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Step - Next Generation Banking App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Step - Next Generation Banking app received 21 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Step - Next Generation Banking? Can you share your negative thoughts about step - next generation banking?

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Step - Next Generation Banking for Negative User Reviews

Just some troubleHi so don’t get me wrong I love this app I’ve been using it since last year but there has been some problems I’ve had to order three cards because somebody keeps getting a hold of my card number and I rarely use Step today I had a charge and I haven’t use my card in like two months and I have tried contacting step but they always tell me I have to contact the place where it was transferred to and I have given up with this credit card I am switching to cash app because this is driving me nuts I can’t get my money back but I love this app it was really good and I loved it a lot but it has just been causing a lot of problems for me.Version: 2.3.84

Wasted of time trying to get money backThis is ridiculous out of control how can I not disrupt transactions I didn’t make it while my card is my possession and lock as soon as it was loaded allowed to let a merchant take money in a whole different country and been three days yet no team member has replied no live chat no phone number to reach anyone. Online contact us states 20 minutes to reply yet to receive one. Only option is asking another person to help pay back money for something you didn’t authorized. wow cant even disrupt transactions or get a refund they don’t refund your money. Please don’t waste the time to doing so. Top off card was locked both physical and virtual card order new ones told take a month to receive it geeesh such bad customer service.Version: 2.3.86

Cant get back into my accountI have been trying to log into my account for a few days now and haven’t been able to get into it. I keep getting an error message saying “Oops something went wrong, try again”. I have explained this to numerous agents in email and the issue still isn’t fixed. I have close to $60 on my account and can’t use it because I can’t access my account and my card wasn’t working. This was done intentionally because it all started when I tried to order from postmates and it didn’t authorize my transaction next thing I know I couldn’t get back into my account and I’m using my phone number. Someone needs to fix this or give me my money because at this point I am willing to seek legal action if this issue isn’t resolved! **Updated review** I was able to get back into my account after several emails and I’m happy I can use my money in my account. It’s a good app but has some issues. Please try to fix this!.Version: 2.0.299

Account Closed For No ReasonI had been with step for over a year. It was my first bank ever. I just got a job and decided to directly deposit my money into Step. My money would not go through. I decided to contact support to find out why. Turns out I had somehow violated the terms. My account had previously been limited because I need to verify I was a real person, when I had submitted everything I needed to already. I am so annoyed that this happened. I trusted Step for all my banking needs. I have no way of opening a new account so now I can’t get paid. I would like to have my account back, but I do not know if I could ever trust them anymore. It is a great app but closing people’s accounts for no reason is just unacceptable. I am absolutely baffled. I had not violated any terms. Support has been no help. I have seen this happen to others too. I am just livid. This is seriously ridiculous..Version: 2.3.125

Too many issuesWhen I first started using the app I didn’t have any issues. The most I kept in my account was around 30 bucks. I had used my moms PayPal to find my account and worked perfectly fine. The second time I used PayPal, I funded $80 into my account. They flagged that transaction as “suspicious activity” and blocked my account from actions. IT HAS BEEN TWO MONTHS. I cannot take the money out, spend it, or add more funding. They requested proof of the PayPal transaction and a form of identification from my sponsor. My sponsor sent the requested documents and they keep asking for more personal information. It is very frustrating having money that I cannot touch. It all feel like a scam and like they just want to steal your money. If I ever get my money out, I’m never using this app again. There is just too many issues and personal information is always being asked for. Nothing is ever enough, more and more just keeps being requested to “lift limitations”. I don’t recommend this app. Please save yourself from the countless headaches. I hope I’m finally able to have my limitations lifted. They deserve zero stars..Version: 2.2.54

They disabled my accountThey told me that they had disabled my account due to an safety issue. Sounds reasonable right ok now let’s go into detail. Not only did they disable my account but they didn’t even tell me why I tried to buy something and was wondering why my card wasn’t working so I messaged them on the app and they told me that they had disabled my account due to an safety issue but they didn’t tell me what safety issue to be exact and I also barely use my card since I was trying to save money and I can’t withdraw the money from my card considering that it’s disabled and they won’t let me do anything and my guardian can’t even send me any money anymore. I had exactly $500+ dollars saved up in my account and then they had disabled my account so I now don’t have access to my money or my account and I said this to say if you wanna keep your hard earned money don’t download step consider yourself warned..Version: 2.2.54

Used to use it all the time, now random charges I didn’t make on my accountI am beyond frustrated because I used to live using Step, it was simple and useful. But a couple months ago, random charges from websites and places I’ve never been to appeared on my card. Before I never had enough money so they declined, but today I was charged with 28 dollars 4 times on my card, taking away a lot of money that I was sent. I tried to get my money back on the website saying my information was stolen, but I had no luck. Now I don’t have enough money to purchase what I needed and won’t get any for a while. I don’t know what happened but I am angry that I’m at a loss for money and that someone was using my card and I haven’t given anyone my information and haven’t been using my card on sketchy websites. So if I could have help I would really appreciate..Version: 2.3.118

