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BET+ App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

BET+ app received 45 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using BET+? Can you share your negative thoughts about bet+?

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Glitch and Lack of ContentI honestly came for the Tyler Perry collections such as House of Payne, old BET shows like moesha and one on one. There’s barely any content on here😩. The tv episodes don’t give the option to fast forward or back 15-30 seconds nor does it let you go on to the next episode. The app keeps glitching I’m not sure if it’s because the developers are updating it, I’m past my week trial and I kept the app but because I really want to see what you guys come up with. Reading all the reviews I realize there’s a lot of copy and paste in the replies I’m hoping you guys truly turn this into everything it can be.Version: 1.0

App is not really that good...I can’t continue watching where I left off even on the same device, it takes me to a completely different part. If I’m watching and wanna go 10 seconds back it will start me all over. If I happen to get a text where other apps you can just slide it down and reply from there it glitches and then I have to go to the message app. After coming back the play button will not get off my screen I have to press the setting button and then press x and it will come off the screen. Plus no watch later list? $10 a month? It’s more stress then anything all I’m trying to do it watch some shows and relax and I’m constantly fighting with the app... I was watching the games people play and on the last episode I can’t watch it because it says “sorry, this video is not available” that’s really upsetting being that, that show was the reason I got the app. I don’t think I’m going to continue my subscription I’ll just have to find another app..Version: 69.0

BET +So far, I am really enjoying the app. The only reason I can’t give it 5 stars is because it lacks an iPad mode. I use my iPad to stream to my chrome cast and sometimes watch on it but it doesn’t support landscape mode so I have to turn my entire keyboard case to use the app. It’s an inconvenience. The only other reason is that it lacks much needed content. I would love to see shows like A Different World, The Fresh Prince of Bel-air, and Sister Sister. Other than this, the service is great. I know it’s new so I’m hoping it can only get better. *Update* I removed one star. As I continue searching, I am noticing there is a lot of content missing. The app is also lacking The Game. I thought for sure this would be here considering it premiered on BET and was a hit. I’m starting to feel like this was rolled out unprepared. I’m willing to keep my service in hopes of more content being added but I don’t know how long I’m willing to wait. Please, fix this..Version: 43.0

TRASH FIRE TV APP SCAMMERS!Shows ads not on the projected ad break. you can’t rewind to rewatch a part without the ad break RELOADING once again, so they don’t want you to watch any scene more than once. i hate this app and the regular bet app is even more trash. what’s the point of charging money if that money isn’t going into developers? you’re scamming at this point because you’re showing ad breaks on parts there shouldn’t be ads loading, and you’re throwing me back in the beginning of the episode when i was already halfway through playback so you can show those ads AGAIN, and force me to watch the whole episode again because if i fast forward i get ads AGAIN, when normal streaming service loads ads ONCE, and they won’t show it again no matter how many times you rewind. its all clearly for more revenue. Ur cancelled.Version: 126.0

Casting problemsI am a streaming geek. I know how to set up the wifi on my tv and cellular device to stream. Half of the time the casting button is just not there. I would completely restart my phone and it would come up but now that doesn’t work. Airplay lags BAD (the scene of whatever I’m watching is like 5 seconds behind what’s being said). And I don’t have this problem with any other streaming service so I know it’s not my wifi. I have automatic updates enabled so I always have the latest version. Please fix this because I’m running out of patience for this app and I want to support it so bad. I also don’t like the way you have to search up what you’re watching to find certain episodes. I should be able to click the name of the series I’m watching under “continue watching” and it pull up the seasons/episodes. This app needs work..Version: 114.0

Leaves Me Confused at TimesCome on BET+ y’all launched a app at $10 that still needs a lot of work for the price y’all charging. The app is great. Love all the content. Bbbuuutttt why when I went to download the app to my iPad,appletv does it ask me to start another free trial, then wants me to pay again after the trial even though I already have an account? Is there a work around for this to sign in from other devises/platforms? I also wonder why there isn’t an app for the Samsung line of TVs. Roku TVs have an app but Samsung doesn't. Hope that’s something that will change sooner rather than later. I do share the same as some of the other reviewers in terms of having multiple profiles. The content does need to be better categorized like other platforms where you can just search for movies/shows...ie comedies, dramas etc...instead of scrolling endlessly for what you want to watch. All the other streaming services have all of these things at the same or cheaper price. I would give it 5 stars if it wants to for the issues I see as a paying user of a service that’s not very user friendly. But seriously fix the log-in situation please..Version: 76.0

