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Weed Inc: Idle Tycoon app received 108 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about weed inc: idle tycoon?

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I love it and I have invested but want updatesIt’s fun and I enjoy it, it can get pretty time consuming or you can play it idle but it’s fun either way but I’d like it to be a little easier with the ads, I don’t mind watching ads honestly for 30 seconds but the rewards could be better, I watch them back to back to back and multitask and it’s fun but updates would be cool I’m barely getting to Seattle and I’m in first place in the current tournament so yea ?.Version: 2.16

Love itI love this game. it's fun to play even without paying and the fact that you can watch ads to get boosts etc is great! it is a little confusing how the money abbreviations work. million is M, billion is B, trillion is T, quadrillion is Q but then it goes to quintillion as aa and so on. it's a bit hard to understand what means what after Quadrillion but once you get a little key or just remember what means what, the game is soo much more enjoyable! all in all great game and would love to see some cool new strains and locations in the future and a way to link to an email or phone number.Version: 2.34

Very fun to playHonestly the best weed game to play out there. Yes it does take time to grow big but it’s worth it. Especially when you haven’t checked it in awhile and you come back and you have all that money to upgrade everything. That’s the fun part. I have read other reviews and I really like the idea of playing with friends. That would be pretty fun and maybe like a chat of other players. Or even if someone needs seeds they could auction them for tokens or even money. Just a few ideas for the future! Great game tho!.Version: 1.33

Keeps CrashingLove the game but it keeps crashing after 5min of playing( sometimes less) I have an iphone 6.Version: 2.58

BugsThis game is sick absolute banger but keeps crashing and closing the app alot in small periods of time and I can’t figure out why. I beg the developers fix that, other than that this game is blessed 🙌🏾.Version: 2.76.42

Add meAdd me for 5% more profit 63880C9.Version: 2.50

Love it but crashes!Awesome game and great quality too. Since the new update it’s not been letting me change location.. always stuck on Seattle! Other then that the game if great fun and never ends !.Version: 1.72

Absolutely fabulousI love games like this so it is great for me my friends and me love it you can play any ware for free it’s great.Version: 1.26

It’s okIt’s a good game but it robs you for instance inSan Francisco say I have 100b and inLos Angeles I have 100t if I go to San Fran then I lose my 100t in L.A as money resets its self I don’t think that’s very fair.Version: 2.76.33

Ad issuesThe ads are aids but the game teaches me about the jobs of the future..Version: 1.72

Fun idle game but …While I have found this game super fun the first month or so of playing I’m starting to hit some frustrating points. The first two weeks of game play all Ad bonus content worked mostly fine .... mostly ... now that I’m at the point of having several locations and the weekend events the AD timers barley play. It’s essentially opening and reclosing the app every few minutes to get boosters to a point where they can be left alone for more than an hour. If this is intentional content blocking to keep game usage rate up might I suggest adding a remove ad’s purchase option. At this point I’d be more than happy to pay for no ads like most other idle games to avoid the whole situation all together..Version: 2.62

Weed incThis is a great name I think it needs more weed types and more towns.Version: 1.68

Add me43a8901.Version: 2.42

So much funOmg this game is so much fun got addicted. Cant stop playing to fun 😁.Version: 1.78

Pothead GOTYSuch a Rasta Vibe and endless fun.Version: 2.42

420Get.Version: 2.68.83

Feels Like I’m Really In The BusinessI love the game, the graphics. I love that I have other people working for me and they are taking care of the strains, packaging and selling the product while I am away! I don’t have to do too much work. First, I would like to see a progression chart. I want to see which strain is selling better than other strains so I can replant a different strain when another strain is not performing well. Secondly, I want more than one collector so the product scan sell quicker. Having one collector is slow and it takes too long. Add it to the game and I will really feel like I’m in the business and you will get 5-stars ⭐️!.Version: 1.80