My Money Was StolenI have been banking with Step for nearly a year now. I loved this bank until recently. A couple of weeks ago, I don’t know how but my virtual card information was stolen and used to make a $40 purchase with a company located on the other side of America from me. I opened a dispute, which was closed after a “thorough investigation” concluded that the transaction was “fully authorized” by me. I made several complaints pressuring the dispute to be reopened. I am a high school student-athlete, and a graduating senior. I am already very tight on money having to prepare for prom and graduation, and I do not have a job or source of income considering I am a full-time athlete. An internal transfer for “Account Recoupment” led to the $23 and change of my remaining balance being taken from me by Step. My balance is now $0.00. Apparently Step contacted the company the unknown transaction was made with and got me a refund. The refund is $25 and change, not the full $40 amount. I am extremely upset. I don’t even know where the refund will be sent to, if not my account sponsor’s card. I hope my experience helps any of you make a decision before downloading this app and begin banking with Step..Version: 2.3.102

Incredibly dumbMy account was locked for some reason because I reached the daily transactions limit... isn’t the daily transactions limit like $500?? I only had $15 in my account and I definitely didn’t go above $500 I can’t make transactions on PayPal even though I linked my account number and routing number and I followed the step-by-step thoroughly. They still make me get an eTeller ID and my eTeller password and when I looked up whatever that is there were no results... I then asked the Help Center what an eTeller ID is and awaited their reply for 3 hours and then they reply with a copy and paste of an article that I already read when I asked a robot. I also made a Venmo account and linked it with my step account and to confirm that my account is real they send me a couple cents and then take it back. They sent me $0.52 but the step app declined the transaction bc “I reached my daily limit” but then the they somehow allowed Venmo to take back the $0.52 that they never gave me?? Huh??.Version: 2.3.3

Why I hate stepIf I could give a zero stars I would but I have use step since 2021 until I was told I could send money out or spend my money due to a limit. I had read the policy on the limit it said it resets every 30 days unfortunately it’s been 2 years and my money is still locked on my account and I can’t get it off or withdraw it bc it’s saying I’ve reached a limit long story short I want my money off this app or I will be going to court to sue that you’re a scam and take money and lie about a limit after 2 years and for further more you don’t even have a number to communicate with people I am tired of talking to bots and I don’t want the response of saying aww looks like you reached our limit bc it’s been 2 years and my money is still locked.Version: 2.3.171

Unreasonable ActionsI’ve been using step for a little over a month now. I thought it was great, and my mom did too. We never had any issues until yesterday. I randomly got an email from an associate named “Karen” saying that my account had been closed because Step didn’t “fit my needs” and I apparently violated some kind of terms of service or policies, however I read through them all and had done nothing wrong. I’m severely disappointed. I had almost $300 in that account, as I am only 15 and it was direct deposited from my job. Because of this, I also have no way of receiving the money in my account back, as I did not have another card or bank account linked as a spending source. I’ve emailed them more than once, still waiting for a reply. I thought this app was going to be different, but it ends up just like all of the other ones I try for absolutely no reason. It doesn’t help that there are no options to speak to a representative on the phone either. Please fix this, I’ve worked too hard for my money to go to waste!.Version: 2.3.39

I can’t cancel itI rated it a low rating cause I can’t cancel it and when I got to the website I it won’t help it doesn’t have a contact number I don’t know if you think you’re so special that you think you have no flaws but you have a couple how are you going to tell me I have my ssn wrong and they said if I made an account I would get 5 in my account as soon as I made it I didn’t! And then I didn’t want the card no more (not cause of the 5 bucks) I tried to go to setting on step to cancel it or at least find a button where I could cancel it but I didn’t! So I tried to go on its website! Yet it still didn’t have it! I went to google and then they didn’t help! I want to cancel my card! I don’t need it anymore! Someone help me!.Version: 2.3.35

Great app until you have an issue, then they refuse to acknowledge or fix it.My family has been using this for my two teens for several months and it has been great until now. I had two debit cards added to my account to transfer money to my kids. One expired and I tried to put the new card in but the expiration date is 2027 and their program doesn’t accept it. It has been a week of going back and forth with them. I have called my bank twice because they keep saying it’s a problem with my bank/card but the bank says it’s not. My other debit card in the account is from the same bank and the one I am trying to add is able to be added to Apple Pay and Venmo. Today they asked me to check the time and date settings on my iPhone because the expiration date is the problem. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that this makes no sense and at this point I am so frustrated with the incompetence that I am looking for other alternatives. Enjoy the app until you have an expiration date on your card that is not within their programming..Version: 2.3.118

UselessIf you’re a teen, I can see some use for this bc it has spending limits and transfer limits but if you’re an adult this is probably the worst bank you can have. You can’t link more than $250 at a time to another, more useful bank account and if you do link $250 you won’t be able to link any amount for another 24 hours. Completely useless and it screws me over constantly. Parents, there’s wayyyyy better banks and apps to use if you want your teen saving and spending wisely or you know, you can open a savings and checking account with a more proven financial institution. I’d steer clear of this service because it’s only useful for maybe ages 11-16 and when they start making money at an actual job, they’ll get screwed. Getting a physical card is also a pain because I ordered one the last week of January, said it was supposed to come February 4th and now it’s March 17th and still no card. Completely and absolutely useless, would give 0 stars if I could.Version: 2.3.93