Not worth the costI found myself really disappointed with this app. This is my first month using it, and I wanted longer than the week trial to explore what the app had. For one, the options aren’t great— they promote Tyler Perry’s works as if they have all of them, but a lot of fan favorites are missing, so that was misleading. Also, they could put more shows on there such as The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Girlfriends, Black-Ish, or classics like Good Times and The Jeffersons. Or any of their shows such as past BET Awards shows, 106 and Park, etc. Anything beats the lackey selection, it’s a shame. As a hard-core fan of the show “Martin”, I found myself EXTREMELY disappointed that every single episode is cut how they air it on the channel; if I’m paying $9.99/month, the least they could do is show the FULL episode and not leave parts out of the episodes. It is definitely NOT worth the $9.99 per month. It makes no sense how Disney+ is only $6.99/month and their selection is immaculate. That and other streaming services make BET+ look like a scam. Do not buy..Version: 57.0

Too ExpensiveI had no complaints outside of the cost. HBO price I noticed is $4.99. It just not enough contents to warrant the price. Just a day ago the app stop loading episodes. After downloading BET and realizing they too were looking for more money, I decided to end the subscription. In addition, I was expecting Sistas and the other new movie Oval to automatically be part of the contents. Oval eventually came on but Sistas never did. If the cost is reduced, I will definitely reconsider. All APPS should consider we are in the middle of a pandemic and cost should be reduced as most customers wages has. Love TP , but have to part from the APP..Version: 60.0

Been without streaming service for four daysI have been on the phone with Apple because I thought that it was their problem since they was the one taking my money from my credit card. But after three day of going through so many different departments. We both realize that it wasn’t them nor me who had the problems. It was Bet Network who had the problem. And I would like to no what are your company going to do about it. And reimbursing us for the days we didn’t have service. I have never experience this type of situation before with any other streaming company before. I would like this situation resolved before next billing. Or I’m will cancel my subscription. Thank You.Version: 47.0

Was excitedWas excited to download the app but as i navigated thru it’s seems very basic, not enough free browsing. I feel like i have to already know what i want to watch before going to the app. i guess I’m spoiled by Netflix. Should be a section where you already have the shows listed by the actor/actress or a main menu button or a individual categories lists...some movies are missing a description and hard to navigate thru different episodes. No way to fast forward.....A lot of shows are missing. The shows and movies we really want are missing ☹️. Butttt it is a work in progress, with a few tweaks I’m sure i would give it 5 stars!.Version: 42.0

What are you all improvingI've seen reviews from 2 years ago that speaks to the same complaints I have now. Why do I always have to search for the show I was at one point watching but change the device in which the display was being viewed? Additionally, there is no reason why a series that has multiple seasons and several shows won't continue to play into the next available show. Why do I have to click to watch the next episode? And lastly, should I click on a show that does not interest me? Why is it still on my “continue to watch” list? Why is there not an option provided to ‘x’ or close out those shows so they don't continue to populate? Since you're charging a fee, some basic things should be addressed sooner rather than later..Version: 120.0

Bitter SweetThe content of this app is amazing! Great shows and plenty of options. My low rating is based on functionality. It is hard to navigate this app on a phone and on a tv. For instance I can not create a List to easily save shows I want to watch. It is hard to pull up the info for shows. When trying to cast on Apple TV or google chrome there are many difficulties. While casting instead of progressing from one episode to the next it simply repeats the same episode, even when you select the next episode. Or it will simply stop playing once the episode is complete and does not continue to play. It is a hassle to use. If they do not update this app soon I will end this subscription..Version: 55.0

It froze never played anythingI have a Roku Tv and I put did the trial and after the trial was over I purchased the subscription. It worked fine for one day the next day it froze on the account home page. We deleted the stream channel and factory restarted the Tv. BET Plus still did not load it was froze didn’t even ask to put account in like the rest of my streaming channels(Netflix, Disney+ etc) my other streaming channels are working perfect fine. Do not purchase the if you want it on your TV or have Roku Tv(streaming channel) However it works on iPhone and iPad. They need to fix that problem, it seem from reading the review this has been a problem that has not been resolved. App developers need to work fix that. Until I unsubscribe you should too..Version: 86.0