Auto-Arrange Doesn’t Really Auto Arrange That WellI’ve been playing this game for about a year now just to pass time when I don’t have a lot going on. Don’t have any complaints really other than the “Auto Arrange,” button that’s supposed to arrange your plants for you to make the most money, doesn’t arrange in order. I’ll have a few plants that don’t make that much money, auto arranged to where they’re at my tables where my top $ making plants should be. If that could be fixed that’d be dope. Literally and figuratively..Version: 2.34

Love this game927B8A5 add me!!! :).Version: 2.34

Amazing but one thing is holding it from a 5This game is highly addictive and easy to pick up, like a lot of idol games it’s fairly simple and quickly rewards you for the grind, however that being said it crashes... a lot... I often have to reload the game up or close it completely otherwise my cash doesn’t keep generating, it’s also annoying when it crashes mid upgrade forcing you to reload to perform the same upgrades again.Version: 1.70

Weed incAmazing I wish they could give me money tho.Version: 2.76.33

BugsAmazing game, love it and rate it 5 stars but currently at this stage it's broken, managers don't actually activate until about 10/15 seconds after you turn them on, ads are broken they just won't load for some reason, selling 650AD worth of weed and receiving 650AE but yet I sell 1AE and I only get about 67AE like things just don't seem to be adding up, couple of bugs needing fixing but overall quality game top notch.Version: 2.50

Really goodI think this game is really good but you need to know what your doing because there is a lot of stuff to do and it gets busy..Version: 1.52

🔝Super 🤩💯👍.Version: 2.22

Awesome GameThis game is awesome and it doesn’t have ads only when you want to collect 2x or more money and you get to have sooo soo soo much money I have like 5.1 billion coins you should definitely get this game and it has soo much fun things for you because every time you leave and then come back the day after you get a daily reward and you get coins and if you want you could get 3x amount and it’s awesome 👏 GET THIS GAME NoW and It send you a notification of when a crate is ready to open!!!! GET THISS GAME NOWWWWW!!!!!!!😊😊😊🙏🙏🙏PleAseee.Version: 1.84

Great appThank u how fun play at.Version: 2.76.42

:)Addicting game C3A50C8.Version: 2.42

Great gameGreat game. Add me as a friend with this code for 5% more profits. 0A93D67.Version: 2.36

Very fun and addictingI, like many others, mistakenly assumed that this would operate as per usual with strategy games like this and be very pay-to-win-oriented. However, I was pleased to see that within hours of playing, I was earning millions. Quickly succeeding that I earned a billion, then a trillion, and now I’m comfortably within the quintillion’s. It’s very easy to succeed in this game, and it doesn’t get boring because you always have the incentive of buying other locations around the world. 10/10.Version: 2.10

BugsThis is a fun game but i can’t access Los Angeles and the game crashes every so often and won’t load event ads now and again and I have deleted and reinstalled the app and it did not work I hope you can fix the problem as I am really enjoying this game.Version: 2.58

DmanI played this game so it might help to legalise this.Version: 1.48

Great game!I absolutely love this game! There is lots to do and its fairly easy to progress (even without paying money). While it does take some time to collect enough cash to expand/renovate, there are plenty of objectives to keep you busy in the mean time. There are multiple daily challeneges and daily loot. There is constantly some type of event and/or tourny going on with decent rewards at the end. One thing i would like to see is some type of customization. It gets boring looking at the same background all the time. Maybe at the end of each event, if completed, also gain the theme of the event. Like the skins and background and beable to use it back at a home base. But its just a minor detail that would make the game feel a little more like your own. Nonetheless its still a great game and i highly recommend!.Version: 2.42

Add MeCode: 949A8F6.Version: 2.16

GoAds don’t work on anything.Version: 2.48

BUGNew thc con won’t load any add videos please fix.Version: 2.40

Great game! Crashes A LOT though.I love a good strategy game like the next phone addict and this one delivers. I like the new add ones as well with daily incentives to log on and see how your “farms” are doing and the expansions are difficult but achievable which makes the challenge of getting them worth it. My only real problem with this game is it crashes so much. If a certain ad comes up for the hourly multiplier, it crashes. If I’m trying to get a random incentive by watching an ad, it crashes. Lately it crashes just because I switched locations and skipped the ad so it wouldn’t crash. Can’t win here. I even tried it on different devices and I’ve had the same issue. Ah well. Hopefully the developers work out the kinks because I refuse to spend money at all in an app where I’m. It even sure my progress has been saved. I’ve been burned by that before..Version: 1.70

