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Loopsie: AI Photo Generator Negative Reviews

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Loopsie: AI Photo Generator App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Loopsie: AI Photo Generator app received 182 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Loopsie: AI Photo Generator? Can you share your negative thoughts about loopsie: ai photo generator?

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Loopsie: AI Photo Generator for Negative User Reviews

TrickstersThey just want your money, it wont let you use the app without subscription. You shouldn’t advertise the app as free..Version: 7.17.2

Expensive appIt very disappointing that you have to constantly pay to edit your videos. It should be included with monthly subscription.Version: 7.14.1

Love butSeems to be a bug or an error bc I signed up for a free trial and then subscribed to the yearly and every time I try and save a photo it just ask me to sign up again and when trying just shoots me an error message can’t save or unlock anything even though I paid the 29$.Version: 6.19.0

Dum appThis app really wants money no thank u this app is a waste of a time 🙄.Version: 5.2.4

APP WONT LET ME VIEW OR SAVE THE CONTENT I PAID FORI signed up for the subscription, and then to make an AI video is another two dollars per video. Which I was fine with an paid but now the app has bugged out and won’t let me even view what I paid for. It’s saying in order to move forward I have to allow access to my photos which I did. And it just keeps showing me the same error. Please fix this.Version: 7.14.1

Nice free things but misleadingI really enjoy using the Old Anime ai photo filter. Misleading with the fact that it was not made clear that if you wanted to do multiple videos that you paid £5 per video (unless your a pro member then it’s £6 a week and £2 per video) and not just £5 for that video filter to be unlocked. I chose a random video that I wouldn’t have used if I had known it was pay per video and I most likely wouldn’t have used that feature had I known. I feel slightly ripped off by that. However I’ll still be using the free Old Anime as photo filter.Version: 7.14.1

Not free; charges for everything; subscription charges to enter appPaid $7.99 weekly subscription just for the app; you can’t do anything with the subscription. Pretty much you’re paying $7.99 to get the ad to subscribe removed. You’ll have to pay an additional $4.99 on top of the subscription to use the app..Version: 7.6.1

DONT SIGN OR PAY GOR ANYTHINGThey take your money for infinite loading times and you don’t get your piece. It said it’d take upto 20mins for 3 days and nothing happened after paying for it. I want my money Back..Version: 7.5.2

Application doesn’t workEvery time I try to make it work, it says “failed”.Version: 7.15.1

Uh..The reason why it’s a two star cuz I wanted the features to be free and not have to pay. Like it’s just kinda stupid tbh....Version: 5.2.7

Membership...I understand you’re a company that needs to make money, but having to pay for a membership to use certain features seems a bit steep.. Maybe add advertisements to the app or make people pay a one time fee to unlock the tools your app has to offer, instead of draining people of every cent they have to use an app they’ll have on their phone for a week minimum..Version: 3.0.2

No 3 day free trail???You asked for money on my first attempt. Nice trick! Too bad I would have happily signed up off I can try it out first.Version: 7.7.1

Why?Very basic app appearing to be out to make a quick buck. Limited selection which you pay for even after you purchase the pro package. There are literally DOZENS of these Services which are free on the web yet you saying “extra computer power” at 2bucks a pop..Version: 7.10.1

App doesn’t even workI’ve spent 83 bucks and any filter I use doesn’t work.Version: 7.3.2

LMFAO BRUHYou can’t actually save anything until you pay for it. Like ??? Nothing is free. This is such a stupid thing. I don’t wanna pay monthly. Or yearly for an app I wanna try for 1 day. There’s no option to take your payment back after the free trial and that’s just a scam and a rip off. If you want people to use the app then at least make some of the affects free🙄.Version: 5.2.1

Ridiculous price for what it is$80 (AUD) for an app to make videos is ludicrous. I really don’t understand these 5 star reviews..Version: 7.5.3

No trail no go$6.99 for a trial? Yah no… that’s not how it works. Great cherry picked examples, I’m sure the actual experience isn’t that great but I’ll never know because I’m not paying for a trial. Talk about insane. Like I get it, allot of compute power goes into the video generation and that’s not cheap, but this isn’t how you build consumer confidence. I mean stick a “sample” in the center of the trial video or something. If you truly believe in your product you’d be offering a way to try the app before asking for money. Begging for money for a trial? Sounds desperate. Sounds like you have no confidence in return customers. I’ve seen allot of c@&p on the AppStore before but this is just bold. Good luck to ya dev. Don’t quit your day job..Version: 7.12.0

No functionality without IAPNo way to try before you buy even partial functionality so this shouldn’t be IAP but a flat out Buy app..Version: 3.2.0

Don’t buyYou pay for a yearly subscription or monthly and you have to still pay £4.99 just to get the ai video you created so paying twice.Version: 7.7.0

ExpensiveI also understand you need to make money but for nearly everything u need to be pro and it’s pretty stupid and such a scam.Version: 5.2.4

Free to download pay to use scamJust dont.Version: 7.9.1

The worst app I have ever seenYou pay 76 dollars a year to have the app + weekly subscription + 3 dollars for every video you wanna upload. If you wanna waste your money, that is the right place.Version: 7.5.1

