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Better than expectedI was not a huge fan of Samsung products especially washers after the massive issue they had with them catching a lite; but recently I purchased a Samsung washer/dryer that is amazing. This app makes it easy to customise the settings I want and monitor the load from via my phone. The only thing I would change is I can start the load from my phone. Sometimes I leave my phone upstairs and I have to go back downstairs to turn it on..Version: 1.6.75

Working betterMuch better but I am having issues with some app integrations. like smart life and Meross. Update (8/1/20): Emailed and also called and spoke with someone at SmartThings to try to solve my issue with the device integrations. SmartThings customer service were very easy to contact and where very kind and helpful. They tried to help as best as they could but it appears that not many Smart Life app devices are currently compatible. Hopefully this will change in the near future. Meross said and SmartThings confirmed that they are working to improve their integrations in the coming weeks so hopefully my issue of not being able to turn on device in SmartThings will be resolved soon. Tp Link Kasa app and Bond app integrations with those devices are working great! So, in short I believe SmartThings developers are working hard to improve the app integrations and experience which I really appreciate. They have also been very responsive and easy to contact for help. I just received a reply to this review as well which is also why I am adding a star to my review. I will add the fifth star once I am able to fully integrate my smart home in the SmartThings app! Thank you SmartThings for continuing to work to improve your app and the customer experience..Version: 1.6.49

Can be improvedIt works fairly well but the connection speed and more features can be added.Version: 1.6.33

Mostly badFirst of all, I am unable to connect my small dryer at all. During the connection I go to the correct section and select connect to dryer after which it asked me to connect to Wi-Fi starting with [washer] and obviously it being a dryer it’s Wi-Fi starts with a [dryer]. Therefore the Samsung app does not do anything and just waits for a different connection. Hence my smart dryer is just a dryer. Please fix that. On the other hand connecting my washing machine was easy. Connected first time and seems to be working fine. Then the big issue is that the control window for the washer is not optimized for the iPad and hence uses text that is too big for the screen and unintuitive control selections..Version: 1.6.33

Good and getting betterThe app itself is 4 star. There are some partner manufacturers whose hardware is not good enough in my opinion so the overall ecosystem is let down sometimes. I’ve had bad luck with netatmo valves draining batteries very quickly (after 3 days) and aeotec multi and tri sensors not being very reliable and draining battery more than I’d want it ( 3 months ish). A friend of mine has Loxone which was above my budget but in my opinion a diy Samsung automation setup just doesn’t compare. He does have everything hardwired though. Overall I like the platform as I wanted something to work offline. Which I haven’t fully tested yet but believe to be working. I wish the Samsung motion sensors did luminosity because the build quality is much better than aeotecs alternatives..Version: 1.7.09

Overall a good appAs with many people I’ve been using smart things for many years and had to transition to this new app. Initially I found the migration process to be a complete mess. I found it easier to delete all my devices and re-create my automations in scenes. While this what is time consuming, I Have a better understand how the app works now. It provides more functionality than the original app but does have a few bugs with screens particularly when you’re editing automation‘s. For example after you edit an automation and save it the window doesn’t close and required you to press cancel which prompts you that you have not saved it. Another issueI found is when you enter the dimmer for a light if you don’t actually move the slider it won’t store the default value of 50%. I’ve also noticed the times are strange when you select sunrise and sunset initially they both say sunset or sunrise until you actually change the time. I’ve also had a couple issues with my hue lights saying they were off-line in smart things but online when I launch the Hue..Version: 1.6.51

New userI’ve been using the new Smartthings app for just over a month now. It’s layout is pretty intuitive and easy to set up basic automations like using a motion or door sensor to turn on lights etc. The products it supports natively are generally quick and easy to set up but the list is limited and not all products are currently available in all countries. The original SmartThings app gives access to some extra functionality around “smart apps” and the ability to add your own devices but at the expense of a much more cluttered interface and is probably better suited for more advanced users. Overall a great starting point for smart homes, but some users will outgrow it quickly. Hopefully the number of supported manufacturers will grow over time to expand functionality..Version: 1.6.27

Great HomeAutomation Protocol and SolutionSwitched to SmartThings from HomeKit mainly due to the lack of device support in HomeKit. Apples offering is too limited in this space. Love the focus on local hub handling of devices. Please include a Bluetooth capability to make it the true Swiss Army knife of devices. Think there should also be a more powerful processor, RAM version for more complex systems and lastly a backup and configuration restore capability. Do not understand why this last is not done as, with a config on the server this should be simple to implement and allow a drop back to a last working version. Best hub I have seen..Version: 1.6.81

