans thirsty girls/old menAll bigo is. Is a bunch of Thristy girls and men following u and making nasty lives streams. 😒.Version: 4.41.1


Not the bestA lot of old men asking you to undress a lot of under age people and You can’t wear a mask even if it’s below freezing and your outside or anything.Version: 4.8.1

This scamming appI put a lot of money and time into this app so that I’m making my quotas and excelling there expectations and I’m supposed to get paid for it . The year is almost over and all I had was a hard time first it was my live data button for the entire first two months of starting as a host . Then it was my pay ….. never got cleared to my bank now it’s that I’m going to get my beans in full returned and I have to wait 20-30 days again when where are they? Right now ? While I have already put money in and supposed to get paid and I can’t keep up I’m discouraged I’m getting depressed I feel personally attacked with this app. I’m always in the feedback and I’m loosing my focus and my right as a United States of America working for anyone in this country should never be a scam . I have avoiding going live just to make sure I don’t get banned and never EVER get paid because this app does not make sure they pay you for your time like America is supposed to fired or not …. Not that I am I’m just saying I have been careful and still no pay and other people on this app say that my situation is very weird !.Version: 5.8.1

No LurkingYou can’t just watch anyone, the APP tells them when you go into their chat. I got kicked out of a few lives for lurking. I didn’t even have to comment. The “audacity” of BIGO is that it will message you that you’ve been kicked out of a room. I think I would be aware, I don’t need reminding. Nor do I wanna hear about being kicked out of a room for doing nothing..Version: 4.47.1

Streamer Bad ExperienceI signed up to be a streamer. On the first day of being live , I had 2 or 3 “recruiters” contact me to ask me if I want to work as a host. My live was very popular with about 1k people in the room. I didn’t know anything about live streaming on bigo before, and thought all the recruiters worked for Bigo. Anyway I responded to all of them, and they all set up an “ interview “. I did the interview like 3 times and then the hosts got mad at me for doin the interview with another host. Also I use a VPN for privacy protection and they said you cannot stream , also they said you cannot travel outside of the UK if you are a host. What a non sense app, they are using a lot of strange AI features too. AVOID this app. It seems to intrude into people’s PRIVACY. If you do a bit of research into the company in China you will see why..Version: 5.0.2

Most annoying app everThe only reason I downloaded this app was so I could write this review. I don’t want to see skimpy girls dancing on an ad while my kid is trying to watch YouTube videos. So stupid and irresponsible of an app..Version: 4.3.0

WinnipegThis site is for wussy’s and punks and closest slu$$.Version: 4.31.1

ANATHEMA TO BIGO MANAGMENT and shareholdersWe are GOD warning you DO NOT USE this dirty platform. All MANAGMENT after three warnings keep violating GOD’s orders. To all alive shareholders and managers Wr are issuing The ANATHEMA. No need for money and health- all will go to The OTHER WORDS where grinding tooth and screaming of pain. No pardon will be offended. AMEN!.Version: 4.47.2

Banned for no reasonHave been constantly using Bigo everyday livestreaming and then suddenly my account got banned saying I'm under 18 when I am 21 which states on my profile and even my Facebook which was linked to my Bigo account. Honestly find this so unprofessional because I am started to be really committed in using Bigo and actually having a stream schedule. And now I am banned for no reason. Emailed support but have gotten no reply..Version: 4.4.2

I was banned for nothing I want to go back on but I cannotI got banned for nothing I was doing nothing and was gone for one min and came back it said you are now banned from bingo live and I see girls saying gross stuff and they don’t get banned but I got banned for nothing.Version: 5.21.1

Full of fakesI downloaded this app to try while thinking it got legit profiles provided they do phone verification etc to validate. However what turns out is far from reality:- - There are enormous number of fake profiles on this app where the owner of profile is a man but acting as a beautiful sexy girl. They would demand to talk off the app e.g. hangout, whatsapp etc. They would then want to lure you into their acts so you can give them money. - Once you create profile on this app there’s no way to delete it permanently. Seems very insecure and dangerous in today’s time but looks like some newbie has developed this app who doesn’t care much about user experience - The features of the app and very confusing. It will take a while for you to get used to it - The only good thing I found is quality of video..Version: 4.28.2

🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️❌❌❌🛑🚫❌كلاب.Version: 5.17.0

Makes Absolutely No Sense.Bigo Bigo Makes Absolutely No Sense, They Say “Don’t Do Inappropriate Stuff” And The App Is Based On Doing Sex, Twerking Shaking Boobs. Etc, I Don’t Do Live! But I Watch Them And Cover My 2 Eyes, I Only Like Males They Don’t Do Any Of These Stuff. But Bigo Is Illegal I’m Pretty Sure People Are About To Sue, I’m Not Lying.. People Are Stupid, Racist, And Talking Ugly! I Cannot Stand People NAKED That’s Fricking Next Level On Inappropriateness, Now I’m Just Going To Post This On The Web So They Can Get More People Sued, I Don’t Care Though. But 1 Problem, They Made Likee! I’m Liking Likee More Than This Stupid App Because It Is Sh** I Mean People Are Disrespectful And Very Illegal I’m Seeing Comments Saying “Hey Cutie :)” Wanna Bang?” “Can I Have Your Number Sweetie” That’s Just The Most Dumbest Thing Anybody Can Say Like I’m Sure That’s Just Child Predators Acting Like 15 Years Old And Trying To Illegally Get Toe Pic’s Witch I Don’t Get But Can You Ban These People Developers Of Bigo?.Version: 4.36.2

No soundNo sound when joining a live stream via laptop. Please fix this..Version: 5.0.2

Absolutely trashOK so first off after four tries of logging into YouTube so I keep getting banned for not even do anything just standing there asking them questions about how their day was and what they would like to do in the future, etc. And I just want to say this app is absolute trash for not even do anything you get banned and for saying the worst things that people didn't even do and I was trying to go live with one of my best friends but then we keep getting banned we got so bored of it we just deleted the app I do not recommend getting this absolute rashes app and and for no reason it bans you. thanks for reading please fix this bug..Version: 4.20.0

BIGO liveThis app is not the best it works really slow and I was on live then I left and came back. It logged me out and said I was banned for what? I tried so many times to get back in and tried every type of signing in and nothing worked! Worst app ever not downloading it ever again so unprofessional..Version: 5.19.2

STOLE $390HANDS DOWN THE WORST APP IVE EVER WORKED FOR. STOLE $390 FROM ME AND BANNED ME FOR TALKING ABOUT IT DURING A LIVE AFTER SIX MONTHS OF BEING ON CONTRACT WITH THEM. REPORT THIS APP TO THE APP STORE. Do NOT sign on to be a host with them. They take advantage of girls by convincing the to sign a host contract with them and then steal money from them while they have their hosts promote their scam app. Bigolive has recently implemented new guidelines that are blatant discrimination and sexism against the females that livestream on the app. The new rules states that, SPECIFICALLY ONLY WOMEN, are not allowed to wear: high wasted bottoms that accentuate their hips, bottoms that are low waisted, tops that reveal bra straps or cleavage at all, leggings that are solid skin colored, etc. They literally are demanding that the females on the app cover every single inch of their skin or they will ban them and keep all their earnings. The ONLY rule regarding attire for men is that they cannot be bare chested. Every new rule is specifically aimed towards women and is blatantly discriminatory and sexist..Version: 4.41.0

, losing valuable hostsHi , I am from India I came from other app to here because of my friend moved here .I came here especially for her .she is from UK . She really loved this app and she is doing here for like past 8months .When bigo introduced region rule it really made us upset. It made feel like we r not important only people from US,UK and Canada are important because they can send without any limits. I request bigo to reconsider this and kindly revert back and remove the region rule. I really don't know the reason behind it . Don't lose some valuable hosts because of this rule . Kindly reconsider it .Thank You ❤️.Version: 4.32.2

Racist appDon’t waste your time or money unless you’re Asian, they ban broadcasters for showing a shoulder but Asians can let their tits hang out all day long without being banned. By far the most racist app I’ve ever come across..Version: 4.42.2