Misleading, wish I could get a refundIf you pay the $50 for “unlimited access”, you still have to pay $1.99 for like 10 seconds of video conversion. And they say that the $1.50 is 50% off. Wish I could get my $50 back, as they very intentionally don’t advertise that you’ll still have to pay for video content conversion..Version: 7.10.1

Pay before PreviewIt won’t let you preview the animation without paying..Version: 7.15.2

ReviewPoor, too slow.Version: 8.0.2

RefundHow do I get a refund on a video? It’s only given me qtr of the screen.Version: 7.7.0

The trial isn't long enoughThree days is not long enough to trial an app. It needs to be 7 to 15 days!.Version: 8.0.3

Complete scamI get that you want money but don’t force me to pay. When I do the demo it shows features that I don’t have to pay for, and when I click continue it takes me to a page that tells me to get a 12 month subscription or to buy it. And there’s no X to click off or anything..Version: 3.1.3

Fun, but one big issueThis ai is awesome don’t get me wrong, I’m just annoyed how you have to PAY for EVERY SINGLE VIDEO you make. I ended up paying $3 for a single video. I thought I’d get more out of it but I didn’t. Sorry but I’d stick to using free AI’s :(.Version: 7.5.3

Rip off$10 per week subscription + $3 per 9 second video… Non-transparent about costs upon subscribing and not enough settings to extend the videos to make them worth buying..Version: 7.5.3

Deceiving and boringThis app doesn’t deliver. Not even worth trying..Version: 7.15.2

Not impressed muchFoto too zoomed in video too short.Version: 7.5.2

Really?!So you have to pay for everything??.Version: 5.2.4

Not free but cool.This app is so cool, and I love it! But it would be better if saving the videos would be FREE it would get the app more downloads by alot so I recommend making saving videos free. Love this app🥰😍, just make the saving free . Cool app and edits, the background stuff and the moving screens are AMAZING but I’d definitely love this app more if it were to be free. If your reading this please make it free and thanks so much if you do that. 💗.Version: 5.23.0

260 a year. Use Facebook for the same effect for freeMisleading app. Says you can unlock all features if you pay for them? Umm, okay. Why would you pay for this limited capability app and not expect features to be available? Pixeloop has more effects for less. Facebook does the same gimmick for “free,” for anyone using Facebook anymore. And there are far more powerful video apps for 260 a year..Version: 6.17.0

BaityThe app really tries hard to charge you before you can do anything. They used dark pattern ux along the way, including charging $1.99 for every video you create without explaining the money is only for one video, not to unlock the feature..Version: 7.17.1

DisappointedI subscribed this for crap but this crap wanted money for every single video from me, I was going to pay already why do I have to pay extra money. And I cancelled and I going to talk every where about this scam..Version: 7.7.0

Camera function doesn’t even workEvery time I try to use the camera function the app crashes. Why would I pay $30 AUD /year for an app where the camera function doesn’t work? I won’t be continuing the subscription..Version: 5.2.0

Scam, app was unless & got charged $30Even after deleting the app i’ve just been charged for $30 for a year! I wouldn’t mind if you charged me $6 for the month as I possibly didn’t cancel my subscription however they set it to charge you the full years cost to steal your money! What a joke..Version: 3.2.7

Pointless saying it’s freeLooks like a really good app, however even basic features like being able to upload a photo are behind subscription paywalls.Version: 3.1.4

Wanted to love this app, but it’s broken.I’ve been trying to use the anime or legends filter for a few days. Out of 20 pictures I’ve tried half of them is this a black screen? The other half has no filter at all. It makes you pay two dollars for each video. Unfortunately you have to pay before you even see what it looks like and both videos came out awful. This app is trash..Version: 7.7.0

3 bucks for it to turn me into a girlVideos charge $3 and then it turned me into lady anime lol.Version: 7.14.1

No options for black peopleI am deleting the app because it’s no use for me and my children who really wanted to see how they would look in the different AI filters. But as usual with these apps, when we upload our pictures, our skin comes out white as snow even though we are dark-skinned black persons..Version: 7.16.0

Fast and quick AI generated images but…This app is horrible for generating images that match people of color. I’ve ran over 30-40 and each one has returned a completely different skin color than the original subject back as the style in their sample image..Version: 7.17.1

Bad-don’t downloadThis apps looks like a good app in itself. The advert looked quite convincing, but as I have also seen from many other comments, is that it is very slow. For ten minutes it was showing the loading screen, it doesn’t work. It isn’t as it is shown. It is overpriced and not worth it. Do not waste your time downloading it because you are going to be waiting for a few minutes to start and realise that you have been scammed This might just be me or maybe it is a very recent bug, because some comments are very favourable. Is this because they are bots. The app doesn’t work as I have seen by other recent reviews. Waste of time and money.Version: 6.20.0

Just don’t go …Just don’t go ….Version: 7.17.1

Liars and cheats. Should be illegalOffers 3 days FREE trial, but immediately charges you $15 and then you can’t do anything without it charging you again. Don’t do it..Version: 8.0.3