Research PointsLove the game I’ve been playing it non stop, but could you please stop notifying me on the top left corner with a finger that moves on my screen that I have research points. I know I have research points I don’t need to be notified every 5 minutes. Trying to save them up, but the game is persistent on me spending them lol..Version: 2.42

Takes along timeOk so I saw and this game if you load in it will take like 10 hours I had good internet so I’m true I know there lying this game is trash it a waste of you time and don’t play a game like that so even my freinds Silas and also my other freind they say they hate this game I can’t blame them don’t believe the other people also there a waste of time I can’t believe I can’t even log in like what tipe of game is that and I’m just ping giving you tips to not play that game.Version: 2.28

GgGood game.Version: 1.72

NiceNeeds to be balance prices on items and deals.Version: 1.78

Great game shame for the bugsGreat game all round thoroughly enjoy growing weed in various strains and locations by the fact it crashes ... a lot of the time... this needs resolving losing nearly 12 hours of money sometimes due to this come on guys sort it out.Version: 1.72

Really well made gameIt’s actually done really well, it’s enjoyable, and unlike other games where it takes a long time to get anything done because of in app purchases or special currencies required to make it go faster, this game doesn’t do that, sure you can use special currencies but the special currencies are really easy to get a hold of, and you don’t have to buy it, basically it’s just a really well structured game and I commend the developers.Version: 1.72

😅Keeps crashing i have Iphone 7 with plenty of storage its the game my videos are not playing for rewards or anything the game was good untill this happend.Version: 2.68.83

Weed incMy weed inc stopped working.Version: 1.70

One thingThe game is so much fun, and it’s honestly pretty good. Except, as you play the game every time you can afford an upgrade there’s an obnoxious arrow that keeps pointing at things, and there’s no way to turn it off. So, could I suggest putting in an option to turn off the little hints in settings..Version: 2.36

EE55DC6 add me activeEE55DC6 add me active.Version: 2.62

LittleprinnyThis is a frickin amazing game yano, and its a-bit addictive but its good. It’s not one of them games which you end up having to put money into to get the second currency cos you can earn it so every part of the game works 👍🏽.Version: 1.62

Addictive and FairSo far after playing for a couple hours this game is pretty addicting, it takes different elements for different genres and make it there own in this game, What surprises me the most is how balanced this game is with micro transactions, its not a need to buy any but the game does slow down after the first hr maybe so it’s tempting also your supporting the devs, honestly my favorite time waster due to how they found the middle ground between the system between free and micro transactions, Other big devs need to take notes from this game since every mobile is riddled with micro transactions with frustrating game play.Version: 1.50

Fun time wasterAdd me E1EB4A3.Version: 2.48

Great Game But.........It’s an great game but it could be bit more adventurous as in other ways to collect gems, coins, and weed strain cards instead of waiting for a create 12 hours later. I really do love the game, I was playing Hempire before this came out and they had more adventurous platform where you could deliver your weed & combine your strains to make hybrids. If anything hempire was more adventurous rather than business which Weed Inc more business but if you guys added adventurous to it you would beat hempire In downloads.....just throwing that out there but I love the game..Version: 1.48

WeedWeed good me grow weed and make real money thank you for starting my legal business.Version: 2.22

Very goodIs very addictive ADD ME: 12C8448.Version: 2.34

Well developedIt is a good concept and not confusing. Simple and that what a mobile game needs to be. Props to the devs..Version: 2.76.42

GoodAdd me! DF01262.Version: 2.34

Ad problem.Okay so normally I’m the ‘ads everywhere’ poster. This is true for this game too, but what can you do when every single game is rammed with them. However.. the ads in the game only work when they feel like it. You click the ad, watch the ad, and don’t get your bonus. Either a ‘there was a problem with the ad’ notice or nothing at all, just no bonus. This needs to be sorted!.Version: 1.84

