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Canada booted?Suddenly the app doesn’t support Canada anymore???.Version: 2.187.4

JUST DO BETTERI’ve had at least three different orders where a week goes by and it’s almost the day that the products supposed to be delivered and they’ll send me an email saying it’s no longer available and I won’t be receiving my order. So with that being said, a lot of the time the app isn’t up to date on what products they actually have to sell you and it’s super frustrating. I get that stuff like this happens but they should at least have a waiting list or some type of system set up so you can receive the product you bought at some point. I just think that if you already transferred money to them for a product then you should be priority (on a waiting list or something) for when they are restocked instead of leaving you in the dust and saying “sikkke, yeah we actually aren’t gonna sell you that bc we messed up with inventory, here’s your money back tho, hopefully you get the product before the next time it sells out 😬”..Version: 2.122.0

SizeThe Nike app offers a wide variety of clothing and footwear that most regular websites and stores do not. With the customisations that you can do on the shoes it offers a huge advantage and diversity to your footwear allowing you to stand out and make it exclusive to you. Also the app makes shopping very easy as it allows to quickly purchase any of your preferences without any fuss and it always lets you know when something new has come out. However the disadvantage to the app is that if you’re an average guy like me then it makes it very difficult and hard to find any clothing or footwear in your size. In addition to this most of everything you see is always out of stock or that the size is XL or 2XL. It’s been almost 2 months and the clothing that I wanted is still not in stock making me believe that it will never be. Despite the app offering alternatives it never tops off your original choice, making it almost useless. All in all it offers great looking clothing and footwear however you won’t find them in your size as they are always out of stock..Version: 2.47.0

GlitchyThe update to the app is very glitchy. Items are not added to the basket despite several attempts. The checkout process has kicked me out twice with error codes which is not great either when you are about to pay. Makes you wonder if you have or haven’t paid or gave you paid twice and now gave a double order. The filter process is also very slow. Hopefully they will fix it soon..Version: 2.20.0

Unable to view my inbox and orders.When I click on my orders it shows a message which reads “timed out, unable to load current page” even for my current orders. So I’m unable to check any updates. I have to log into my account through safari to view. Which takes so much longer. App is great but this is the most frustrating part..Version: 2.126.1

Cancelled OrderI’m a huge Nike fan but I’m not a fan limited drops for shoes or clothes. I finally decided to get some of the shoes that I really liked (Día de los Muertos collection if anyone is asking) their official announcement said they where dropping on October 15th and I checked this app and the sneakers app and nothing. It wasn’t until I went online to Twitter that I find out they were not dropping until the 27th. So, I wait... Same thing. I wait and check both apps when the collection is supposed to drop nothing. Online says until the 30th. Third time around and part of the collection finally drops. I order my shoes exactly at 7:00am. Two days later my order is cancel with no explanation. I immediately contact customer support and they tell me they have sold out. Then I asked them about the other part of the collection that was never dropped and they claim it was dropped the 27th. It’s just so frustrating that they oversell and don’t have enough stock for those who purchased. I wasn’t the only one they did this too. More frustrating that there is no info on drops changing dates and have to get info from non Nike employees. Definitely deserves 1 star and truly disappointed with Nike..Version: 2.136.3

Give Canada SNKRSI don’t understand why Canada, which is right next to the US, doesn’t have the SNKRS app while countries across the globes do. Cmon, give the people what they want!!.Version: 2.194.1

Next button on last questionSigned up for it, started giving me the questions about Bluetooth, notifications, etc. On the last one it doesn’t let me press “next”, and I’ve tried everything and can’t get passed it.Version: 2.187.4

Bad customer serviceThis is very disappointing, i love nike so much and all my family dislikes nike because of there political views, but that has never mattered to me. Nike usually has the best quality and time for shipping and receiving clothes. I love getting my shoes from nike and my clothes. This last time that i ordered clothes i did it on my moms account she is a nike+ member. A couple days later i received two shirts then a pair of socks, but we didn’t order socks, we ordered a hoodie and another t-shirt. we called Nike and tried to figure out our order. The Lady that we talked to was mean to us and couldn’t find our order for 30+ minutes. we gave her our order number 3 times before she typed it in correctly. This was very frustrating, but to say the least we still haven’t received our clothes, it has been 6 days sence we talked to customer service, this is some of the worst service i’ve ever received when buying online it really makes you think if you are an important customer. Too that customer service lady she needs more training to adequately use there own customer service operations..Version: 2.124.0

