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Bacon – The Game app received 202 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about bacon – the game?

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Bacon – The Game for Positive User Reviews

Best waste of time EVERI feel like someone just made this to flex about the fact that they could make an app..Version: 1.4

Good simple fun. With a giggle.Such a simple concept and yet so challenging. I love that this isn’t another play to win or subscription based game. You simply flip little bits of bacon onto random objects and keep trying until they stick. I’m not sure what loading my progress from the cloud actually does though. I play this on my iPhone and iPad and regardless of whether I import or not I still end up repeating the same levels..Version: 1.4

So fking funSo fking fun.Version: 1.51

Good game but inappropriate adsThis game is so much fun and addictive but the only thing holding it from 5 stars is sometimes you will get a really inappropriate ad but besides that really good game.Version: 1.53

Hi everybodyHelp me I’m trapped inside this game..Version: 1.22


MasterpieceI enjoy every single second of this game. I’ve been searching the internet trying to find the best mobile game I possible could and now my search is complete. This game is a masterpiece. It’s challenging but not to the point where you want to throw your phone at a wall. It really sits in a comfortable place in terms of difficulty. The artwork of the game is very unique as well. The mechanics are easy and straightforward, no bs. It’s just overall fun as hell. I feel like this is the most perfect mobile game I’ve ever played in terms of every aspect. This is a must have for any mobile users library. p.s. I feel bad for vegans. They don’t get an amazing game like us meat eaters do. Rip..Version: 1.0

Great game bae-can scared me thoughThis game is very relaxing. Even though some levels are hard and take a while the bacon comes back immediately and I don’t have a ad thrown in my face which keeps me cool. Also a fun thing to play not just when bored, it’s fun to put bacon on some things some time. (I suggest doing it in the game not real life you are wasting precious bacon). My only problem with the game is the bae-can level I was playing late at night 3am and the red guy came out of nowhere and scared the hell out of me closed the app and didn’t play for a couple of days haha can I put bacon on red guy? Haha.Version: 1.22

Best art instalation in the worldI think Spielberg referenced this game in Ready Player One as one of his main childhood influences and dedicated 10 minutes of the movie to it. It feels like you lived your life without purpose after playing this game for the first time. You owe it to yourself and to your children. Play it..Version: 1.3

AwesomeIt’s really funny especially if you love bacon Which I do.Version: 1.3

One of the best games on the App StoreHi I’ve been playing bacon for about two weeks and I’m addicted but not in a bad way it makes you want to play it when you’re on your phone try it and you’ll see what I mean only thing they could do is make it you get coins for completing a level and you can use coins for power ups like sticky bacon or strong bacon etc. I love this game and if you try it you will to whoever knew flipping bacon could be so fun..Version: 1.51

WORTH THE CLICKThis game is AWESOME!! It’s worth clicking the ‘get’ button, it’s challenging but super fun! Great for road trips or even when you’re bored. Overall... GET IT.Version: 1.0

BaconThis game is really addictive and funny but 1 thing that you could work on some levels are really easy and some are really hard just 1 thing to work on in the future By yours truly Zzztoastacles.Version: 1.0

I love this game so muchThis game is really hard on some of them but the other ones are so easy.Version: 1.4

WawMeilleur jeu de l’année des musique mémorable un gameplay digne du dernier last of us et un duré de vie au delà des exigences juste waaaw.Version: 1.51

LovelyJust played without any expect and figure it out this is great As yplay u can find some little funny things this game If u feel sick of some of serious games, chill with this n enjoy.Version: 1.4

Best game everI think this game is awesome because i like impossible games it’s not impossible i just like it’s just fun and impossible for me it is but good job on this game i just download it like Wednesday December 23 like right now and i not even close to the end so yea this game is the funniest game i ever play in my life and i am 10 i am still a kid and i have like games on my iPhone put i get bored but this games is going to keep me up on night and i am not in school until Christmas is over so yea i love this game so much keep the good work up love u guys 🥰😘.Version: 1.51

I don’t like racial slursIn level 30 with the shopping list the word lasagne is deliberately spelt wrong and it has the n word in it. This deeply offended me and I hope you can change it..Version: 1.4

New Suggestions for You PLEASE READ🥓SUGGESTIONS PLEASE READ🥓 Burnt bacon—crispy, black and crumbly Small bacon Big bacon Sticky bacon Hard bacon—not as flexible Bouncy bacon High gravity bacon Low gravity bacon Long bacon Special bacons 1 out of 15 chance to get? Bomb bacon—explodes in about 5 seconds? Grippy bacon—grips to stuff Spike bacon—put little holes were it landed Multiple bacons at once Different mode? Moving levels More sound effects Fast motion bacon Slow motion bacon Crazy bacon—like the bacon has a crazy mind of its own and flies all over the place until it hits something Different color bacons Hard to see bacon Glowing bacon Number bacon Letter bacon Liquid ish bacon Messy bacon—gets dirt on the level Drawing bacon—draws on the level Part 2 Special bacons go until it fall 5 times? You can add more if you want. Please don’t put my name in the game (honestly I don’t care if u do). Please add as much as you can!!!!!!!!.Version: 1.3

HilariousJust try it..Version: 1.4

Très bon jeuJe l’ai fini c’était long mais je suis content de l’avoir fait je le vous conseille vraiment vraiment bon jeu merci le créateur pour ce magnifique jeu cool❤️🥳❤️😙.Version: 1.51

Fun gameThis game is awesome because it just a game you can play whenever you are bored! You guys should make another game!.Version: 1.0

Funniest app yetI love this app I have shown everybody who I know and they still can’t stop laughing,I love the graphics and everything about it but I think that you should make some more games because they are super fun I definitely would recommend this.Version: 1.4

GreatThe levels vary from easy to hard and there are more than 100 levels If it is to hard, u can skip so you are not stuck on the same level.Version: 1.22

BACONI love this game it is so addictive and fun some of the levels are a little bit challenging. Other wise it’s great game and I recommend you get it even tho it’s just bacon... who does not love bacon ????? Haha I love this game..Version: 1.4

Ok, this is a bit scary...Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great game, it’s just that there are some things that scared me when I saw them. The first is the one where it asks for your camera. I get it, it’s putting your face in the Mona Lisa, which is pretty funny, but it doesn’t need access to my camera. The second is the level titled: “bacon on your battery percentage” and it scared me, because it had my actual battery percentage, which changed when my battery percentage changed. This scared me for OBVIOUS reasons. I don’t really like the idea that it knows things like my battery percentage, what else does it know? It’s a great game, it just that I don’t like that it knows these things about my phone..Version: 1.3

A damn masterpieceI found this game while going through hard times. I had recently gotten rejected from applying at AACS, and I was crying on the bus when I downloaded this game. I played the first level and my life changed forever. It’s a blessinG MY LOVE LIFE HAD EVOLVED MY SCHOOLING IS SO GOOD IM DOING SO MUCH BETTER SINCE IVE DOWNLOADED THIS BACON GAME. this game got me out of depression and I’m sure it’ll help you to! 😊😅.Version: 1.53

