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Dice Dreams™ app received 124 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about dice dreams™?

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Dice Dreams™ for Positive User Reviews

Literally so much fun!I love it!.Version: 1.38.0

FunIt’s easy and exiting game ever..Version: 1.67.2

Excellent customer support!!!!When I had an issue with my rewards from coming 4th from a tournament. When I emailed customer support I got a response saying that I had not been forgotten and someone would be able to help me soon. The problem was fixed today and I got the rewards that I was due. Amazing!!.Version: 1.60.0

Great game. Got me hooked.All the family are playing. The only thing that annoys me are the pop ups. Before you start a level they pop up so many times it annoys the hell out of me. But other than that it’s ace and I’m hooked. Thank you. 💚💚🚑🚑.Version: 1.67.1

AidaThis is a fun game to play. However, I stopped playing it and deleted my account because I would win tournaments and somehow when the results were in it says I finished 4th place sometimes even as far as 36th place when you have been first place for the last 10 minutes of the tournament. This happened to me several times. I did contact them and was told that it’s due to the time zone differences. I feel that this is not fair to anyone who’s not only playing the game but also purchasing roles in order to advance your standing in the tournaments and be able to win 1st place. If this is the case then you will not ever win because of the time zone differences. The last time I was in first place when the time ran out I was able to take a screenshot to show them that I did finished in 1st place again and sent it to them as prove they never replied. I personally rather spend money in games that if a person finishes in first place you get the rewards for it..Version: 1.62.1

Dice dreamsAbsolutely fun game.Version: 1.31.0

Nice experienceIntresting.Version: 1.62.1

Shut downsThe game is very fun overall but I am having issues of well you know the game is very rewarding, sometimes I lose this rewards because the game is closing by itself. Has anyone else experienced this issue or something similar? I enjoy the game but I can’t play without it shutting down 🥐. Please fix 😓.Version: 1.63.1

Dice dreamsAbsolutely awesome game love it.Version: 1.30.2

Fun but work in progressSo this is a game I’ve been playing for a few months and become addicted to. Unfortunately there seems to be a pro advantage to adding friends/having friends that play and I don’t nor will I add anyone on FB for that. There’s the game & then a ton of side games so you’re constantly collecting and busy. They recently patched a dice “bug” that I and others I’m sure were exploiting but it actually made the game more fun. Now it feels slow and progress is taking way longer. I wish there would be far less pop ups in this in regards to things you can buy, specials, news, etc. You open the app, pop ups. You open one of the side games, pop ups. Your roll amount gets low, pop ups. Every time they pop up there’s at least 3 screens you have to X out of. The pop ups especially upon opening the app can make the game glitch & you lose things you won from it. Example: pop ups are too slow, so you roll the dice, but add the reward loads so do the pop ups and you don’t get the reward or the app completely freezes. Support has been helpful in this however this is the first and only app game I’ve ever had to contact for something like this..Version: 1.51.0

Super coolVery nice game, easy to play.Version: 1.67.2

Very fun gameThis game is great! However, like the other comments you have to pay to continue playing (getting more dice). I think this game is fun so I spend money on it, the purchases are pretty cheap! If the developers were to make a different version of the game such as having to spend $50 to buy the game then free game play and unlimited dice rolls, I would buy it! Another suggestion would be to make the buildings cheaper, sometimes I spend all my rolls and can only upgrade 1 building 1 time and then have to wait hours and hours to play the game again. Another suggestion is to have more “ad events” where you watch an x amount of ads and get free dice etc. Overall a fun, addicting, and interactive game! Cheap purchases add up over time so I’m not sure how much longer I will be playing or I may have to take a break for awhile! I hope developers can see this comment and maybe make some adjustments (: Thank you.Version: 1.29.1

To goodTo good I ts a m I S t play.Version: 1.51.0

Love this BUT….I love this game! I’m totally addicted, just wish we got more rolls or less time to wait for rolls. It’s like I’m counting down my life just to get playing again. Waiting an hour for more rolls is too long personally. Also think we should be rewarded (more rolls or extra spins on the wheels) as a thank u for updating would be a nice touch. Other games I enjoy playing (not as much as this I have to say) reward u for updating. Lastly, past few days, myself and family members have noticed there’s been an issue with it loading. (Error 212) this is unfortunately happening once a day now. Something needs to be done. As this is very frustrating, and leaves me no choice but to play on another game. Please fix this issue-Peons!! 🤞🏼.Version: 1.65.3

I adore this game!This game is so fun and amazing while your sitting in bed. Every time I get bored, I pick up my phone and start playing this game. It’s so fun and I love playing it so much so I play it pretty much everyday for hours and hours on end. I would definitely give this game a 10/10.Version: 1.64.0

You can attacked other people I don’t even knowIt is the best game.Version: 1.53.2

Great gameI love it.Version: 1.67.2

Starter meWhen i first started playing i loved it and i live stealing money from peoples town and in the first 2 days i already got 600,000 coins.Version: 1.31.0