I don’t really know what to say about AppleApple is multibillionaire company but they don’t even know simple things about their own phones they want you to download this app but every time you try to sign in it doesn’t allow you how are you supposed to make a account if your cookie is disabled you can’t login you can’t sign up the car no what’s the next step should I call Apple customer service? Like this is stupid I’m thinking about switching to Samsung instead you should too.Version: 2.187.4

Hacked AppI love Nike don't get me wrong, but the reason I'm giving three stars is because of a recent incident that happened. My app was hacked, and someone in GREAT BRITAIN was able to order two pairs of shoes. I live in the USA!!! This should have been flagged immediately. I called Nike and they were able to help out after a couple of confusing calls telling me a 50/50 chance of me getting my money back. Luckily it worked out in my favor I was able to get my money back but the hacker was still able to get the shoes. In conclusion, the developers should invest more in app security so the consumers can feel safe and ease of mind especially in these trying times (COVID-19).Version: 2.108.0

AnnoyedI got this app because I actually really like nike shoes and was interested in purchasing some, as I had recently started getting more active. I generally get my shoes from a retailer like Academy, but i thought I’d have better options directly from the source. It was working great and I was really excited picking out “favorites” to store for future use. I had this app less then a day and it does not work. It locked me out and continues to say access denied. ????? Ive tried logging in, trying to create a new account, using wifi, using my data, using the web browser, clearing my entire data. Nothing works. I deleted the app and redownloaded and that worked for all of 5 min and then it shut me out. Honestly super annoying. I went to file a claim with there online chat support- and after filling out all the info i hit submit and what do you know? It did not submit and sent me to the same access denied page. So i had to call for support and the lady said they would email me in 3-5 business days on ways to fix the issue. I asked what do i do if it still doesnt work and she said call back and they will follow up with another email. Not much help. At this point I’m both disappointed, frustrated, and annoyed. I literally JUST wanted to order some shoes. But if the issue is not resolved after this first email i doubt i will be calling back again..Version: 2.97.0

Endless connection errorWas asked to choose the country then endless connection error..Version: 22.6.0

Doesnt workNext button doesnt work smh.Version: 2.187.2

AnnoyingI have bought 3 different shoes and they came in fine which was great happy with that but now I try to buy some more shoes the app either tells me that item is no longer available Which it was just like 5 minutes ago then it sometimes even kicks me off the app which I hate and then now for 3 days straight I can’t access my cart to buy some shoes then I spoke to someone on the app they told me to uninstall the app and reinstall so I did didn’t do anything still isn’t working which is really frustrating I’m really disappointed in this app right now the only reason I even shop from here and not at Nike stores it’s cause I can customize my own shoes which I love that feature but now I can’t even access anything and can’t even favorite shoes anymore please fix if you all want to make money you need to fix this problem and all other malfunctioning things on the Nike app I know I ain’t the only one complaining about something here fix this issue I’ll rate it 5 stars again!!!.Version: 2.68.0

I didn’t get my orderDO NOT ORDER! I ordered shoes but never got them, fedex told me that the box was send empty from Nike. Nike investigation team took more than a month to tell me they can’t do anything when they promised me that they will resend the shoes again or give me compensation. Didn’t fulfil any of the promises. The worst customer service there is. I wish I could give zero stars..Version: 22.9.2

Forcing users to sign up to use the app is so lowJust terrible.Version: 2.197.0

Ease of useI thought using the app was great when I first logged in it had the items I had in my cart that I had put there when using my desktop but the amount of times I had to enter payment and shipping information was frustrating! You have the second line for the address line that states where you should enter your apt or suite number but that isn’t accurate and I found that out after 3 times of trying, it also delete my promo codes several times and luckily caught it before placing my order. I also didn’t like that When I wanted to change the size of an item I had to delete the item and then find the item again and put it in my cart. The features of the app could be way better, just feels old and clunky..Version: 1.9.0