No option to delete profile.Dislike that there is no option to remove account..Version: 4.36.3

Inane conversationsI’m going on eighty three years old and I’m disabled suffering from Parkinson’s decease and congestive heart failure osteoarthritis I’m also wheelchair bound. I wanted to talk to someone more mature rather than giggling self adoring half dressed silly girls. If there was a choice to be able to talk to someone more elderly I would have probably stayed on. Another thing I don’t like having to pay for presents to get a response from them. So I’m going to delete the app..Version: 5.0.3

Just another Live Streaming app😒You will meet different types of people on here. The fakes are easy to spot for me. I got a message from Bigo saying one of my pictures was reported for some class A violation. Idk who reads all the rules and guidelines these days because they’re always so long but I’ve never heard of it. I just like to join Live’s and support the real people who entertain me or appear pretty chill; if that makes sense. If you want to join a family, make sure you meet the requirements such as location. I found out around two weeks ago that if you live outside the US then you can’t join an American family. However, there is something on Bigo called VIP points that you can use to pay Bigo to let someone in from outside the region. I recently downloaded LiveMe but there’s so many users who don’t even speak English on there. I have yet to figure out if there’s a way to change that. If I could go back to Bigo; I would hope that the people whom I’ve blocked don’t try to start drama with me because it’s a waste of their life to try and ruin mine..Version: 4.34.2

Banned my accountBanned my account for no reason..Version: 5.11.3

Needs ios game live supportCan u guys make it so we can game live on ios please.Version: 4.35.1

ReviewThis app should be used for any age from 11 and up because there are children who probably want to use the app but they can’t because it’s only 18 and up.Version: 4.6.1

To many half naked girlsDon’t download there are half naked girls!!!! The ads advertising this have half naked girls dancing to get you to download this!! To many ads.Version: 4.20.2

Tồi tệKhông thích quá tồi tệ.Version: 3.10.1

TrashI downloaded the app and opened it up for the first time. The first thing I saw was half naked girls. This app should be illegal..Version: 4.19.1

Worst place everHorrible they banded me the first time never again.Version: 5.21.2

ScumIt is all scum be careful all scum. It is completely scum please don’t install this app trust me when I install this app I can’t find anyone real all scum.Version: 5.21.2

We miss the old BigoI did broadcast in Bigo from 2017 to 2020, it was such a cool app, so many nice people and I made so many friends. Even when I always was rejected to be official broadcaster (because my account was too old) I was there for the nice people. Bigo was a respectful app and people liked that. Nowadays there is just naked girls, shaking it and they don’t care at all because they are getting more money from it, many bots and not really a system to stop them, they just do to people that isn’t as famous (sometimes). Bigo stop being a respectful app and all the time I ask somebody now about this app the just laugh and say that is p*rn. I feel sad. As I said I was in this app for such a long time and there was so many good memories, but I leave it because from 2019 to this days the app went from an amazing broadcasting app to a low level one. Many downloads and beans doesn’t mean is doing something good. I leave some stars because of the old good stuff..Version: 5.11.1

ComplainsTwirk central,app quite expensive. Progative dancing that doesn’t get banned practically in there bras and undies issues with content being presented flirtation and real dirty words with dirty talk some of the top charting braudcasters. When converting beans to Dimonds the rate that bigo takes out is way to high. The app needs to be updated and changed braudcasts freezing and no games on the I phones no ludo ect so people can atleast experience playing games on the app..Version: 4.11.0

It works out $8 an hour not good.Leaders of the family are not getting paid from there leader he is living the group. A lot of people have left. All my friends because of the pay..Version: 5.22.0

Stop advertising on kids apps!!Your adverts of girls shaking their asses and breasts in skimpy clothing are on children’s games. Please remove them. I had to download this app just to write this. It’s just sad that you’re selling your app by advertising nearly naked women like that. Make business like a respectful professional, not like a greedy immoral person..Version: 4.2.1