Loving it But..I’m loving it but all of a sudden it’s not loading. Keeps saying to keep retrying. Please fix as it is so much fun and very addicting.Version: 1.65.3

Absolutely fabulousI love this game. So addictive, so fun. All my kids are hooked on it! I’m so happy they’ve gotten me into crippling debt, I’ve had to sell my car and I now take the bus to work. I’ve lived off plain stale bread for weeks now to fund it and I’ve never been happier! My wife has given me an envelope, is it divorce papers, is it a late birthday card? Who knows, I don’t care, I play dice dreams now (I’m writing this while my supermodel gf is sucking me off, because she’s attracted to me because I’m so good at this game) If ya want some fanny download this game!.Version: 1.33.1

Its algoodIts an algood game! Buuut!!! Need other ways to earn dice like watch a video for freedoce or something that would be great!!.Version: 1.32.3

ScamI finally got 1st in a tournament and didn't receive all the rewards I was supposed to! Tried to contact the app support, they sent me a link to put all the information on it but the player id field doesn't work it says that it's only required to type in the #. Now what the heck that means? I tried in different ways but nothing, I was starting to like this game but after this I don't think I'll continue to play...Version: 1.50.1

AddictedCan I say more it’s so addictive and love seeing all the latest missions on Facebook and having a trading page too.Version: 1.30

Can’t open app on my phoneHi there, I tried to open the app but it’s seems like it can’t loading the map. It’s stop and say error 212. Please fix this problem..Version: 1.65.1

Most addictive game!I have never written a review, but felt the desire to do so with this one because I also rarely get sucked into these phone games but this game is so addictive and fun to play I had to share! While it is also frustrating to “X” out of all the popups and watch the ads for free rolls, it still keeps me coming back again and again and again. There are some glitches with the rewards sometimes, I believe they are working on those kinks. And sometimes, I feel like when you get too many rewards at once you may not get all of your winnings because one pops up on top of the other, it’s still a fun game and worth downloading and playing. I got to see what it was like to play with 100 on the “bets” for each roll, and that was AMAZING. I had tons of cash and rolls and prizes for over a week. I hope to get to that level again…until then, I keep playing! Fun fun fun game. Mindless but still entertaining. You’ll thank me for downloading it! 👏🏻😄.Version: 1.55.0

Winning tournaments and not receiving my reward 😡I love this game, but it is frustrating. This is not the first time this has happened to me. Just this morning, I placed 1st in a tournament and have yet to receive my reward which was 2,000 rolls, a new gold gold card, and something else that I can’t remember. This has happened to me before. And to make matters worse, I made two big purchases in order to keep rolling. I hope someone compensates me for my win. I was reading on Facebook and I see that this has happened to multiple players. The game does seem a bit out of reach unless you’re spending money. It’s becoming harder to build and complete kingdoms. And the trail is a joke. They are impossible to complete along with the other missions, like finding the special gem. I am in the verge of deleting this game, but I don’t want to do that..Version: 1.30.2

Love this game!!I absolutely love this game and will play it whenever possible! It is super fun and bubbly, and the little characters are beyond adorable. The only downside is some technical errors I’ve noticed within the game. They are quite repetitive, especially with the tournaments. For example, I had just come first in a tournament, however, didn’t receive a notification, or my prize. It just switched to the next tournament. I have contact in-app support regarding this issue to hopefully get this sorted. Aside from that, I really enjoy playing :) it’s a great game and deserves some recognition, and is a great pastime for kids AND adults!.Version: 1.38.0

HelpHey guys! Not sure if others are having in app purchase issues?.Version: 1.30.2

This game is amazingI.Version: 1.45.0

Try your luck ~Roll the dice and invade different kingdoms. Pretty simple game to pass the time. Like many other games with similar models, it involves just pressing a button. Can get addicting real quick. Pay to spin..Version: 1.67.1

FunAs I continued to build and grow the kingdom, protecting and attacking was fun. The wait time of an hour to get more rolls was also reasonable..Version: 1.67.2

Good game but slow and annoying pop upsCurrently playing this game for a Swagbucks offer. Granted it is really slow going, only really advancing one or two levels a day if you’re unlucky with the rolls but I’m neglecting giving the full 5 stars purely because, much like coin master and such games, every single time you run low on spins, the game absolutely bombards you with advert pop ups to buy more spins. If it was just the once then fine, but if you have 5 spins and use a x3, it will pop up, drop it to x2, pop ups. And it’s not just one pop up. It’s more like 5 at a time so it can become quite tiresome and infuriating!!!.Version: 1.53.2

DiceDreamFun interactive and easy to pass levels. Well so far at least!.Version: 1.60.0

Download this app you will love itI’ve only played for a few minutes and I already Love it!!!!!!!.Version: 1.18.1