Still skeptical about thisI saw rating were pretty high and I was wondering if I should’ve got the app and I do have only a few requests since I just got it one, I was thinking, I could only plant sour diesels so maybe you should get more seeds cuz I bought one thing that isn’t a sour diesel so I was thinking maybe like a few things you can get for not too much money at the very beginning. And also, maybe you should let us keep managers or at least let us upgrade how much time they last for. That’s it, Thank you and please look at this and YES I STILL am skeptical about it. I’m waiting for the next time I play this. Thank you!👍🏻 Thanks. I thought you had to hire different managers😁.Version: 1.25

Would be great if it didn’t crashCrashed every time I click an ad or if I try to upgrade strains and managers, talking like 10+ crashes in the space of 10 mins, love the game but can’t be bothered closing app and re-opening constantly..Version: 2.36

ReadI have been trying to find an addictive game. If you want a fun game play this.Version: 2.16

Used to be 5 starsI LOVED this game. Have had it for a while now. My favorite part is the ads weren’t pushed so hard. You didn’t have this feeling of having to deal with ads in order to get through the game. But since the new update that’s been changed. Seems like the ads are forced on you. Prime example is when you try to “auto-arrange” if you have done it in the last 24 hours you have to watch an ad. So you either cut the amount you play and advance the game or you have to watch the ad, and when you’re actually playing you’re going to expand a lot and need to arrange everything. I’m honestly a bit bothered by it and wish it would be fixed..Version: 2.66

ConfusedAs I was playing I noticed the auto arranger but I was extremely confused to what it done as it mixed up my strains and didn’t explain anything.Version: 2.76.42

To easyI’ve just started and I’m in the trillions already!!!!!!!! I love this. I think I’m to good 😎 lol.Version: 1.78

Great Game but....So I love this game. I have spent way too many hours playing this game over the past 6months ish. It’s easy to zone out and if you forget it for a day or two it doesn’t put you behind.. great for my adhd/depressed brain. One thing I have noticed though recently is more and more whenever I try to hit the bonuses or the doubling option for watching ads, either the ads don’t work at all or even worse, I will watch the entire ad only for it to crash at the end and not even get the bonus reward I specifically watched the ad for. For instance I am going into the app, I am treated with the “you have made___ while you were gone. Watch the app and you could double it.” I watch the entire ad and it goes to transfer back to the game and it says that the video isn’t working. It’s a small issue but still rather annoying. If I am going to sit through the same 3 ads over and over I would like what is promised..Version: 2.48

Loving the game butAbsolutely loving the game but it’s taking way to long to get to AC currency..Version: 2.42

One of my favorite idle gamesI really enjoy this game. It is fun to play even without making any in-app purchases. The prestige system is fun and I love obtaining new strains. My only issue is I have looked for guides and such online and I can’t find an explanation as to why two of the same strains make different amounts. For example, if I plant Sour Diesel in one plot and then another Sour Diesel in the plot next to it, the one on the right makes more per second than the one on the left even if they are the same level with the same number of budsmen. I think this is because each additional plot is worth more than the previous ones but I have not been able to find a definitive answer. But overall it is a great game! EDIT: The developer responded and let me know that yes each additional plot generates more value than the one before it and they are working on making this more clear within the game. Thanks devs!.Version: 1.33

This game is awesome the graphics are coolI really love this game even with the amount of ADs there are at least doing them is actually beneficial in the game immediately after the only down side to this game is when you plant you have to spend tokens to replant and once you reach max renovation all your plants are trapped basically, there needs to be something after max renovation like a option to take back seeds and replant them for free or just in unite renovation options just multiple the current coding for each location and change the time..Version: 1.78