Good app but could improveA good app by Samsung, the interface of the TV remote could improve to make all the features on the one page rather than have separate tab for channel/guide and seperate tab for the top/down/left/right selection etc. this app can be improved by 1 Consolidating everything into one page. 2 Have the remote on page 1 rather than first choosing the TV and then selecting remote..Version: 1.6.95

GreatBought family hub & LQED 8k. Very convenient with one app be able to access to both devices.Version: 1.6.86

SmartThings ReviewI've just recently purchased a new Samsung TV and I love the fact that you can put Photos on the screen whilst it is in the Ambient Mode. I currently have 8 recently taken Christmas photos of my grand children on the 65" Screen which looks fabulous. Now I'll be able to put photos of each grandchild on the screen to celebrate each of their birthdays during the year. It's just great!.Version: 1.6.39

Love it!I just love our Samsung 12kg front loader washing machine. We are all very happy with the cleanliness of each load of washing. It took a few days to master the operation manual. Because every load requires a different cycle. So, thank you very much Samsung for this beautiful machine..Version: 1.7.11

Great now it is workingTook a while (a week) to get my oven to connect - without this working you lose a bit of functionality - all of a sudden it connected and am really happy now (another user suggested connecting it using a Samsung phone and was about to try that).Version: 1.6.51

Broken Again - Not Tracking Location in Background - No Location-Based AutomationsAs per usual Samsung has updated their app to completely break it… gonna just abandon Smartthings at this point. Unsure how they keep managing to do this without acknowledging and giving the community an update. There’s a whole big thread of people who are having this issue for months now without resolution. They also have the same poor feedback about the customer service that I encountered when I had to reach out to them a few months back. I have to constantly open the app and accept terms/allow permissions etc. in order for it to work which totally defeats the purpose of automations. Now I have to disable my automations because they are meant for security but keep firing off at bad times..Version: 1.6.77

Remote featureGreat when the kids miss place the remote.Version: 1.6.82

Smart hub fridgeGreat fridge but the view inside feature is fairly ordinary as the photo rarely updates. Without a current photo of the interior, this feature is rendered useless and becomes a novelty only. The ability to display a slide show of selected photos on the screen is a great feature and works very well..Version: 1.6.70

This App is Great! One Complaint....The Smart Things app is very user-friendly. I like the new interface, along with the options that it provides. I also appreciate that Smart Things added Geo fencing into the app. That was one of the reasons why I hesitated to switch over from Smart Things classic. My biggest problem that I can’t seem to solve is that I have Phantom notifications - text message notifications specifically. And example is that I changed a routine, and changed the time of when it should happen, and I still get a notification for the previous time. Also, I have notifications from my previous set up in automations from Smart Things classic. It is so frustrating because I get these notifications that are not in my automations. It’s so annoying! I have read in the forums that others are having the same issue. I hope that the Smart Things team is reading these reviews and addresses this issue..Version: 1.6.55

Overall, It’s Accessible, But Some Things Could be BetterI recently bought a new smart tv, which I control with the SmartThings app as I’m paralysed from the neck down. Overall, I think the app is great, and it’s given me great independence and the app is really accessible. However, the app could still be improved. Recently, it’s started buffing when I try to type a key or search word into the tv, so what would be easier would be if I could type stuff in using my keyboard on the phone or iPad, as using arrows to get around and then clicking does make it difficult..Version: 1.6.65

Great remote!!Awesome to be able to turn off my Smart TV from another room! Great to have this feature on my phone when my toddler hides the remote 😆.Version: 1.6.45

New App - HorrendousAbsolutely unbelievable. The last major update was appalling but this is even worse For a start you can't add devices. It errors continually. I can't for the life of me see how you can put devices into rooms which I had on my set up. The groups previously set up have disappeared and again I cannot find a way of setting up say a camera group. I have used Smarthings for 5 + years and I cannot understand how Samsung can re-design the app and produce a version that is so appalling. Unbelievable.Version: 1.6.67