What a scam and they don’t fix errorThey have bad support help , very head contact them and when I report my account lost all game in app account high lvl they don’t care and no fix error for me I spend so my money in account and now high level and they take away all game for no reason! Spend money for them and they don’t fix problem! Good luck for new user!.Version: 5.13.0

Hate itThis app has changed my family so much, my mum is talking with other people while my dad doesent do anything.i am 8 and I don’t lik this bingo ad kitty app and she is messaging someone and hiding it from me, and people are saying nasty things like “call me” “sexy” “can we call”and it’s very heartbreaking my dad doesn’t know about it, sometimes she’s on her phone and I see she’s messaging someone and when I go near her she gets off messenger!our family had been breaking apart since this app came out and we were such a happy family back in 2014 until this app came out...Version: 4.29.1

I can’t game live my mobile gameThe option isn’t there. I’ve uninstalled reinstalled, created new accounts to see if it’ll change but no. The option isn’t there. I would love to give this is a 5 star but because of this hassle it’s a 1. Can you help?.Version: 4.7.1

Fake ratings &. ScamAll the rating are fake! Also a glitches! I don’t know why my other review didn’t post but this one did.So basically I only downloaded this app to use it once cause my friend told me to come watch his live on BIGO so I did and cause he’s the homie I decided to show some love and buy $1.39 (38 coins) and it approved and all of a sudden the app starts acting up and says confirming $139.99 worth of coin. I was freaking out so I reached out to them and they said there’s nothing they can do. ALSO THIS APP PROMTES CHILD PORNOGRAPHY AND IS FULL OF SEX BOTS. NON STOP ADS WILL POP UP TRYING TO GET YOU TO PURCHASE THINGS..Version: 4.43.0

I wish I could give 0 starsFirst things first, Bots are NOT NECESSARY! It’s extremely frustrating that y’all use them, why can’t you just give an accurate room count of THE REAL PEOPLE in your room? Secondly, y’all are very discriminatory towards certain body types, I would literally get kicked constantly for no other reason than I had cleavage and I was a bigger girl which is ironic considering you literally allow thinner women to dance provocatively in scantily clad costumes. You’re customer service is complete garbage and to add insult to injury after just trying to get my hours in YOU BAN ME FOR A YEAR CITING DRUG USE WHILE I WAS LITERALLY JUST DOING MY MAKEUP. LiveMe/Bigo/uplive are literally just the same concept just different branding. You have to watch what you say even when talking about your social media. I literally would get kicked for no reason sometimes and it became very clear to me that y’all only favor certain body types which is extended discriminatory. Periscope had its flaws but at least I got to interact with REAL PEOPLE IN REAL TIME..Version: 5.5.2

Worse appGive 1 Star to be able to rate, but this app it’s races and definitely picks and chooses who to ban obviously ... when u see 95% of girls almost naked but I get block for having cleavage lol do not waste your time.Version: 4.42.2

Speaking from my own experienceI have been using this app for not too long because I don’t get on it very often only get on it because out of boredom. My experience being on this app I would have to say it’s not ideal. Pretty much every panel that you possibly go onto has drama involved into it. And say if you do want to have a conversation with other people it’s bare minimum.. mostly people who are on there are for work purposes.. I’m aware that you can get paid and receive benefits but seems to me it’s a lot to go into it. (If you have a lot of time). 90% of people on the app are very sensitive. Mostly some people do take a joke some do have a personality depends on the day. I honestly see this app as an downgraded version of Instagram.. everybody and their moms, dads, uncle, granddaddy or grandma is on this app. So don’t be surprised when you see something. Take this app with a gran- of salt.. it sounds like it has potential but once you get on you get bored out of it easily. Js. Maybe for help with beginners it would be nice to have a tutorial on how to work most functions on the app I mean of course common sense is given but it’s very overwhelming especially something I never used before..Version: 4.44.2