Worst Customer ServiceSome of the clothes are nice though, if you even get to purchase some of them because the app or the information from their warehouse is inconsistent because it’ll show you stuff that’s in stock (that’s actually not in stock), stuff that drops (that’s also probably not in stock) and stuff that’s unavailable. Then trying to ask for help from any of these people is like playing a child’s game. For starters in the CHAT they’ll spend from 10-60 mins trying to answer one question, then on top of that you’ll probably chat with 5-6 different people who either giving the same useless answers or different useless answers. It’s like a constant game of tag of just straight up nothing, literally no one is gaining anything. I thought it was just me but apparently this is a constant. I mean at least they’re consistent in something..Version: 2.107.1

Terrible UIHire a real UI designer please. If you want to charge a Nike premium, make sure the shopping experience is a premium one. Website is poorly designed and your mobile app is no different. Very poor design choices, prioritizing “looks” over usability. There doesn’t need to a be a trade off. Painful to use. Poor integration with iOS wrt to information inputs during the checkout process. This is pure amateur hour..Version: 2.187.4

Zero stock as always with NikeIt would be nice if Nike stocked any larger sizes of golf shoes (11-12 and others) on their app and website. Consistently out of stock all year round in every pair of golf shoes. This is Absolutely useless customer service and deserving of 1 star rating. How can I wear what the pros do when I cannot get them? If I ran my business like this it would not be in business any more. I feel like a used and abused long standing customer..Version: 2.157.0

“Next” button did not workThe “next” button did not work. I can not complete the last question.Version: 2.159.1

Canceling orders1.) you can’t cancel orders after 60 minutes which is just absolutely ridiculous 2.) I am extremely upset because I just bought a pair of shoes for my birthday ($100) and didn’t get the notification that I had a coupon for my birthday. A couple hours later I was checking the personal page and saw I had one for my birthday! And, it was 20%! So I thought; “oh! I’ll just cancel the order.”(Cancel time is up) then I thought; “oh! I’ll just use it some other time!” I then thoroughly read the coupons rules and it said 20% off of purchases $100 and over. Yea. Like I’m gonna make that big of a purchase again. I just want you to know you ruined my day Nike. Just absolutely ridiculous. I’m not made of money, I don’t get to buy expensive things like this often, but thanks for the useless birthday reward! :D.Version: 2.156.1

We need a Snkrs CanadaNeed Snkrs Canada.Version: 2.187.4

Appalling!What an annoying waste of time 😡. This is simply a platform for Nike to show off their different styles as I found it difficult to find the styles I wanted to look at and the information about each style is scant and vague. I found it infuriating as the Nike app constantly popped up when I played my favourite game and I couldn’t stop it - ridiculous! Come on Nike, get your act together and spend some of the profits on improving your site, providing a meaningful service to your loyal customers..Version: 2.36.0

Can’t even make a account!!I have tried 5 verification codes and everytime I click to to continue it says it’s not valid and I have not gone past the 15 minutes so...If it’s not working why send those codes please do better..Version: 22.5.0

Poorly timed alertsStop sending me alerts at 3am!!! I have begun getting alerts at 3am from this app. Just now it sent me 3 different marketing alerts between 3:30am and 3:45am. Never heard of timing?.Version: 22.1.0

Snkrs canadaDawg please i need it.Version: 22.4.1

Availability issuesI’ve recently ordered and received shorts, tanks and pants. I LOVE THEM!! But when I tried to order more of the same, only one day later, they were out of stock in my size (L) and there was no info about when they would be available. As a Nike member I wanted to get them from you but short supply seems to happen a lot. Why? I eventually got them from another supplier..Version: 2.114.0

Doesn't workI can't pay the order!.Version: 22.10.0

No snkrs appGive Canadians a snkrs app it is America’s neighbor, how don’t we have it and these small international countries far away have it, this makes no sense it is way overdue no excuse at all, pathetic!.Version: 2.161.0