Great Game But...This game is the best game I have played in a while. I only had one issue. Right when I downloaded it, my phone was at about 73 percent. after about 15 minutes of playing it, my phone had gone all the way down to 36, and I know it was this app because it was the only app that had been open on my phone at the time. I will be still playing the game and I will not be deleting it, but this app is only for when your battery is full, and not at a low battery. If there was any way we can fix this, that’d be great..Version: 1.22

Amazing GameI love how some levels can be hard and some easy, I also like how funny some of the levels are e.g put bacon on inspirational quotes. I never have a problem when playing this game. You never fail to make me laugh..Version: 1.4

Amazing!No glitch, pretty much no ads, literally perfect. 😌✨.Version: 1.51

This GameGreat game and very challenging but also some levels are easy so very difficult and then very easy.Version: 1.0

Bacon, bacon and more baconI would do 6 stars if I could. It’s bacon, what’s not to like? 🥓♥️🥓.Version: 1.51

Bacon 🥓WOW JUST WOW!! I found out about this game just a couple days ago, and it’s SUPER addicting!!! I do have a couple things that you could change though, but they are only minor things. Could you PLEASE make some of the levels just a little bit easier, for example the one with the long finger nail was SUPER DIFFICULT and then once I passed it a couple levels later I came to the chandelier level and WOW that level was SO HARD!! I thought to myself, “I just finished the super hard long finger nail one and now THIS!!” I was pretty disappointed... After a long time and I mean a LONG TIME, I finally finished the level and I moved on to the next one... Also I would really like if there could be another way to skip the level instead of watching an ad because I usually play this game when I’m places without internet. That’s all and thank you again for creating this amazing game 🤩.Version: 1.3

The bacon speaks!You gotta tell people at the office to stop talking about the jungle when your recording sound effects for the bacon hitting things!.Version: 1.0

ThAts NoT vEgAnMe:downloads this game Erin:ThAts NoT vEgAn.Version: 1.4

GreatGreat game aesthetic logo.Version: 1.4

It will make you cry, but you won’t stop“Flip the bacon? Simple,” I thought to myself as I first got the game. It didn’t take long for the taste of victory to be replaced by the bitter flavor of pure inadequacy and failure, but I can’t stop. “I’ll do ONE more then take a break,” I’d say as I groan in frustration. Eventually, I make it. Well, just ONE more. This game will thrill you. This game will make you smile. This game will frustrate you. This game will make you cry. This game will make you want to throw your phone. This game will make you question why you ever downloaded this game. But you’ll keep playing. It cannot be avoided. The challenge of “one more triumph” is too tempting. Download this game. Do it. You won’t thank me for it, as you tear the hair out of your head in pure, unadulterated frustration and rage. But you’ll love it! Shout out to the devs. You guys made a simple game that is easily my favorite new game. Thank you for the many smiles I had and the profanity I uttered. I can’t wait for more things to flip my bacon on..Version: 1.1

Addicting!!Wow !! So I got this game a while ago on my tablet and uninstalled it because I had to many games, I recently installed it again and it is so addicting !! I love it it annoys me at times but I push myself not to skip and keep trying I love this game so much ❤️❤️ keep up the good work. 😜.Version: 1.4

Oh my goodnessToo funny .. tooo funny 😂😂😂😂👌.Version: 1.3

DifferentThis is by far the most bizarre game I have ever played but it is surprisingly fun and addictive. All you have to do is flip some bacon onto an object and you move to the next level. But it’s so simple yet so fun. An easy 5 rated game well done 👍..Version: 1.4

LOVING ITThis game is absolutely amazing,I don’t know why this game isn’t more popular 😂some of the levels take a while,but the ads are super short and if u love bacon,this is your game.Version: 1.51

Great gameNever played a game this simple and fun, especially one with no pop-up ads. Keep up the good work👍.Version: 1.0

Totally obsessedI love the game but I think it is very very weird putting bacon on the moon so wrong and funny and it is very addictive I already got to the bill part but have not gotten it on the bill yet and you can maybe put a bathtub in the game so I looooooooove the game thank you for the game love Isobel 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻.Version: 1.4


Concentration makerFun some easy some hard but altogether enjoyable.Version: 1.3

Epic!!!Awesome game! Dont need to may for anything at all! The game makes money threw ads im pretty sure. There is also jokes aswell like you have to flip bacon on to a battery that shows your real time battery. Great game. Get it !!!!.Version: 1.4

IncredibleI started playing this game a while back, and honestly, I am now hooked. Such a simple concept yet so ingenious!! This game is a great time saver! The levels seem to just go on and on, basically the levels are endless! I rate this 5 full stars 🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓. (An honest review must have emojis!).Version: 1.4

Awe TasticThis game is hands down one of my favourite games on the App Store. You’ll be putting bacon on literally anything from Mona Lisa to a Jedi lightsaber. The quirkiness of some of the levels are astounding and I love them all. There’s fun to have, a tad frustration but overall joy. The only problem I have is the level selection system. It would definitely be easier if the levels were also categorised. Anyway thank you for making this awetastic game.Version: 1.4

BEST. GAME. EVER.Hello I just played for life only 15 mins and I ❤️ it it sooooo awesome and I really hope you buy- WAIT, NO, ITS FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Awesome app, and yay you got to this part of my review so let me give you preview of a few of these levels: Here is one of them. So it says “bacon” would like to send you notefacatons, and I said yes, and the the level was “put bacon on bacon would like to send you notefacations.” And it was a pic of the box that said it AND U FLIPPED THE BACON ON IT this is so fun and very addictive and love it. It awesome. And if I had the option for 16 stars I would. Well, that’s the end of my review. AND I Will be back..........Version: 1.0

I love it 🥰Let’s start off with saying that I am in love with this game! I have many reasons why I love it, but I can’t list them all. One is how the game lets you try as much as you want to, without a bunch of ads. I have a problem with games that have way too much ads, but this one is one I can play as much as I want. I can also say that this game is soo relaxing. Going back to not having ads, this game is great if you just want to get your mind off some things. Not many ads, relaxing, and doesn’t drain your battery. Honestly, I can just play for hours and hours at a time. Great game. Don’t change a thing please.❤️💜💙.Version: 1.51

Gucci game Gucci gameFirst comment. Also I love this game so much!! I spent DAYS watching it on the coming soon page. So I was probably one of the first ten people to ever get it. So being a veteran for this game, I would love to see a level involving an iPhone menu with apps that you have to land the bacon on. Next, you NEED a more user friendly level select. It’s worse than fortnite season 7! ( fortnite is life) and maybe more attributes for objects like sticky or anti- gravity. That’s all folks.Version: 1.22