Pay 80$ still behind pay wallDon’t bother if you aren’t keen on pay on top of your purchase to process videos. Be transparent about your cost. It’s a rip off to charge one time fee and not disclose the additional fee to process videos. Getting a refund..Version: 7.15.1

Loved This App BeforeLoopsie was such a simple and powerful tool for creating living photos and even had some cool light trial effects. It was easy to use and output a professional result. I loved it… Now months later it seems like they keep adding more and more and more. I actually can’t even find the living photo feature anymore, which was the main reason I used this app. It’s filled with stock photos and stock effects. Endless variations of the same gimmicky filter. Seems like feature-creep killed this once-great and reliable photo tool..Version: 6.1.0

Money robbing scamYou pay a subscription only to have to pay each time you make a video! Scam.Version: 7.12.0

Scam???Just pay for it, still ask me to pay for everything I try to do!!!??? Refund please and thank you.Version: 7.7.1

Free trial isn’t freeIt’s asking me for $2 to test the app on an 8 second video. I thought free trial means free. I spent the $2 and half an hour later I’m still waiting for it to process the 8 second video. I have no idea what filter it chose. It didn’t give me a choice. So, no, the interface isn’t great and they set expectations they aren’t meeting. I will cancel the subscription today..Version: 7.12.0

Money grab appMake u pay $12 to access the app features then $3 for every video that u want to make, maybe something you should tell us before u make us sign up for a membership..Version: 7.7.1

It worked fine at first but now that I’ve purchased a subscription....I loved the app which is why I purchased a subscription to try and support this developer! Even after updating this app will open and look shiny and pretty but every time I go to try and load a photo to edit... the app crashes and closes? Wish I could get some help or a refund... either would be nice..Version: 5.17.0

What a con…Lock every feature you’re marketing this as. Allow the stuff you can do using any free built in editor then offer to unlock all these features without actually seeing if they’re any good for £4.50 a WEEK? Jog on guys. What a rip off. This isn’t an app. It’s a lure..Version: 6.10.0

Nope!Wants $3 for a short clip rendition I haven’t seen. We all know how random AI can be. No thanks..Version: 7.7.1

Over 24hrs to render short video and…It limits you to only a few seconds of video, then tells you it could take a while and it will notify you when the video is done. It’s been 24 hours and I still have three videos “processing”. So I moved onto one photo, it basically digitized, or cartoonized photo, but the body size was so out of proportion it was comical. And even though I was on a full three day trial, it’s still charged me two dollars for the chemical picture, and one of the videos that still is not even finished rendering. I suppose it never will, and then my trial will end, and it won’t let me get past the purchase screen. But that part is just a guess..Version: 7.17.2

Not Working. No assistance from developers. Refund needed.I purchased the $9.99 weekly subscription as well as the $2.99 Zombie Video and have my video stuck in the ‘Precessing Video’ state. I have sent in a support email to find now, 5 days later I have still not received any correspondence in regards to my video. I would like a full refund of all costs as I have not received the product I have paid for and if I knew that the “20 minute processing time” would actually take more than 7200 minutes and still be ‘processing’ I never would have spent a cent on this product or subscription. Developer, please respond to the support ticked raised!.Version: 7.4.1

FaultyI paid £4.99 for a video that didn’t work it just vanished and then when I went to make the same one took me to pay again so now I won’t use it!.Version: 7.14.1

MehSamples are cool on the app, but actual videos changed the appearance of my children significantly several times in each video, making them unrecognisable. Video also take a while to generate. After about five uses, it started asking me to pay for each video/photo, despite still only day one of the three day free trial..Version: 7.17.2


Biggest scam on app StoreYou pay $6.99 for the pro, which you use and then you have to pay $2.99 PER use for the filter AND the filter glitches, whatever your subject is holding constantly changes. In short, this is the lowest form of scam on the internet..Version: 7.14.1

Weird pay structure.It’s 8 bucks a week, plus you have to pay $1.99 for each super short video you send through. During the free trial you get 3 days “free” before the subscription starts, but you still have to pay $2 for every video. So the free trial lets you look around in the app but you won’t be able to try out any AI videos without paying. I believe the term free trial is misleading..Version: 7.12.0

Pay wall, every timeWhat looked like a free 3 day trial was really a rouse and a fee to create EVERY project. Paid a “one time” fee to see what one video would be, but it ended up being a 4 second video that took 20 minutes to render. When I though that would unlock future project creations, I was given another pay wall. There’s nothing free, I can’t even explore this app to see if it’s worth purchasing in future..Version: 7.7.1

Makes me look bad for a high price up frontAnother app does this exact same thing so they’re lying about having to charge this much. Even after you pay the pro you still have to pay for every video and the video looked funny but I can’t redo it without paying for each shoot in the dark try.Version: 7.17.2

It’s okWhy do you have open iTunes like for what?.Version: 5.2.4

Pay problemIt a good app I love it, but I don’t understand why I have to pay to export it..Version: 5.17.0

Not goodZero.Version: 7.5.2

FakeCharges money for a trial and money to process each and every image you’ve send to it. So it’s not a trial any more than it is a scam as it never completes the processing for video..Version: 7.10.1