Glitches TerriblyI’ve had it for a couple of months. It’s ok when it wants to be. A lot of the programs have terrible glitches such as “American Gangster Trap Queens”. All of the episodes do not play through until the end, and the sound goes Out periodically for seconds then comes back in. It may or may not play the ending of some of the episodes. On a couple of other show series, one or more episodes will not play at all. It closes out at the beginning, but will mark it as being fully watched. It you try to rewind and rewatch, it throws the vocals of the show off from where the show actually is visually, then glitches and completely stops. I’m thinking about canceling my service before being charged for next month..Version: 73.0

GlitchyI’m really trying to give this app a chance, but from these first couple of weeks that I’ve had it all I can say is that it’s incredibly GLITCHY! It freezes CONSTANTLY while you’re watching a show, and on some episodes, you’ll be lucky to get through one scene without the app freezing! You’ll be playing the guessing game on a lot of the scenes because at times all you can hear is the audio, yet no movement of the screen because it’s frozen. Also annoying that there’s no “Continue Watching” feature on this app (similar to Netflix), so if you decide you want to finish the rest of the show/movie you’re watching at a later time, you have to go look for it. BET is already on the decline as a network, so if this app is supposed to revive it, then it’ll need to be MUCH better than this. Because I’m not gonna continue to pay $10 a month for a glitchy app with mostly reruns and old movies on it, especially not when many of the original shows that are supposed to be exclusive to the BET+ app eventually end up being broadcast on regular BET anyway. These aren’t the old days when BET was the only game in town for Black audiences. There are A LOT of other apps catering to the Black demographic that has better value (some even free). With all that said, I’ll give BET Networks a month or two to clean up their act before I completely say DUECES✌🏿 to this app..Version: 76.0

BET this is RIDICULOUSCan someone please explain to me why the apps for us by us are usually GARBAGE! Always always always issues with BET (& OWN). BET+ FINALLY got an app for the Apple TV. BET+ is $9.99 a month so if you charging, make sure the product is worthy. I tried to watch The Oval on BET+ and after certain episodes, it asked me to pay for it or the episode just won’t play. Also, the BET awards were last night. Why wasn’t it uploaded to BET+ for the customers paying for the app to see. Bottom line is I have to have the BET+ app & the regular BET app. UNACCEPTABLE!!!! It’s great to support your own, but not when they are giving you poor products that you have to pay for. Get it together BET or stop charging for BET+ until it’s complete. I’m canceling BET+ membership until they get their act together. May as well use the free app even though that’s faulty to. I go there sometimes to watch shows and get “sorry, this video is not found or no longer available due to date or rights restrictions!” Sad!.Version: 57.0

So far, okaySo, I’ll just start by saying I love what you guys are trying to do with this app. I love the shows that are on here. But I do have some cons, #1 there’s not a whole lot of show/movie options on here. There are so many classics that are missing ie. A Thin line between love and hate, love and basketball etc. Also the actions on the app are a little behind, like if I start a series and take a break and start a new series it doesn’t show the current episode in your “recently watched.” The app doesnt flip screens until you start watching and it needs to be able to predict what you are typing in to search. Otherwise I really like the app and can’t wait to see how it develops..Version: 51.0

Bet plus.. please do better.For all the people subscribed to your services, you guys should be running this app better. It’s already bad enough I cannot play the videos on my background while I scroll other apps, but for the past week this app has been very glitchy. At certain points of a show when you click to go forward to the next, it will take you back to a season or episode you’ve already watched. In the middle of me watching shows the app freezes for a few seconds and then sometimes black out for no reason making me force close the app. I really feel cheated with this app like my $10 is just money to you to produce a bull ish app. Can you please fix the glitches and make it possible to put the video in small form while I scroll another app?.Version: 73.0

No free trial/No access from other devicesWhy do you tell me my account already exists when I know for a fact that it doesn’t? And because of that you’re forcing me to sign up for a plan when I don’t even know what kind of selection you have or if it’s even worth it. Terrible. Update: I signed up for a free trial, was then charged $9.99, but tried to log in from another tv that has the BET+ app and was told that I had to sign up AGAIN! I cancelled my subscription and asked for a refund. I didn’t even get to watch anything. Then when connecting with customer service (who seemed to only respond once a day) they told me that it wasn’t possible to log in anywhere else other than my Apple TV . I’ve never heard of this. Literally any other app lets you log in anywhere, from any device, as long as it’s the same account. Why am I paying $10 when I can only watch this from ONE device. I wouldn’t have minded paying the $9.99 if I was actually able to watch it from multiple devices. This is completely absurd. Why would you make someone pay TWICE on the same account???.Version: 94.0