AmazingI love it played it in class All day today.Version: 1.3

AmazingI was contemplating life and getting really depressed because I had been doing coke for several years and was ready to spend it all. I thought, eh, may as well look for some apps. Then, I saw it, Bacon. Bacon! And I realized why I felt so empty! I had no bacon! I downloaded the game and everything changed, almost instantly I got a job offer as a CEO at Microsoft! I instantly accepted and now, only 1 year later, I’m at the top of the world in a happy marriage with 3 beautiful kids. Get this game! It will change your life forever! (This is fake if it wasn’t obvious enough. I still love the game though.).Version: 1.4

. So. Good. Of. Game Play. I’m so glad that I. Got. ItI. Love. It. So. Dirt. So. Cool..Version: 1.53

Truly a beautiful game.I was ushered to play this game by a friend, at first I was a bit apprehensive, “A game about flipping bacon? That’s dumb.” But I was wrong. While yes, it may be a simple concept, the execution was brilliant. A game I can play for any amount of time, how fun? If you skip over this game I feel sorry for you. So I’m giving this game five stars..Version: 1.4

Kinda addictive, very funThis may just be a simple game, but he variety in levels makes in really fun and I find myself spending more time on it then I thought I would. However, a note to the developer, the face in Level 126 looks similar to that of a particular German Dictator from 1930s and onwards. I think you know what I’m talking about. Still a very good game 😁.Version: 1.22

Sneaky camera accessBriefly entertaining - but.. Watch out for the dodgy request for access to the camera passed off as being part of the game 🤨🤔.Version: 1.4

KevinBacon.Version: 1.3

✨ N O I C E ✨This game is both super simple and not intellectual, and that is EXACTLY what I love about it.Version: 1.51

The best!I love bacon so I love this game.Version: 1.4

Silly but funSome levels are really easy, others are hard, but I was laughing through them. Some levels were just so funny. And this app definitely leaves you wanting more..Version: 1.0

I love baconThis is a great game, I tried making bacon on pancakes and oh boy it was delicious. This game is also hilarious and my little sister saw me play it and got so jealous. I think this game should be all ages..Version: 1.4

Bacon, bacon... and more bacon!Who knew you could flip bacon onto the leaning tower of Pisa and get a way with it! Absolutely love this game and I hope the levels just keep coming. Perhaps we could get different kinds of bacon to change between?.Version: 1.0

So much fun!Yes I do understand that the levels can get a bit hard but who doesn't like a challenge?! 😆 I love this game there is nothing wrong about it it even lets you skip the ones that are difficult! 😊 5/5 definitely download it! 💗.Version: 1.0

This game is awesomeI love how this game doesn’t have to many adds and I love the sense of humour and the opera lady singing in the background once you actually make it. This game is also really challenging once you get to like level 30!.Version: 1.51

Bacon bacon and bacon is goodBacon 5 stars bacon good.Version: 1.51

Very good gameI find this game slightly fun challenging time wasting and addictive while being a fun game I hate the sizzle noise from the pan the music is great I loved the level where you put bacon on an honest game review,an access to camera banner but this game would be a five star rating I HATE watching ads so when I found out this game has no forced ads I was very happy but then I got to the level put bacon on a bacon flag and no matter how you flip the bacon you can’t land it it so... to get it you need to watch an ad wow...this needs to be fixed.Version: 1.0

Such a simple game, but so fun.I gotta admit usually these types of games have a tonne of ads like, each level 1 add, but this this basically none of that! There is a banner ad but it does not get in the way! Make more levels, this game is so fun, if you haven’t downloaded this... WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? ITS FRIDGIN FREE!!!!.Version: 1.4

Amazing game that makes me wanna eat baconWow nice job!.Version: 1.51

Fun gameFunny and a little odd, some levels and was while others a hard 🤟.Version: 1.4

Amazing but ideasSo I’ve never given a review before but this game I had to give one. So this game is amazing and flawless but I had some ideas to make it even better. The first thing is to be able to give the bacon and pan a different design that costs coins. Next to have mini games that you play to get the coins and from each level you complete you get coins too. If you read this I’m every thankful and hope you consider my ideas have a 🥓 bacon day 😜😜😜😜.Version: 1.4

AN ABSOLUTELY FUN GAME...I just did the first 50 levels and the hard one was putting the bacon on the.........ok, ok...the crossword puzzle. I have spent the last 1/2 hour giggling, chortling, and making funny noises as I tossed bacon from the frying pan onto/ into some pretty funny stuff..poor Francois Bacon...he definitely got his.....a fun, funny, and greasy game.... The bacon actually orbited the MOON!!! Check it out! I never recommend BAD GAMES...this is a winner....developers, keep the next levels coming! It’s going onto my cell phone to....can I laugh out loud just anywhere...?😲😂 Today, there were amazing bacon launches....but, guys, turning ON certain items....really? (More giggles! My neighbors will be playing shortly, too!) SOUND EFFECTS ARE TERRIFIC! Two days later...ok guys...great fun with the treadmill..I did not expect need to service it....smooth!🤣🤣🤣🤣LATER...I have a bug to report, but there is no link on your App can I get in touch? No hiding, guys! (And it’s NOT SECURE? Oh,oh!).Version: 1.4

Friggin hilariousA quirky game. Some parts are really challenging, others are hilarious. It’s perfectly balanced!.Version: 1.3

Unique and thrillingThe game has such a simple mechanic and concept; to get the bacon on to the fiven item - but its so well delivered. Every level you do the exact same thing: flip the bacon in an attempt to get it to land and sit on the item, but the comedic and randomness the developer has given the game makes every level feel fresh and fun, and the rewarding feeling when you finally do it is thrilling.Version: 1.3

Flipping Good!One of my favourite games, I am always checking for updates, and love how crazy it is! Still stuck on the one before last bonus level but it always keeps me busy. All the weird ones out there- GET IT!!.Version: 1.4

Sheep.With each level you pass the objective becomes clear, put a bacon strip on..(insert object here). So you do. Sometimes in a few tries or after countless attempts. After awhile you don’t even read the words of what it tells you to do and you start to fly through the levels with ease. You do this until you mindlessly put a piece bacon on what ever these words tell you, and your given a new strip of bacon from an unknown person with no punishment at all, always thinking about the object it wants you to put bacon on. But after playing this game and abiding to every command and dropping countless strips of bacon. My mind began to think..what if I didn’t put my bacon strip what it asked me? Would I be punished then? Would a screen tell me “game over: try again.”? Would anything happen? After the idea hit me I knew I must try. I would break from blindly doing what they ask. I would stop listening to the words and play my own game. Burn. The. Bacon..Version: 1.4

Can you send picturesI love the game but on the level would you like to access the camera people get the bacon underneath the message and when flipped it gets stuck IN the message can you please sort that out.Version: 1.4

A test of enduranceAs I am writing this there is currently 268 levels on this game, in my opinion that is to many. Around 150 the levels get really hard to the point of being to tedious. The last thing I want to mention is that there are “bonus” levels starting on level 221. The last 20 or so are ABSURD. I spent around a hour and a half on the final level and I never would how done it without a guide. I beat every level in the game without skipping and I can confidently say if you want to have fun just play up to around 170. P.S. some of this information may not be accurate anymore because this game still gets updates..Version: 1.51