TrashThis app is a complete waste of money and a fraud to what it claims to offer. Their AI generator is a complete joke, as it only produces preset images that are low-quality and unusable. The app boasts about its advanced AI technology, but in reality, it only offers limited options and fails to deliver on its promises. I wasted my money on this app, and I recommend others to avoid it at all costs..Version: 7.6.2

ScamPurchased a yearly subscription to access the “pro features “ - still have to pay to actually get any AI videos + you don’t even know if it is going to be any good until you pay for it? Not impressed.Version: 7.14.1

Use with cautionThe app is fun, but this is one of those apps that will try to get as much money from you as they can. I paid for the app and then it asks an extra to process each movie. Use with caution!!!!!.Version: 7.17.2

Absurd appThe app is awful. You pay to use it, but then pay for any video you make! How silly. The excuse of computational power is a huge lie in 2023. This isn’t 1998. Somehow other services can process hundreds of thousands of images without this crutch excuse for gouging on each “creation”. So then I tried an image and it was trash. Awful. Thai stuff borders on scamming..Version: 7.10.1

Misleading AppI just wanted to try it to see if I want to pay for it. They offer free trial for 3 days and then you get charged. It says to cancel before the first payment time... in the settings. Try find the settings in there. Very misleading company trying to make you subscribe and hope on you to get discouraged or forget about it..Version: 2.1.0

Money hungryUsed to be free. I used it a few months ago for free and used two or three templates max but I was still happy but you made it completely dependent on in app purchases. Imagine making everything free and then not free afterwards. Very wasteful. What a shame. I’m uninstalling..Version: 8.2.1

Absolute Rubbish!!!Basically scammers!! Can't even use the app for free without having to be forced to pay after the free trial days! What a joke!! Deleted app.Version: 3.2.0

Absolute JokeI paid for video pack, but it keeps charging me every time I want to do another video..Version: 7.12.0

Tries to charge you even after activating subscription.This app is a scam. I signed up for the pro subscription which is already way overpriced and then I tried to make a video and it tried to charge me another $1.99 even though I was already a “pro” subscriber. The developer should be ashamed of using dark patterns like this. AVOID AT ALL COSTS.Version: 7.14.1

Not enoughYes yes, pay for this 1.99 pay for other, the subscribe, it’s not enough 🤔.Version: 7.7.1

Scam appIt is not free🥲 God damn it make this free pls.Version: 8.0.3

DisappointedLike the app is so cool and I actually wanted to post a photo with it but you literally have to pay for everything, you even have to pay to share it to another app. Like why lie, just say the app isn’t free, smh. Liars..Version: 5.2.0

Bait and SwitchCan’t even sample, says FREE trial for 3 days but won’t let you render anything without paying $2.99. Out right Lie. I hate when companies deceive people. I as planning on paying the $69.99 once I confirmed it worked but now I won’t give them a penny..Version: 7.10.1

Bit of a scam.So you pay £50 to buy for the app and uich I was comfortable with. What they don’t tell you is that they then charge you £1.50 every time you try to make a new video. Apple can I have my money back please?.Version: 7.14.1

Doesn’t work, takes your money.3 day free trial - doesn’t work, automatically takes a fee from your account. Can’t upload a photo or take a photo to edit, app crashes. Rubbish. Don’t download. Save your money and the hassle..Version: 5.2.1

$50 bucks for you to only pay moreDon’t purchase this unless you’re willing to understand this app only allows you membership! V Every AI video you’ll want to do after the purchase will require more money to purchase each and every video at 1.99 per video!! If I’d known this I would have saved my money.Version: 7.7.0

App is not working properlyI paid for this app, and it just allowed me to create one video. When I try to generate other ones, it always ask me to pay again. This request appears when I try to use all templates, except From text to images and 3D Photos. I tried to restore my purchase, but app says that it has not been found. This is unacceptable. I have the receipt for it from Apple Services and don’t understand why this is happening. Any advice?.Version: 7.17.1

ScamIt will take your money but wouldn’t generate your video.Version: 7.7.0

Removed customization 👎🏼👎🏼I LOVED this app. You can customize anything down to what direction it moved, how quickly it moved, to different filters, having add ons & the amount of filters or add on within the photo. Now it seems like it’s just a lazy way to adit your photos. I’m so disappointed as I am a paying subscriber and this is the SECOND time that this has happened. I don’t know why they keep on changing the one thing that made them unique compared to other apps but moving forward I’m removing my subscription. So sad to do it since this was one my favorite go-to’s app! Creators please change it back! 😭.Version: 7.17.1

Free trial gives you access to nothingEverything is behind a paywall. Literally. What's the point in giving a free trial that basically gives the same experience as your ads by simply showing pre rendered images and videos of what you could do....Version: 7.10.1

WorstI’m very disappointed with this app I purchased just now and when I open up it keep shutting down please i want my refund this useless.Version: 5.12.0

No money? No good! You have to pay at start! Otherwise it doesn’t work!No money? No good! You have to pay at start! Otherwise it doesn’t work..Version: 3.2.10