Pretty useless appAlways says my hub is offline and the scenes don’t have much use. What is the difference of automation and scenes anyway?? It’s too many things yet none at all. Couldn’t even figure out how to add home monitor. The How to Use guide doesn’t have it! Also, the how to use guide does not tell you the steps, it tells you “WHAT” one can do. They are two different things. Whoever developed this app is so detached from user experience. Bet they don’t have Samsung Smartthings at home bec they would be pretty frustrated themselves!.Version: 1.6.39

Needs improvementsThe only thing I wish this would do is bring up a keyboard in the tv remote so I can enter passwords etc when logging into apps. Using the remote is clunky and time consuming..Version: 1.6.37

Works perfectlyGreat device availability and integration with other 3rd part devices and Google assistant..Version: 1.6.55

Has Room To ImproveNeeds more integration with other manufacturers and devices. I use this app with iOS and iPadOS. My 2 Samsung TVs linked right up to the app. My Dishwasher Smart Control linked fairly quickly. Our Flex Washer and Flex Dryer had issues linking. I tried over and over. Then tried to get information from Samsung Community but I found that a lot of us were in the same boat. Then Samsung Customer Service which just had me repeat the same thing then send screenshots and app information. I believe some of the reason was Samsung had just started move to one app for all. Then after a year I tried again and was at the point that I didn’t care if it worked. Then I noticed the Washer Smart Control was on although not showing in the app. Having both manuals laid out I finally realized why the app only linked to 98%. Once AP disappears on device touch Smart Care turning it on. Which only the dryers manual vaguely mentions. Other than that bit of frustration it is vary useful..Version: 1.6.57

Great app, improvement suggestedIt would be great to be able to turn on/off the dryer remotely. I can understand why that might not be helpful for the washing machine since you have to load the detergent but definitely helpful for the dryer.Version: 1.6.86

Can’t add my own photo’sSeriously annoying.. I have 3 Frame TV’s and can’t add my own art. The SmartThings App does not work.. very frustrated and annoyed .. this should be very straight forward ..Samsung please provide an update on when this will be fixed.. m.Version: 1.6.73

Great AppReally enjoy using this app, it has all the requirements that I wanted when I decided to add ‘smart devices’ to my home. The refresh rate to check your devices is on the slower side but it’s still done within a few seconds. I guess when your using super fast technology to do everything else in your life, you just want the status of devices instantly. It has a wide range of manufacturing brand devices that can be added to the app with ease and far more than any of the other Apps I’ve used. 👍🏼.Version: 1.6.48

Problem when I changed networksWorked fine until we switched networks. We followed instructions to connect with a new network and wouldn’t connect, but stayed offline. I kept getting an error saying there was no internet so I should move the device closer to the router. Frustration grew and I deleted the app. Update- the developer contacted me and asked me to delete and reload the app and try again. I’d done that several times before but agreed to try once more. The first couple time I tried to connect the device to the network failed. Then, magic happened and the washer connected. For the dryer, the error told me the dryer was already registered so I reset the registration and then the dryer would connect . Then I noticed the dryer was located in the kitchen and the dishwasher was shown in the laundry room . I found that I could change locations in the SmartThings website. I changed my review. All good now..Version: 1.6.97

Great idea - Could use minor improvementsThe App works great, sleek and intuitive. - Recommend for use. Could use minor improvements. (Layout is clear but needs simple structure) adding and removing lights from each room is a little confusing but not hard to figure out. On boarding 3rd party is still limited. - for example I use Eufy security cameras and would for those feeds to show up on my fridge (family hub) or at least in smart-things app for me centrally manage all my home automation. All Dyson products are not there… example my hot/cold air purifier is also not there. Keep up the great work Team…!!.Version: 1.6.69

Best Dryer and App everI love my new Samsung Heat Pump dryer and this app connects to it. It tells me when a load is done. Also, if I’m bot home, I can have my kids load the dryer, while I set the settings from afar. It’s really great..Version: 1.6.65

Good but one thing missingThis app is great it allows me to bring all of my smart home devices into one and create automations to control them simultaneously, however I am quite upset as the classic version of this app allows you get control it off your Apple Watch however this one doesn’t and I think that’s a really big step back and one of the main reason I wanted to use this app was to control all my devices off my wrist which yes you can do with HomeKit however a lot of my devices weren’t HomeKit comparable..Version: 1.6.55