...Stupid game to hard level (I did this for a joke because this was in the game and yeah it’s a great game though.Version: 1.51

Update?Yo this game is amazing and my brother have been competing with each other to finish the game first. My brother beat me and finished the game before me, but I was a close second. We are now on the bonus levels and now there is no real purpose because they go on forever. I am really looking forward to an update for more levels, but I do not want it to restart our progress. For example adding levels after the fence level (the last real level) would be a great addition so that we would not have to restart. Thank you for such an amazing game and it is definitely one of my favorite games. Also thank you for doing your best to produce more spectacular levels. 🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓.Version: 1.4

YesI like the part where you put the bacon on the thing.Version: 1.51

Amazing but weird audioI have been playing this game for a while now and I have been hearing some weird audio in the background at random points, I just want to know what it is, because I hear something like orange feet. Btw amazing game!!!.Version: 1.0

Includes the n wordA good game and really addicting but on level 30, the grocery list includes the word “lasangn*gga”. it might’ve been an honest mistake and i laughed at it at first but considering the hand is white, if the producers are also white, it is quite controversial..Version: 1.4

An AMAZING gameThis is one of the most entertaining games of my entire life. I love love love how they include you into the Mona Lisa then make you put bacon on her AMAZING ( and also include the option to save the pic... truly spectacular). No words can quite explain the joy I am feeling right now, I normally don’t write reviews but I felt the need .. neh it is my duty to get the beauty that is reading this to download this game. It quite frankly was the highlight of my day ( as I am writing this at 10:45pm ) and I’ve had and abnormally good one. This is an amazing game I give many awards to it. Congrats game creators you’ve made a gem( although I think you already know) Love the amazing,unforgettable, award winning, stunning, funny and not to mention kind review Writer the queen herself , Steph last name 😚👌.Version: 1.4

Very funThis game is so fun and addicting, i would totally recommend!!! 😃😂.Version: 1.53

Definitely recommendSo I just came across this app and it’s really fun! Some levels are hard, some are easy and some are just so funny! And I love that there are no adverts that I interrupt (only adverts when you skip a level). It’s just a game that when your bored or just feel like having a laugh (maybe with friends) it’s a great game to go to xx.Version: 1.3

Woman saying “Jungle” in the gameI got about 3/4 of the way with this game before I realized I hadn’t played with the sound on. I started playing with the sound on and then I noticed that every few tries, when the bacon hit the object with its short side, you can here a faint voice of a woman saying “jungle” in the background. It freaked me out at first and I tried telling and they didn’t believe me but I got a screen recording of it and showed them. They later messaged me back to tell me they hear it too. Not sure if the developers did this on purpose or not but it’s weird. Anyways, great game. I already finished it and the last level was stressing me out in the best of ways. Thanks Baconators..Version: 1.0

Hard and easyThis game is hard, funny and easy. funny because it asked me to drop the bacon on the permission to use the camera box and I didn't know what one to press 😂😊.Version: 1.3

Great game, though I wish there were more levels ;-;Well as the title says, I wish there were more levels. I completed the game in just one or two days, and I kinda want more levels like the planet levels where your bacon can just stick right to it. And we need the return of the bae in a can. It’s overall a fun and addicting game apart from the times I want to throw my phone across the room from frustration, though. Keep up the weird games ;-;.Version: 1.4

GREAT GAME! however, the facesI love this game! It’s amazing, creative and most importantly fun. However, some of the levels involve you putting the bacon on certain parts of the face. Nose, mouth, etc. I’m not sure however, if the developers know how to draw eyes or know the proportions of faces at all. The forehead goes all the way off of the screen with no eyes. Because of this I would like to teach the developers how to draw eyes. STEP 1. Draw a circle. STEP 2. Draw a smaller black circle inside that circle. This small thing isn’t enough to doc stars, but it upsets me, because some of the other levels have eyes that move! So I don’t get it. Still a great game despite the creepy eyeless faces..Version: 1.4

Good AppWhen I first played this app, was when a friend of my suggested to to me. I did not know what it was at first but I started to play anyway. I soon began to progress in the game and play it like any other game. I really enjoyed this app. The part I really liked about it was that there was many levels. After a while of playing my phone broke all my apps were gone, but I downloaded this app back because I really liked it. Apart from the levels harder than others in very weird order this app is fun. I would recommend this game for kids 5/9 years of age..Version: 1.4

So addictive!I had pre-ordered this game a few weeks ago and had forgotten about it, when I saw it had installed I opened it up to try it and didn’t put it down again until my battery died 😂 it’s just so funny and challenging in parts, this is another shining example of a very simple idea and game mechanic bringing together a perfect time-killer game!.Version: 1.0

Fantastic GameAbsolutely class game; you can tell a lo of the 1* reviews are at least 8 I read were the exact same wording; unnecessary! Awesome wee game; kept me entertained for a while. Unfortunately I did complete it within a day, but I did go at it hard for hours. Only current flaw is that...I did come to the end of the game within one day. Many of my friends have been stuck on it for days or weeks, but more levels is quite necessary. I hope this is something the developer is already in the process of making, because it really is an amazing game..Version: 1.3

Yeet best game everI really wish that reality was as good as this game. I mean, why can’t u put bacon on everything in real life? It’s not fair. If we could put bacon on politics, we wouldn’t hav to deal with Brexit. If we could put bacon on football, bacon fc could win the Premier League. If we could put bacon on arguments world peace would be restored. Yeeeeet best game ever..Version: 1.4

Its rubbish. But great?Bacon - The Game is not a good mobile game. It has wonky physics, virtually no variety, is oddly frustrating, and a surprising number of frame-rate drops. Im also 75% sure it’s given me a headache. BUT! I have played some 40 levels and entirely intend to continue. This game sets out to achieve nothing but a chuckle and accomplishes it entirely..Version: 1.1

Wow...This is single handedly the best game ever. Forget Fornite, screw Call of Duty. This game need to be on console needs to be on pc. I demand we have Bacon the Movie. Let’s name our children after this game. I love this game. Best thing ever. Some quickly get PewDiePie or Mark or Jack to make a video over it. This should be at the top off all the charts: music charts, game charts. Let’s get a soundtrack for this game on iTunes, I’ll buy it. My friend Alex will buy it too. Bacon Is love Bacon is life. Shake the hand of the person next to you and grab their phone and download this wonderful game..Version: 1.0

Fun because of how easy it isIt is really because of how easy it is. you can also interact with the game like when you put the bacon on your review or on mono Lisa with your face on it.Version: 1.4

Great gameBacon is a great game, I personally find it really funny. Bacon is a easy going games with random levels. It’s great for boring lessons(don’t get caught though). Overall, GREAT GAME!!!!.Version: 1.0

SoxRed plovers or red blue phowlers are roses I am da best man I deed it. Boo-blobo blo ba ba ba doo dooble bad double d.Version: 1.0

