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Love it!I love, love, love this app!!! It helps to take away the anxiety of knowing for sure if something is a penny item. It really helped me to better understand how to penny shop. In my opinion well worth the money! My only suggestion is that on the penny list the items r listed from newest to oldest items listed/found..Version: 1.5

Love this app!This app has been an awesome, easy to use, and fun tool that has helped me find some good deals at my local DG! I also think that the videos are a helpful item included. I am so thankful for the fellow shopper who told me about it in the clearance section when I was shopping recently!!! A penny saved/found is a penny earned!!!.Version: 1.7.2

Love it!!I use this app every time I go into any DG. I review the list before I go but it's still so great to have when I can't remember for sure what a particular item is that is marked down. Able to use when I don't have signal and have only had trouble loading maybe two or three times at most..Version: 1.5

The best app ever!!!!I have searched before apps and Facebook groups for Dollar General penny finds and this trumps them all. I love this app the best money I've ever spent! It's an addiction that is so awesome... I've found things for my granddaughter that will last a long time - clothes, socks, hair bows etc. This app is unlike any other - so glad I took the chance that I recommended my sister for it. :-).Version: 1.5

BEST THING SINCE SLICED BREAD!I bought this app about a month ago, and it has helped me find over 100 penny items!! It is very user friendly (super easy to utilize)! I love seeing everyone’s penny hauls on the haul wall! I love that we can scan an item to see if it is a penny, and I love that you can type in a brand or product name to quickly find what you are searching for! Definitely worth the money spent! I have made that back in pennies!!.Version: 1.7.2

Absolutely LoveI love this app. It makes penny shopping so much easier for me. The app works even if you have no signal in a store just by scanning the item. I have been using it for several months and have never had any issues. I study the haul wall and the penny list to make sure I am aware of what penny items are out there. I have actually been able to locate more penny items then a friend of mine that has been penny shopping longer because she doesn’t have the app. If you penny shop, you need this app..Version: 1.7.2

Loving good friends, good deals and fun. It’s a blessing to be a blessing ❤️I love this group because of the people. Since I have been in this group I find myself searching through my Facebook post just to see what everyone is posting and doing. The idea of no drama is awesome. Since I can’t work I now use penny finder as a way of occupying my time and also find great deals for my family and others. It can be addicting, however I don’t mind because it’s a great app once you learn to use it properly. Thanks penny finder for creating this for people like me..Version: 1.7.2

Best Penny Shopping Resource AvailableThis is by far the best penny shopping resource available. It is newbie friendly. Using the app removes a lot of the trial and error with penny shopping at Dollar General. The scanning feature within the app saves so much time when in store. The penny list Is compromised of penny finds submitted by users. The app developers are very active and diligently monitor the database to keep it as accurate as possible. I have recommended this app to so many of my penny shopping friends and we all agree it is well worth the cost..Version: 1.7.2

Very real!!At first I thought this wasn’t real because I couldn’t find anything my first visit. I tried again when a new penny list posted and I found many items! Literally these items were just a penny and no tax! I had no problem completing the purchase.Version: 1.7.2

1st DayWow. So. I was skeptical at first and I was hesitant in buying this app. Well. I tried it out, and at my first store, I got about 14 items. I do have one suggestion thought. Someone else mentioned having the list organized into categories. This would be extremely helpful. No one wants to scroll through over 3000 items and the scan and check method can get tiresome. Still. Awesome app..Version: 1.7.2

Family Fun!This app is incredible and worth its weight in gold! My kids can use it with ease! Since becoming disabled and having 3 kids we try to have fun and reward them when we can. Now our activity is penny shopping! I put the app on my phone and an extra phone we had for my kids to shop with! I even got my mom to get the app and now she goes with us! It’s fun for the whole family! We also give away a lot of the items we get so it’s also a great way to teach my kids charity! We truly love it!!! P.S. We love that it vibrates when you find a match! Makes it that much more exciting!!!.Version: 1.7.2

Loving it!I just downloaded PF last week and started looking for Pennies. With the help of this app I have been able to find roughly 30 items this past week! I didn't even know what Pennies were before then. Thanks PF for being here to help keep things straight! Having the list and being able to scan barcodes is a tremendous help!.Version: 1.5

Hidden Gem!!! ❤️I’ve been out of work and without a paycheck (still fighting for it) since October 2017 due to a disability. I stumbled upon this App while looking for ways to spend less and save more. I was skeptical at first since it was $1.99. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine it would be so great!!! It has been a blessing to me. I have MORE than made $1.99 back. I can’t thank you enough! I may not hit a lot of things at one time but what I have found (such as toothpaste etc) has helped me a ton..Version: 1.7.2