First time user.This is the first time we have had a device that connects to our WiFi and shares information. The app is simple to use but has some functions that are difficult to find. We use this for our washing machine. The drum clean and energy usage come under the ‘settings’ section which seems a little strange as they are monitoring functions. These could do with being integrated into the main screen or maybe change the ‘settings’ heading so as it is easier to find. Otherwise, this is a nice app that functions as intended..Version: 1.6.65

Very good but there's a room for lot of improvementEverything currently is very good. I would just mention the things which can be improved or enhanced. -More apps in the app store, especially popular apps and games -Ability to type/search from the smart things app while searching for anything on any of the apps running on the tv. Basically my phone should become a keyboard for my tv. -More intuitive/refreshed UI.Version: 1.6.55

App has really improved.It must be close to a year since I last reviewed this app, and I couldn’t bare to use it again because at the time it was just the worst thing I’ve ever used. However, this app has significanly improved and I can’t quite believe it! I only use it for the Washing Machine, and it works so well. As a young person I’m always worried I’m going to mess up the washing some way or other, but the app offers a “Recipe” feature which lets you tell it what clothes are in the machine and it then suggests a cycle to put it on. After a bit of hassle setting up (~15 mins), within a few minutes you can control the washing machine at the touch of a button from your phone and it’s fantastic. The app is easy to use, well-laid out and overall fantastic. It’s clear that a lot of effort has gone into improving this app, because it was originally very, very poor..Version: 1.6.33

Love the recipesNever thought I’d get a message on my phone saying “washing’s done” followed by me promptly rising to my feet shouting “yes” as a punch my fist in the air. But sadly I do. Love the recipes the most as it tells me what I can wash together and then picks the wash for me. Would like to control the washer with the phone or the washer panel. I’ve got down to the washer a few times and you can’t control the washer until you turn it off then on again. All said and done an easy to use powerful app. Well done Samsung from an apple fanboy!.Version: 1.6.83

Allows you to customise laundryThe app is easy to use and takes you through a step by step to pick the best laundry cycle and then sends that to the washer. It assumes people do loads of just t shirts, just pants etc though. It would be better if I could use the app to start a load of laundry so it would be ready to hang out when I got home! (It doesn’t do that yet btw).Version: 1.6.82

Widget scene not working any longerI was able to activate the scenes from the widget on the previous version. Now, instead of activating or deactivating the scene, it sends me to the app instead , then I have to click on scenes, then activate or deactivate the scene. It is SO annoying and time consuming. I hope it will be fixed very quickly. Other than this the app used to be pretty reliable and I’m sure (or hopeful) than the current issue will be fixed promptly..Version: 1.6.67

Apps’ not bad, but could be betterThis review is for the app (only) and not the robot vac itself (w/c I’m having issues with its “return home function”). The app is basic and easy to use. I particularly like its “History” feature - allowing you to see where the vac has been during a particular vacuuming session. But it could be better. Like scheduling options. Ie. multiple times in a day, different scheduled times base on which day (ie. weekends vs weekdays etc.). But I use it so I guess it means it’s useful to me..Version: 1.6.19

SmartThings is a-okAs a very early adopter of the vera system I had been dedicated to using it in spite of many frustrating trials over a period of years. To get the most out of the Vera one had to be very technical. Now that I’ve switched over to smart things I have found many many fewer trials and frustrations and that one needs only to be somewhat technical to get the most out of it. Still one has to be technical for advanced uses. As a plug and play using only certified devices, anyone can use it and get the same degree of automation and security as they would from services such as AT&T or Comcast. This is sufficient for most people and therefore make Smartthings perfect for the masses. The third-party tool called Webcore allows Smartthings to be perfect for those wanting operations governed by complex rules. I bought my hub as part of the Samsung whole house mesh Wi-Fi system which is one of the cheapest on the market if you buy it from Samsung direct, making my hub basically free..Version: 1.6.37

Great and simple featuresGreat buy. Have an phone app to let you know if the cycle is finished. Can let you insert clothes that you forgot to include in the wash..Version: 1.6.65

Good job with the update!Swiping motion for remote was so unnecessary from the previous version. Nice job with the new update!! The app is finally very useful. I love the remote feature!.Version: 1.7.05

Updates make it betterThe updated version makes the app much better. I don’t feel the need for using my actual remote anymore. Wish it connected faster tho..Version: 1.6.55