Highly disappointedIf I could give this app zero stars I would, one is honestly to generous. I signed up with the free trial and the first day trying to play a movie/show it gives me an error saying I am connected to a vpn but I am not. I contacted support via email for help because I was looking forward to watching some movies. Long story short apparently support does not know what a chrome cast is even though I sent them a picture of it and apparently they do not know how to fix the app. It has been a month of me emailing them back and forth asking them for help and my service is still not working. I asked for someone to give me a call so we can get it working they said someone will reach out to me in 24-48 hours that was 7 days ago and I still have not gotten a reply, mean while I have missed my 7 day free trail and have been charged for a service I can not use..Version: 110.0

Extremely disappointedFirst got the app back in late September, because the constant advertising, but quickly unsubscribed when I saw that there was a lack of organization, and modt of the shows that were promised, like all of Tyler Perry’s content and some of the early 2000s tv shows, were not available. After some research I found out that Tyler Perry’s content was set to launch in October. Well, today I decided to give the app another chance only to see that it has the same content and issues as before, and that the amount of Tyler Perry content is still severely lacking... I'm extremely upset that I can’t get my money back. But even more upset that the advertising is so misleading, that I feel everyone should be warned away from this streaming service until some very big changes are made..Version: 39.0

I’m disappointed!Initially, I thought this app would have a good amount of content. Sadly, there isn’t much here. There are a few Tyler Perry plays but not the most popular ones. I also feel like it’s missing something. There should be a category where it lists ALL the movies. I shouldn’t have to search things just to see if they’re there. I’m going to delete this for a few months and maybe when I come back it will be better. I just thought that there would be more content and better organization, honestly. UPDATE: I wasn’t even able to get past the free trial screen (even though I had already did the free trial and even paid for this month!). It will not let me log in. It’s ridiculous. I emailed BET support, and they said not one word back! It’s TRASH! Smh!.Version: 45.0

Issues with house of Payne !!!I downloaded this app to watch Tyler Perry house of Payne . For starters the seasons are all jacked up . For example The first season is under season two . Also some of the episodes are missing from the season . For example season 3 episode 23 is not the correct episode ! The icing on the cake is that season 6 and 7 aren’t in order at ALL . If i didn’t watch the show before i wouldn’t know which episode to watch next because you have the episodes placed not in the right order . I know i can easily find episode two and select to watch after episode one but episode two is not really episode two ! It’s a completely different episode. I am very frustrated with this because house of Payne is my comfort show ! Please fix this for me ! 😭😭.Version: 108.0

Questions?I wrote review yesterday and gave this app three stars. But, due to my review being taken down and me having to submit a new one, it now gets two stars! I have simple question...where are the new episodes of Ruthless? Have we reached the end and now have to wait for the new season after only six episodes? Or, are the next episodes coming soon? This network is hard to figure out! A lot of starting and stopping involved! One show starts and stops. Then, another starts and stops! It’s annoying! I would give it four stars if it all made sense! I really like the content. There’s no complaint there! I even like the price! I just wish I could figure everything else out....Version: 53.0

Read Entire Review !!!The app itself is fine for people looking for that content. After a couple of months, I grew out of the app myself and stopped using it. Looking back I saw that I was billed for 3 months I had not been using the app. I contacted their support team to see about permanently cancelling the subscription and I was emailed back asking to verify information off of the billing receipt. Upon verifying that information, I heard NOTHING back from them. I sent an additional email just in case they hadn’t received the last one for whatever reason, but once more, I never got a response. I would say to only use this app and subscribe if you are going to continue using it. They do not seem to be too keen on customers cancelling the subscription..Version: 82.0

Needs improvementI liked the app but feel as though this streaming platform needs a lot more improvement. The video quality on this app needs to get better. I tried to binge watch one of my favorite sitcoms “Martin” and it was very difficult to watch. The videos would get blurry. Sometimes when I pause an episode or replay it back for a few seconds it causes the episode to start from the beginning. I would have to exit the app and then go back in and find the part where I left off. On season 1 episode 24 the video froze in the first 6 min however the audio continued to play. Then it went back to normal around 9 min left of the episode. It was hard for me to enjoy the rest of the episode due to the technical difficulties that occurred earlier. Hopefully, you guys can rectify these issues as soon as possible. Thanks..Version: 71.0