Too many pop upsFun game but just too many pop ups.Version: 1.67.2

Pop up in game currency’sGreat game, very addictive! One thing you need to do is get rid of the annoying pop ups after every roll about buying in game currencies, it almost pressures you into buying stuff. Needs to be looked at because it’s very frustrating after a while.Version: 1.48.2

Game glitchesI have sometimes when getting rewards the game freezes and you have to close and reopen the game. When I do this I lose that tournament rewards, this is very frustrating when your in the top 3..Ninja.Version: 1.60.0

Very Upset. UninstalledI tried to contact support earlier and no response. I’ve been playing and enjoying this game for quite some time. I do pay sometimes for more rolls, etc. Today I won 150 rolls and didn’t get them and just now for a second time, I should be on my pet cookie stage 9. I keep getting thrown back to stage 7 and it’s really quite unfair. I would like to be compensated for this. I spent $$ each time which included the extra cookies for my pet knowing it’s taking me to the next stage and that’s not happening. I then just paid $$ for cookies and extra strikes after getting 5000 rolls made it to the end and used so much ammunition and still couldn’t do away with the green guy to get my treasure. The cookies? I’m really not happy with that at all. Would’ve taken me to stage 10!!.Version: 1.65.3

Error code 212Absolutely love love love the game!! It’s adorable and fun, but for the past few hours when I try to open the game I keep getting an error code 212, I’ve tried closing and reopening the game but still same message.Version: 1.22.1

That one gameI love this game and I see a lot of people play it like my friends I love this game and we play together in the destroyer each other‘s kingdom but the thing that I don’t like about it is probably that there’s a lot of bugs and you have to wait to get more dice rolls and I think that’s kind of annoying and you have to pay to get more dinosaurs if you want to I want to Slee don’t think that you should spend all of your money on this game like real money but I do think it’s that one game where you would play but you don’t really play a lot it’s just a game that sits there but you don’t like it but you don’t but you love it but you don’t hate it and it’s a game that I really highly recommend but it’s one of those games that you just sit there and leave and you don’t delete it ever you notice it but you don’t wanna delete it honestly I think I would probably give us a four because it’s kind oh good but I think it needs a few twists and turns through it🙃.Version: 1.53.2

I’m not sure howI’m going back.Version: 1.68.1

Be careful with the water in the waterUnless the company can find out how many of these companies will pay.Version: 1.67.2

Thank youThank you so much for this game. I’ve been playing since June 2021 and I throughly love it. However, I do experience a problem in that I do not receive events like Video Mania. Pls help me enhance my game experience.Version: 1.48.2

IssuesKeep having difficulty loading so you can’t play. The game should be a live chat help system For when you're having issues. I don’t have any issues with other games on my iPhone just this one shame cause I love playing it when it wants to load that is 😁👍.Version: 1.65.0

EhhhOkay, so this game is a fun little game to play. They have lots of little side missions that help make the game, but like other reviews here, IF YOU DONT PAY, you won’t ever finish the sticker sets, will hardly ever finish the winter trails, and you will wait longer just for the dice to reload in the game. They always give out the same stickers and unless you pay, it’s hard to near impossible to get the gold stickers you are missing. Then the stickers you do need, you have to add random people to your Facebook just to have them as friends so they can send stickers. Also the prices go up on the the kingdoms to rebuild but the dice and coins you make don’t. After this last update as well, my game is constantly freezing. I have to close out on the game and miss out on attacks and steals and fights just because the game is constantly freezing. It would be a great help if they could look into this. Otherwise this game is overall great. Very addicting..Version: 1.52.4

Excellent gameDice Dreams is an excellent game, I really enjoy playing it, it is great fun and a brilliant concept but the constant pop ups are annoying, spoiling the enjoyment and several times it has frozen and I’ve lost attacks or steals when I bet x25 and lost loads of coins. We could do with the ability to remove friends from our lists too.Version: 1.54.0

Love the gameI love this game and can not stay off it The issues I have had is my Facebook account was hacked and it delisted all my progress when I tried to message support I have had no response. I was 92% complete on my book and was on level 43 I have now back at the start I have agent money o. This game Is there anything you can do to this back or do I just have to start again.Version: 1.55.1

Great gameThe graphics in this game are fantastic and visually appealing additionally the generous bonuses that can be earned during the game totally sets it apart from similar games..Version: 1.48.1

Great game but….It is a great game but you should be able to go back to other things or places you have already finished if you liked that place. Another thing that should be added is more dice and for points to get more dice there should be more. Every thing else is fine to me I really love this game it is addictive but sometimes when you do to much of it it gets boring because of no change of events that happen. Plz make these changes happen and I will get more people to join this game and that four star rating will become a five. Also I have a very hard time changing the amount of rolls I get per one roll . Sometimes I can get it to 25 we’ll say and others I can get pass 5 and I will have 300 dice to roll. I will delete this game if you do not help with this because I’m getting tired of tapping the button and nothing happening..Version: 1.43.0