2 dolla.... will make you holla...from PURE EXCITEMENT!Oooook, so, I am not a big fan of new apps, especially when I have to spend money on them. BUT, I decided to give penny finder a shot, in hopes of it actually making up for the money spent. I am very happy to say, that the app made up for the 1.99 in less than 12 hours 👏🏻! I had never been able to find a penny item, and actually thought it was some sick joke people posted about online, mocking all the poor people who spent hours tearing through a dollar general, in search of just one single penny item (been there)! But, that is not the case. Penny items are real folks! And they are awesome! And addicting! This app is a life saver, (maybe not life, but definitely a MONEY saver!) and in my opinion, it is soooooo worth the $1.99! This app has helped me get at least one penny item every time I use it!❤️.Version: 1.5

You will LOVE to use this app!!The Penny Finder app is like solid gold!! As soon as I downloaded the app and used it at my first Dollar General, I found several penny items! It doesn't cost much and the app basically pays for itself. Thanks to Penny Finder I was able to put together Halloween treat bags for my grandkids and have stocking stuffers and presents for my kids & grandkids!.Version: 1.7.2

Penny Finder App ReviewI don't purchase many apps, but I figured this one was worth a try. It only took one penny find to pay for itself. While I'm not an avid penny shopper, it's nice to confirm a possible penny item BEFORE I check out. It's really a cool app that I wouldn't want to penny shop without. Anyone who plans to invest the time in penny shopping should invest in the app--small price, big payoff. Highly recommend..Version: 1.7.2

Love It - Except For 2 Things!The app is great! The verified penny items make it way easier to find items in the store. The moderators do a great job of enforcing the rules. (Like only post Penny items not sale!) I do have 2 complaints - 1) The app glitches a lot in the store. The camera scanner will turn upside down, so I have to type in the UPC. The app also crashes a lot for me in the store. However it works almost perfectly when I’m in WiFi. 2) I wish that the “penny list” had categories to search through and a tool to prevent the same item being added multiple times. They’re is no consistency in how users title the items they add. For example someone added a tube of Crest toothpaste to the list. But, they only named it “Crest 3D White” instead of “Crest 3D White Toothpaste”. So if you are searching for “toothpaste” that great item won’t pop up. For newbies like me who browse the penny list to learn what to look for, those searches are critical..Version: 1.7.2

Good App!There is a learning curve to the penny finder app, but it doesn’t take long to get the hang of it. Once you get used to it, it’s easy to use and such a cool app! I love that there is a wall to post about items, and you can comment and interact with other penny shoppers. There are only a couple things I feel need improvement. When searching for items on the app, they can sometimes be difficult to find because they’re listed under an unusual name or misspelled. Also, it may be more helpful if the size/weight/quantity of the item were listed if applicable. For example, dog treats, candy, feminine products, etc—sometimes the size/weight/quantity is not visible in the photo. I feel that this would make it easier for shoppers to know exactly what they’re looking for. Nevertheless, this is a brilliant and awesome app! Penny shopping can be challenging, but so much fun!.Version: 1.7.2

Awesome resource!I was a bit skeptical, but it turns out that any trepidation I had was unfounded... this app is great! It’s really helped me get in the penny finding game, and it’s so exciting when you find something and the phone buzzes and that green box pops up! I’ve even added a few penny items already. Only one suggestion... instead of deleting ymmv pennies, how about leaving them in the app? You can see how many people verified that they got it for a penny and how many people flagged the item. It might be valuable to know the item might be a penny for you, and could open up a whole new world of hunting!.Version: 1.7.2

My lucky Penny ❤️I was so overwhelmed by fb groups and the millions of comments that I just gave up. Until I seen a comment about Penny finder. This has helped me tremendously and saved me lots of time that I need for my children. I use to leave pennies on the ground when I seen them. Not any more. This is the best app that I own..Version: 1.7.2

Penny itemsI love finding penny items. I’ve used this app QUITE a bit so in my experience is has paid for itself. I don’t usually pay for apps but it’s actually really fun to penny hunt. Lol. I do wish there were some more features in the app. I love that you can post hauls but I wish you could comment and it would let you know when someone has answers. To the best of my knowledge there’s no alerts for that. I think maybe they’ve made it so newer stuff shows up towards the top on the list? That’s helpful because my stores are way too darn organized. But I do believe the app is worth the price. Though don’t be surprised when DG staff recognize you as the penny finder client because they don’t always love you..Version: 1.7.2

Worth Every Penny!!!This is the ONLY penny app that has saved me and my family hundreds!!! It is super easy to use when in store with the scanner provided in app! There are also pictures of the item just match the barcode that is also provided! Some stores do not have service so make sure you REFRESH before entering. Out of the 15 stores I shop at there is only one store that does not have service!!! This is absolutely worth purchasing!!!.Version: 1.7.2

Fantastic app!This app is great! The scanner helps you figure out whether an item is a penny item or not without having to scroll though the penny list. I’ve already gotten over $75 worth of items for about .50 cents total! This app has already paid for itself and is well worth the one time $1.99 fee!.Version: 1.7.2