Sad and disappointedI have literally only had this app for a day and haven’t had nothing but issues. I download the app on my Roku TV and it has done nothing but been glitching and just randomly leaves the show I’m watching to go to the next episode. I have also downloaded the app on my iPhone and for some reason the sound just randomly goes out on the app I try to rewind the episode and it still persist in the same spot on the episode! This is just really sad because I intentionally download this app to finish the show I was watching and now with all this frustration already I feel like I’m just going to have to delete it all together and forget the show. THE WORST VIEWING APP I HAVE EVER DOWNLOADED!!.Version: 71.0

GlitchyI love BET+, it’s the true definition of all my favorite content in 1 (minus Sanford and Son 👀) however, the app has quite a few issues. I stream from my TV, and often times the picture will freeze and the audio will continue. Sometimes it’ll jump back, other times I have to exit out of the whole app. Then there’s when I’m just watching TV and I get a error message on my screen. It’s annoying having to restart a episode 2-3 times just to get all the way through it. Hopefully this will get fixed soon and I can put 5 stars! Content wise, it’s not bad! Still waiting on “Why Did I Get Married Too?”.Version: 80.0

GlitchyThe app is all over the place for 10$ a month ….. shows that i have watched and the first episode of the season is showing up like i haven’t watched with continued on there then when you try to just go through the shows by fast fwd thinking if you get to last one again that clearly says you’ve watched you end up having two up there ….. also no profiles for different ppl in the house to watch . It automatically starts new shows or movies when you done watching one you barely have time to click off it before it’s automatically playing and then at the top saying continue watching…. Smh … i have uninstalled app , clear cache and data guess what same stuff at the top continue watching the same shows some up there twice but i have seen all the episodes in the series just ridiculous…. Then to think you watching exclusive shows no eventually what you paying extra to watch is on the regular BET so might as well wait for it to be shown for free instead of dealing with an app that’s not worth the trouble at all ….. and to think I have been paying for this app shortly after released but definitely will be canceling at the end of my month …...Version: 97.0

Needs a lot of workThis is getting three stars as a courtesy because I have seen the app improve, but there is a lot that needs to be done — especially for the price. The fact that I can’t pick up where I left off on different streaming devices is unacceptable. What’s the real point of having an app for iOS if I can’t watch on the go without having to find the show, scroll through episodes, and then hope I can find where I left off before I’m irritated and close the app. Second, we need more content. I know this deals with legal aspects as far as having the right to air shows, but hopefully you all are working on that because options are getting slim. In addition, when I search for a show, it glitches. I’ll start typing and when I click on the option I want, it many times goes away as if the show isn’t on the app. Overall, I DO enjoy that we have this app for us to enjoy movies, shows, & even plays! I love the Madea nostalgia and everything. It’s just very important from a developmental aspect, and the fact that I’m spending money, that the technicalities are worked out..Version: 57.0

Highly Disappointed!I want to say first off I was excited to see an app that geared towards content that we normally don’t get to really see on other streaming services ,however this app shows why we subscribe and loyal to other streaming service. The quality and quantity is horrible for the price of $10. The shows barely load and are not in the correct order or play all the way through, it’s just horrible and a terrible viewing and steaming experience. If they want more subscribers, they need to invest in developers and a better quality of providing better service and content. There clearly has to be a test mode or something to see how your service is operating before you offer it to an audience. I will not subscribe unless they fix all the problems in order to make it a better viewing experience for audience. Really INVEST IN THE PRODUCT YOU'RE PROVIDING. I am so disappointed in the app!.Version: 116.0

Not worth itNot worth the $9.99. It has a small selection of content. I lowkey think it’s less than 100 movies and shows combined. And the app is glitchy and definitely does not have a good user interface. Needs better categories and be able to full page each category instead of continuously scrolling to the right trying to find something. And it needs more ram. I can be down in 1 category, finish a movie, and then the entire page refreshes and takes me back to the top. So then I gotta go back down, and scroll over through the row to find out where I left off at. They need to add more black shows/movies: Comic view, smart guy, meteor man, blank man, living single, in living color, boondocks, Wanda Sykes, Bernie Mac show, 227, etc. It has so much potential too. They can just add the top content from the 80s forward, to start lol..Version: 91.0