Great except the smartappsOverall I think this app is great. It has been easy to connect all my smart products and automate the lights to work using the SmartThings sensors. The only negative is that I am having an issue with setting a time period in the Smart Lighting app. I want the motion sensors to trigger an automation during a specific period of time, however when I try to select time times in the “Only during Certain Times” section of the “more options” it opens the time then immediately closes it again without me being able to select the time. It also on occasions displays “start time” and “end time” over the top of the other options meaning I can’t select any other options..Version: 1.6.52

Almost thereSmartthings has come along was and not having the hub in New Zealand it’s made life easier but it still is abit slow but time will fix that.Version: 1.6.41

Review UpdateUpdate to last review as I discovered the reason I had lost all devices is that location had been switched. Location vs ‘room’ can be confusing. Silly me. App has been substantially improved..Version: 1.6.95

Great Hub works like charm.This Smarthings hub is great and give you control of home automation..Version: 1.7.02

Annoying to install but great once you doNo idea why, but on two iphones this has been almost impossible to connect up to my whitegoods. This time took me 4 days and it honestly drove me insane. On what was to be my final attempt before my head exploded, I touched some random tiny set of ellipses and the app suddenly started working. Now it works, it’s really quite good and handy to get my devices doing all the customisable funky things you can’t possibly do on the machine itself. It is a good incentive to never buy a new phone ever again until these machines die..Version: 1.7.09

Limited smartthings ability on Samsung smart TVsSamsung promotes the ability for a connected home. Yet their own Samsung TVs don’t have the ability to run the app. It would be great to make smartthings widely compatible with your tv’s across model. I purchased a new 2020 TV and the feature is missing. Yet you can set it up and control by the app, but you do not have a total connected home experience if you can’t even use your tv as a smart monitor as well. Please fix this. Smartthings also can’t do wake on LAN. It would be great if smartthings could send magic packets to their smart appliances to turn them on and off. You got the turn off feature working flawless. Make the power on ability for tv’s. Improve the loading of devices in app. Takes a long time to load a device to control the settings. Make the app have the same ability as classic to landscape the screen. When using a tablet as a control center turned sideways it stays vertical. As if you only designed it for a phone. Which is typical with the smartthings TV setup. We use multiple devices daily not just a phone. Please make these improvements, it would make things so much more enjoyable..Version: 1.6.55

Quite a good appI'm relatively new to the smartthings platform and found this app to be clean and easy to use when I was first setting everything up. With that said however, it only took about a day before I realised I needed to use webcore and custom device handlers to achieve much of what I wanted to achieve with a home automation platform. After having a go setting everything up using webcore I then realised that this is where this app falls apart as many devices with supposedly fully functional device handlers simply don't work here. Enter the classic app, and it's just a significantly more mature app that has far broader and deeper support for many more devices and smart apps. Combined with webcore the classic app has helped me implement an outstanding solution. Anyhow I'm continuing to use this app as it's clearly the future and a sustainable model given that the web UI gives me the ability to configure much of my ST network now that I've set up using classic. I I just pray Samsung don't drop the power of the classic app in favour of a basic solution that works for more people but only half as well for half the available devices..Version: 1.6.35

I highly recommend thisTo help make life easier, You should outfit your house with smart lights, digital locks, security cameras, thermostats, and more, then you're going to need a smart home hub to connect them all together. I’ve researched and tried many smart home, automation gears available on the market. I think Samsung SmartThing might be the best option. Samsung SmartThings hub can connect to more than 200 devices(more than most other hubs)and lets you create a wide range of different scenarios for all of the gadgets in your home. Installation remains extremely basic, largely a matter of plugging the hub into your router and setting up an account with Samsung. (Like the first-generation hub, the second-generation does not integrate Wi-Fi.) From there, you can start adding devices to work with the hub. SmartThings has its own branded sensors and other gear. The hub has both ZigBee and Z-Wave radios onboard, and two USB ports for local devices..Version: 1.6.14