Needs usability improvementsI’ve been a Nike customer for years and while the app does make it easy to buy items I find it’s only the case when you know exactly what you want. While browsing the Nike product catalogue within the app I cannot even filter out what type of products I want. E.g. looking for a cap, I’ve clicked on the ‘accessories’ subheading but there is no option to filter the results any further than the basics like gender and sort by. So now I have hundreds of results within accessories that I don’t need or want. The poor usability makes it harder to find what I want without scrolling through hundreds of items..Version: 2.136.3

Horrible Customer SupportI recently downloaded the Nike Store App because of the benefits that being a Nike+ member is supposed to give you according to this cashier I met at a Nike store. There is nothing wrong with the app itself EXCEPT for the fact that it offers zero benefits. Also, the live chat is the worst customer support I’ve ever seen. It took them 10 minutes to connect me he a representative named Angie and 5 minutes more for her to read and respond to my messages. I replied to her as soon as she sent her message but then she never replied. It’s been 10 minutes and it still stays distributed 10 minutes which I’m guessing means she never even bothered reading it. I feel like their representatives are juggling 30 chats at once. This is unacceptable for a company as large as Nike, I’ve seen live chats from small scale businesses that do better than this junk..Version: 2.87.0

Support for CanadaSupport for Canada as a region was deleted.Version: 2.187.4

MrBe careful buying online , I had bad experience, I bought a pair of trainers , unfortunately they were too big and I sent them back the same day I received them and I request an exchange and the no problem , you will receive it in the next three days , 16 days have passed and I haven’t receive them also I haven’t receive my money back , I canceled my order after 16 waiting and to get money back i have been told is going to take between a week and my maybe more there is actually not a date to get my money back, I can’t order order a different size cos my size in not in stock ay longer , what a night mare, other companies would give you vouchers for the big mistake .... I have been told that the warehouse did a mistake processing my order and they don’t when the problem can get fix it never ask for exchange , no support , no body than can sort out the problems after so many calls and chats .. Very disappointed. No shoes , no money to buy different ones.Version: 2.135.1

Not showing out of stockI love the app but I just can’t be bothered with the hassle anymore because every time I try to order something it says that shoe in that size is available and only when I’ve put EVERYTHING in and go to check out it says ‘out of stock’ so to find out it’s out of stock I need to try to purchase it rather than it stating on the shoes that they are out of stock. I’ve been trying to but presents and things for myself and get my hopes up because everything seems to be in stock but getting absolute disappointment when it comes to checking out. Very disappointed though Nike would do better..Version: 2.68.0

Cool appEverything is ok.Version: 22.1.0

Nike applicationWhy does it need 100% access to my Bluetooth, all the time? How about just when I’m using the app? Or how about never? Seems a little odd.Version: 22.2.1

Never order from them!Bought and paid for order! Never received order and package lost! They use 3rd party shippers?! Can’t find where the package is and they don’t take ownership of their inadequate employees and customer service! Beware and stay away!.Version: 2.194.1

DaveSuch a poor app. This is the first time I’ve ever felt the need to leave a review but stick to the website ( when it’s running currently useless can’t refine search and not loading the next items) back to the app you can not refine your search it’s ridiculous. Such as looking at footwear, you can not select men’s then footwear then a size no you select men’s and you get a list of sports😡 just want to look through trainers. Same with everything can’t scroll through hoodies & sweatshirts it’s a complete pain. And to finish it off if you have the app but search on safari because you can refine your search properly every time you open a page it diverts you to the app.Version: 1.10.0

Cool, but...I like nike and like the app a lot.. but it's kind of annoying that every time i'm browsing the women's clothing, the photo will show a slim woman, and then only show me the "plus size" sizes when i tap on it. sure, i can fix this by changing the size to a regular one, because that changes the photos.. but only if the item ISNT out of stock. if it is, then the button that change sizes isn't even there... like cmon man. also Nike, when are plus size men gonna get some love? i think it's awesome you have women of all body types on here, but i would like to see some husky men on there too, so i can have someone closer to my body type modeling my potential purchase.. rather than a bunch of super cut guys wearing mediums.. like i know that sweater won't look the same on my 3XL self..Version: 2.122.0