It’s good.Fun, addicting. But when you reach out just past the billions, the dispensary slows down and can’t keep up with the production, and the customer selling is TOO SLOW. Unreasonable selling prices for the upgrade price has made my arms tired from tapping. The weed buying/upgrade price is unreasonable for how much is being produced. Then it suddenly turns into a pay to play. In other words, the ratio of money earned to money you have to spend to make more is like 1:10 One will get into the quintillion’s maybe after a year of game play, if your arms haven’t fallen off. ————EDIT - I’ve breached the Quintillions, had to be away but the rate of which you make money while away seems a little user friendly, keep playing and don’t give up! I give 5 Stars now.Version: 1.23

AddictiveThe lady that gives extra items typically is only in my game for the first 15-30 mins of playing and then she disappears. My code is 05D9C55.Version: 2.50

Fun game - need to fix video crashingI just started playing this game not that long ago. I have thoroughly enjoyed it and haven’t felt the need to pay real money. My only issue is recently the game has started crashing after videos. When I go in the changes I made prior to the video is gone and the bonus time didn’t get added. Happens almost every time I watch a video to speed up the expansion. Considering it takes 8 hours to expand at 30 min reduction per video...that’s 16 videos to watch. And when it crashes after almost every single one it gets frustrating and old quick. I’d give it a 5 star rating if the videos didn’t cause the app to crash. I’m on WiFi btw so it’s not my connection causing the crashing..Version: 1.68

😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊I like the game but when you are playing it it will stop and then you have to restart it again it really needs to be fix you go to play the competitions and it will stop it is very anoining I wish you would fix the problems as I do like playing the game but if this continues I will get rid of it.SO PLEASE FIX IT.thanks.Version: 2.00

Weed incExceptional game love the fact you can grind without paying have spent a small amount on the game. Only. suggestions would be more strains,and also 24 hours would be a lot better than 48 hours between events, only reason being research points are hard to come by and would be nice to be able to earn research points other than just the events any changes or updates to one of my favourite games would be appreciated really don’t want to fall out of love with the game thanks 😄.Version: 2.34

Love this gameAdd me 43E5F36. I love this game, but I am only giving it 4 out of 5 stars because it is constantly crashing. If they can figure out the bugs it would be a 5/5..Version: 2.40

Good gameVery fun.Version: 2.62

Too fastYour making weed and every second there is someone but the game is great.Version: 1.58

Weed inc is .....?Although you can leave this game the I sent I’ve is still pretty low for coming back into it . Never mind..Version: 2.50

Fun game love itBut can you please make it so upgrading plants or whatever in events gives you tokins once in a while? It's really the only thing I wish there was Besides that all the updates that there have been so far are great it's really making the game super enjoyable to play Edit: you should do that with events because now you've made them pretty impossible to complete all the way through so you don't get a chance to earn tokins I have no lifes this event and still can't win.Version: 1.58

Please fixI absolutely love this game. But I also have had this game for about a year and I am still have not unlock all the city’s. I only have Los Angeles, San Francisco I play this game just about every day and it seem like I am slowly progressing in this game. I also feel like I am getting more manger them I am getting plants which make it more frustrating bec this game is all about growing different kinds of weed plant and making money to upgrade more storage. Hope to hear from you soon.Version: 1.90

Black Screen on LALove the game but, I can’t get into LA anymore, its just a black screen so can’t go in to upgrade, renovate or anything.Version: 2.76.33

Best weed game ever!Never gets boring constant tournaments and events plus lots of rewards and things to grind!! Add me:8A52C8D.Version: 2.30

GameHaven’t played it.Version: 2.72.95

Needs improvedIt’s a great game, however there are some serious flaws. Quite often the game lags for no apparent reason, and sometimes crashes when changing area. There’s times where scrolling across the screen makes the game crash too, plus with the long boot up time of the app it gets quite tedious. Overall the gameplay itself is good, but there definitely needs to be improvements made to make the app more stable..Version: 1.78