Recent update does not show Smart Home Monitor upfront......now have to press a link to see current status; Armed, Arm, Disarm. This is very inconvenient for such an important feature. SECURITY! All other switches and sensors maintain a graphic visual of their immediate status? 5 Stars for everything else. My network includes V3 Hub, Alexa v2, some integrated WiFi (2.4GHz) devices, exclusively Zwave protocol (10+ yrs), broadband with Comcast (no complaints in my area). All work beautifully and flawlessly. It’s painful and frustrating to read many of the seriously negative reviews. On the surface, although claims of user-friendly abound, all digital devices are complex and technical on the inside. If unable to install/setup yourself, obtain the assistance (shop, pay, barter, beg, etc) of a certified IT/network specialist (min 4-5+ yrs exp). Even non-certified “DIY super geek tech junkies” are able to make it all work smoothly. Nowadays, there’s at least one in every neighborhood ;).Version: 1.6.29

Seems to work well with the bespoke family hub.Installed and using it with family hub refrigerator, I was able to download and upload picture to family hub. However you can not delete the photo from the SmartThings app once you are done. I can delete it from my family hub gallery. I have support looking at it however they will find out that you can not delete the picture from the upload screen on the SmartThings application. I believe the only way you could do it is to leave the app. in settings this deletes everything on the Samsung servers and the you have to reinstall the app and start over again. Hopefully support will find a solution. Other than that I’m satisfied with the app for the use with my refrigerator. Update: Found a solution and sent an update to the support team. However it would be nice if you were able to to delete the photos right from the SmartThings app. instead of going back to the gallery and deselecting them there..Version: 1.6.90

So helpfulReally like it have used other remote apps but enjoy using this one as no pop ups or adds! Great alternative if you lose ur remote.Version: 1.6.48

Night and DayWrote the review below a while ago. I tried the latest version of the app and viola, what a difference. It even talks to both my frame TVs and no connection timeouts or issues. Whatever you did Samsung, it’s about time you sorted the app.. my setup is identical, only thing changed was the app version and now it works like it should have originally. Thank you! ******* Wrote this review a year ago and hoped the app would improve.. but alas no.. it keeps saying TV is Offline.. but it’s not as it’s streaming content just fine.. The app is needed to manage the artwork and that’s the whole reason we went Samsung Frame and not LG.. seems like we should have chosen the other brand… Apple can make stuff work seamlessly, why can’t you Samsung? The frame TV is a great product. The app is simply atrocious. Constantly won’t connect or long delays before it responds. Fails to upload photos, tv won’t switch on and then the Alexa connection via smart things is completely unreliable. Falls well short of expectations of a smart device. Come on Samsung, this app has been terrible for a long time now, put some effort in and sort it!.. or sack your development team!.Version: 1.7.01

Very handy!I like freaking my partner out by controlling the tv when he’s holding the remote. 😂.Version: 1.6.74

Works as promised!I have a house full of Samsung appliances. I recently finished up building my house and it turned out all of the appliances I liked were Samsung; washer, dryer, fridge, stove, and dishwasher, plus I ended up getting the Samsung robot vac R7065, plus a Samsung Frame TV. It has made my life so phenomenally easier having a single app that lets me manage my house easily from one place. I can check my fridge from the store, schedule my robovac from bed, turn down a tv that kids are watching that’s too loud from my office across the house and get reminders that I’m doing laundry and it needs to go in to the dryer. (I cannot be the only person who forgets they put a load in and the next morning you remember and need to rewash it...) Setting up and pairing appliances can be a little tricky but if you read the instructions it works fine. It’s slightly more complicated than setting up Bluetooth headphones, but not much. Just follow directions..Version: 1.6.55

New App Needs WorkI have recently migrated over from Iris by Lowes to STT for 3 different locations. The recent update in the app has some bugs in the iOS platform that need to be resolved. First, the app shows no device activity at all. Another family member has the app on a Samsung S8 and it displays all device activity properly. It does not on my iPhone. Second, as others have mentioned, the app should have a setting for notification tone selection. Without a setting within the app, Apple devices default to a short notification tone and display which is inadequate for a security notification. Third, and less important, the locations have an option to change colors to differentiate them. Unfortunately, after changing respective colors, they all change back to pink when the app is subsequently opened. Again, this occurs on my iPhone. If these 3 improvements would be made, I could give this app 5 stars..Version: 1.6.28

Turning off auto updateThis latest June update has rendered SmartThings useless. I cannot connect to any devices whatsoever anymore…It removed my lighting groups and Hue integration is buggy… Also what’s the idea of putting all devices in the favorites?.Version: 1.6.67

GoodGreat app, we used it to replace a remote that stopped working. Would be even better if the connection didn’t drop out every time the TV turned off or the phone went to sleep.Version: 1.6.81

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