RESTOCK!I think it would be great for you to restock all your products especially the when they’ve been out of stock for a long period of time. I have been waiting for three different pairs of shoes since November.Version: 22.10.0

EhhhhhSo I got the app a few months ago. I copped the Jordan 13s like in the middle of the week. Which shocked me cause I thought copping Jordan’s would b me that easy. Boy was I wrong. When Jordan’s drop trying to get a pair is IMPOSSIBLE. It’s a game basically. The app stores all your info; name, address, even card info. So you go to the app on the day of a drop, 7am, thinking you’re gonna get a win that day. You find the shoes you want. Confirm that you want them. Then you’re placed in a “waiting room” for 5 mins. They you’ll get an alert saying “we don’t have your size” WHO IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE. It’s like you go to the mall. Go into a store and pick out the shoes you want, size and all. You go to the register and give them your credit card. After they swipe it they tell you “go sit over there and wait before you walk out”. Then the person working in the store says “oh can I have your shoes back. This person who just walked in wants them”. I get Nike doesn’t really care as long as they’re selling shoes. But these guys with the “bots” are the ones that keep getting the shoes. Why not make those guys verify that they aren’t “bots”. Just my thoughts. I’m sure Nike couldn’t care any less about my opinion.Version: 2.136.3

Unsatisfied customerAt one time the only athletic shoe that I bought was Nike. Then they started to charge astonishing prices that I had to go to another distinguished brand. Just to let you know how Nike quality is. I have a pair of Nike golf shoes. The third time that I wore them I couldn’t understand why my feet felt wet. Needless to say it had been a wet summer so I didn’t think much of it. When I went to my car to change I noticed that the shoes had cracked completely on both. I was upset to say it mildly. I get back home and call Nike and they asked where I bought them from. Why? Does it matter? Because I bought them from a non Nike store they said that they could not do anything about it. Sorry pals you lost my business for life and I tell everyone I meet the crap that you sell. I suppose maybe if I would kneel and not walk on them I wouldn’t have had a problem. Must be why kapernicks shoes last so long..Version: 2.88.1

Literally can’t use this appI downloaded the app because Tiafoe had a swipe up link in his Instagram stories to “follow his journey”. Link took you to download the Nike app. First you have to create an account - no way to see what Tiafoe wants to share without an account. After creating an account, the app can’t be used until you “tell them about yourself”. There is no way to skip this step. First question is “what type of products are you most interested in - men or women?” I’m interested in both products as I shop for myself and my family. That’s not an option and there is no way to get passed this step without answering this binary question, so you can’t use the app. Ridiculous. Why make it so difficult to find content from one of my favorite athletes? Uninstalled the app..Version: 2.77.0

Shipping pricesGreat site and selection and easy to navigate. Shipping prices are too high for a big company..Version: 22.9.2

But..Where is SNKRS???.Version: 22.5.0

No Canada??Soo does the USA forget there’s a country north of it???.Version: 2.187.4

Checkout doesn’t workUseless.Version: 2.187.4

The app is saying cookies disabledI have my cookies unblocked I can’t get on the app.Version: 22.1.0

SNKRS CANADA!Need that more.Version: 2.161.0

Absolutely awful appI very rarely write reviews but felt the need to say how bad this app is it’s just awful lots of pictures to scroll through that have no point other than to show off the photographers photos I couldn’t even search for what I wanted I had to look through pointless picture after pointless picture it looks snazzy with no actual usefulness it’s hard to navigate and find what your actually looking for total waste of time it should be removed from the App Store I fact Nike should be compensation people who download this for wasting there time I deleted the app after 5 mind it’s so annoying and frustrating! If I could give it 0 stars I would Less fancy photography and more usability And usefulness please!.Version: 1.8.1