Disgusting ApplicationFilled with perverted people. Every time a women goes live there are people sexually harassment her through the comments. WAY too toxic. The feed looks like an adult dating app filled with old men and women shaking off their body. I’m not the first one to notice this. Several others have commented the same thing. The fact that BIGO isn’t doing anything to prevent this shows that they are supporting this behavior. This app should be 18+ not 17+ due to how vulgar it is. If you want people to treat this app with respect then stop making the formatting applicable to elderly men who make sexual comments on literal minors. You don’t even have a word filter or an option to turn off chat for the live. The screen is wayyyyy too busy. Moral of the story? Don’t get it. It’s literally such a pain to work with and you can’t have a private account. So unless you want to be harassed and have a headache don’t download it. If I could I’d give y’all -1 stars..Version: 5.5.2

Worst app I ever hadBasically I was smoking a vape yeah I get banned once for 10 minutes and then I was smoking a vape again and I get banned for another 10 minutes and then I was like alright Let’s come back in a 10 minute and then after 10 minute I just come back and I see I get banded for 10 years for no reason the reason was smoking a vape and it’s so disgusting because I saw people coming out with the shorts or bikini on yeah they not getting banned for nothing they are smoking in Livestream they having a Shisha they having a cigarette or something they’re not getting banned but I get banned just for a smoking a vape for 10 f years that’s my experience from that app ffs.Version: 5.12.2

It’s Twitch but cheap and lazyDon’t listen to the devs responding to your reviews, they pretend they are listening and improving things but they aren’t unless it’s really serious. If you like Thots, then you’ve come to the right place, either way... your dumb and never heard of pornhub... The devs are unstable, they will ban you if they are bored and will try to find excuses. If your a girl on this platform, your just gonna get popular just by looking like a thot just like on twitch and treat teen boys like mindless customers. If your a guy on this platform, your NOTHING and won’t get so popular that people notice you unless your that 2% that’s actually interesting. Let’s be honest... BIGO is twitch but less popular and more plastic..Version: 4.19.3

SAD CUSTOMERI love bigo app , but i got banned just because i showed my cooking herbs and got accused showing marijuana, when it wasn’t ! So now i’m very disappointed with this app !.Version: 4.28.2

This app is not for scary people so please stay awayTo get the best place make please get to know people for a year first. Please be aware that it 2 different types of host won't this app A paid host and just go live yes it is possible to be a paid host but your success depends on the connection on the app. To be a paid host you must get (((40k ))) in Bigo gift every month 👉🔈AFTER 📢👈the first 60 days. If you get on this app place be aware that it's a lot of people that will block you if you do not have a name and some type of pictures on your account. If you just plan to use this app just for fun & conversation for the most part you should have no issue and it would be quite fun. Please also be aware that this app works off connections how u build with people. So if u plan to be a bad host take a year or more to build up followers and get to know the app. Also don’t just hop on anybody’s panel this is a easy way to get blocked it’s very irritating to the other viewers that have built up a relationship with that person..Version: 4.47.1

Good app, but a few knuckleheadsIf you want to play music, chat, dance and date then this is a great app. But be careful of the inappropriate people on here. I’ve had numerous inappropriate pictures sent to me, all from men. I’ve been taunted, called names and asked for sexual favours. There are ALOT of inappropriate people, but there are also good people. There are some who are genuinely nice and actually do enjoy what you do. Though they are few and rare, they are around. So just be careful..Version: 4.21.1

HorribleI probably would have liked this app but the ads they have are disgusting, every ad i’ve gotten has been of half naked girls dancing. it doesn’t make me wanna get the app and using half naked girls to sell your app is disappointing..Version: 4.19.2

Not for under 20This app has porn and bad words in it it is bad would not recommend🤬😘.Version: 4.11.0

Hot trashDO NOT get this app, it is awful and 80% of the screen is adds and it’s just a rip off of tiktok..Version: 4.46.1

I have lost my bigo account since the new updateI have almost 2000 beans for this account and the contact service is terrible..Version: 4.27.1

UGHHHHH YUCKOkay I want to address to not open or download this app. It talks about girls having s*x and showing their ( b00bs ) it’s absolutely disgusting and i would never want to open this app EVER again. Once you go in to the messages someone just randomly sends you a kind and if you open that link, then you will see that a girl is showing there (b00bs) and the private part!!! I WOULD NEVER EVER recommend you to get this app 1 star rating! 😠.Version: 4.42.2

