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VN Video Editor App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

VN Video Editor app received 32 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using VN Video Editor? Can you share your negative thoughts about vn video editor?

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VN Video Editor for Negative User Reviews

Don’t use this appThe video I have been working for a week just disappeared from the app!!! 😭 Investigating what happened I found out that this issue is very common with this app. Unacceptable and unreliable..Version: 1.54.2

Perfect, except…You need to add the ability to crop zoom a portion of the video, rather than just slow zoom in over a period of time. Also, 4K clips are totally buggy /not importing correctly on a brand new iPad Pro, they take so many attempts to import and then finally work on the 10th try. Please resolve..Version: 1.52.3

Worst appGuys please don’t use this I have been using this app just to save the money and I was wrong it always creating some issue when I am about to export the video. After few videos you will start going to face issues like this Please rather go for paid app or another I’m fed up of this app. Worst decision i took for editing my video on this app. This app is so stressing.Version: 1.54.6

Always used this app but disappointed recentlyI’ve always been happy using this app. It’s super user friendly and it’s comprehensively built. The best part is that it’s free and the exported videos always turn out to be of a great quality. However, recently, on my iPhone 12 Pro Max, whenever I export a video, the result is horribly choppy. This has never happened before but now, each video I export is laggy and choppy. The video feels so rough and it feels like it was captured from a low quality phone, which is not good at all. When I export the video in HDR, the video isn’t laggy or choppy but I’ve always disliked HDR videos because of the lack of colour. That’s why whenever I export, I turn off the HDR, but that ends up exporting a choppy and laggy video. Wish there was a fix to this. I don’t want to stop using this app. This is the only good one available!.Version: 1.49.5

Good app BUT....Easy to use app but it’s not true there’s no watermark as there are black fade out frames with the VN logo attached to the end of your video which is fiddly to remove from in-video - I’ve had to exit the video and use another app to crop the VN logo out of the saved video. It’s for that reason I give the app just THREE STARS atm. If the app developers give you the option in a future upgrade to easily remove the VN logo or even simply to save your edited video without the black fade out frames with the VN logo attached, then their app instantly becomes a SIX STAR app IMHO..Version: 1.39.2

GlitchHey so i’ve used VN for a while now but recently my app has been glitching. to try and fix the issue i have cleared cache, deleted all my edits stored and even deleted and redownloaded the app. basically the problem is- when i go to move/drag a clip to another spot it glitches and goes really slowly zooming out to the screen where you can then move the clip. editing used to be so easy on this app but i’m struggling now, i hope you can fix this glitch..Version: 1.40

AnnoyingI love vn so much and i use it all the time as i make and post edits but theres this one bug that keeps happening. It doesn't happen all the time but it happens every so often and doesn’t go away for a couple of days . Basically when i split any clip , the like second half of the clip goes a weird colour and it really gets on my nerves because idk how to fix it ..Version: 1.52.3

Botnet & Messy1. Ads 2. Collects a lot of data, whilst also being vague in Privacy Pol. about collection, chances are they’re hoarding your videos, LUTs, etc. 3. Messy UI 4. Owned by Ubiquiti, a very sketchy company when it comes to Privacy There are cheap alternatives avail. that don’t hoard your data..Version: 1.44

It doesn’t have key frameEven though I luv this application but it doesn’t have key frame for the video.Version: 1.36

If I know there’s bug like this, I wouldn’t start to use VN.At beginning I thought VN is a great video app even is better then Videoleap, because videoleap changes a lot and it’s even not convenient as VN. HOWEVER, I felt extremely disappointed with VN now. I nearly finished my video then VN seems wants to add water-print in my video which is fine, but it’s so annoying that it shows in the middle of my video! I can’t even change it to the end or delete it, or my other footages would gone and my subtitles’s order are most missed up. I did several times now! I’m frustrated with this especially I finished almost of my video. Now I have to go back to my computer and do the exactly the same thing. I want to give 0 star but there’s no choice..Version: 1.17

Not able to loginI have created a VN account in the OSX version of your app. However, when I try to log in using iOS version, neither the created username nor Apple login work! Bad UX right out of the bat!.Version: 1.50

I need to cutWhy isn’t there a cut button Triming is to hard.Version: 1.52

A Good AppHi, It is nice to talk about the advantages of the application in general. It has very nice features through which any modification can be made to any video, but there are three things that must be reconsidered.. The first is to add a button to extract audio from the video so that the user can modify in a deeper way, secondly, Adding other effects and movements, for example, the KineMaster application gives you a broader experience of visual and audio effects, visual framing, or even a text tape in which it includes many additions that can be made simultaneously. And thirdly, there is music that was in the dynamic section. I don't see it there anymore. It's called the reddle, I think. Can you bring it back or direct me where I can find it? Thank you..Version: 1.54.7

Love it but.....I have been using this app to do my videos, then after a while I found two glitches that are really bugging me, the first one is a a problem, whenever I put my intro in (video) the photos shrink then have blur in the rest of the space, and it’s really annoying so I just don’t do intros, but the 2 one is something that I can not fix or do anything about, I was working on my video, putting my screen shots, then when I press forward, it logged me out then when I went back on the app, everything shrunk, so I deleted that one and started a new project I put the photos in groups of 6 but then it still shrunk I pressed the play button then it started to go really slow, so I downloaded the app again and it still shrunk, I hope you can fix this soon, Thank you for ready.Version: 1.29.3

Currently a 3 star but has real potential to be 5 star!I think this is an amazing app but it’s performance recently is temperamental. After the recent update, VN won’t allow me to export in 4K at 60 FPS, which up until recently wasn’t an issue. Also, if the app had a chroma key filter it would be perfect (5*). Currently I’m having to use a 3rd part app and consequently the additional exporting required does diminish the quality of the final edit. Btw,.Version: 1.23.9