Get ready to be a loser!I’ve been using the SNKRS app for 8 years & I finally got my 1st win on a short drop last weekend it was the carmine Jordan’s & I’m convinced had I not copped on a shock drop, I never would have been allowed to cop. Nike if u don’t like this review, start making it fair for ppl who go for ur shoes! If u fix it, I’ll change my review, til then u get 1 star!!!!we show love to the little guys. Nike continually makes clothes & shoes ppl want, harder & harder to get by producing fewer & fewer pairs. It’s really sad bc I have been a lifelong shoe collector (all nike) but now I have to start going after shoes from adidas, puma & new balance just to feel something bc I can’t get Nike’s anymore. It’s really a sad day nike, when u can’t even get general release Jordan’s anymore. Smh! I hope you’re happy with what you’re doing. This app is not nearly as bad as the snkrs app, but they’re all connected so that’s y I gave this app 2 stars. Nike does things like hide shoes on this app so ppl can’t find em & use bots on their snkrs app, but all that does is gives the ppl w the best connections to shoe groups & information to find the shoes. While The ppl who try it on their own, still dont have a chance. What happened to u nike? I haven’t had access to a shoe this year, I haven’t gotten picked for a raffle this year either. So what’s really going on???.Version: 2.157.0

Support. Canadians. Now.Shame to delete the Nike App this morning now seeing they don’t support Canada… 🤦🏾‍♀️.Version: 2.187.4

Adidas > NikeNike don’t love canadians. They won’t give us an app… this is why adidas is ahead right now.Version: 22.9.2

Worst app to datePlaced orders disappear from you account then you have to go on the actual website just to print a return . This is a nightmare app to use . Always crashes , take ages to load even a page . You better using the actual website to do your orders . Can’t really think of one good thing about this. Always states time out when in your account . Very easy to place orders apart from that not much more to say than deleted ..Version: 2.126.1

Needs some fixes for CanadaWhile the app is pretty good overall, the biggest problem is that it connects to SNKRS here in Canada. We don’t have the app, so when you click on any SNKRS exclusive it takes you to the App Store to then tell me the SNKRS app isn’t available in Canada (duh we all know that) instead of taking us to the SNKRS “page” for Canadians. Either fix that link problem or give us the app already. It’s ridiculous that you don’t have a SNKRS app for Canada.Version: 2.161.0

Canada snkrsGive Canada the snkrs app.Version: 2.187.4

Cancelled orderJust won a raffle, order confirmed, then 20 mins later order cancelled. 2 different answers as to why given by Nike chat and a phone call to the support line. Very confusing as payment was authorised and showed taken from card balance. This with reduced quality of shoes in the past is putting me off the brand slowly.Version: 2.135.1

Doesn’t work for the southern hemisphereIt’s sending me summer deals but it’s winter where I am.Version: 2.160.0

Bad filters: shows too many optionsIt’s a good app, but too simple. I’d expect more from Nike... the filters help show you a little less of what you don’t want, but it’s too focused on the brands instead of style or function, so there are still too many options. Colour filter doesn’t work well either because the shoes often have many colours. I’d expect a tour guide, where you input some of your sport, body characteristics, habits and style preferences and it shows you a more customised offer (less options). When there is like 100 options, it’s just too much... There also should be more technical explanations on each technology for each sport, and what are the differences between the technologies (Air Max Zoom, React, etc). I was looking for running shoes (I’m an underpronator) and had to go to Google to find on Nike’s website that they recommend neutral feel shoes, and there they listed a few. But never got the same list on the app....Version: 2.152.0

Only notify about useless stuff, also terrible stockThis app will notify you for all of the new ugly lines of clothing they come out with, however do they notify you that there is 20% off for Valentine’s Day? Haha no they don’t, absolutely useless. Want to know if a shoe you have favourited has dropped in price? No chance, you’ll find out yourself when you have a check on the app and all of the sizes in it have sold out. Also the stock levels for running and trail shoes have been horrible for ages. GET SOME NEW STOCK! The only ones in stock are the ugly colours that, surprise surprise, no one wants..Version: 2.150.1