DO NOT BUYI just got this app and it is terrible first off it is ten bucks to have this app there is a free trial option which is good but there is nothing on there like at all there is a few good shows but nothing special or anything that wouldn’t be on another app if your wanting to watch something I would get another app with more selections and they need to add more categories because there isn’t really much to do with gm what they have you will not find anything on here really worth your time it doesn’t work the best either there selection is very poor if you get this app your basically getting it to just have it not to use it to watch anything you get it to look at there selection and realize what a waste of time.Version: 91.0

TerribleI am on a 7 day trial and when it’s over I will not be paying for the subscription. So many issues with this app and you want 9.99 a month for it. Not worth it. I stream off my Firestick. As soon as I click on the app the screen is black. I have to back out of it 2-3 times in order for me to see the BET+ logo. I also have my own netgear router which means I have my own WiFi. I got a message on my tv screen saying that this app does not support a VPN. Didn’t know what that was. I had to connect to my apartment’s public WiFi and then the app proceeded to work, very very slowly. The app loads slow and in the end I don’t see myself paying for a subscription and the process of getting on the app and watching shows is slow and somehow always has difficulties. After waiting for the screen to load I can watch my shows. But I do not see myself paying $9.99 a month for it to be moving so slow and having so many difficulties just to stream. Thanks for the free 7 days, after it’s up I will be deleting..Version: 125.0

Fix the stupid app layoutI’ve been paying for and using BET+ for a while and the one biggest gripe I have is the layout. I use my 12.9” M1 Pro to watch a lot of shows. Why do I have to flip the orientation to one side, to see what I want to watch, then flip it back to watch it. This is absolutely bass akwards. The regular BET and MTV apps are like this as well; VIACOM GET IT TOGETHER!!! I don’t like flipping my device around. It’s super inconvenient. Can someone also please let Tyler Perry know that he needs to be more open about the dates that shows are available and how long we should expect the seasons to be. I love Bruh, but I never know when we’re going to have new episodes. For $10/month, please do better. I want to keep supporting. The content is good, but it needs to function better..Version: 127.0

Movie keeps disappearingHow can you watch a movie and it keeps going off in the middle of the movie. I removed the app off my ipad and reconnect, the movie comes on and then goes back off. This is not the first time. I got BET+ to watch the selections, as the First Wife Club and my favorite The Family Business! You have our movies that no other app has. I will keep the app for another month. If it is not working to my satisfaction, I would hate to remove it but I can not justify paying for something I can not watch or have to wait an hour or two to look at it again. Please improve your video quality or get your technical ppl to see why the movies are just quitting in the middle of play..Version: 73.0

New userSo I have tons and of paid apps why not BET? Though they are Viacom :(. I’d like to increase the percentage of my black dollar circulation by supporting all the employees of the shows, films, and specials that live within this app. With that said the content is a plenty!!! I love that. While going through the endless viewing options I appreciate having the ability to create a watch list by clicking the add to my list button. One of the reviews said there isn’t one. There is now! I’ve only been on for a week so I’m still trying to decide how I feel about the UI of the app. After using it a week I’d saying there are more things I don’t like than I do like and I hope the developers put more money into making the experience better provided they have fixed bugs and glitches that interferes with viewing. I use chromecast or ATV mostly and so far so good. I do have to open the app to continue watching a series which is normal across platforms. I wish I could skip to next episode when the credits have play..Version: 97.0

Bet ?I have it two because so far I’m only able to watch from my phone . Which at this time isn’t the funnest given we stuck in the house and I use my phone for other things and have to stop a show every time something comes up. As a mother I can’t walk around with my phone in my hand .I tried over and over to get it to verify my email so I can watch it on another device but wouldn’t allow me to just kept saying “try again later “. Costumer support nor the FAQ where any help. I’m either confined to my phone or no content at all. So sadly as I wish to watch the up in coming and classic shows I can not. If things change I’ll be back but until then enjoy.Version: 51.0

Customer Service is deplorableI am being charged twice for the same subscription and now I am requesting to have my account deleted. Unfortunately this team does not read to understand and simply responds with prepared responses that do not address your concern. I tried sharing on four different occasions that I am being double charged. I asked that my card be removed from the account so I can only receive one charge per month. Instead of doing that they continue to blame Apple when the charge is coming directly from BET on my card with no way to remove it through the app. I’ve said several times, I’m not asking about a refund however the response I receive is that BET can’t issue a refund. There are some great shows on this app but unfortunately I refuse to pay $20 each month to watch them..Version: 127.0