Love itLove it.Version: 1.30

Fun gameThis is a great game to enjoy and very easy to play for everyone.Version: 1.68.1

The only wayI’m so happy you.Version: 1.67.1

Dice DreamsGreat fun game, easy to enjoy.Version: 1.67.2

Fun play but no prizes given for a tournamentObsessed with the game since downloaded. Besides the first place prizes weren’t given for the last chest tournament. Got not enough dice to challenge the first place for the next one🥺 Still a fun game to play..Version: 1.32.3

DiceyI like the game. It’s fun and passes the time. It has fun challenges to try to complete. I like several others don’t pay for mobile games so I don’t complete many of the challenges. It’s still fun. I read in others reviews about the ads for your bundles. There really are several of them that do just get annoying. Minimizing those or combining into one would be nice so I didn’t have to tap 8 to 10 times just to finish up the rolls I do have after I have gotten below my boost number. Then again when I have completed the rolls just so I can use my coins or feed my pet if I haven’t already. What I am saying is back off on the bundle pop ups for those that don’t spend money on mobile games. I really do enjoy the game. Since I’m not a mobile spender I get on it about twice a day so I have built up rolls. Keep it up. It’s been fun..Version: 1.66.0

Great Game! WAY too many pop ups though!The game is fun, the characters are adorable and the different mini games inside are great but there is WAY too many pop ups! I get advertising your available packages to purchase but they don’t all need to pop up everytime. It does make the game frustrating and deters me from playing sometimes. It even deters me from purchasing because it’s WAY to in your face..Version: 1.67.1

The best stratagy game everThis is one of the best stratagy games ever that you can steal and defend other kingdoms to make you stronger and rich. The art was so cute for everyobe to play.Version: 1.29.1

DiceThis game keeps freezing on me , which makes it hard to play , can you please help.Version: 1.34.2

Excellent gameI highly recommend this game to anyone it’s so good i mean if you like coin master then this is the perfect game to also play you can roll dices instead of rolling a three column game and THERE IS NO ADVERTS THE ONLY GAME WITH OUT ADVERTS like i said i highly recommend this game have fun and enjoy the rest of your day/night/morning/evening.Version: 1.49.0

CoolestThis game is the coolest game ever play and be hooked.Version: 1.28.1

Dice DreamAt first I loved this game easy on the eye, however when opening & when you run out of dice the pop ups drive me mad at least 7 pop ups come up one after the other, it’s so unnecessary! The screen too I have a piggy bank on the screen that doesn’t go away .. if I was to buy extra dice etc I would know where to go the pig needs to go. With the age of 4+ on the app I don’t think a child would be paying for dice either, please clean it up & make it a pleasant experience.Version: 1.67.2

Midnight rain hereI luv this game it just brings out that inner child now games aren’t usually as good as the adds and this app is the same this app is better than the add luv y’all.Version: 1.30.2

Good Game however Tournament rest GlitchThis is a fun and good game, however when I won a tournament I received my reward like usual and then went to spend the 2000 spin reward for the next tournament, when it started I used the spins and was in first. However when I reopened the app a few minutes later it said that I had not entered the tournament when a few minutes before I was in first place. I have contacted support and am yet to receive a response. If you could please help me receive the rewards that I am missing that would be greatly appreciated..Version: 1.61.0

FunEntertaining and fun. 😎🎉.Version: 1.64.0

UnhappyFor some reason I can not get any videos to get free dice what’s going on there.Version: 1.50.1

TimeI love the game but I think you should cut down on the time to replenish the energy from a hour it’s not always someone has the funds to buy that’s the only reason I give a 4 star.Version: 1.67.2

Fun Yet Issues with PurchasesThis is a fun game. Unfortunately, I’ve made a few purchases that did not give all the items stated in the purchase. This might happen one out of seven times. I sent messages to customer service and still waiting a response. I also sent messages regarding an issue with the game freezing and losing rolls. Just in the last week, this has happened about 2-3 times. Hopefully, updates will be better. My advice is to stick with free rolls and enjoy! That way when the game freezes, you don’t see your hard earned money getting erased. Edit: I did get a response from Customer Support days later. Fortunately they did compensate me for the losses. This shows they care and makes me feel appreciated as a customer. So I will kindly move up from 3 stars to 4 stars..Version: 1.62.1

LOVE this game but it does regularly freeze…Absolutely love this game have been playing it for a few months now and I love the range of activities within the game and the fact you get a lot of rewards/bonuses even if you do/don’t choose to buy any in app purchases (constant pop ups can be annoying but they aren’t too pushy and the fun/rewards makes up for it). I love the attack mode the most as it has a slight gamble element to it, attack is also fun trying to guess another players moves with the classic rock paper scissors, steal is my least favourite as the rewards tend to be slightly lower. At least 5 times now the game has frozen just at the beginning of attack. I then have to close the game and then have wasted my roll and the chance to have gained coins. Apart from this slight glitch really enjoyable to play daily, not too addictive and just the right amount of time spent without needing to spend too long on a game until you’re done for the day.Version: 1.61.0