I need help logging inHello step! Recently I started to use this app and I love it, but my main concern is the log in options. I just want to know why there is only one option for logging in. Recently I had to reset my Apple ID which caused me to have to log into everything, and yes even though it’s quite irresponsible of me, I used the opposite of my main gmail to log in just in case it wasn’t legit. When my phone got reset, my gmail accounts did also. The account I signed in with, I can’t remember the password or name of the account. I’m currently experiencing money problems and if I can’t log into my account, I’d just have to go to another app. Im honestly really worried because I currently have money on there. I don’t know if you can but I was wondering if you guys could change my email?.. I tried to do it from the outside but even then it wasn’t working. I’m seriously concerned and really worried because now and days no one really carries cash which means I have to adapt. Btw, my phone number to the account is my actual phone number but the gmail isn’t. I thought that I could find some sort of way to get a verification sent to my phone number but I just couldn’t..Version: 2.3.93

Customer ServicePoor customer service…takes hours to days to respond back to you. We r on day 5 an we are still waiting for someone to help us get into our son’s account sense APPLE emails don’t work with current at the moment to login in so please be aware not to use ur iCloud email because they told me apple is giving them issues there for we have created new emails an they still in their end say they will get back an don’t.can you imagine as this is a teens account they want to spend their own earned money an 5 days later we still can’t get into his account! We never had these issues with current where we should of stayed lack of communication responses alone tell you how the company must be ran 🤷🏼‍♀️.Version: 2.3.85

Listen I love the app but…I am 12 almost 13 and I had gotten a notification that my credit card numbers were compromised, when I looked into this notification further I noticed there were five, FIVE purchases on an adult site, reminder I’m almost 13 but when I tried to report this as ‘suspicious activity’ step did absolutely nothing to help. I was so upset that when I told my mother about this she had remembered that she had placed my card down on the counter when we had guests over. When I replaced both of my cards step asked me why, however when I told them my situation my account got another purchase from that same website, and when I tried to contact the merchant I got a phone call from step saying my account has been compromised and I needed to shut down my account but I can not do so until all of my charges are cleared, how may I clear them? I have no idea because there was no option to erase the ‘suspicious’ transactions on my account. Step I’m very disappointed and upset.😭.Version: 2.3.92

Billing IssuesI am indeed a spender, but I don’t spend what I don’t have. A few months ago I made a purchase thinking that the money was taken off my card right then and there, so I bought something else because I can afford it. But, now something is charging my card for over $40, I don’t currently have a job so money doesn’t just come in like that, I haven’t been able to purchase anything or even update the apps on my phone due to it. I believe that instead of taking the money out the purchase was made it waited and added up the other purchases I made in the same company, but it took the money when I made a purchase with a different company. So, it looked like my card wasn’t doing what is was doing. I have made some money and tomorrow the bill will be paid, but I will no longer be using the card..Version: 2.3.116

They locked my accountI saw MULTIPLE reviews with a similar issue, we transferred money from paypal & venmo and the next day i was locked out and my account was deleted for suspicious activity. the only response we get is “you violated terms” they never tell you exactly WHAT you did, they delete ur acc with ur funds in there & never respond. i’m still so frustrated because i had so much trust in Step Mobile. And i can’t even make a new account so now my funds are just sitting around waiting to be transferred somewhere. i was able to get my funds back luckily but now i no longer have a card & bank which causes a lot of issues for me. no words can explain my frustration. plus, the customer service is terrible, it’s nearly impossible to reach them. and i noticed so many people had the same problem as me, so i’m very disappointed in Step Mobile..Version: 2.3.3

Good at the BeginningI heard of Step from an advertisement on a social media, and thought it was a good way for me to build credit being under 18. I thought I’d get a head start on credit building before most of my peers. I just turned 18 and I tried to check my credit score but was told I have no credit history. It turns out that you have to be 18 to even opt in for credit reporting on Step, which would’ve been useful to know before spending a year, thinking I’m building credit with every purchase. I was told I had to remove my sponsor in order to opt in for credit reporting, which froze my account. I don’t care anymore, because my money is out of Step, but please don’t advertise building credit as a minor when you’re actually not..Version: 2.3.99

Terrible app. Rips you off. SCAM!So I was 15 when I got the app and I am now 16. I had just gotten a job and needed a card to keep my money on. Well my mom decided to get one to. We put $500 on the card and then like two days later it kicked us out of our account and WILL NOT let us back in. I have contacted the step account and they have been no help at all. They just keep saying I agreed to terms and conditions which I did but I read through them THREE times to make sure I didn’t miss anything and I did not violate any of the rules. The money was our money for bills. The people I have contacted about it won’t say anything other than about the terms and conditions and are not helpful what so ever. Do not get this app if your looking to put more and just like an allowance or something small bc so many people have had this problem. It won’t even let me back into my step account. This is absolutely ridiculous and I will get my money back one way or any other this is not ok for them to just not help us and take our money..Version: 2.3.39

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