Love it!I enjoy how every level is new and creative. Overall fun and addictive game, keep up the good work!.Version: 1.3

HilariousThis game is really funny, easy, but I'm loving every minute.Version: 1.4

10/10 would Bacon againThis game is incredible- by far the best game I’ve played in a while. I’m really struggling on Not So Hungry Mouth, but I’m not going to delete the game or even stop playing it! Thank you, Philip/Kami Box, for this hilarious addicting game! Edit: Noooo I just finished the game and now I have no point of existence without my BACON!!.Version: 1.0

This game is hilarious!I can’t stop laughing!!!.Version: 1.4

Game of the year/centuryThis game has pushed the boundaries of what was previously thought to be possible in the gaming industry. This game has been so influential to so many lives and words cannot go on to describe how intense the gameplay is and will go on to touch the souls of future generations to come. I had been contemplating the future of humanity and my minds eye was covered with thick black clouds of pollution and poverty, the only light being this very game, this very message to our collective souls. I do not ask that you download this game immediately, because i know in my heart of hearts that all will come to embrace its benevolence in due time..Version: 1.1

So addictiveLove this game. I’ve completed it and I wish it was possible to start again and complete it again but every time you play a level It takes you right back to the end again..Version: 1.0

Best Game EverThis bacon games is sooooo fun I definitely recommend it so download it right now. I’m not joking this games is the best and some of the levels are hard and some are easy that makes the game ten times better!!!!.Version: 1.51

Fun and difficultI love this game! Ever since I played it I couldn’t put it down. I always laugh at the stupid thing that I put bacon on next like the Mona Lisa but with my own face. The game so creative and fun and you should get it. Just a heads up it is VERY difficult which could take some people away from this game but when I lose at a hard level I just think that I can do it next time and I keep thinking that until I finish the level then the cycle continues..Version: 1.51

Uninstalled!!!!But only because I reached the bonus levels and wanted to reset my game :) Reinstalling now, and I haven’t played the update, but it would be nice to either reset progress or have controls to set/save active level, or zoom to the beginning or end of the level list. Once I had unlocked all levels, it would just have been nice to be able to jump around a bit easier. Hopefully the dev can accommodate at some point :).Version: 1.3

A sizzling star of sfunWhen my boyfriend started sending me pictures of shape arts with tiny bacons on them, I was immediately intrigued. I needed to know where this bacon was coming from, and why his face was part of a crudely styled Mona Lisa— with bacon on her (his?) head, no less. I demanded to know where it was coming from, and he showed me this app. I am immediately struck by the simplicity, the beauty, the opera singer! But the best part? The sweet sweet sizzle of sweet sweet bacon. The second best part? No matter what the item is, it makes it sound as if the bacon is the density of a book, and the item is the density of a table. Subtly hilarious. Sizzle on, you star..Version: 1.3

SUPERCALAFRAGILISICEXPIALIDOCIOUS!!(Probably spelt that wrong😁) This game is amazing and I love how you can sometimes actually be part of the levels (such as the Mona Lisa) it’s really funny. I’m on level 158 and I’m still not bored🤪 Just a couple of things, you could add a shop for different patterned or styled bacons and to get the money you have to complete levels. 1 more thing PLEASE keep adding more levels because IT’S SOOO fun ❤️❤️ I rate this game a 5 out of 5! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻.Version: 1.4

Absolutely love it 😂I downloaded the game thinking it would be another ad filled waste of time... man I could not of been more wrong! Although the mechanics of the game are simple with a small pan and a wavy piece of bacon it’s absolutely Hilarious! Definitely reccomend for people who want a laugh while playing.Version: 1.4

AWESOME GAME!I love it it’s soooooo fun!.Version: 1.4

Best I’ve seen in a whileFeels fresh to play a game that’s creative and not loaded full of ads. I was really surprised by the funny ways it gave you the option to turn on the camera and stuff. Really great job dude..Version: 1.0

Very goodThe game is funny, its fun and super addicting. There’s a couple things that could be changed for 1 the difficulty of the levels are random you can have one level where you just let the bacon slide off and win the level and the next one you have to be god tier at the game. Second of all it isn’t realistic for some levels besides the fact that you are flipping bacon on everything. One of the levels there is a cactus you have to put the bacon on and have to land it on the cactus but a cactus is spiky so the bacon should stick to the cactus. Other than those two things it is amazing and I can’t wait to see how it will be updated and get better.Version: 1.0

Completely GeniusThe whole idea of this game is incredible. The cartoon style is perfect, the main objective is hilarious and the developer is so successful in all his games. After playing for four years, I can confirm this game is perfect for any age. Can’t wait to see if the developer releases a second one!.Version: 1.4

Surprisingly fun for such a simple concept.Definitely worth a play! I’m currently stuck on level 177 but it’s not frustrating. Just keep flipping that bacon! 🥓.Version: 1.4

This is how I got my proteinOkay, so here’s the deal with the bacon game. LITERALLY the BEST game I’ve ever played. (This is coming from a person who downloads every game I get a pop up add for) anyway this game is literally the best thing that ever happened to me. I fished all 100 levels after just 2 days of having it. My phone usage data shows that 43% of my time in my phone was used playing this game. I played it everywhere. Special shout out to my cast of Radium Girls for helping me past the the hard levels. As a vegetarian I will confirm that this is how I got my protein. My only complaint for this GOD GIVEN game, is that it needs more fun levels, the bonus levels are kinda boring, so PLEASE make more so I have something to do back stage. THANK YOU to the creators. Please give more..Version: 1.1

I love bacon! 🥓 🥓I don't know which I like more, real bacon 🥓 that you can eat, or this game! I love it because some of the levels are really easy and some are really hard (especially the Mona Lisa one) but I really like it so yeah.. I'm gonna stop now before I repeat myself. Also, one last thing, I would really recommend this game (and pancake and burger 🍔 ) because they help with your agility skills and are great for young users. Ok now I'm really gonna stop. I❤️TEA!! Ok byeeeeeee 👋.Version: 1.0

Great butIt’s a great game I love it .its really funny and the little poem bacon oh bacon you’re maker shaken is so so so funny but there’s just 1 thing wrong .what happened to the person that is holding the bacon hand she looks like she had surgery on her hand and it makes me hungry and sad as you have to put it on a pig that had a bit ripped out otherwise amazing.Version: 1.4

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️When I finishes all 150 levels I redownloaded it to do all the levels again. My only complaint is if you could make more levels as I got thru them all in less then a week. Also i think the bacon flag level is impossible,.Version: 1.3

Great game but ads are messed upI think this is a funny, well developed game overall, but the ads in the game are messed up. I have no problem with games using a reasonable amount of ads, but the bacon ad system is ridiculous. I haven’t seen any complaints about it, so it may just be my app, but every time I pass a level (and at some points where I fail multiple times) I’ll get taken straight to safari withought clicking anything, which takes me to a random app in the store. I know I’m not clicking the adds on the bottom. Please fix this..Version: 1.22