Conflicted- updateI quite enjoy the actual game when I’m able to get on it. The issue is it keeps kicking me off all the time I’ve only been able to play it one time properly. I can’t get on as it just kicks me off. The game is now working for me, really enjoying it. It’s a good game keeps making me want to go back and play more..Version: 1.38.0

I love the game but….I play many times a day and love it. Very addictive and I spend more than I should. A lot of frustrations though, many errors and freezing issues that often cost me rewards etc. I contacted support each time and they do eventually fix things but it makes me want to quit sometimes..Version: 1.64.0

Five stars +I made a purchase for extra rolls which I didn’t receive. I contacted the support team & Allyssa from the support team got me to quickly & restored my missing purchase within in a few short hours. The game is amazing. The staff are very professional, helpful & quick to resolve issues. Thank you Allyssa..Version: 1.40.4

Dice dreamI was a bit confused but as I keep going I was having fun..Version: 1.67.2

Review on dicedreamsI find the game very fun. I have the game download it on two separate phones. After playing for sometime you do start to notice a pattern. I can literally go on both devices and right behind each other. The dice will roll the same exact way for each device. the game will also give you rock paper scissors or attack or steal in the same order on two separate devices. I would recommend this game at the same time there has to be some type of bot on the other end, because if it was truly rolling, the dice, the same on two separate devices I find it too much of a coincidence that it also chooses what’s going to come first the fight the attack for the steel. In that case, I would probably attempt to at least make some type of difference so that it seems that it’s more fair, as opposed to set up a certain way..Version: 1.51.0

LIKEJust the most addictive and fun but do easy to play until you raise your bets then things can get competitive but overall it’s the best simple game yet has so many things happening ..Version: 1.53.2

FrustratingI love the game but it has started freezing up a lot here lately so I end up losing chances to get points due to having to exit out and start over again. Also why not make something that you can get coins or stars to use towards breaking your piggy bank, the price to break the bank is literally going to break my bank. In the beginning it was just a few $$ now it’s $20-$40 I’m not paying that much to break it. I don’t mind spending a lil here and there but I’m not spending what I could use in my gas tank to play! Y’all need another way like creating some collection of stars to break it. Another frustration I have is not having enough dice to complete enough rounds to accumulate points. The higher up you get the more you higher you have to go up for Dice throws which makes less rounds. 60 at 5x I’m done and achieved nothing in 12 rolls. The higher you get the more dice we should get. Come on now I know it’s gonna get tougher but you don’t have to make it not worth competing!! Make some changes but keep it challenging but not to the players expense and fix the bugs I’ll give it 5 stars and go back to playing every day!!.Version: 1.62.1

Unlocked cards?Love the game. Has anyone unlocked the last 3 Cards in “My Cards”? I just wana know what they do lol if they do anything.Version: 1.29.1

Whewwwww!!!Yes.Version: 1.67.1

Dice to loveI absolutely love this game! Dice Kingdom has a simple yet addictive gameplay that keeps me coming back for more. The concept is easy to understand, but there's still a lot of strategy involved in how you use your dice. It's satisfying to watch your kingdom grow as you conquer more lands and upgrade your buildings. The graphics are also stunning. The art style is unique and gives the game a charming, fairy tale-like feel. The animations are smooth and everything is easy to read and understand. The only downside is that there are some occasional bugs that can cause the game to crash, but they're rare and the developers seem to be actively working on fixing them. Overall, I highly recommend Dice Kingdom to anyone looking for a fun and engaging game that doesn't require too much time commitment. It's perfect for short breaks or long commutes..Version: 1.56.0

AnnoyingSo when you first start playing, you find the graphics pleasing and the chances to win dice vast. I have two things that I don't like about this app. First, the amount of promotions that get displayed are tedious. I am tired of constantly having to exit them whenever I'm low on dice, coming into the game, or going back out to come back into more promotions. If you ask me, these promotions are worse than ads. We know the opportunity to buy products is there, so there is no need to bombard players with this throughout the game. Second, I've noticed that they will pretty much utilize all your rolls before you get a shield. However, once you get the shields, they then turn around and bombard the board with nothing but shields thereby wasting rolls. I am starting to prefer Board Kings over this game and may be deleting soon due to the constant pop ups and bad gaming algorithm..Version: 1.54.0

Love it BUTThis is a great game I am addicted but the only complaint I have is the ads to buy extras are annoying if I don’t want to spend £1.99 or £3.99 I don’t want to spend £5.99 5 ads hit you one after the other while playing it’s just irritating that’s the only complaint I have please fix it!!! I counted 9 ads before I even got to play the game! Mind you 2 of them were freebies the ads are all got to do with the game but it’s so irritating.Version: 1.65.1

Please let the girls out of my room so IMy dad was in a hospital with Covid so he.Version: 1.67.2