Super non addicting addictive gameA lot of fun :3.Version: 1.43

Ad issues.The game is amazing, very addictive, when you are changing between shops it always seems to crash which is a problem if you’re watching a ad to double your money due to you losing your money because of the game crashing this may just be a issue with iOS would like to know if there’s a way to sort this issue, I think that the game should have friends in need where you can help each other or lower the prices of different areas, it’s difficult to unlock other areas, I struggled to get to 50t, all round awesome game just minor little issues :) if you smoke enough it shouldn’t bother you as much after a while :) all the best well done to the developers 🍁🍂.Version: 1.72

Best weed gameThis is a good game l recommend it.Version: 1.68

GreatThis game is a good game for some fun. I downloaded it as a joke but it has become really addictive! Download it now! It’s sooo good.Version: 1.78

Great game butI think this is a great game and I love it playing it daily I just have one problem with it and I hope they fix it and that would be the balance In this game you can use a max or go by one and dispensary and bottler when you even go by ones if you go over by just one it tops the tides I could have a lot of weed in bottled level it up and suddenly I never have any or have a steady stream of bottled weed for seller I level it up and boom no weed ever then it takes a while to rebalance hope you guys see this and see if you can make it a bit more balanced.Version: 1.52

Add meAdd me 9E9DEA4.Version: 2.66

Pretty solidIf you are looking for a solid tycoon game well this is for you. You are selling weed what’s not to love. It’s cool you can buy cities and areas to grow your weed and make loads of cash. There are plenty of cool strains of weed to plant and tapping them gives a weird but fun enjoyment. There are a few flaws however. Progression is pretty quick for the most parts however things can stall after a long while, especially in the middle of the first city. Micro transactions aren’t too terrible in this game since you can easily get the full experience without them however the ads are my problem. The app doesn’t force to watch ads but every minute an offer will come (pretty good sometimes game breaking ones at that) to offer cash or other stuff. The issue is it comes up way too often which honestly makes you feel bad for the game seeing it keeps throwing game breaking offers at you left and right and is honestly my biggest complaint (not to mention the ads on display are cheap low budget zombie and cowboy games which nobody likes). Overall though the game is pretty solid, has okay replay value to check in on a few times a day in your free time and is one of the better tycoon games on the App Store.Version: 2.42

NiceThis game is good that’s all.Version: 1.92

I’m stoned right nowOhhhhh my god weeeeeeeeeeeee.Version: 1.50

Wish I could give it 5This is an amazing game. Somehow, it just doesn't feel like other idle games... it is just so much more special and entertaining. Perhaps because you can have multiple locations and unlock and upgrade new strands. The reason I am not giving 5 stars is because this game drains my battery. I had just taken my phone off the charger and after about 10 minutes of playing, my phone's battery was at 65%. It also heats my phone up a lot. I do have an iPhone 6 on iOS 10 which is about 2 years old. The battery life is probably about 80% of what it used to be. But not many other games drain my battery this bad. It's usually only ones with amazing graphics that you'd only see on consoles and PC. But I guess this is an exception. Despite this, it's still an amazing game. Just wish I could play without needing to also have my phone charging..Version: 1.26

One of the best Clicker Mobile games!I tent not to like clicker games very much, as they try and scam you for real money. You can spend money on this game, but it doesn’t force you and I appreciate that. There’s a way to achieve in-game currency without it becoming old, or too grindy. There are ads but that’s excepted from a free game. I personally dont mind watching a few ads to get an in-game boost, but you don’t have to. I also really enjoy the attention to detail for each strain. Very cute game. :) one of the few mobile games I can recommend..Version: 2.66

Very goodIt’s very good easy to play and easy to understand and simple.Version: 1.84

Great idle game, some suggestions thoughIt’s a great idle game to play. Amazing animation great events and I love how the rows of strains are set up. I have some suggestions PRODUCTS in the next update make the option of making different products out of the strains. Another thing can you put an option of buying decorations and customize the paint and flooring of the despencery and themed costumes for employees. And pets with power ups to improve production. I love the variety of strains you can produce. And again an awesome, amazing, great idle game.Version: 1.80