DisappointedPlease be careful here. Not only do they charge you a subscription fee, when you generate a deforum video, they charge you extra for that on top!! That’s an absolute cheek in my opinion. They need to be more clear about this. Be cautious when using and paying for these apps. There are hidden costs you won’t know about until they’ve already taken your money!!.Version: 7.7.1

Что за развод?Загружаю фото или видео, оно грузит и исчезает! Херня полная!.Version: 7.14.1

Do not useI used the three day trial version, then I paid a yearly subscription, yet every time I use the app I’m still required to pay the free trial fee to create AI videos. So what did I pay a yearly fee for? This app is a scam money making app. Nothing else.Version: 8.2.1

Did I got ripped?Paid one time in full $79+ but the app never worked! Send few email but no response?.Version: 7.9.1

ExpensiveHonestly seen videos from the app and decided to try. Right from beginning ask for money in order to use not even a free trial to see if the app is good or not. Everything to try cash is needed which is bad I’m not buying an app without trying it first for sure. Then seen the price, uninstalled immediately freaking expensive for something without a free trial..Version: 7.5.3

It would be a great app, if didn’t freeze all the timeThe app offers some cool features, but most of them fail to work and after selecting a photo , it hangs on “loading” forever.Version: 6.27.3

It's not free, and you can't try it without a subscription.The developer says you’re not forced to pay for it, but the first thing that happens when you launch the app; you're presented with a payment screen, and you cannot demo the app unless you agree to the three days and yearly subscription. As an app developer myself, I would never try this shady tactic. You guys should implement some sort of analytics to see how many sales you're losing out on because of if poor design..Version: 3.2.10

AVOID!! Total ScamI canceled my “subscription” immediately, and then I was charged TWICE for one. I went to my Apple ID, under subscriptions, and then hit cancel. When I was notified I was charged twice, I went back in and there isn’t an option to cancel, just to buy. I’ve requested a refund through Apple but what a total scam of an app by not letting you cancel..Version: 6.4.0

Where is the Help section FAQI wanted to turn my still digital paintings into cinemagraphs using the light trails function and other functions. Have subscribed and I can see no way to do this..Version: 4.0.1

Video not completingPaid for 3 vidoes and 3 days still not completed. 🤬.Version: 7.5.3

StupidBeen on it for 5 min and want a review! Lol so far it’s a 1 but feeling generous. To many crapy ideas so it took all that time just to find the 3D filter without butterflies and a lot of garbage. So so far not great. Trouble saving and the saved image just wobbles..Version: 7.2.1

App keep crashingIt’s allllllways crashing or telling me it doesn’t have permission to access my media’a.Version: 7.12.0

Not Clear about what is Processing?I downloaded this app and went for the video ai pack (1.99). Selected the video but lost internet midway and I think it stopped. Now upon checking out the app, I couldn't see anything in my project so I thought it has not processed anything. Tried again and now I just realised I have paid twice for the same video. I was expecting the processing video to appear in the project section but nothing. Not clear about what is being processed or not. Are you able to refund the first transaction? Still waiting for the result. Thank you.Version: 7.12.0

This app is awfulI uploaded a super simple video of me doing tai chi and it took over 10 hours to generate this crappy, glitchy 10 second clip of a female (i am clearly male) that morphs between multiple different faces and holds various tools oh yeah did i mention i paid $2 for it to process this trash ON TOP of purchasing the app…the AI is super weak, don’t bother with this garbage.Version: 7.14.1

Money scamWhen I tried making a photo it was good but when I tried saving it it kept saying I had to pay so I don’t get why the app itself didn’t cost money when u need to download it bc everything u have to use premium.Version: 5.2.7

You pay 50 bucks for nothing50%off on ai videos if you sub for 7 bucks a week for pro…. No! Ai videos went from 99cents to two bucks for the same quality… pff I would think buying pro would give you credits for ai video Estimating depth Estimating depth Estimating depth Estimating depth Estimating depth Estimating depth Estimating depth Estimating depth Estimating depth NOTHING WORKS FOR $50 and the videos are to short.Version: 7.5.1

Don’t buy !! Careful with paymentU pay for 1 year subscription and after 1-2 weeks it’s gone . They do not restore purchase. Apple purchase history shows the purchase but the app won’t agree to it . So please don’t buy . In general app is good but very annoying that I had to waste time to fix these issues ..Version: 5.12.0

Another pretenderSays free but as soon as you open the app it starts with bugging you to “pay” up and “subscribe” to this and “purchase” that, I absolutely hate apps that are supposedly “free” but won’t let you even get a feel for it to decide if it’s something that you actually want or not 🙄.Version: 7.5.3

Everything is behind a paywallNot into it, nothing on this app is free. Pretty much everything you can get for feee else where is £1.99 What’s the point of subscribing (like I just have) For it all to be locked anyway, iv paid for pics only and I can ever those free on many apps Diffusitron gives 100 a day free no watermark no charge at all. Why would I want to pay for something when iv not even tested that it works well. Bye ✌️.Version: 7.14.1