Pretty goodPretty good keeps you entertained for very long, only problem is that it can glitch quite often and you are only allowed to log in with Facebook. But the good thing is there is an option for a guest account. Overall extremely happy with this app..Version: 1.43.0

Dreaming of DiceA very simple concept using dice to roll, board game style fun & with just enough comedy to keep me coming back for more. Very happy filled hours trying to collect all stickers, coins & extra dice rolls with daily & weekly changes to the game tied into local & world holidays. All in all lots of free fun with maybe the odd purchase here and there if you don’t want to wait for the power ups. Go on you too can start Dreaming of Dice..Version: 1.54.0

Back at the hotel I had a dream that I wasHey there I’m on my way to the office to pick.Version: 1.67.2

My review of Dice Dreams gameThis is truly the best game app that I have played ever since I started playing online games. They have great bonus features and not like in other games where the bonus features are bogus cause something happens that you get kicked out of game in the middle of the bonus game and end up loosing the bonus rewards, that doesn’t happen here. Plus graphic wise really great graphics overall a great game and I am sure you will enjoy very much like I do and the rest of the players that play this game. I recommend this game to everyone and to finish up here It’s also great because they have a great team of people working to help us with any questions or help resolve any issues you are having in the game and they are always going the extra mile to get us that help and issue resolved. I personally appreciate that very much cause you don’t find many games where they really care about their people like the Dice Dreams team. Keep up the great work Dice Dreams..Version: 1.45.0

FunCool app.Version: 1.67.1

If you have an addictive personality, do not play this gameThis game is one of the cutest, most fun mobile games around. The graphics are nice, the characters are cute (especially if you tap them on the Home Screen), it’s colorful, and there are no ads. Rolling the dice is so satisfying, especially when you receive rewards. Since there are no ads, they offer bundles and packages for money so you can play longer and get more rewards. I don’t like how they push the offers on you multiple times in a day. I have spent way too much money on this game trying to get top rewards. If you’re fine being a casual player and you have the patience to play intermittently, this is the game for you. If you are competitive and “need” to get the top rewards, your poor wallet will suffer. Also, after the past couple updates, the prices of the offers have increased a good amount. They make this game addicting for a purpose. Buyer beware. But all in all, a very fun and exciting game to play..Version: 1.66.0

I loveeeee dice dreamsThis game is the best thing that has ever happened to me I used to be a very sad guy who would play coinmaster but now I play dice dreams and the women all came running to me. I would 100% recommend this game if you are looking to have a really really really really good time in life(and a really hot gorlfriend) please download it is all worth it. I’ve spent around £4827 on this game because I get all the in game exclusive rewards that you can only get if you spend money which proves to everyone that I’m very rich and have loads of money(btw I live in the White House!) also my neighbour is Charli Damelio so ye guys download this game to be like me..Version: 1.33.1

Improve gameI really love this game and I’ve been playing it for a while it’s fun to play I’ve had a few people that I invited join which I only got my rewards for my first one and not the other two. I agree with one of the other reviews that it’s hard to compete with some of them to win any prizes because they buy days they cheat there’s always a bunch of them on there that say they can get free days from somewhere so when they’re getting all those free days we don’t have a chance in the tournament I can hit a tournament when adjust starts get my first rolls and somebody’s already at the top with 1000 so not fair to some of us that don’t buy stuff. I’ve had a bunch of things that I haven’t gotten my rewards for and I’veSent emails and never got any of my rewards I got a couple of responses in my email but no rewards to make up for what I lost. There’s got to be someway to make it so that we can get more days quicker After spending 25 million coins today I got absolutely nothing nothing no new regular sticker no gold sticker no nothing it’s ridiculous that you have to spend that much and you get nothing you guys need to do something better to make this game a little better for some people.Version: 1.29.1

Great… butI love this game but… As you start completing more kingdoms, the price for other kingdoms increases… As they should but how can we complete these kingdoms when we don’t get a coin or dice increase… It takes to long to get more dice and too much money to buy more dice… Even when buying dice they go so quickly and puts you back at square one… No bueno… The little side games helps sometimes but it’s always impossible to finish… Out of 100 dice you may hit the side items maybe 1-2 times depending on how many dice you are using… The higher your dice are the lesser your chances are… It takes away the fun out of a great game… But my BIGGEST pet peeve with game is the sticker album… It’s so hard to get new stickers, it always gives the same stickers and unless you pay a ton of money you won’t be getting the stickers you need… one time I paid for a new sticker pack and still got an old sticker… Great game but I can’t afford to put more money into this game so I’m going to call it quits.Version: 1.63.1

Awesome game!Such a cool game really enjoy playing this game😋.Version: 1.42.1

HelpLove the game! it’s so cute! but it keeps kicking me out… am i able to know why it’s doing that? every time i try log in with my facebook it tells me to contact support even tho i’ve logged in with it.. thanks, get back to me.Version: 1.41.0