Car game?I was looking for a game to play for a 4 hour drive and I have found one. This has been keeping me active and it’s just so addictive! Definitely worth downloading!.Version: 1.4

A whiff of fresh bacon airIn such a difficult time to find good experiences in terms of games this bacon game will suit you. Tired of those long grindy games where you spend hours to realize that the game has governed your entire life? Well then this game is for you! It’s great! It doesn’t have those annoying ads that take over your whole screen and also you don’t need to wait an x amount of time to enjoy some bacon tossing! Honestly this developer deserves more! Keep it up dude and never forget the true gamers out there. Great game.Version: 1.4

Who could do this.This brilliant game is a work of art. what artist could create such a simple but fragile game. why practice being a cook when this game is everything you need and want, this is my time, get the game..Version: 1.4

Never gonna delete itSo addicted I finished all the levels in two weeks and hours of frustration 😂 enjoying the bonus levels and looking forward to the update.Version: 1.22

OmgThis is so fun get it now.Version: 1.51

Best game ever madeThis game helped me while life was hard and really helped me through covid I think I am going to marry bacon.Version: 1.51

ReviewLove this game, makes time go by at social activities and other functions you didn’t want to attend but were forced to go by your wife....God I want a divorce. This game is fun. Get it..Version: 1.51

Another awesome gamePhilipp Stollenmayer has made another great game. I think it’s safe to say he makes the best one-button, simple yet difficult games. Before this game, I played Pancake - The Game and Burger and preordered this game once I heard of it. Many people claim that some levels are impossible but I’ve completed all 100 and am on the bonus levels (which are near impossible yet still fun). This game gets an easy 5/5 and if I could, I would rate it higher. I can’t seem to put this game down!.Version: 1.1

Hours and hours of random, weird fun 🥓I absolutely love this game I play this at least once a day and am on level 203 and haven’t used ANY skips which I am proud about (although I’m stuck on lvl #203). Would definitely recommend because weird randomness is my middle name!🥓😃🙃.Version: 1.51

Dumb gameIt’s a dumb game but I like it.Version: 1.4

IngeniousThis game has left me utterly speechless even though there is so much I want to write. It's very simple (as all games should be to attract attention) because all you have to do is flip a strip of bacon on to annoying shaped objects. These objects get harder yet funnier as the game goes on. Starting off with regular foods like burgers and pizzas but then moving on to pills and brick walls. By the way, those bonus levels were probably the cleverest thing that I have seen out of a game. The subtle yet hilarious fourth wall breaks made through text messages, ingenious. I have also played your older versions such as burger and pancake flip which are both brilliant but with very noticeable improvements and adjustments with each one from pancake flip to bacon flip. There is not enough room to finish my review but if there was, the whole Harry Potter series would look as short as a sentence. A well earned 5 stars great job 👍.Version: 1.2

It Gets HarderI love this game—it’s perfect for when I’m bored and only have a short period of time to occupy said boredom. A little bit of bacon throwing here, a little bit of bacon throwing there; you know, the usual. I’ve yet to skip a stage (my pride won’t allow it), and for those who think it’s easy so far, it gets harder. Believe me. There’s the perfect amount of challenge in an otherwise simple game, and it keeps my attention for long enough. Minimalist yet fun, basically. Great work!.Version: 1.51

AWSOMEWow it is very creative of you. I love all of it it’s just so funny you added many jokes and awesome things to this game it’s just so funny I end up crying well I don’t but...anyway.Version: 1.3

Great game but...I love this game! I think it is very well made and entertaining, especially the photos etc. The art style is beautiful also! My only problem is that to be honest it isn’t very ‘vegetarian’ friendly. I’m not asking you to change it to CarrotSticks: The Game but I feel some people may not want to play it because of it but great game anyway!.Version: 1.22

I love baconSo addictive ahhhh i love this game !!!.Version: 1.4

I love youI know your on the lvl where you have to put bacon on the review and I just want to say people love you and appreciate you.Version: 1.4

Get this pleaseHilarious, pointless, addictive, easy, hard.. get this if u have nothing better to do than throw bacon on yo honest reviews of this app... you will see if u get it and get to the 8th thing which literally took me about 1 minuets.. this is my new favourite thing.Version: 1.3

Everything I wanted it to beThis game has a simplicity that makes it fun. The challenges definitely get harder as you go along, and some I can’t seem to get a few levels after many, many, many tries (cough cough the bacon flag) but other than that it was good. Was it the most engaging thing I’ve ever done... probably not, but still it’s perfect for when you have time to kill or just need a break. Anyway, it exceeded my expectations of what I thought it was going to be. My only thing is, will there be more levels? I’ve basically completed them all 😕 so overall good game you should definitely get it it’s fun while it lasts Edit: ok so basically the best thing about this game was that it let you CHOOSE if you wanted to skip a level by watching an ad, which was great because you only watched ads if you wanted to and it kept the game being free. But nowwww there’s an add after a certain number of tries :( pretty upset not gonna lie. It’s ok though I didn’t put down a star or anything because I understand that the people who made the game have to make money. Just a thought for people who think the might like this app, just be kinda prepared for ads.Version: 1.51

FunnyI really love this game I think it’s funny and fun! Finally a game that isn’t a cash grab!.Version: 1.51

Awesome funI’ve been a massive fan of Philipps work ever since ‘Sometimes you die’ (if you haven’t played that - go get it, it’s one of my all time favourite apps). This is a kind of sequel to Pancake (another great game I’ve spent WAY too much time on). It’s simple, frustrating, funny, addictive - a perfect game to lose hours or minutes on. If there was a way to pay for it - I would. Lots more levels please, I’ve completed 98 of the 100 already 😊..Version: 1.0

My review on baconI love the games concept it’s looks so easy but then it’s gets very challenging however some levels can be to hard.Version: 1.4

???????This game is soo bizarre but weirdly addictive? I particularly quite enjoyed the Mona Lisa level that had to capture your face in the photo it was hilarious! I strongly recommend this game to anyone 😂.Version: 1.4

EntertainingThis game is really fun and should probably form the basis for a religion. It amazing! But please please please, make a vegetarian version! It would allow more people to worship this games amazingness..Version: 1.4

Great GameI am really enjoying this game but I am wondering how can I play the old levels again? It lets me go back and play one, but when I beat it, it puts me back to where I’m up to. It can be a bit annoying to do the first level again and go right back to the Empire State Building..Version: 1.0

BACON-MAZING!!This was hilarious! It really made me entertained and I would like to know if you could reply to this review because I have a few questions.. 1. What inspired you to make this game? 2. Is it possible if you could customize the bacon and frying pan? Last, 3. How many levels are there? Thank you, I also want to recommend something. First It would be nice if you could add background music because I'm the type of person who likes to listen to the background music. Over all this game is fantastic!.Version: 1.4

Just read the review pweseSo some people may say this game is stress RELIVING not stress making this game makes me rage with excitement ( like laugh rage lol) so this game deserves a bacon out of ten.Version: 1.4