THIS APP IS DUMBNah I don’t really like it,you have to pay for it,it’s cool but it won’t let you even screen record it once you do it will say error,but then once the screen record is of then it’s normal again so nah don’t recommend if you don’t want to pay for a photo🙄.Version: 5.2.4

How does ApplStore allow this scam?How does Apple Store allow this kind of scammy app? Makes you worry about where all these apps are going. Keep away from these criminals...Version: 7.5.3

Doesn’t do anythingTried putting my pictures in and they all did absolutely nothing, I clicked a template, put a pic and it just brought me back to pick a template. Apps should not be able to be made by just anybody for this specific reason. Cash hungry company.Version: 7.14.1

ThiefIm absolutely upset I had paid 3$ for a weekly subscription and the moment it expired they charged my card 30$ for a year sub which I didn’t choose,didn’t want and without my consent I contacted them and nobody replied to me 30$ is allot to me knowing that I am currently struggling with money.Version: 5.12.0

Obnoxiously expensiveWildly expensive weekly subscription price. Would’ve loved to buy, but as usual, developer greed dominates. Major Adobe software suite is less money than this!!.Version: 6.27.3

Paywalled up the wazooTo access the app you have to pay, but you get a 3 day free trial. To render anything in the app you have to pay. What is the point of having to pay for access when you have to still pay to render a video? The excuse that it takes up power so it charges $1.99 to make an Ai video. So where is the $7.99 access fee going? Crooks!.Version: 7.12.0

Disappointing!!When I first downloaded the app, there were some features on it that were free to use, then they added adverts, which isn’t a big issue, most apps do that, and I was happy, loved the results, recommend the app and had people joining. Now though, no matter what you want to do, you HAVE to be a Pro member. It’s a shame, I loved the app, and loved the results (though maybe a bit of fine tuning on faces won’t go a miss lol). If you do ever change it back to how it was, so let me know, but for now, I have to say bye 😢.Version: 7.16.0

It’s okayApp is ok, the only thing I don’t like is the new ai videos. I am a yearly subscriber and now these ai videos have come I still have to pay extra for them. The big issue is you don’t even know if the ai is going to be good, I’ve spent more money on rubbish ai videos than good ones. Looking to cancel my subscription this year as I feel like I’m being scammed.Version: 7.7.0

Video option doesn’t workVideos won’t generate and they charge you for the known issue. Could be a great app, but why pay for something they know isn’t working?!?! Their fix of closing the share screen doesn’t resolve the known issue either and they won’t reimburse payment! Don’t waste your money!!.Version: 7.10.1

Be aware!Be aware!! You will pay $9 one time to get only one video created and then ask again to pay for a second video!!.Version: 7.5.3

Needs to pay every single video afterwards paid for subscribedNeeds to pay every single video after paid for subscribed, I down know why should I pay for the first time.Version: 7.14.1

CrashAs soon as I downloaded the i had just begun and it crashed almost immediately.Version: 5.2.0

Impossible à essayerTest impossible, on vous demande 6.99CAD$ en partant, sans avoir la moindre idée du résultat. Oubliez ça!.Version: 7.12.0

3$ - free trialDo not recommend, Apple need to delete this app.Version: 7.12.0

Rip offBe careful before you pay your money to these guys. They charge you more than $50 for the unlimited Pro access, but they don’t tell you that you still have to pay for video creation! So for $50 you just basically get this app free from ads with a couple more photo creation options. But you still have to pay them $3-6 for EACH video you want to create! That’s a total rip off! You guys should make a product and be honest about its price and available features..Version: 7.15.1

Nicely Developed App but Limited SupportThe app is nice. The interface is pretty intuitive. I look forward to future releases having new 3D animation functions and hopefully more options for overlays and 3D stickers. (Maybe animated special effects related?). Constructive criticism: I have the app on my phone and can’t seem to use it on my iPad because it says that my subscription is already being used on another device. I even attempted to pay for it again and accept 2 subscriptions with no luck. I attempted to reach out to support but there is no obvious path to getting support. Customer service is going to have to be included in the next release guys. :).Version: 6.27.3

Can’t use. Won’t use $$$Launched app. Straight to membership screen. Don’t even get to try app. Without signing up for the 3 day trials then payment required. A free app that ask for money straight off the bat before even getting to use it. That’s backwards. Instantly makes you feel liked your being ripped off..Version: 3.2.0

“Don’t worry, you won’t be disappointed”I am extremely disappointed. First off, the app makes you get a subscription, and then it asks you for $2 on top of that to convert every video. Why would you pay $8/month to have to also pay $2 every time you want a video processed into AI? Secondly, it takes away the audio from my original video and the mouths don’t even move. If someone is singing in the video… it won’t process that into the AI. It’s super corny and not a useful app at all.Version: 7.16.0

ScamThis app is a scam, they want you to sign up for a free trial that you can’t do anything with, then pay 9.99$ a week plus 2.99 per render. There’s nothing free about the trial at all, do not download this garbage..Version: 7.7.1

Don’t waste your timeApp isn’t free, They try to charge you $5 PER video you want to make and they still charge you $1 per video even if you buy pro. They also lie to you by saying they have a paywall because of the “computer power” it demands but that is a lie you can do all this app can do for free with other apps and programs so go learn them instead of wasting your time and money on this app..Version: 7.5.3