No need to spend money!!!I’ve been playing this game for months now and I HAVE NEVER SPENT ANY REAL MONEY!!!!!! I don’t know if all the other reviews are people just joking around or if all those people actually have spent so much real money but I have never spent a penny and I’m not missing out on any of the gameplay or stickers or anything??!!!! So in a nutshell-it’s definitely not necessary to part with any of your hard earned cash to play and complete this little gem of a game.Version: 1.40.4

Very good appThis app is the best out that I’ve ever played it gives you a whole bunch of coins super easy app and you get to play it with anyone around you even if you don’t know them and it’s a good app to know people as well if you have social problems like me I love this app as well as my 14-year-old and my 12-year-old they love it too I love this app so much and I think this app would be a good thing for kids to do even if they’re looking for other friends as well as adults or daughter very social problems especially if they’ve never been in a relationship or doesn’t have a good family life I don’t have a very good social life so this app has helped me a lot of the pastEight years I hope this app helps many others and you as well I know this is a long paragraph but let me tell you something this app is amazing and I think you would like it as much as I do give it a little bit a time I know it’s so good at this hour and never get harder and you can push yourself like me have a nice day.Version: 1.38.0

Great gameHey I really love this game very much! I’m an 11 year old and I’m not that much into games like these. But I’m into this! Hope this gets a log of AMAZING reviews! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ This game is truly amazing!.Version: 1.27.0

Fun n easyGreat game for kids.Version: 1.67.2

It’s a great game for great mindsI love playing this game, it takes my stress away..Version: 1.67.2

It’s amazingIt is a very good game because it’s entertaining and exciting to level up to a new kingdom +you can use a gest account is you don’t have Facebook so I recommend this game it gets 5 stars⭐️⭐️👍👍.Version: 1.42.2

ExperienceAll around enjoyable game to sit and have fun with in your own time so many exotic new maps to discover which makes the game more and more interesting for Me and the set out of the attacks and steals ect all not rushed ahead all planned and more smooth and I like how u have to use a dice to make your ultimate decision on your steal attack and the sling shot for the ultimate attack.Version: 1.46.1

Love it but have issues with stickersI absolutely love this game, have been playing for a while now. The only moan I have is with the stickers. I’ve just spent over £41M & have not received a single new sticker. This happens almost everyday. Even when I win certain contests & the prize is guaranteed new stickers, they are still duplicate ones. Other than that, would recommend this game to everyone. The peons are hilarious & entertaining…. 👍😁.Version: 1.48.2

Fun so farEasy way to pass time..Version: 1.68.1

Nice gameFast paced and fun! I particularly loved the graphics and the characters are really cute! Feels like playing a well balanced board game in my phone!.Version: 1.68.1

Why i loved the game.I don’t get real money but i have already finished the game and it’s so much fun i can’t stop re down ☺️☺️😉😉☺️😉😉loading it..Version: 1.48.2

Less ads please and card trading in app only without friending someone on FacebookI’m giving this 4 stars. It’s not perfect, but enjoyable for the most part. A few things would make it better. First and foremost, the ads for buying packs and things, take too long to close out. I am willing to spend a dollar or two every now and then, but it’s not because these ads pop up. I go looking when I want something, but I don’t like that I have to click on several things to find the one I’m looking for. Have one place for a marketplace to buy the packs or deals. Don’t make me spend my time closing out the ads before I can even play. Second, the card trading being on Facebook is very annoying. I would love to see it be moved to only in the game. It has to be possible to make it so that we can trade cards in the game without “friending” someone. With how well the design on this game is and the quality of the illustrations, the developers should be able to come up with a better solution than friending people on Facebook. It takes way too much time, and I don’t like adding people I don’t know to my Facebook. If these problems were fixed, I would rate this 5 stars. I already improved my rating from a 3 to 4 because bugs were fixed..Version: 1.66.0

SandflyI won some buns but never got them but still love the game. Only glitch since I’ve been playing….Version: 1.63.1

Super funThis is a really good game. No adds and easy to play. I love it!!.Version: 1.67.2

Good but …Good game, could and have spent a lot of time engrossed in it but I can say, the fun can end relatively fast unless willing to spend money on rolls of the dice, which I have but I feel it’s becoming harder to complete side missions without spending quite alot of money when it all adds up. Other ways to gain more rolls would make the game better and wouldn’t grudge the £4.99 here and there to top up. 7 rolls an hour is pretty lame..Version: 1.56.0

Amazing, But will we have a problem?I love this game. Takes me away from my school work for a short while when I feel stressed. I am fairly new to the game but I just completed the wildwest kingdom, this is where our little problem enters. You see, I was on the last building but I was out of rolls and just under the amount of coins I needed to finish it so I see this button that says “Watch this video and we will complete it for free” and I’m like “Omg okay! I keep all my money but still move on!” WRONG! Apparently the “Complete for free” button just gives you enough money to buy it and then buys it for you so I am entering this next kingdom with NOTHING when I was told I’d have my money. Is there a problem? Because I am seeing one. While I certainly recommend it to others do not trust the “Watch this video and we will complete it for free” things..Version: 1.52.0