Poo poo asscrack bum bum holeDon’t smoke grass skip class.Version: 2.42

Most fun idle game EVERFirst off, it has a tutorial. This is already worthy of 5 stars because most idle games are just there with the most basic of controls/features and don’t want to waste money on tutorials. Second, in the last 4 months I’ve had it, it hasn’t crashed once. Most other games that I play always crash and it’s a big issue. But this game is different and that’s great. Another feature I enjoy is the attention to detail when you overflow the growing bin or have too many bottles on the shelf. It’s stuff like that and also people walking in and out of the store on the sidewalk. Just little details that I’m sure everyone enjoys. 5 stars.Version: 2.42

Great game! Good time wasterAdd me E1A7A.Version: 1.68

Deserves 5 stars but really gets 4The game has some issues that I really Hope I never run into which is why it gets a 5 for now. The way it loads up to Facebook has had me lose standings in tournaments and I’ve lost money so I don’t like that I have to stick to playing in one device unless I want to keep loading a saved game that isn’t how I left it. Also sometimes it tells me to collect my money and when I push it it’ll quickly go away and show me the gems or ad option and I end up giving gems without the game asking if I’m sure I wanna do that like it does when you upgrade your rooms and you accidentally push the pay gem button there..Version: 2.50

Ads needs sortingAt times the ads don’t load as all you get is the loading and it won’t load so we’re kinda missing out on stuff including adding extra time and this is getting annoying Great game but seriously the ad loading needs sorting ASAP as it’s not letting us get the extras at times and when a day passes with the loading error it’s making me think “ what’s the point of playing.Version: 1.84

Its greatThis game is fun,addictive and over all a good and well made game. It is a bit slow at first but it speeds up further on into the game..Version: 1.33

Haven’t been able to play 😔Games keeps crashing after the last update.Version: 1.31

GreatGreat.Version: 2.16

CustomersPersonally i think customers shouldnt be able to purchase all the weed because when you get huge lines your waiting for it to be bottled up just for someone to take 9.7 billion for example, other than that its a really good game👌🏻.Version: 1.48

AlexThis game is fun.Version: 1.31

Big bugThis game is so dumb it keeps on kicking me out.Version: 2.58

GreatGreat game but for some reason I get so far into the game and it crashes wich is a little frustrating but it’s so addictive I don’t care I love this game.Version: 1.68

Fun time killerAdd me for 5% more profit. Code 429C793.Version: 2.62

Best game ever!!!!I can’t wait to carry on with this game already addicted highly recommend.Version: 1.68

Game enhancementsIt’s a very good game but the price of strain upgrades are very dear and tables can be over priced I ask u give a daily tokens at least 30 paying over 250 on 1 strain is hard to get even when resetting the city’s and the daily store offers should reset every 12h for to get multiple strains , crates , and more and people should be able to visit my city to see what I grow where would be good.Version: 1.26

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Merge Universe Positive Reviews

The universe is big, but beginnings are small. With the help of a mysterious tardigrade, merge your way from atoms to ga...

Idle Fishing Story Positive Reviews, comments
Idle Fishing Story Positive Reviews

Tap, Catch, Profit! What are you waiting for, Captain? Sailors are gearing up for the World Championship Fishing league...

Wiz Khalifa's Weed Farm Positive Reviews, comments
Wiz Khalifa's Weed Farm Positive Reviews

To be the greatest, you gotta learn from the greatest. In the post-prohibition world of farming, elevated entrepreneur W...

Don't Bump Your Head Positive Reviews, comments
Don't Bump Your Head Positive Reviews

Swing your way through challenging and dangerous levels - Try not to lose any limbs and Don't Bump Your Head! - It's 1...

Idle Food Truck Tycoon™ Positive Reviews, comments
Idle Food Truck Tycoon™ Positive Reviews

Build your food truck empire from an empty lot into a destination for foodies! Hire trucks to cook the most popular stre...

Fruit Pop! Positive Reviews, comments
Fruit Pop! Positive Reviews

Play Fruit Pop, the original free "Match 3" fruit slicing game, with over 10,000,000 downloads worldwide! Connect colorf...