Fake promo.Can't do anything without additional in-app purchases..Version: 7.14.1

Charges you multiple timesYou pay the full amount to use all options of the app, but asks you to pay for each video after. It would be nice If the developers took the time to work out all the bugs before taking peoples money. Highly disappointed and hoping that eventually with an update I'II be able to use the app I paid for..Version: 7.10.1

Subscription link does not work ???How can you manage your subscription if your link doesn’t work ???.Version: 6.24.1

Appalling, bordering on scamIt sells itself as video AI and then give you the option to buy, but even after you buy it’s still £1.99 per video, and just a few seconds at that. Steer clear..Version: 7.16.0

Waste of time. Nothing like it appearsTerrible video and charges all the way through.Version: 7.9.1

Just a picture?I paid for a video and it’s just come out as a picture of an octopus? Absolutely no resemblance even to the video I used!.Version: 7.8.0

NOT A FREE TRIALIf you’re going to offer a free trial - make it a FREE TRIAL. None of this letting the user go through the whole process and then try to charge them to view the result!.Version: 7.12.0

Not enough free content to useNot enough free content so no point keeping. Better apps out there..Version: 7.14.1

Money grabberYou pay for a subscription. Then you pay again each time you want to use the main thing you subscribed for, which are the AI videos..Version: 7.5.3

Waste of timeThe AI looks nothing like the pics and videos.Version: 7.17.2

Waste of timeDon’t bother downloading if you aren’t willing to pay. app is free to download but once launched you’re taken straight into a membership screen and have to choose a membership plan. not happy.Version: 3.2.0

I would rate lower if I couldYou have to pay or agree to pay to access the app. Once you load the app and find a filter you have to pay to even preview the video you imported. They literally tell you after processing “ this video requires a large amount of computing so it’s behind a paywall” do not down load this and find something else..Version: 7.12.0

Pay for testing the videos after you signup for a subscriptionPay for testing the videos after you signup for a subscription. The filters are very mediocre Not worth the time..Version: 7.7.1

Absolute RipoffInstant money grab, all the advertised effects are behind a premium paywall, it’s a subscription model so you get the subscription, then the rest of the stuff is behind ANOTHER PAYWALL! And what that doesn’t tell you is that each time you wish to create a new video you have to pay again! £1.99 PER VIDEO! Absolute joke! AVOID AT ALL COST.Version: 7.10.1

Took my moneyThis app is deceiving! It’s says try for 3 days, then after 3 days, an amount will be deducted. I clicked on the 3 days trial and my account was debited immediately. Please I will like a refund..Version: 7.5.3

LoopsieTotal waste of time and money - don't get this one kids.Version: 7.7.1

Betrayal“FREE” Trial 🙄.Version: 7.12.0

No trial period! I took a weekly subscription and for each video they ask for money again!I just took a subscription. The application showed payment of $7.99 and a three-day trial period. I wanted to make a video and again they asked me to pay $1.99 for this video, what nonsense? It turns out there is not even an opportunity to try to make a video by subscription, you need to pay every time, in addition to the weekly payments???.Version: 7.15.1

Another costly subscription app...Wont let you use “Loopsie” at all. Once you download your forced to subscribe to “Loopsie Pro” before even being able to try it..Version: 2.1.0

Money GrabJust another stable diffusion based AI money grab where you need to pay on a weekly basis and per render. Renders are often inaccurate and have no way to redo and so you’re stuck burning 3$ every time you want a render on top of your weekly subscription price. There are currently many alternatives that use the same API. Would recommend steering clear of this one..Version: 7.5.3

Atrocious resultNot impress bu the result try different photo :/.Version: 7.12.0

Laggy apps keeps shutting downApp has a lot of bugs I had to restart the app at least 11 times before it started working normal wish I could actually use all of the features in the app. It’s a little pricey compared to other apps that offer similar features..Version: 6.27.4

Horrid appAbsolute garbage don’t bother One star is too many 👎👎👎.Version: 7.17.2

Lifetime but....maybe I missed something. I got the Lifetime membership, but then had to shell out a dollar for the AI video. Personally, I should get at least 30-40 free AI videos for literally paying $40 upfront. That kinda urked me. I took a star off for that. The fact the wait times for filters because it’s estimating depth TAKES FOREVER on a fiber connection. That needs sped up or an option on how much depth I want.. i just want to use a filter not play waiting simulator. So a star off tor that. Honestly not sure why I paid but I’ll keep the app in case I get the patience to try again..Version: 7.4.1

Payment requiredCan’t be used without payment..Version: 7.14.1

?Why can’t we import pics to edit? I have many pics in my phone I want to edit.Version: 2.0.3

MONEY DIGGER!I’ve downloaded the app and payed extra for one AI Video and the video it’s not even downloadable,a complete scam I’ve unsubscribed straight away!.Version: 7.12.0

Misleading - Non TransparentZero star if there was an option. They lure you in, but soon cap you off wanting you to pay more..Version: 8.0.3


Robs moneySigned up for a FREE trial to download a photo and they instantly charged me. Contacted support and never got a reply..Version: 8.2.1

