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Microsoft Visio Viewer App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Microsoft Visio Viewer app received 58 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Microsoft Visio Viewer? Can you share your negative thoughts about microsoft visio viewer?

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Microsoft Visio Viewer for Negative User Reviews

The app does not work by itselfIt requires you to have the full Visio version to do anything. Quite useless..Version: 1.18

Limited due to not supporting multiple pagesHaving received a VSD file from a customer I was initially pleased to see this app was available. However, it only seems to show me one page and I can never see the other pages to see the rest of the wiring diagrams. I downloaded another viewer and this worked very well and gave me access to all the pages in the file. I had expected more from a Microsoft app based on previous experience..Version: 1.9

Visio seems like a good app.I am new to this app. on my iTouch but so far so good 👍.Version: 1.15

Release a full versionI love Visio on my desktop. It seriously kicks but. It would rule supreme if released in full on IOS ! But as viewer only it is not worth the effort to install it..Version: 1.13

Not opening files2002 version files not opening???.Version: 1.16

Viewer is a good first step...This review is not about viewer but for Visio in general. Grafio 3 is a great iPhone app to build a diagram, and I have used it professionally. Until the Visio team releases an app that can create/edit Visio documents, Grafio 3 is my go-to when I am on the go..Version: 1.13

Total waste of timeAs title, no need to explain further.Version: 1.8

Pathetic app ...Pointless flowchart viewer, no creativity, no free Mad MS.Version: 1.14

Mobile app is worthlessProgram is wonderful but the mobile app is worthless. Can not create, edit, or mark up. Unfortunately I have to use adobe to mark up and collaborate with other on the team..Version: 1.21

I don’t understand why we still don’t have viseoIt’s now been years, and the most intuitive app for iPad, Which should be available, isn't. I don’t need a viewer, I need a native app to do wireframe workflows. This is an epic fail..Version: 1.18

Very little useOnce downloaded this app was totally useless. Don’t bother..Version: 1.10

A good startA good and welcome start, but is missing all the connectivity of other MSO apps. Why can't I connect to Dropbox, but in other apps I can? Also need full edit support, but happy for this to be a paid update. A mobile version of Visio is the most-needed app I could do with!.Version: 1.1.1

UselessBeyond useless if you can’t create even simple diagrams. Every single paid diagram tool in the app store has a free version with the ability to create limited diagrams. Visio is a PAID app but wont let you create anything ! Why does this app even exist?.Version: 1.16

Only one drive?How can I open vsdx files on my drop box? I can open docx in the word app..Version: 1.2

No editing?Can’t believe you can only view on an iPad. An iPad is thee perfect tool to use for creating diagrams yet apple/Microsoft only allow a viewing app..Version: 1.15

So little but could do so muchOK. It's a viewer, but you could at least allow connection to Dropbox, or even ICloud Drive to which my Word, PowerPoint and Excel all find and work with. When opening Visio files already on my storage they should open - but no. Think!!! Visio is so good but you seem to want it to fail - go figure. It should be running smoothly on all my Mac platforms but you seem unable to even consider the idea.Version: 1.5

Open in.... no Visio viewer available anymoreVisio viewer disappeared from open in... menu option on iPhone, i looked for it everywhere..Version: 1.17

Can’t open .vsdx fileWhenever I open a .vsdx file from a link or email I get the error message “This version of Office doesn’t support this file format”. I don’t have any use for it..Version: 1.12

Does what it saysThe app does what it says (views documents), but it’s certainly not good enough for a company like Microsoft. I would like a full version of Visio, so I can actually edit the documents. It’s pretty much useless as it is since most people convert Visio files to an image before sharing it anyway..Version: 1.16

UselessCannot create documents? Why would I use this?.Version: 1.17

Always crashWasting time using this. l wasn't able to open. Keep crashing!.Version: 1.20

ModifyDo not have the ability to modify symbols. This would be the ideal application if I could modify a flowchart away from home..Version: 1.14

Totally UselessWithout any ability to edit, create, etc, I don’t understand why this is offered. It’s better to export to a pdf file versus installing this worthless app. Now if they enable editing that will be a different story. Until then, don’t waste your time..Version: 1.10

Always crashedI’ve tried to open visio files from emails, SharePoint, OneDrive, impossible to view anything ! I uninstall the app and reinstall for the last year and never work. I have a IPhone XR always updated..Version: 1.17

An idea to improveLove Visio Viewer, would really love it if hyperlinks worked in the mobile app!!.Version: 1.16

Need REAL Visio for iPadWish I could create actual Visio diagrams etc using an iPad app. A viewer is not very helpful..Version: 1.16

Why can’t it open filesGot the app to view frequently modified files we use to communicate communication systems but every time I receive a file the app fails to open and crashes.Version: 1.13

Only ViewWhat good is a viewer in 2019? Other developers have provided more robust tools for iOS. No outsider of a corporate provision is going to spend their own money to chase an alternate platform (Windows) just for this ability. They’ll buy another app that does it right. Please catch up..Version: 1.17

It doesn’t workI have built a Visio floor plan and saved it to Microsoft OneDrive. I can view and edit it with my PC and Laptop computers. However, I can not view it with this app on my iPhone or iPad devices. Keeps claiming that the file has no content. Frustrating to say the least..Version: 1.16

Good but helpI think the app is pretty good but it’s a little complicated. I still can’t figure out how to access the picture diagram it shows on the app description.Version: 1.17

Visio does not openI can’t open Visio as the review dialog box keeps asking for me to leave a review. The review is of course negative as the process of asking for the review does not let me use the application.Version: 1.17