EzDis gamese is ezee.Version: 1.0

Helps me procrastinate! :DThis game is great! It's super simple, it has some very creative (and hilarious) levels and also helps me to get my mind off other stressful things. I would definitely recommend..Version: 1.4

Bruh I never said it’s stupid it’s awesomeAfoot:wwww.Version: 1.53

LolReally funny game.Version: 1.51

🥓😍I love this game and I love the variety of difficulties that come in each level. Some levels are easy but there’s some that can have you stuck for days and seem practically impossible. Overall one of the best games I have ever downloaded!?!.Version: 1.3

It’s tha best thing since sliced bacon 🥓I got this game and oh my god it is sooooo fun I absolutely love it, after each level there isn’t ads unlike other games, it totally makes the experience more fun, definitely worth it 100% buy. One of my favourite games ever.Version: 1.4

This game is sooooo good!!This game is truly amazing and also very addictive, I love the different array of levels and challenges. I am amazed at how the creator could think of that many different things. Once I started playing it I was totally hooked!!! I do have a few suggestions for the Creator though: When I re- downloaded the app on my new phone it asked me if I wanted to load the iCloud and I declined wanting to do all the levels again, but now it asks me every time I go into the app I think that on all the levels there should be a video demonstration of how to complete if we get really stuck More levels for people like me who are addicted to this lol Thanks!!! Hope this helps.Version: 1.4

Really funThere are some parts that can be a little bit hard but you never will get stuck on any of the levels.Version: 1.51

Good gameThis game is fun and I love it.Version: 1.51

Bacon has consumed my existence.Bacon is all I know. The greasy slab of meat slips and slides around my soul every passing second. Its soft and vaguely familiar sizzling creating an inescapable prison that cages my mind. Inferior foods can no longer satisfy the insatiable craving that I have for bacon. As my teeth sink into the warm, glorious meat, my vision blurs, and I fall victim to my God. I am but a pawn and a slave for the Bacon Race. They are superior. I must bow to my Saviors, for they rescued me from eternal damnation in the flaming pits of Hell. They deserve everything. Kneel, my child, before the true Gods: Bacon..Version: 1.0

DOWNLOAD THIS GAMEThis game rules. There are basically no adds and the gameplay is fun and funny. Would recommend..Version: 1.53

AmazingPlain and simple,!great time waster. Would play again.Version: 1.4

Silly but funLove the humour.Version: 1.51

I love itWow.Version: 1.3

Funny GameI pre ordered this game and when it downloaded I have been non stop playing it!! It’s just soo random I love it!! This is beautiful! #bacon4life Lol.Version: 1.0

AwesomeThis game 🎯 is really fun 🎢 so I recommend you get it. There is only one small problem- the game is sometimes a bit slow 🐌 which makes it hard to play 🎮. But overall, it is an awesome 🌟 game 🎱 so 👍 job!.Version: 1.3

Bacon-is amazing.This is a great game where you make LIFE HACKS!!! by flipping bacon on things it’s a hilarious meta game where you can grow to the size of a country or flip some bacon the Chinese characters for bacon you can even flip some bacon on a review from yourself or the permission to use the camera and there’s even a pig with a bandaid on it where the bacon came from there are easy and hard levels and I see the easy levels as palate cleansers and the hard levels are the real challenge but I haven’t made it passed FOOD HACK #22!!! There is much much more I didn’t mention but no spoilers for me..Version: 1.0

Great!!This game is fun and addictive!! Levels are hilarious and great! I do however think you know you’ve hit adult peak when you’re screaming at the top of your lungs for a piece of cartoon bacon to go onto the ‘mona Lisa’ which sat in a public toilet! Well done creators!.Version: 1.4

Weirdly entertaining⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️I don’t know why this game even exists but I’m happy it does! It’s so fun to play and the levels are all weird and different! I like that it isn’t time based too, those games get annoying. But really, there’s nothing anyone could say is WRONG with the game! The ads aren’t in your face, the game is smooth, and it’s addicting! You always want to see what’s next, even if you get soo mad that your bacon won’t land right on the cats head! I highly recommend this for anyone, especially if you’re bored and need a cure! Great game!.Version: 1.4

Best game everSOOOOO MUCH FUN 🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆.Version: 1.51

KewLKk. The bacon’s physics are top-notch. But what’s weird is this game started off as “Bacon the Game” Then, “Pancake the Game” and now Burger the Game??? Soon enough I was gonna think “Sausage the Game” will come out..Version: 1.4

Amazing gameGreat game.Version: 1.53

The best game I have played in agesThis is simply the most amazing game ever invented. Bacon will keep you occupied for days! I just want to say thank you for this game as it has truly made we happy 💗.Version: 1.4

I love my this gameSo funny so enter a ing especially for little kids love it.Version: 1.4

Awesome Game!!!I love this game so much because it’s not constantly throwing ads at you, and you’re always wondering what the next level will hold!! Some other games might have a limited amount of try’s and you have to wait in order to try the level again but in this game there is an unlimited amount of Bacon so you can play as long as you want. Also, if you’re stuck on a level you can easily overcome it by watching an ad. I love this game so much please don’t change it!!!.Version: 1.4

Why is this fun?I love the creativity on The levels. The only thing is I think you should be able to earn coins from how good you flip the bacon on or how long it takes you and with the coins you can buy like bacon skins, or gloves for the hand or different pans or something like that. It would be cool to have different level categories like a category that you flip bacon on school stuff, or social media stuff, or space themed. Final suggestion it would be cool to play against people all at once and be the first one to flip it on and earn coins when you do that..Version: 1.0

YOU HAVE TO GET THIS GAMEIt’s easy to learn and very educational.Version: 1.4

Anti Vegan. I LOVE ITThere aren’t enough stars to show how good this game is. If it weren’t for vegans, this would have a solid 5 stars. Darn you vegans....Version: 1.4

Good gameI love this game, it’s super fun, but I do wish they would add more levels. I am really excited for the next update as I have already finished all the levels. I hope the new levels will be as fun as the ones right now!.Version: 1.0

New idea!I had a great idea for another game! It’s called “Bacon 2” and the game is somewhat the same, except, all the levels are extremely difficult, and the longer you keep the bacon in the pan, it starts to cook, and become hard, so it stops bending! This will make it soooo much harder! Btw, I absolutely love this game!.Version: 1.51

Great gameThis game is super fun and funny, I can’t stop playing it.Version: 1.0

AwesomeThis is a really good game atho some of the levels are hard it is a fun and easy way of putting bacon on everything I love this game! I am totally addicted and satisfied with this game! 🎉🦄🙃😍😜.Version: 1.3

I love it!I love it so much it’s a great game it would be good if you would make the levels A bit easier though. Although It’s a great game and funny. My mum even played it and liked it it’s a great game for all ages except ages under 12 haha anyways it’s nice and I love ittt..Version: 1.53