Can’t import all photosI love this app... but it doesn’t show all my photos for import.. I have a free trial atm but probably won’t continue if I can’t be guaranteed the use of any photo I want to use.Version: 3.2.0

Very badWorst app you can get for editing! Very slow and extremely overpriced! Regret downloading it and wasting my time and money..Version: 6.5.0

Restricted???Only few short videos are free then it starts charging $2.50 for each video and only very short part of the file. Not worth it.Version: 8.2.1

Loopsie AIIt’s not good at all the A1 had to much effects in the background and didn’t focus and made me waste my money this app need to let people create and operate how they want there video to look especially after paying for it and not even being able to change what it looks like after you pay for it just a horrible app.Version: 7.12.0

ScamWhen using this app, everything is required for a purchase and when I put funds into my account while the app was deleted, there was a subscription to the app which I already delete ???? This app is a scam and a joke don’t download. The rating is a lie most likely bots read this comment and other to ensure that you’re not getting scammed.Version: 3.0.4

It’s okayIt’s a cool app but I don’t understand why I have to pay just to export it to a different app besides the it’s an okay app. Oh and you guys don’t have to pay you can press the X in the corner but you can’t do certain things.Version: 5.2.1

Do not buy the premium for animationNo where does it state that the price is per render. You’re not really “unlocking a feature” if it’s a pay per use billing model. 100% illegal billing practice but we know apps like have unfortunately become a dime a dozen..Version: 7.16.0

Takes your $$ with nothing in returnPAID for the AI video using my picture and it was just a loading screen for days, saying that it was still making it when the prompt said up to 20 minutes. Finally decided to re-install the app but now my creation is gone..Version: 7.5.3

Charges you multiple times, delivers nothingYou have to pay to simply be able to use the app, outside of the free trial period of course. Then you are charged again to render your videos. They say it’s because of all the computing power necessary to render the videos. That makes sense to me. Problem is that the computing power should have been first invested into an app that actually works. Every time you go to download a video that you literally just paid for, the app stonewalls you and continually tells you that you must authorize access to your photos to download the video. No matter how many times you authorize access to ALL photos and try to go back to get what you paid for, the app resets and starts the process all over. App seems like it could be really cool if the developers took the time to work out all the bugs before taking peoples money. If you pay for the deforum videos now, you’re basically paying to help devs work out kinks in their programming, not to get the awesome videos that are advertised. Highly disappointed and hoping that eventually with an update I’ll be able to get the video I paid for…doubtful though..Version: 7.7.0

You have got to be jokingShameless cash grab Zero demonstration of value Forces you to sign up in the Hope you forget you are haemorrhaging money and data to this tenuous AIsploitation app.Version: 7.7.1

Does not work as advertisedOnce app pro version was bought it will charge $2.99 for each clip you want to develop. Paid for 2 clips and one never stopped processing and the other failed. Very disappointed.Version: 8.0.3

Too slowTo import/ save files.Version: 7.12.0

Don’t botherWhat a waste...should have read the reviews first. Download and have to subscribe in order to try for free for 3 days but will auto charge you after 3 days if you do not cancel...what a scam. Forget it..Version: 3.2.10

ScamIt works but it makes you buy a subscription to use the app then after you already have the subscription you have to pay for every photo you want to edit with the Ai even with the subscription. They shouldn’t make you pay for a subscription then pay another fee to use something that’s already apart of their app..Version: 7.6.3

Not worth usingThe video feature is poor, it’ll take your existing video and add ai, but everything is pre defined with little to no control or quality. Not what real ai is about.Version: 8.2.1

Good butInsanely priced.Version: 6.23.0

Pay and Pay AgainDownloaded the app off the Cleopatra AI dance craze. And thought I could create unique AI experiences. I’m sad to say, this app is very limited in what you can do and plus you can get this look for free elsewhere. Overall, not worth the monthly fee and then the paywall for Video AI on top of the monthly..Version: 7.7.1

MisleadingPaid for an AI vid that is supposed to take less than 20 minutes and it’s been over 14 hours. Still haven’t gotten it.Version: 7.4.1

Where is the cinemagraph option?I am a very long time user of Loopsie. I used this app a lot, on a daily basis, creating amazing cinemagraphs, it was great fun, probably the video/photo app I used the most. But… but all of a sudden everything changed and in a bad way. Now it is just an app who allows you to create 3D photos. The only place when I see 3D photos is FB and no one cares about it. I can’t even see an option where you can use videos with loopsie anymore. At least you can leave the possibility to use those filters of yours in a video….Version: 6.9.0

Confusing payment structureJust got the free trial but have to pay an additional £1.99 to generate ai video? Not sure if that’s for every video or a one off payment for all videos? Very confusing. Anyway won’t be paying. Not worth it. Will be free soon..Version: 7.17.2

Fails after only two picturesFails all the time!!!.Version: 7.15.1

Misleading priceSeems really cool but I wish apps would stop being advertised as offering even some of it for free, when you get no features whatsoever, you open it and after about 30 seconds you have to choose a payment plan.Version: 3.1.3

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