OneDrive for Business SupportStill an issue with latest release...shame... Disappointed that the "locations" features do not match those of the other office apps such as Word, Excel, etc. For instance I cannot remove the standard Sharepoint location (it lets me try but does not remove it) whereas this works ok in all the other apps. Would prefer the app title to be shorter, i.e. just Visio to match the other apps (does not matter that it is just a viewer). Overall needs to be upgraded to match the other apps..Version: 1.2

Cannot open Visio filesI've tried many times to open files generated in Visio and sent via email or shared with Dropbox or One Drive and even if the file size shows 10 Mo it keeps telling me "Can't open file, no content". It use to be excellent and easy to share before MS bought the app. Disappointing..Version: 1.18

Won’t load any of my Visio filesWon’t load any of my Visio files created on my desktop under the same Microsoft account. This app is worthless to me.Version: 1.20

CrashingIt constantly crashing on me, cannot open any files.Version: 1.18

WIPNeeds PDF creator.Version: 1.1.1

Can’t save or can’t view - Not functioning properly!Whenever I try to save a copy of a diagram to my phone from the app if I try to actually select a place to save it (a requirement, mind you) the app freezes up. If I save the document to my phone *outside* of the app and the open it that way, the app initialized for a second or two, then crashes. Not a very functional app. Considering this app is actually being marketed as having been made by Microsoft themselves I’m just a bit disappointed..Version: 1.8

Crashes on load of Visio diagramAttempted to view an architecture diagram stored on O365 SharePoint made in Visio 2016 but this viewer crashes. Even if I navigate to the file location and select the file ... and view the properties it also crashes. Not working with O365?.Version: 1.9.1

Glad it exists now until a more fully functional mobile Microsoft version replaces itIPhone users look forward to creating visios on their devices. Ability to view them is a good step forward..Version: 1.10

Unsupported File TypesWon't open .vsd or .vsdx files, says they are unsupported files types..Version: 1.20

Crashes when opening filesDialog spins like its going to open then it just crashes..Version: 1.17

Time to develop a proper Visio app for iOSSure, the title of the app is accurate; it is a Visio viewer but that’s all it is. As such it doesn’t really warrant a stellar review IMO as by now MS should have been able to at least develop a Visio app for iOS that does some basic diagram creation functionality..Version: 1.17

Great tool, how about being able to create and modifyHow about a full app, like excel or word???.Version: 1.12

RubbishHow do you use it.Version: 1.17

Won’t open filesHad saved Visio files to my iPad, but it won’t open any of them. Files were only a few years old, so wouldn’t think the version of Visio I saved them with would be the problem. Nevertheless it doesn’t work and I didn’t see any FAQ’s to claim restrictions on use..Version: 1.16

No editing abilityIt’s useless with no way to edit Visio sketches. In 2021 it’s a little silly..Version: 1.21

Microsoft needs to address the Visio User Community at large30 Sep 2019 I have been an avid Visio user since before the time that Microsoft bought up the company that produced it. It is niw a great number of years later and Microsoft has failed to come out with full blown versions under OS X, iOS, and Office 365. This is long over due. Competitive products on OS X and iOS are just not as sophisticated and robust as Visio is and at best, are mediocre solutions. I would like to see Microsoft offer an editable and drawing creatable Visio solution for OS X and iOS, not a Visio Viewer app with only show and tell capability. Time to pony up and make this a true collaborative app. Until then, i will not rate this app more than 3 stars. It deserves no more with its overly crippled functionality..Version: 1.16

Doesn’t show the full page!The first and only file I needed to view didn’t work. I couldn’t zoom out to see the full page, so this tool was basically useless for me..Version: 1.20

What’s the point?You can’t create or use it. Just view files created on a computer. This is pointless for an iPad app..Version: 1.10

Keeps crashing immediately on opening fileUsing Sharepoint , downloaded existing file from Sharepoint, opened the file for a second then crashed every time, regardless of which file opened,.Version: 1.9

Visio vs anything MS-OfficeIt is amazing how disconnected Visio is from absolutely anything else MS-Office related. An app that has little to no competition, with a pretty consistent user base that relies on such a crappy, unreliable tool. Crashes all the time on iOS, Windows and even in the official Microsoft Office Live hosted version of the web browser version. Manages to be incompatible in between the web and the desktop application (good luck opening a desktop created diagram on the web client). Is not able to open simple diagrams on iOS without crashing unless the user manually opens the app first. The year is 2020 and it still has no client for the macOS. And the app still manages to be a garbage most of the time. Unbelievable..Version: 1.17

😡😡😡😡You can’t even create documents.Version: 1.14

Major security bugIt lets me access my OneDrive without a password and no way to put one. Although a password is set on OneDrive, this app by-passes that !!!.Version: 1.17

Can’t open any Visio files fix itPlease fix this issue is useless.Version: 1.17

No Cigar!Stuff of nonsense... tried 3 different Visio files that all opened easily in Explorer Edge browser on Windows 10 - they all failed to open and crashed the app on retry. Tried first on iPad 3 running iOS 9.3.2 and then on iPad Pro 9.7" running iOS 10.1.1 - same result... Needs more work..Version: 1.0

Limited functionalityThis app is OK for basic viewing of drawings with the ability to turns layers on or off, but useless if you need to access shape data. The SharePoint web viewer is far more useful..Version: 1.20

A viewer, really?Microsoft has been teasing Visio for the iPad for moments now. Now that it's released it turns out it's just a viewer?!? No, I'd pay for a real Visio for iPad, this is ridiculous. Hate to say this but #EPICFAIL.Version: 1.0

Useless by itselfPretty useless since you can’t create drawings. Oh well! Not much different than the desktop app. Even though that one can create drawings..Version: 1.18

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