HILARIOUS!😂I love this app! It’s so creative how they give you random stuff to put the bacon on and I love how u added “life hack” that made me laugh! Really recommend💕.Version: 1.4

Perfect for passing short amounts of time!The video on the main page says it all... frying pan, bacon, random object. Land the bacon on the random object and pass the level. I’ve done this over the course of 154 levels so far. Ads between levels are rare. The persistent ad banner at the bottom does not distract from the game at all in my opinion. Some levels require a bit of strategy, while others are quite simple. As a few people have mentioned, there is no escalation scheme to the difficulty. Some levels are super easy, some are super tricky and it’s all very random. I, for one, actually enjoy that. If you’re looking for a minor challenge for very short periods of time (I usually play for 1 to 5 minutes), then I am certain you’ll enjoy this too. 🙂.Version: 1.4

This game cured my depressionI’ll admit, at first I was a bit skeptical on a game called bacon. I mean really, what kind of fun would a game named bacon be? After getting to level 69, I finally understood the truth within the truth. Before playing this game, I was suffering. My depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, ADHD, OCD, and I was paralyzed from the waist down. After playing for a solid 10 minutes, I could feel my legs again. I was happy, everything was cured. This game is amazing, from the bouncing levels to the Mona Lisa. The bacon squishing effect is more than I could ever imagine. The game blew my mind with its amazing mechanics, my anger issues and build up frustration vanished after even downloading this god given masterpiece. This game can make millions through its S+ graphics and how easy it runs on any device. Best regards, -PooPooGamer69.Version: 1.4

BussinThis game is bussin real hard no cap 5 stars.Version: 1.51

Could be six starsI would of loved this game but it the problem is it’s not vegan.Version: 1.4

Sharing breaks the gameLove the game, amazing, only problem is when you share images it breaks the game and I have to reinstall it, once they fix that I’ll give it 5 stars..Version: 1.51

BaconI loved this game for a variety of reasons. Firstly, the game is simple and has a very simple game mechanic. Secondly, it’s challenging at times but still is really fun. And lastly, pop up ad don’t show up unless you decide to skip a level. Which is great! I can’t tell you how many games are ruined by ads popping up after every level and you are forced to watch 10 to 15 second ads. This game doesn’t do that unless you want to watch them to skip a level. This game is also filled with all sorts of witty humor that I really appreciate..Version: 1.4

Awesome game!!!!!I love this game as it’s so simple and funny. The way everything looks is so nice and pretty. It gets harder as you go through each level but it’s fun. For all of you giving this game 1 star because it’s “too hard”, that’s the point of it, you babies.Version: 1.4

HilariousThis game is so amazing and creative I’m addicted!! The one problem is that I finished it too fast 😭 LOVE IT.Version: 1.51

Cool 😎This game is really random and there’s random objects like one that I came across was flip bacon onto the permission to use camera box and you know, the objects are really random and funny which, however, is what makes the game really fun! Some objects are easy some are hard but overall the game is quite simple and is fun to play if you are bored and want something to do! I definitely recommend it!! Xx ❤️💕.Version: 1.4

It goes deeper than you thinkThis game is an extremely witty piece of art, and the developer clearly gets modern society and the mobile gaming industry. Think. Bacon. On things. What!? The connotations, the power in a flip of a strip... I’ve spent weeks studying this, and still there’s layers to this game that I haven’t yet uncovered..Version: 1.4

NiceLove the game so cool. I play for hours.Version: 1.51

Crazy Concept, But Overall Great App!I’m really not one to write reviews but I wanted to express how surprised I was when I downloaded this app and began playing it. So first off, the concept is crazy, but also unique to say the least. I really downloaded this game with no expectations, it actually was recommended to be by the App Store and I decided to download it on the spot without looking at the reviews. I will start off by saying that if you’re the kind of person who likes to play games/apps that have any sort of story or any kind of purpose at all this is not the app for you. I will say however that the game design and idea are simple. You try to get bacon to land on a variety of random objects. Again, the controls are simple, the idea is simple, the game itself is simple but is well made! It’s just one of those apps you play when you’re bored, and there’s nothing wrong with that! BUT, the single most important thing that sets this app apart from the others is that it has VERY minimal ads. I’ve only watched an ad one time and I’m one level 35 because you have the choice to watch an ad to skip a level. The lack of ads really ads to the vibe of the app itself, it’s super clean, simple, and minimal..Version: 1.3

Just Excellent. Purrdy.How I love this game and of course the music. I have spent a great deal of time playing bacon it is very addictive. Today I purchased ty I was hoping for the adverts to be removed from bacon as I keep tapping the bottom of the screen. Recently I purchased zip zap, as yet I haven’t played it as I’m hooked on bacon. Please will you remove the advert app from the bottom of bacon screen, many thanks. Keep up the excellent work...Version: 1.3

BaconWhy do I like this game so much?!?! I use it when I have little time to play and enjoy(when I don’t have enough time to get deep in a game). It’s simple, fun and some of the level are cool. Like, get the bacon in the UFO. It’s adorable!! Also, there are hardly any adds. (Only small banner on the bottom). If a level is hard, you can watch an add to skip it! I love the lack of adds and I wish the developers will create more games like this in the future!!.Version: 1.4

GloriousThis is it. THIS is the peak of human ingenuity and humor. if you are a red blooded american (or anyone with taste for delicious meat treats) and have a good sense of humor. I may or may not have stayed up until 4 am playing this idiotically brilliant game which i also may or may not be ashamed to admit. i play a lot of games, and this is my first whole-hearted and unreserved 5 star rating for an app. who knew my first 5 star review would be for this game...for did it come to this?.Version: 1.4

Great time wasterIf you’re anything like me and need to fill some free time I highly recommended this game. It has very easy controls and can get quite addictive(I can’t leave the game till I’ve completed the level)..Version: 1.3

Fun but needs optimisationThis is actually a fun little game to play when you’re bored, but I have been having some FPS issues with the game slowing down a lot..Version: 1.0

Super gameJust the best.Version: 1.4

NiceThis game is AMAZING! I have just seen a story about it, and decided to download it. The videos advertise it perfectly, and the levels range from easy -> medium, which is just the right level for me. And although some of the levels could be a bit easier, nothing else is wrong. 5 out of 5.Version: 1.4

Simple but I keep coming back!Just love rediscovering this game. I play a few levels, get stuck then pick it up again a week or so later. Just hit level 100 only to find it continues further. Free and well thought out..Version: 1.4

How many pigs were harmed for the creation of this gameWith the massive amount of bacon that has been wasted from missing the target I find it horrible to think about the thousands of pigs who lost their lives for this game. Hundreds of bacons strips wasted. For what cause? Pictures of bacon on top of random objects? But with all jokes aside this game is absolutely adorable. While the levels seem to be in no particular order difficulty wise the game play is relatively easy and fun. Minimal ads, no in app purchases, cute graphics, what more could you want in a game? Great for passing time or playing on the 💩..Version: 1.0

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