Really DisappointingI downloaded this app originally to catch up on The Oval and Ruthless with all intentions to pay for a monthly subscription after the free trial. I am 2 days into my free trial and have had constant problems with this app. The audio lags terribly or just goes out completely. When I pause whatever I am watching at the moment and go back to it the overlay screen doesn’t go away so I have to exit and restart the app. I have contacted customer support which is no help. I was told first to be sure I have at least 3gb of storage (I have over 30gb) I was told to uninstall and reinstall the app which I have done several times and the issue is still ongoing. I was then told that my internet speed may be the issue and that I need a download speed of 1.5Mbps or more which my internet is high speed and this is the only app that gives me any problems. If the issues do not improve before I free trial is up I will be canceling my subscription..Version: 69.0

Great Idea Poor Execution & Available ContentI love the idea of having a service FUBU. There are a few shows that are great, but the BET+ content is not organized well, glitches (stops showing content with error message)with highest quality WiFi. ,and Classic BET content like the GAME missing and All 4 seasons of shows like Single Ladies unavailable but can be purchase on Appletv. We pay $9.99 a month for this subpar service trying to support Black Business but $6.99 for Disney+ which is amazing. I know the team is still working things out but it’s robbery to your community to over charge for the product(BET+) you are offering. It’s just not worth cost. Hope it improves and we will be open to reinstating our subscription..Version: 59.0

Roku tvFor some reason when I’m done watching a movie i can’t go back to the beginning unless i rewind it all the way back to the beginning with the remote. For example i finished the madea movie yesterday and when i tried to go back and watch it today it starts it from the middle, another madea movie it’ll start from the end, and another at a random time in between, or etc never from the beginning. There isn’t a button to just restart on the app on my tv and honestly holding they rewind button for 5 minutes makes me close it out. And when i cast the show from my phone to the tv there is a very noticeable lag going on. Like the person talking will be way ahead of their voice you hear. Other than this I’m enjoying it. I watch it everyday 😂.Version: 110.0

All shows not availableI’ve been pretty satisfied with the app until today. I started watching a crime investigation series—Contempt. There are 10 episodes in the series but the app only has 10 episodes. In order to watch the 10th episode I had to subscribe to the free trial of bet+ and watch there. This is not good. The app really needs to be updated. I’ll probably just get rid of the app at the end of this pay cycle and pay for it through Apple TV+. It’s really frustrating that one could possibly pay for the same thing and be billed multiple times if they aren’t careful..Version: 89.0

Ruthless by Tyler perry want play going on now a month.I’ve had bet for almost a year now and pay monthly for the app. I got it on my fire cube well I only got the because of my favorite show RUTHLESS by Tyler perry yes I pay this much money to watch one tv show that’s how much I love it I also watch the oval on my Directv and thank god it comes on that are I wouldn’t be able to watch it probably either. Anyways to get to the matter. I been trying to watch season episode 5 of ruthless well going on a month now I can’t watch it buffers there’s a circle in middle of my screen that spins around and around and no it’s not my internet and it’s not my fire cube because I’ve done everything possible tech wise I’ve rebooted my fire cube my internet and even my my wifi on my iPhone and my iPhone still want play and I’m able to watch any other show on both my BET t apps just fine. And it’s starting to really aggravate me like I’m bout to just stop my subscription all together because I noticed that it actually will come on regular bet I just got to wait so why should I pay for a app that I got to watch one show and it not play. And yes everything is updated fine so nope that’s not the problem either and also I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app on my fire cube and iPhone so it’s on bet pluses end and if it don’t start working by Monday I’m stopping my subscription and waiting to watch on my Directv regular bet.Version: 80.0

Too many glitchesI downloaded this app specifically to watch Martin - as this is the only streaming service that carries the show- but I soon found that sooo many of the episodes have glitches. Either the visuals will freeze or the screen will just go black but the audio still plays. It probably wouldn’t be that big of an issue if it wasn’t happening like every other episode or if the freezing/black out didn’t go on for more than a few seconds. With the episodes only being 20 min., missing out on 2-3 minutes really messes up the whole episode. I don’t know how much longer I’ll hold on to this app, especially since the only reason I wanted it was to watch Martin. The app just isn’t worth the price..Version: 75.0

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