I bought diamonds NEVER RECEIVED them rip offComplete RIP OFF I’ve been a gifter on this app fir a few months now I’ve added money to buy gifts normally without any issues until a few days ago I purchased diamonds through the website and my account was drafted yet my diamonds were never added to my account I’ve reached out to bigo feedback 3 TIMES now and they continue to give me the run around for information they should be able to see also along with multiple screenshots I’ve already provided and instead of reaching out or keeping the ticket open they’ve closed it I PROVIDED MULTIPLE SCREENSHOTS of my bank account transaction my wallet history in the app yet I haven’t been refunded my money back nor have they added the diamonds I PAID FOR to my account. Completely ridiculous and terrible customer service it’s now the 4th day of this back and forth NO RESOLUTION YET.Version: 5.11.2

CANT PLAY GAMESFix this please. I was able to play once but no longer can join a game. It’s so frustrating!! FFS!.Version: 4.4.0

ComplaintYou guys deserved less than 1 star. 80% people are fake I’d fake profile picture, I paid for money to do something for diamonds but after relished all fake id I complain about my refund no one reply me yet. I tried 3 times still not helpful it’s hopeless staff, guys make sure don’t buy any thing in this app it’s just ripped off..Version: 4.8.1

KmsThis app is over advertised and for horny 12 year olds kms.Version: 4.5.0

Not goodThe app is good but the people are horrible i’ve been kicked out of four live chats or videos for no reason I haven’t done anything wrong I’m probably just hated by everyone it wouldn’t surprise me that’s why I don’t like this app it’s like I’m getting bullied.Version: 4.41.0

I don’t know about this oneI just recently joined the app got a hang of it I loved interacting virtually with other people but honestly it seems like every little thing I did I was getting banned for. here’s A couple of examples if my tank top was too low which I understand but I put a shirt over it yes I wasn’t wearing a bra but like you did not see any skin but somehow I was banned for that. Then it literally says my age in the settings an when you click on my name I tried too verify it with my actual ID but it wasn’t accepting my picture honestly this could be a Great app it has such potential but the Bigo officials or community acting like there someone’s parents don’t do this don’t do that automatic banned an it be over the smallest things. This App is for the Nuns😭😭god forbid if I shown my shoulders do I get a ban for that too 👅.Version: 4.40.0

Makes money from Lonely weirdos!- This app is based on gifting economy from lonely men mostly. - App is based in Asia and has an Asian style of management. -Rules are applied arbitrarily and fairness is least of their priorities. There don’t have an universal law that you can refer to .The laws and policies are created on the spot and they apply the policies randomly. The policies that they have published are not clear . They made that unclear on purpose so they can be tyrannical and fully control the users. You could get banned for the the same reason while other won’t . So you are basically at their mercy. If they don’t like you , you get banned . When you send them an email they will reply in bad English with no proper explanation. - 2 stars because the videos are clear and on the tech side of things it’s not too bad. - good to make friends but overtime you get bored as it’s not real and can never replace real life socialising. You feel and look more miserable when using this app..Version: 4.25.0

Fail to remove illegal contentAfter like 6 mails, whole feedback team just cant fix my issue, bigo or feedback has failed to remove harrassed content. This raises an alarming concern as to whether they can monitor any illegal content on their own platform, which likely they can't as apparently they said they cant find the content, which is just simply ridiculous..Version: 5.17.1

It’s not safe and it’s not what it said it isI join bigo and was using it and the account was taken over by some one and they do nothing about it I think they’re the one behind it I’m band for 10years when I try to sign in but my account still there active and using they are scammers Apple should not taking part in theses scams.Version: 5.5.1

App crashesThis app crashes can't even open it on my iPad so thumbs down to this app👎🏻.Version: 4.33.2

I got banned for no reasonHi bigo live. My account got banned for something inappropriate going on in the background but all I did was show my face and now I’m banned for 10 years. :( please unban me I did nothing wrong AT ALL. Please and thank you..Version: 5.20.2

SucksIt’s so inappropriate don’t get it..Version: 4.39.1

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