A good gameHello, This was a good game and I think I’ll continue but I found out about it through adgem. How long does it take for the reward to show up on my survey spin account?.Version: 1.62.1

Fun!!!It’s a blast! Easy to play!.Version: 1.31.0

Dice dreamsI do enjoy the game but I find a lot of the time I don’t get my dice when I add friends it is really frustrating and makes it hard to win or play thank you.Version: 1.68.1

Love this game except for…..This is a really cute game I came across on accident. It’s pretty fun! I would highly recommend it except for the following, which some may find to not be an annoyance to them but for me it is: The amount of pop-ups to buy is insane. It doesn’t happen too much when first joining but the further you go, the more you get. And it’s just not like a page of offers. Every time you close one another pops up. I know the developers are just trying to make money and give players more rolls or coins etc to keep playing. But, not everyone has a need to finish the level RIGHT NOW and drop $10 or more. I just wait til everything is reloaded. Another thought is if you’re spending money to buy coins then another user “steals” them - you just wasted that money cause now you have to repurchase to do whatever it was you’re doing. As a free game I love it and play it daily. I love they give you the option to buy stuff but not 10 pop ups in my face every single time I play. I think a better idea is maybe first log on of the day throw all the pop ups at you. But after that, have them saved somewhere for rest of that day and if I want to buy I can go to that spot. Again, it’s a super cute, fun game and I recommend it to anyone that loves casual games. Except all the pop ups. Fix that and it’s a 5 star game..Version: 1.65.1

Mightymungy13Sfh 🤙🏾.Version: 1.50.1

It’s so cute and interesting game to play.Five.Version: 1.67.2

Great game too many adsThis game is a great game that slowly but surely gets more difficult as the levels progress. which can be a challenge ensuring that you don’t leave vast amounts of money behind if you run out of rolls as other players will steal it. However the only downside to this game is the amount of ads promoting and prompting players to make purchases it honestly must take 5 mins when you first log in just to get through the ads. I don’t like this element of the game whatsoever I get that it’s a business but if I wanted to buy packs or rolls I’d just buy them I don’t need to be reminded every 2 mins it’s very off putting. All in all if your not put off by constantly being bombarded with ads every 2 seconds then it’s a great game if it’s going to test you’re patience then don’t bother..Version: 1.60.3

MelThis is a very fun game. There are lots of unexpected twist and turn in the levels. Try it and you will see how fun it is..Version: 1.67.2

Completely hooked, outstanding game, download now!!From the very first time of playing this which I only downloaded a few days ago I can’t stop playing it, it has to be one of the best games I’ve ever played, the only issue is I wish the dice reload was a bit quicker but other than that it’s amazing, definitely worth the download!!.Version: 1.37.0

Amazing experienceSuper fun and easy to play.Version: 1.68.1

Very fun gameI just downloaded this it’s so fun but there is something I think you should get a little bit more spins when you watch a add only 2 isn’t a lot maybe 5 would be better because spins are everything in this game other than that tho this game is really good.Version: 1.42.0

Very fun, easy to learnVery fun, addictive game, easy to learn, love the bright colours.Version: 1.67.2

5 stars😍😍When I first played I was scared 😱 but the more I played and joined I got so many friends coins and cards you should get it and pluse it’s free.Version: 1.35.0

Fun fun funLove this game but the only downfall is the offers popping up every you open the game and run out of rolls. If I want to buy rolls I really don’t need the offers in my face all the time..Version: 1.67.2

Fun GameThis is a fun game anyone can play. My biggest gripes are 1. As one gets into the 80’s levels the game becomes very challenging. It’s hard to get enough dice to complete villages. One has to roll high at this level. So, if one has 100 dice count then they have to roll at least 25 per roll or one cannot progress. 2. On the fight sequences it is next to impossible to get dice. 3. I don’t like how dice packages are more expensive at these levels. When I started playing I could break my piggy bank for $2-$5 and I could buy packages at that price too. Now my piggy bank is $40 to break and the dice packages are $6-$15! I don’t mind paying a few dollars for entertainment but I will NEVER pay $40 to break my piggy bank! That’s ridiculous! 4. I’m not thrilled with the sticker album either. I play a lot and as much as I play I cannot get past 88% completion because I get the same stickers over and over. The ones I need I cannot trade for and I cannot get, which leads to a certain amount of frustration. I roll at 10, 25, 50 and 100 and I get the same stickers over and over and I feel that’s not very fair. As a result of these issues I won’t be playing anymore after this sticker album. The game is not fun if one can’t get enough dice and stickers without breaking the bank, literally! Not to mention there’s a lot of satanic symbolism within the game. What’s up with all the pizza, pyramid, one eye and bull symbolism?.Version: 1.54.0

Fun!This is fun and easy. Love it so far..Version: 1.68.1

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