Def worth itI waited a while to actually purchase this app. Just followed the groups in hope to find pennies... once I decided to buy the app it made things so much easier ! I could verify that what I was seeing in the group matched in the app with the scanner and I was able to successfully find pennies !.Version: 1.7.2

Life changingI love this app. I enjoy looking for things others have found and enjoy posting what I have found in return, they were so helpful and nice when I had any troubles with app. I have suggested this app to several others and I have heard from them nothing but good things. Every once In awhile you will scan something that ain’t the same as what it says or you want find it in your store don’t give up, you will find more than you want and that is a promise, this app is worth buying.Version: 1.7.2

Overall Great AppI have had this app for a while. It has improved so much over time. I love the feature of being able to add favorites. I also love that the penny items have to be verified by other users so you can see how many people it has been a penny for and how many have said it was full price. One thing that could be fixed is that lately I’ve noticed that when scrolling the screen will freeze every now and then for a few seconds before it scrolls..Version: 1.7.2

Use in a pinchI bought the penny app when I was new to penny shopping. I loved the idea. It has worked great for me not one item that’s come ups Penny has scanned different at the register. My only concern is using it makes my poor phone die quicker. So I tend to use photos and then the app in a pinch. (My phone dying might be a phone issue who knows). Other then that no issues or concerns. It’s a great app!.Version: 1.7.2

Awesome!I seriously never rate apps, and I definitely NEVER buy apps either, but this one is so so worth it. It has saved me SO much money, and is awesome when you’re in the store and need to quickly find out if an item is a penny or not. I love the UPC scanner, easy to use. This app has definitely already paid for itself!.Version: 1.7.9

Definitely worth buying!I don't ever buy apps but this one was definitely worth it it's easy to follow and get started! Love that you don't have to have service to use it because my stores don't have service unless your beside the front door! Download this and get to finding those penny items!!.Version: 1.5

Pros and ConsI am glad I downloaded the app, it has helped me confirm a few things, however the downside to that is that with the older items not being loaded it doesn't help confirm them. So I am hunting through screenshots or FB, which takes a lot of time! I do my best to add items, but that is time consuming for someone not getting paid.. hint hint lol The other pro and probably one of the things I like most, beside seeing Match Found!!! The app will work in the stores if you are logged in, so with no signal to check FB pages, I can still scan items.. great job with that! Thanks!!.Version: 1.5

Seasoned Penny Shopper Loves this APP!!!!I have been Penny shopping for probably about four years now and I absolutely love this app it has saved me so time!!!!!!sometimes I would pass things up because I wasn't sure if it was a penny item and with this app I can verify!! The only complaint I have is I wish I would of had this app four years ago when I started penny shopping!!! You will not be disappointed if you buy this App!!!!!!!!!!.Version: 1.7.2

Love it By: UniqueI was hesitant on spending the $1.99 for this app and wasn't sure if it really worked. I tried penny apps before this one that was not accurate. When I purchased this app omg best app ever. I found so many penny item. I got Christmas toys, socks, shoes, home supplies, food, and last but not least as seen on Tv items🙌🏽. I know a lot of people say why penny shop. It's about getting the good deals on top of the excitement you feel when you find an item. I love penny shopping and this was the best $1.99 I've ever spend. Now I'm off to penny shop. Trust me this app will not disappoint you..Version: 1.5

Totally worth the price ❤️ this appI don’t buy to many apps but I came across penny finder and I wanted to learn more on how to save money. With this app I have been blessed! I have been able to help my family and donate to help others. It’s a great feeling to be able to help someone when you are the person that could use some help. I highly recommend this app and the Facebook group. I enjoy interacting with others who can relate and help each other. Very user friendly. Definitely know that you need to not just jump into finding deals. Make sure you watch the tutorial and study. In no time you will be a pro. The scanner is absolutely the best and I’ve never had any issues with it. The developers are awesome people who immediately contact you back with any issues you have. Try it! You will get your money back and more after your first successful trip. Bless you all!.Version: 1.7.2

Love itEver since I found this app. Me, my mom, and my sister spend every Tuesday together. Usually I work all week and weekend since I have 2 jobs. But now I make sure I have Tuesday’s off so I can spend time with my mom so we can go shopping together. Love this app and the time it gives me to spend with my mom..Version: 1.7.2

Awesome App!!!!!This is the most amazing app I have ever used there’s a scanner on it to scan barcodes it tells you all the penny items so you’re not having to scan every item in the store it is amazing it is so worth buying I would’ve paid way more for this app I love it and I use every single week thank you so much for creating this app!!!!!.Version: 1.7.2

Worked great for a whileI was loving this app at first then something happened and it loads to the haul page but when u clock penny list it won’t come up. It keeps loading and loading and loading and never comes up. I have tried shutting the phone off and back on. Tried going through the App Store and going into my purchases and loading. It did load it that time but just went in to see if it would load again and got the same thing. This need to be fixed some how. Have had dozens of people having the same issues.Version: 1.8

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