Sometimes annoyingI hate when there is a new drop and you can use a student discount on it as soon as it drops because you can’t add it to your basket so you just have to buy it full price. Also the website is very dry everytime I go on it and search for my favourite shoes (Jordans) there are mostly baby kids sized and not even interesting colourways. Not enough older kids sizes and I feel like the women sized Jordan’s are so limited. The Uk doesn’t really sell Jordan 1’s, 11, 12 and 13s as much as America 😑.Version: 2.132.0

SNKRS CANADAShow your sneaker heads up North some love ❤️.Version: 2.197.0

Not able to open the appI am trying to open the App and not able to open it is stuck here Find products faster and see Nike ads relevant to your interests by allowing us to use your online activity and share it with partners. Not able to do next on app.Version: 2.187.4

Pathetic serviceI ordered one pair of shoes (Nike Vapormax flyknit 3) worth of $216 on may 4, later on I found out that I ordered wrong size. I tried to cancel my order and redo it with correct size but there is not an option to cancel the order. Then, I tried to contact them through customer service but they said even we can not cancel or customize your order, you have to wait until you get your order delivered and then return it. Which will take almost a month to do it. Then they said if you follow this process then only will be able to order again with correct size, which is again 20-30 days process. This is ridiculous, I never expected this from such kind of brand, here is my personal suggestion never buy anything from Nike and especially from Nike app..Version: 2.111.0

Poor serviceVery disappointing service connected to the app. I bought a pair of shoes with an expedite shipment, everything was efficiently confirmed via email. The day after I received a notification saying that the order was cancelled, no solution or alternatives given, kind of “sorry and goodbye”. I was supposed to receive the shoes the day after for a run I had organised. I called the customer service to have an explanation, the representative was not helpful at all and did not offer any solution. I asked to receive a call from a manager, the representative said that someone would have called me. No one has ever called me back. I placed another order for a half size larger pair of shoe, hopefully I will receive them. I selected regular shipping and it will take a week to receive them. I asked via chat to make sure that the shoes are available and if they could expedite the shipment. They said that they can’t expedite them, the solution was to cancel the order and pay for the fast shipment. If this is the service that a top US company is providing, well, it is very sad. In the era of the online service there is no empathy, understanding and problem solving skills..Version: 2.158.0

Excuse me?I am a HUGE Nike fan - honestly!! So I downloaded this app, all excited about being able to shop at Nike all day but when I got there you had to make an account which isn’t a problem for me so when I put all my details in and stuff it didn’t let me create the account. I have now downloaded JD sports and it’s been great I’ve been able to shop for Nike all day long just like I wanted! Before you download this remember you have to create an account otherwise you can’t browse..Version: 2.111.0

CritiquesL’appli ne fait que de bug clés vrm juste ark non.Version: 2.187.4

Air Max 1 MildThis trainers are the people are working on sale app = a bad joke !! I contact “ Nike Expert “ so many times I lost the nr ... 2 they send me wrong size , 1 I return .. 1 was for someone birthday so I didn’t have no choice to give’t like that !! Months I was waiting for this trainers, contact Nike to save me one , wake up earlier and when finally I found them and suppose to pay guess what ? They was checking the size ... and when was “ Ok “ I was been tell to go on to buy them but yea ... surprise not there anymore !! I’m wondering haw many people got same experience like me ?? If you don’t have competent people change them so simple !!.Version: 2.149.3

SNKRS APPIt makes no sense how we don’t have the SNKRS App or at least the access to limited drops on the app. It’s well overdue. Please fix this we have been waiting too long.Version: 22.1.0

NIKE WAKE UP!!It’s highly pathetic that canada doesn't have the snkr app and other countries do specially our neighbour. We ARE BUYERS, been trying to purchase online for an hour all it says is error error. Fix this!.Version: 2.197.0

Was good but....I’ve been using the app since it was first released and it has always been very good but, a few updates ago the sort by latest filter stopped working and is yet to be fixed. If you’re not concerned with sorting results by release date then I’m sure you will find the app really useful..Version: 2.75.0

Why should I report an issue with Nike?

  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Nike to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Nike customer and are running into a problem, might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Nike.

Is Nike not working?

Nike works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Nike.

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