What am I supposed to do with this app?I thought I was downloading what was advertised as a simple video editor. Boy, was I wrong. I can’t make heads or tails of how to use this app. I tried going to the developer’s website, to find documentation or an FAQ,but his website is written in either Filipino or Thai - Neither of which I can either read or speak.I also discovered, quite by accident, that in order to qualify for the developers filter pack, I have to join something called a Discord. In order to qualify for other items, in the app, I have to post a video to something called TikTok. What, may I ask, is a TikTok? Just so you know, I am 50 years old and I don’t do social media. I’m guessing this app is one of the many, on Apple’s App Store, that require the use of social media to be functional. I will be deleting it now..Version: 1.38.1

The appHello first how do I photos? How do I add photos to the video second please add the Arabic language your app is really good. we need the Arabic language for Arabic people who don’t understand English..Version: 1.59

Why can’t I select multiple clips?I really wanted to love this app because it has so many great features, and it’s free! This is wonderful. However it is missing one really basic feature that I really need — the ability to select multiple clips simultaneously so that I can copy, paste, delete, or move multiple clips at once. I can’t believe the app has all these advanced features and doesn’t have this basic ability. I work with a lot of very small clips that often repeat themselves and so to have to manually add each clip and adjust it to the same length over and over and over is extremely tedious and makes it impossible for me to use this app. Please add this feature ASAP because I would love to be able to use this app to edit video on the go on my iPhone. One other related feature request: I would like to be able to quickly and easily link clips together so that once I get audio and video synced up with each other then when I move a clip the chunk of other clips that belong with it will automatically move as well, and I don’t have to re-sync everything over and over. Thank you..Version: 1.52

VN Editor is the best :Chonk manPlease add more layers.Version: 1.40

LaggyThis is a really good app, probably one of the best editing programmes I’ve used, but there seems to be one problem and it’s the every them I get off the app, despite saving it always loses the video clips I use. It doesn’t seem to download them when I press certain videos and photos, and only seems to work when I go onto my gallery and send them from there, only for everything to repeat. I hope this issue can be fixed, other than that and how it lags when watching it through, this is an amazing editing app. <3.Version: 1.32.3

Wasted hoursDon’t bother trying to edit long videos as the app doesn’t seem to be able to handle it. I have wasted soo many hours trying to export a video on several attempts. I was very excited to share with others only to be left disappointed. I will be downloading another app and hope this fairs better. An absolute disappointment to an app that could of been great.Version: 1.46

Do not upgrade to PROI wanted to try a PRO and tried to upload it and it didn’t work. Apple charged me and no response from support. Previous fee app was working ok, but from time to time it was freezing even I cut to footage to minimum.Version: 1.60.1

It is great but needs to make a fixI would rate it 5 put it keeps doing this thing where when I add music with a very short duration it keeps playing the music over and over again whilst I am editing and then it gets so annoying that I have to keep going off the app to stop it playing over and over.Version: 1.34.3

BuggyFirst time using this app and everything was going well until i tried to export the video. The auto setting refused to export no matter what i tried so i did my own settings and no matter what i tried the final product would always end up with glitches and pixelation in between most of the transitions making it completely useless..Version: 1.48.2

YouTubeMy Channel loged ME out.Version: 1.52.3

Only allows 19s of reimported audioSee.Version: 1.60

What you should doHi I think You should put more music options in the app but overall it’s great. Bye.Version: 1.52.3

Video Quality is garbageAwful video quality once it’s uploaded to Facebook. I’ve tried every setting, 1080p, 4K etc..Version: 1.59.2

Love the app but recent hiccup?!Love the app. Honestly one of the best free video editing apps. But recently when editing videos and then exporting, I’ve noticed that the finished video will have slight audio problems. For instance, if i split/cut a clip once exported, the audio will have this slight ‘fade in’ applied although it was never added while editing. I also noticed I’m having the same issue on the desktop version as well. Not sure if this is because of an recent update but hopefully this will be addressed/fixed soon. Once again, love the app but hopefully this minor issue will be addressed/fixed in updates to come..Version: 1.51.5

Extraction failed.. Extraction Failed, Extraction failed.So the issue here is, that I cannot download any music I like, by importing from links. It’s honestly very stupid, how dumb this is. Every time I try, it says ‘Extraction Failed’ literally. Yes, every time. Please fix this. Thanks. The overall app is AMAZING but...that music issue.Version: 1.33.1

Media services reset. Cannot exportThe app was working fine until it would not let me export this specific video. I can’t share the file at all and I still have all the clips saved on my device so there is no reason it shouldn’t be working. When it’s loading to export it always stops at 36% and gives me the error “Video generation failed, media services reset please save project and try again” when I press the Help button that pops up nothing happens ! I use this app all the time and this is super frustrating ;( I can’t find any answers online either. Please help! I even tried to use the same clips in a new project rearranged but it’s giving me the same problem..Version: 1.50

Bring Back “Import Music from Photo Library” FeatureI absolutely LOVE VN for editing. I am a small content creator, and this app is very easy to use when I’m on the go (where I am most of the time). I came on today to find out the “Import Music from Photo Library” feature is gone, and that makes me a tad bit upset, since that is what I have been getting my video music and sound effects from. I would really appreciate if whoever runs the app puts this feature back in because it is very easy for lots of video editors, and not just me. Other than that, there isn’t much more things that is bad about VN. It will still be my favorite, but I would be very disappointed if music from the photo library isn’t added back..Version: 1.54.6

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